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  • Pippen Nipplerod

    I think Connor could beat him if he wanted to. I think it would be equivalent to fighting an actual mountain, but I think if he trained for it he'd have a shot. But it's over the second Thor gets his hands on him. Thats not debatable. Connor might never get grabbed, but if he gets grabbed ONCE thats it. As opposed to taking several gut shots with an actual armored shell around you, idk I'm gonna bet on the big guy. *Edit* Man fuck I honestly don't know. Maybe the odds aren't as far away as I thought.

  • ossa60
    ossa60 Hour ago

    if you want to do that then you need to fight more and talk less

  • M I
    M I 2 hours ago


  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger 3 hours ago

    Whittaker is gonna kill this kid

  • Josh Mendoza
    Josh Mendoza 4 hours ago

    Donald cerrone the nick cage of the ufc

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 5 hours ago

    Damn that guy a freak

  • Kristian Marinkovic
    Kristian Marinkovic 5 hours ago

    Johnny walker you are just a kid for jon jones return on you re favela on youre brazil kid

  • Deemoney Green
    Deemoney Green 5 hours ago


  • majid khan
    majid khan 5 hours ago

    call the KHABIB.

  • Phil Newhouse
    Phil Newhouse 5 hours ago

    Jon doesn’t seem like a genuinely nice guy. But when it comes to fighting he is the best in the world right now and has been for many years. That deserves respect.

  • Kyle Clemente
    Kyle Clemente 6 hours ago

    Fuck you Faber! You classes athlete. You already have a contract you scumbag deal maker.

  • 16 subs without a single video

    He seems a lot more polite and sane when he's sober

  • Atal
    Atal 6 hours ago


  • Igor Dubrovski
    Igor Dubrovski 7 hours ago

    Well folks, MVP is the culprit of the most brutal injury in MMA history (Cyborg's skull fracture), be sure to check it on youtube before MVP smashes Richard "Face of Avon".

  • Brett Nuttall
    Brett Nuttall 7 hours ago

    Probably smarter than every NASA scientist... also biggest heart, and a sweetheart. Beautiful.

  • Igor Dubrovski
    Igor Dubrovski 7 hours ago

    MVP will humiliate that prick on Sep27/Bellator227. Mvp 4 life 💯

  • basterfa84
    basterfa84 7 hours ago

    Congratulations you both have AIDS and hep c

  • МС КХакимов

    у конора жена хорошая

  • Caleb Schaap
    Caleb Schaap 9 hours ago

    Chin looks like a demon pussy

  • jose Morales
    jose Morales 9 hours ago

    No se que dicen pero me estoy riendo con ellos jajajajajja like si hablas español

  • Redeemed Stone
    Redeemed Stone 9 hours ago

    Nah, I like that Robert is being respectful to Israel who is his elder. As he's a Kiwi, he will know too well what happened when Tua schooled Cameron for being disrespectful. Cameron got carried away with the free press. He got embarrassed in front of the whole country. But to his credit, Cameron is now a much better person for it. So no, don't rile your senior.

  • Bist Bish
    Bist Bish 10 hours ago

    The fastes KO in UFC history, pretty dominant, will dominate the list of the faster KO in the history of mma

  • White Obama Is Beta O'Rourke

    My favorite fighter since he first came over here, guy could never put on a boring fight

    KUDDI _THEGREAT_ 11 hours ago

    This niggah got beat the fuck up no cap

  • Shotgun Matt
    Shotgun Matt 11 hours ago

    So many counted my boy gaethje out. I like cerrone but not as much as Justin.

  • uncle majboor pubgm
    uncle majboor pubgm 12 hours ago

    Fuck his life

  • Phil Newhouse
    Phil Newhouse 12 hours ago

    He threw some crazy flying kicks then gassed out and almost got knocked out and he lost by decision.

  • Brad M
    Brad M 12 hours ago

    Can Fabre win another fight (definitely no top 10). After 1 win (yes a KO) who in the hell thinks he gets title fight?!?!🤔 This video is like a bad episode of SNL...

  • Brad M
    Brad M 13 hours ago

    Woodley= Blah blah blah... How does Woodley deserve a rematch?! Woodley is NOT the greatest of all time (self titled).

  • houstone tejas
    houstone tejas 13 hours ago

    Never seen a chin like dat

  • DJRara2015
    DJRara2015 13 hours ago

    IT wasnt a nock down the first one 😂😂 hè was slipping

  • C Ramirez
    C Ramirez 13 hours ago

    Beat kabob

  • gOD-LiKE SystemS
    gOD-LiKE SystemS 14 hours ago

    Weile is SCARY looking!



  • Jon Tron
    Jon Tron 14 hours ago

    the bonobo poked Fury in the eye. That was why Fury was mad.

  • Bb370
    Bb370 14 hours ago

    He was at his best in the till fight. He went into the usman fight with an ignorant mentality

  • Bryan Brand
    Bryan Brand 14 hours ago

    So basically Woodley wants to do everything gsp has done

  • Mike Gunnerst
    Mike Gunnerst 15 hours ago


  • عزالدين جيجل

    ربي يهدي

  • عبدالعزيز الروَّاف

  • Comments Crusader
    Comments Crusader 16 hours ago

    What was the intro song.

  • Texan 4zan
    Texan 4zan 16 hours ago

    This shows me the UFC doesn’t know how to pay their fighters, how the hell is Askren getting paid more than Masvidal ? That’s embarrassing!!! His been in the UFC longer no wonder Nate and Nick are like F the UFC !!!

  • Ehdy Garseah
    Ehdy Garseah 16 hours ago

    I always knew Urijah was secretly the Crimson Chin.

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK 16 hours ago

    Absolutely pathetic. Why do you glorify this scumbag. Once a scumbag always a scumbag. The only thing more pathetic than this scumbag are the persons who admire this scumbag. Maybe he was looking for a girl to beat up

  • Naim Heredia
    Naim Heredia 16 hours ago

    Shit I want him at my Metro By T-Mobile

  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha 16 hours ago

    Dana and the fans hated when Twood was champ and were waiting for him to finally lose, but no one expected that the new champ would be even worse! Tyron had like 2 boring fights but all of Snoozemans fights are boring, Tyrons personality can be a little corny at times but Fakenewsman has the personality of a when cereal box. And say what you want about Woodley he was never ducking fights and was one of the most active champs on the roster.

  • Stuart Thompson
    Stuart Thompson 16 hours ago

    I honestly feel Justin is probably the biggest threat to khabib, I think maybe the actual key to solving the puzzle of khabib is to actually wrestle him, off the top of my head I don’t think we have seen anybody attack khabibs legs the way Justin will definitely do simply because everybody is worrying about khabibs grappling and wrestling, i can see Justin attacking the legs early which will definitely take something out of khabibs ability to shoot and put pressure on his opponent, khabib is known for slowing down obviously a strategy to recover during rounds 3-4 and I see that as a window of opportunity to apply the pressure on him to hamper his recovery to either get a stoppage on him or to even win those rounds and maybe he won’t recover for the final part of the fight enabling to win the final rounds of the fight, Justin is tough so if he can work khabibs legs and body early whilst anticipating the takedown and just weather the first couple rounds maybe even to the point of giving up those rounds then to implement the forward pressure on khabib from round 3 onwards, I see Justin being able to implement that game, I think tony will be an amazing fight against khabib but I still see that as khabib domination of tony, I just don’t think tony is strong enough to hold back khabib or to get out from under him, Justin is strong and conditioned to fight khabibs fight, currently the only guy I see with the ability and attributes to beat khabib is Justin, we’ve never really see khabib have to deal with repeated body shots and leg kicks, this may stir some of you.. but just go back and watch khabib vs Connor, connor implemented a key thing during the fight that in my opinion worked brilliantly and that is the body strikes like he did to Chad, I still feel a second fight between khabib and Connor would look very different, if we just take away all the crap from outside the cage and just focus on what goes on in the cage, although Connor lost I think he cracked and exposed a major flaw in khabibs game that night, just go back and watch that fight and take off your biased tinted glasses and just study what actually happened in that fight.. i been shocked that nobody has really highlighted what actually happened in that fight mainly because of the antics leading up to and after the fight, I’d like to see Justin vs Connor and the winner get the winner of khabib vs tony, my prediction would be khabib tko tony, and Connor kos Justin, but oddly enough I think Justin beats khabib. I also think Connor kos tony.

  • vsmith3rd
    vsmith3rd 17 hours ago

    Kevin Lee is a young, strong and athletic powerhouse wrestler. With that said, Khabib would body him.

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 17 hours ago


  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 17 hours ago

    Stop holding a child and hiding behind your child with your motives stand like a man and shut your f****** b**** ass mouth

  • kapil rawat
    kapil rawat 17 hours ago

    Masvidal is a real one 😂😂

  • Santiago Katzenstein
    Santiago Katzenstein 17 hours ago

    He needs to retire Usmam ran over him 5 rounds straight he didt have nothing to counter usman at all Darren till proved to be a paper tiger at welterweight Woodley had his amazing moments but he is out in my view

  • Shamim Mollick
    Shamim Mollick 18 hours ago

    Who is here after match between "khabib vs mc gragor

  • Nunu Bagja S
    Nunu Bagja S 19 hours ago


    AFINA GAME 19 hours ago


  • Hate R
    Hate R 20 hours ago

    Dennis Siver is next for Khabib

  • Jesse Rogalski
    Jesse Rogalski 20 hours ago

    Keep in mind, he's the runt of his two other brothers.

  • Ozzy Laguna
    Ozzy Laguna 20 hours ago

    2:27 ben predicts his own death

  • Zucho Ovung
    Zucho Ovung 20 hours ago

    I drank water before match was started and I missed the full fight😂

  • Marek Šturma
    Marek Šturma 20 hours ago

    Dublin, 14th December.... Next Conchúr parole hearing... He might fight good, but brain smaller than a peanut.

  • nax_420
    nax_420 21 hour ago

    The guy in red wanna hit that joint so badd

  • rudeMALITIA
    rudeMALITIA 22 hours ago

    All this for just 5 seconds to get knocked out 😂 it’s funny because he predicted his own knock out he said 5 seconds is all I’ve got man I miss the build up for this fight card it was lit

  • ritik singh jangpangi
    ritik singh jangpangi 22 hours ago

    My foot was a balloon...

  • Rito Rocha
    Rito Rocha 23 hours ago

    Urijah Faber go home nobody cares!

  • Fref West
    Fref West 23 hours ago

    Clear to see who dana WANTED to win

  • Abdul 007
    Abdul 007 Day ago

    That wasnt even fake, it looks 100% real

  • bhunep neppoho

    Khabib is worried he is gonna get plastic surgery from tony

  • Hyper Kong
    Hyper Kong Day ago

    Like whoa.....

  • Ricky Murray
    Ricky Murray Day ago

    This guy looks like Todd Duffee without steroids. What's his name?

  • Yo Za
    Yo Za Day ago

    Uriah's fight iq, heart and grappling and bad. Really bad.

  • hillbilly hills

    Me too

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud Day ago

    WHAT??? the fook is going on here? the fook are they sayin? Even the cringiest Cejudo somehow the only one who makes sense and he even said WHAT??. lmao.

  • Shushi Chang
    Shushi Chang Day ago

    very best conor mcgregor

  • Muhammad Suliman Shah

    Conor McGregor you forget the strong Punch of Khubab, re mined

  • anonymous anonymous

    Труджим крут

  • alexythimia23
    alexythimia23 Day ago

    “Life is much bigger then that” lol what a guy


    Who know that this clown will say against Russia that time

  • Suraj Jairwal
    Suraj Jairwal Day ago

    6'9" vs 5'7" giant vs ant

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    Weili would bulldoze Henry, the Leprechaun, Cejudo. Looks like little Cejudo would have to gain weight to fight Weili Zhang too. LOL. Henry Cejudo = Kelvin Gastelum's mini-me

  • Jack Richardson

    Bro stop talking shit and get in there and fight dont be a McGregor u fool all this guy talks about is fighting but never fights

  • Atlantis XS
    Atlantis XS Day ago

    0:41 ... Sad moment😂😂😂

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan Day ago

    lost his title, after khabibi

  • Au St
    Au St Day ago

    my man looking like that monster from batman v superman


    great video bro

  • Tips Turnup
    Tips Turnup Day ago

    "And imma need that belt made as soon as possible".... 2 weeks later dana white : yeah were gonna make a belt

  • JPD
    JPD Day ago

    2 guys who both don't deserve a shot. twood only needs 1 win. urijah needs multiple wins.

    • JPD
      JPD Day ago

      with that being said i wish woodley was champ over usman

  • krzeselko
    krzeselko Day ago

    It was cringe but not because of Cejudo but the people asking questions

  • acidali01
    acidali01 Day ago

    Im here to smash your boy !!!! FUCK CONOR

  • Kabir Bariana
    Kabir Bariana Day ago

    Just imagine this was a kickboxing match

  • Caribeño damacer

    uyy ufff

  • Hamad Alhamad
    Hamad Alhamad Day ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that calls the police to check if everything’s ok

  • The R0S3
    The R0S3 Day ago

    Why is it that half his fight he turns up into a killer. And half his fights he fights like a bum just stands in the middle and gets hit

  • Pavan Nair
    Pavan Nair Day ago

    Tony: You know how many times I've had my legs kicked this camp? Take a guess. Reporter: Thousand. Tony: I don't know 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2badrealslight Son


  • KT Lee
    KT Lee Day ago

    Can’t wait to see him fight jons

  • Good vs Evil
    Good vs Evil Day ago

    Artem is the goat

  • Mr Sad
    Mr Sad Day ago

    He can beat jon Jones Mark my words

  • Christopher Foote

    Urijah is such a good person.

  • Supernova
    Supernova Day ago

    Los subtítulos en español XDDDDD

  • 412josh z
    412josh z Day ago

    That kids gonna be holding him in short time