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Summer of Strange 2019
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  • Martin & soraya Ortega
    Martin & soraya Ortega 10 minutes ago

    Listening in 2020 coming up hit a like ya boi

  • Oinkmydoodle For free
    Oinkmydoodle For free 19 minutes ago

    Yoooo this got a "killshot" be beat

  • dakota Nagy
    dakota Nagy 46 minutes ago


  • Glass Cube
    Glass Cube Hour ago

    This song is probably one of my favorites next to With the Music On. Love this funk. I wanna hear more of this for sure.

  • Mic Lo
    Mic Lo Hour ago


  • Evena Decaze
    Evena Decaze Hour ago

    This song is amazing I listen to it on repeat

  • Damien Malone
    Damien Malone Hour ago

    This song still hits today.

  • 613 Briggz
    613 Briggz 2 hours ago

    fuck bro you had me in tears. strange wouldnt be strange without krizz im so glad you stayed 4 real shit my heart is still pounding like crazy. nothing but love 4 the whole team since the 90's

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Enjoy a 19 yeatold

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    U don't smoke do drugs lair

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Send melissa eh and Sylvia to beat me cause I told truth eh

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    Who rawding family

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    2000 overpayment really take my trillium my kids money how dare u guys and mine

  • stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw

    No more

  • Brandon Hughes
    Brandon Hughes 2 hours ago

    Anything strange creates is fucking awesome!

  • david junior
    david junior 2 hours ago

    Who has a link to where Eminem performed this live, I want to check something

  • Jürgen Steinwurf
    Jürgen Steinwurf 2 hours ago

    Maez301 is unique! Big up for this talented dude

  • Jürgen Steinwurf
    Jürgen Steinwurf 2 hours ago

    King Iso is a genius! Who else would love to hear King ISO on a track with other elite lyricists like Hopsin,Joyner Lucas, NF,Dax or KXNG Crooked?!?!

  • Justin Selena
    Justin Selena 2 hours ago

    Lets tag team tech

  • Justin Selena
    Justin Selena 2 hours ago

    Get me out a death trap

  • Justin Selena
    Justin Selena 2 hours ago

    Save me please

  • Jürgen Steinwurf
    Jürgen Steinwurf 2 hours ago

    Dope Album! Favorite songs on this "Throw it" and "Bet it all"... Your time to shine will come ... TRUST!!!

  • Jürgen Steinwurf
    Jürgen Steinwurf 2 hours ago

    Tech N9ne, this rapper is great, and like Redwine he gets better with age

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 3 hours ago

    Best member of the strange family. I grew up listening to him and tech, but gravity always pulled me to kali

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 3 hours ago

    Kali baby. Killed his omaha show.

  • Derriere Son
    Derriere Son 3 hours ago

    🔂 a couple times for sure

  • Nora Meeks
    Nora Meeks 3 hours ago

    3:49 Who else got startled by this?

  • How To Basic Kids
    How To Basic Kids 4 hours ago

    Track starting 2:40

  • It's what You make it

    I play, listen, feel, sing along with, and send to my bro-ham Trevor. A good one, a classic one, no longer here to bless us. THANK YOU KING ISO FROM THE SOUL IM BUILDING AND CULTIVATING INTO A MOUNTAIN!!!

  • Not Ray Johnson
    Not Ray Johnson 6 hours ago

    Rittz, Highly Suspect myself Neil J Clements also known as Bulletproof Jesus the rapper whose work has been hacked repeatedly have been getting framed with particular situations. Spread the word to bring attention to these particular situations. My Google account is currently hacked.

  • Michael Carolina
    Michael Carolina 6 hours ago

    That chain is loose on that chain saw...will need to tighten up before dismembering. Wouldn't want it coming off and cutting yourself.

  • FireRap
    FireRap 7 hours ago

    Ceza Tech N9ne Respect!

  • Levi Nelson
    Levi Nelson 7 hours ago

    How is this guy not blowing up

  • Hellspectre1
    Hellspectre1 7 hours ago

    Koopsta Knicca, Evil Pimp, Lord Infamous, Baker X Freddie Dredd, These artists are for the killers, brotha lynch is a joke compared to them

  • Joshlyn Wright
    Joshlyn Wright 7 hours ago

    snow snap wit that feminine energy

  • Devin D
    Devin D 8 hours ago

    Ive battled with depression and suicidal thoughts almost my whole life, these last few months have been some of the hardest I've gone through, and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, much love.

    • Eat Cheap Perth
      Eat Cheap Perth 2 minutes ago

      Stay strong Devin! You got this 💪 Old ass #OGs sending you light and love ECP Crew

  • Mark Showalter
    Mark Showalter 8 hours ago

    Every day I'm filled with pain n hopelessness chasing that dragon to just feel normal n not dope sick 35 years old an have only been completely clean n sober for 12 years of it to be totally honest I don't know how to live an cope with life it scares the hell out of me music brings me a little piece every day an the strength to keep moving

  • christian
    christian 8 hours ago

    all these 3 rappers do is rap fast with no substance and u white cornballs eat it up like free samples

  • Stevin Harper
    Stevin Harper 8 hours ago

    Anyone notice the mooby reference

  • Radhitya Hanun Al Yafie

    I KNEW IT!

  • N8IVE PRIDE406
    N8IVE PRIDE406 9 hours ago


  • LegendZ 98
    LegendZ 98 9 hours ago

    "AnYonE hERe iN 2019???" Stfu the song is still good you turds

  • Up Your America
    Up Your America 9 hours ago


  • Leslie Ann-Elizabeth Holmes

    The more the merrier .!!.

  • samuslightsuit
    samuslightsuit 10 hours ago

    Never before in my life have I needed to hear something so bad I never knew until it was heard. The result? A like and subscriber. Anyone else?

  • El Morto Beats and rapper

    Busta bus 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hopla Boom
    Hopla Boom 11 hours ago

    I'm french so I don't understand everything but just wanna say... wow I understand why I love Strange Music, it's not just money business it's a real artistic music

  • utku ceylanoglu
    utku ceylanoglu 12 hours ago


  • Connor lacy
    Connor lacy 12 hours ago

    Two of the billy goats right here! Thank you tech for all your music!

  • jaymes weesner
    jaymes weesner 13 hours ago

    Krizz can never leave he's just as big apart of strange as tech it would never be the same without him it was a hit when Ritz split I still feel Ritz need to be back at strange but happy to see him movin happy Kali stayed would hate to see another key part of strange leave love you tech love you Kali love you strange technician for life

  • Denise Rasmussen
    Denise Rasmussen 14 hours ago

    Also Dope 🖤

  • CARLOS Cotter
    CARLOS Cotter 15 hours ago

    Oh Man..that voice..

  • Hydro ._
    Hydro ._ 15 hours ago

    🔥🥵🔥 “Leave Me Alone” 💯

  • Alex Kalp
    Alex Kalp 17 hours ago

    Who still listening 🔥🔥🔥

  • amardeep sharma
    amardeep sharma 17 hours ago

    ya bro more harder....bro

  • Cuprian
    Cuprian 18 hours ago

    No oxygen was consumed in the creation of this song

  • R A
    R A 18 hours ago

    The fact that Tech had no idea is what makes this so much better. A real movie moment. Honestly, Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko are unstoppable.

  • Aditya
    Aditya 18 hours ago

    "Mentally minded mad motherfucking madman" satisfying as well

  • Christopher Bishop
    Christopher Bishop 19 hours ago

    What the fuck is this corny shit?

  • Libbys JuicyJuice
    Libbys JuicyJuice 21 hour ago


  • Naimul Islam Mihad
    Naimul Islam Mihad 21 hour ago

    C-Mob Nails it

  • Blake Revis
    Blake Revis 21 hour ago

    Snow should’ve had a longer verse or been on more songs she killed this

  • Jessica Goodman
    Jessica Goodman 21 hour ago

    The Purge..... holding guns while reading bibles

    URBOI KF 21 hour ago

    So this is what started it all....

  • Curran Barbee
    Curran Barbee 22 hours ago

    Who’s here from Da baby’s remix?

  • Monaca Doherty
    Monaca Doherty 23 hours ago

    Kaliko my bad for misspelling your name🐘

  • Monaca Doherty
    Monaca Doherty 23 hours ago

    Kallio first of all FUCK what people say about your appearance, FUCK them. If we who are struggling with depression/ptsd listened to FOLKS then i would have ended it a long time ago. MF fight daily/pray every day for u, not anyone else but u even if u love your kids/wife u have to put u first. NOW u and Tech keep making MF'N music so i can continue my DAMN therapy🐘 💯🐘

  • TonySchulte
    TonySchulte 23 hours ago

    that's what's up. every1 done got me fucked up too

    ALBERT LOPEZ 23 hours ago

    Flowmaster mouth..crazy motherfucker

  • Josh white
    Josh white 23 hours ago

    Krizz you done got me thru some shit. I love your music and the way you shared it with everyone. We all love you krizz. COME ON YO... KALI BABY. much love big krizz kaliko.

  • Dexter rr
    Dexter rr 23 hours ago

    Do you feel it Mr.Krabs? Tech: 4:58


    1:44 Lyrics: Hdjdkdkfhm Dd G G G Ggifiorkrjrkrorjrifog F Fthgrtu Thiutttyyyyyy.y.. Y Yu U Uuuiitui Uyogu Y87tii Yuoorjootior99.e 45y8eoohfgiiidh Tdhodhorc As7hcrlogbk. Hkdkdyekos Yepwovdlwp Yepdbveosa Euroor tn Iowvvdpsiw Giorjtpdpjfbvooehen Irlfnfndpsk *SORRY GUYS THIS IS WHAT I GOT*

  • Julius Tapia
    Julius Tapia Day ago

    Mad respect and much love to you and you family! You and tech will always be my favorite of all time. Cant wait to hear what you have in the works. Congrats!!!!!!! #strangemusic #kalibaby

  • Avakin CannaBex

    Techa Nina bouta hit em wit tha whoop wop!

  • Chrystal Danica Madera

    Honestly disappointed I missed this show, but Strange wouldn't have been the same without Kriz...and sometimes it's ok to take time for your home life, some of the best do take time but always come back HELLA hard. Keep doing you Kaliko😎 Forever Strange💖 303!!!! DENVER BABY!!!!

  • Jessica Anderson

    Still bangin this $μ!t in 2019! Y'all are always on some 🔥! Love from the Murder Mitten 💕

    MR- POROSI Day ago

    Last verse was the best

  • It's what You make it


  • Steven Johnson

    That shit made me tear up kali has been one of my favorite strange artists from vitiligo to the end you've help me through alot of dark time.

  • Soquid Snake
    Soquid Snake Day ago

    Logics verse was better than Joyners, mainly cuz Joyner sounds like he’s tryna rap faster than he actually can

  • It's what You make it

    At the end, you don't feel that need to whoop on em, ya know?

  • It's what You make it

    I promise this shit heals as good as shamanic drum, trance feels the same. Same spirit, wee can all feel the exact spirit high if you are open and courageous.

  • real Uch
    real Uch Day ago


  • real Uch
    real Uch Day ago


  • real Uch
    real Uch Day ago


  • DukicFilms
    DukicFilms Day ago

    Man Yelawolf woulda been so perfect on this song!!!

  • real Uch
    real Uch Day ago


  • Keith Burm
    Keith Burm Day ago

    am i pyscho!

  • Gravitational Pull

    Big Krizz Killa for the win! Shits official!

  • Wake N' Bake
    Wake N' Bake Day ago

    fuck yeah, glad to see this got an official edit instead of only cellphone vids

  • Inanna.erika Andrich

    Symptoms from what? .being a willing gravy arse cigareTTe ?

  • Luca xNik3l
    Luca xNik3l Day ago

    Damn 🔥🔥🔥

  • Goodliferacing

    Never stop doing the Chyeas man

  • Killatha Kid
    Killatha Kid Day ago

    Who's here in 2k19 ?

  • Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Imagine if Kutt Calhoun resigned 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • The-Rogue Samurai

    7 years later still some of the hardest MCs to spit on the mic

  • Que Pasa
    Que Pasa Day ago


  • Mykayla Davis
    Mykayla Davis Day ago

    November 2019???? Anyone??? No? Okay have a good life

  • Ben Covington
    Ben Covington Day ago

    Jelly Kills this !

  • Fight memes
    Fight memes Day ago

    whos is here for Nick diaz i got video on my channel nick diaz highlights with this music