The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Carmen Lynch Stand-Up
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Griselda: Dr. Bird's
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Yola: I Don't Wanna Lie
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Black Pumas: Colors
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Karol G: Tusa
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  • Anthony Castillo
    Anthony Castillo 13 minutes ago

    It's so sad that so many people in their lives live one time only and they'll never ever see them again. I'm sorry that Kobe was gone too soon. #ripkobebryant #wewillmisskobebryant 😔🙏🏻🕊️

  • bukunmi abraham
    bukunmi abraham 13 minutes ago

    yayyyy i’m so happy she was on there ❤️

  • SilvrCat
    SilvrCat 13 minutes ago

    Excellent Alessia!!!

  • Akihito
    Akihito 14 minutes ago

    He is the spitting image of his father is every way. Steves heart lives on in him... :')

  • Nelly González H
    Nelly González H 14 minutes ago

    “14 million hits” JAJAJAJAJAJA

  • GalaxyCR
    GalaxyCR 14 minutes ago

    Aquí está el pinche comentario en español que andabas buscando. Ahora deja tú like v:

  • AllianceMediaGroup AMG
    AllianceMediaGroup AMG 14 minutes ago

    i finally got it....... cera keeps cutting jimmy off while he is speaking ... at the end he says "look for the light" I'm guessing the light being his que to speak... not sure!!! that was a definalty real reaction from jimmy ..... its gotta beeeee

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 15 minutes ago

    Yeaa my music taste is complicated

  • Оксана *
    Оксана * 15 minutes ago


  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke 15 minutes ago

    This movie was such a masterpiece, i cried 3 times!

    DJANGO 15 minutes ago

    R.I.P Kobe you are a Legend !!

  • Shervyse Smiles
    Shervyse Smiles 15 minutes ago

    Whenever you're having a bad day, just hear Will Smith's laugh and the world is alright again.

  • Edilberto Reyes
    Edilberto Reyes 16 minutes ago

    Rest in paradise kobe😢

  • Bambiii
    Bambiii 16 minutes ago

    Damn wendy Nobody cares of all of That.. She is so dramatic but i watch her show just for the hot topics

  • trf12567
    trf12567 16 minutes ago

    SHIP.... SHIP... SHIP..... you dumb mother f****ers

  • smakosz I.B
    smakosz I.B 16 minutes ago


  • Duggie Badd
    Duggie Badd 17 minutes ago

    Who here immediately looked for Sophia's Facebook page after the video?

  • citlali villegas
    citlali villegas 17 minutes ago

    Bruh salma is that tia we all love ahahahaha

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 18 minutes ago

    I'm imaging Steve's reaction to this Fallon: Does it hurt when the badger is biting you Steve: aww man, he has amazingly sharp teeth. They're incredibly vicious. He's going for a world record bite, this one is.

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 18 minutes ago

    I'm imaging Steve's reaction to this Fallon: Does it hurt when the badger is biting you Steve: aww man, he has amazingly sharp teeth. They're incredibly vicious. He's going for a world record bite, this one is.

  • Darrius 797
    Darrius 797 19 minutes ago

    Men in Black 3 was pretty good

  • R Thomas
    R Thomas 19 minutes ago

    That Was Hilarious!!!! I Just LOVE Jamie 🦊 Fox. Singing, Acting And Comedy

  • Dion Rodriguez
    Dion Rodriguez 19 minutes ago

    Best scene in that movie was the murry scene hands down I was hype yellin and shit 😂

  • AduriteRB
    AduriteRB 19 minutes ago

    If i was an actor.

  • truly grinding
    truly grinding 19 minutes ago

    Rip legend

  • Cavstic
    Cavstic 20 minutes ago

    Nice kid...but he seems to be stuck in his dad's shadow. I wonder if he'll emancipate himself from it as he grows up.

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 20 minutes ago

    Fallon grows a beard i an attempt to look manlier than a child.

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 20 minutes ago

    Fallon grows a beard i an attempt to look manlier than a child.

  • Draw Clearly
    Draw Clearly 20 minutes ago

    The talent😍

  • Daniel Shadrak
    Daniel Shadrak 20 minutes ago


  • M C
    M C 21 minute ago

    He will be truly missed. 💔

  • Mustangblue08
    Mustangblue08 21 minute ago

    Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L. Jackson look nothing alike but I do feel a lot (not all) of their roles are pretty interchangeable. Like one of them could've played the other ones role in a movie and it would of been almost just as good.

  • Teps Bttmgguk
    Teps Bttmgguk 21 minute ago

    Now stalking this girl after her collab with BTS

  • N Z
    N Z 21 minute ago

    I don’t like jimmys spanish “accent”

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler 22 minutes ago

    DeVos 2024🇺🇸 Most effective Cabinet Member in Trump Admin. Massive changes to destroy the public school monopolies holding kids captive too long! School Choice!

  • Yeshika Moodley
    Yeshika Moodley 22 minutes ago

    R.I.P fellow Potterhead 💚

  • Jeff Ring
    Jeff Ring 22 minutes ago

    She's hilarious i laughed out loud several times plus she pretty and tall.

  • Benjamin Tielking
    Benjamin Tielking 23 minutes ago

    *It's all FUN AND GAMES............until you mess with THE WRONG PERSON who COMPLETELY OWNS YOUR AZZ.......with a BIG smile on their face.*

  • Aaliyah Bryant
    Aaliyah Bryant 23 minutes ago

    I love her style❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙💗💔💕💖💘💝

  • Bambiii
    Bambiii 23 minutes ago

    Wendy in the city haha. Please make a show of that

  • hunkey monkey
    hunkey monkey 23 minutes ago


  • Monkey Famous
    Monkey Famous 24 minutes ago

    At 1:04 he says that’s the nicer Virgin. He meant to say version

    SSIIPP 25 minutes ago

    This hits hard..

  • Justin Cider
    Justin Cider 26 minutes ago

    Gunn got so much jewellry wtf

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 26 minutes ago

    rosalia is the blueprint...the choreography the visuals...her they’re not even trying to hide it 😭😭😭

  • Isabela Holanda
    Isabela Holanda 27 minutes ago

    this songs break me into a million pieces

  • Monica
    Monica 27 minutes ago

    His accent is so different.

  • Carly Kogut
    Carly Kogut 27 minutes ago


  • BurgerBoy278
    BurgerBoy278 27 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe

  • Giuliano
    Giuliano 29 minutes ago

    Number 3: Masturbating

  • Redyn
    Redyn 30 minutes ago

    라이브 들으니까 더 좋네

  • Jason Roman
    Jason Roman 30 minutes ago


  • Ann Bertoli
    Ann Bertoli 30 minutes ago

    Growing up I listened to these guys for years...

  • Iosha Landry
    Iosha Landry 31 minute ago

    She was so cute

  • Justin C
    Justin C 31 minute ago


  • Mary Bo
    Mary Bo 31 minute ago

    Should be important for her, she still remembers ALL THAT DETAILS!!!!..poor Jimmy❤️

  • Fire And Blood - Free Fire

    Amaze af

  • PaPa-AzK
    PaPa-AzK 32 minutes ago

    If only the helicopter didn't malfunction and crash down...

  • maddy pearson
    maddy pearson 32 minutes ago

    david: "we are never gonna get this can i get a different one" also david: *grabs balls*

  • Teresa 38716
    Teresa 38716 32 minutes ago

    Why does it look like she wants to cry?

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 33 minutes ago

    When Michael B get's up he's going to have to hit the one in the middle

  • That Headphone Guy
    That Headphone Guy 33 minutes ago

    So sad man

  • Research and Build
    Research and Build 34 minutes ago

    Fail on the bungie jumping , he said the word jumping

  • Fara Pott
    Fara Pott 34 minutes ago

    damn why is Jimmy Fallon only funny when the camera ain't rolling

  • Tim Reese
    Tim Reese 35 minutes ago

    Not gunna lie, use to cop dope from benny less then 4 yrs ago 🤣 nigga you made it! 🔥🔥

  • Roselyn Rodriguez
    Roselyn Rodriguez 35 minutes ago

    David was having so much fun 😂😭

  • Lulu
    Lulu 35 minutes ago

    Watching this after the news about his death. So sad😪 Rest easy to all nine passengers who passed❤️

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P 36 minutes ago

    The Collin Farrell and Vince Vaughn one was the best.

  • Colin H.
    Colin H. 36 minutes ago


  • Milton Rodriguez
    Milton Rodriguez 36 minutes ago

    Omg! Que lazy su performance 🙊 no bueno, no bueno

  • LaToya McVay
    LaToya McVay 36 minutes ago

    Look media. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ixx Marie
    Ixx Marie 37 minutes ago


  • Kim
    Kim 37 minutes ago

    R.I.P black mamba

  • BBA
    BBA 38 minutes ago

    Legends never die. We love you, Kobe. Rest in heavinly peace with your princess.

  • sidad qabil
    sidad qabil 38 minutes ago

    What a voice

  • MsJrzy
    MsJrzy 38 minutes ago

    Jamie is insane!

  • Vickie Lam
    Vickie Lam 38 minutes ago

    Nobody:😐 Everybody: her voice😍😍 Me: Her fashion is soo clean!! 😮😧🤪

  • Dahlia's world
    Dahlia's world 38 minutes ago

    Ariana really looks like a 11 year old

  • Chanelle Jayakody
    Chanelle Jayakody 39 minutes ago


  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan 39 minutes ago

    Alot of kids lost their hero. Makes you think about life.

  • Nazra Islam
    Nazra Islam 40 minutes ago

    I'm 16 but she's my baby.

  • Ольга Солнце
    Ольга Солнце 40 minutes ago

    Молодеж с ума сходят по этой песни♡♡

  • David Diener
    David Diener 40 minutes ago


  • Jashmin Nurani
    Jashmin Nurani 41 minute ago

    Love you junior irwin...Good job

  • yoo6231
    yoo6231 42 minutes ago


  • Norman Tran
    Norman Tran 42 minutes ago

    Another Hollywood EW Male in a dress I guess it dosnt matter as long you making big $$$. David Chappelle was right

  • billie eilish
    billie eilish 43 minutes ago

    i’m not okay.

  • Ashley Padilla
    Ashley Padilla 43 minutes ago

    Who's watching this after his death

  • Terry Palmer
    Terry Palmer 43 minutes ago

  • Shervyse Smiles
    Shervyse Smiles 43 minutes ago

    Now listen, well I'm read this....I've been a fan of Eddie my whole life....and I don't know what it is...but the older he gets 😉😏🤫

  • Niyazi Demirtaş
    Niyazi Demirtaş 43 minutes ago

    You cant because he dies :(

  • Dorothy G. Mullis
    Dorothy G. Mullis 43 minutes ago

    Love Post....Seriously love your music..Thank You. Please give your Mom a Big Hug! God Bless!

  • Chromedi
    Chromedi 43 minutes ago

    Had such a heavy influence on the game of basketball and was a stand up guy, R.I.P. Kobe 🐐

  • Jeff Mclearen
    Jeff Mclearen 44 minutes ago

    She is so gorgeous ❤️ and awesome👌🏽

  • Saif Ali Ahmed
    Saif Ali Ahmed 44 minutes ago

    Jimmy: apple watch or hundred bucks? Man: imma do what's called the pro gamer move

  • MrReality2121
    MrReality2121 45 minutes ago

    Jimmy looks more like a puppet than those puppets 😁

  • ibrahim S.O.A
    ibrahim S.O.A 45 minutes ago

    Theirs a couple books their looks like the quran what's this about

  • Mark Maxner
    Mark Maxner 45 minutes ago

    She's a great sport.

    PITERLAU COR-ONA 46 minutes ago

    Que buena rola... !!!

  • Alexander Wood
    Alexander Wood 46 minutes ago

    *Mike's Mic has entered the chat*