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MDNA Skin commercial
Views 244K2 years ago
Madonna - Erotica (WO 12")
Views 73K2 years ago
Madonna - Her-Story
Views 431K2 years ago
Madonna - Ghosttown Teaser
Views 139K4 years ago


  • The Coin King
    The Coin King Minute ago

    That diva walk at 4:14 mark is classic ✌️😅

  • Leandro R.
    Leandro R. 12 minutes ago

    So ...her hair on air... it was 1995... Beyonce's inpired , i'snt ? i'll never explaing it again ....

  • Aaron Paterson
    Aaron Paterson 12 minutes ago

    Joe aribo

  • p01 echeverria collante
    p01 echeverria collante 30 minutes ago

    Queen madonna

  • Leandro R.
    Leandro R. 30 minutes ago

    LIKE U KNWON ME ....

  • Leandro R.
    Leandro R. 31 minute ago


  • V A
    V A 33 minutes ago

    2020 any1??

  • Ed Dalce
    Ed Dalce 35 minutes ago

    Younger, wilder version of Jane Fonda, Madonna

  • lucy oram
    lucy oram 53 minutes ago

    It really irritates me that this video isn't exactly 4 minutes

  • Spencer俊吉
    Spencer俊吉 55 minutes ago


  • Chando Memba
    Chando Memba 59 minutes ago


  • ahmad mushaffa
    ahmad mushaffa 59 minutes ago

    "Grab by the pussy" I forgot who said that

  • 2 AS
    2 AS Hour ago

    Love 💜

  • Aaron Creagh
    Aaron Creagh Hour ago

    Is this where they got the movements for the Macarena from? Start at 1:40 in this video

  • world order
    world order Hour ago

    This song literally rocked kenya... am 30 now, when i play this song my dad sings along... he knows all the lyrics 😂

  • Vu Dinh
    Vu Dinh Hour ago

    whos here from good mythical morning?

  • Mark Zucchero
    Mark Zucchero Hour ago

    vogue is for warren beatty

  • 듀아드닝
    듀아드닝 Hour ago

    요즘은 이런노래 업나요

  • Dani Miklós
    Dani Miklós Hour ago


  • Ramona Okapi
    Ramona Okapi Hour ago


  • Rebelblue
    Rebelblue Hour ago

    50 millions views 25.01.2020 🎉

  • chrissy fo
    chrissy fo 2 hours ago


  • Wolfgang Lieberum
    Wolfgang Lieberum 2 hours ago

    Best video ever👍👍👍

  • Conceicao Pessoa
    Conceicao Pessoa 2 hours ago


  • tech man
    tech man 2 hours ago

    No one compares the legend

  • Leila Trajkovic Al - Samarrai

    awwwwwwwwwwwww, my all-time favourite Madonna's album.

  • Esteban Fuenzalida
    Esteban Fuenzalida 2 hours ago


  • José Maria Silva
    José Maria Silva 2 hours ago

    Kd o BR que gosta de boa musica?

  • Israel Ferreira
    Israel Ferreira 2 hours ago

    Eu quero a de azul escuro para mim🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Israel Ferreira
      Israel Ferreira 2 hours ago

      Que menina linda à de azul escuro 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • cynthia villarreal
    cynthia villarreal 2 hours ago

    She was really talented!!

  • OO Tea
    OO Tea 2 hours ago

    ♥ to you

  • cynthia villarreal
    cynthia villarreal 2 hours ago

    Wow Madonna was great on her years!!

  • Gamer Kenshi
    Gamer Kenshi 2 hours ago

  • OO Tea
    OO Tea 2 hours ago

    Really timeless masterpiece

  • Jakeline Odicino
    Jakeline Odicino 2 hours ago

    25 gennaio 2020 ??????😍🥰

  • Raïssa Robert
    Raïssa Robert 2 hours ago


  • Diva Faints
    Diva Faints 2 hours ago

    Caronavirus brought me here. Prepare yourself world. The END is coming, nothing really matters. LOVE is all we need.

  • miranda hatch
    miranda hatch 2 hours ago

    The SUITS she wears tho..... goals............ also I am the gay

  • Blookt
    Blookt 3 hours ago

    tombaland wasted 34 seconds ffs by saying that he only 4 minutes

  • Dionte Nelson
    Dionte Nelson 3 hours ago

    Is she high

  • Valerija Cherno
    Valerija Cherno 3 hours ago

    Вдохновилась образом Линды «Я ворона»

  • nicole monrue
    nicole monrue 3 hours ago

    I used to wear this song out

  • Lee Hunter
    Lee Hunter 3 hours ago

    jesus jumpin chirst on a stick.. Ride me cowboys...

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 3 hours ago

    her band.

  • Luis Fregoso
    Luis Fregoso 3 hours ago

    Dobrik’s vlogs 🔥🔥🔥

    HIGH VOLTAGE 3 hours ago

    David Fincher. King of MTV

  • Duke Xavier
    Duke Xavier 3 hours ago

    2020 and still here Ms M...Thank You for the music of my generation!

  • Agnes De Leon Delk
    Agnes De Leon Delk 3 hours ago

    For David Fordham

  • Adrienne - ukulele , crafts and more !

    I seriously thought it said “ sometimes I think what I need is a HUMAN AVENGER”

  • Nuclear Ozkan
    Nuclear Ozkan 4 hours ago


  • SilentShadovv
    SilentShadovv 4 hours ago

    First time seeing this video 👍

  • F. F
    F. F 4 hours ago

    Sofia Boutella in this video really GOT me

  • Erikka Marababol
    Erikka Marababol 4 hours ago

    You waist your time with hate and regret, your broken when your heart's not open 💋😍

  • Smokedout_Snake Beef

    Broo, they don’t make music videos like this no more. Music videos recorded in official studios

  • Giusy Pappalardo
    Giusy Pappalardo 4 hours ago

    Madonna stavolta non mi piace....Non sa dare il meglio di sé.........👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Ayrton Emerson
    Ayrton Emerson 4 hours ago

    She is the fucking queen over this fucking planet earth you all... get that, THE FUCKING QUEEN, so bad.

  • Gala Ivanova
    Gala Ivanova 4 hours ago


  • bob cl
    bob cl 4 hours ago

    so was she evil or good,

  • Mm
    Mm 4 hours ago

    Dont forget the legendary producer that created the music for this masterpiece-William orbit

  • Mr. Free
    Mr. Free 4 hours ago

    Of course by saving the world they mean in a Post apocalyptic scenario, if you know what I mean...

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 4 hours ago

    This came out after princess diana was killed

  • julio valladolid carmen

    La década de los 90's lo máximo...

  • #Patrick Der Hipster


  • AkaneChiyo
    AkaneChiyo 4 hours ago

    Just noticed Madonna has a furry tail when she's dancing with the guys... why nobody talking about it? lol

  • Carina Rosales
    Carina Rosales 4 hours ago

    I love this performance beautiful white dress its to die for😀💖🏘🌈🎄🎀🎊☔🐱🍔🌻🐳🍇🚢

  • Jami Hart
    Jami Hart 4 hours ago

    Whoa.....5%ER!! 🤯😇🙏

  • Raymond Frankwick
    Raymond Frankwick 5 hours ago

    💋. Roman Catholic Touchstone ___________________________ The Holy Rosary, in a STATE of Braille (partical-beam-laser system of raised-dots 50-units), as in first cousin's Gravestone has raised stone Cross n raised stone Beads of Catholic Rite Holy Rosary. felt a falling blossom dreamt a flowery feel

  • Paul Wylde
    Paul Wylde 5 hours ago

    time goes by slowly for rich people, for poor go fast lol

  • Sophia B. Williams
    Sophia B. Williams 5 hours ago

    what a fun song to watch.

  • Carina Rosales
    Carina Rosales 5 hours ago

    One of my favorite songs of Madonna i saw the movie in my junior year in high school😀💌💚❣💙💟💗💞💖💝💕💜💔💛💓

  • Shah Nazar
    Shah Nazar 5 hours ago

    The best scene in this song when the guitarist calls madoona

  • Daniel Ponte
    Daniel Ponte 5 hours ago

    I love this song

  • ວັນ ວັນໄງ


  • Yanina Vizcaya
    Yanina Vizcaya 5 hours ago

    Que épocas!

  • Noé Maturano Cardozo

    2020 y la sigo viendo y escuchando

    MELVISBOLS MUSIC 6 hours ago

    música para todos los tiempos, tiempos aquellos

  • Matthew Maloney
    Matthew Maloney 6 hours ago

    She is the 🐐!

  • JorchMGX
    JorchMGX 6 hours ago


  • poisson mars
    poisson mars 6 hours ago

    Une des plus belles chansons de Madonna, bcp d'émotions dans cette musique, surtout que ça me rappel ma jeunesse, une époque qui ne vieillira jamais....

  • Dennis Dimovski
    Dennis Dimovski 6 hours ago


  • Robert Sobotka
    Robert Sobotka 6 hours ago

    best production to the song ever?

  • Mayerlin Pinto
    Mayerlin Pinto 6 hours ago


  • CaliBelle
    CaliBelle 6 hours ago

    This is my damned song!!

  • Sightline
    Sightline 6 hours ago

    Madonna took her clothes off 7 times

  • Louie Louise
    Louie Louise 6 hours ago


  • Allen Call
    Allen Call 6 hours ago

    50 million views!! <3

  • Michael Otero
    Michael Otero 6 hours ago

    Madonna. LOL what not to say

  • yeung Po
    yeung Po 6 hours ago


  • Denilsom Azevedo
    Denilsom Azevedo 7 hours ago


  • bradywalker414
    bradywalker414 7 hours ago

    “Older than madonnas boobs”

  • Татьяна Колесникова

    Песня на все времена. Спустя столько лет Звучит так же Шикарно. Мадонна просто Неотразима.

  • Luan Calderone
    Luan Calderone 7 hours ago

    Em pleno 2020 eu estaria viciado nessa música... Madonna tu é genial!

  • Rafael Vergara
    Rafael Vergara 7 hours ago

    Viva el planeta,lo amo con todo mi ❤️

  • Reason *
    Reason * 7 hours ago

    Not her best look (bangs cut too short) but wow she was amazing and gorgeous! Pioneer Woman, such a beast!

  • Louis Gene Whitledge II

    I was 12 when this released. Lots of good tunes in the 80s i listen to. I'm 48 now.

  • Todd Beasley
    Todd Beasley 7 hours ago

    When Madonna was Madonna

    VANESSA MARTINEZ 7 hours ago

    En el pasado te regale este compacto y me da gusto que regreses a mi vida