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Wolves Howl and Harmonize
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Wolf Superpowers!
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Wolf Pup Ambush
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Make it a double 馃惡
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Wolf Pup Stampede!
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Springtime Wolf Howls
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Howl Startles Red Wolf Pup
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Nikai Howls to the Rising Sun
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Look Into the Eyes of a Wolf
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Clever Raven Caches Food
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Sleep. Howl. Repeat.
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Synchronized Howling!
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Peace Starts with a Howl
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For Wolves, Love is Wild
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Cat Watches Wolves on Webcam
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Lazy Wolf Howls Lying Down
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Wolves Howling in the Snow
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Red Wolf Pups Nuzzle and Kiss
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Wolves Play in the Snow
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Fifty Wolves Howl at Sunset
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Atka the Wolf Plays Football
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  • CanAm 1014
    CanAm 1014 4 hours ago

    0:20 every doggo when hooman opens bag of treats/has food

  • HVideos
    HVideos 23 hours ago

    Cute danger doggo

  • 彀牅鞖癈ha Jewoo

    *"Yo dude shut up im tryna take a rest goddammit!"*

  • Cat
    Cat Day ago

    On all levels except physical.. I am a wolf

  • Sherry Ankeny
    Sherry Ankeny Day ago

    Beautiful song!

  • Fernando Morales

    Red wolf are one of the most. Rare n the world they are dying out 馃槗馃槗馃槬馃槬馃槳 sad

  • Me
    Me Day ago

    I like to play this for my dogs.

  • Kathryn Burden

    I am so glad I got to come visit back in September! <3

  • ZgermanGuy
    ZgermanGuy Day ago

    Soooo do we get a new console now?

  • Mario Fraschini


  • Craig Preston
    Craig Preston Day ago

    Pup: *daad I'm hungryyy when are we gonna get foood can we get bird for dinner I'm hungry cmoooon!* Dad: I regret all of my life decisions

  • Garrett Stephens
    Garrett Stephens 2 days ago

    When your dad has been working all day and needs to rest and you want to play

  • Garrett Stephens
    Garrett Stephens 2 days ago

    Reminds me when I woke my mom up for Christmas when she had too much eggnog the night before

  • Derrick Leon
    Derrick Leon 2 days ago

    Let's give them a record deal

  • Derrick Leon
    Derrick Leon 2 days ago

    They sound better than some r and b singers

  • Quit hunt
    Quit hunt 2 days ago

    The Most Lovable and Most Beautiful Being Ever Made

  • Derrick Leon
    Derrick Leon 2 days ago

    They singing the blues

  • Derrick Leon
    Derrick Leon 2 days ago

    Their praying to God

  • Jesse
    Jesse 2 days ago

    ima fix wolves

  • Viktor Gadany
    Viktor Gadany 2 days ago

    Wolf gang all here

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 2 days ago

    this is my husky with all puppies now. I get scared shell nip them! Only hers is sooo much loudly and annoied as they are not her puppies she gets very aggitated esp with this shiba inu pup around the corner who just wants to claw her face and suckle.

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 2 days ago

    My dad & 7 year old sisters were camping in NEw Paltz just us on a small property. We had heard lots of coyotes but far away very beautiful and were sitting by the fire. My dad left 10 min walk to the car and right like 5 mins after he left with me my husky and my little sisters we heard some rustling and then a loud HOWL with several following at least like 6-7 howls at a time. Iris my husky is intact not in heat at that time but it had me very worried if we had more light we would have seen them and im not small im 5'10 my little sisters are kind of tall but very slender and I would not want a group of dogs to come near us so I rushed them to the tent on a platform I had my lighter and a stick they were all quiet after we screamed for our bear dad to come back. I had never heard so many all in one place before and I wouldnt have been too worried I would have stayed by the fire if my husky wasnt so close to heat & my litttle sisters werent there. I told them they had to interest in us and they would leave they were hunting something else not us and they did just that. I couldnt sleep all night though and at 2 am I heard maybe a half a mile away not too far not too close them killing something and then could sleep knowing they found food. We had found welll not we my husky found lots of deer bones there in different places some old some new usually the leg bones only for some reason. The next camping trip we went to lake placid 2 weeks later and at night it was raining on me and myh tent had a slight leak so I wasnt getting much sleep... but then I kept hearing howling and Iris seemed interested and I COULD NOT SLEEP> It was pretty but I was so scared it was coyotes but then I was like no it cant be too dense of an area and it did not sound like a coyote. Later on abreakfast we ran into a man who worked at a wolf reserve place down the road a bit and THAT explained it I was going to finally get sleep but my tnet flooded but I was not scared at least. Iris got to meet the wolves though the fence the female did not like her nor she it and she liked the bees. She never howls even with my friends wolfsky and his wolamute they howl for gathering and when theyre mad. She only howls when shes mad and wants me upstairs or whereever she is or if shes int rouble or misses me. Or if shes mad that Im getting home and shes conflicted like I want bElLY ruBS but you left me she scoulds me. Why is that?

  • steve evans
    steve evans 2 days ago

    cool video

  • Diane Da-Yeon Jung
    Diane Da-Yeon Jung 2 days ago

    These are one of the most majestic animals I have ever seen in my whole life. Thank you...鈾ワ笍馃槏馃惡馃ぉ

  • Diane Da-Yeon Jung
    Diane Da-Yeon Jung 2 days ago

    He's so adorable!!! 馃惡

  • Carl Gainey
    Carl Gainey 3 days ago


  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 3 days ago

    She protecc She attacc But most importantly she needs 12 hours of sleep bacc

  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 3 days ago

    This is totally me trying to wake my dad up in the morning lol.

  • Sarah Asleep
    Sarah Asleep 3 days ago

    We long to hear these folks in our Flagstaff, Arizona again...we so miss them. Thank you.

  • Amy Caran
    Amy Caran 3 days ago

    That is the best Christmas present ever to see Nikai in the snow. Just splendid. Thank you very much.

  • lily murawski
    lily murawski 3 days ago

    They're has to be more to the story then that those pups send a little big for needing mama

  • Gualla Bill
    Gualla Bill 3 days ago

    Why is his neck so long ?

  • Glowingstarnight Aj

    When you try to sing but your voice keeps cracking

  • sarah jayne lee
    sarah jayne lee 3 days ago


  • Laura Metheny
    Laura Metheny 3 days ago

    That is so pretty. Just. Wish. I. Could. Be. There. Too. God bless you all and Merry Christmas! Sweet wolves love you!馃惥馃巹馃巵馃巺馃挀鉂

  • Wolf Mountain
    Wolf Mountain 3 days ago

    NIKAI...surrounded by the majesty and charm of a snowy forest ... an "excuse" for a beautiful poetry ...

  • Respect The Rex
    Respect The Rex 3 days ago

    1:42 at .25

  • Maria Thereza Teixeira

    Nossos maravilhosos Irm茫os Lobos !馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳

  • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews

    I could watch him for hours!!!馃槏

  • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews

    Nikai is absolutely stunningly beautiful/handsome wolf!!!!馃槏馃槡馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅

  • chrisnbonz
    chrisnbonz 3 days ago

    Baby wolf be like: snuggle mom snuggle! Then moms like breaking his jaw

  • Pam Laster Ferreira

    鉂勶笍馃懠鈥檚 With every breath howled, the snow is convinced too fall...

  • Tanja Jensen
    Tanja Jensen 3 days ago

    love love just love... i sent pure love to Atka... <3 <3 <3

  • Catalina Rios
    Catalina Rios 3 days ago

    My boyfriend is pretending to be a sheep and I can鈥檛 howl so I鈥檓 using this video to Howl

  • Lupa Natalia
    Lupa Natalia 3 days ago

    So cute!Love it..

  • Sayidina Faizal
    Sayidina Faizal 3 days ago

    *Howling* Camera guy: And cut! Wolf: Okay, now where's my Whiskas?

  • Adem Sphynx
    Adem Sphynx 3 days ago

    That's the cutest thing ever

  • Angry Wolf Animations


  • Raven Mockery
    Raven Mockery 4 days ago

    The most beautiful Santa.

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 4 days ago


  • Rawriest
    Rawriest 4 days ago

    He does the grito better than me

  • AbyssWalker12
    AbyssWalker12 4 days ago

    Please no... don't make these videos appear in my home... not now that i really wish to pet one in real life but find myself unable to do so. I just don't want to think about wolves for now, it just makes me feel worse Dx

  • Justin Elliott
    Justin Elliott 4 days ago

    is like foxxo squeak

  • Animaltastic
    Animaltastic 4 days ago

    This mom wolf is even worse than Rainflower!

  • Sparkles The Cat
    Sparkles The Cat 4 days ago


  • WolfRhymes
    WolfRhymes 4 days ago


  • CidSilverwing
    CidSilverwing 4 days ago

    Goooorgeous floooof~ <3

  • Jaz Singh
    Jaz Singh 4 days ago

    I thought it was Ghost from Game of Thrones... what a gorgeous sight.

  • 賯胤乇賷 賵 兀賮鬲禺乇

    Beautiful 馃挏馃惡馃尮... Regards馃嚩馃嚘

  • Justin Powers
    Justin Powers 4 days ago

    Nikai looks so amazing in the snow.

  • Pam Laster Ferreira

    Snow 馃懠

  • Hyena Paw
    Hyena Paw 4 days ago

    Was she ATTACKING her pups?

  • Katherine Moss
    Katherine Moss 4 days ago

    That is gorgeous. Then again. Wolves are the most amazing of the canine family. He seems so incredibly gentle and sweet.

  • Mariela V
    Mariela V 4 days ago


  • Wolfer The Wolf
    Wolfer The Wolf 4 days ago

    So beautiful 鉂わ笍

  • Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew Ramirez 4 days ago

    *Peace and quiet.*

  • Fouad Rns
    Fouad Rns 4 days ago

    乇賵毓丞 .卮賰乇丕賱賰賲

  • Sue Leroy
    Sue Leroy 4 days ago

    馃槡馃槡馃槡鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳 鉂 鉂 馃槡

  • Natalie Danyko
    Natalie Danyko 4 days ago

    I鈥檝e been here before and the wolves were amazing

  • German Shepherd/Owczarek Niemiecki - Major

    So gorgeous 馃惡

  • William Nixon
    William Nixon 4 days ago

    Beautiful wolf 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃挒馃挒馃挒馃挒馃挒

  • Kerri H.
    Kerri H. 4 days ago

    馃挏Beautiful baby!馃挏

  • Wolf
    Wolf 4 days ago


  • Wolf white
    Wolf white 4 days ago

    It reminds me of Kiba from wolf's rain

  • Lance Salter
    Lance Salter 4 days ago

    My God!!!! Talk about majestic.....Awsome and beautiful

    CUPCAKESUGARPIE 4 days ago

    鈾ワ笍馃惡鈾ワ笍Natural Beauty鈾ワ笍馃惡鈾ワ笍 Mother Nature is the best teacher Magnificent, Mysterious, Majestic So sweet we even got a profile 鈽猴笍

  • WolfRhymes
    WolfRhymes 4 days ago

    That鈥檚 my papas! That鈥檚 my boy!! 鉂わ笍馃憤

  • Wolf white
    Wolf white 4 days ago


    • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews
      Cathy GaliLEO Andrews 2 days ago

      @Wolf white I've read several books about wolves, about pack structure, and also about the cruel extermination of them. Their range used to basically extend from coast to coast. Plus watched tons of nature documentaries about all kinds of animals. Really, the only reason wolves sometimes go after sheep or cattle is because human hunters steal the wolves natural prey, like deer and elk. And humans want more of those to kill so they want to kill wolves....vicious cycle, huh.

    • Wolf white
      Wolf white 2 days ago

      @Cathy GaliLEO Andrews 馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槺馃槺馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槶馃槶馃槶

    • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews
      Cathy GaliLEO Andrews 3 days ago

      AGREE!!!! They are so vital to the ecosystem. When they were reintroduced into Yellowstone SO many species benefited, beavers and elk and well, everybody including the flora. Wolves are true hunters that I respect. We could learn much from how they keep their pack together. And when either alpha female or male are murdered it throws the whole family out of order. Human hunters don't care that they destroy the whole pack when one is killed.

    • Wolfer The Wolf
      Wolfer The Wolf 4 days ago

      Please stop killing wolves

  • Abdul Dervishi
    Abdul Dervishi 4 days ago

    Wow 鉂ゐ煉

  • Wolf white
    Wolf white 4 days ago

    This is fucking beautiful!!!! 馃槏馃槏馃惡馃尐鉂

  • angell
    angell 4 days ago

    Ownnnn 馃挄馃挄 so magical and beautiful 鉁ㄢ湪鉁ㄢ湪

  • sonic baseball
    sonic baseball 4 days ago

    A wolf in the snow is very beautiful 馃惡馃惡馃惡馃惡馃尐锔忦煂笍馃尐锔忦煂笍馃尐锔忊潉锔忊潉锔忊潉锔

  • Matoro .A.W.
    Matoro .A.W. 4 days ago

    It's so beautiful.

    • Matoro .A.W.
      Matoro .A.W. 3 days ago

      @Cathy GaliLEO Andrews I just couldn't tell if it was a female or Male, that was all.

    • Cathy GaliLEO Andrews
      Cathy GaliLEO Andrews 3 days ago

      He's so beautiful, not an it.

  • Inukshuk Sixtyfour
    Inukshuk Sixtyfour 4 days ago

    MAJESTIC-Look at you gorgeous boy!!! <3

  • Tristan Wilson
    Tristan Wilson 4 days ago

    Haven't clicked on a video so quickly in a while

  • Kandee Williams
    Kandee Williams 4 days ago

    Lord, hear my pleas

  • Subwaygirl NYC
    Subwaygirl NYC 4 days ago

    I actually saw a Golden retriever mom do this to her pups who came up to her to nurse and cuddle...think it鈥檚 their way of prepping them for adulthood since they were getting older and about ready to be weaned....

  • lavender fields
    lavender fields 4 days ago

    Gotta laugh at people who think dogs, the descendants of wolf sleep outside, not inside, and somehow forgot how to communicate with their growls and teeth

  • 賲丨賲丿 丕賱噩賲賷賱賷


  • roastingpotato
    roastingpotato 5 days ago

    All moms are the same

  • Diane Da-Yeon Jung
    Diane Da-Yeon Jung 5 days ago

    O MAI GOSHHHHH!!!!! HE IZ THE CUUUUUUUTEST WOLF WITH THE CUUUUUUUTEST SMIIIIILLLLEEE. 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃惡馃惡馃惡馃惡馃惡馃惡鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍馃ぉ鈾ワ笍馃ぉ鈾ワ笍馃ぉ鈾ワ笍馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ馃構馃ぉ馃構馃構馃構馃構

  • Juanita Soto
    Juanita Soto 5 days ago

    Gorgeous baby

  • Tyler Tichoc
    Tyler Tichoc 5 days ago

    Me after seeing this video: Pweez wolfo, gib me gud hooman mlerms. Und let me gib you belly wubs an nuzzles und muchos snoot boops.馃槝馃惡馃挦 Every wolf in a 15 mile radius: Halp

  • Damariun Wilson
    Damariun Wilson 5 days ago

    鈥淒o you know the truth鈥

  • Gwyn M.J
    Gwyn M.J 5 days ago


  • Fatima Zulfiqar
    Fatima Zulfiqar 5 days ago

    Wolves are Angels

  • Zinedine B.
    Zinedine B. 6 days ago

    Zephyr is by far the most outstanding wolf there.

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil 6 days ago

    "You know you like me momma. You know I'm your favori-" *gets bitten*

  • 寮犳枃
    寮犳枃 6 days ago

    so so so so so so s beautiful !!!

  • S. Mc.
    S. Mc. 6 days ago

    We know no king but the King in the NORTH!!!