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$250,000 GAME OF FIFA
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MY $100,000 CAR
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BEST OF 2016!
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  • Shirin Afrose
    Shirin Afrose 25 minutes ago

    He's just sucking jjs dick

  • ross ferla
    ross ferla 28 minutes ago

    Can鈥檛 watch this without thinking about them dropping a knife and accidentally killing someone XD

  • flame runner
    flame runner 41 minute ago

    cal is such a cheater

  • lawrence andrei cajayon

    You a giy looking dork soar with a guy to get a shitty photo that looks way to obvious as fake? Wow congrats

  • A1coldest 13
    A1coldest 13 2 hours ago

    I noticed ksi didn鈥檛 use any strength or his new fighting style because Logan is watching every little thing 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Jr_ e9a
    Jr_ e9a 2 hours ago

    Cal you know the tunnel you touched with your finger ummm.. you touch ur nose then your mouth then your eye

  • Person that's not a people person

    I can鈥檛 believe they walked past the bin and didn鈥檛 scare him with it pssh

  • J2 Yongsangaunchai
    J2 Yongsangaunchai 3 hours ago

    I wanna see -KSI -Gib -JMX -Viddal In the next round

  • Brad Churchey
    Brad Churchey 3 hours ago

    I bet in 2 years freezy is gonna be fat

  • Bra mem
    Bra mem 3 hours ago

    Holy fuck Viddal is fit

  • 住讬讙诇 砖讜讜专爪讘专讚

    I want to see beateson 87 next fight like so cal can see

  • Hakim Adams
    Hakim Adams 4 hours ago

    Me: Sees harry ordered a bin Also me: FIFA 20 top bin challenge

  • Abhay
    Abhay 4 hours ago


  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell 5 hours ago

    Big AJ3 inspiring people and not even getting the credit

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 5 hours ago

    You guys live in soho??? Damn

  • MTD 25
    MTD 25 5 hours ago

    Lmao everyone at 8:02 went of course Harry鈥檚 sister 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Smiffy XP Games
    Smiffy XP Games 5 hours ago

    300 days

  • Cody Hanlen
    Cody Hanlen 5 hours ago

    270 - 275

  • Jakko Magneau
    Jakko Magneau 7 hours ago

    9:31 when she says she鈥檚 home alone

  • Leo Velasquez
    Leo Velasquez 7 hours ago


  • PseudoBro
    PseudoBro 7 hours ago

    Man like call at the end looking like atom from realsteel

  • Jason Hong
    Jason Hong 8 hours ago

    Still can鈥檛 figure out your accent!? Where are you from??

  • Ronny Roman
    Ronny Roman 8 hours ago

    Deji: I want to fight again 馃槀

  • Allen L Jones
    Allen L Jones 9 hours ago

    Is it me or does he still look the same to this day? Is ksi still his barber?

  • jameka robinson
    jameka robinson 9 hours ago

    Say that again Logan next question

  • Storm897
    Storm897 9 hours ago

    Pretty sure that the one that Won pretty much ripped off Lil Boreds merch design lmao

  • Lee Vang
    Lee Vang 9 hours ago

    I watched to see KSI with no bandanna

  • StarLord Kire
    StarLord Kire 10 hours ago

    Logan is sure going to win..

  • Dog_Backwards
    Dog_Backwards 10 hours ago

    9:30 when my ex sees donuts馃崺

  • AeroClasher
    AeroClasher 11 hours ago

    So today you are KSIs bitch jeez stop kissing ass

  • Zack Alhusein
    Zack Alhusein 11 hours ago

    Yo cal should fight slim

  • D Gamer
    D Gamer 11 hours ago

    Finally got to see ksi train

  • Jacob Mirabella
    Jacob Mirabella 11 hours ago

    broo, petition for harry to be in the nex one

  • Star Bear
    Star Bear 12 hours ago

    Kai got 16

  • Nav .m
    Nav .m 12 hours ago

    The design is the same as Lil Bored

  • Isabelle forrest
    Isabelle forrest 13 hours ago

    The bin is for Harry's youtube channel to go in

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 13 hours ago

    I think alot of people think boxing is a piece of piss from the outside but it's a whole different story when u step in full blast eh

  • C J
    C J 13 hours ago

    Goddamit Harry just upload already

  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    The cake joke is about the 1 conference when he said have fun get a girl that's what it means if he did it

  • Trippy
    Trippy 15 hours ago


  • A Preacher
    A Preacher 15 hours ago

    Ur hair is growing too slow.

  • KJ RS
    KJ RS 16 hours ago

    4:37 what the actual fuck is going on with ur car, clean it please that shit looks grimm

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen 16 hours ago

    Good roasts

  • TyzeerHD
    TyzeerHD 17 hours ago

    Loved those Weezy tee shirts

  • Aaron Stokes
    Aaron Stokes 17 hours ago

    274 days till Harry uploads

  • Gran Autismo
    Gran Autismo 17 hours ago

    Actually love this merch

  • Cxnxry
    Cxnxry 17 hours ago

    Shoutout to aj3 for the tweet at the start

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 17 hours ago

    You are being biased af So you are saying that logan and jake at some points were scared ?! I dont think so little boy 馃槀馃槀

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 18 hours ago


  • zacwards 9
    zacwards 9 18 hours ago

    The fact that he spent 5 minutes making a butty

  • Sans
    Sans 18 hours ago

    D0es AnYone ELse SeE JJ GrEen?

  • John Marston
    John Marston 18 hours ago

    so this wannabe rapper thinks he's better then shannon briggs if this guy fights shannon it would be a deathwish for him but since there different weight classes it couldnt happen all this guy does is clickbaits logans and jake and shannon name to get views

  • Aimee
    Aimee 18 hours ago

    Despacito has 6.4billion views

  • shivam bhalla
    shivam bhalla 18 hours ago

    whos here from the new sidemen video where simon got roasted for sloppy seconds

    • Sudeshna Pal
      Sudeshna Pal 5 hours ago

      me lol. is there any proof of talia and willne being together?

  • Alexander Myrick
    Alexander Myrick 18 hours ago

    How did u turn black but reflect white??? 0:50

  • Ben Hinchy
    Ben Hinchy 19 hours ago

    Is it just me or does calfreezy look a little bit like Aitch

  • LJFRANG 06
    LJFRANG 06 20 hours ago

    Look how dirty the Range Rover is 馃槦馃槦馃槙

  • Kimora Sutherland
    Kimora Sutherland 20 hours ago

    The face art is good but what about having it on the right side top corner on the shirt, minimized

  • stuart rendall
    stuart rendall 21 hour ago

    51.5007159, -0.0569661 found the crib

  • Nick Gonzales
    Nick Gonzales 21 hour ago

    Where can you buy those gloves at

  • Mu4everhd
    Mu4everhd 21 hour ago

    Cal鈥檚 views so shit 馃ぃ

    HAZZA 21 hour ago

    TheXvid:2015 Nope TheXvid:2016 Nope TheXvid:2017 Nope TheXvid:2018 Nope TheXvid:2019 AHHHH THATS HOT!!!!!!

  • kiacana
    kiacana 21 hour ago


  • Freddie Thompson
    Freddie Thompson 21 hour ago

    Where tf is mrbeast

    LWG GAMING 21 hour ago

    18:06 peace love and...... tekkers

  • Gaming ZOne
    Gaming ZOne 21 hour ago

    Ti qiva krejt robt e shpis ngob mor nanqim ka thu se Zoti sekzisto nanderr pidh motre

  • B1G D4ddy
    B1G D4ddy 22 hours ago

    Ksi is a pussy

  • Nathan Renton
    Nathan Renton 22 hours ago

    Refers to aj3 as Bloke 馃槀

  • Maria M
    Maria M 22 hours ago

    Copy PASTA

  • Will Morris
    Will Morris 22 hours ago

    Content on fire but nothing helps how butters you are

  • FearTheCreator
    FearTheCreator 22 hours ago

    u could actually be good if u did boxing

  • WAXER Chanel
    WAXER Chanel 23 hours ago

    999 dislike and im 1k for the first time lets goo 馃槀

  • tanjil ferdous
    tanjil ferdous 23 hours ago

    i've liked the video cuz i liked the way you called logan pussy

  • Muley
    Muley 23 hours ago

    Damn the views are bit low on this

  • xTemper Mental
    xTemper Mental 23 hours ago

    The way gibs blindfold is , he cheated

  • Pronightmare45
    Pronightmare45 23 hours ago

    Does anyone how much the merch is going to cost?

  • MegaRaven100
    MegaRaven100 23 hours ago

    365 days till harry uploads

  • Jacob Goldsberry
    Jacob Goldsberry 23 hours ago

    Viddel Riley KSI Calfreezy Simon

  • Amrithan Ignatious Luxman

    Who's here when callux ruined W2S's room for not uploading?

  • Ewacker 1002
    Ewacker 1002 23 hours ago

    bruh the winner straight stole the design format from travis scott

  • Jack Hutchinson
    Jack Hutchinson 23 hours ago

    Harry paid more for that blue bin than you did for the design youre gonna steal from a child

  • Anisa Sumra
    Anisa Sumra 23 hours ago

    6:44 Alex 鈥渓et鈥檚 go champ鈥 Shannon Briggs is quacking

  • Jack Hutchinson
    Jack Hutchinson 23 hours ago

    good video but man youre a joke only 50 quid the top 10 should have had 50 and the winner more, youre rich and exploiting kids for views

  • Esquezzy Reyes

    Parydog looking ass

  • U P
    U P Day ago

    He is probably going to upload on the 365th day so that it doesn't go past a year

  • Wizard Wilson
    Wizard Wilson Day ago

    Logan is going to stomp KSI ... we all know that KSI doesn鈥檛 stand a chance. At this point he鈥檚 just in it for the money, he knows Logan will slaughter him now that he鈥檚 been properly trained, unlike last time...

  • Declan Daly
    Declan Daly Day ago


  • Kay Toven
    Kay Toven Day ago

    I hope y鈥檃ll really don鈥檛 think KSI is going to win this fight lol

  • Mohit Dhiman
    Mohit Dhiman Day ago

    your face like shit

  • Mohit Dhiman
    Mohit Dhiman Day ago

    your teeth like rebit 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Mohit Dhiman
    Mohit Dhiman Day ago

    f__k you your friend going down jj 馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬

  • Ricardo Fernandes


  • Mohit Dhiman
    Mohit Dhiman Day ago

    your brand is sucks....

  • bijoy mathew
    bijoy mathew Day ago


  • lfroggyl
    lfroggyl Day ago


  • Suliman Hassan

    1 year

  • Tulsi Madolsie

    19th October's my bday馃槀馃槀 u won't get me one for free?? In nz馃槀

  • Kalanyay Thorpe

    Ngl callux scared the shit outta me馃槀

  • xD4N101x
    xD4N101x Day ago

    Ksi: -13973

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke Day ago

    Bruh wash that Range the disrespect. 馃槀