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Google Sheets - Userform
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  • Emma Karlsson
    Emma Karlsson Hour ago

    Any link or name to google to find that first video mentioned? :)

  • Moses Dunga
    Moses Dunga 3 hours ago

    Your explanation is awesome. You helped me to reach my goal... my heartfelt thanks

  • Aboubaker Nedjimi
    Aboubaker Nedjimi 3 hours ago

    Working in JavaScript is more exciting than VBA

  • Y Liang
    Y Liang 5 hours ago

    The actual discussion of how to run a for loop starts around 11:45

  • Loladdwa12 Kais12
    Loladdwa12 Kais12 8 hours ago

    Thanks but can you show if someone type his password and send to you his her password and you get it xd scammers do this for robux but they steal your account in roblox for this i want the scammers get this and steal account

  • Tim SU
    Tim SU 12 hours ago

    it returns at testing main.js at 20.45 an error { FetchError: request to www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT 216.58. etc

  • Avishek Bose
    Avishek Bose 14 hours ago

    Thant a lot

  • rjd
    rjd 23 hours ago

    When I use importHTML it frequently won't update. If I go in and change the table from 1 to 3 and back again, it finally loads. What is the best way to function to load?

  • Abdullah Quhtani

    Do you work as freelancer? I need a small project to be done using appScript and spreadsheet if you are interested.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets Day ago

      Sorry, I no longer take small projects. I'm already short on time & small projects end up taking too much of my time with all the back and forth.

  • Shiromani Kant

    Hi Sir.. Sir i got a problem and I googled a lot but couldnt find satisfactory result. Sir i want to know Is there an Array Formula to Sum multiple columns? In one of my file, I’ve hundreds of rows with so many columns. What I want is the total of columns in each row (row wise). I only want to use a single expanding array formula. The function SUM may not yield expanded results even if you use the function ArrayFormula with it. for e.g., A B C D 2 3 4 =SUM(A1:C3) but auto expanding array formula. REALLY HOPING A HELP FROM U SIR..THNKUUUU.. 😊😊😊😊😊

  • sheikh abdul wahid

    Curiosity is, who disliked this video

  • Mao Leon
    Mao Leon Day ago

    Excellent tutorial as always, you are doing great work, please create more content like this one

  • Maan Hassan
    Maan Hassan Day ago

    thank you i have one question is it possible change the color like yes Green and Nor Red

  • Abdullah Quhtani

    Well, here.s another question in spite you didn’t answer the previous one!! My question is there a code that I can use which can save user account who edit my sheet. For example, I shared a sheet with about 20 friends. All of them can edit a certain field in the sheet. I want to know who edited values in the sheet and save his account in a pen another sheet. I hope you got what I mean.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets Day ago

      Isn't that what Google Sheets version history does? File->Version History. I haven't seen any other questions.

  • Home Made
    Home Made 2 days ago

    Great flexibility of pivot table in Google sheet! Thanks!

  • Making Money Online

    After selecting a whole column of data f4 key doesn't lock the function. I use excel 2013 version. How can i do this? Can you please help me through this out?

  • Rin chan
    Rin chan 2 days ago

    Can you create a video on approving a request via email? And sending an email confirmation that request has been aprroved or rejected? Thanks!

  • Luciano Panepucci
    Luciano Panepucci 2 days ago

    I like the way you use demo tiny website. Great idea! Another more elaborate option would be to use a Gmail draft created by the user or maybe even a Google document!

  • GND,EI Holmes
    GND,EI Holmes 2 days ago

    DUDE thank u...why dont you just write a prog software?...you will be selling great!!

  • Amir abbasy K
    Amir abbasy K 3 days ago

    awsome sir! can we insert new rows into the same worksheet using Xlsx? if you could explain it will very helpful for small desktop shop apps without using SQL, Sqlite..etc expect more videos.

  • Cerveja e Linux
    Cerveja e Linux 3 days ago

    Amazing video, needs lot of dedication, thank you!

  • Álvaro Costa de Faria

    Hi good vídeo ! Is there any Way to filter pie graphic to display sizes in order from lower to bigger size só that itS easier to see which slice is bigger / smaller ?? Thanks !!

  • Aboubaker Nedjimi
    Aboubaker Nedjimi 3 days ago

    You're a really smart guy

  • Gaurang Amin
    Gaurang Amin 3 days ago

    Hi Thanks for the greate video If want to get data from H and G if text "IL" what is the function

  • sachin mehra
    sachin mehra 3 days ago

    Anybudy tells me which coding using in Google sheet i want to know all coding of spreadsheet where will i get it.

  • Mithun Musabbir
    Mithun Musabbir 3 days ago

    I don't have words to thank u enough for this video.. specially the last part.. awesome...

  • Harsh Pundlik
    Harsh Pundlik 3 days ago

    Thanks for the explanation. Wanted to know if there is any way we can put a label to show what value has been selected like (Midwestern) instead of it showing as 1-4.

  • Hiren Kakkad
    Hiren Kakkad 3 days ago

    Really fantastic video. Your all videos are informative and I never miss it.

  • Dino Rodriguez
    Dino Rodriguez 3 days ago

    This was an amazing video, thank you for all your hard work. Super useful!!

  • Cerveja e Linux
    Cerveja e Linux 3 days ago

    Great video, greetings from Brazil!

  • Leonardo D
    Leonardo D 3 days ago

    You are the best! Great video! It helped me a lot ! thank you , sir!

  • Abdullah Quhtani
    Abdullah Quhtani 3 days ago

    Great but it would be greater if you extend it more to add these following task: 1- add one field so the script can write a value in after sending each email so I can know who I sent email to and didn’t. 2- how to write values in email body in an alternating colored rows in a table. 3- make an option to trigger the script after each submission if I use it with google forms. I’m sure most ppl need these complete in one script instead of using multi scripts. Thank you for your appreciated efforts.

  • Siddique Tech tutorial

    Thanks for another great tutorial

  • mcan
    mcan 3 days ago

    You are one of the best channel on TheXvid

  • Tim Kleyn
    Tim Kleyn 3 days ago

    10 out of 5 stars

  • D Sky
    D Sky 4 days ago


  • Recep Fidanci
    Recep Fidanci 4 days ago

    thank you

  • 朱俊逸
    朱俊逸 4 days ago

    I'd like to learn how to generate a pdf to be attached into the mail. Without using addon

  • RedBurningSoul
    RedBurningSoul 4 days ago

    thank you

  • 朱俊逸
    朱俊逸 4 days ago

    thanks for another nice video

  • George B
    George B 4 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial. All is working for me except, only for me, when I'm logged into my Google Account. All the tutorials, including yours, show the who can run this as "Only myself" . What additional steps are needed beside setting it to "Anyone, even anonymous" . It does say "You need to authorize the script before distributing the URL." I have authorized it while running it myself but how do I authorize it for everyone else that visits the webpage?

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 3 days ago

      you mean this? developers.google.com/picker/

    • George B
      George B 3 days ago

      @Learn Google Spreadsheets I think my issue is I'm using a file picker in my HTML and the part of my code to save files to the Google Drive is the problem as the message says something about requesting permission to access the Drive. So those extra permissions are required. I'm still working on figuring out how to allow that access to the public. I do realize that that could be risky.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 3 days ago

      You want to make sure you deploy it as a new version in addition to just changing "Anyone, even anonymous".

  • Ted Brunt
    Ted Brunt 4 days ago

    I can't thank you enough for this - I have been looking for an answer for days for this and it worked perfectly. Cheers!

  • Silvia Soria
    Silvia Soria 4 days ago

    thank you!!!

  • Asif Ahmad
    Asif Ahmad 4 days ago

    Thank you brother, It's very nice and very simple

  • Shaziya Salman
    Shaziya Salman 4 days ago

    I tried using the date filteration on my dashboard, but it doesnt work. can u please help?

  • Murillo Olimpio
    Murillo Olimpio 4 days ago

    Thats cool. Wondering if it's possible when working with 100 tabs where their names are numbers increased by 1 to not have to type all of the different ranges on the query by having a formula that increases the name tabs by 1 collecting their data.

  • Amr Baligh
    Amr Baligh 4 days ago

    Thanx aloooot for these vids .

  • Humberto Campa González

    In the basic procedure, why was it that you only established a connection rather than just having imported the data directly? Given that you needed to create and invoke a function, which could seem like extra work, what advantages do you see in doing it that way? By the way, thanks for the effort into making these tutorials.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 5 days ago

      Basic example was just Step 1 to explain how you create a function and how it all works. I have a different video that demonstrates the easy way to do the basic example in this video. thexvid.com/video/mRznmfaxKDo/video.html

  • Julia Stubbs
    Julia Stubbs 5 days ago

    Do you know how I might use a query function to add two criteria to my query across sheets. I Want to have two criteria that matches the info from two data validation dropdown lists for names and another for dates, But my function deteriorates when I try to add the 'and' Maybe something like: =query('FOH Main Data Sheet'!A2:Y,"Select * Where B = """&A2&""" and A >= """&B1&""" ") Can you help me?

    • Julia Stubbs
      Julia Stubbs 4 days ago

      @Learn Google Spreadsheets Thank you for getting back to me, I tried it with the dates but the issue has something to do with the reference to B1 in the and criteria. Would you be willing to look at the spreadsheet? I've been Struggling for days. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vROx7Hq4Zv1Wam_YSfWuEnzDuGO3Sbe_OID9xbcHjw1DXNoD-fHNiH-ibJwMSa7cYZIgbKMhUbqgfpk/pubhtml?gid=840516311&single=true

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 5 days ago

      It's most likely because of dates. Watch my second QUERY dates video.

  • Nikita Diskin
    Nikita Diskin 5 days ago

    Thanks you bro, very useful video ;)

  • cheewurz
    cheewurz 5 days ago

    Where are you from?

  • Darla Barbre
    Darla Barbre 5 days ago

    I have data I need to filter per quarter as each quarter ends. How do I add data to an already filtered sheet? Without having to refilter? For example I have employee "Tom". Each quarter I need to filter projects that he works on for email department. Then when the next quarter ends, I need to calculate that quarter's hours for email. How do I do this without having to open up a sheet for each quarter for Tom? Please help! I've gone through multiple tutorials and cannot find an answer. Thank you in advance!

  • Bael114
    Bael114 5 days ago

    Great Presentations. Would you share the sheets data so we can practice?

  • Pensamento Vital
    Pensamento Vital 5 days ago

    At 36:03 show us that on the row 23 as undefined cell on the "like" column. xD

  • Jonathan Jaime
    Jonathan Jaime 5 days ago

    great tutorial as always. may I know how to change the date to week number? thanks

    • Sayanta K
      Sayanta K 5 days ago

      You can count the differences between a particular date from the beginning of the year and divide it by seven, then round it off to get the week. check out this function called "dateDiff " developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/querylanguage#scalar-functions I think this maybe the only way to do this in a Query.

  • Ilya Smolko
    Ilya Smolko 5 days ago

    Great tool! Thanks

  • Nguyen Minh Hung
    Nguyen Minh Hung 5 days ago

    I have a form design on google sheets, now i want auto print this form when i submit or save, how to?

  • Cao Phuong
    Cao Phuong 5 days ago

    Very clever. Thanks

  • Nagasai Tenekondala

    You're a savior, this playlist alone is enough for a beginner to know everything about Gsuite scripting. Big 👍Thumbs up!! 👍 Thanks from Hyderabad, India

  • LifeTime ITnet
    LifeTime ITnet 5 days ago

    nice tutorial ! :))))

  • ugz mug
    ugz mug 5 days ago

    Hi, can you make a CRUD operation on your web app series??

  • Ashhar Firdausi
    Ashhar Firdausi 6 days ago

    Genius.... I loved the way you explained it

  • Home Made
    Home Made 6 days ago

    Hello there, Great Tutorial, I need this data set you are using for your example, can have it for my practic? Regards!

  • Nathaniel Mcintosh
    Nathaniel Mcintosh 6 days ago


  • Dustin Elliott
    Dustin Elliott 6 days ago

    Thank you. How do you add the "Math.round" function to the map method? For example, what if I want to round Column C to the nearest hundredth?

    MMC VALETBAY 6 days ago

    how can i turn google sheets into a webapp?.

  • Anthea Sago
    Anthea Sago 6 days ago

    Thanks for this video! Much appreciated. I do have a question, do you perhaps know why after I run a command, all that is returned is "Connected!' and nothing else?

  • Sergio Lanzone
    Sergio Lanzone 6 days ago

    Absolute brilliant tutorials! It's really opening my mind. Great job, please add more and more web app videos!

  • lsz0719
    lsz0719 6 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial. It's very helpful! In my feeding sheet there is one column where I used GOOGLEFIANACE function to convert currencies, however, this column became empty in the master sheet. Is there a way to copy those values to the master sheet?

  • mukesh tiwari
    mukesh tiwari 6 days ago

    I would like to delete only cell c1 & c2 on open

  • Fher Pleitez
    Fher Pleitez 6 days ago

    somebody knows how to save data from a form into another sheet, like a data sheet where I can save a sale, for example

  • Mahesh Patel
    Mahesh Patel 6 days ago

    Hi , this is Mahesh from India. I am a proud student of Chicago computer classes😊 Actually I was trying to convert the Google spreadsheet as a PDF. And my script is working fine. But wherever tht cells have formulas, it is showing the #REF! Error. Can you help me on the same..

  • Uday Kiran
    Uday Kiran 7 days ago

    Thank you so much,very useful for me ,this video

  • Rashid Anwar
    Rashid Anwar 7 days ago

    You are simply superb. I second the comments of mask75260. It would be highly appreciated if you make some videos on Google webapp connecting to some open source databases. Because spreadsheets have limitations to be used as database. Thanks

  • TartanSpartan01
    TartanSpartan01 7 days ago

    Ty <3

  • Abdullah Quhtani
    Abdullah Quhtani 7 days ago

    I hope you reply to this. Is it possible to do this with google forms so email will be sent right after submission. I’m sure many ppl need this as well as I do. I can pay you for modification that match my needs.

  • Nathaniel Noit
    Nathaniel Noit 7 days ago

    Great video!!! You explained the process quite clearly, thanks!!!

  • Mark Vesterby
    Mark Vesterby 7 days ago

    Fantastic tutorial!!! How would you change the script to paste the 3rd column of data automatically? I only have one item to paste in the third column so it doesn't make sense to have to select it. I would like it to automatically paste the third column of data from the 1st two selected.

  • SDFC Demo Account
    SDFC Demo Account 8 days ago

    thank you so much for your effort to create these videos. Helped a lot!

  • Thinh Nguyen
    Thinh Nguyen 8 days ago

    Pretty awesome. I am able to make a search form for students based on their registration numbers. Updating on googlesheet is more pleasant than using mysql.

  • Wojciech P
    Wojciech P 8 days ago

    thx bro

  • Honey LaBronx
    Honey LaBronx 8 days ago

    Haven't seen the whole video yet but I'm wondering - what if I want to do this from within the same spreadsheet? I'd like to make ONE tab that compiles ALL the data from the other tabs (each of those tabs represents a year - I'd like to make a Master tab that has all of them in one place)

  • justfly2525
    justfly2525 8 days ago

    I can't possibly explain how helpful these videos are. The way you teach is perfect! Don't change a thing.

  • Frank irvine
    Frank irvine 8 days ago

    Thanks very much, very helpful!

  • Diock Man
    Diock Man 8 days ago

    Can you make a video of how to insert images into google sheet cell using web app

  • Uni Bel
    Uni Bel 8 days ago

    Thanks for a nice video. I don't use Gmail, but MailApp, which is sending email, but not Html, and I know it should. Everything seems to be alright. Any Idea?

    • Uni Bel
      Uni Bel 8 days ago

      Thanks. I'll try to solve it.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 8 days ago

      It's the same thing. The only difference I find is that MailApp emails will take forever to be sent, especially when you have quite a few emails to be sent, while GmailApp emails go out very fast.

    • Sentiments of Grace
      Sentiments of Grace 8 days ago

      Uni Bel I was able to get working with mail app. Originally I left out the “body” variable before the {htmlBody: htmlBody) - once I added that, worked like a charm!!

  • Sentiments of Grace

    Your videos have helped me SOOO much!!! I have 2 outstanding issues with my form I have developed using your tutorials and I hope you will be able to help! (My apologies if these questions have already been asked...maybe you should start a blog with FAQs and include that in your video descriptions!). 1 - I need to include and upload input item and have the document save to a folder in my Google drive. 2 - I need to redirect to another html page after successfully completing the form (after "Submit"). Thanks in advance!!!

  • Terrence Mould
    Terrence Mould 9 days ago

    This query is brilliant. I have now put together data from different tabs within the sheet into a master but now want to bring together multiple masters together. I have tried using 'Importrange' however this is pulling in the blanks. Any suggestions?

  • Kade Markoux
    Kade Markoux 9 days ago

    This looks very useful but I'm trying to figure out how I can build a google form that will allow multiple selections because there's a lot of items I have to try to list. I see theres a grid list but I cannot figure out how to name those properly since it only shows up as a radio and I want the name above each radio button or something like that. Any advice on this?

  • Lucas Luizon Ré
    Lucas Luizon Ré 9 days ago

    THank you so much!!! It is exactly what i need and explained in such a simple way. Congratulations and thanks man!

  • Noel Trindade
    Noel Trindade 9 days ago

    Hi, I have a query and not sure if this is the right place to ask. I am looking for a formula to auto insert dates till today. Example: I have created a list of dates for Aug, but now the month is done and Sept started. I need dates of sept to add below Aug and so on so that I can create a drop-down of the date in the list

  • mask75260
    mask75260 9 days ago

    Please also tell us use of script. Lock feature in apps script as many people can use script simultaneously

  • mask75260
    mask75260 9 days ago

    Great job again! more of web app series please.

  • Elchanan shuky Shukrun

    Hi! first of all, thanks the great tutorial. I use it to publish form for student, where i can suggest auto-compate to the course name and lecturer name :) Can you please add tutorial for adding files to the form? thanks again!

  • Ashhar Firdausi
    Ashhar Firdausi 9 days ago

    I wonder why so fewer views on your videos.... it should be trending man

  • Ashhar Firdausi
    Ashhar Firdausi 9 days ago

    Good Tutorial as always

  • Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan

    Is this like Google form? once we submit the data it will make a new row? The reason I ask because if it does, then I will not be able to use the formula for the cell

    • Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan
      Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan 7 days ago

      @Learn Google Spreadsheets I have figure it out. Your video is really helpful. Thanks a million. You have no idea how much it helps me.

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 7 days ago

      Yea, you just have to make sure your formulas are not getting on the way of the script. So don't put your formulas in columns where data is being added.

    • Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan
      Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan 9 days ago

      @Learn Google Spreadsheets Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it. Is there any way I can use the script and formula simultaneously?

    • Learn Google Spreadsheets
      Learn Google Spreadsheets 9 days ago

      yes, it will add a new row similar to Google Forms

  • Sharif Abdul Rahman Sharif Hasan

    Is this like Google form? once we submit the data it will make a new row? The reason I ask because if it does, then I will not be able to use the formula for the cell