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Some bad news
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how LOUD am i?
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i'm sorry what...? | KIDS
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BEST OF Bob and Wade
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  • Eulchen so kawaii

    Momiplier: Loser Mark: Mom, how could you?

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Hour ago

    I died when he sang red velvet😍😍🤣

  • Adam Pasowisty
    Adam Pasowisty Hour ago

    Watching this in 2019 like "the past had the plague".

  • Leah Menendez
    Leah Menendez Hour ago

    7:44 I accidentally skipped here and had no idea what just happened

  • z NightOwl z
    z NightOwl z Hour ago

    Fun fact: the Blair witch was supposed to be about an actual witch but bc most of the footage was done undirected and by the actors themselves whenever the witch was supposed to be seen in the distance (apparently it was supposed appear twice) the actors either didn't see it or weren't directly filming it bc they were scared or busy running.

  • MichellePlayz 21

    Did anyone else get scared at the first jump scare at 1:04

  • Autistic faggot69

    395248 remember that bitches.

  • Shiv Amazing
    Shiv Amazing Hour ago

    I'ma call you heehoo -Markiplier 2019

  • Izuku Midorya
    Izuku Midorya Hour ago

    the moon isnt a planet,its a moon

  • Jude B
    Jude B Hour ago

    TheXvid sent me here from an older video where he was wearing the same shirt xD

  • ATTACK !
    ATTACK ! Hour ago

    Markilplier: *exist* Me: cool His cousin: *exist* Me: *sO CooOOooL*

  • xo - Trista
    xo - Trista Hour ago

    Game: "Hello? Hello, Hello?" Me, Immediately: "Hi, I'm phone guy pleasure to meet you I'd like to share a few quick words."

  • Bunny VPT
    Bunny VPT Hour ago

    8:06 😂😂 🎅 santaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Husky
    Daniel Husky Hour ago

    Play blood fest its a roblox game.

  • Muhammad Islam
    Muhammad Islam Hour ago

    hint of darkiplier on mark channel and hints of antisepticeye on jack channel -its all coming together now

  • Keira Mbye
    Keira Mbye Hour ago

    But how would the homeless person know about the law?😯🤔😕👍😁😢this is intense😩😧😨😱😰😓😢

  • name andrei
    name andrei Hour ago

    0:06 11.09. 2001 be like

  • TinyEurasianPygmyOwl

    I know I'm a year late but it's so fucking annoying all the damn "DO A WORLD'S QUIETEST LETSPLAY ON THIS" comments repeated, like we get it. A hundred others have come up with this idea before you, you don't need to say it anymore. Again I know it's been a year and all but I'm so sick of seeing all those comments

  • N.T.F guard
    N.T.F guard Hour ago

    4:42 I need the original link for that commercial

  • Hope Morris
    Hope Morris Hour ago

    cant wait for blair witch part 2

  • S Beh
    S Beh Hour ago


  • King Toast
    King Toast Hour ago

    18:20 Is this the origin of BooperDooper? Or did Jack use/talk about that in earlier videos as well?

  • Graycn Helget
    Graycn Helget Hour ago

    40:17 I think bendy may have a bad case of scoliosis lmao

  • Hanan Alla
    Hanan Alla Hour ago


  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty Hour ago

    4:04 I like this

  • Meckle von Heinsburgh

    this is like a pamtri animation

  • Justice Mire
    Justice Mire Hour ago

    Im want learn Latin Spanish , Japanese & korean

  • Ellie de Vries
    Ellie de Vries Hour ago

    it's insignificant compared to all the the issues this game had but i hated that the idle animation for the characters' faces had their mouths hanging open. their teeth were visible all the time. close your damn mouth.

  • Malwa Jerndahl
    Malwa Jerndahl Hour ago

    Love it

  • akela akela
    akela akela Hour ago


  • Littlesepticbean

    I really love these kinds of videos💚😊

  • Michael Jackson 2 tr

    I'am from Turkish but i love you bro

  • Walter Tarakanov

    I'm estonian and my dad is 0% estonian and he talks in Estonian

  • Mystic Zelda
    Mystic Zelda Hour ago

    Guys don't worry, I know someone who could track down *ALL* these trolls. They police will be going to there houses soon.

  • the slayer
    the slayer Hour ago

    Why was mark talking like Duke nukem

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Hour ago

    8:46 That’s Kate.

  • AVD
    AVD Hour ago

    8:22 thats from theodd2sout

  • violet the dragon queen

    0:35 Mark your darkiplier is showing!

  • Verum
    Verum Hour ago

    Yup... still horrible writing... bro.

  • Faith G
    Faith G Hour ago

    Why hasn’t mark played Layers of Fear 2?

  • Michael Suder
    Michael Suder Hour ago

    “Copy and pastes a lot of flight of stairs” 😂

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Hour ago

    Markiplier: Masky Me: KATE Markiplier: the notes were forwards to Kate Me: remember the pass out after getting all Pages? Markiplier: yes Me: YOU WERE PLAYING AS KATE IN THAT CHAPTER! *Markiplier has left the chat*

  • Mavors
    Mavors Hour ago

    11:28 looks like the neightbor is humping him before mark respawns lol

  • CashNasty
    CashNasty Hour ago

    please play more of this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devan Mentzer
    Devan Mentzer Hour ago

    Play more Subnautica Below Zero please!! There have been a ton of updates since you last played!! You kinda let the series die off after only 5 episodes, I really wish you would play it some more!

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel Hour ago

    Can I clap your moms cheeks

  • taeyEeHet
    taeyEeHet Hour ago


  • CuteRainBow 12030

    I hit so hard the like button that my finger hurt 😭😭🤕

  • Synless
    Synless Hour ago

    Omg did markipler die!?!?!

  • AyItsYoBoi MrSuperBolt

    He cries He tries But most importantly He rage.

  • alekoss2005
    alekoss2005 Hour ago

    Your cousin: Ha you mortal. I only used 21,5% of my power

  • Verum
    Verum 2 hours ago

    Man, some of those dialogues are just weak... :O

  • Martin Székely
    Martin Székely 2 hours ago

    14:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂wat da fak xdd

  • Heichou Cleanmaster
    Heichou Cleanmaster 2 hours ago

    Most importantly best mark rage this episode haha 37:10

  • IceWolfie :P
    IceWolfie :P 2 hours ago

    Withered Chica is a chicken that can T-Pose.... A *chicken...* (Yes,i know she’s an animatronic chicken,i’m not stupid. But if you looked at it without thinking she’s a robot,a *CHICKEN* that can t-pose. Pretty cool right?)

  • Chickenator587
    Chickenator587 2 hours ago

    3:45 mark get's jumpscared by a clock

  • Cody Kessler
    Cody Kessler 2 hours ago

    i have the light

  • ok
    ok 2 hours ago


  • Gerome Maurer
    Gerome Maurer 2 hours ago


  • Wesley C
    Wesley C 2 hours ago

    He looked like Robert Patrick.

  • soraggedyann
    soraggedyann 2 hours ago

    I love the webcam editing in this series!

  • Daniel Knowles
    Daniel Knowles 2 hours ago


  • Phoniaxenlio
    Phoniaxenlio 2 hours ago


  • Endric
    Endric 2 hours ago

    Holy fuck. Am I an idiot?? Is the kid actually very strong or is Mark actually a very good actor. I actually think that Mark was a good actor.

  • i'm penguini
    i'm penguini 2 hours ago

    Talk To Me In Korean... and for a mere 5$ - learn how to get your ass whooped by a child

  • Kawaii strawberry
    Kawaii strawberry 2 hours ago

    What is it called at 1:08? (I want the name of the video)

  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson 2 hours ago

    Mark: this is the most terrifying game I have ever played Nick:😊😁 Scott:☹️🥺

  • explosiveCoconuts
    explosiveCoconuts 2 hours ago

    Episode 13: AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Episode 14: *Serial Killer Intensifies* Episode 15: Light and happy with an awesome goal

  • megagaming hero
    megagaming hero 2 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie: Plays man of medan and their characters died Mark: "Hold my Crown"

  • gabriel ZOMBS
    gabriel ZOMBS 2 hours ago

    Wanna 1v1 in zombs royale

  • Emery Thrash
    Emery Thrash 2 hours ago

    Ight... This was pretty good tbh ngl

  • Beat Boy
    Beat Boy 2 hours ago

    Don’t react to anyone who makes fun of this it’s what they want

  • Daniel the Cat
    Daniel the Cat 2 hours ago

    Please make 1 hour of 0:00 - 0:01 because it makes me lmao XD

  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 2 hours ago

    I don’t know if it’s for “educational use only”

    DIESEL DUFFY 2 hours ago

    Nice man

  • thestrangestboi
    thestrangestboi 2 hours ago

    When she started talking to her parents graves... that tore my soul apart ;-;

  • Marko Markovic
    Marko Markovic 2 hours ago

    8:44 When someone opens fridge, and last slice of pizza is there.

  • Bichos Bichos
    Bichos Bichos 2 hours ago

    t series suck

  • MVHeart
    MVHeart 2 hours ago

    *sighs* How am I supposed to take this seriously if he doesn't? And if I don't take it seriously, why should I watch the other parts when Mark is just laughing ridiculous at everything without making ACTUAL jokes? I'm 47 min in and I'm only here because I know how funny Mark is... but this is ridiculous... Well, everyone has their bad days... maybe in the other parts there's actual humour?

  • Prizz_Hound •
    Prizz_Hound • 2 hours ago

    Mark this sounds weird but, make videos where u read us a bedtime story with that voice at 00:20

  • Raluyen
    Raluyen 2 hours ago

    Conrad grew his ear back

  • MK Mathews
    MK Mathews 2 hours ago

    1:28 when you remember it's your friends birthday

  • DarkWolf Star
    DarkWolf Star 2 hours ago

    You won't understand... Until you get banana friend. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Glitchfest
    Glitchfest 2 hours ago


  • Jamie Costner
    Jamie Costner 2 hours ago

    I lost it at 27:47

  • waterboy967
    waterboy967 2 hours ago

    mark your life sounds like a horror story

  • pewue
    pewue 2 hours ago

    I wanna play Cry of Fear again.. And here we are Still not played again! 😜

  • Ann Duren
    Ann Duren 2 hours ago


  • Jack Terrier
    Jack Terrier 2 hours ago

    That Starbomb t-shirt doe

  • kykyan 123
    kykyan 123 2 hours ago

    WhO ElsE iS wAThiNg ThiS IN sePTEmbEr

  • Miss Badass
    Miss Badass 2 hours ago

    0:57 Always protect the food for most men out there " you did good Markiplier" 👏👏

  • Sandra Arica
    Sandra Arica 2 hours ago

    The wheels on the horse are Mark and Wade.

  • Palm
    Palm 2 hours ago

    In the USA: Mark bullies little fnaf plushies In Korea: Gets destroyed by little kid

  • King of No Sense
    King of No Sense 2 hours ago

    That’s a skyrim crossbow

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean 2 hours ago

    Gogurt is Darkiplier confirmed

  • Fire Rocker13
    Fire Rocker13 2 hours ago

    5:25 Like a dweam

  • Jordan Husband
    Jordan Husband 2 hours ago

    Dear Markiplier, we have a problem on our hands! On December 4th, you-tube is going to make some changes to itself. It is going to stop people from commenting, subscribing and liking. It will also kill gaming channels. Both of these facts are important because they might put you out of the job. If you would like to learn more, go to OkamiGirl64's channel and watch the video titled "The end of an era-changes coming to TheXvid". If you want to stop this, I suggest that you sign OkamiGirl64's petition. It along with the twitter account explaining this better is in her description. Help us make a difference. If you can, get Jacksepticeye and Pewdepie to sign this.

  • STARTGaming
    STARTGaming 2 hours ago

    funny you mentioned vaping deaths hmmm

  • freezingphenix2
    freezingphenix2 2 hours ago

    mark there is a DLC out for vr

  • Wesley Desjarlais
    Wesley Desjarlais 2 hours ago

    i look dawn and seen some one who sad it first