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First Look at GRID 2019!
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The Portal Hitman | GMOD TTT
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  • Arn-Ice
    Arn-Ice 2 minutes ago

    possibly some sort of tanks? with rotatable turret and able to turn on the spot.

  • steampunk gamoo
    steampunk gamoo 2 minutes ago

    Bee Arthur

  • Kragnar1
    Kragnar1 9 minutes ago

    I wouldn’t mind seeing you boiks do something stupid like crafting paper airplanes and seeing which one flies further. Going back to the drawing board after each iteration. Even looking up websites on designs. It’s cheap as a plus. Either that or board games on that table. You might have a lot of fun with xcom board game or atmosfear. You’d also get the bants going there. Anyway, good luck boiks on your way to 1 milly. Favourite channel for a long time and you deserve it.

  • Moojuiceman
    Moojuiceman 9 minutes ago

    I actually liked Smith's Overwatch song...

  • AwesomeAartvark
    AwesomeAartvark 18 minutes ago

    I love that Ross still managed to tangle his drone into something, even without the gorilla suit there XD XD Also, poor Trott, he finally builds one that flies nicely at 9:16 and still crashes it, hahahahaha, I'm so sorry Trott, but that part was absolutely hilarious!! XD XD XD

  • Eli O'Neill
    Eli O'Neill 19 minutes ago

    I'd really love to see you guys do this with more lego pieces. I think you'd have a lot more success and fewer limitations with more robust structures. Keep it up lads

  • CriticoolHit
    CriticoolHit 24 minutes ago

    That hard-cut after Troth says "I don't wanna hit the back" -- That is content I would pay (more) money to see.

  • Pingo
    Pingo 27 minutes ago


  • jonnyboyxx
    jonnyboyxx 31 minute ago

    Get the Duplo out boys, mega mega drone.

  • bendluck
    bendluck 32 minutes ago

    already at the explenation that they will each control some of the motors I can tell that this video will be fantastic. 9 minutes in. dear god trotts build has come alive. 10 out of 10 good content

  • Gillian Barnes
    Gillian Barnes 38 minutes ago


  • Oscar James
    Oscar James 41 minute ago

    No wonder they're falling apart boiks, 6:05 they're not pressed together fully! Brill vid :)

  • MajorZworn
    MajorZworn 43 minutes ago

    I am thinking someone is going to be going into old Lego bins and visting any and all Lego stores

  • Silver Scythe
    Silver Scythe 44 minutes ago

    Lego battle bots sounds like a great idea. Go to a hobby store and get some pistons and stronger motors, makeshift them on to lego bricks with glue or make holes, and build battle bots.

  • Sir Badger
    Sir Badger 46 minutes ago

    The boiks building some RC cars next would be pretty sweet!

  • Drake Cleland
    Drake Cleland 46 minutes ago


  • Barry Mecokiner
    Barry Mecokiner 46 minutes ago

    Psisyn wearing your shirt on his stream Poggers

  • Kâzúm Rah
    Kâzúm Rah 46 minutes ago

    That teal hoodie looks amazing on trott, i want it

  • OmegaProxy
    OmegaProxy 52 minutes ago

    Krazy glue or rubber cement will help keep them together

  • Jonathan Hanks
    Jonathan Hanks 53 minutes ago

    11:09 The trash, creepy iPhone camera :/

  • TheRoboteer
    TheRoboteer 54 minutes ago

    You should strap all 12 of the motors to the mystery machine but have them horizontal like on a plane and see how fast you can make it go down a track or something

  • Jonathan Hanks
    Jonathan Hanks 58 minutes ago

    9:18 Best moment of the video

  • Awful Player
    Awful Player 59 minutes ago

    Ross' face at 9:20 is great. It's what they used in the thumbnail but put the drone over him. Shame.

  • OmegaProxy
    OmegaProxy Hour ago

    Ross 9:18 lol

  • Daniel Andersson

    There's something inherently hilarious with you blokes trying out shit you don't know much about

  • Topaz2510
    Topaz2510 Hour ago

    this one made me laugh so hard i cried. keep 'em coming, lads!

  • Bis
    Bis Hour ago

    I was enjoying it until Smith made that "joke"

  • NomadSoul76
    NomadSoul76 Hour ago

    Let me get this straight. To make bigger drones and get past the limit of one control board only being able to control 8 motors, you combined 3 boards into one model with a total of... 8 motors. Okay then.

  • MartyCon
    MartyCon Hour ago

    Is that a Pixel 4?

  • Jake Puddephatt
    Jake Puddephatt Hour ago

    Bumblebee Honeysnatch

  • Robert Elmer
    Robert Elmer Hour ago

    Hot food challenges?

  • Ol Gilly
    Ol Gilly Hour ago

    The only way... - "Chris Trott"

  • Lucy Anderson
    Lucy Anderson Hour ago

    You guys should try building the PowerUp Toys (PowerUp 3.0) they look pretty fun and you could keep dicking around with drones!

  • ComXDude
    ComXDude Hour ago

    LewLew is the only bee for me.

  • Alchemical Games

    I don't know why, but i laughed more at this video than any other yogs video in like a year, please make more!

  • jackkinggod
    jackkinggod Hour ago

    All make ant weight robots like robot wars and have battles with you and the office

  • 14%
    14% Hour ago

    make a 10ft tall rocket

  • reyals474
    reyals474 Hour ago

    I can't believe you still managed to make 0 progress with them, but it's still fucking hilarious. Let's get bigger. Buy some more packs and strap 40 engines on a craft lmfao

  • Kae Lan
    Kae Lan Hour ago

    The mystery machine gave me an idea: it certainly can't move up vertically... but how about horizontally? It would be like a rc car then lol

  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole Hour ago

    Builder Boiks.

  • Cocoabine
    Cocoabine Hour ago

    Hello it's me, a millionaire. I'd like for Ross to have the tits please. Money after.

  • p4g3
    p4g3 Hour ago

    What video was dat they where talking about careless whisper.

  • TheFormalMooshroom

    0:01 Worms Clan Wars

  • Krazie
    Krazie Hour ago

    ngl these lego videos are fucking great!!

  • Es_
    Es_ Hour ago

    Lego technic sets, unplanned or a small set,

  • reyals474
    reyals474 Hour ago

    Yesssssssss ladsssss

  • Jason Oswyn Jones

    You guys make my day. Funny without even trying. Bye

  • Wait What
    Wait What Hour ago

    9:02 for Ross.

  • Ryan Neville
    Ryan Neville Hour ago

    Make some gasland cars

  • Official-TwinkleFart

    Petition for Hat Films to do a lego nxt series.

  • Ravioliboi
    Ravioliboi 2 hours ago

    I used to be a honeybee like you.... . . . . . . . . . . ....But then I took an arrow to the bee

  • Master Procrastinator

    Yeeeeess, hatfilms is slowly going to become a toy channel

  • Krazie
    Krazie 2 hours ago

    Next video: Building the croco-copter out of lego ;P Da real ones know what im on about ;)

  • Chloe Elizabeth
    Chloe Elizabeth 2 hours ago

    The bit where it got stuck in the plant actually made me choke lmao

  • JimmyWalters1
    JimmyWalters1 2 hours ago

    i like it, use superglue.

  • AshouldntbutIdid
    AshouldntbutIdid 2 hours ago

    Loving these videos!

  • Zyron
    Zyron 2 hours ago

    Has Trott joined the Hitler youth again?

  • PlatinumGamer
    PlatinumGamer 2 hours ago

    Could you not set the control boards to the same frequency, and control them with a single controller?

    • Awful Player
      Awful Player Hour ago

      I wondered the same thing. I think one issue is that they are intended to have some level of control beyond on/off. So even if you synced the board frequencies, you'd have to be careful about which motors were being controlled by which outputs on every board. Something I doubt they have the patience for. Besides watching this flying train wreck was part of the charm.

  • Giuseppe Svensson
    Giuseppe Svensson 2 hours ago

    I lost it when it just stopped in the plant

    • Bis
      Bis Hour ago

      What did you lose?

  • MagicCardboardBox
    MagicCardboardBox 2 hours ago

    You should get a bunch of new packs of the Lego drones so you have way more parts and make a Lego star destroyer float, 'cause that'd be aaaaaaawesooome!

  • fireflynovember
    fireflynovember 2 hours ago

    These group no-instructions building videos are freakin excellent. Especially the no-following-instructions part. Maybe shared goals like a three-part roller coaster or marble machine or something?

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave 2 hours ago

    "The only way" X5

  • Daisy Hook
    Daisy Hook 2 hours ago

    You should do Lego drone chicken, where you try to get a basic drone going and you fly it to each other and you then have to try and catch it or just jump out the way 😂

  • izamito
    izamito 2 hours ago

    Get some more lego, and try to build a propellor plane with it. Or a functional hover craft; 4 props for life, 2 for horizontal movement.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 hours ago

    Credit to Craig. He made the iphone cams so seemless you don't even notice. (especially the audio!)

  • Thomas Zwaanswijk
    Thomas Zwaanswijk 2 hours ago

    Instead of trying to fly the mysterymobile, try making it drive through having the fans perpendicular to the ground. If that works, a miniature parkour/racetrack to see who can get the best time.

  • Jellybones
    Jellybones 2 hours ago

    Chris Trott #lipsthatgrip

  • Procrastinating Student

    i have nothing to say, here have some "engagement"

  • stanley allen
    stanley allen 2 hours ago

    more more more, these lego videos are your funniest content atm :D

  • ThatguyJake
    ThatguyJake 2 hours ago

    I had been hoping they’d do this ❤️

  • Joseph Power
    Joseph Power 2 hours ago

    I was worried this would be a flop, since the last one was amazing, but once again I was crying laughing. Thank you bois <3

  • Jayden Warran
    Jayden Warran 2 hours ago

    Hatfilms contimues to be my favorite youtube channel 😂 As for that bit about TheXvid copyright striking somebody fir humming a song. TheXvid is a broken system, and people keep putting scotch tape on the cracks hoping the problems will go away. They need to fix it now or these great youtubers (not just hatfilms) need to find another outlet to make videos, maybe make their own website and do it that way

    • zephyrmop
      zephyrmop 27 minutes ago

      @Jayden Warran They wouldn't get ad revenue from it though. Companies advertise on youtube as they know millions of people will see their product. Any that did advertise on a smaller website wouldn't be offering much money either.

    • Jayden Warran
      Jayden Warran Hour ago

      @Joo Jingle exactly just have their own youtube run by them, because there wont be any dumb bot that fucks somebody over for the slightest sound or word said.

    • Smiling Jack
      Smiling Jack Hour ago

      Before TheXvid, most Internet video creators had their own sites but TheXvid was easier due to the fact they didn't have to pay Web fees

    • Joo Jingle
      Joo Jingle Hour ago

      if all the great youtubers got together and ran their own site it would be brilliant! otherwise, having each youtuber have an individual website is too inconvenient for the common consumer.

  • Joseph Power
    Joseph Power 2 hours ago

    I reckon you'd look pretty stupid if you just sat still for 15-20 minutes...

  • Space Gravy
    Space Gravy 2 hours ago

    Love itttt!!!!

  • Victoria Petrova
    Victoria Petrova 2 hours ago

    1:26 "i'm gonna build a left wing" - karl marx writing the communist manifesto in 1847

  • james bazely
    james bazely 2 hours ago

    i fully support this channel becoming a lego drone - only content channel.

  • liudas p
    liudas p 2 hours ago

    what is the only way goddamnit?! i need answers

  • MrGoatsy
    MrGoatsy 2 hours ago

    Lets create a gofundme for Ross to get tits.

  • TheShadowscythe
    TheShadowscythe 2 hours ago

    10:29 Yes Craig! KEEP IT IN THOSE SMALL BOYS!

  • Dawning Star
    Dawning Star 2 hours ago

    tree drone is my favorite thing x

  • Stefan Edek
    Stefan Edek 2 hours ago

    Bee-pollen would be a great name

  • Seggins Productions
    Seggins Productions 2 hours ago

    I love this, get more Legos and make something truly amazing!

  • TheHarleyEvans
    TheHarleyEvans 2 hours ago

    try it with a proper set of LEGOs , i would imagine the 2x strips would give a lot more structural strength

  • Epic Life Events
    Epic Life Events 2 hours ago

    This is Hat chat with LEGO’s. Love it

  • amitymeans
    amitymeans 2 hours ago

    Pure chaos 2.0.

  • stuartrockin
    stuartrockin 2 hours ago


  • DaKaptin's Ghost
    DaKaptin's Ghost 2 hours ago

    Just watching them hurt themselves and just duck up is the best lol

  • Luc Cavill
    Luc Cavill 2 hours ago

    I think the best way for you guys to get to a million subs is to become a LEGO channel.

    • Amin Nausin
      Amin Nausin 2 hours ago

      @Devi lego but not for kids, just like studs

    • Devi
      Devi 2 hours ago

      COPPA disagrees

  • Tanya Irons
    Tanya Irons 2 hours ago

    Glamandgore the careless whisper queen!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 2 hours ago

    This is the one

  • J Higgs
    J Higgs 2 hours ago

    I really like all this new live action stuff that they've been trying out. It's a nice breath of fresh air that still highlights the random conversations and banter that makes their content so good. 10/10

    • Potatoe King
      Potatoe King Hour ago

      J Higgs yes I really enjoy that :D I love to see my Bois doing silly stuff <3

  • Steve Abberley
    Steve Abberley 2 hours ago


  • Whiptail401
    Whiptail401 2 hours ago

    sup boiks

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 2 hours ago

    Why is the side of Smith's head shaved?

  • George Melvin
    George Melvin 2 hours ago

    they needed the hive mind this time

  • Qabe Q Equivalent Of G

    Big up the flyby

  • Shane Morton
    Shane Morton 3 hours ago

    Woohoo!! Love me some HatFilms!!

  • Th3GinGerOne
    Th3GinGerOne 3 hours ago

    You should have tried getting the Mystery Machine HIGH

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 3 hours ago

    Oh my. So few views. 84 views.

  • C.A.M.E EvERYWhErE
    C.A.M.E EvERYWhErE 3 hours ago