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  • Shit Head
    Shit Head 59 minutes ago

    If dana wasn't there it would've been a whole body shots lol

  • HpPmL
    HpPmL Hour ago

    Many zits on Usman body....

  • Tom Barrett
    Tom Barrett Hour ago

    Reyes isn't great at trash talk

  • Vix Kik
    Vix Kik Hour ago

    Oh Dominick🤦‍♀️ stick to fighting, your shit talking is WEAK AF

  • Ass Juice
    Ass Juice Hour ago

    I’m English but that English reporter and his weedy fucking voice really pisses me off more then it should

    DIRTY SANCHEZ Hour ago

    If you drill the holes for the nails? I dont think this bloke knows how nails work. Douche

  • goodvibrations6
    goodvibrations6 Hour ago

    That was so cringe by colby :/ disgusting. despicable. But I am rooting for him tomorrow.

  • bazarovism
    bazarovism Hour ago

    01:04 Usman has bumps on his belly. It must be injection sites

  • Shablé
    Shablé Hour ago

    Faber smirk is saying, ok chump been here done that when you was shitting in diapers son. 😂

  • Nathaniel O'Rion

    Reyes will knock jones out

  • S N
    S N Hour ago


  • Fran C.
    Fran C. Hour ago

    Looks like Dana white is... fired... lol isn't his Job to make sure fighters don't hit eachother b4 they fight??.. LOL 🤣😂😆

  • Clayton
    Clayton Hour ago

    Bones too sharp !!!

  • The Brazilians People Champ

    Jon Jones bouta grow his nails for 2 in a half months and you already know why.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Hour ago

    Petr has hands of stones

  • goodvibrations6
    goodvibrations6 Hour ago

    Colby "no handshake" Covington

  • Will Hanley Reed

    12:40 theyre really talking shit over a book.

  • young simba
    young simba Hour ago

    Have you watch those fight videos when titeld when trash talking gone wrong. I have a feeling this time tomorrow colby will finally make it on the list

  • Erick Rangel
    Erick Rangel Hour ago

    Who cares about this fight i just want to see him vs asednaya or watever his name is

  • Sandis Grundšteins

    When is Conor vs Cerrone press conference gonna be though? 🤔

  • S.M.C. Kennels
    S.M.C. Kennels Hour ago

    Nobody gives a fuck about either of these dipshits.

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX Hour ago

    Max almost knocked himself over with that chest pound.

  • Lion Haidar
    Lion Haidar Hour ago

    No one likes Colby but Trump !

  • Matteo Semper fortis

    So Israel is a pussy for not wanting to fight Jones at 205. .and what is Jones for not wanting to fight Israel at 185?.. A pussy

  • Dillon West
    Dillon West Hour ago

    Not trying to be rude but they need to get that girl a translator

  • Will Hanley Reed

    Jones: Izzy’s not in my head guys. No. Hes not in my head. Hes not in my head at all. Not even a little bit. I swear hes not in my head. Like for real.... no He’s not in my head

    • sammycinnamon
      sammycinnamon 58 minutes ago

      It's his mantra when hes going to sleep.

  • Hog Nutz
    Hog Nutz Hour ago

    Not as close and his hairline is to the back of his head usmarty fake newsman

  • Devon Estes
    Devon Estes Hour ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to say his upbringing was exactly the same as his opponent

  • Cesar Franco
    Cesar Franco Hour ago

    Na men aldo is gonna kill that guy

  • The Brazilians People Champ

    Izzy a great fighter dominating the Middleweights but Adesanya needs to know that 205 is a whole different game. Y'all seen what happen to Rockhold and Weidman moving up for example.

  • Bloater Snake
    Bloater Snake Hour ago

    Jones wanna bone valentina

  • Shane Taylor
    Shane Taylor Hour ago

    Jon your too pussy to move up to heavyweight I mean how long you gna be that pussy for. A guy in a weight class lower than you goes up makes you look Very silly

  • Sonny LoSpecchio

    Dominick isnt good at this media stuff

  • Kolla
    Kolla Hour ago

    i hope colpy will respond to this pictogram fool.

  • Владимир Бобарыкин

    Пётр лучший! Вперёд, только победа!

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang Hour ago

    This fights gonna be epic, both guys level of wrestling may possibly nullify both of their grappling in the fight leading them to have to strike only which both rely on hard pressure but while Colby is about volume punches Kamaru pressures for the heavy hits so it’ll be really interesting if they both need to resort to standing cuz the wrestling goes nowhere then it’ll be a possible brawl fest. I just hope that one of the fighters just dominates by grappling cuz that would be the whackest grudge match outcome ever. If it stays on the feet I don’t see either of them backing up and not engaging so I understand why this is touted as a big fight even though Usman and Covington aren’t the biggest marquee names yet but they have a chance to shut all the wrestler haters up and fight like two brawlers trying to knock each other’s heads off cuz either fighter getting KOd would be so damn embarrassing . For Kamaru to lose to the guy he’s been beefing with in public and backstage going as far as confronting Colby at the airport where Colby was trying to play it off like it’s all just promo or for a Colby to do all this shit talking making enemies with Dana could possibly make him skate by on thin ice for the rest of career as anyone Dana doesn’t like can be cut at any moment unless your champ in which Dana will do anything to find someone to strip the belt from you so they can throw Colby out or bring back down to obscurity

  • Ke Kidang
    Ke Kidang Hour ago

    He'd be the greatest heel in wwe im starting to like this dude damn

  • Victor Aguilar
    Victor Aguilar Hour ago

    I think the fight will go to USADA by hotpiss

  • john petzi
    john petzi Hour ago

    Jones is a stone cold killer a bad mf i dont see him loosin any time soon

  • Mr. B.
    Mr. B. Hour ago

    Lol wtf I was thinking this was fake

  • brandon clay
    brandon clay Hour ago

    These two don’t know how to trash talk each other

  • Frank Strange
    Frank Strange Hour ago

    Made a video out of that. Waste of time stupid shit

  • Mac cheese
    Mac cheese Hour ago

    That one crazy black dude right there...

  • uman965
    uman965 Hour ago


  • Vishal Sheoran
    Vishal Sheoran Hour ago

    Mike the frickin 🦍 perry

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang Hour ago

    Damn I didn’t realize how much Dana and Colby were on bad terms until I saw Dana completely ignore Colby after his weigh in. Colby should be grateful that Dana doesn’t rip him apart in interviews and shit which I’m sure if he loses to Usman Dana will open up about how much he dislikes Colby shit he would no longer be a possible champ and asset to the company

  • One3rdNinja
    One3rdNinja Hour ago

    “Marty Fakenewsmans ugly smug” Terrifying 😑

  • Abhro
    Abhro Hour ago

    Marty won't know what hit him. He's gonna keep coming at Marty with that intensity and I'm sure Marty can't keep up with Colby's pace and cardio. Colby's gonna gas the fuck out of Marty and then beat his ass up. I'm sure he's gonna take Marty down as well in the 1st round itself. He's gonna show his Division 1 dominance over the Division 2 Champ. Marty likes to take his time man and Colby won't give him Nothing. He's talked trash to him and now above that he's gonna show him why he can talk all the trash he wants. There ain't a worst defeat than this in MMA. After he's done with Marty he's still gonna talk trash to him and Marty won't have a choice but to be humble and respectful about it.

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper Hour ago

    Tbh Reyes should stop talking because he makes Jon sound like Conor.

  • Charles Eggebrecht

    Dead crowd

  • Jin R
    Jin R Hour ago

    9.45 minutes hella scared me jones "he's like come out from the screen and choke me out".

  • Praise God
    Praise God Hour ago

    That cyst on kamarus stomach and the hairline this guy on some.special shit like lebron james

  • My Fathers Business

    female fighters are awkward.

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet Singh Hour ago

    Black niggah you ll see what Colby is gonna bring on Saturday Night,😂😂😂 not even close

    BRIUSER RED Hour ago

    “Tickle my pickle??” if Jones was a heterosexual that would have never came out his mouth.

  • Gifted Cheese
    Gifted Cheese Hour ago

    Lyoto Machida before he got pressured to fight different.

  • Dan Solo
    Dan Solo Hour ago

    Easy fight for Jones and most probably will knock him out too

  • Google User
    Google User Hour ago

    Y'all bout to see some black on black crime

  • Rational Learner

    What's with camaru's abs? Wtf, how much steroids is he on?

  • Sepa9
    Sepa9 Hour ago

    Colby is going to expire!

  • Nick M
    Nick M Hour ago

    Jon's looking like he's about to drop his Christmas album

  • omegaweapon116
    omegaweapon116 Hour ago

    Anytime someone gets so cocky ... They lose

  • teeemoy
    teeemoy Hour ago

    looks like this Reyes guy's legit. Knocked out OSP.

  • Imran Taleb
    Imran Taleb 2 hours ago

    Inshallah usman wins

  • Timmy RedruM
    Timmy RedruM 2 hours ago

    Jesus! they are half my weight.

  • Brandon Hames
    Brandon Hames 2 hours ago

    Stiff as a board.

  • Mike Reyna
    Mike Reyna 2 hours ago

    This dude is about to get worked! Lets go California Kid!!! 💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Tom Gooding
    Tom Gooding 2 hours ago

    Jon looks old now

  • Hallucinogenichusky
    Hallucinogenichusky 2 hours ago

    I don't know if people are forgetting Jon's last dog shit performance but if he plays that not PED bs against Reyes he is going to loose...

  • teeemoy
    teeemoy 2 hours ago

    When I saw the title, I was like... Dominick Reyes?! Isn't he a bantamweight? Then I realized...Cruz. The bantamweight was Cruz. Just shows how casual I've become.

  • Pavel Ivanov
    Pavel Ivanov 2 hours ago

    can someone explain why is ufc 247 presser out before ufc 246? cuz all the attention will turn to Mcgregor ?!

  • Roshaan Khan
    Roshaan Khan 2 hours ago

    0:22 Joe Rogan kissed that guy

  • Google User
    Google User 2 hours ago

    Colby is exposing how racist America is to white people

  • Dig Bick Playa
    Dig Bick Playa 2 hours ago

    Usman is too big, too strong like carl froch was for GGG.

  • StartingFresh
    StartingFresh 2 hours ago

    Joe...”I love my bum-bag Rogan”👈👈🤣🤣🎤🎤

  • King in the North
    King in the North 2 hours ago

    Looking like the Axe Murderer

  • StartingFresh
    StartingFresh 2 hours ago

    Joe “I love my bum-bag” Rogan👈👈🎤🎤🤣🤣

    • David Pryor
      David Pryor Hour ago

      Mr I wear it to stand out n get attention

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 2 hours ago

    Joe “Fanny, Fanny, Fanny Pack” Rogan

  • jlaborer 394
    jlaborer 394 2 hours ago

    I always here!!! Support our troops. The only problem is the ufc used and abused a veteran that was supporting the ufc but got screwed. For that, I will not buy a ticket. Was hoping in one of these shows they would of brought her back.

  • Daniel Quijada
    Daniel Quijada 2 hours ago

    That was an issy Jones fight set up. Right there.

  • Michael Deitrich
    Michael Deitrich 2 hours ago

    Ahhhh I see Reyes is using the very keen strategy of pissing Jon “I probably have killed people” Jones off. That worked very well for his other opponents

  • Steven Loredo
    Steven Loredo 2 hours ago

    Dominick has to be the absolute worst trash talker in the UFC. He’s more cringe to watch then Henry is.

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson 2 hours ago

    Forget the haters let's go Jon Jones

  • Raymund Labs ra
    Raymund Labs ra 2 hours ago

    Urijah "Valero" Faber

  • discoverytube
    discoverytube 2 hours ago

    Usman wearing whiteface? Das racisss.

  • isaac zachary odesola

    is it only one guy that asks questions

  • Tom Nub
    Tom Nub 2 hours ago

    Geoff about to put some work on Perry.

  • Samy
    Samy 2 hours ago

    He is FoooOOOOoooked !!!!

  • Cesar Barrantes
    Cesar Barrantes 2 hours ago

    Valentina the real goat

  • George Valdez
    George Valdez 2 hours ago

    Some guys are really weak at talking chit Jon ain't that good but Dom chit talking is at the grade 5 level I know what u are but what am i

  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown 2 hours ago

    Joe Rogan looks like an idiot with that fanny pack

  • 4c00h
    4c00h 2 hours ago

    Lol the comments are great

  • DaveKraft400
    DaveKraft400 2 hours ago

    Reyes' inexperience really showed here.

  • LHL TK
    LHL TK 2 hours ago

    Ufc and audio problems...

  • MackkDaddy3232
    MackkDaddy3232 2 hours ago

    Lmao can't they give Dana a chair or something? Looks so awkward 😂😂

  • Penniless Jester
    Penniless Jester 2 hours ago

    Max needs to eat a few dozen cheeseburgers he looks unhealthily thin

  • Comedy Generation
    Comedy Generation 2 hours ago

    hahahah Joe's face right there!! haha he almost died with colby convo haha i found that so funny anyone else?. lol!

  • MackkDaddy3232
    MackkDaddy3232 2 hours ago

    Jones is speaking straight truth tho 👍🏼

  • Giddi Bawz
    Giddi Bawz 2 hours ago

    Jones doesn't give a fu*k lol. He says he's excited but his body language says otherwise. He's chillin. It is what it is.

  • EHabano
    EHabano 2 hours ago

    Jon wanna fuck valentina, is noticeable!