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BIGFOOT w/ JackSepticEye
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A Heist with Markiplier
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The Drowned Man BLOOPERS
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i made a thing...
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Man of m'GOO Part 5
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Man of Medan Part 1
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lol NO U | UNO
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FAITH: Chapter 2
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how i got RICH in ROBLOX!!
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FAITH: Chapter 1
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Sour Patch Kids ICE CREAM?!
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Scp containment breach unity
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Sour Patch Kids CEREAL?!
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  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 3 hours ago

    10:32 Chica is like "Yup, same shit as always"

  • Trial anderror
    Trial anderror 3 hours ago

    Looks like they finally nerfed behemoth like the mhw community wanted just ment they had to put it into a strange different game

  • matt
    matt 3 hours ago

    TheXvid runs on robots no humans

  • Fabienne Schaller
    Fabienne Schaller 3 hours ago

    Ah come on the first one was so creepy and interesting, I really want Mark to go back to it. :/

  • Enskun elämää ja eläimiä

    Fuck this I'm hiding in the comments

  • Channel Duckiess
    Channel Duckiess 3 hours ago

    time when mark is desperate to win a try not to laugh challenge us: Mark you can do it

  • Silma Nelly Pérez
    Silma Nelly Pérez 3 hours ago

    It looks like an alien👽

  • adoubles hole
    adoubles hole 3 hours ago

    TheXvid is becoming chinese -.-

  • Mya Post
    Mya Post 3 hours ago

    tbh. i dont love dogs, BUT i dont hate em too. The disgusting selfish greedy naked destructive creature who makes pitbulls fight and agressive is what you truely must hate. (not saying all of them are) even if you hate dogs bc o other reasons blame your own kind. we kidnapped the gorgous and elegant wolf and molded into something of our own. so dont hate dogs bc of that, its not their fault. they never asked to exist in the first place. i lost al faith in humanity

  • CowyC
    CowyC 3 hours ago

    Came from my recommended. Glad i stayed subscribed to you, if not, i would've been one of those victims who lost their account Thank you for this, i would've been in total danger. Thank you sir, may you be blessed and to the fans who lost their TheXvid account and even their google account

  • AQ Gamer
    AQ Gamer 3 hours ago

    Next time 'knave' A horse

  • Micah POV
    Micah POV 3 hours ago

    Wtf is this going to do to my recommendations

  • Minh Cracker
    Minh Cracker 3 hours ago

    Have a iMac

  • Cade Robertson
    Cade Robertson 3 hours ago

    If I got into your game I would be the teacher 😎

  • Deathdealeri
    Deathdealeri 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna share this to all my discord servers that i can mark, you're a real champ for this. In my opinion, you're the best youtuber in all of youtuber history.

  • Kitty Kat :3
    Kitty Kat :3 3 hours ago

    The captions 💀 😂

  • Jack Smallwood
    Jack Smallwood 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna download this and turn off the Censored Setting for markimoo

    REDnFUZZY ! 3 hours ago

    Remember back in day when u would get out ur full size camera. Lens and all. Then proceed to take pictures of your food, get them developed then show ur friends. Yeah me neither. Knock it off. Nobody cares.

  • Green Two684
    Green Two684 3 hours ago

    Mark acknowledges tf2 / [\/] check!

  • ajgore _
    ajgore _ 3 hours ago

    Sees “Markiplier is best Hunter” *Happiness noises* *sees its dauntless and not Monster Hunter* *sadness noises*

  • Rick Rex
    Rick Rex 3 hours ago

    *WHO AM I!!!*

  • Spicyy
    Spicyy 3 hours ago

    Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • Aloyus Knight
    Aloyus Knight 3 hours ago

    With all the killing marks doing you could say that's he's the...ANTagonist. What are you looking at me like that for? I'm not Wade, SHUT UP!

  • TheWaterBlade
    TheWaterBlade 3 hours ago

    Bob basically turned into Doctor Money

  • Anti social Chick
    Anti social Chick 3 hours ago

    I love lixian's bits. It's like he's there..... but he's not (._. )

  • Kitty Kat :3
    Kitty Kat :3 3 hours ago

    The captions though 💀 😂

  • Havoc Gaming
    Havoc Gaming 3 hours ago

    Hey mister Mark. I'm starting a channel but I need advice. Do you have any tips I could use please.

  • COnnor McGregor
    COnnor McGregor 3 hours ago

    Mark set us up

  • Joey Tate
    Joey Tate 4 hours ago

    A better TheXvid will come soon I hope

  • RAiningBiscuits
    RAiningBiscuits 4 hours ago

    Got It Markimoo! UWU

  • Maineiac fishing
    Maineiac fishing 4 hours ago

    Caroline is worse than Penny's mom

  • Ninten
    Ninten 4 hours ago

    Can you please play Sunky the Game (the original)

  • Strangerxmaze
    Strangerxmaze 4 hours ago

    The second girl that ran after he said the popsicles were $50 is a mood

  • One Drop Mtg
    One Drop Mtg 4 hours ago

    This could literally threaten people’s livelihoods and finances. A LOT of important information is often linked to google accounts, work, 401k, college admissions, doctors office, stocks, insurance and a plethora of things that need to be accessed by email. TheXvid could possibly destroy someone’s life for the foreseeable future doing this.

  • Nirakolov
    Nirakolov 4 hours ago

    Was this made by the Torchlight guys... 'cuz the characters sure look like Torchlight

  • John Lingel
    John Lingel 4 hours ago

    afraid to even like this video

  • Foxen The Pirate Fox

    Is this fortnite 3?

  • Silly Susie
    Silly Susie 4 hours ago

    Oml I literally thought mark was tall like 6ft but nooopppeee oh well I guess if I ever meet him I'll be fine being taller lol love you mark still a fan

  • NUKE
    NUKE 4 hours ago

    My story with Women in a nutshell 1:54

  • dawnmccarthy1
    dawnmccarthy1 4 hours ago

    28:02 LOL That Young Frankenstain reference! XD

  • DigitalEmpire
    DigitalEmpire 4 hours ago

    That shit hurted

  • Duncan
    Duncan 4 hours ago

    If there was a decent TheXvid competitor, they would be forced to improve this crappy system.

  • Gorken
    Gorken 4 hours ago

    TheXvid fix your stuff!!!

  • Mystic_banana01
    Mystic_banana01 4 hours ago

    Someone needs to create a markiplier fan made horror game.

    • Mister Sage
      Mister Sage 3 hours ago

      Markiplier trapped in Rick's game is an oldie, but that should be what you're looking for.

  • Classic Animations
    Classic Animations 4 hours ago

    _Funky line drew by a pencil._ Everybody else: Probably just a n Easter egg or something whatever. Mark implied: *_iT iS a mAp!_*

  • Scraton Music Official

    Perfect, NEXT UP - Made For Kids issue... Cause i refuse to believe anyone is calm about that nonsense.

  • TheWaterBlade
    TheWaterBlade 4 hours ago

    Mark leave the puns to wade “shockingly we killed it”

  • TheWaterBlade
    TheWaterBlade 4 hours ago

    Mark leave the puns to wade “shockingly we killed it”

  • Katie Nichole
    Katie Nichole 4 hours ago

    I love watching people experience this game for the first time.

  • Noah Fang
    Noah Fang 4 hours ago

    the thing that makes this entertaining is mark treating the trucks like sentient beings

  • Alexa Linton
    Alexa Linton 4 hours ago

    Mark: ShUt Up ScOtT

  • The drunk Potato
    The drunk Potato 4 hours ago

    Lol wish I could do 5 things with u

  • Яна Бахмалова

    Markiplier, I just want you to know that this whole movie is the best thing I've ever watched on TheXvid! Thank you and your crew for making it. Hope to see more in the future.

  • Sandra Buscemi
    Sandra Buscemi 4 hours ago

    so, a problem is "ETHAN". They consider him as a problem lol

  • 10twenti bento Da
    10twenti bento Da 4 hours ago

    2:30 2hen you scare the poop out of you

  • Ramsey Wilson
    Ramsey Wilson 4 hours ago

    Mark is ultimate hunter

  • koteł litwa
    koteł litwa 4 hours ago


  • Lois Pasion
    Lois Pasion 4 hours ago

    The art style reminds me of Bizenghast. Or maybe it's just the ambience of the whole thing. Eitherway, i'm loving how this game is playing out

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark 4 hours ago

    That Moira is buff!

  • Himitsu Aka
    Himitsu Aka 4 hours ago

    "you have now entered the butt hole zone" Markiplier 2k19

  • Piano Stream
    Piano Stream 4 hours ago

    mark you wonderful idiot

  • Jonathon Barclay
    Jonathon Barclay 4 hours ago

    Why this instead of monster Hunter it's a better game

  • Benjamin Waldbauer
    Benjamin Waldbauer 4 hours ago

    LOL i got the same headset as you

  • XxZniperFoxNecroxX
    XxZniperFoxNecroxX 4 hours ago

    New content

  • Nucka Stone
    Nucka Stone 4 hours ago

    Mark is a loli newb?

  • WOLFHUNT 2005
    WOLFHUNT 2005 4 hours ago

    This would be perfect for Netflix

  • 4tuneBlitz
    4tuneBlitz 4 hours ago

    Live Stream Viewer:*spams emoticon* TheXvid: So you have chosen Death?

  • Alpha Lion19
    Alpha Lion19 4 hours ago

    hello people of the internet we need your help ive come here to spread the news that the scp foundation community is in trouble a person tries to claim scp foundation logo in russia and threaten artists to give him money or get copyright this cannot stand we as youtube user cannot stand people who claims other works as their and i would like your help in spreading awareness about this @

  • Majestic Meow
    Majestic Meow 4 hours ago


  • Plushie Nightz
    Plushie Nightz 4 hours ago

    6:42, Mark... Why..? Mark, I see you've played Tower Defense Simulator... If you see a game called Tower Battles, just know that TDS copied that.

  • DazMyCarrot :
    DazMyCarrot : 4 hours ago

    Still watching

  • damien helm
    damien helm 4 hours ago

    Howtobasic: needs more EGGS

  • Linkmon100
    Linkmon100 4 hours ago

    Wow youtube is f***ing with your account you need to tell at google for this bull s***

  • Normally Distributed

    We need a TheXvid alternative so that TheXvid will finally start caring about their community. They have all the power so they don't care what happens to creators or the viewers.

  • Gucci Chicken
    Gucci Chicken 4 hours ago

    I miss Matthias

  • QueenSahara Ice
    QueenSahara Ice 4 hours ago

    Everyone take screen shots of all the disrespectful comments please🙏 The more the better.

  • jollyman423
    jollyman423 4 hours ago

    3 year anniversary anyone?

  • Swaggy Sara
    Swaggy Sara 4 hours ago

    This made me laugh and cry but not laugh-cry. Lmao

  • Mister Gamer
    Mister Gamer 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw that at 40:07?

  • IceCoolingK
    IceCoolingK 4 hours ago

    2:21 if you think about it, it kind sounds like Mark combined Niko Bellic from GTA IV and Hitman Agent 47😂😅

    ROAST KILL 4 hours ago

    Mark:Lead vocalist Pewds: Guitarist Jacksepticeye:Drummer Ethan:Sings nice

  • Lol
    Lol 4 hours ago

    *talk to Marcus* Wrong game mark

  • Mister Gamer
    Mister Gamer 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw the jump-start at 36:18?

  • Hao Wen Chang
    Hao Wen Chang 4 hours ago


  • NotHumanNotKid
    NotHumanNotKid 4 hours ago

    To be honest, I had never seen a TheXvidr ever reach out about something like this. This made me feel so much closer than I have ever been with any TheXvidr before. Thank you Markiplier, really.

  • Eucis93
    Eucis93 4 hours ago

    I mean if you send over 100 messages in chat a short timeframe, you kinda deserve a ban. I never look at chat because I personally get extremely frustrated by the spam and lack of any meaningful messages related to anything that is happening in the stream. What I *don’t* understand is why they would suspend your entire Google account, why not just kick spammers out of the chat for a couple minutes? It’s not just a youtube chat, it’s their emails, their paid youtube subscriptions, their Google drives... And why do they even have spam algorithms in a live chat to begin with when there are mods already in it? And if spamming emotes is a problem whenever you ask for a vote, why not implement a voting widget in livestreams (like the ones we have in normal videos) so we can reduce the amount of emote voting? There are several very easy ways to fix this problem yet they don’t seem to care enough to explore them.

  • Samara b
    Samara b 4 hours ago


  • Scraton Music Official

    " 2019 is gonna be worst year for TheXvid and people using it " - They didn't lie... This is just beyond words.

  • Daniel Rausch
    Daniel Rausch 4 hours ago

    The 3am McDonald's monologue had me rolling also the quarter pounder vs. Double quarter pounder being dependant upon how much you hate yourself in that moment lol how I feel everytime I go to McDonald's :o

  • Vadermjb626
    Vadermjb626 4 hours ago

    Baby was singing at a party until only one little girl was left. Aftons little girl. She made her come closer by making ice cream. Where when she got close enough baby ate aftons little girl. That’s who the voice talking for baby is.

  • T A Y L Ø RTM
    T A Y L Ø RTM 4 hours ago

    Sayori: DereDere Monika: Yandere Yuri: Dandere Natsuki: Tsundere

  • Granny T
    Granny T 4 hours ago

    Midway in and this video just evolved into a Doctor Sung livestream

  • WilliamChanWN
    WilliamChanWN 4 hours ago

    when your doing this in the public