The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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  • wrlord
    wrlord Hour ago

    Anyone remember the discussions Dick Cavett used to have with guests?

  • Nikola Bijeliti
    Nikola Bijeliti Hour ago

    Why are only White countries expected to be multiracial and multicultural? Why are only White people expected to become minorities in the countries that their ancestors founded? Why is "diversity" only being promoted in White countries? The promoters of diversity and multiculturalism claim that they are anti-racist, but what they actually are is anti-White. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Rocker
    Rocker Hour ago

    He comes off as just a really kind wholesome dude

  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold Hour ago

    He signed it with the blood of dead migrants.

  • Alex Fernandez
    Alex Fernandez Hour ago


  • Melinda S
    Melinda S Hour ago

    Give her your money... haha

  • Andrey Yakush
    Andrey Yakush Hour ago


    JONBHOY79 Hour ago


  • ProduccionesConejo

    37 huh? Is almost half way to top, the important question here is, how many captures at lvl 37???

  • 100%puerto rican

    Residente calle 13 papi en Jimmy Kimmel weeeppaaa 🇵🇷

  • Sunflower&Mouse
    Sunflower&Mouse Hour ago

    This girl I know named "Kirsten" gets annoyed when people pronounce it "Keer-sten". She always says "it's Kur-sten..."

  • Jo new fresser
    Jo new fresser Hour ago

    Try too hard brother over kill... bug up ur ass... All these characters sing.. movies.. 😂😂😂 Tasmanian devil.. relax quality over quantity

  • ikonicplays
    ikonicplays Hour ago

    Is the cure for Ligma in that book Mr. Blevins?

  • My E'klectic Life


  • Joyce Qiu
    Joyce Qiu Hour ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal with his hair messed up is my sex fantasy

  • clen damme chavez valdeos

    Cual es la canción que sale al final del video por favor

  • Adriana
    Adriana Hour ago

    Residente es OG 🙌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Cassandra Kievits

    Megan is SO FUCKING FINE 😭😭😭😭😭🥰🥰

  • kayck Braz
    kayck Braz Hour ago

    Que sonho

  • JoeDotPHP
    JoeDotPHP Hour ago

    Pause at 3:58 You're welcome.

  • boom bamm
    boom bamm Hour ago

    Hmm hope to see him in John Wick as a villain.

  • Nithem Capacity
    Nithem Capacity Hour ago

    Do people know that they are saying a borderline bad word

  • Mitchell Lenaarts


  • Dong dela Cruz
    Dong dela Cruz Hour ago


  • Abismael Fana
    Abismael Fana Hour ago

    Ain’t it crazy that this video says it’s 5 years old lmao

  • You Don't Need To Know Sh!t

    Wow thats sad that he will die soon I grow up with this guy

  • Xi Jinpingpong
    Xi Jinpingpong Hour ago

    Miley is wearing clothes!

  • Dete Partizana
    Dete Partizana Hour ago

    Harry Potter 💫💫💖

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh Hour ago

    Jimmy looks extra fake in this one

  • MzErikaBoopz
    MzErikaBoopz Hour ago

    I'm the slide lol becuz...a mess!

  • Dake Dake
    Dake Dake Hour ago

    Джессика-зачетная телка

  • Jane Galindo
    Jane Galindo Hour ago

    Legend. .he still moves me

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard Hour ago

    Did he have bad botox? His face looks swollen

  • Brandon Phung
    Brandon Phung Hour ago

    she is so beautiful 😍

  • Megan Torio
    Megan Torio Hour ago

    Everything had to be scripted ! Her body wear she is launching and west new home/Ranch! West Ranch please! And the pictures!! Kim and her mom went after a magazine company because they put out pics of her unfiltered! So of Course he is gonna pick the right pic Please 🤔

  • Gus Diaz
    Gus Diaz Hour ago

    Britney watching this salty af

  • MiMi
    MiMi Hour ago

    That was hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Bleach
    Bleach Hour ago

    Im so confused is she talking about like a fox like the animal? Or live a silver fox like a goodlooking older gentleman???? Lmao either way both dont make any sense to me

  • javier velasquez

    This song is bloody horrible!! people come out with the dumbest songs and make thrm popular. come on bad bunny wtf??

  • Jorge Carbajal
    Jorge Carbajal Hour ago


  • Kerin Mercedes
    Kerin Mercedes Hour ago

    Residente es un Homofobico, lastima pq es guapo... Pero yo desapruebo todo lo que este relacionado con El!

  • onemoretime15
    onemoretime15 Hour ago

    He looks like a wax figure.

  • Pink Boots Recordings

    Wow, great set! Funniest stand up in a long time!

  • Jennifer Duffin
    Jennifer Duffin Hour ago

    Pitbull is the most unlikeable

  • alexis moreno
    alexis moreno Hour ago

    Can you have CNCO on this show 🥺

  • Princess Solo
    Princess Solo Hour ago

    He’s so hot

  • Ashley
    Ashley Hour ago

    That attitude is a no no “Being an adult now and I can make some of my OWN decisions” Who even needs sunglasses with all this shade?

  • KeezyWithABanger

    Got one of the best voices

  • Diego Haddad
    Diego Haddad Hour ago

    ay cabrón, la rompieron 🔥💯

  • Jerry Ball
    Jerry Ball Hour ago

    Living Legend!!!

  • Marla Gonzalez
    Marla Gonzalez Hour ago

    Yooooo se aventaron

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe Hour ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, That iced coffee at 0:28 looks really good.

  • joeriveracomedy
    joeriveracomedy Hour ago

    Stallone understands pro wrestling better than pro wrestling does

  • Muhamad Badrul Nadjmie

    This bitch will dead.

  • Francisco Muñoz

    ahora que bad bunny se junto con residente todos los que le tirabam mierda se lo maman.

  • Neuromancer 815
    Neuromancer 815 Hour ago

    He S U C K E D on that big black dingus for as looooong as he could...

  • TimelessWanderlust

    God Jimmy is so fake..his phony laugh is cringe worthy.

  • Dot
    Dot Hour ago


  • K R Sport
    K R Sport Hour ago

    Take me back to 2000’

  • Cheryl Gross
    Cheryl Gross Hour ago

    OMG!! He is good.

  • Kung Pow Mike
    Kung Pow Mike Hour ago

    Doesn’t even look like a Rambo film...should have stopped at Rambo 3

  • Angie Pitini
    Angie Pitini Hour ago

    She should do a collab with Blove😁

  • Cheryl Gross
    Cheryl Gross Hour ago

    Oh no lol.

  • Doc X
    Doc X Hour ago

    This guy sucks.

  • TheUnlim
    TheUnlim Hour ago

    new video yeeep

  • Oscar Acevedo
    Oscar Acevedo Hour ago

    Expendables lol. Old ass foos.

  • Alan M
    Alan M Hour ago

    The fonz and rocky ! Two legends! Lol👍🥊🍻😎

  • usharani sahu
    usharani sahu Hour ago

    Lv u camila from india...i wanna be yr fnd ..

  • Mark Hoey
    Mark Hoey Hour ago

    Mildly amusing. Jimmy Fallon is hot garbage.

  • Natalia
    Natalia Hour ago

    Pretty girl but she's used so many fillers although they dont look as bad as some of the other celebrities do ...or is it a perfect mini lift ...🙂

    CHUCK 2 hours ago

    I admire Stallone. The man's a legend but his face here overly botoxed, too much filler and make up. It does not suit him well. He looks a bit deformed and overstretched. He should let his face age gracefully. He has a fantastic buddy and has nothing to prove. He has created epic and iconic movies and has inspired millions of people. Very intelligent and humble man.

  • Kanishq sharma
    Kanishq sharma 2 hours ago

    1:48 the look she give😍😍😍😍

  • CE Nelson
    CE Nelson 2 hours ago

    Two of the hottest snl celebs ever ! Don’t shoot me... 😂

  • Gaby Sanchez
    Gaby Sanchez 2 hours ago

    What a shitty audience. They deserved better.

  • Yassine El Khafifi
    Yassine El Khafifi 2 hours ago

    Mais yass tellement fier

  • HALISHA Ilhanna
    HALISHA Ilhanna 2 hours ago

    dont chew jimmy!!

  • Nerseh Kindermah
    Nerseh Kindermah 2 hours ago

    Jimmy he's suffering he can't keep giving you cofffin food - Nerseh Kindermah #JimmyFallon @jimmyfallon

  • Bunny Power
    Bunny Power 2 hours ago

    Benito y sin autotune

  • Md Saifff
    Md Saifff 2 hours ago

    Oh Gadot ,you made me DC fan.

  • Rehan Nongbri
    Rehan Nongbri 2 hours ago

    Wouldn't surprise me if Brad would actually end up eating all that food

  • osbaldo ramirez hernandez

    Parece que residente tiene un tic en el brazo derecho

  • Antonio Josvé Lépiz Chaves

    She's just amazing

  • oluwole saadu
    oluwole saadu 2 hours ago

    I’m so glad chance introduced me to noname

  • 長青葉
    長青葉 2 hours ago

    So, does Brad Pitt pay the bill or not? I'm confused, guys, need some help.

  • Pinoy Flavor
    Pinoy Flavor 2 hours ago

    Nice Jimmy!👍 same here, saw only apollo 1, 2, 3 & 4! Hahaha!😆 3:33

  • Erica Joy
    Erica Joy 2 hours ago

    10:40 is the best part, hands down. I lost it.

  • yu tung Chen
    yu tung Chen 2 hours ago

    I can't believe this has actually been watched for more than 100 million times.

  • stevied31313
    stevied31313 2 hours ago

    Don’t remember Side Show Bob being so hip

  • Anglomik
    Anglomik 2 hours ago

    Sly...still..KICKS ASS!!!

  • TOOLfandomania
    TOOLfandomania 2 hours ago

    Jimmy still can't keep a straight face

  • Nuri Way
    Nuri Way 2 hours ago

    I'm worried about Selena Gomez' s health

  • Taryn Jackson-Brooks

    I play the bassoon

  • Cristian García Silva

    Bad Bunny, mis respetos. De los pocos que canta reggaeton en vivo. Y residente, siempre un genio y rompiendo esquemas.

  • Michael Gill
    Michael Gill 2 hours ago


  • francisco negrete
    francisco negrete 2 hours ago

    One of my favorite comedians!

  • Miles Hockey
    Miles Hockey 2 hours ago

    Tbh no hate FYI but, I like iKon - Love Scenario

  • Andy Dance For us
    Andy Dance For us 2 hours ago

    Can every stop hating on jimmy? It’s not funny. And it’s mean. If you don’t like him, don’t watch his videos or just don’t comment on his video if your just gonna spread hate. Jimmy is funny and talented and y’all being jerks, leave him alone. He takes time out of his day to make these funny videos for you, so just maybe leave him alone? Why dont you try to be nice?

  • golo1955
    golo1955 2 hours ago

    Coño la Gente comenta de Calle 13 que si Bad Bunny o los dos coristas, No dicen nada de los Percusionistas que la pusieron en la China..

  • Alba O
    Alba O 2 hours ago

    Who dressed her for this??? She’s so gorgeous and this outfit is really undermining her looks!!!

  • streetCan memes
    streetCan memes 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah another Expendables