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  • Leo Jefferies
    Leo Jefferies 2 hours ago

    person*dosent let kevin eat a cake with gluten in* entitled parents"why u bullyinh him

  • Mark Sebok
    Mark Sebok 2 hours ago

    You great

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  • Erin Bliss
    Erin Bliss 4 hours ago

    A hundred people showed up for Area 51 invasion. LMAO!

  • A Certain Suicidal Muffin

    EP: *exists* Me: Hippo Hoppal, you’re going to be in a hospital

  • Buji
    Buji 5 hours ago

    Why you put boobs in thumbnail

  • Gen. Lozande
    Gen. Lozande 5 hours ago

    Finally. He can be a happy german redditor. (EDIT: are you even german?)

  • r/ desserts
    r/ desserts 6 hours ago

    HEAD PETS!!!! Baby moment

  • TimeLady8
    TimeLady8 6 hours ago

    I want a marshmallow dog! It's adorable!

  • Samoa Monroe
    Samoa Monroe 7 hours ago

    Adam pacitti has his own company cultaholic and they post wrestling videos

  • London Sample
    London Sample 7 hours ago


  • uyahid 666
    uyahid 666 8 hours ago


    VOLTAGE 2 8 hours ago

    Americans be like it weighs about 800 hamburgers🍔

  • redryderhood06
    redryderhood06 8 hours ago

    15:16 villager news voice XD (edit: the EM has that voice not ME)

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 8 hours ago

    Love the logo dude and awesome video

  • Wicked Z Productions

    I'm a simple man. I see Adam Pacitti, I click

  • Jake Mc swaggersinn
    Jake Mc swaggersinn 8 hours ago


  • Emma Grey
    Emma Grey 8 hours ago

    lol guy in thumbnail is Adam Pacitti from the Cultaholic TheXvid Channel that does wrestling

  • edwin plays
    edwin plays 8 hours ago

    Hey 10th

  • ThatGuyPanda!
    ThatGuyPanda! 8 hours ago

    Nice intro lol

  • ARandom Penguin
    ARandom Penguin 9 hours ago

    Heh, Stan Lee is back from the dead.

  • Turtle_ Lover XXX
    Turtle_ Lover XXX 9 hours ago


  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Don't have to worry about spending your last 500 when you just never even had 500 in the first place

  • Lizza Mari Ocampo
    Lizza Mari Ocampo 9 hours ago


  • Bunkin
    Bunkin 9 hours ago



    That $500 could’ve been donated to me but ok...

  • Gabe Talla
    Gabe Talla 9 hours ago


  • Datboifromdiscord
    Datboifromdiscord 9 hours ago


  • Alex ThePro
    Alex ThePro 9 hours ago

    long time no see mr x aka pirate x as you used to be do you still remember me?

  • Colonel Crazynator
    Colonel Crazynator 10 hours ago

    OMG, the EM just messed with the Mcdonalds manager and a Bad@$$ Russian who own a server dog and an owl!

  • Ruby Varrow
    Ruby Varrow 10 hours ago

    Silly rabbits tricks are for people with more than two brain cells

  • Art Bennefeld
    Art Bennefeld 11 hours ago

    You have a great channel. There are some syntax (let’s say, problems), May I offer some help? I enjoy your channel immensely.

  • Margarita Aguilar
    Margarita Aguilar 12 hours ago

    I'm a 2nd grade teacher. I was bringing cake for my birthday as a reward for my class. I messaged the patents of one of my students known for his allergies if I needed to bring him a gluten free treat. The mom insisted SHE would buy and send him with a treat. He came with a bright, gluten free donut he really enjoyed.

  • Fatalpatronus18
    Fatalpatronus18 13 hours ago

    Can I get an f in the chat for the mini helicopters

  • NirmyCake Wizard
    NirmyCake Wizard 13 hours ago

    What did the librarian say to you? Read more

  • Alexander Hopkins
    Alexander Hopkins 15 hours ago

    Entitled parents should go to a bad place

  • Kim Hohlmayer
    Kim Hohlmayer 15 hours ago

    All good! And yes, enjoyed the revenge story deeply.

  • Aiden Covarrubias
    Aiden Covarrubias 15 hours ago

    I love the bonus story

  • Gacha Galaxy
    Gacha Galaxy 17 hours ago

    15:18 i too have type one diabetes and have had many people say i was fat and shiz but they dont even know the differece between type one and two

  • Rowan Murrill
    Rowan Murrill 17 hours ago

    Cultural Appropriation is a joke change my mind Edit: it’s like saying “ your a mummy on Halloween your offending Egypt culture

    • Ariane Bolt
      Ariane Bolt 14 hours ago

      Not likely. There’s not a finite amount of culture.

  • Dancing Pigeon
    Dancing Pigeon 17 hours ago

    If you wonder what a psp is its a Playstation Portable

  • Taten Tanner
    Taten Tanner 17 hours ago

    He should have made a big mess for that maid to clean up as revenge 😈

  • Jake Forge
    Jake Forge 17 hours ago

    That skating story makes me sick! "Oh she ruined my party by breaking her legs! How dare she?!" You want me to ruin your party even further? Cause I'll break your legs myself!!!

  • Angel Zavala
    Angel Zavala 18 hours ago


  • LittleAlexRob
    LittleAlexRob 18 hours ago

    I like the idea of you branching out to other stories maybe you should start doing Pro Revenge stories more often

  • ladytenor9876
    ladytenor9876 18 hours ago

    Thieves ripping people off all over the place 🤤

  • xXRay Of FireXx
    xXRay Of FireXx 18 hours ago

    Lol i was surprised that there were so many ads then I realized it's 1 hour long. Xd

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson 18 hours ago

    I took my seven year old to see IT two. The theater had an employee dress up as Pennywise and parade around the theater. My daughter got a picture with him and behaved better than most of the adults.

  • Ibu The one
    Ibu The one 18 hours ago

    plz reduce the trransission music

  • Rammy
    Rammy 19 hours ago

    ''gods doesnt take that long to answer prayers'' yeah, in fact : he doesn't, at all.

  • Moritz Monaghan
    Moritz Monaghan 19 hours ago

    Honestly I think the mother of the baby is the entitled parent here. Reeks to me of "Im the mother so I have the right to tell the father and his family they are to never see the child" No. No you don't. Parents have rights and to try and pretend they don't because you want to start fresh honestly just makes you scum in my opinion.

  • Rammy
    Rammy 19 hours ago

    its just so degenerated that in 2019 people still bow to this religion bullshit. Religions turn your brain into a rock on a hill and you just go on, rolling down

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones 19 hours ago

    As someone who has outgrown a milk, egg, and peanut allergy, I can tell you that the ep in the first story handled that COMPLETELY wrong

  • Sarah Weekes
    Sarah Weekes 19 hours ago

    parents have no right deciding if a child has to marry a specific person, they have no right forcing their child to a religious lifestyle, especially one like that. they dont OWN the kid, theyre raising one. Wait til the kid is old enough to understand it fully and the world, knows all their options, and see what they want. but forcing them into that kinda stuff is nothing but bad parenting at the finest.

  • Trisha Smith
    Trisha Smith 19 hours ago

    You’re funny.

  • POINT Gamers
    POINT Gamers 20 hours ago

    Karen: exists Indians:I am gonna end this man's career

  • Half Dreamyy
    Half Dreamyy 20 hours ago

    I saw the first one yesterday

  • kagan blade
    kagan blade 20 hours ago

    i wish comrad bit the ek's head off

  • CooperGal24
    CooperGal24 20 hours ago

    Whose the Entitled Parents one the Arranged Marriage Story? The girl’s parents sounds like they only wanted kids to not only act as their personal free laborious slaves, but also want to find a guy THEY liked cultwise! I’m SO glad the hero of the story got to live a life free from her parents’ entitled cult!

  • JoeAngel Longoria
    JoeAngel Longoria 20 hours ago

    Op:omiwa musidiu*brings secret weapon*. */ Em:nani

  • Edgar Rivera
    Edgar Rivera 20 hours ago

    I have a Karen in the classroom

  • jake korpi
    jake korpi 20 hours ago

    Sup Pirate Man

  • Jonesey Default
    Jonesey Default 20 hours ago

    Literally any minor inconvenience cause by OP: *exists* Manager and EM’s lawyer: aww, sh*t, here we go again

  • Aiden Hughes
    Aiden Hughes 20 hours ago

    7 views and 16 like how

  • PewDiePie R
    PewDiePie R 20 hours ago


  • Austin Mazur
    Austin Mazur 20 hours ago

    Nice vid bro

  • Nathan Games!
    Nathan Games! 20 hours ago

    Wow this parents are stupid

  • Scorchy
    Scorchy 20 hours ago

    Neat Call the Manager Bois XD

    • Captain Moron
      Captain Moron 14 hours ago

      [dialling Managers] ok waiting for them to pick up

  • Saphire Dex
    Saphire Dex 20 hours ago

    Second comment

    MINI-M3RC HART 20 hours ago


  • Lostgears
    Lostgears 21 hour ago

    Welllllll should eat natural fiber from fruits and vegetables. The Karen is not necessarily wrong, but she went about it the wrong way. Wheat can make you feel even more bloated. If you are blocked up or haven't had a bowel movement in a while coconut water will fix you right up naturally. Remember guys doctors are not always right either. Plus we don't really know the full story of this situation. We don't know what OP's diet consists of that might be causing these chronic problems. OP might be just also be an entitled stubbornbitch and is probably overweight. You know one of those entitled fat people stubborn about their diets and lifestyle. Something to think about. :)


    Your intro looks like a porn film , no homo

  • Ricky Ray
    Ricky Ray 21 hour ago

    I would never bring my toddler aged daughter to a fucking movie, period.. but an R rated movie? What an ass.

  • Satoshi Kenji
    Satoshi Kenji 22 hours ago

    Yeah, that EM probably is better the doctors because she had her PHD, which is _Professor of Hateful Dumba*s_ 😏

  • Arkku
    Arkku 22 hours ago

    crazy christians

  • Xander French
    Xander French Day ago

    So people who make arranged marriages for their kid with someone they didn’t know exist (and possibly/most likely don’t like that way or possibly hate) still walk this Earth? Well how about they take a hike and allow their kid to make their own decisions on who they like and also know that women aren’t property and do have their own opinions and lives (TL;DR don’t kick two people together and think they’ll both like each other just like that)

  • The Andermany
    The Andermany Day ago

    How is the category EDUCATION

  • Ramune Raven
    Ramune Raven Day ago

    Love your vids man... But legit all the stories are fake... Its entertaining. But it is pretty bothersome

  • Jake Forge
    Jake Forge Day ago

    What is wrong with people to the point that they'll force their kids to marry people they barely know?!

  • Patrick Furlong

    I think the Gameshop customer was all too justified in reporting hte manager to Corporate, getting him fired.

  • Pup The Pikachu

    When you try to lie but your *KID* is the one that proves wrong.

  • SecretSkull
    SecretSkull Day ago

    This. This is the type of shit hardcore religious people do that ruins part of their childrens' lives, it's horrible and they should feel ashamed

  • Pup The Pikachu

    The EM on the plane was so rude, call another family's child stupid, SO. MUCH. NERVE.

  • Xavier Triggs
    Xavier Triggs Day ago

    Why don’t these people tell the em to fuck off. Also this lady almost got me arrested by lying that I was a pervert, so I’m not gonna press charges. I would’ve sued that manger and gamespot.

  • Manu Libertas
    Manu Libertas Day ago

    Everything that has the word cult in it is automatically a bad thing just saying

  • Lis Cohorn
    Lis Cohorn Day ago

    In Canada, is it normal for people to be allowed to roam free throughout the hospital rooms to harass patients? That last story is one of many where EM's, or something, stop patients being taken to emergency surgery or like this last one. I would rather have this messed up healthcare in the United States and not have that happen. My immune system is crap. I've been admitted repeatedly, and never have strangers wander into my room, lol.

  • Doctor Blaxk
    Doctor Blaxk Day ago

    I heard 🅱️enis on 5:52

  • Zuzierd and the everything channel

    Get the guns we will hunt every Em in the world

  • Flamethrower
    Flamethrower Day ago

    12:00 - sounds like the FLDS (fundamentalist latter day saints) or a similar cult. Saw an episode of "Evil Lives Here" on ID Network, and one episode was talking about Warren Jeffs ( Seriously, that's some sick shit. "God told me you're supposed to marry my kid" - right. I guess they forget that God is a LOVING God and you can't force someone to love someone else.

  • Dilan R
    Dilan R Day ago

    i was my sister's chaperone for her dates until she got married, but i wasn't religious anymore so i let them "slip" out of my sight at times (at most they gave little kisses and held hands)

  • bleach of god
    bleach of god Day ago

    Which one (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ or (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞


    Ep almost claim one

  • Rowan Murrill
    Rowan Murrill Day ago

    Fun fact California isn’t giving suspensions to black kids because it’s “ DiScRiMaNiToRy” or ban suspensions because black people get suspensions too I can’t remember which one

  • Shizuko Rose KTK

    Yeah, why would i listen to an old man whose a certified doctor who has years of experience and qualifications in his specific field when i can litsen to an old bat who did a few mins of research of online. I would tell my sister this and ask her what wheat is. Hope shes not stupid like EP. 🤣

  • Amy Jane
    Amy Jane Day ago

    In my culture there's arranged marriages too, my dad joked about it when we had family friends over. Thank goodness my dad isn't like that and let me be happy with the person in the future.

  • Absaalookemensch

    50 hours for assaulting a nurse? No wonder nurses are fleeing Canada.

  • Yeet23490 095
    Yeet23490 095 Day ago

    The cult one should be called r/slash insane religious parents

  • Douglas Hart
    Douglas Hart Day ago

    Probably need to carry some rubber bands and some paper wads for the EM who brought a crying baby to the theater... bounce some wads off the back of the EM’s head (and see if she brings crying children back to the movie)...

  • ShadowJ Gamez
    ShadowJ Gamez Day ago

    6:27 someone give this guy a gold medal, I think he would be perfect for being an aep agent (anti entitled parent)