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  • Movenpick - Sea Fun Divers

    All of you dont realise that all the EU has to do is say to its trading partners ; if you trade with the UK we dont trade with you.... negotiations OVER...

    KEVIN HESKETH 42 minutes ago

    Why the obsession by the British media.You look like puppets of the royal family and it makes you a turn off.They have power and are unelected and have wealth through the tax payer and Their ancestors who stole land from the people.Lets get rid of the monarchy and have a elected president and for the land they own,they should sell it and pay the poor reparations.

  • Tina Reutin
    Tina Reutin 49 minutes ago

    So, Harry can’t help being born royal. Why can’t the British people help pay for his security? I don’t get it.

  • Sy Fan
    Sy Fan 49 minutes ago

    How dare BBC support the terrorists in HK. These so called rioters(actually terrorists) have been killing and burning and destroying the city. Many of them and their leaders are foreign funded. These young rioters are trained by foreign specialists of riot wars. Many HK people hate them guts.There were even more than 4000 gasoline bombs found in the university campus. Shame on you BBC.

  • Mc Grogi
    Mc Grogi Hour ago

    Allied will came after Many hongkong protester are dead. First is middle east Now far eastern

  • Brent FU
    Brent FU Hour ago

    Prince Andrew is still a child molester.

  • Nurdin Kuehnel
    Nurdin Kuehnel Hour ago

    Ask the Royals. Or their new buddies from NSA-Datatribe Ackermann and Wehrmacht's SSObersturmbannführer Marcel Ott. They seem to have a knack for either sheep or African kids.

  • Wonder Wonderful

    Meghan and Harry moving good! The media won't use them as an scape goat anymore. Media can find someone else to pick on... If you've never been discriminated again, you won't understand it. People will never move forward until they stop putting little emphasis on the matter of racism. People that have had discussion always want to call it something else, or be in denial.

  • peter allison
    peter allison Hour ago

    Well and so it carries on, who is the person in charge of this problem. The punishment does not fit the crime we have this softy softy approach. There is a simple solution vote out for ever the politicians who are spineless and do not implement the more draconian sentencing and or capital punishment ,just get rid of them they are intheway of real prevention.

  • Sean Connors
    Sean Connors 2 hours ago

    Jesus you have learnt absolutely nothing left must move and these ideas you have must be abandoned swing back to working class values you have abandoned

  • Angela Hayes
    Angela Hayes 2 hours ago

    There needs to be a public enquiry into this and people who turned a blind eye need to be jailed and never allowed to work in this field again.our country is a disgrace.

  • Angela Hayes
    Angela Hayes 2 hours ago

    Gordon brown needs to be hauled up to court for his part in this

  • K 55
    K 55 2 hours ago

    CIA/MI6 organized protestors.

  • Angela Hayes
    Angela Hayes 2 hours ago

    Our media are censoring the truth from the people,and smearing people who speak out about this.change is needed in this country as we are becoming evil people that are doing nothing.

  • Angela Hayes
    Angela Hayes 2 hours ago

    Asian man?? Still the bullshit rolls

  • Blame Yourself
    Blame Yourself 2 hours ago

    On the 31st, I'm going to open a bottle of Champagne and eat some Belgian chocolates celebrating that the UK (that is: little shitty bigoted arrogant England) is finally out of the EU. Don't forget applying for a visa when visiting us at the Continent. Hail Johnson!

  • honey badger
    honey badger 2 hours ago

    Is the answer to why did she have to die " for the sake of diversity"?

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 2 hours ago

    When you don't believe in God and his shit, this is how dignified you are about ur death. When you believe in God , then you will die with confusion whether u will be going to hell or heaven, but ultimately ending up in soil. I would like to die with a courage as that of hitchen's and want to accept my death with dignity and clarity. Love you loads hitchen's ❤️.

  • cosmicVox13
    cosmicVox13 2 hours ago


  • Cristina Velasco
    Cristina Velasco 2 hours ago

    How about all the plastified bodies of Hell-y-works GOD SAVE TRUMP

  • MJ H
    MJ H 2 hours ago

    This is a fine demonstration of the endgame of enforced "racial equality"," affirmative action" and "minority quotas"....It`s like breeding the runt of the litter with a pedigree dog.

    Jane POINDEXTER 4 hours ago

    I. HOPE PEOPLE WILL BOYCOTT THEIR PROJECTS AND PRODUCTS. DONT BUY THEIR STUFF OR GIVE TO THEIR " CHARITIES . ONLY 5 % OF DONATIONS HAVE TO GO TO THE ACTUAL CHARITY IF THEY FOLLOW the Clintons. Ignore and boycott them. Pass it on to people you know I heard M. already had sticky fingers in charities they ran and is that why she decided to run now to create a diversion? Everybody boycott these two. We have seen enough of their dishonorable ideas and behavior...why would we buy what they plan to merch They think we are idiots who will buy up everything they do. Not racial at all, it is their behaviour. No one else has acted like Meghan with total underhanded shananigans.

  • Vishaan Singh
    Vishaan Singh 4 hours ago

    7:00 The stupidest fucking question ever, holy shit

  • Alireza Bideli
    Alireza Bideli 4 hours ago

    They are just some students in front of AmirKabir and Tehran university which was sad for plane crash and some fake protesters that have been led by UK Iranian people are several million people that have murried for iran quessem soleimani (Person who destroyes ISIS) Lots of tourists travelled to Iran. Watch their videos You will understand what the real Iran is

  • a. shawnee
    a. shawnee 4 hours ago

    NO more NO-bels?

  • Kofi Ghana
    Kofi Ghana 4 hours ago

    In the first place, what is this british BBC guy wants the gun for, Trouble Maker's, always painting Africa Dirty, they've got what they wanted already, so what is this for ? Want to get the gun to british Museum ? Or what ? and all am Praying for is Africa to be ONE, like Kwame Nkroma from GHANA said.

  • Violet May
    Violet May 4 hours ago

    Nothing response I bet these professionals just employed their friends sho could not forbear job

  • hv ac
    hv ac 5 hours ago

    This news is getting old and people are tired of an almost 40 year old poor me Harry that is nothing other than a grandson.

  • angelique giusino
    angelique giusino 5 hours ago

    These two are close to billionaires already and they can't pay for their own security???? Disgusting

  • muzhikforchaplin
    muzhikforchaplin 5 hours ago

    Why isnt bernie in the front

  • theruffledbunny
    theruffledbunny 5 hours ago

    Racism? Give me a break 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • gg1275
    gg1275 6 hours ago

    Lmao Uri was bending spoons live on Greek TV back in the 90s, but at least we had no internet back then... Just fire the idiot who put this on BBC and apologize to the public.

  • Michael Nolte
    Michael Nolte 6 hours ago

    It must give the BBC a but hurt to have to report this story. They must have tried everything to ignore it as they have done in the past. Does not fit the loony left wing narrative.

    HOSEA OMAR 6 hours ago


  • ncis Mugerian
    ncis Mugerian 6 hours ago

    Police gets Molotov cocktails thrown at them: I sleep. Police gets hit with arrow: real shit?

  • Martha Sanders Parker

    Meghan and Harry are smart and maybe pay for their own, security.

  • Martha Sanders Parker

    Dickie, do you work for the palace.

  • Elisa Mastromarino
    Elisa Mastromarino 7 hours ago

    Whatever, Andrew. Just continue with your self appointed duty in sex trafficking. 🙄

  • Fj Fj
    Fj Fj 7 hours ago

    Conflating natural disasters with climate change is just dishonest

  • MyChilepepper
    MyChilepepper 7 hours ago

    Just wish them well. Who in the world have the perfect family?

  • Aneshia Dixon
    Aneshia Dixon 7 hours ago

    Why do black people move to the U.K. if it's so racist. And why stay. I'm over it

  • Francis Li
    Francis Li 8 hours ago

    Don't worry even after BREXIT day UK is still shackled by EU because of the trade deals, supply chains and policies put into place before.

  • Rod L.
    Rod L. 8 hours ago

    "Yet it was Harry and Meachan who were supposed to be the modernisation...". This is the modernisation. First real royals to try for a new model. But no, the British Establishment disallow it. The other European royalty keep it small. Britatin needs to cut back this costly charade. Costly to the mental health and well-being of some of the family too, I think.

  • The Reverend Trev
    The Reverend Trev 8 hours ago

    We should celebrate by the government cancel the BBC TV LICENCE.

  • Phillip Jackson
    Phillip Jackson 8 hours ago

    This will not stop until the politicians public servants and muslim people who are responsible for these heinous crimes are imprisoned then either deported or exiled nothing less

  • Alex O
    Alex O 8 hours ago

    These children have to be sacrificed on the alter of the Left's multiculturalism and political correctness

  • Procommenter Man
    Procommenter Man 8 hours ago

    *Sort of...* *Sort of...* *Sort of...*

  • Tintin
    Tintin 9 hours ago

    The turkeys are discussing how to celebrate Christmas. Morons.

  • Shaving Cream
    Shaving Cream 9 hours ago

    if white people having dreads is cultural appropriation then black girls or boys with straight hair is white,black,indian,mexican,asian appropriation

  • neils pedofil
    neils pedofil 9 hours ago

    This is just Like Illang the Wolf-Brigade

  • Lucy Brunson
    Lucy Brunson 9 hours ago


  • Phillip Spackman
    Phillip Spackman 10 hours ago

    Even when caught they still lie they were Muslim not Asian.

  • Lucretia Harris
    Lucretia Harris 10 hours ago

    They want to be out of the spotlight and this put them more in the spotlight. Jealousy. Power, Control, greed plays a big part of racism always have always. will. We have no real reason to hate someone because of the color of their skin.

  • Dolores Ghee
    Dolores Ghee 10 hours ago

    We need a younger president because they will be able to do more

  • BamBam Bigelow
    BamBam Bigelow 10 hours ago

    Never forget about peodifile Prince Andrew.

  • Redhotsaycool123
    Redhotsaycool123 10 hours ago

    Fuck this war criminal,...the man who brought open borders to the UK to create a socialist hell hole,...British public rejected,white,yellow and blue all said NO!!!

  • Alastair Ashford
    Alastair Ashford 10 hours ago

    How can this be going on in a civilised country?!!!

  • Fritula 6
    Fritula 6 10 hours ago

    Show us the newspaper that wrote racial attacks about Meghan. RACIST attacks against Meghan......IS A LIE!

  • Gary Purvis
    Gary Purvis 10 hours ago

    Let's have a massive party when the BBC is closed down for good

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk 10 hours ago

    There will be revenge, all foreigners will suffer , it just needs a spark

  • John
    John 10 hours ago

    Iran all piss and wind trumps got the balls and proved it

  • Vim de Zim
    Vim de Zim 10 hours ago

    He could help them bend the truth like he does those spoons.

  • VampliFyer
    VampliFyer 10 hours ago

    Maybe the real issue here is that anyone in their right mind is worried about Meg and Harry's ability to be "financially independent" when together--without the Royal family--they have more combined wealth than 99% of the world's entire population.

  • Fritula 6
    Fritula 6 11 hours ago

    Harry, another Edward VIII. European monarchies are dying. Colour is not an issues here...there is no racism. This is about running away, and disrespect....don't talk about a modern monarch, is this the progressive way to a modern monarchy. This is disgusting! The only person who is uncomfortable living in the royal family, and as a member of that guess who? Meghan! As matters come out.....Meghan planned this as soon as she met Harry....this is now evident, it has been in the making for a long time, and was kept secret. To have had done this, Meghan would have gotten advisers, who are advising her into a direction far as possible from the royal family. DO YOU THINK...after all of this.......she will show her face at the royal family luncheon?? Harry will, he being royal will need to.

  • wendy graham
    wendy graham 11 hours ago

    Cant see how it will affect the royals at all, its not like harry was going to be king, everything will go by fine without them and they will be a lot happier too

    • wendy graham
      wendy graham 11 hours ago

      I meant harry and meg will be a lot happier

  • NR
    NR 11 hours ago

    islam = cancer

  • NR
    NR 11 hours ago

    islam = cancer

  • Miki Mouse
    Miki Mouse 11 hours ago

    why isit so hard to spit out the word PAKISTANI.are they pakistani???yes!so wtf is so racist about that??and we are not talking about just all white girls from entire europe,they was ENGLISH girls.

  • Doak 16
    Doak 16 11 hours ago

    good to see the BBC does not get it

  • Sean Connors
    Sean Connors 11 hours ago

    Worse result since 1935 your out of touch

  • Sean Connors
    Sean Connors 11 hours ago

    War criminal has no say

  • Leonardi laurenti
    Leonardi laurenti 11 hours ago

    Alan DERSHOWITZ is another LYING opportunist drowning in his own swamp. He, like TRUMP, BLOOMBERG, WEINSTEIN, EPSTEIN and so many more of his ethnic group are inseparable. His absence of morality and dire GREED propel him to grab any opportune moment that assist in making $$$$$$$$$$. Greed is his guide; the dollar bill is his god! Time and time again he runs to Fox News, with the hope of presenting one of his new books. To so, he defends and sustains their evil agenda. Then he runs to CNN, MSNBC and every outlet that allows him the opportunity to advertise his book... and, tell his stories which are modified almost at every turn. During his transient stay on any of those news medium, he refers to his book over, and over and over again! His most recent CRAP is that Trump cannot be indicted and Giuliani has client privilege. He is supposed to be a Professor of Law. However, he continues to demonstrate a lack of understanding of the Constitution of the US, a disregard for it and portray himself as overt rebel against it! What a disgraceful being!

    • Leonardi laurenti
      Leonardi laurenti 11 hours ago

      ERROR: I meant to type this in the above post: "assists" in making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    BRANIMIR SKAREC 11 hours ago

    The BBC should pay for loyers for these kids to sue police mayers goverment for hiding the truth and doing nothing !

  • Frank Hynd
    Frank Hynd 11 hours ago

    3:21 - Long Bailey does not have Corbyn’s charisma? Did I hear that statement correctly? Corbyn”s charisma did not prevent the British voters giving him the worst electoral defeat of a Labour Party leader since 1935.

  • X Scotgaurds
    X Scotgaurds 12 hours ago

    He's just a piss head also talks piss 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍💂

  • Tintifax gibt seinen Senf dazu

    I life with ervery minute under control ...this is NO life.

  • michael pike
    michael pike 12 hours ago

    its all pelosi fault for distracting the guys in charge of the missles with a false peaching canning operation.

  • Sohan Dsouza
    Sohan Dsouza 12 hours ago

    As and adult, at your own expense, do what you want. Leave the kids out of it. Leave the taxpayer out of it.

  • Andy Lyon
    Andy Lyon 12 hours ago

    Well, I don't know about you lot, but I'll be celebrating with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Methinks a chocolate digestive or perhaps a custard cream.

  • Cecil Henry
    Cecil Henry 12 hours ago

    Try watching this without feeling the urge to write a manifesto. I'm just printing and binding mine now. Disgusting anti-White propaganda.

  • jeb _
    jeb _ 12 hours ago

    "If you hear someone using religion to justify their hate, don't listen to them, because it's a lie. Hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear." - Imane, Skam France

  • William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX

    I didn't know BREXIT was about Paul's family photos

  • Rory O'Neill
    Rory O'Neill 12 hours ago

    It should be celebrated because Brexit means the beginning of end of the occupation of Ireland by the evil empire once & for all, without killing an English man.

  • BasicallyLottie
    BasicallyLottie 12 hours ago

    Sorry but I can’t watch leaders getting into pointless fights when Australia is on fire and Millions of animals are dying because of our choices this just doesn’t really bother me atm

  • mary smith
    mary smith 12 hours ago

    Stop with the bringing both sides together! The globalist, traitorous, self absorbed, leftifascists can PI$$ OFF! They are the ENEMY of the UK! They should be given a one way ticket to a communist country of their choice! They are the destroyers of all things good and beautiful!

  • Mr_Jalapeno
    Mr_Jalapeno 12 hours ago

    Ah yes, so called "working country"

  • Ivy Garcia
    Ivy Garcia 12 hours ago

    Very irresponsible decision on Harry and Megan's part!

  • playlists
    playlists 12 hours ago

    no a fan but boris johnson is a highly educated person who understands what words mean and the how to form arguments and THINK - unlike the oaf leader of the usa

  • Richard Thornton
    Richard Thornton 13 hours ago

    Ring in Big Ben. If the Bureaucrats preclude this. Ring in the church Bells and all the fireworks you can assemble Take the 500,000pounds they were trying to charge you and launch will buy a lot!! Celebrate your freedom despite some cost like you celebrated the Victory of WWII.LET FREEDOM RING!!

  • Beatrice Peterman
    Beatrice Peterman 13 hours ago

    That is a little, harmless, precious newborn, baby and Danny Baker is a big, drunken, rugby type thug who thinks tearing holes in the hearts of others is funny. Who's laughing now you dumb ass liberal twat?

  • Cok van Gaalen
    Cok van Gaalen 13 hours ago

    #podcast #tedheath #epstein Child Sex Abuse Suffered From Age 4 - Ted Heath Victim Mike Tarraga Shaun Arttwood

  • Passion4Karting
    Passion4Karting 13 hours ago

    Roll On 31st..!!

  • Orson Kaart
    Orson Kaart 13 hours ago

    I wouldnt trust Sweeney with a bag of piss!

  • Andrew Grew
    Andrew Grew 13 hours ago

    Church bells ringing out all over Britain would be fantastic And fireworks too.👍

  • S. Brouwer
    S. Brouwer 13 hours ago

    And TR is a racist Nazi, for exposing, what you are partially putting forward now !? Almost getting him killed on the way !? The fox preaching the passion !!! If you can't beat them, join them and keep the narrative in your own media- and authority- clutches , so you can protect most of your elite friends and colleagues ! Btw : it's P..A..K..I..S..T..A..N..I !!! Not Asians. Not Burmese, Japanese , Chinese, etc. P..A..K..I..S..T..A..N..I !!! And yes, it was their CULTURAL ( not racial ) background, which allowed them to do to these girls, what they would never do to their "own" ! 15 years is nothing !!! The responsible people then, should be held accountable and punished for it, whatever position they hold now, pensioned or not ! But of course that wil not happen : I wouldn't be surprised, if Burnham and BBC would take care of not having any specific responsible person in a place of authority prosecuted .

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst 13 hours ago

    Very very salty lol kinda kinda like Corbyn shooting is love juices in to gina Miller 🇬🇧🖕 bye e.u

  • Shouvik Roy
    Shouvik Roy 13 hours ago

    Why can't a certain community just live with peace despite calling them peacefuls? Same things happening in India. They partitioned the country in the name of their religion and now again trying to divide the country. Anywhere they go chaos follow.

  • Rami Doubanen
    Rami Doubanen 13 hours ago

    This horrible person thinks people are like him : thieves !!

  • Gregory de Sleskine
    Gregory de Sleskine 13 hours ago

    Smooth-talking smarmy Nigerian running the home, what can you expect?

  • Kibria Ali
    Kibria Ali 13 hours ago

    Iran’s on their list, if you know you know. Gonna soon be another Libya