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  • Tammie S.
    Tammie S. 34 minutes ago

    Maybe doctor strange is called multiverse of madness because without the time stone to close off all these dimensions, it opens them up into their world where doctor strange has to protect people without the time stone

  • Steve S
    Steve S 34 minutes ago

    Would be fun if they did connect them.

  • Captain Spud
    Captain Spud 34 minutes ago

    Captain Communism

  • Jesse Sullivan
    Jesse Sullivan 38 minutes ago

    I believe that's an R5-D4, not an R2 unit.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 39 minutes ago

    george did a special edition of the phantom menace when it came out on dvd, lengthening the pod race and throwing off the original theatrical pace it had, luckily, i had the vhs of the phantom menace as dvds weren't a thing yet when it came out on home video in 2000, so I transfered my vhs to dvd using my dvd recorder and now i have a dvd of the original theatrical version of the phantom menace with puppet yoda and the original pod race length

  • Ilana Karp
    Ilana Karp 40 minutes ago

    This was a lot of fun, reminds me of convos you have with your friends, really enjoyed it lol 👍🏻

  • Thc k3b
    Thc k3b 41 minute ago

    vader screamed nooooo because of padmé in episode 3 not luke

  • Bryan Chaves
    Bryan Chaves 41 minute ago

    This is the way!

  • YgPhaz
    YgPhaz 41 minute ago


  • LEO C137
    LEO C137 41 minute ago

    So why didn't 11 help in Endgame

  • Jedi Detective
    Jedi Detective 41 minute ago

    I love this kind of stuff. It's fun to theory-bend.

  • 3rd Floor Organics
    3rd Floor Organics 42 minutes ago

    It's been validated that the Door kicking is From the actor who is playing Ursa Minor and not Red Guardian.. That will be an introduction to mutant-kind

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 43 minutes ago

    i had already watched gnoggin's darth jar jar video, and when you're talking about the red and blue dice, watto who is blue passes by jar jar , who appears red in comparison in the shade, although he's really orange

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus Ibarra 44 minutes ago

    Evil morty has already replaced our morty he is waiting now.

  • Cascavo - Flim Clips
    Cascavo - Flim Clips 44 minutes ago

    Maybe marvel is using trickery and de-aged Thaddeus?

  • Vatsal Modi
    Vatsal Modi 46 minutes ago

    I stopped watching at 1:08 cause i knew this was going to be some trash theory.

  • Derek Power
    Derek Power 47 minutes ago

    I think in time this maybe QT best work. The ending had sumtin very magical about it.

  • J. Gulle
    J. Gulle 47 minutes ago

    So crazy ! It might actually work.

  • Dru Owen
    Dru Owen 49 minutes ago

    Yoo, if 11 isn't one of the first mutants introduced in Marvel, we riot. lol

  • cheap moto
    cheap moto 53 minutes ago

    The chevy suburbans that are behind young Ross are from around 2008, so they might be decoys, and are trying to trick us, and maybe when we see the movie, they would become 1990's chevy suburbans, or Ross is actually supposed to be older

  • EmojiFace 777
    EmojiFace 777 54 minutes ago

    What if Hopper was put into Russia and he tried to break out and the Russ Asians saw his potential and did a mix between the winter soldier and captain America by brain washing him and making him a super soldier and later when he gained some sanity after working for the ussrs red guardian program he started to remember his past and dubbed himself elexie in tribute to his lost friend?

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson 55 minutes ago

    Have a look at willi Wonka and the chocolate factory and snowpiercer they are like the same film

  • Skyflapper 0719
    Skyflapper 0719 56 minutes ago

    Pretty fn kool

  • ithinkimjesus
    ithinkimjesus 56 minutes ago

    I think captain America is more like 200 years old than 119. Idk but that's just me.

  • Vinyl Blair
    Vinyl Blair 56 minutes ago

    Head canon...blowing this conspiracy out of the water..!

  • Cristóbal Quiroz
    Cristóbal Quiroz 57 minutes ago

    Wanda and Pietro twelve and thirteen

  • Gorefeast
    Gorefeast 57 minutes ago

    its not red knocking down the door

  • Nicholas Schumacher
    Nicholas Schumacher 57 minutes ago

    One other fun but flimsy connection, in the comics David Harbour's character Alexei Shostakov was the 2nd Red Guardian, maybe Grigori was the first Red Guardian in that reality.

  • Kanashi Atisuto
    Kanashi Atisuto 57 minutes ago

    I'm not done watching when writing this comment but I think this is my favourite Rogue Theory episode so far 😱 So many awesome theories & even with most of them too rogue to be true I'm just loving them & would love to see them become reality 😍 A Zabrak Mandalorian? Yes, freaking please- same for Clint as Taskmaster 😳 The idea of Mando taking off his helmet for Baby Yoda is also great- loving Marina's emotional involvement 😭💚 Your pitches give me such great visuals & inspiration for drawing so thank you so much for that & all the entertainment- you all have such great chemistry ☺️💙

  • _ CJEMM5D _
    _ CJEMM5D _ 57 minutes ago

    15:37 that's the "I just realized I kissed my brother" face

  • Edgy_Secular _Memes
    Edgy_Secular _Memes 58 minutes ago

    So if Stranger Things was set in the same universe, Eleven would be a mutant. But at the same time they’ve referenced the X-Men comics in Stranger Things so that would be s bit of a head scratcher to get around

  • Nathan Austen
    Nathan Austen 58 minutes ago

    Illuminati confirmed.

  • Rob R
    Rob R 58 minutes ago

    Hobo with a shotgun is a sequel to Batman begins

  • GTA082
    GTA082 58 minutes ago

    I think at the end it’s Kylo Ren.....nah it’s probably R2-D2 lol

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 59 minutes ago

    R.I.P juice wrld

  • Rob R
    Rob R 59 minutes ago

    I believe this 100%

  • Ronald Dlanor O
    Ronald Dlanor O Hour ago

    how about a remake of The Highlander

    JITHU K Hour ago

    As they say in Russia "Cyka Blyat" nibba

  • Mile High Chronicles

    Hellboy is also red, maybe he’s tied in to. Total Conspiracy!!!

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy Hour ago

    I'm not sure how you'd do it, but I'd love to see a similar video about the MCU and the DCEU! JK Simmons being in both universes?

  • Logan Woods
    Logan Woods Hour ago

    Red guardian

  • habib faruqi
    habib faruqi Hour ago

    Holly shit. This is totally total conspiracy

  • _ CJEMM5D _
    _ CJEMM5D _ Hour ago

    It was actually never called revenge of the was called return of the Jedi at first but then for a couple days it was called revenge but it was later changed back

  • Ricky Corp
    Ricky Corp Hour ago

    Call it fan fiction versus speculation

  • Percy R
    Percy R Hour ago

    Rip Alexi never forget

  • justGarry
    justGarry Hour ago

    its only right if someone says it is its me im someone

    AFRAS SHAH Hour ago

    Let's face it, as much as we want this to be true, it isn't.

  • Skylar Brier
    Skylar Brier Hour ago

    Love it! Can't wait to hear more

  • The FlashGod
    The FlashGod Hour ago

    Red guardian will die for sure

  • Mir Saif
    Mir Saif Hour ago

    fight club tyler durden and dark knight Joker are the same person ???

  • Abject Permanence

    There are some interesting parallels. Probably owing to cold war hysteria of the 80s that's resurfaced in the mainstream media through neo-mccarthyism today. Russia is the enemy on our media again, but I guess Big Brother would say "Oceania has always been at war with East Asia." It makes sense to talk about these interesting features that these properties share, but this theory is so tenuous and you didn't even explore the broader possibilities and implications of Stranger Things taking place in the MCU.

    BSJ IN YO HOUSE Hour ago

    This theory is so out there I thought only Screen Rant did theses😂

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Hour ago

    Sure, let's make a super soldier from a middle-age captured murican with dad-bod JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!

  • Nova Clan
    Nova Clan Hour ago

    What if this is true hmmm season 4 enemy...hopper

  • Chibueze Dike
    Chibueze Dike Hour ago

    Here's a stranger things. Mcu theory. What if el is actually the scarlet witch

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Hour ago

    Some Ryan Reynolds level meta humor. I hope Disney continues bating us like this on purpose.

  • Cas Hartnell
    Cas Hartnell Hour ago

    I'd love if this was true but Marvel canonically exists as comics in the Stranger Things universe

  • Kenneth Elias
    Kenneth Elias Hour ago

    We need to see Vader and the inquisitors as a movie placed between ROTS and Rogue one

  • Cj Carpenter
    Cj Carpenter Hour ago

    His name is captain communism fight me

  • Isaac Altman
    Isaac Altman Hour ago

    I also think it is Moff Gidion

  • Josh McMillan
    Josh McMillan Hour ago

    This setup is amazing. plz make more.

  • Iperial Android
    Iperial Android Hour ago

    Cap: i can do this all day Red Guardian: still fits

  • Saint Walker
    Saint Walker Hour ago

    John Wick and Neo connection.

  • Ethan Kashandky
    Ethan Kashandky Hour ago

    I wish that was true but it will never happen 😭

  • Tom Male
    Tom Male Hour ago

    Better theory Red guardian is / was married to Black Widow Milena, and adopted yelena as daughter hence the family angle

  • Ali Arabzadeh
    Ali Arabzadeh Hour ago

    animated series break down

  • MrJturner74
    MrJturner74 Hour ago

    There are no blaster marks on the wall because HAN SHOT FIRST. :)

  • Mario Marshall
    Mario Marshall Hour ago

    Thats dope

  • Siva rajan
    Siva rajan Hour ago

    Tiktok... that app really needs to be bashed!!!!

  • Finley Wells
    Finley Wells Hour ago

    Its boba fett!

  • alireza bat
    alireza bat Hour ago


  • Kelton House
    Kelton House Hour ago

    You should do some more fun Theories like this

  • Landmarks89
    Landmarks89 Hour ago

    That. Would. Be. Amazing.🤤🤤🤤

  • Bruno Surrador 21

    Much drunk you have been

  • Banana Films
    Banana Films Hour ago

    can you do crisis on infinite earths BREAK DOWN PLEASE

  • kevin adams
    kevin adams Hour ago

    Boba fett is not the only person in the Star Wars universe with spurs Why does everybody want so bad for it to be him he’s a great character but unnecessary

  • Omer Hollander
    Omer Hollander Hour ago

    But why does he have a Russian accent?

  • Jmgboom Gaming
    Jmgboom Gaming Hour ago

    Ironman- “ hey Jarvis give me the files from project 11

  • Zeeshan Sheikh
    Zeeshan Sheikh Hour ago

    What if red guardian calls himself alexi is because of the alexi who died in stranger things

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark Hour ago

    Y’all fan girls of stranger things, think way way too much into these fictional things 🙄🤦 Hopper and Alexi are two different people in 2 different universes.

  • nikoo
    nikoo Hour ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • Yondu Quill
    Yondu Quill Hour ago

    This should on Rogue Theory

    • Abject Permanence
      Abject Permanence Hour ago

      Yeah this was a huge leap and there's barely anything there

  • matt tim
    matt tim Hour ago

    Love you way you broke down and rationalized your conspiracy theory. It was fun.

  • ImpoweredPotato
    ImpoweredPotato Hour ago

    If this was true

  • Dejuan Deshazer
    Dejuan Deshazer Hour ago

    That would be bad ass honestly🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Anonymous Account

    This video was just made for clicks 👎

  • Steve Wiskowski
    Steve Wiskowski Hour ago

    Some of you guys need to watch the ending again! Mando takes off in his ship to the stars, then the scene cuts to the mystery person leaning over the body. How the hell can it be Mando?!!!

  • Comix Hub
    Comix Hub Hour ago

    So basically since this would never happen considering Stranger Things and Marvel will likely never combine, the entire video is pointless... Yet I still love this 😂

  • Charlie Lannin
    Charlie Lannin Hour ago

    Maybe in the Post Credit scene in this movie, Stranger Things and Marvel are connected. Oh... wait what if Eleven is a mutant! And that's how mutants were created

  • soundwave superior


  • Comix Hub
    Comix Hub Hour ago

    If Marvel and Stranger Things were ever revealed to be in the same universe, this would be the best way to connect them

  • Max Marx
    Max Marx Hour ago

    Why is everyone trying to “VERSE” everything

  • soundwave superior

    The two McIntyre peters are brothers!!!!!

  • Ikz
    Ikz Hour ago

    RIP juice wrld

  • Gregory Navarro
    Gregory Navarro Hour ago

    Lol..pretty cool but yeah they are not connected lol

  • iCreggers
    iCreggers Hour ago

    jar jar is the phantom menace... search your feeling, you know!

  • Jason Evers
    Jason Evers Hour ago

    De-aged Thunderbolt Ross is standing in front of a late 2000’s Chevy.

    • Mohamed    Mubeen
      Mohamed Mubeen 55 minutes ago

      @Jonathan Bywater probably a wish that Stranger Things is existing in MCU..!!! And that wish blinded him.. Lol 😂😂😂😂

    • Majoga
      Majoga Hour ago

      Not all time machines are Delorian

    • Elton Chung
      Elton Chung Hour ago

      They still have months to cgi the car to a 90s car

    • RazorCaptain
      RazorCaptain Hour ago

      @Jonathan Bywater He also said "Sibera" when referring to Kamchatka

    • Jonathan Bywater
      Jonathan Bywater Hour ago

      Yeah late 2000s to early 2010s how did he not notice this

  • Tian Zhao
    Tian Zhao Hour ago

    I think the word you were looking for there is "fanon".

  • Rod Villegas
    Rod Villegas Hour ago

    Wtf is a strangers things anyway

  • CGCentral HD
    CGCentral HD Hour ago

    Stranger things mcu confirmed, they froze red guardian and then he will meet eleven who's real name is Jean grey. And the upside down is actually just the Nightmare dimension which will be seen in doctor strange 2.