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  • 望月俊樹
    望月俊樹 5 minutes ago

    1:32 1:33

  • TheCheatah 174
    TheCheatah 174 35 minutes ago

    Kratos one of the ppl who have the power to respawn

  • Aki Nara
    Aki Nara Hour ago

    Idk who thought giving Nokia red-pinkish hair and the MC red hair thought it'd be nuce to look at when they are together QAQ its biting so hard

  • oh ok
    oh ok Hour ago

    Mortal Kombat 11- All Fatalities on D'Vorah **Everybody liked that**

    JOHNDICK XXX Hour ago

    The last of lesbians

  • Solid Snake Plissken

    This scene is more than just a father talking to his son, it’s a man’s past telling him to let go and live his life as no ones puppet

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 hours ago

    *DAMN YOU* -John Marston

  • The Marathon Continues

    I had my headphones at full volume when you went to tackle @1:00 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤬

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice how the money wasn't wet.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 3 hours ago

    Interesting watching Hades battle Cronos since technically in that instance he was battling his eldest son (in birth order), makes you wonder had he beaten him could he have laid claim as rightful king of the gods.

  • Frederick
    Frederick 3 hours ago

    11:05 Yeah, then why bring in the lethal weapons ON THIS DOCTOR in the first place?

  • Saucy Wings
    Saucy Wings 3 hours ago

    This game might beat NFS for most unrealistic ever

  • Dutchess Brooklyn
    Dutchess Brooklyn 3 hours ago

    I teared up the second I heard Gwyn's theme play. it cought me so off gaurd and I saw the beauty of this fight.

  • Julian Saing
    Julian Saing 3 hours ago

    Good God, who's going to tell Krieg...

  • SgtxAnus
    SgtxAnus 3 hours ago

    this part convinced me to redo the story as an asshole idk y but looking back on this game if that was me in all these situations fuck it pew pew

  • MrSkinnyWhale
    MrSkinnyWhale 3 hours ago

    A bunch of "Emilys" in the comments defending Emily.

  • J Do
    J Do 4 hours ago

    "Are those gnats on that fruit?" Lorian: "Flies, if you would."

  • Bioshocked678
    Bioshocked678 4 hours ago

    Ahhhh so STALKER if it was made in 2019....

  • Dan Spindel
    Dan Spindel 4 hours ago

    yesterday upon the stairs i met a man who was not there we was not there again today i wish i wish he'd go away

  • SSJaye
    SSJaye 4 hours ago

    These boss fights were impossible at first then became easy to me afterwards. I became a real man after them.

  • Looper Jooper
    Looper Jooper 4 hours ago

    I still cant get over the fact that this is Maka Albarn's voice actress.

  • Braxton Caelum
    Braxton Caelum 4 hours ago

    I hope it ends up like this

  • Dan Spindel
    Dan Spindel 4 hours ago

    shutter island stuff here

  • Blackwolverine 31
    Blackwolverine 31 4 hours ago

    Kotal khan’s sucked

  • Brayan Camacho
    Brayan Camacho 5 hours ago

    1:25 Tom Clancy's Ghost recon breakpoint - OST Walk with the wolves

  • the benja HD
    the benja HD 5 hours ago

    TheXvid: *sees this video* Shirrako: *bravo six going dark*

  • Master Of Plauge
    Master Of Plauge 5 hours ago

    I want this game when it comes out of early access, it looks amazing.

  • ProfessorPeyton
    ProfessorPeyton 5 hours ago

    This game was one of the greatest games during year 1.

  • ZangThao 咏春
    ZangThao 咏春 5 hours ago

    Is this game even out or not cause i've been to gamestop couple of times and don't see it anywhere on sale and i even gone to Fred Meyer, Best Buy, Target still don't see it on sale.

  • Joseph Ochoa
    Joseph Ochoa 5 hours ago

    He kills gamora and now thane...WHO ELSE IS HE GOING TO KILL!!

  • Damion's clone
    Damion's clone 5 hours ago

    The first look at D1 that has absolutely nothing to do with game.👍 The trailer looks pretty interactive in a VR kind of way.

  • fat fuck
    fat fuck 6 hours ago

    i wish this was still on car crushers 2

  • MTGPlayer10
    MTGPlayer10 6 hours ago

    ...I'm sorry..but that extremely creaky gate that was closed near the beginning of the video made me laugh. Those "guards" were only..what..20ft away..sure..they definitely didn't hear that just then...rofl.

    DATGUY¿ 6 hours ago

    Player: *steps on the Firekeeper* Kinky

  • Paracosm_x7
    Paracosm_x7 6 hours ago

    I remember my first time encountering him i was like „oh shiny!“ looked at the item i got super excitedly and the... Boom skeleton the size of a skyscraper like wtf.

  • IceboundFiddle
    IceboundFiddle 6 hours ago

    When your significant other leaves you... ;-;

  • jonathas Gabriel
    jonathas Gabriel 6 hours ago

    You know that you did a god job when geralt stand up and claps for you

  • CoalKingRyan
    CoalKingRyan 6 hours ago

    I wish there was a way to see what everyone you impacted in your life end up doing with their own lives when you die. Even the people you aren’t necessarily well known to but just people that were affected by you in some way even if what you did was small. Ik it would take forever, but come on you’re dead. You have all the time in the world.

  • Johairy v
    Johairy v 6 hours ago

    You played this beautifully. My anxiety level spiked and you managed the shotgun and sniper like a pro! Loved it!!!

  • Hào Nguyễn
    Hào Nguyễn 6 hours ago

    We truly need a live performance for the theme song...

  • VIII Maus
    VIII Maus 6 hours ago

    Nigga, what are you wearing?

  • Lue Lee
    Lue Lee 6 hours ago

    Here for the chicc Didnt know she was this thicc

  • Gød inkling
    Gød inkling 6 hours ago


  • Matthew K
    Matthew K 7 hours ago

    This is... weird. The comments are weird, the title is weird, the lady’s words are weird... I don’t like anything about any of this 😂

  • Brayden Hatcher
    Brayden Hatcher 7 hours ago

    One of the best games there was in my life 🥺

  • Iris Diaz
    Iris Diaz 7 hours ago

    Will this ever be remastered on the switch or ps4!!!

  • BrandoIsThy
    BrandoIsThy 7 hours ago

    Feels good to be back

  • Hyu
    Hyu 7 hours ago

    Alazoka from Brazil man

  • Vyrisus
    Vyrisus 7 hours ago

    I simply killed Jacob from the ground with the sniper rifle.

  • Roman Britos
    Roman Britos 7 hours ago

    Deadpool para el próximo MK me gustaría ver que tipos de fatality haría xd😂

  • Smudge The Gness
    Smudge The Gness 7 hours ago

    Fuck yes dude, I loved this cutscene. I wish I could go back in time and experience Destiny all over again fresh

  • Nightmare Danish
    Nightmare Danish 7 hours ago

    now that's fucking funny 20:00

    ARTHUR MORGAN 7 hours ago

    2019 still no new information.☹😔


    What did the horse do thts sad

  • MasterWill
    MasterWill 7 hours ago

    The memories........

  • Zach Borgan
    Zach Borgan 7 hours ago

    Where in the name of Yggdrasil is that wind coming from?! Leave it to square to have a sense of humor.

  • Gaboseries
    Gaboseries 7 hours ago

    8:47 "and we don't ever tell each other where they are." Black Panther takes it to Wakanda. Ironman to Stark tower Thor to Asgard. Yep. Definitely wouldn't look there

  • 戦闘ロボットスーパー

    Why is this video so long?

  • Classic Animations
    Classic Animations 7 hours ago

    If he untied them in the first place she would have been cured faster.

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 8 hours ago

    Wish we could live happly ever after in the ranch with John, Arthur, Abgail, Jack, Charles and Sadie

  • Bob Weed
    Bob Weed 8 hours ago

    Just gotta love them democrats

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans 8 hours ago

    Kojima, Del Toro, junji ito and reedus. They pissed away the best horror that could ever exist. This was going to be a disturbing masterpiece. The best horrors are ones without action. This is known to be the scariest game anyone has played yet no tools or weapons. Until dawn was amazing yet very little use of weapons. Resi7 demo got everyone excited yet no weapons. Devs need to learn this so we can get some proper horror. Zombies are not scary, neither are monsters. Ghosts/interdimensional beings are!

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 8 hours ago

    what the fuck was the point of including rin to the story?! and retconing and ending like this? jesus.... Katherine is better to me honestly in terms of looks, yes, the only thing i like about Catherine, aside from the fact that she's voiced by rise, is her sexual personality. combine the looks of K and the sexual personality of C, and you get best Katherine. Time to watch the other endings, this better not've been titled the true ending, i think vincent is better than that

  • Shade x Oblivion
    Shade x Oblivion 8 hours ago


  • pєαchєsαndpєppєrs

    Me and the boys when we get caught by the po-po on our fishing trip.

  • pєαchєsαndpєppєrs

    The most... adorable... mission... ever...

  • uncle darren
    uncle darren 8 hours ago

    This is a warning from 2019... Bungie lied to you. If you see it, you can't nessessarilly get to it!!!

  • Quintonias
    Quintonias 8 hours ago

    I could never figure out why they brought guns on, what I'm assuming is, the first manned mission to Mars.

  • the_HUNTER23
    the_HUNTER23 8 hours ago

    5 years ago we became guardians of the last city on earth.

  • Jack Nguyễn
    Jack Nguyễn 8 hours ago

    Majin bu girl

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 8 hours ago

    i feel bad for vincent honestly. and can we just take a quick second at how stupid it is that katherine in one frame is sitting down barefooted, but then sitting down with her heels on?! at least have her heels off dammit to make sense, otherwise it'd be pretty hard to sit down like that

  • Princess Fondu
    Princess Fondu 8 hours ago

    That's one strong pipe

  • AzureRoxe
    AzureRoxe 8 hours ago

    This ain't Tales of Friendship [Zestiria] anymore, this is Tales of Blood and fucking Violence.

  • golden flumty101
    golden flumty101 8 hours ago

    Your soul is mine

  • Ryan Montgomery
    Ryan Montgomery 8 hours ago

    Didn't know you played pokemon

  • Stan Man93
    Stan Man93 8 hours ago

    Naurto has become my favorite anime I was a huge Dragon ball Z fan but Naurtos story is so deep

  • Individualiz CaT
    Individualiz CaT 9 hours ago

    this is Souls-like in my time.. ahhh, what a nostalgic

  • Newchannel haha
    Newchannel haha 9 hours ago

    Can we please cut the first 9-10 seconds where it says, “Activision”? It honestly makes me sick seeing that name...

  • Day Late Gamer with Will

    This isnt a secret mission, its a side mission, all u have to do is visit Rhodes and talk to a stranger

  • Vexcarius
    Vexcarius 9 hours ago

    Still looks like a PS4 game.

  • 69 420
    69 420 9 hours ago

    Great job

  • Jm 115
    Jm 115 9 hours ago

    Midir: * breathes fire, swipes with claws, breathes fire and swipes claws * Me: "Can this fight get any harder____?" Midir: *depletes my fucking full health bar with a one shot AOE attack* Me: * surprised pikachu face *

  • Levi Long
    Levi Long 9 hours ago

    They missed one

  • jordane
    jordane 9 hours ago

    Ok this is epic

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 9 hours ago

    Yay 🙌🙌🙌 Nice Journey with Friends to Take Down Evil's Plan 🙋🙋🙋 Joy & Sadness Mix Together between Light & Darkness!!! 🙆🙆🙆

  • sphony
    sphony 9 hours ago

    I remember every time you didn’t pick yoko in this level she would die.

  • David Case
    David Case 9 hours ago

    Big Boss, a symbol of redemption and sacrifice.

  • That cat prductions
    That cat prductions 9 hours ago

    Tie the klansmen next to the feminst that would be some intsene torture for him Title A klansmen and a fmeinset get tied up frona day

  • Problematic Memes
    Problematic Memes 9 hours ago

    Ahh. Played maya for almost 7 years. Yeah this stung

  • Farkas the Companion

    Blizzard: - No one makes more soulful songs in the game than we do. CD Project: - Hold my kurwa.

  • David Case
    David Case 9 hours ago

    When Big Boss made his final salute before the grave of his fallen mentor, I cried on the inside. This video shows why Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming history!

  • SleekStratos
    SleekStratos 10 hours ago

    Not much of a secret ending. I just played through the game as usual and eventually got this cutscene.

  • Nicole Herrera
    Nicole Herrera 10 hours ago


  • Mason Pretopapa
    Mason Pretopapa 10 hours ago

    This boss is literally hardest in the game, I struggle here more than anywhere else

  • Andrew Milton
    Andrew Milton 10 hours ago


  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 10 hours ago

    is there a website one can go to to find all of the images sent to vincent? cause i really want that one at 16:01 badly

  • Xicor.Lord.2016 __
    Xicor.Lord.2016 __ 10 hours ago

    Could they seriously not get a voice actor for Ryuk?

  • JustAnotherGaian
    JustAnotherGaian 10 hours ago

    You can hear and feel that original Bungie magic in this. Shame about the contract with Activision-Blizzard, and all the people who've since left Bungie. Even just this year, four senior developers have left in the span of a month. Earlier Destiny development saw Halo vets leave, even during Destiny 1's development. Even with Shadowkeep bringing new opportunities, it'll never be the same Bungie.

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi 10 hours ago

    Meryls pose looks like she jumped off the staircase with buzz lightyear lol fairwell ms nezbit

  • jordanr
    jordanr 10 hours ago

    i forgot about this... holy shit