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  • Super Hero
    Super Hero 7 hours ago

    its Pay out Time!!💰💸💸💰💸💸💰💸💸💰💸 Lawyer Up!!!

  • Turbo Twinz
    Turbo Twinz 7 hours ago

    It’s because nobody gets outside anymore and people aren’t used to injuries. Feel bad man

  • Grassmaster Smith
    Grassmaster Smith 7 hours ago

    No choice but to make a fool out of herself.

  • Yet Ga
    Yet Ga 7 hours ago

    Look fat

  • george in-virginia
    george in-virginia 7 hours ago

    Health care for all Americans not war profits for rich Republicans.

  • Roman KFM
    Roman KFM 7 hours ago

    The satanic catholic forgets she hated on innocent LGBQT when she endorsed anti-gay congressmen.

  • Otek Durante
    Otek Durante 7 hours ago

    Cops shoulda play blind for a minute. Oops judge. We thought he just wanted a hug

  • Alex Doge
    Alex Doge 7 hours ago

    Not left, not right, forward.

    SJG SJG 7 hours ago

    Tune in to to hear all Joe's bloops and blunders.

  • HvBoedefeld
    HvBoedefeld 7 hours ago

    No thank you, Joe. You were simply too often on the wrong side of history. Bankrupcy bill, Iraq war, deregulation of the banks in 1999, Wall Street Bailout, Patriot Act, TPP and other trade deals, segregation back in the 60/70s, LGBTQ rights and Defence of marriage act, tough on crime stance aka mass incarceration and so on. I go with Bernie Sanders, he has the judgement and integrity a president needs. A leader leads when it matters

  • Dirty Hippie Designs

    Maybe just a bit of malarkey...

  • The Lower Left
    The Lower Left 7 hours ago

    Someone put Niko House on one of these programs 😂

  • Jala Bala
    Jala Bala 7 hours ago

    The dude asked a legitimate question. Biden challenged him to a push up competition. He should just drop out.

    SJG SJG 7 hours ago

    The Democrats think Joe is the best thing since sliced bread shows you how fuked up they are!

  • Francisco Resto
    Francisco Resto 7 hours ago


  • Nigel Broadbent
    Nigel Broadbent 7 hours ago

    PA 2020

  • john lerner
    john lerner 7 hours ago

    Adam murdered my father!

  • Everly B
    Everly B 7 hours ago

    Why even cover Biden anymore - Yang will be the dem candidate

  • Nigel Broadbent
    Nigel Broadbent 7 hours ago

    2020 PA

  • chris nichols
    chris nichols 7 hours ago

    Steve Cohen is an embarrassment.

  • Soli Deogloria
    Soli Deogloria 7 hours ago

    Autistic spectrum

  • Gogetanator
    Gogetanator 7 hours ago

    Gohmert has KO'd that schmuck Strzok.

  • rey quinones
    rey quinones 7 hours ago

    any one of this democrats saying that they take no pleasure in doing this is LIEING!!! IT IS OBVIOUS THEY WANTED THIS ALL ALONG but continue to lie to your faces to the American people as they love to use that phrase.

  • L W
    L W 7 hours ago

    The only nominees I care about are Yang and Gabbard.

  • Kawaii Panda101
    Kawaii Panda101 7 hours ago


    SLEEP LESS 7 hours ago

    I would have guessed that it was some sort of game. you know the elevator game? Yeah I would think that is what was going on but it doesn't seem right she is not going by the rules of the elevator game so it can't be that. So I don't know what to say about it. But I think it's either some sort of game or she is hiding from someone or something.

  • Charles Mascari
    Charles Mascari 7 hours ago

    Instead of worrying about Russian collusion, we should be more worried about FBI collusion.

  • tankmiles27
    tankmiles27 7 hours ago

    Yang2020! Please look him up if you havent already. Every policy of his is detailed out on his website, and he nails every interview he does by speaking about the real issues and real solutions for them.

  • Shah Fahad
    Shah Fahad 7 hours ago

    Jf17 made by China & Pakistan Markted by Abhinandan & IAF Thanks Modi🤣

  • Red Man
    Red Man 7 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi prays that President Trump died already. She's so full of hate and hypocrisy

  • D Harrell
    D Harrell 7 hours ago

    This is sooooo bizarre.....get my popcorn

  • Everly B
    Everly B 7 hours ago

    We need a president who understands AI . . . I’m with Yang

  • tyler wood
    tyler wood 7 hours ago

    I wish that was trump he called fat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ctwith3
    ctwith3 7 hours ago

    Give me a break. Anyone who knows anything about Nancy Pelosi knows she is a religious woman, and a mother. She has said she prays for him and I believe her, so should you. Don’t mess with a woman who has raised sons.

  • Red Man
    Red Man 7 hours ago

    He called the poor guy fat. I guess quid pro quo Joe doesn't like fat people unless they're rich fat cats

  • mo fo
    mo fo 7 hours ago

    Women won't enter a man's domain because they don't want to be viewed as average. A woman soldier almost always falls out of formation from the very moment the jog starts, unless there are "authorities" present. A transgender man enters and dominates a woman's domain then becomes categorized as unfair. What is UNFAIR is the Affirmative Action quotas that must be assigned to the less skilled can have an advantage their skills do not merit. WHEN I outperform any woman, someone's name will cry dropping out of the "top 10" list as their claim to fame is now gone and must seek celebrity status elsewhere.

  • Alan Mathies
    Alan Mathies 7 hours ago

    No temperament whatsoever. I don't want this guy talking to World leaders period! Is this the best the Dems can do? This is a joke. Why worry about impeaching Trump when you have NO ONE worth a crap and the 2020 election is only a few months away! Total Fail. Sorry

  • Jules R
    Jules R 7 hours ago

    All I hear is BLAH BLAH BLAAAAA

  • John Spinelli
    John Spinelli 7 hours ago

    Biden ain't that nice either, he's just as mean as trump

  • 7 Gapstanders
    7 Gapstanders 7 hours ago

    “say something nice about eachother” trump: she’s a fighter, she never gives up clinton: his c h i l d r e n

  • john lerner
    john lerner 7 hours ago

    Adam Schiff murdered my Father who loved Donald Trump!

  • stinger913
    stinger913 7 hours ago

    I love Biden conspiracy theories tell me some of them!

  • Khatereh Mahfoozi
    Khatereh Mahfoozi 7 hours ago

    How do you do that to a child??? What a cold monster

  • The Shu
    The Shu 7 hours ago

    "icanthandlethestress" overwatch practice range

  • Jozhua Mendoza
    Jozhua Mendoza 7 hours ago

    If anyone hasn’t noticed yet. The POTUS keeps referring to himself “our country” every time scandals are made public .

  • Red Man
    Red Man 7 hours ago

    Nancy hates President Trump and prays for his death daily. Quid pro quo Joe Biden doesn't want votes from fat people lol.

  • Gail Becker
    Gail Becker 7 hours ago

    I don't care if a candidate is not on the debate stage. If I like his or her background check and my research on him or her, and the same for their running mate, I will vote for him or her. I don't care about the polls either!

  • C Ahearne
    C Ahearne 7 hours ago

    Quite sensitive do I detect GUILT ! ! ! 🔥🔥🔥🤡👹🔥🔥🔥

  • Good guys wear Gold and Black- NOLA!


  • M Rez
    M Rez 7 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi is a hater. The only thing she prays about is not getting caught. Subpoena the witch.

  • benthead
    benthead 7 hours ago

    I have traveled across Iran by land and used to be sympathetic to Iran. No longer. Iran must be surrounded, pressured and made submissive. If they resist, destroy the existing regime and the mullahs that support it. Let Trump flatten their economy

  • Fireproof Crane
    Fireproof Crane 7 hours ago

    She's rambling slogans and what might be her personal prejudice. There is no conviction and you need a conviction to impeach. An impeachment without conviction is something that WILL be Constitutional policy in the future. Article II section 4 of the Constitution, read it.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 7 hours ago

    If you anything about facile expression this guy ,not Mr.Trey, is LIEING THROW HIS TEETH

  • Good guys wear Gold and Black- NOLA!

    "DONT MESS WITH YOU"..??? have NO CLUE..what youve just done to yourself..your party..and this country. Oh WE ARE GOING TO MESS WITH YOU PELOSI. MARK MY WORDS.

  • C M
    C M 7 hours ago

    What is wrong with hating Trump?

    ERIC FARTMAN 7 hours ago

    Malarkey balarkeys

  • chris nichols
    chris nichols 7 hours ago

    Is there another person in America that you could investigate with the full power of the government for 3+ years and not catch them doing something horribly wrong? I probably would've been in prison a long time ago. President Trump is the cleanest president in history, lol. #Trump2020

  • Sa S
    Sa S 7 hours ago

    What a disgusting little dictator Pelosi would be if she could.

  • Common sense American real man

    Would love to see him and trump in a debate lol. Trump 1st round ko.


    He should have landed the shot and sent him with travon....then they would have let him go🤷🏿‍♂️

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 hours ago

    Swallwell talks a load of garbage conveniently coming up with a Rumanian

  • TheyCallMeBigPops'
    TheyCallMeBigPops' 7 hours ago

    She said: “😡 ⌚️, ❌🔫 ,🙋🏾‍♂️✨☁️, 🎀💒,🇺🇸📜❕”.

  • H Far
    H Far 7 hours ago

    H*a*i-l H"i*t'ler

    JIA YAO 7 hours ago

    Here’s remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our infos -

  • Ann van de Kew
    Ann van de Kew 7 hours ago

    Trump uses hate and misogynist name calling all the time and viciously attacks women. He even uses misogynist language when describing his daughters.. 'Horseface,' 'Lowlife,' 'Fat, Ugly': How the President Demeans Women, All names Trump has called women in writing, on twitter. Look at Trump having to resort to name calling like a petulant immature 12 year old. You mean like nervous Nancy. It's not normal for the president of the US to hate and insult individual Americans.

  • mr unknown
    mr unknown 7 hours ago

    No one cares about money or tourist attractions, people need to realise other people are poor......stop thinking about your ownselves, think of others

  • magickalmermaid
    magickalmermaid 7 hours ago

    Get Your Words Straight Jack!

  • BURRCO 308
    BURRCO 308 7 hours ago

    I think all the alphabet media is more dangerous than Hitler was. Censoring , labeling, even denying banking. Big cult. Worse than what Hitler did.

  • 2conscious
    2conscious 7 hours ago

    This reporter tried to skim through the subject: the jeweler and the young man were LOVERS. "He met him in a gym and let him stay with him, for guidance". B-TCH, PUH-LEEZE. Stop treating us, like we're 2 years old!! That was a GAY SUGAR DADDY RELATIONSHIP. She REALLY tried to skim through that.

  • hello won
    hello won 7 hours ago

    Creepy Joe certainly beats Trump like a drum by calling the man fat boy. Warren 2020!

  • magickalmermaid
    magickalmermaid 7 hours ago

    Biden don't look happy lol

  • The Masked Master
    The Masked Master 7 hours ago

    If she doesn’t make the stage I will make sure you know the REDACTED of your REDACTED. Wrong freaking choice

  • Fiber Bunny
    Fiber Bunny 7 hours ago

    The district says it's for the safety of the students, but it's *her* that's wearing the hat, and I'm sure she knows the risks she's taking by wearing it.

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    Well, if he can be tried as an adult at 17, he might as well be arrested like one if he's going to fight the cops.

  • Press Start
    Press Start 7 hours ago 💪👀

  • Jill Mitchell
    Jill Mitchell 7 hours ago

    Greetings Mr. Vindman...

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 7 hours ago

    Why is Pelosi so full of hate? Why try convict an innocent man? What is she hiding?

    • Sa S
      Sa S 7 hours ago

      San Fransico has been a left wing cult for 40 years since Jim Jones and the people's temple. I believe Nancy Pelosi actually voted to honor the mass murderer.

    • C M
      C M 7 hours ago

      What is wrong with hating Trump?

  • brian bonilla
    brian bonilla 7 hours ago

    Biden is a legend for this

  • Shaq GasEngine
    Shaq GasEngine 7 hours ago

    Jesus Christ, this is like watching the zombie apocalypse start in slow motion

  • Speak Easy
    Speak Easy 7 hours ago

    Cray cray!!

  • Ducati Dave
    Ducati Dave 7 hours ago

    Go get 'em Joe!

  • waltzguy14151
    waltzguy14151 7 hours ago

    This POTUS needs to be impeached and removed ASAP. He has betrayed the United States, sold out our allies, is CRUSHING our farmers with his stupid trade war, refuses to show his taxes and is spending TAX PAYER DOLLARS to keep them HIDDEN, has blown over $120M on GOLF TRIPS and as an added bonus, attempted to bribe the leader of Ukraine by offering military assistance only if he announced an investigation into the Bidens. He got caught before he was able to pull it off, so he was forced to release the funds that he had no right or legal authority to hold up in the first place. The only way anyone could still support Trump at this point is if they're racists or don't understand the US Constitution.

  • mike barnabe
    mike barnabe 7 hours ago

    Un belevable !!! Liar liar liar .... Now we Know who assinated Kenedy ... FBI are the killers of Kenedy we see now how they answers all professional lies

  • Tyler Bonino
    Tyler Bonino 7 hours ago

    Lmao, just be friends with the hackers n ur good

  • sikohmode 100
    sikohmode 100 7 hours ago

    Lowering prescription drugs huh? Trump supports Health insurance competition...aka driving up costs of prescription drugs... Its funny how the Reps keep saying they need to focus on other things, yea the things that the president keeps messing up with HACK policies and beliefs... Figure it out people...Seriously!

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 7 hours ago

    Overwhelming? What is she talking about she has to be high. Shes exhibiting Cocaine Abuse. She hates the wall. Trump = Wall Wall = No Vocaine. Test -Do a random drug test on Congress. See them squirm and refuse. Since their only ones above the law. We pay them if we want them to submit to a random workplace drug test they need to do it. Fastest way to drain the swamp.

  • shaolintemple
    shaolintemple 7 hours ago

    The grace and intellectual pretended by Dem are all gone, now they are showing their true color the stupidity and the malicious .

  • danlc95
    danlc95 7 hours ago

    And we're surprised Biden hates old men? It's the little girls he loves.

  • 2conscious
    2conscious 7 hours ago

    DON'T LUMP ME INTO "I've done that" party scene bulls**. Not all of us go to clubs/gay clubs/drink/take drugs/go to a place with a group of strangers. Stop trying to normalize that, to distract us from the odd circumstances.

  • Kevin Viriyavong
    Kevin Viriyavong 7 hours ago

    Nancy is a bed bug and Adam Schiff is sick

  • BURRCO 308
    BURRCO 308 7 hours ago

    Biden smelled his hair?

  • Simple Waze
    Simple Waze 7 hours ago

  • Simple Waze
    Simple Waze 7 hours ago

    Joey needs to be in a home.

  • Patrick Valencia
    Patrick Valencia 7 hours ago

    Tulsi Gabbard is awesome. I am an Independent and I would definitely vote for her. 💯💯

  • rey quinones
    rey quinones 7 hours ago

    WRONG?, BY GOD , CAN ANYONE SEE THE BODY LANGUAGE OF THIS 3 STOOGES EVERY TIME THEY SPEAK, wow is it not obvious as to how they are trying to hide their anger ? this men is literally jumping in his sit ,the missis can't contain herself as she tries to deliver lots in little time and Jackson lee , is in love with Obama ,he,he, this whole thing is a joke its to frame the president ,they made up their minds already , this is more like the valentine's massacre in Chicago, I think it was humm yea .

  • Renée
    Renée 7 hours ago

    Tell em Joe!!!! 🙋

  • Liz Colemon
    Liz Colemon 7 hours ago

    i hope trumps grassed um all up

  • Dr. TJ
    Dr. TJ 7 hours ago

    I’m glad Joe called him out. The right has come up with countless conspiracy theories about Democrats and each one gets debunked and proven wrong. At some point, when the right comes up with a new one (such as the Ukraine interfered in our election), you’d think people would say, that’s just another crazy conspiracy theory and dismiss it. But far too many people don’t. They eagerly eat up the next one and never catch on that they’re being lied to and used as pawns. Come on people, wake up and realize that the right is lying to you to vilify Democrats to win elections the right doesn’t deserve.

    • B T
      B T 7 hours ago

      Fat shaming ok for you too huh?

  • Iam Thepapi
    Iam Thepapi 7 hours ago

    I think it's ridiculous that he should have to I think this is out of control. There's two genders on this Earth it's a man and a woman that's why sports are separated into men and women come on guys.