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  • Aaron Burr Atwood.
    Aaron Burr Atwood. 2 hours ago

    If this was Texas the guy could’ve just called the police for a welfare check on his neighbors and they would’ve taken care of it for him.

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 2 hours ago

    The U.S. is now officially the new planet gunsmoke

  • jus me
    jus me 2 hours ago

    They dont see that man in blue by ball of white towels

  • Crispen Drye
    Crispen Drye 2 hours ago

    goodbye super yachts. goodbye private jets. goodbye super cars. goodbye capitalism.

  • A Mitch
    A Mitch 2 hours ago

    The reporter seems very happy for some reason. I guess because she’s on tv

  • SixFour Trill
    SixFour Trill 2 hours ago

    Black man cant have a $1000 check?? Tf???

  • Роман Головин

    lol i`m from the Odessa which is situated in Ukraine xd

  • Justagameweplay
    Justagameweplay 2 hours ago

    I'm from Cali. The media is trying to make this an issue. I'm sure that they know that for many decades California students haven't been allowed to wear ANY head-gear or T-shirts with insignias. Many have been suspended, made to wear T-Shirts inside out, or sent home for doing so during those decades.The media is doing their part to manipulate us into becoming angry with or acting hateful toward one another.

  • A Mitch
    A Mitch 2 hours ago

    It seems like this reporter is softly covering up

  • innerlocus
    innerlocus 2 hours ago

    See what happins when you keep slaming your fcuking doors… PTSD's snap!

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 2 hours ago

    In both body and in Mind we are 13 billion years of evolving TRUTH "HUMAN" is the accumulating Wisdom of the world shared across time. United OUR united DIVERSITY evolved, divided we fell.

  • False Flag
    False Flag 2 hours ago

    i want to buy him some more bullets.

  • Danny C Illumini
    Danny C Illumini 2 hours ago

    Typical ryanair. Theres that saying that I like and keeps recurring. Typical ryanair. If its not the air conditioning its the over priced bags and ridiculous security guards. Role on the years no change. Despite their constant boasting of otherwise.

  • Crispen Drye
    Crispen Drye 2 hours ago

    goodbye super yachts. goodbye private jets. goodbye super cars. goodbye capitalism.

  • Charla_ C
    Charla_ C 2 hours ago

    Doesn’t this qualify as a mass shooting? Oh wrong ethnicity.

  • A Mitch
    A Mitch 2 hours ago

    Because it was a cop! Of course city officials would say that

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 2 hours ago

    They back Trump, because they are not true Christians, Evangelicals are hypocrites. Real Christians would not back this con artist.

  • LK LK
    LK LK 2 hours ago

    she's a real hero woman strong woman <3 <3 < 3 <3 <3 god bless her

  • A Mitch
    A Mitch 2 hours ago

    The police chief and judge are friends and sorority sisters. There’s no excuse. Impropriety is just that

  • zola12
    zola12 2 hours ago

    The caller should be exposed and shamed.

  • Gigi Malvassora
    Gigi Malvassora 2 hours ago

    Erdogan war criminal

  • Rob E
    Rob E 2 hours ago

    Blacks don’t realize they’re decreasing their population killing each other.

    • Rob E
      Rob E 2 hours ago

      Death Dealer i guarantee you everyone involved was black

    • Death Dealer
      Death Dealer 2 hours ago

      Who said the race?

  • Groo t
    Groo t 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I feel like the NBA is doing the right thing because this goes back to North Korea if we attack them China attacks us so if were nice to China maybe they will owe us. Also let's get this straight Chinese, north Korean ,and Russians are psychopaths but north Korea and China makes Russian seem normal

  • Political Twinkie
    Political Twinkie 2 hours ago


  • Icky Leslie
    Icky Leslie 2 hours ago

    That dude's going to end up dead. At least hopefully it won't be in vain.

  • Josh 97
    Josh 97 2 hours ago

    Only in Chicago 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Eli K. Webber
    Eli K. Webber 2 hours ago

    Madoff turned himself in because i think he knew his body would be found in the Hudson river or a swamp in Florida ,

  • frank enstein
    frank enstein 2 hours ago

    Thought is was all legal Joe . Hunter stepped down hahahahhahahahaha . Joe you need to step down now , LET BERNIE TAKE OVER JOE Move out of the way Joe , you 're holding up progress . Want Bernie's health care Joe, not your watered down business as usual semi republican obama care plan . LooK Joe we all know you're whole family is super wealthy , but that's what were tired of man . Thank God your family has the best health care on the planet , huh Joe ?

  • Primate sarge USA Moyer

    I'm 18th

  • Üf
    Üf 3 hours ago

    Here before people start blaming trump for this in the comments.

    • Rob M
      Rob M 2 hours ago

      Sounds like the guy just flipped his lid. This is terrible

    • Josh 97
      Josh 97 2 hours ago

      Üf same here and I’m not even a trump supporter

  • Tiff G
    Tiff G 3 hours ago


  • Eagles Fan
    Eagles Fan 3 hours ago

    I’m second btw

  • Felipe M.
    Felipe M. 3 hours ago

    Only 5? The standard there is normally 50-60 casualties.

  • Eagles Fan
    Eagles Fan 3 hours ago

    O good

  • Michael Lomeli
    Michael Lomeli 3 hours ago

    Long Live Trump

  • MrCyclist68
    MrCyclist68 3 hours ago

    They probably did it because they thought he either wouldn't hit them back or other men would step in to stop him. If they thought for a second that they would be flattened, they would keep their hands to themselves. Remember this. The gutless minority of men that hit women without cause mostly do it in private, such is the shame that it carries. The gutless minority of women that's hit men without cause mostly do it in public, such is the lack of shame it carries

  • Tommy
    Tommy 3 hours ago

    Where is BLM? Another Black mass murderer

  • Crispen Drye
    Crispen Drye 3 hours ago

    if this turns out to be a disaster, im going to break stonehenge.

  • Third Reich
    Third Reich 3 hours ago

    Lmao these people are taking this too serious. It’s not that Bad

  • RBG02005
    RBG02005 3 hours ago


  • wsalas13
    wsalas13 3 hours ago

    Congressman Tom...thank you for the introduction of your bill for first responders..."Medicare at 50" have my vote and support for presidency!! Fire, EMTs, and LE will never forget you for your support...even if it does not pass.

  • kenny cooper
    kenny cooper 3 hours ago

    When is god coming ? I want to go home and get away from this sh##t

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 3 hours ago

    Lying accusations elected Trump in 2016 and Trump hopes lying will work again.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 hours ago

    And the Biden BS goes on.What a farce. Wake up America

  • Giorgos Georgiou
    Giorgos Georgiou 3 hours ago

    Ποσω ηληθιοι είσαστε δεν βρέθηκε ένα ατωμο να της κάνεις τεγνικη αναπνοή

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 3 hours ago

    Communism supports Trump and the destruction of america and democracy.

  • ljungis1
    ljungis1 3 hours ago

    Hahaha the cop Is going to Flip out any time it looks like 😂😂 He Is Messing with the wrong girl!!!

  • Daniel Stanneveld
    Daniel Stanneveld 3 hours ago

    America didn't help the Roman Empire either🤔

  • ian day
    ian day 3 hours ago

    trophy hunters are sick people

  • Vanessa Walker
    Vanessa Walker 3 hours ago


  • 911 Never Forget
    911 Never Forget 3 hours ago

    Wow. Did Trump see this?

  • Eli K. Webber
    Eli K. Webber 3 hours ago

    How funny it is when the people in this country don't se a real hero like this guy .

  • MHTsuma
    MHTsuma 3 hours ago

    CBS another fake news outlet.... not surprised...

  • MuhammadWali Flowers

    The guards just let them be high? What else they gonna do? Lock them up?

  • David Stone
    David Stone 3 hours ago

    Sleepy Joe Biden‘s famous quote Below and he wonders why millions of conservatives like me will never vote for him. “No ordinary American cares about Constitutional rights.” ~Joe Biden

  • Ahmed Ismail
    Ahmed Ismail 3 hours ago

    From most of the comments opposing this, it seems like people against the abortion of children with Down Syndrome only see the cute, happy kids with Down Syndrome in documentaries and in the news, *but that's far from the reality*. For every one kid with Down Syndrome leading a relatively healthy life and is smiling and happy, there are nine kids at the other end of the spectrum living, and letting their families live, in pain and misery. Most people with Down Syndrome have very severe health issues, not to mention that they are often strong-built, dangerous, aggressive, have insatiable appetite, and get Alzheimer at the age of 30 or 40 (if they made to it to the 40s, which most don't). Why waste the best forty years of your life--dude, how many forty years are there in your life--when you're young and healthy to raise a child with the Downs? Let's face it, a kid with the Downs isn't what your parents wanted when they decided that your mother gets pregnant---they wanted the healthiest, most beautiful, most intelligent kid in the world, or at least a healthy, beautiful, and smart kid. It's selfishness of you that, in order to satisfy your ego and "moral" high ground, you choose to inflict a pain on a person for their whole life, and inflict misery upon yourself and his siblings too.

  • Joe
    Joe 3 hours ago

    Dude got scared of a little as ground hog hahahhaha smh why give a gun to such a big pussycat won’t end well for nobody

  • Nico Bazan
    Nico Bazan 3 hours ago

    Prison is a joke

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 3 hours ago

    Loser !

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter 3 hours ago

    I was not aware that law enforcement had to determine 'intent' in regard to felonies or misdemeanors, criminal matters, etc. But I guess on that level, prosecutors or investigators have to give these federal officials or anyone of that clique extra consideration and leeway. In other words, some are more equal than others. One set of rules for some, while the rest of us are given little or no consideration in similar circumstances.

  • Jazz Manouche
    Jazz Manouche 3 hours ago

    Nobody is asking why the dog run away from this lady. Poor dog, she doesn´t look very happy being back in the hands of this person.

  • anand joshi
    anand joshi 3 hours ago

    how come one, shot in the legs first, to protect himself, in first place ?

  • Sankha Widuranga Kulathantille

    Obama here poured his heart out and gave everything Hillary expected from an endorsement and much more. But she was just too unpopular to capitalize on that and also most Americans were sick of textbook politicians and were kinda looking for a cowboy to take over.

  • Seed of Israel
    Seed of Israel 3 hours ago

    Christianity has dumb down our people to the point of stupidity!!! Leave these cults alone!!!!! The judge is a damn puppet for WS loud and clear!!!!

  • QE #QuestionEveryThing

    🔰QE Has [Barry👤] turned his back on #CROOKEDJOE?

  • denise bartz
    denise bartz 3 hours ago

    Why is it "black mayor" , how about the best person won the mayoral,

  • mary shaffer
    mary shaffer 3 hours ago

    Isn't this so sixties? This is 2019 surely there's better ways to make changes.

  • landmark
    landmark 3 hours ago

    Mr. Gowdy you are awsome

  • محمد المطري

  • Al Milligan
    Al Milligan 3 hours ago

    He is calling for impeachment because he knows he can’t beat Trump at the box office. And the people are not for impeachment. Let the people vote. They have and will elect Trump. The idea that the people are changing toward impeachment is the deep state controlling the news.

  • Callum Pearsom
    Callum Pearsom 3 hours ago

    Poor people the people who died one of my family members died in there R I P

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 3 hours ago

    A democrat gov in the south wtf. No wonder the state is a dump

  • Sticky broccoli
    Sticky broccoli 3 hours ago

    What do you expect prison to be? This is prison all over the world

  • Ale Xandra
    Ale Xandra 3 hours ago

    Thumbs down, for the negative rhetoric you are playing!! The photos you chose to put for this segment, and the stupid green shirt girl who just repeats like a parrot what she was instructed to say!! Bernie did more rallies that all candidates combined. So if he lowers the number from 5/day to 2/day he's still doing more than the others. He's sharp, smart, consistent, honest and he will win this elections!! Eat your heart corporate media!! #Bernie2020

  • davec69us
    davec69us 3 hours ago

    LOL. Stepping down from a job that he wasn’t doing anyway. Nice. I need to get me one of these Hunter Biden jobs.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 3 hours ago

    The United States can NEVER put the country at risk again by voting for a DemocRAT or a Rhino Republican.

  • Gregg Narcisse
    Gregg Narcisse 3 hours ago

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  • partywrestler
    partywrestler 3 hours ago

    Who ever said prison was going to be a walk in the park,stay out of hospital and handcuffs,and subscribe

  • whataboutism
    whataboutism 3 hours ago

    Nala the service dog is very sweet😊

  • jocsonv
    jocsonv 3 hours ago

    They brought a US flag to the moon thats made of nylon? I think I know who made it knowing where those tons of aluminum foil that wraps the whole damn capsule came from!

  • Andreas B
    Andreas B 3 hours ago

    Vile , soulless human beings! Stowe and Morales should be in prison.

    COSMIC 3 hours ago

    The only fights ive ever got into in school were for portecting some one against a bully. I even got arested in middle school for defending what became my freind from a class bully....why ??? Because when i was smaller i used to be bullied and abused too. I just wished there was that one person who could help me. So i just became that person for others who need me.

  • Donnie Peterson
    Donnie Peterson 3 hours ago

    After using his office of Vice President to set up his son in business for big money, do you think his loyalty is to America first ?

  • Lesley Sauka
    Lesley Sauka 3 hours ago

    Everything you Wana find in a leader is in him

  • Brenden Cox
    Brenden Cox 3 hours ago

    Oregon is a looong way from kentucky lol, she dipped

  • Hhhh Ghk
    Hhhh Ghk 3 hours ago

    fake :(

  • Barney Barninson
    Barney Barninson 3 hours ago

    Objectively Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man. He's not the best actor to ever take up the mantle of the webhead but the writing in his films makes the Raimi trilogy one of the best pieces of superhero cinema by far. I literally watch these films almost every night without fail, they bring so much joy into my life. Please come back Tobey, the lizard people are taking your place, we can't have that . THIS WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY I AM NOT A LIZARD INC I AM NOT A LIZARD OH GOD I SWEAR TO YOU IM NOT A LIZARD

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 3 hours ago

    The nation is fed up with murderer's with badges you people make me sick.

  • DeAndre Holland
    DeAndre Holland 3 hours ago

    Where the mf that bullied him? That’s where I would start first

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 3 hours ago

    This is everywhere some are just worst. I hate how people just act like this just started. The same way they act like there are just a few bad cops.

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  • Oke Micco
    Oke Micco 4 hours ago

    That craphole is about to get even worse now.

  • HOBOtel I go where Im towed

    I met my soon to be wife 4 years ago. She told me on the phone that she was taking care of her 4 grandchildren. The father of the boy will get custody of his son. The three girls parents would loose all rights to them. Drugs. Girls at the time. Under 1,2,and 7. She has now adopted them. She has taken care of all sense birth. She thought I would run. I told her that just showed me she was the girl I was looking for. They have called me papa for years. One calls me dad now. The oldest does not correct people that refer to me as her dad. I love them as my own. I grew up in what they call a broken home. To this day. We do not use the word step.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 4 hours ago

    There all crooked . Rich A- holes .

  • Ya Ya mon
    Ya Ya mon 4 hours ago

    Leave ? 🤣🤣🤣 Move on 😎

  • Aldo
    Aldo 4 hours ago

    She had to have had an owner at some point..

  • Amber Elliott
    Amber Elliott 4 hours ago

    The Bidens should be investigated a 100% Bernie Sanders is the only non- corrupt candidate that the Democrats could put forth, yet you guys have not covered Bernie Sanders in a positive way. Why is that?

  • Ron O'Connor
    Ron O'Connor 4 hours ago

    Don’t worry about Bernies’ back rally, what is more important is bernies chest. His head has been bad for a long time, that socialist crap wont fly in a real America. He cant hijack this country, and wouldn’t live long enough to see his own failure like Hugo Chavez he would just let it implode into oblivion to appease his global puppet masters and illegal voter bases

  • EXILE Kenner
    EXILE Kenner 4 hours ago

    And me here with a lazy body couldnt even beat them

  • XxZacky DanxX memes
    XxZacky DanxX memes 4 hours ago

    This is the beginning of the end