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  • Jazzbuh
    Jazzbuh 9 minutes ago

    That was pretty awesome. It's like anime, but not from Japan. I wouldn't mind watching a whole series of this.

  • Marius Ipad
    Marius Ipad 20 minutes ago

    me at about 1:00 mark - does this daemon knows he is in the matrix?

  • Blackfeather Tanfur
    Blackfeather Tanfur 33 minutes ago

    I'd be really amused, and happy, would my soul look like a cute anthropomorphic fox!

  • Charles Sloan
    Charles Sloan 46 minutes ago

    Another great one.

  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe 46 minutes ago


  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 48 minutes ago

    That was fun. May I have another, please!

  • Matthew Morrissey
    Matthew Morrissey 55 minutes ago


  • Thief
    Thief Hour ago

    They already have nanobots being implemented. Macrophage/ChemSpiders.. look it up..

  • Carnet Tchèque
    Carnet Tchèque Hour ago

    Brütal XD

  • Charles Sloan
    Charles Sloan Hour ago

    That was awesome. Loved it.

  • Brandon Hanserd
    Brandon Hanserd Hour ago

    I think this could get even weirder....imagine if they found our drugs

  • Gaëtan
    Gaëtan Hour ago

    Image and sound unsynced in the outro.

  • Von Crow
    Von Crow Hour ago

    3 minutes far more better than 3 last movies from star wars

  • Kerian Halcyon
    Kerian Halcyon Hour ago

    Dude, I'd totally watch the full movie of this. Cyberpunk with psionics in classical 2D animation? Hell yeah.

  • MarcDadiyo Offerin

    why has it taken you guys so long to upload this video to this channel? I think i first saw this video 5 years ago.. Ammmmmmm??????

  • シャモ・トマトン

    atomic heart

  • John lamar
    John lamar 2 hours ago

    Needs to be a feature!!! Brilliant!!!

  • Briareos Hino
    Briareos Hino 2 hours ago

    That was a Smooth ride

  • Djelari Ghana
    Djelari Ghana 2 hours ago

    love is a lie. just die.now thats real. nighty night...dont let the demons bite. ..they will anyway.

  • Neil MacKenzie
    Neil MacKenzie 2 hours ago

    Very good! Well done, fast paced, leaves the viewer wanting more of the same. Good graphics, clear and precise.

  • Radio Active
    Radio Active 3 hours ago

    And thats why dont like to travel in a metro or bus ....

  • Radio Active
    Radio Active 3 hours ago

    I dont understand the reason of this random killing ..... If U r trying to change the decision makers then ... why kill some people who are even remotely associated with politics....

  • Gene Q
    Gene Q 3 hours ago

    so cool!

  • Tracey Hairgrove
    Tracey Hairgrove 3 hours ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • VFX Todd
    VFX Todd 3 hours ago

    Brilliant. Just goes to show that no short is too short to be entertaining and engaging. Adding to my Great Short Films playlist.

  • Zexmus
    Zexmus 3 hours ago

    Feels like a black mirror episode

  • john greaves
    john greaves 3 hours ago

    I love how “01” is always in the Middle East. ( the name of the mech city from the animatrix.) And how Saudi Arabia gave a AI citizen ship.

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee 3 hours ago

    Thank you for another excellent film, you folks are the best.

  • JFields4
    JFields4 3 hours ago

    What was this supposed to be about?

  • Arnold Sherrill
    Arnold Sherrill 3 hours ago

    God this is good!!., I can't wait to see the response to this when they put this on Dust Sunday night the chat room is going to go nuts.!

  • Гугл переводчик мусор

    I hope this doesn't get taken down for the 4 seconds of cartoon titties

  • John L
    John L 3 hours ago

    I really do love well made ammitation. 10/10

  • lowercase knife
    lowercase knife 3 hours ago

    OITNB!! I knew I'd seen him before!

  • T X J
    T X J 3 hours ago


  • Tomorrows Last Funeral

    Ah man, too short, want more.

  • Charles Davidson
    Charles Davidson 3 hours ago

    Powdery excellence

  • Curtis Steele
    Curtis Steele 4 hours ago

    Right off the bat it's incredibly interesting how heavily implied it is that people use these bots for sex and the main character uses his for friendship... It implies a ton that I won't go into here lol

  • 4 Deuce
    4 Deuce 4 hours ago

    Part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10............

  • 4 Deuce
    4 Deuce 4 hours ago

    Come ooooooon 😭 too short!!!

  • stheday1
    stheday1 4 hours ago

    Very enjoyable.

  • JFields4
    JFields4 4 hours ago

    What Was This Really About?

  • kertaspaper94
    kertaspaper94 4 hours ago

    Wish their speech were louder. But otherwise, YO This is so cool!

  • Cliff Dukes
    Cliff Dukes 4 hours ago

    The sad part is all of the lawlessness takes place and the solar storm just move on and the earth doesn't end. There would be a lot of people going to jail after the event. Just saying!

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown 4 hours ago

    Please sir, may I have some more?

  • James Walker
    James Walker 4 hours ago


  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson 4 hours ago

    Aeon Flux

  • Curtis Steele
    Curtis Steele 4 hours ago

    Dust and Alter run my soul now. Didn't even need the computer

  • Paulo Da Silva
    Paulo Da Silva 5 hours ago

    I think there's a little touch of Akira. Make this into a series, but without the nudity and strong lango...my virgin ears can't handle it. Nevertheless, it's an awesome job.

  • Bryan Kirk
    Bryan Kirk 5 hours ago

    Now I think my wife might be human!

  • A. G. Perry
    A. G. Perry 5 hours ago

    "A man who would give up a little liberty for security deserves neither and loses both" -Benjamin Franklin...

  • Robert Pilla
    Robert Pilla 5 hours ago

    Solid graphics and animation

  • Aaron Weise
    Aaron Weise 5 hours ago

    Akira meets Heavy Metal.

  • daker dee
    daker dee 5 hours ago

    We want more Post Human!

  • Beatworld Records
    Beatworld Records 5 hours ago


  • papaowl13803
    papaowl13803 5 hours ago

    Another good Sunday night. THX, DUST

  • Random guy on the net

    I want moar!!!

  • UtopianMatt
    UtopianMatt 5 hours ago


  • A. G. Perry
    A. G. Perry 6 hours ago

    That looks quite a bit like radiation poisoning if I'm being honest. I wouldn't have anything to do with that machine.

  • Dave L
    Dave L 6 hours ago

    Likey likey 👍👍👍👏👏

  • Scott Heffernan
    Scott Heffernan 6 hours ago

    Not for Saturday mornings, but relatively entertaining.

  • NightCoder
    NightCoder 6 hours ago

    This has nothing to do with singularity.

  • Wroger Wroger
    Wroger Wroger 6 hours ago

    This was really good.

  • Victor Yanez
    Victor Yanez 6 hours ago


  • William Saloka
    William Saloka 6 hours ago


  • Rick Ragan
    Rick Ragan 6 hours ago

    From juice to murder in less than 5 minutes, that escalated quickly. The AI nanny seemed to see herself as an competitive, independent agent rather than a consultant to the mother. Was there no testing before sending that software update out into production?

  • Skinfluencer Bobbie Lee

    So basically, there was evil at work in the water, on Mars, or wherever they are, and this evil entity tried & succeeded in making Rian think that there was something good in the water that was... Well, righteous, healing, and quite the opposite of evil. Apparently she was mistaken. The evil entity did finally trick her into succumbing to it by drowning in the water and ultimately selling her soul to exact revenge on those who we're in charge of the colony, and most likely captured and made slaves of her, her sister, & the others!

  • Z1000 Kawasaki.
    Z1000 Kawasaki. 6 hours ago

    How that got any thumbs down is beyond me.....It was awesome, thank you.

  • Den Morin
    Den Morin 6 hours ago

    Yes please.

  • NightCoder
    NightCoder 6 hours ago

    DUST is what those people are smoking.

  • GunDrone
    GunDrone 6 hours ago

    That was the best short anime I have seen in awhile.

  • Darren of Photos
    Darren of Photos 6 hours ago

    Well that was absolutely worth watching. Bravo folks. I definitely vote for more eps or a movie.

  • ChrisBoogeyman
    ChrisBoogeyman 6 hours ago

    at 11:06, the robotic limbs were on the opposite side, then back to the original side at 11:25 :o magic!

  • Geoff Burkman
    Geoff Burkman 6 hours ago

    Good start.

  • Jonathan Porter
    Jonathan Porter 6 hours ago

    Oh snap! That...that was fucking awesome! The animation was phenomenal and flawless. The characters and design concepts gave it such a dope cyberpunk vibe. If there's a part 2 then yes, yes please. Dust should showcase more bad-ass anime like this on the channel.

  • Rene Paez
    Rene Paez 7 hours ago

    More Please!!! I was grinding my teeth from the start....EXCELLENT!!!

  • Solid Ceiling
    Solid Ceiling 7 hours ago

    Hahah again and always some things like this ... some people just love to see ...that Man is put down in scenes as Evil and Women as being the lovelies ones ever over allthings . I say its just a bad wet dreams that never comes true into lifeline. Take a dizzie dont be a sisi.

  • Harry Steele
    Harry Steele 7 hours ago

    🤪Excellent Anime!!

  • I Am The Won
    I Am The Won 7 hours ago


  • Lucky Wize
    Lucky Wize 7 hours ago


  • nckeller
    nckeller 7 hours ago

    Heavy Metal worthy!

  • langelagrenouille
    langelagrenouille 7 hours ago


    JUCILENO LINHARES 7 hours ago

    Um momento de reflexão como poderia deixar a lembrar-se dos momentos mais felizes junto à quem se ama tanto, como poderia entender se não mais existisse para as pessoas que mais desejaria estar presente. O amor estaria no estado decisório..

  • Wendy Cohen
    Wendy Cohen 7 hours ago


  • I Am The Won
    I Am The Won 7 hours ago


  • An Actual Airhorn
    An Actual Airhorn 7 hours ago


  • I Am The Won
    I Am The Won 7 hours ago


  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson 7 hours ago

    time to make babies

  • Persistent Dreams
    Persistent Dreams 7 hours ago

    Nice! I like it. Yes to Part 2.

  • MK Global Topics
    MK Global Topics 7 hours ago

    Formidable axed content

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz 7 hours ago

    I'll watch this series. I'll order Season 1 Wall Plates. 👍Great work guys!

  • Jim Gracey
    Jim Gracey 7 hours ago

    I don’t like animation.....that said, this was very good. Would like to see more of these characters and maybe a bit of backstory. Well done all.

  • Jere616
    Jere616 7 hours ago

    Poor guy will be older than his mother in 2050 so can't even be born; so he won't be there to meet her in the nursing home.

  • JDL R
    JDL R 7 hours ago


  • Nancy T
    Nancy T 7 hours ago

    Yes! Part 2 please! I would love to see a series for this. This short was great!

  • SpiderSparta56
    SpiderSparta56 7 hours ago

    DUST you are the best!!! That was the best short story film I seen all month

  • Anrcs Mxms
    Anrcs Mxms 8 hours ago

    Now THATS what I'm talking about. Supercool visuals, plot and action. Good chewy fun.

  • Terah
    Terah 8 hours ago

    This should be a series.

  • schmu
    schmu 8 hours ago

    nice trailer, when's the series coming to netflix?

  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton 8 hours ago

    DUST has really gone down hill. Change in management?