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Summer of Strange 2019
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  • Odefe Football
    Odefe Football 6 minutes ago

    Royce Is a level above.

  • Michael Sfakianakis
    Michael Sfakianakis 19 minutes ago

    tech top 3 rapper of all time

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes 38 minutes ago

    Strange music gets another great artist on the list doing awesome ladys and gents

  • RaZoR WrAiTh
    RaZoR WrAiTh 55 minutes ago

    tech and stevie stone birthed a SON!!!!

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 2 hours ago


    THUNDER LYRICS 3 hours ago

    The mgk's funeral song. I love this so much

  • Lukas Williamson
    Lukas Williamson 3 hours ago

    If only Eminem was on here

  • Lukas Williamson
    Lukas Williamson 3 hours ago

    I’d pay anything to see them perform this live. With Eminem

  • Joshua Barlow
    Joshua Barlow 3 hours ago

    Rittz just needs to get on his Christian rap level , he can feel it calling him , a higher power , dont fight it my brother !! God bless 🙏🙏🙏

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 3 hours ago

    I remember when i first listen to strange music inc, it started when lil white boi hop had beef with jokrr n i see potential in strange music inc. it keeps growing, i still like that lil white boi hop too even though his crazy ass is not currently with straaaange music inc.

  • Arron Kneebone
    Arron Kneebone 3 hours ago

    Is that KingISO with you at the table bro...??! Terrel Gulledge...

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 4 hours ago

    Ya'll hardcore strange inc.

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 4 hours ago

    I'm a metal type person i don't know how you strange people are getting us to like your strange music.

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 4 hours ago

    I can not sway from this video, because of this mermaid voice i been listening to you for 2 or 3 years now, stop singing and return that voice back oh em gee

  • Wiley Coyote
    Wiley Coyote 4 hours ago

    Glad i finally made a change. Its hard some days i miss that fast life.. Chillin with so called "brothers" and "friends" drinkin smokin and sniffin lines. Easier life but theres much more to life than that. Glad i finally moved on past things and people who just held me back. If you going through big changes rn im right here with you. Keep ya head up and keep pushing. More to lufe than just wasting away and i got faith in you just know that even if we dont know eachother we at least understand eachother

  • pinezall
    pinezall 4 hours ago

    Shame this wasn't on the hardcopy. Strange been leaving some of the best songs off recent projects 👎

  • Decayed Nation
    Decayed Nation 4 hours ago

    Whose voice you stole? Give it back, that shit don't belong too you, grr that poor mermaid that can no longer sing because of evil corrupted people like YOU!

  • MrSellers77
    MrSellers77 5 hours ago

    2020 still gonna be hard as fuck 😎

  • Michael Brastad
    Michael Brastad 5 hours ago

    I love Strange Music but come on dude. Just because he wasn't reading lines doesn't mean it's freestyle. It looks like Strange Music is just giving away contracts.

  • Stokeley Moss
    Stokeley Moss 5 hours ago

    Murs how did u get your dreads like that

  • Symphony Black
    Symphony Black 6 hours ago


  • Rhonda Pool
    Rhonda Pool 6 hours ago

    Wow.. This video.. Message.. Just wow.. Thanks dude.. For just being you homeboy!! 💗🕊💗

  • Hooker Pranks
    Hooker Pranks 6 hours ago

    Maez fronting with those busted ass dreads. Dude sounds like someones sneezing their way through a rhyming dictionary. Get this busted ass hack off Strange.

  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores 6 hours ago

    One of my favorites thanks Ces

  • umbra
    umbra 6 hours ago

    How can this guy and king iso both be signed, its like implying their on the same level. Which is an insult to king iso. Sorry Maez, in my opinion you need to go back in the real world and experience some shit that you can uniquely rap about with your own style. Everyone whose signed to strange, other than maez, are people who built themselves up to the point where they can contribute to the lable. It feels like maez is trying to use the lable to build himself up from nothing, which is just so backwards.

  • Byinviteonly Club
    Byinviteonly Club 7 hours ago

    Yo who ever made this beat is the man

  • Rob Middleton
    Rob Middleton 7 hours ago

    FUCK what MGK said about Em. Tech's verse is sick AF.

  • Bratley
    Bratley 7 hours ago

    just take a sec to realize he aint even close to his prime oml !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Alt
    Alex Alt 8 hours ago

    Catchy hook

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 8 hours ago

    My lucky numbers are 15, 10, 87, 29, 90, 55

  • Alex Alt
    Alex Alt 8 hours ago

    This sounds like the old CES!

  • Johnny Mills
    Johnny Mills 8 hours ago

    You’re not a demon cause your horny. Fuck outta here juggalete

  • Robert Carlson
    Robert Carlson 9 hours ago

    Tech Nina and his artist are my idealistic self ...all the wayz around

    WORLDCAM23 10 hours ago


  • l D
    l D 10 hours ago

    Do modern rappers think freestyle and a cappella are the same? That sounded like he just put his notepad back in his pocket.

    • umbra
      umbra 6 hours ago

      You mean "put his notepad in his back pocket"?

  • Joel Stevens
    Joel Stevens 11 hours ago

    what was i doing in 2013 to not know this came out

  • cmatthewb103
    cmatthewb103 11 hours ago

    He rhymed room with room with room. Then he rhymed me with me with me with me. Fucking pronominal.

  • Lootz Ktb
    Lootz Ktb 12 hours ago


  • Dylline
    Dylline 13 hours ago

    Put this song on spotify and telmore

  • OOOG Dims C King Afro Cartel


  • Ginger Beard
    Ginger Beard 13 hours ago

    The way Rittz approaches a beat is just insane! Just straight kills everything!

  • Cody Edwards
    Cody Edwards 13 hours ago

    thank you for this song iso. i need this song almost daily. great song!!!!!!!!

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith 15 hours ago

    Certainly strange

  • afropick93
    afropick93 15 hours ago

    "Imma just spit it imma get it good"....get this kid tf outta here.

  • Dice Artworks
    Dice Artworks 17 hours ago

    ufff, that song totally WRECKS (in generell like any butyeah:D) Thanks for never stop TecH <3

  • Kim Caruso
    Kim Caruso 17 hours ago

    UBI !!! This album !!! Love it. StrangeMusic !

  • Hestia Bell
    Hestia Bell 18 hours ago

    I have multiple disabilities and in very disturbed at some point so I relate

  • Rocky Gubler
    Rocky Gubler 18 hours ago

    Who thought this was Michael Jackson’s album cover at first? 💀💀💀

  • Christian Carroll
    Christian Carroll 19 hours ago

    The most underrated song ever

  • Nikos Stamos
    Nikos Stamos 19 hours ago

    like what exacly u dont like about this song? :O

  • DizzyX02
    DizzyX02 20 hours ago

    The chemistry here is fuckin amazing.

  • Bob Descargar 3
    Bob Descargar 3 21 hour ago

    Fast verse in this song Yelawolf 6.8 SPS D-Loc 7.3 SPS Tech N9ne 8.2 SPS Busta Rhymes 9.7 SPS Twista 9.7 SPS also Twisted Insane 10.6 SPS Other rapper in here I don't know how fast there is

  • Sauce Man's CoD
    Sauce Man's CoD 21 hour ago

    [Intro] Sometimes you gotta talk for the ones who ain't here So I'ma talk for 'em [Hook] I never wanted to kill myself Just end a part of me And never got a chance to heal myself So it's a part of me It's me if you wonderin', who I'm at war with Old version of me, sitting by dormant It bleeds, all over me [Bridge] There's no tourniquet available A bandage that will make it go It's seeping through my pores Until I drown, it's unescapable It's deep, getting hard to breathe Suffocated by anxiety Who I do not try to be Who the hell lied to me 'Cause I don't think that I can be free When the doctor said speak [Hook] I never wanted to kill myself Just end a part of me And never got a chance to heal myself So it's a part of me It's me if you wonderin', who I'm at war with Old version of me, sitting by dormant It bleeds, all over me [Verse] The pressure builds, I can't blame my peers I look in the mirror just to face my fears Most deaf, need support, can they not hear? When your criteria is you can't cry tears That will I am then go shake my spear Face to face with the king, gave my lear Bloodshed and Van Gogh I gave my ear Now I mutant shapeshift to change my gears It made me a monster that stays right here A prison inside me I gave my years This feeling is toxic how I waste my beer My demons are locked in the safe not near How can I drive straight and face thy rear View of where I been they say I veered Off in the dark where my day's not clear To face the music and play by ear Listen every wish that they repeatedly feeding me Got me needing my greenery and I drank my beer These demons believe in me and I think of deleting me But is something that people cling to and save like heroes For me to sin evil deed and I think that I need to be ridding me of an evil me, I'll erase my smear All over the scene, I need my G O D to speak to me In my ear and disown me cause I ain't Nasir, yeah A song for the misfits Light of blunt, get a bong, take a quick hit If you got ya alcohol, take a quick sip We don't wanna be gone from existence Just erasing a part that is within Kamikaze in part, maybe with it I don't know, just a thought that I sit with Suicide? Naw, call it Edicius Cause [Hook] I never wanted to kill myself Just end a part of me And never got a chance to heal myself So it's a part of me It's me if you wonderin', who I'm at war with Old version of me, sitting by dormant It bleeds, all over me [Bridge] There's no tourniquet available A bandage that will make it go It's seeping through my pores Until I drown, it's unescapable It's deep, getting hard to breathe Suffocated by anxiety Who I do not try to be Who the hell lied to me 'Cause I don't think that I can be free When the doctor said speak I said, never wanted to

  • Nodnarb
    Nodnarb 23 hours ago

    Can someone make a 1 hour version of this

  • Riano Rizal
    Riano Rizal Day ago

    B.o.B 💯✔️🔥🔥

  • Thedeadrobot
    Thedeadrobot Day ago

    I love singing this in school talent shows

  • Marvin d
    Marvin d Day ago

    I have been going through a very difficult time for 8 years, which is getting heavier, but the music makes me forget, at least for a short while, how bad I am. Thank you.

  • Christopher Wood

    Jelly roll I haven't showed up on a track with tech and show out!!! Ur a great artist congrats

  • Cameron Harmon

    Rittz please come back get another song out here we all miss your music and are inspired by your music

  • 2Wheels OutDoors

    It's like tech was applying for a job and someone asked for a resume hahaha

  • Nick Stiso
    Nick Stiso Day ago

    I showed this to my wife... now shes My bitch, my girl


    816 dancing in purple smoke - ride the bus to work early FUCKING ces cru playing loud AS FUCK - turn on my grill - fryer - time to work bro - let's load this shit - coffee and ces cru - perfect

  • Goku
    Goku Day ago


  • Rayvon OddBoy
    Rayvon OddBoy Day ago

    #1 Draft Pick

  • Guy Bermudez
    Guy Bermudez Day ago

    It's 2019 and I just heard this.......absolutely sick

  • Andrew Rivers
    Andrew Rivers Day ago


  • Ryan Morison
    Ryan Morison Day ago

    Not bad for 47 years old 😂

  • Dougls Beuter
    Dougls Beuter Day ago

    Tech is kansas native as i am and we all a little coocoo techn9ne blaze on dog get some

  • Devil's [ASMR] Channel


  • Devil's [ASMR] Channel

    😈 🐍🐍🐍

  • Avtiko Avtiko
    Avtiko Avtiko Day ago

    KING ISO + TOKEN would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • chris martin
    chris martin Day ago Just passing a beat on this my nephew just vheck him out i know u get alot of things like this but he is young n ambitious if u can take the time to listen to it

  • Lynard Doby
    Lynard Doby Day ago

    B-real old af

  • edwin kinyaiya

    Thanks n9ne for using the word CHUKI in your from Tanzania, and thats my language, SWAHILI word for HATE

  • Knoediss
    Knoediss Day ago

    This song perfectly describes how I feel every day. Getting hard to convince myself that I am worthy of oxygen.

  • Lelouch Music
    Lelouch Music Day ago

    Deep record. King Iso is very multi-talented. His singing has definitely improved. I feel like this dude can make any type of record and make it sound hot. Keep inspiring the world, King! 🙏🏽

  • B-Mize
    B-Mize Day ago

    How do you not run out of actual words to rap about! You must have used every word, rhyme, flips in the history of wordplay bro

  • Andy Ellis
    Andy Ellis Day ago

    "and I keep feelin invisible" story of my life

  • Katie Trammell

    That time of year again! LETS GOOOO!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matt Turner
    Matt Turner Day ago

    How the fuck could anyone dislike this?! You're mother is a dumpster you fucking trash

  • Frank
    Frank Day ago

    #Proof - millennials have worms in their heads

    JASON GAMMAN Day ago

    Dope a.f song, I support all dope artists to the highest degree, Brainiac4life, Isoldier4life, Strange4life, Snakehouse4life, Murdermusik4life, Locsters4life.

  • pheatos s
    pheatos s Day ago

    dude has one of the best flow's

  • J Ghxst
    J Ghxst Day ago

    This is what real music sound like, that rythem you got never gets old, I respect that your still you and never followed all of the bullshit rappers. Stay up! And this beat though!

  • Crazy Luch1
    Crazy Luch1 Day ago



    dang.... maybe I am a bit vulnerable right now but I have been tearing up for 15 minutes listening to this song over and over, just flashes or memories and faces.

  • Aaron Hagedorn Bigtrue

    I'm on repeat with this Iso

  • Serhat Aydın
    Serhat Aydın Day ago

    O nasıl bi giris cezaa

  • shadowstriker 31

    no one: tech n9ne: i’m bout to show this man my whole career

  • Pandiro Spindaro

    He's dope . Some need to break their barriers and start seeing music as an expression of a human being more than a rapper or singer trying to compete with someone. If you don't appreciate what moves a person inside them, you will never understand music. Please step up your games. Thank you. Peace.

  • c sharp
    c sharp Day ago

    P Mahomes should walk out to this

  • Robert Williams

    @King ISO. Man your music is the only thing keeping me going at this point. Life is a hard and Your music is all I have

    • Jakken I
      Jakken I Day ago

      keep moving forward fam, we have to cross through the darkness to reach the light.

  • White lives matter

    Can you repeat that

  • White lives matter


  • Pedro Hernandez

    Is he under Strange Main? Sounds like he should be, along with Mackenzie - with the more mainstream sound.

  • Lauris Bozs
    Lauris Bozs Day ago


  • Nick Haze
    Nick Haze Day ago

    Who's already slappin this in 2020??

  • A. Long
    A. Long Day ago

    I gave the guy too many chances and he never ceases to disappoint

  • Ric Polanco
    Ric Polanco Day ago

    Waiting for Brotha Lynch Hung's horror film to come out anyday