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  • Tom Bo Ros
    Tom Bo Ros 4 hours ago

    0:39 look how AJ sits. His problem is his ego, I hope he won't end up like Conor McGregor.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 5 hours ago

    Good to see devin in the bay where he from,,but I'm very puzzled why he chose Eddie hearn to promote him....I personally feel that Mayweather promotions should have been his choice,,considering that floyd sr put in much work with him while he was young,,and floyd jr has always spoke well of him,,and gave him access to the Mayweather gym to train with floyd sr....that being said,,I believe that may sr and jr put in much work with devin on many levels,,and deserved to be rewarded with his loyalty...however,,Eddie hearn never did shit for Haney,,especially during his young years when no one knew who he was.....butnow,,he chooses to sign under Eddie hearn, instead of staying loyal to the ones who was there for him when no one knew him....also,,blacks need to learn how to support black buisness,,instead of always running to whites as if the white man is there father...smh.....once again,,devin choosing eddie hearn,,doesn't make sense on no level,,,especially considering all the work that floyd sr and jr had invested in him.....smh.....also,,eddie hearn is a lame,,he is the reason joshua lost to fact,,joshua should have fought ruiz in the uk,,considering that he is the number one draw money ticket...butnow,,eddie hearn talked him into going to a foreign country,,where joshua felt uncomfortable,,and was not on his same training routine that he had in the uk....took joshua completely out of his element,,without a sufficient plan to make sure that Joshua's routine was in order,,as well as his focus and concentration....joshua was not training in america,,due to constant interviews,,sightseeing,,press conferences,,t.v appearances,,radio appearances,,magazines shoots,,etc.....and I blame eddie hearn for this.....

  • Jaime B Ferrufino
    Jaime B Ferrufino 7 hours ago

    Matchroom Boxing and DAZN really know how to promote the shit out of fighter, no matter what. Good job. keep it up.

  • RoySaly71
    RoySaly71 8 hours ago

    Never rush into a fight that you had lost not long ago

  • Tommy Parky
    Tommy Parky 8 hours ago

    Tommy Parky Liverpool Fat Dick

  • Brzy
    Brzy 9 hours ago

    Weird how this channel still flying so much under the radar.

  • stephen schneider
    stephen schneider 11 hours ago

    Hope Haney lives up to expectations, class act and seems hungry.

  • Luke
    Luke 11 hours ago

    DevAn haha

  • Jungleman savetheforest

    Edie Herns looks tall compare to the mexicans, i like his stile no tie with a jacket and a small roughed up face just like me, i know he is routing for Joshua to Win me too come on AJ you better have some better skills than the last time!!

  • Always hopeful Probably loud

    Devine is up against it, but he will get the job done" 👍💯

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson 12 hours ago

    Naughty production

  • Ceasar Alexander
    Ceasar Alexander 14 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua looks like he never left the ring since their fight. something is off he needed a few more months to recover. He looks shook. Hope he doesn't die in there. 🙏

  • Dave Solis
    Dave Solis 14 hours ago

    Let the best win respect for boht figthers im mexican im with Ruiz but aj got a great heart so humble like Ruiz come on guys do your best god bless ya both.

  • Izaac Sipasulta
    Izaac Sipasulta 16 hours ago

    Oh ini yg petinju muslim itu ya, mungkin dia kurang istirahat, semalem tahajud lanjut zikir sampe subuh

  • Abraham Dannan
    Abraham Dannan 16 hours ago

    wish I had access to these facilities

  • Arinze Onyiah
    Arinze Onyiah 21 hour ago

    I get the sense that these two are going to have a trilogy

  • Yassin Khan
    Yassin Khan 21 hour ago

    Aj will bring those belts back this time...The Ruiz story will end there

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK- 22 hours ago

    This is so gross!

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK- 22 hours ago

    What is a KSI anyway?

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr 22 hours ago

    Joshua is losing the British public cause of eddie Hearn and his big fukin mouth he should concentrate on his job as sky sports boxing man the shows are non existent on a Saturday and the ones over the last year have been dreadful at best we don’t want to pay to watch dave Allan or chisora both are dreadful get the finger out natchroom all about America and dzne due to cancel my sky sports

  • B M
    B M Day ago

    This makes a mockery of a prestigious sport. Its no longer about boxing and class, its about how much money Eddie Hearn can get his hands on. Absolute circus.

  • Trevor Clarey
    Trevor Clarey Day ago

    RUIZ again.

  • Rehan Qureshi
    Rehan Qureshi Day ago

    You will gettin exposed very soon

  • Rehan Qureshi
    Rehan Qureshi Day ago

    Ruiz you are a fat bitch

  • kongo 1
    kongo 1 Day ago

    2 good guy's fighting for money eh!

  • Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street

    Joshua's cheap attempts at warrior philosophy, street poetry ect are *CRINGETASTIC* i believe he even knows that now and he just continues to do it to antagonise people who hate him... It really is a disgusting thing to watch...

  • Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street

    "The street poet philosopher warrior prophet".... 😖😖😖 Fuckin 😖

  • Oz Ragib
    Oz Ragib Day ago


  • Oz Ragib
    Oz Ragib Day ago

    This is homosexual

  • Nautixz
    Nautixz Day ago

    What happened to church

  • CJ Money Kangala

    I love how Ruiz respond

  • Reef
    Reef Day ago

    This is proof that a press confrence is meaningless & fans should see through it by now. Best part was Briggs. Everything else was like a scene from "never back down" its insane how much money can be generated from bratty kids smack talking.

  • chris stokes
    chris stokes Day ago

    i love boxing and I love matchroom boxing promotions, but this is a complete sh*t show. sorry Mr Hearne... but I think you should know better

  • Andrew Watts
    Andrew Watts Day ago

    Two fucking dorks

  • BBC Boxing
    BBC Boxing Day ago

    Absolute carnival!, Eddie would sell his wife if the price was right 🙈

  • King Kayode
    King Kayode Day ago

    I'm streaming this fight on my brand new streaming service. You can watch this live on NAMB - New Age Millennial Boxing.

  • Matt Bryant
    Matt Bryant Day ago

    It's not boxing though

  • Ryan Ormerod
    Ryan Ormerod Day ago

    Ksi I a freak man

  • ookeeoo X
    ookeeoo X Day ago

    Press conference for this is too long, It still feels like last time they had a press conference. I wanted them to be sat at a desk with a mic and there team like Ruiz vs Joshua type of press conference. Make it feel like a real fight Eddie they trash talk for too long sort it out it, feels a bit cringe.

  • Danny Green
    Danny Green Day ago

    Chisora right tho we just wanna see him bang

  • Ryan Ormerod
    Ryan Ormerod Day ago

    Never shout over buffer you bellends

  • smoking joe
    smoking joe Day ago

    Like all bully fighters they do not like the smoke back. When ruiz got floored watch when he gets up Joshua moves in and lands a huge right on his jaw but ruiz took it and landed his own then Joshua started folding like a deck chair. Joshua may have a harder punch but ruiz has a much stronger jaw made even worse for Joshua he does not know how to fight on the back foot. Once Joshua went down there was only going to be one winner but when ruiz went down it just woke the grizzly bear!!!! In the rematch Joshua only hope is to hit and run but that's hard to learn in 3 months when he's spent his career on the front foot.

  • CR7hg
    CR7hg Day ago


  • Bolje Rat Nego Pakt

    No one care!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Heath
    James Heath Day ago

    Shannon Briggs lmao

  • Adam Cleaver
    Adam Cleaver 2 days ago

    This is embarrassing... had they acted like professionals I'd understand this fight more. I thought Eddie Herne had made a good buisness decision and now having watched this he has disgraced the sport even more

  • mr mac
    mr mac 2 days ago

    This is absolutely terrible.

  • Liam miller
    Liam miller 2 days ago

    Eddie Hearn looks so embarrassed! Instant regret

    • Ryan Rodney
      Ryan Rodney Day ago

      Liam miller my arse , regretting all the way to the bank

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr 2 days ago

    That was seriously embarrassing omg uv just made boxing a joke well done eddie all the tradition right out the window well done pure embarrassment to boxing

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr 2 days ago

    Another bullshit event when are you eddie Hearn going to start fulfilling ur obligations to the sky viewers ur not interested one bit in satarday fight night uv single handedly ruined then I’m sick of paying money to watch shite like Dave Alan and chisora fed up being ripped off you no that is slot of money to me I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth like you and while I’m on about the big bully how is he ppv was terrible the way you let him treat josh Taylor you drop him from headlining and you will lose Scotland chisora shouting it’s his show he’s been beat nearly 10 times no one wants to see him fight he was done years ago British kevel fighter never ppv sort sky satarday fight nights out

  • James Johnston
    James Johnston 2 days ago

    Joe Markowski I'm sure is great behind the scenes, but he sucks the life out of every press conference he appears in

    • mr mac
      mr mac 2 days ago

      Yeah his "We are dedicated to bringing the big fights to dazn" spiel . zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Liam miller
    Liam miller 2 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is a disgrace to boxing!!!

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    This is like bitch vs bum olympics

  • ukbando
    ukbando 2 days ago

    Who do you think is going to win Like for ksi Comment for Logan Paul Going to stream the fight like last time so turn on my notification bell

  • Steven Yates
    Steven Yates 2 days ago

    1.07. The wrinkliest elbow ever

  • Leon Anderson
    Leon Anderson 2 days ago

    Man it was extremely painful to watch this but The Cannon made me star for ten at least

  • Leon Anderson
    Leon Anderson 2 days ago

    Got all the TheXvid fan faggots there I see.

  • cupocity303
    cupocity303 2 days ago

    Maybe they should've also filmed at close up while he was taking a shit.

  • Hamza Zaman
    Hamza Zaman 2 days ago

    Professional elite boxers on the undercard, youtubers main headline act, and just for equality Eddie Hearn decided to put a women’s fight on as 2 make up artist bloggers will be co main event. (Just to attract new “boxing fans”) 😎

  • Marvin Saro
    Marvin Saro 2 days ago

    U really gon fake sleep for the camera, Devin? 🌽🌽🌽🌽

  • Chris James
    Chris James 2 days ago

    Shannon briggs in the background LET'S GO CHAMP

  • Hamza Zaman
    Hamza Zaman 2 days ago

    I bet Eddie Hearn is cringing hard. Disgrace to boxing. Sounds like a “yo mamma” battle 😭

    • A j
      A j 11 hours ago

      Eddie laughing all the way to the bank

    • Beede Bawng
      Beede Bawng Day ago

      But you know what a "Yo mamma" battle is. So...

    • James Johnston
      James Johnston 2 days ago

      Was cringe, but generates far more hype than most conventional boxers.

    • Chris James
      Chris James 2 days ago

      I swear ksi and logan saw Floyd vs Connor and thought that's what boxing is

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C 2 days ago

    Andy really sneaked in some punches right on the nose that did the trick

  • Haray caray
    Haray caray 2 days ago

    10 mins is enough for me.what a pantomine,

  • gonzo93041
    gonzo93041 2 days ago

    That was painful

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams 2 days ago

    That Logan Paul has had a good sniff......

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas 2 days ago

    *Lmao @ **5:10** - all of KSI's Thugs and Goons try to jump Logan, and get punked out by just Shannon on his own 5vs1.* KSI is nout more than an arrogant thug with no class or sportsmanship. Logan Paul might act like a muppet infront of the Cameras and Kids, but I get the impression (from his past experience Wrestling & how he conducted himself very quietly + humbly + respectfully during the lead up to the first fight) that behind the Cameras he's probably pretty chill and normal. He really suprised me last time, I thought he was going to get KO'd bad (especially with how much KSI was talking and Logan wasn't), but he really suprised everyone and had clearly been training. Logan clearly won the first via points, but KSI might've stopped him if he had 2/3 more rounds. So who wins this time around its anyone's guess. Personally i hope Logan wins, just to teach KSI some respect and manners.. but with no headguard and 10 oz gloves, i can see Logan getting KO'd. What do you think?

    • Frank Lucas
      Frank Lucas Day ago

      @Leon Anderson you're advising people on how to spend 1 minute of their lives, on a TheXvid comment section?? lmfao Maybe you could put your time into something better than that. I'm replying on my phone while @ work.

    • Leon Anderson
      Leon Anderson Day ago

      Frank Lucas I’m just saying you can put that time into something better than this, and around that time as well.

    • Beede Bawng
      Beede Bawng Day ago

      You're begging for attention like a prostitute would. You're a nincompoop hiding behind a keyboard throwing around labels that you can't substantiate. Logan Paul was throwing ice from his drink on them and they didn't appreciate it. Somehow, that makes them "thugs" in the eyes of an incompetent like yourself.

    • Frank Lucas
      Frank Lucas Day ago

      @Yha 3 big difference between trying to entertain kids with random videos every week, and how you conduct yourself in competitive athletics or a combat sport.

    • Frank Lucas
      Frank Lucas Day ago

      @Leon Anderson took me less than 1 min to write. How long does writing a couple short paragraphs take you? lol

  • Marcus Maximus
    Marcus Maximus 2 days ago

    This whole thing is cringe

  • Hurricane Moon
    Hurricane Moon 2 days ago

    what a load of utter not even amatuer class shit.. this is for the kiddie youtubers,, eddie is starting to dissapoint me like fish eyes

  • Sami James
    Sami James 2 days ago


  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 2 days ago

    Ksi got 1 million views in 2 hours. Can't believe my nephew been watching these pricks all this time, feel like a failure.

    • Mick Mahon
      Mick Mahon 2 days ago

      Tupac Shakur 😂😂😂😂

  • Andbeat 16
    Andbeat 16 2 days ago


  • Joelwilliam_officiel

    Next Floyd ..? He better keep that energy for 20’plus years.. in winning respect to everyone who trains hard ASF....

  • Marcel B
    Marcel B 2 days ago

    Did he get tested for Zippy Water usage? That thing should be banned in all sports, it turns you into a buff lunatic overnight

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 2 days ago

    Mr J is going to be on his game this time

  • Balerio Torres
    Balerio Torres 2 days ago

    He was there just to do a walk in the park, but hit a wall out of nowhere.

  • Rou
    Rou 2 days ago

    Haney put in that real work.

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamer 2 days ago

    Yes he lost once but people need to understand that he can come back from this lost and instead of telling him to retire.

  • The English man The English man

    Aj is the khan of the heavy Whight

  • Adrien Pelissier
    Adrien Pelissier 2 days ago

    Music please 12:30?

    THE JACK LIFE 2 days ago

    Sorry but this fight is not gonna sell It’s gonna be a decision win by progris not gonna be entertaining not enough hype Undercard fight official Chisora vs Parker that’s big fight And fans know Parker now And they love the trash talk from chisora

  • Jay Dot
    Jay Dot 2 days ago

    What's the instrumental ?????

  • uoy k
    uoy k 2 days ago

    타이슨 전성가 었다면 둘다 은퇴했어

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 days ago

    Joshua will lose again and even more embarrassing it will be.

  • Penina Lisala
    Penina Lisala 3 days ago

    Aj gonna kick his ass for real this rematch..

  • Toereed Shittu
    Toereed Shittu 3 days ago

    Thank you for releasing this

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell 3 days ago

    He will be a welterweight within the next 2 yrs

  • Rogelio Beringa
    Rogelio Beringa 3 days ago

    First time to see a man brushing his head

  • WhiteChocolateMocha

    Andy has a baby face and through evolution we have been wired to protect babies, that instinct played against AJ

  • WhiteChocolateMocha

    AJ looks more confident here

  • Văn Đức Phạm
    Văn Đức Phạm 3 days ago

    Joshua bị đâm vào gáy lên thưa là phải

  • Rangel Karachanov
    Rangel Karachanov 3 days ago


  • James Miller
    James Miller 3 days ago

    The only way I can see AJ winning is by using his jab and winning on points

    • Radrook
      Radrook Day ago

      He doesn't even have to jab. Just be there at the end and he wins.

  • Lewis Roxar
    Lewis Roxar 3 days ago

    AJ needs to use the one two and try to catch Ruiz with a similar shot that hurt povetkin. When going in for the kill he needs to keep his range also like the povetkin fight and the first straight shot he threw here before moving into the pocket where he was rocked. Mark my words aj is coming home with the belts 💯😤🇬🇧

  • P Mac C
    P Mac C 3 days ago

    zRuiz is lightning fast

  • Lewis Roxar
    Lewis Roxar 3 days ago

    Who’s here before Joshua beats ruiz in the rematch and brings home them belts

  • lee new
    lee new 3 days ago

    there showing joshua as the champ here..ruiz punched the shit out of joshua its like no respect for ruiz.......................come on ruiz come on do it again from your english fans

  • soimboredandtesting

    Get jake paul and anesongib on the undercard. Anesongib’s cold. Had the best fight of the night last time

  • One Creator
    One Creator 3 days ago

    I would love to see AJ fight Miller after this fight. Its interesting to me to see how AJ performs kinda hating someone. And he really dislikes Miller....

  • 4 triangles
    4 triangles 3 days ago

    We need youtube undercards