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  • Tar Man
    Tar Man 31 minute ago

    No nay never

  • C I
    C I 46 minutes ago

    Pete = Candidate Harry Potter 2000

  • Michael David
    Michael David 54 minutes ago

    a pervert, a fake native American, a fake Mexican, crazy socialist or a small gay guy all speaking Spanish and offering free stuff. What could go wrong lol Do these guys all work for Trump? I'm starting to think so

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia Hour ago


  • Finoula Mc
    Finoula Mc Hour ago

    Please don’t compare Scotland to Ireland’s situation there is NO comparison.

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def Hour ago

    It's OK to be White

  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne Hour ago

    This time it's not the unionist's fault.

  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne Hour ago

    How did Ireland and therefore northern Ireland become "part of the UK", 2 years after one of the biggest, bloodiest rebellions ever against British occupation in Ireland?

  • Shujara
    Shujara 2 hours ago

    We’re studying dis interview for English a level🤪😂

  • who me
    who me 2 hours ago

    BBC protects pedophiles

  • Richard Frith
    Richard Frith 2 hours ago

    Referendums well is the same as EU, they ignored the Scotland one, ignore U.K. ,,,we at least the U.K. won’t deal with them as the EU won’t let them 😂🤣

  • Tomcat Hamilton
    Tomcat Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Ann is the shit.i like her!!!

  • 叶子衿
    叶子衿 3 hours ago

    Scotland, come on! To support your independence!

  • evoljellyfish 00
    evoljellyfish 00 3 hours ago

    The Weimar Republic 2.0

  • Anthony Wayne
    Anthony Wayne 3 hours ago

    Sanders is too old and Warren is too! Neither really has a stake in Americas future because they are both practically on their death beds. It's a shame that America is too intellectually limited to see the raw talent, intelligence, vision and experience of Pete Buttigieg!

  • Anthony Wayne
    Anthony Wayne 3 hours ago

    Sanders is too old and Warren is too! Neither really has a stake in Americas future because they are both practically on their death beds. It's a shame that America is too intellectually limited to see the raw talent, intelligence, vision and experience of Pete Buttigieg!

  • Anthony Wayne
    Anthony Wayne 3 hours ago

    Sanders is too old and Warren is too! Neither really has a stake in Americas future because they are both practically on their death beds. It's a shame that America is too intellectually limited to see the raw talent, intelligence, vision and experience of Pete Buttigieg!

  • Sara V F
    Sara V F 3 hours ago

    I don't mean to dismiss the opinion of British "leavers", but the reason why England has so many immigrants is that the English went to colonize other countries (which is the case for all European countries). So Mr Cleese's reaction of going to an ex-colony is kind of a paradox. They will only end up with more Saudis and Southern-asians than Poles and Rumanians.

  • DerbJd
    DerbJd 3 hours ago

    Antizionism as I understand it, is opposition of the Political and Military actions of the Israeli Government and their THEFT of Palestine and ever-growing land grabbing. THAT is what i oppose and that is why I refuse to be labelled as antisemitic. I have nothing against Jewish people or their religion. And because I am an Atheist, I do not believe in any religion. I see all religions as ways for governments to force regimes onto lands of people for control through blackmail and fear of persecution. So, take away religion in Israel and you’re left with a Banking Gangster Cartrl who stole a country to use as a military base in order to force commercial, economical and governmental control into other local countries, especially for their oil and other minerals.

  • Lisa Cole
    Lisa Cole 4 hours ago

    Basically you are told to THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!

  • Heather Higley
    Heather Higley 4 hours ago

    Democracy is based on an accurately informed electorate. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO RECOGNISE THIS FACT. Something is not democratic just because everyone ticks a box. We are not informed on the whole - largely due to the non existentence of political education in state schools, and us being given lies to digest by those in power.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 5 hours ago

    Nicola Sturgeon Is Clueless And Brainless And Is Out Of Touch Wth Scotland, Herself, But Thats How Deluded She Really Is

  • o2filmisfun
    o2filmisfun 5 hours ago

    21 Oct 2019 - I voted NO in 1975. travelling and working around Europe since 1969, spent a lot of time in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Gibraltar etc etc. Saw exactly what the then COMMON MARKET was intended to be and then how Prime Minister Wilson and Ted Heath simply LIED through their eye teeth to the British people - NO LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY - keep food prices low - BULLSHIT!! Food prices sky rocketed and eventually the Sovereignty of the UK was signed away in Treaties to Brussels unelected bureaucrats. I WAS Educated and voted NO to the Common Market and recently to the European Union. Back then the average person didnt have the internet, were not well traveled and were educated by Governments that determined WHAT they would and would not learn! Complete Control and the 1975 Referendum Pamphlet sent to every home was a not just biased but a set of lies beyond belief and of course the Public fell for it! As the old saying goes, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice Shame on ME!

  • RichardM8422
    RichardM8422 5 hours ago

    How dare you give this person a platform, A FREE ADVERT paid for by licence fee payers, for her hateful crackpot ideas.

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 5 hours ago

    I dont get the surprise? Muslims are Homophobic. Everybody knows that. They got dead penalties for gays in Islamic countries. Why is everybody getting upset at the truth?

  • Ger C
    Ger C 5 hours ago

    There is nothing so vile and subservient as a Scottish Tory....nasty little social Darwinists who think of nothing but enriching themselves and their ilk...a pox on their houses!

  • Kendrick Ainsworth
    Kendrick Ainsworth 6 hours ago

    Scotland is part of USA

  • Vicky Gupta
    Vicky Gupta 6 hours ago

    Having his pistol and now regreting... fuck off u moron now you deserve this. Enjoy western democracy

  • Vicky Gupta
    Vicky Gupta 6 hours ago

    Lol rest in peace gaddafi your people were fool. They didnt give u respect. Now enjoying western democracy. Fucking americans and west fullfilled their interests and ran back like a dirty mouses. RIP gaddafi.

    TAY AND FRIENDS 6 hours ago

    the bbc is nothing more than zionist filth

  • Unelected Bureaucrat

    Pretty indeed!

  • Unelected Bureaucrat

    I'd like to have sex with her

  • Lucas-Tyler Harrington

    Why can’t anybody respect a vote anymore. Scotland voted to stay, you’re anti-democratic if you want a second vote. The UK voted to leave the EU, you’re anti-democratic if you want a second vote Fucking idiots want to dismantle democracy because they didn’t like the result

  • Schmick Aussie
    Schmick Aussie 7 hours ago

    I hope that Brexit and no hard border are the final outcome. I don't care if Ireland becomes just one country or maintains the status quo. A hard border is just insane. The only ones that want a hard border are the EU. All of Ireland should benefit from any free trade agreements outside the EU after Brexit. Perhaps even cheaper American or Aussie steaks on your meal in the local pub...

  • stephen young
    stephen young 7 hours ago


  • Craig Ryan
    Craig Ryan 8 hours ago

    the communist BBC full of shit as usual

  • lio001
    lio001 8 hours ago

    Shut up ya fuckin clown

  • skin inthegame
    skin inthegame 9 hours ago

    I am Libyan from Benghazi, and Libyan people know Qaddafi best. I remember not being able to find meat in Benghazi because Qaddafi shut down all private business and you could only buy meat from govt. stores who either didn't have it or who inflated prices so you couldn't afford. There were no goods, no medicine, no cars and and open sewers that what Qaddafi did to Libya. Infrastructure in most Libyan cities is from Italian colonial times and deteriorating. Don't tell me Qaddafi was good. Benghazi now in construction boom, Google Venecia street. Almost 3 billion dollars in goods arrived to Port of Benghazi last week. This port never open under Qaddafi. Electricity is regular and free. Water is free. Gas cost 4 cents US per liter or 16 cents for gallon. Schools open, streets are much safer and the armed forces have a heavy and controlling presence. Qaddafi was a brutal dictator who ruined Libya with his stupid adventures and towards the end he could only find poor Africans who are uneducated and thirsty for his handouts to believe in his silly theories. Please don't speak about Libya when you don't know what's going on. Libya is in the process of unification and will take it's place in the international community. If you love Qaddafi, don't come to Libya looking for work. Message from a real Libyan.

  • Marta Twardowska
    Marta Twardowska 9 hours ago

    as lawyer he should support officially all these 2000 victims of cia including his dad officially and legally, it will be just supporting justice and the truth

  • jerina Star
    jerina Star 9 hours ago

    The interviewer is a viper and she got shamed when lupita refused to fall for her trap

  • Ran with Angels
    Ran with Angels 9 hours ago

    ann coulter v trump

  • libdathulla n
    libdathulla n 10 hours ago

    By admitting that she's a Muslim doesn't implies that she is a real believer of Allah she has to follow Islamic rules which is homosexuality is prohibited in Islam

  • abc 123
    abc 123 10 hours ago

    @BBC please report some news from Catalonia, where are you BBC? fight for freedom and democracy independence for Catalonia people!!! @BBC Newsnight

  • James Lin
    James Lin 10 hours ago

    No. Not even close.

  • Piyush Garg
    Piyush Garg 10 hours ago

    Hahaha good feel so proud 🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😁

    CUB NATION108 10 hours ago

    Mary McCartney is so pretty. She reminds me of Linda.

  • Piyush Garg
    Piyush Garg 10 hours ago

    Haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Loved how pisslam got a taste of its own medicine

  • Pipe dream plumber
    Pipe dream plumber 11 hours ago

  • Максим Апчел

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  • Pipe dream plumber
    Pipe dream plumber 11 hours ago

    Fuck the English cunts, the meibion glyndwr had the right idea. Cymru am byth!

  • Pipe dream plumber
    Pipe dream plumber 11 hours ago

    United Ireland, Scottish and welsh independence. League of celts. Kick the English out of our countries. Then stay in the EU and fuck the English cunts leave them on there own. Fed up of rich English cunts buying homes and land here in Wales, forcing up the house prices so our kid's can afford to buy a house in the villages they were born in. Get the English out........ twll din bob sais

  • Teh Mu Jin
    Teh Mu Jin 12 hours ago

    I am rooting for Northern Ireland free from England brutal colonization. Love you from Hong Kong. Keep fighting, never give up. No freedom no peace.

    • Mark Morgan
      Mark Morgan 7 hours ago

      Love fron lreland never gave up freedom for all

  • Epic878787
    Epic878787 12 hours ago

    It's a trick. Years of acrimony trying to negotiate from under the EU whip hand. It's enslavement.

  • iaann100
    iaann100 12 hours ago

    Nato usa dont help them against isis??

  • jo ndinda
    jo ndinda 13 hours ago

    Liar! In Kenya we never had discrimination on skin colour! Liar! That’s more so in south America, and in the western countries! Ask other Kenyans! Lupita does not represent Africans and definitely not representing Kenyans! She has a very low self esteem.

      JOY VITALYNE Hour ago

      What she said is very true, while we don't experience racism, a great deal of colourism- where people with lighter skin are deemed prettier than those with darker skin, is experienced

  • KraigwithaK
    KraigwithaK 13 hours ago

    These lunatic doomsday cultists are demonizing the food of life! CO2 is the food of ALL life! We and ALL the flora and fauna die without it! We need MORE CO2!!

  • allan powell
    allan powell 13 hours ago

    cliche, cliche, cliche.evasive,evasive,evasive.move on, move on,move on.

  • Colleen Lynch Artist
    Colleen Lynch Artist 15 hours ago

    The BBC have covered up the biggest paedophile cases remember when you covered up for Jimmy Saville aye you are all disgusting why are you defending Prince Andrew he is clearly a paedo giving him credit and advice pffft nut jobs

  • Benji Martin
    Benji Martin 15 hours ago

    Mary and Stella are still beautiful for their ages being 50 and 48 respectively.

  • Glen MacPherson
    Glen MacPherson 15 hours ago

    The truth will come out, and history will achieve consensus on this dedicated liar.

  • alien hiabov
    alien hiabov 16 hours ago

    go stop mkultra instead and stop wanking you idiot look drugged or some strange shit

  • there fore
    there fore 16 hours ago

    people of that kind.........

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 16 hours ago

    Lol Of course they had to escape to Scotland, but what were they escaping?? The truth that this man has no resemblance to Paul in anyway?.. Or that this man cant play and sing Yesterday or half of the classics Paul wrote, I mean everytime ive heard Faul singing Pauls classics, he sounds fucking whack. And his singing voice is lacking , to the point where hes almost breaking a note even on the easy parts. Paul McCartney was one the best singers in the world at the time, and his bouncy basslines were a trademark. Well how can one singer lose all his trademarks?.. It's like saying Paul gave up being Paul, there wasnt an inkling of the old Paul in Fauls music. But most of all it was Paul's vocal capacity compared to the fake ass paul, as in Pauls voice was so amazing it totally blew everyones mind. But Fauls voice struggles even with simple songs, and another thing after the Beatles split, he never really wrote anything on the same level, but did end up co writing with Elvis Costello lol.. Fauls such a loser, the only way he can succeed is if the BBC keep plugging him.

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 17 hours ago

    Lol How does a photographer qualify as a true artist?? Stellas totally deluded about her mum, she was more well known for being a Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix groupie lol..

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42 17 hours ago

    all female politicians and bbc presenters look like transsexuals. not typing that to hate on people for being trans just saying that they all look like transvestites. try and name one that doesnt look they were born a man

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 17 hours ago

    After hearing Stella talking for only a moment, something doesnt seem right about her. As in she looks very sombre and seems as if she's aged beyond belief. Personally I think she looks possessed, or something has really affected her.

  • 80thiconoclast
    80thiconoclast 17 hours ago

    This is all a farce, but I do like the way she carries herself.

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 17 hours ago

    Lol "It was clear that mum had a huge talent". Well it sure wasnt her music! Man what happened to Stella's face?..

  • Opinions MoreOpinions
    Opinions MoreOpinions 17 hours ago

    Why this woman is pretending?! Clearly she knows, this is bullcrap privilege London life, try to pull this word- salad in village in Bangeladesh, see where that gets you.

  • navidski
    navidski 17 hours ago

    He was last night on Saturday the 19.10.2019 for the SECOND time last week in my restaurant in Vienna!!! Because I asked him the first time around, when he popped in with his lovely wife for a quick lunch, a million times if he’d be so kind to come again. And what do you, they did!!! This absolute icon, this greater than life human being, this philosopher of life, this hero of my entire life, was in my restaurant and ate the food, that I cooked him and they loved it. I’m still buzzing. Keep looking at the photos, that I’ve taken with him, as if I was in love with a gorgeous 18 year old girl. Jesus, I still can’t believe it was himself. Oh, oh, oh and he invited me to his show on Wednesday evening 😃😃😃 Fuck all the stupid haters

  • Toni Hill
    Toni Hill 17 hours ago

    I’m scared

  • nox scythe right to the face.

    The people calling Brexiters "insane and stupid" are the products of a world with no spankings, globalism, and the increasing desire for turning Britain Muslim, out of some sort of "white-guilt daddy issue complex"

  • Alexandria Ocasional-Cortex

    (This video didn’t age too well, did it? Q was right all along) 🐸ThankQ BBC for exposing so many of us to Q anon!!!🐸 2315 Arrests for Pedos & Human Trafficking since Trump took office!!!

  • Backtoshallabal
    Backtoshallabal 19 hours ago

    Does Ozzy support brexit

  • will smith
    will smith 20 hours ago

    Screw all you coward liberals.. come get them yourselves...

  • terry phidaheights
    terry phidaheights 20 hours ago

    as soon as they land prison until we find out who they are give them fuck all

  • ريم القحطاني

    تاج روسكم ابو سلمان ياكلاب

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie 20 hours ago

    Omg if they tories get in at a general election. We are in trouble

  • helen Tur
    helen Tur 21 hour ago

    Emily Maitlis is in awe of him. Made me cringe

  • Hello L
    Hello L 21 hour ago

    Fight for freedom and fight back the evil British government and Englishman!!

  • MArius Neacsu
    MArius Neacsu 21 hour ago

    Minute 11.56 They both aim guns at each other but seemes to me Boris pulled the trigger first....

  • The 5th Columnist
    The 5th Columnist 21 hour ago

    Push for solutions on climate change, however socialism still doesn't work so has never been a solution

  • Pól O'Giollagain
    Pól O'Giollagain 21 hour ago

    "Give Ireland back to the irish" Sir Paul McCartney

  • Nomad Lone
    Nomad Lone 22 hours ago

    Wow Biden is almost 80? Really? He doesn't look that old . And no, I'm not a Biden hopeful. Just thought I'd mention that. 😄

  • Roger Seebald
    Roger Seebald 22 hours ago

    He was really weird looking in the 70s/80s

  • Portu Gal
    Portu Gal 22 hours ago

    Oh shut up you dizzy cow . Ann has walked the boards b4 you was even in your dad's 💰

  • Tom B
    Tom B 22 hours ago

    The Windsors are up to their necks in it

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 22 hours ago

    Linda was was one of the 'first' women photographers ! Que ? I love the Maccas but lets keep real.

  • Fresh Delice
    Fresh Delice 22 hours ago

    Why they want a general election when the next one is due to 5th May 2022!!! What the point to set rules and break them !!!!This is some kind of a joke !!!!

  • thisisnumber0
    thisisnumber0 23 hours ago

    Go back to playing with animals, David, you're scaring people with utter tripe.

  • J Starr
    J Starr 23 hours ago

    Canadian here. If Scotland doesn’t wanna leave the EU why should they be forced too? Something to be said about the single market and togetherness of the EU.. but then again also get the other side of wanting more independence cause let’s be real brussels and Germany are the real players in the EU. Britain doesn’t wanna play second fiddle anymore. So Scotland should choose for themselves..yeah know? Good luck British cousins, from a Canadian

  • mark kendrick
    mark kendrick 23 hours ago

    Phillip Hammond has a personal agenda, he hates BoJo with a passion.

  • O O
    O O 23 hours ago

    She is an Israeli agent.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 17 hours ago

      they are all trans. thats why trans is promoted these days. name a bbc presenter or prominent female politician and they look liek they were born a man

    • 80thiconoclast
      80thiconoclast 17 hours ago

      @J. Harris. Yes.

    • J. Harris.
      J. Harris. 19 hours ago

      Aren't they all?

  • phil mill
    phil mill Day ago

    Right so this is the conversation and hand shake gentleman do before a vote the after the vote say ... Ok well that's the result. It's the difference between man on left which he believes in, and man on the right. One is loyal the other isn't ... It's all set up by ducking idiots.

  • phil mill
    phil mill Day ago

    Polar opposite but both scottish. I didn't vote remain or leave ... English as I am being annexed or Scotland being british? It's an old argument but you cannot have it both ways or your cake and eat it . Remember the English song, we will never be slaves. Take care scotland. Oh by the way apparently there is no eu army etc? How is France doing with macron ? Are they still hitting kids, young girls with batons, france or French need less of pillock on the left. Pillock on the right will do.

  • Bob
    Bob Day ago

    Tired of reading so many of the comments that are biased, misinformed and just untrue. Also, tired of seeing Ms. Carrie Lam ignore reality. She can end this protest at any time by actually doing her job and trying to reach a diplomatic solution. Peace.

  • Amanda Knopp
    Amanda Knopp Day ago

    Hypocritical arsehole. KMFT

  • Anthony Maurice

    Jim is a scumbag liberal clown!

  • Bloodshot Eyes

    She's deformed!, she suffers from a reverse overjet!.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 17 hours ago

      its all reverse mode in teh entertainment industry all female politicians and bbc presenters look like transsexuals. not typing that to hate on people for being trans just saying that they all look like transvestites. try and name one that doesnt look they were born a man

  • Hazel Adelaide

    Why does this title have Justin Trudeau. I am glad she refused to fall into their trap for a headline. As a BBC news supporter I am very disappointed.