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DDG freestyle - Westwood
Views 522K18 days ago
Romzy freestyle - Westwood
Views 13K5 months ago


  • kevin moturi
    kevin moturi 47 minutes ago

    Man its lit... 🌎

  • witty d
    witty d Hour ago

    Westwoods looking like a corpse 🧟‍♂️

  • Sav2T
    Sav2T Hour ago

    The censoring made me think they were lagging in NBA2K

  • Pratyush Priyam
    Pratyush Priyam Hour ago

    who else came to see comments praising *EMINEM*

  • Kyler Smith
    Kyler Smith Hour ago

    I turned captions on and it just said [Music]

  • Vilmantas3580
    Vilmantas3580 2 hours ago

    3rd beat? Hard af

  • Ben Scottimus
    Ben Scottimus 2 hours ago

    Ems first part sucked

  • brendanmoloney89
    brendanmoloney89 2 hours ago

    People dont even know what freestyle means anymore

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 2 hours ago

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  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 2 hours ago

    Shamar corey bandana dave east max b rubin Carter kareem Colorado pooda g check Wayne weezy biggavelli mc wingates beamon 103rd wvgc bash n terrace rhaway murdaton 07111 70 lyons ave 3floor wvgc compton Memphis Tennessee boys p town NJ September 26 1993 my birthday wbla

  • I am Alpha
    I am Alpha 3 hours ago

    Lots of Mexicans with FREE GOVERNMENT PHONES in the comments!!!!! SO THESE IS WHY YOU CROSSED OVER 😡💯💯💯💯💯😈

  • Kweku Otu
    Kweku Otu 3 hours ago

    Off the dome

  • Abdallah Alaiwat
    Abdallah Alaiwat 3 hours ago


  • Yo It's Yodkinda
    Yo It's Yodkinda 4 hours ago

    I love juice so much. He's so amazing and precious and caring. I know this not a good place to say this, but I really appreciate this man. He want to put forth a message about dealing with pain and heartbreak and how to deal with things and shares his thoughts and experiences through his music on his album in a more serious tone, but when he's on freestyles (his preference) or ft. on a track he has fun with it and goes hard with an unmatchable flow and amazing wordplay.

  • Kwesi Medikal
    Kwesi Medikal 4 hours ago

    #AMG #medikal ..... Best rapper 4 real.... No one shall be compare....💥👌👌👌contact:0556536374 for Amg watsap group,or reply with your number.

  • Bailen Ganeshappa
    Bailen Ganeshappa 5 hours ago

    Anyone else just skipping to the Eminem verses

  • L Jones
    L Jones 5 hours ago

    Free up the real

  • L Jones
    L Jones 5 hours ago

    2019 Bay area's here

  • Semaj Harper
    Semaj Harper 5 hours ago

    When his new shit drop?

  • Lawrence Chavez
    Lawrence Chavez 6 hours ago

    All those times he smacked rick Ross leg I’m surprised Ross didn’t slap tf out him..

  • 703amthegreatest
    703amthegreatest 6 hours ago

    Still fire 🔥 2019

  • Vitor Monteiro
    Vitor Monteiro 6 hours ago

    The mic... microphone

  • 703amthegreatest
    703amthegreatest 6 hours ago

    Put this on SoundCloud please

  • Timmothy Barnes
    Timmothy Barnes 6 hours ago


  • Lucas Braga
    Lucas Braga 7 hours ago

    Quando te disserem que o Eminem não é bom, mostre esse vídeo, porque quem sabe faz ao vivo!

  • Tray Little
    Tray Little 7 hours ago

    Mix pride and Lean and this is what you get.

  • Annie Henderson
    Annie Henderson 7 hours ago

    these mfs sick

  • Annie Henderson
    Annie Henderson 7 hours ago

    feel bad for these ppl man pray for the enemies 💯🙏🏼

  • Tre Thornton
    Tre Thornton 8 hours ago

    What’s the name of that first beat again?

  • StillThatGuy1 St
    StillThatGuy1 St 8 hours ago

    May god bless them because we all know their full of shit and clout chasers like if true

  • Killn it
    Killn it 8 hours ago

    Second beat?

  • Blueeyes Hernandez
    Blueeyes Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Jacquees is so fucking fine

  • Olly Ijeh
    Olly Ijeh 9 hours ago

    This was hard

  • Nicolas Shane
    Nicolas Shane 9 hours ago

    Tim Westwood is the man !! Blasting off !! 👍

  • byVawx
    byVawx 9 hours ago

    Was tion Wayne OJ in his prime

  • Nicolas Shane
    Nicolas Shane 9 hours ago

    Platinum microphone for a platinum nigga!! Tim your the man dude!!

  • Medusa 07
    Medusa 07 9 hours ago


  • Shane Lakhaia
    Shane Lakhaia 9 hours ago

    4:00 to 4:30 🔊

  • Nicholas Sahadeo
    Nicholas Sahadeo 9 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Desean Carter
    Desean Carter 9 hours ago

    Da Baby voice on the mic is like that ASMR sh!t that randomly pops up on my feed every now and then.

  • Rafael 14K
    Rafael 14K 9 hours ago

    Marechal representando

  • Crunch27 93
    Crunch27 93 9 hours ago

    What the song at 4:57

  • cody .lyon
    cody .lyon 10 hours ago

    How the fuck are there really 2k haters disliking this absolute flame spit

  • MrKetaklak11
    MrKetaklak11 10 hours ago

    Why is kon spitting with his finger in his nose?

  • Wajahat Khan
    Wajahat Khan 10 hours ago

    Kuniva just gave us a whole song in freestyle damn

  • YoungGonDa125
    YoungGonDa125 10 hours ago

    Took e1 30 seconds to lose his voice 😂

  • Jason Warnock
    Jason Warnock 10 hours ago


  • Mesua Kwarteng
    Mesua Kwarteng 11 hours ago


  • J Scott
    J Scott 11 hours ago

    A1 in dis?

  • J Scott
    J Scott 11 hours ago

    How dont london fields (zt) have a crib session all now

    • J Scott
      J Scott 8 hours ago

      Yh ik that but mans talking b4 like when bally was out

    • Jayden Teflon
      Jayden Teflon 8 hours ago

      J Scott most off them are in jail

  • lj2sav
    lj2sav 11 hours ago

    “I aLrEaDy ToLd YoU iM nOt EdMoNtOn” 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Markietrill Hernandez
    Markietrill Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Is Tim Westwood on all the opiates

  • Gusttafa
    Gusttafa 11 hours ago

    Imagine MGK freestyle battle with Eminem. Just imagine and lol.

  • TylerRogers OfficialMusic

    this went hard💯

  • Sylvia Accime
    Sylvia Accime 11 hours ago

    Illuminati may b blessed but Illuminati ain't JesusChrist

  • DubCrown
    DubCrown 11 hours ago

    Fish tank shoes jumped out the caddy I almost died

  • Hussain Mowafak
    Hussain Mowafak 11 hours ago

    Is there uncensored version

  • mickey77259
    mickey77259 11 hours ago

    any thing green get love respect the music and the real energy duty duty stop sucking ofbs dick

  • hajaj jajgx
    hajaj jajgx 12 hours ago

    It's not like em didn't fit the beat. THE BEAT DIDN'T FIT EMINEM

  • Shanni Shan
    Shanni Shan 12 hours ago

    Gal dem chocolate fritters 🔥

  • Trikzz s4
    Trikzz s4 12 hours ago

    3 joobs

  • Cindy Crosses
    Cindy Crosses 13 hours ago

    3x3 is wet nowhere better than of 9s to chatty

  • Abzino97
    Abzino97 13 hours ago

    Look how many likes I think he does juuuujuuuu

  • Kid B
    Kid B 13 hours ago


  • Devante Halladey
    Devante Halladey 13 hours ago

    what’s the actual tune at the start

  • MixMaster Jermaine
    MixMaster Jermaine 14 hours ago

    Rate the team work, sick

  • wyatt j
    wyatt j 14 hours ago

    Maan let me get in there Tim thexvid.com/video/x7vLKCaovSs/video.html

    • wyatt j
      wyatt j 14 hours ago

      playlist of freestyles thexvid.com/p/PL4R7v2gmjHT2XoJVfOOhKiEHI4m0QT3iD

  • Renato Bonjorno
    Renato Bonjorno 14 hours ago

    Brazil Ganja

  • Matrat57
    Matrat57 14 hours ago

    That f€#!¥<%$g bbc ad in the middle. 😡

  • PFS, roblox, and more
    PFS, roblox, and more 14 hours ago

    Dam this is why I love Emniem

  • Mateo24s Mass
    Mateo24s Mass 14 hours ago

    what song is that @4:58?

  • Money Mitch
    Money Mitch 15 hours ago

    His shirt says ‘God Will Rise’, Nipsey’s real name Ermais meant God will rise

  • J Youtube
    J Youtube 16 hours ago

    “Timmy Timmy Timmy cmon Timmy” 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 16 hours ago

    Young Dolph sound like his songs he's the one that hit this hoe hard😎💯

  • J Youtube
    J Youtube 16 hours ago

    They turned the fuck up at 10:02 I wish I knew what they said lol

    • Tk
      Tk 11 hours ago

      “Get drenched up like Bangisa or get hit with this 9 millimetre”

  • Zohaib Mir
    Zohaib Mir 16 hours ago

    I don’t understand why people rate this guy 😂 guys whack.!

  • CeeFromThe5 -
    CeeFromThe5 - 16 hours ago

    'Coke crack heroin you know my niggas got everything' that bit is too hard😂😂😂

  • CeeFromThe5 -
    CeeFromThe5 - 17 hours ago

    Rowdy too rude wid it

  • Sir Ian
    Sir Ian 17 hours ago

    Eminem actualy « sing » the song Any man of Rawkus presents Soundbombing 2 ahah

  • klxnam
    klxnam 17 hours ago

    UK slaps different when it comes to festivals

  • CrescoSMG
    CrescoSMG 17 hours ago

    most people do not understand how much of a pioneer JME really is

  • Kayy Beatz #FSM
    Kayy Beatz #FSM 18 hours ago

    "Turn your drillers to grave yard diggers🤢🤢"

  • FonchCakes
    FonchCakes 18 hours ago

    "Giving them adrenaline when I'm killin em" is the most Eminem line possible

  • Akrem Tube
    Akrem Tube 18 hours ago

    “You know what gets me what upsets me I keep it all real and they left me meant to be love but they l ft me how tf did them people forget me” #2019

  • Armshouse Gadahfii
    Armshouse Gadahfii 18 hours ago

    youth a gwan well

  • 37 Official
    37 Official 19 hours ago

    What’s the 1st song

  • b jr
    b jr 19 hours ago

    Lool these man are weird u can just tell

  • Hugg Larson
    Hugg Larson 19 hours ago

    The way E1 sent for PS tho 💀💀💀 E1 12:58-13:06 "And you know that the Rammy on me same way how they talk like the Rammy on them..Heard my man lives in the ends should of seen his face he was shocked and stressed"

  • Ali Bunkles
    Ali Bunkles 19 hours ago

    Wow. He's awesome. Freestyle hot as hell.



  • K Q
    K Q 20 hours ago

    ZT ?! Jermaaaaine 😂

  • VokeEx -
    VokeEx - 20 hours ago

    2:23 “ bandoo “ 😭😭😭

  • xSalamz
    xSalamz 20 hours ago

    Look at what are brothers are doing. Celebrating black death. Is this what we are doing? This is straight demonic.

  • Kano Marley
    Kano Marley 20 hours ago

    What real O.G’s still know this is still the best 10 years later 2k19🙌🏼💯

  • Adolf Savile
    Adolf Savile 20 hours ago

    East got a sick watch

  • Alif Awlad
    Alif Awlad 21 hour ago


  • XXIG -
    XXIG - 21 hour ago

    Someone post uncensored on pornhub

  • YourRolexTicks
    YourRolexTicks 21 hour ago

    666k views cus this is devilishhhh

  • Gyene online
    Gyene online 21 hour ago

    Sarkodie is bigger than the TimwestwoodTv host. The presence alone made the tv host forgot where sarkodie comes from...Sark is very intelligent, replied him like a dumb too...

  • Hidden in plain Sight

    I’m an ofb fan but either way It’s not as good as ofbs crib session

    • Bonni
      Bonni 2 hours ago

      @wagwan for battyman allie go listen to Ambush 😂😂😂

    • wagwan for battyman
      wagwan for battyman 17 hours ago

      Hidden in plain Sight no one asked u