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  • Oscar
    Oscar 3 hours ago

    Tbh it really felt like we were playing against a sunday league team cuz City was SHITTY... Manchester United was excellent, UP THE RED DEVILS!!!!!!!!!🔴🔴🔴

  • Vibin in da ritz carlton

    After 5 years still don't care

  • Stoic Savage
    Stoic Savage 4 hours ago

    Love seeing a fellow Dub on here.... Great insight... You need to have Noelle on here more often

  • Sherrad GGMUFC
    Sherrad GGMUFC 5 hours ago

    You need to go to more jamaican parties Gaz

  • karl bristow
    karl bristow 6 hours ago

    3 books to read that will open your eyes to the scale of doping in sports. The dirtiest race in history by Richard Moore, Dwain Chambers autobiography, and The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton. Read these and you'll get an excellent insight into how easy the tests are to beat, and the sheer scale of cheating at elite level. At least football has a skill element so doping will only take you so far.

  • s morris
    s morris 6 hours ago

    Red army 🎄

  • Mr Wild Times
    Mr Wild Times 7 hours ago

    "The man whose name is a noise" tickled me more than it should have! I'll be giggling about that one for a while... VLAAAAAARRR

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 8 hours ago

    Disgusted with City Fans on Saturday the amount of racist comments and Munich comments made, they should be ashamed.

  • Conor Sedgwick
    Conor Sedgwick 8 hours ago

    Motty is quickly becoming my favorite on here! Please keep it up laaad

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 10 hours ago

    4-3-1-2 GK Romero, back 4 = Young, Tuanzebe, Rojo, Williams, 3 = Levit, Garner, Pieira, 1 = Mata, 2 = Gomez and Greenwood!

  • Adantheking
    Adantheking 11 hours ago

    TO NOTE: Coming top of the group means you avoid the 4 best champions league teams ! Only 4 champions league teams get seeded.

  • Vikas Hakda
    Vikas Hakda 12 hours ago

    Dat bitch at 46 was 🔥

  • Ryan Duffy
    Ryan Duffy 12 hours ago

    Inteeeerreesssting bit about the doping. Allegedly. Great content guys

  • Michael Showz
    Michael Showz 14 hours ago

    Hold up why is Gomes getting chucked on the wing he is a CAM, these are the typeof decisions that really irritate me.

  • instantsurgery
    instantsurgery 14 hours ago

    29:24 polished off? you might want to finish that sentence Steve

    JOSIP PERIC 14 hours ago

    Lets win the game. Dont care who plays. Just dont play Andreas.thanks

  • Debate It
    Debate It 15 hours ago

    Shout to jay, my birthday is Jan 14 as well.

  • bigcee75
    bigcee75 15 hours ago

    Don't get antsy with those of us that have got the bottle to put what we really think of players out there, if a player deserves to get criticised i pay my money like the rest of you and you can bet your bottom dollar im gonna tell em what i think, especially those players who after under performing go on social media clearly way before they've even got their kits off. Slagging them off is unacceptable tho

  • Jonathan Pelham
    Jonathan Pelham 15 hours ago

    . Romero AWB Axel Jones Shaw(70') McTominay Fred Pogba(60') James Martial(70') Greenwood Subs; Williams, Mata, Rashford

  • Rainizaz Mohd Razali
    Rainizaz Mohd Razali 16 hours ago

    shout out to mckola... it feels like 06/07 season... no Ruud, no Keane... fans booing Giggs and Scholesy. No big character leadership and Gary saying everyone playing for their job. That season unearth the potential of Vida, Evra, Rio, Park and of course Ronnie, Rooney and Fletch.

  • Kaushik Ramji S
    Kaushik Ramji S 16 hours ago

    I felt Luke had a very good game because he did not give Bernado a sniff plus I love Brendon Williams but he is not better than Luke Shaw with respect to positional sense..Brendon needs time to gel well...He was the reason for the second goal that we conceded against Villa. He played the Villa players onside..He needs time to improve..

  • Andy McManus
    Andy McManus 16 hours ago

    Did he breath

  • Arslaan Saeed
    Arslaan Saeed 16 hours ago

    Romero young rojo tuanzebe Williams Garner Levitt Greenwood mats gomes. Martial

  • Rishil Mehta
    Rishil Mehta 16 hours ago


  • Jack Rutter
    Jack Rutter 17 hours ago

    Pogba shows the biggest lack of effort.

  • Paul Truswell
    Paul Truswell 17 hours ago

    Too much effin n jeffin. Doesn't really bother me but if you want to keep those subscriber numbers climbing and keep your audience broad, you need to keep control. Best interest at heart lads, FTD is an excellent channel but you're in danger of losing the respect you deserve. Hoping this is a one-off.

  • Lucy Galbraith
    Lucy Galbraith 17 hours ago

    How has Utd stand took over this channel you guys need to up it a fake fan over running ya channel pfffftttt

  • Olaf
    Olaf 18 hours ago

    Myron Boadu (scored 16 and assisted 12 in 26 matches this season) is suspended and centre backs Ron Vlaar and Pantelis Hatzidiakos are injured. AZ are planning on starting their strongest possible side, since it is of the upmost importance that they avoid the really big teams in the next round. Unlike United who aim to win the Europa league and who will have to deal with other big teams to do so anyways, AZ are just happy to get as far as possible. I think they'll start this game like they did the last few games, which is with Jordy Clasie (former Southampton) as centre back.

  • freedomnationunited
    freedomnationunited 18 hours ago

    Think there’s a big FA Youth Cup game Friday! Chance to let some of the relics like Pogba, Matic, Young, Mata get runs out!

  • freedomnationunited
    freedomnationunited 18 hours ago

    Pretty chaotic - but like our season, to be fair! Happy Birthday Noelle! Really wanting Axel to stretch his legs and lay down a marker in this one!

  • Harjit Domeli
    Harjit Domeli 18 hours ago

    Talking about luke shaw he's overweight unfit don't read the game so well

  • Kristian Mandrup
    Kristian Mandrup 18 hours ago

    Just look at the team now compared to the one Mourinho had to deal with. No wonder he parked the bus. This team now is super exciting and will be best in the league going forward with so much youth, pace and raw talent!!!

  • M K
    M K 18 hours ago

    Romero Laird Tuanzebe Rojo Williams McTominay Garner Mata Gomes Rashford Greenwood Take Rashford and Scotty McSauce off off if we’re winning. 2-0 win with goals from Rashford and Greenwood. Boom

  • Kristian Mandrup
    Kristian Mandrup 19 hours ago

    "The mean justified the end" 😂😂

  • Abhishek Bhattacharya
    Abhishek Bhattacharya 19 hours ago

    We need to see gomes playing behind rash, martial and James!

    • MT1120
      MT1120 16 hours ago

      @Shabz He's somewhat correct to be honest

    • Shabz
      Shabz 18 hours ago

      Nickson Chance no he doesn’t

    • Nickson Chance
      Nickson Chance 18 hours ago

      Abhishek Bhattacharya Gomes is not aggressive. .. and hasn't grown maturely.. he plays childshilly

  • Billy Rock
    Billy Rock 19 hours ago

    Ste, you should do a video on the Pep drug scandal

  • MT1120
    MT1120 20 hours ago

    AZ Alkmaar are 3 points off Ajax in the league. They have a really talented squad. You really think with a squad like we put out against Astana we'll beat AZ? I don't think so mate...

    • MT1120
      MT1120 16 hours ago

      @FullTimeDEVILS saw it towards the end. Will be interesting

    • FullTimeDEVILS
      FullTimeDEVILS 17 hours ago

      This point was discussed in the preview.

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa 20 hours ago

    Topping the group does not matter. Every chance they get they should give the youth a run out so they level up faster.

  • nadre cephas
    nadre cephas 20 hours ago

    Romero Young Tuanzabe Lindelof Williams Garner Levitt Greenwood Mata Pereira Martial

  • Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering

    I like how every difference of opinion online now is called an agenda. It's like people forgot it's ok to have different points of view without wanting to murder each other. With that being said: Romero AWB Axel Rojo Williams McTerminator Frednandinho James Lingard Gomes Mason Levitt to come on for McTominay, Garner for Fred, Chong for James as subs.

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne 20 hours ago

    Hahaha every full time devils video now is them having a go back at fans ffs haha top reds

    • Mufc OK
      Mufc OK 6 hours ago

      Explain what a top Red is please?

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne 20 hours ago

    Romero Laird Jones Tuanzabe Williams Garner Perriera Gomes Mata Greenwood Chong

  • Archie Davies
    Archie Davies 21 hour ago

    Come back to Everton Moyes. (Not)

  • Krzysiek
    Krzysiek 22 hours ago

    What a good, friendly chat - it is so refreshing. Well done.

  • The GR81
    The GR81 22 hours ago

    Last 2 matches were unbelievable. It reminded me of the United of old. I want the board to give Ole the money so we can get better. Let's see what we can do against the shit side. I hope Ole can do something against the lesser teams.

  • Aadesh Dahal
    Aadesh Dahal 22 hours ago

    they played twice in 4 days.......let them rest and play the kids......................we will defeat thoes champions league reject

  • sjewitt22
    sjewitt22 22 hours ago

    My team is Romero, Williams-Axel-Jones- Laird, Garner-Andreas, Gomes-Mata-Chong,Greenwood.

    • Anthony Woodhouse
      Anthony Woodhouse 14 hours ago

      sjewitt22 Jones, perierra and mata need to be moved on

  • sjewitt22
    sjewitt22 22 hours ago

    I think Laird might actually start and I can only see on of Garner and Levitt starting though not sure which one and both Fred and Mctominay could do with a rest, and I could easily see Chong and Gomes starting.

  • Zeeshan Hussain
    Zeeshan Hussain 22 hours ago

    Romero Young Tuanzebe Maguire Williams Garner Mctominay Mata Greenwood Martial Gomes

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty 22 hours ago

    Fuck Pochetino stick with Ole, he will win trophies in the Utd way.

  • sjewitt22
    sjewitt22 22 hours ago

    If Sterling is a United fan why didn't we get him when he left QPR? Anyone know if we bid I remember him in the victory shield he was only 14 and England's best player so surely all the clubs tried to sign him?

  • Abdul Hassan
    Abdul Hassan 22 hours ago

    Top reds

  • Dry Frenzy
    Dry Frenzy 22 hours ago

    We have to rest players like we need to keep the consistency in the league and not got major injuries

  • frowning Joker
    frowning Joker 23 hours ago

    Who's Noelle? Does anyone know her MySpace account?

    • Noelle Francisco
      Noelle Francisco 19 hours ago

      frowning Joker Hey 👋🏽 I don’t have MySpace. See my channel for social media links 😃

  • losluvr
    losluvr 23 hours ago

    MANCHESTER IS RED still not sure about Lingard but everyone else great 👍🏽🔥

  • Sina Fararooie
    Sina Fararooie 23 hours ago

    Pereira is a fraud!

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 23 hours ago

    Vote corbyn x

  • Mac Dre
    Mac Dre 23 hours ago

    Please Pogba be back for Everton

  • kroonerBro
    kroonerBro 23 hours ago

    Romero Young Jones Tuanzebe Williams Pereira Garner Lingard Mata James Greenwood

  • Ben DeGorro
    Ben DeGorro 23 hours ago

    Both Men & Women team are fighting to for top 4. The Mens who's losing their identity over 8 years and the Womens who's just re-founded in 2018. Goodluck for both of them, I just happy both team gain good result recently.

  • Sourabh Pawar
    Sourabh Pawar 23 hours ago

    I want to see Romero;TFM,Bailly,Axel,Williams; Garner,Levitt;Chong,Pereira/Lingard,Gomes; Greenwood

    • Sourabh Pawar
      Sourabh Pawar 9 hours ago

      @Morgan Wagner there photos of Bailly and TFM back to fitness training around last week or so don't know if they are ready for a match but I do hope so

    • Morgan Wagner
      Morgan Wagner 22 hours ago

      Is Tim fosu mensah still injured?

  • Noelle Francisco
    Noelle Francisco 23 hours ago

    C'mon United!!!

    • Noelle Francisco
      Noelle Francisco 19 hours ago

      Red or Dead thank you so much!

    • Red or Dead
      Red or Dead 22 hours ago

      Happy Birthday 4 Thursday 🍾🎂🍻🍺🔝🔴👍🏼😁

  • Tell
    Tell 23 hours ago

    Love Adam’s style but he’s wrong. Team has never lost for lack of tactics they’ve lost because of lack of players. Everyone wants to make Man U’s problems complicated when it’s simple. They don’t have the talent and you can’t tell me United’s midfield without Pogba is not the worst of the top 6. Against bad teams we do not have the creators Leicester City or Chelsea has. Ole rebuilt the back 4, developing young talent and bringing through academy players. That’s what really good managers do. You put the talent on the pitch they will break down the smaller clubs and when they must beat the top 6 Ole tactically beats those guys. He needs the players. Man U fans need to focus on the problem. They should have a team that competes for European championships with Barcelona and Real Madrid and they don’t have the roster to win the PL.

    • Jonathan Pelham
      Jonathan Pelham 15 hours ago

      Spot On! I think you've summed up the position perfectly well, our problem isn't Ole, IMO he's done well, sometimes excellent, with limited player options. Pogba's return, and I really believe he'll return and play for us with passion and skill, will help form up the spine of our team and could be the extra we need to maintain consistency and quality. Cmon you Reds!!!!!

    • The GR81
      The GR81 22 hours ago

      I completely agree. Ole proved his can get the tactics right. We need to get better players!

  • Vino
    Vino 23 hours ago

    Every time she opened her mouth, I automatically skipped 3min without even realising it first time, idk what that means but I thought I’d share it, I also feel a bit irritated.

    • Zepher Gaming
      Zepher Gaming 15 hours ago

      What is means is that you are a chauvinistic pig. You feel that women have no place in football, and you are wrong. Crawl back into your hole Vino.

    • Noelle Francisco
      Noelle Francisco 19 hours ago

      Caroline Francis I know 😂

    • Noelle Francisco
      Noelle Francisco 19 hours ago

      bwrush00 thank you so much ☺️

    • Caroline Francis
      Caroline Francis 20 hours ago

      Noelle Francisco Scottish Gibberish 😂😂😂😂😂 great video Noelle 👏

    • bwrush00
      bwrush00 22 hours ago

      Noelle Francisco Happy early birthday chick! Great havin ya on the show

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis 23 hours ago

    Myron Boadu & Calvin Stengs are two of the premier talents in Dutch football. Expect to see both on the radar's of notable club's around Europe in the next 12-18 months.

    • Mufc OK
      Mufc OK 6 hours ago

      Ben Lewis Boadu a good player, he’s out for this game though.

    • Ben Lewis
      Ben Lewis 10 hours ago

      @Callum Hart Look them up, they're two of AZ's best attacking players.

    • Callum Hart
      Callum Hart 15 hours ago


  • limericklad2000
    limericklad2000 23 hours ago

    "You can't celebrate a goal". Bollocks.

  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar 23 hours ago

    Think a 4-4-2 diamond will be effective against teams that like to defend with a low block. Mctominay fred pereira and mata/Lingard will be my pick. With James coming on and using his pace in the last 20 mins and Garner and Dylan Levitt as subs.

  • Ray Shephardson
    Ray Shephardson 23 hours ago

    What a great episode 👌

  • Hezron Lewis
    Hezron Lewis Day ago

    Makes sense for pogba to play this game

  • Pianist Reeves

    Raheem Sterling is the reason why Rashford is on form 😂

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United Day ago


  • Sudip Tiwari
    Sudip Tiwari Day ago

    Grant Williams Jones Tuanzebe Young Pereira Levit Garner Mata Greenwood Gomes

    • MT1120
      MT1120 10 hours ago

      @Buta Map Garner and Levitt lost to Astana but somehow they're PL quality? What is it with some of you lot and completely overrating our youngsters?

    • Buta Map
      Buta Map 11 hours ago

      I don't care with the EL table. Let's give youth chances. Let's make this EL for the youth to be ready to challenge in PL after January. Just like we did to Mc Tominay last season. Some of them will be step up for PL at the end of the season. I can see the quality in some of them. Greenwood, Levitt and Garner they have all the quality to challenge PL. They just need a manager to believe in them and a much more game time. You can see also how good Brandon Williams was after Partizan game.

    • MT1120
      MT1120 17 hours ago

      @Sudip Tiwari Levitt 100% shouldn't. Garner shouldn't either, gotta be McTominay for me along with Pereira, probably Mata in front of them yes. Defense probably stays the same because it's relatively decent. James on the left. Greenwood on the right. Martial in the middle if you want to stand a chance.

    • Sudip Tiwari
      Sudip Tiwari 18 hours ago

      @MT1120 let's see the team you would choose to field for this game then.

    • MT1120
      MT1120 18 hours ago

      @Sudip Tiwari Uh sure but that doesn't mean our chances get any higher if we play them early on. We play 1 less big team, other big teams can get knocked out instead of us facing them and potentially being the ones that get knocked out... We are 5 points off a strong Chelsea side, we've got Tottenham breathing in our neck. Even Arsenal still have a chance somehow. I'd take this game at least half seriously, that team you put out is doomed to lose

  • knuckalar
    knuckalar Day ago

    Chong and gomes need some performances, haven’t been great when they have had the chance

    • OtherSideOfMorning
      OtherSideOfMorning 5 hours ago

      @Buta Map Mate, This is united. You can't just expect to play without the club knowing you will stay. Especially this year their are chances to be taken, look at Williams.

    • Buta Map
      Buta Map 11 hours ago

      @OtherSideOfMorning the reason why they wanted to leave is because the lack of chances they got so far.

    • OtherSideOfMorning
      OtherSideOfMorning 19 hours ago

      Why give them chances when they;re leaving at the end of the season anyway?

    • Jonathan Pegram
      Jonathan Pegram 23 hours ago

      Gomez hasn't had a chance

  • Adam McKola
    Adam McKola Day ago

    COME ON REDS!! 🔴

  • Delano Blanco
    Delano Blanco Day ago

    Ramazani on the left side

  • Younis Arshad
    Younis Arshad Day ago

    You can just tell this is too good to be true, we’ll either drop points in this game or sundays game vs Everton which I’m going to 😭 UP THE FUCKING REDS

  • parth chhutani

    You need to get Noelle more often !!

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar Day ago

    Romero AWB Axel Maguire Williams Garner Levitt Lingard (60') James (60') Greenwood Rashford (60') Subs: Gomes, Chong, Perriera 3-1

    • Frozen723
      Frozen723 8 hours ago

      That's a great lineup. Though I think Fred or mcT can fill up one position in the midfield, just to give us the extra bit of experience and cushion.

  • Robert Nanage
    Robert Nanage Day ago

    Az alkmar are good. If we play like they way we play Astana we gonna lose big...I'm not fooled by beating big clubs man utd isn't good yet

    • Callum Hart
      Callum Hart 15 hours ago

      Lose big!? 😂😂

    • Thomas Clark
      Thomas Clark 23 hours ago

      Is that an attempt to use as many oxymorons as possible 🤔

  • David Parkinson

    I don't care who we play we can best them all

  • The Polish Wonder

    More infamous than Andy Tate?!?!? Easy...

  • Josh Dunne
    Josh Dunne Day ago

    Brilliant trio one of the best podcasts already Edit: proven by that rant by Howson on Pep juicing his players, amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • pappulive20four7

    You guys are stagnant in terms of subscribers while the "other" channel is growing close to 600K. This is why. been 20 mins and what on earth are you guys talking about !!! Talk about the match

    • The Real Zlatan
      The Real Zlatan Day ago

      Not even that. This channel has become so sentimental towards this ‘Manc born and bred’ culture that they can’t seem to look beyond it. Adam is the only voice of reason on this channel...

  • kamucho
    kamucho Day ago

    Andy Tait is doing 20 nugz easy lads

  • dividend stock picker

    We need to start keeping clean sheets

  • Gareth Griffiths

    I watch/listen to the podcast every week and love what you guys do. The first 35 mins against City is the best I've seen us play in so long! Fred was unreal against City which was great to see and AWB is a proper defender. also, the side discussion about Icarus was top drawer, I'm hugely into athletics being a runner myself and am so chuffed that the cheating Russians are banned for another 4 years. Gareth/Gaz.

    • Gareth Griffiths
      Gareth Griffiths Day ago

      @FullTimeDEVILS Looking forward to the Everton game now, I'm just hoping we show some consistency and start the game properly like we did against City/Spurs. Yeah its madness, I think they can field a team if they 'prove' they are not involved with the doping scandal, and under a neutral name etc. As for drugs in other sports, I'm sure they have been around for years, especially Human Growth Hormones when coming back from injuries etc... It's a dead cert.

    • FullTimeDEVILS
      FullTimeDEVILS Day ago

      Thanks for supporting the channel, Gareth! It was a fantastic performance from the boys.. And yes, definitely. Have you read about the Russians being able to field a team for the Euros if they qualify, however the team doing so will not be able to represent Russia or use their flag? Madness.

  • BarebackBarbarians FC

    I knew you lot were gonna blow these wins completely out of perportion. Let's get this straight.. when mourinho played u he hadn't even had a full week to explain his tactics to his team, at least Ole has had time to implement tactics.. Mourinho was still trying to figure out which players are useful and which aren't and which formation to use with the players he has.. but gj u beat them.... Then u beat a city team that are down to the bare bones in defense.. at CB its anarchy, Fernandino is being wasted at CB when he's one of the best destroyers in midfield in the league.. Then no aguero, forget about sane.. and in my opinion if u were to play them 10 out of 10ntimes ude win twice they'd win 8 and that's me being honest. If u lot think ur gonna get in the top 4 or anywhere in the top 7 ur gonna be very very disappointed season's end.. and get a major wakeup call bcuz Ole can't beat the smaller teams. And when u lot come to Anfield ur gonna get spanked so that's 3 pts dropped right there.

    • BarebackBarbarians FC
      BarebackBarbarians FC Day ago

      Next win united get howson will be saying they can get into the title race I guarantee it and I'll make sure to record it and screenshot it to make a meme out of it 😭😭😑

  • Don Mayers
    Don Mayers Day ago

    Otamendi 😡😡 That bloodywell Bell End ! If it were me I'd give him ✌ then hit him with this 🖕! 2-1 ya wasteman ! SOD OFF 😡😡

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan Day ago

    Meh, was a lot of drivel & pluggin today...

  • bow hunter
    bow hunter Day ago

    Brilliant love this I'm grinning from ear to ear watching this bloody great stuff lads! UNITED UNITED. what a performance

  • Kairo Antsaar
    Kairo Antsaar Day ago

    Some things never change. Starting off by slagging off Shaw. Come on, Steve. Shaw had a good game.

  • Rogue DarkAgent

    Top lads. Cheers 👍🏻. 👹get in United 👹 let’s keep it going

  • Shane O'Connor

    Steven "I was in the army" Howson.. fuck me he doesn't shut up 2 boys literally could not say a thing without him interrupting and talking over them Andy had a few good question and points that you would like to hear but he just cudnt get back to them after he butt in

  • James Grime
    James Grime Day ago

    Gary Neville: "I can guarantee you as clear as day Manchester United will win again. They'll win the League again, probably even win it before liverpool." Famous last words Gary.

      STAY CLINT Day ago

      Except you changed a word ...possibly not probably . simply said by gary as city looked to be pipping lfc and we looked to be rebuilding better then . mate , would you ever say to someone ,oi you know what ,i reckon wolves might beat man utd again in fa cup ? then if man u win then youre a disgrace are you lol u mug stop changing context or expecting a bloody man u legend not to be bias etc or favor their club.

    • BarebackBarbarians FC
      BarebackBarbarians FC Day ago

      Ude be dumb, drunk or brain dead to think united will win the league before lfc. Matter of fact I can see Liverpool winning multiple epl titles and overtaking uniteds 20 titles to lfcs 18 before united even snuff at a title race

  • Charlie Brookes

    @FullTimeDevils what's the name of that documentary and how do I find it?

    • Charlie Brookes
      Charlie Brookes Day ago

      @FullTimeDEVILS just checked and it's still on Netflix in Thailand, so I'll give that a watch, nice one for that 🙏

    • FullTimeDEVILS
      FullTimeDEVILS Day ago

      Icarus, it was on Netflix. Can't guarantee that now though pal!

  • Mahesh Sharma
    Mahesh Sharma Day ago

    Oh it's Andy TWATT

  • david sief
    david sief Day ago

    So plan B worked and it looked good! Great! Now get a Plan A wOle and you can be Ole again.

  • jed loveday
    jed loveday Day ago

    This new team vs bacup borogh

  • Walter Kelt
    Walter Kelt Day ago

    Ref: where is sterling? AWB: he is hiding in the garage. Ref: what of B. Silva? Shaw: he is in the toilet

  • Harry Obikili
    Harry Obikili Day ago

    Legend has it that Sterling is still in AWB's pocket.