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Random/Unscripted Q&A #5
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Make your own ESC/Servo Tester
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DIY Plasma Arc Speaker
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  • Sánchez Boy
    Sánchez Boy 2 hours ago

    Why don’t you enable English and German subtitle in all of your videos? In that way, you don’t have to create another video in German. 🤔

  • tanmoy adak
    tanmoy adak 2 hours ago

    Can i use another value resistance replace 0.47ohm resistance

  • kaytemp delatemp
    kaytemp delatemp 3 hours ago

    youre the best

  • rob lenny
    rob lenny 6 hours ago real free energy , not free to start but after 30 second the device will be creating it own power and some at least 10x more like 100x 1.5volts to boil water the power from the steam turn a steam engine fly wheel the steam engine drives a 80 to 20 gear ratio system the spins a 100v generater at good speed out come is a lot more power than what is required to run thee system the warmer the enviroment is or the higher the altitude , the easier the system will boil

  • Thetreetroll
    Thetreetroll 6 hours ago

    0:28 Fu 2 buddy

  • Rigel Arana Fantozzi

    Everybody who says that he is lying is wrong. I actually wasted my time trying to make this, only to find out it did not work. And I am glad to know why.

  • Dan Thiede
    Dan Thiede 8 hours ago

    I've been using Lipo batteries for over 15 Years and Never had any trouble when using a good charger balancer ..!! I even use then for my E-Bike 20AMP Hour 50 volt setup !!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 9 hours ago

    I think calling this a laptop UPS would be more accurate.

  • matt bown
    matt bown 9 hours ago

    Why did you add a capacitor to the driver? Do you think this is necessary for the adafruit shield or L298N stepper drivers?

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand 10 hours ago

    Could you cover industrial load cells and amplifiers such as span, zero, drift and the effects of hitting one so as to change its original values

  • #Reaper
    #Reaper 11 hours ago

    I wonder how familiar or similar this is compared to PFC circuits? Is there even any difference? I stumbled up on that problem month ago when buying affordable but powerful SMPS for LED lighting at home (>75 watts and regulations/law). I would be interested in that topic. Anyone too?

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand 11 hours ago

    And a distance sensor so it stops no matter which glass you use.

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz 11 hours ago

    you should use some big blue resistors.Because it melted my glue stick.

  • capnthepeafarmer
    capnthepeafarmer 11 hours ago

    Its like you were reading my mind! I was having issues splicing in a BlueTooth adapter to an old stereo and I kept hearing high frequency noise. I was able to rid most of the issues with better shield and wiring, but it still wasn't perfect.

  • Marco Baumann
    Marco Baumann 11 hours ago

    Irgendwie wirkt das Video so viel trockener, da bleib ich lieber bei der englischen Version

  • Jonathan Adair
    Jonathan Adair 13 hours ago

    Just use a Pentium D

  • Raghavan Mohan
    Raghavan Mohan 13 hours ago

    Which sensors to be used to detect Radius of curvature in beam

  • Sgt van der Walt
    Sgt van der Walt 14 hours ago

    Galvanic isolation, is it the same as optocouple? Just wondering.

  • Oldřich Prokůpek
    Oldřich Prokůpek 14 hours ago

    hi i can ask i want to make a small wind turbine to generate electricity but i don't know what motorbike or dinamo will be best for a small project

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 14 hours ago

    I would like to ask how do you change the frequency??

  • m00ny
    m00ny 14 hours ago

    süß wie du den anfang gemacht hast :-D war eigentlich kein schlechtes advertisement und ich nutze es seit 2015 :-D

  • AsunderPenny
    AsunderPenny 14 hours ago

    electroboom hás touched 60 v ac and he barely feeled ir

  • jack jennings
    jack jennings 15 hours ago

    The lens on the camera can make up to 100x microscope

  • Mohammad Alahmad
    Mohammad Alahmad 16 hours ago

    Top nick 😱👌

  • Emerald Blaze
    Emerald Blaze 17 hours ago

    thanks i learned somethig new today :D

  • jayalakshmi balasubramani

    You use mppt controller not pwm one controller is only pwm you make all fools but ok this take is original one 30$ one is mppt I think so because in your other video you show it and tell mppt only25$ one is pwm

  • Simon Lange
    Simon Lange 18 hours ago

    Warum man Kabel an einen genormten Steckplatz anlötet ist mir unbegreiflich. m)

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan 20 hours ago

    Very informational! I was just wondering have you made the next video on LED flickering? Thanks in advance.

  • Aleks Botler
    Aleks Botler 21 hour ago

    Нужна система технического зрения и обработка изображения нейросетью, для определения возраста пользователя и блокировки/разрешения приготовления напитков, содержащих водку.

  • Luiz Padilha
    Luiz Padilha 21 hour ago

    Congratulations on your job man. What is the name of that kind of divisible board and where do you find that on internet? I just founded the ones that you can not divide. Thanks in advance.

  • ChaosLeo07
    ChaosLeo07 21 hour ago

    Man sieht, daß der größte Teil deiner Abonnenten/Zuschauer Englisch sprechen

  • ChaosLeo07
    ChaosLeo07 21 hour ago

    Endlich ein deutsches Video von dir!!

  • xuhui zhuang
    xuhui zhuang 21 hour ago

    Can some one tell me how does the circuit in the video above works? How does the electrons flow when the circuit is in action?

  • Qudor Eng
    Qudor Eng 21 hour ago


  • Pc ColdWar
    Pc ColdWar 22 hours ago

    seem you have found nice source of lcd screen ;)

  • JacksWailerTV
    JacksWailerTV 22 hours ago

    Will it work with usb Headsets? Medusa NX is a famous example - I hav one and it kills me 😠

  • 1959Berre
    1959Berre 23 hours ago

    Instead of joining the cells in packs permanently by soldering or welding, I join the cells with strong mini magnets. Then I can take the pack apart easily whenever the cells need charging. This way I can charge a lot, or all the cells at once in parallel, sharing the same 4.2 V voltage. No need for balancing when parallel charging. Each 18650 cell is current protected by a fuse. After charging I can (re)assemble the cells in series/parallel packs with magnets in different configurations, depending on the voltage and current demands for any desired purpose. This is the most cost effective, the safest and most versatile way of using and charging 18650 cells. All you need is a good quality power supply, that can handle a constant current according to the number of cells to be charged in parallel. I charge at 300mA per 18650, so a 10A power supply will charge about 30 cells at once. Obviously, it takes some time to take the pack apart and to reassemble it. But when using magnets this can be done reasonably fast.

    EASY SCIENCE Day ago

    9:42 it would also be a nice cocktail

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Day ago

    very useful efforts

  • Michael Cooper

    1.21 million subscribers. Great Scott.

  • tech Master!
    tech Master! Day ago

    Pwm. Dimmer

  • eri
    eri Day ago

    I do think having both English and German is good, simply because some people may only know one of the languages! Plus, it can help people who want to learn a new language too!

  • _ jilted
    _ jilted Day ago

    Ultra fake

  • Adriano Vergara

    Wow very interesting, you just made me subscribe 😉

  • ANI Alien News International

    Sir how can I convert 3g/4g internet wifi dongles to a GPS tracker for pets Or How to make one GPS tracker

  • Zman Gamer
    Zman Gamer Day ago

    This makes me thirsty

  • Andres Camarena

    Check out the CuScribe, it's designed specifically for PCB milling!

  • Yadwinder Singh

    Is it work with Arduino uno or without Arduino board

  • Yadwinder Singh


  • Legoivan44321
    Legoivan44321 Day ago

    Heres an easier way to fight against this: plug in the devices on different outlets

  • Kokainarienv0gel

    i would prefer a bigger or multiple ultrasonic mist maker.... no chemicals at all, only water

  • Ryan Joseph Patio

    Great vid. I would like to ask if MPPT can be used in other systems like TEG's?

  • Stefano Nerozzi

    I think the problem should be solved at the source, which is the manufacturer. Authorities do next to nothing to prevent cheap switching power supplies and electronics from flooding the consumer market.

  • Mr. Flat Broke

    Dude your coin like looking thing is a mic.

  • J B
    J B Day ago

    The warning at the end of the video gets covered by video thumbnails of the videos recommended!

  • Gear HD
    Gear HD Day ago


  • Dragoby
    Dragoby Day ago

    I really like this series as I really like to do diy over buying things. I think a diy or buy on a UPS for a future video idea!

  • Julian T Mathews

    what is the minimum rpm it can work at?

  • Conner Gil
    Conner Gil Day ago

    Lithium keramic batteries

  • Michatroschka
    Michatroschka Day ago

    geil, auf deutsch ist es sehr angenehm zum anhören

  • J4FuN TV
    J4FuN TV Day ago

    how long its lifespan

  • Unity Vegas
    Unity Vegas Day ago


  • J. Lietka
    J. Lietka Day ago

    if that small welder got to working, it could be used to connect 18650s (via nickel strip) together, right? thanks again

  • Tobi Sndr
    Tobi Sndr Day ago

    Ich finde es total cool, dass du jetzt auch Videos auf deutsch machst :)

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand Day ago

    Perfboard soldering video next lol you make it look so easy I'm almost tempted to blame the Chinese boards I order 🤣

  • LMT Lipola
    LMT Lipola Day ago

    You are great... mann

  • Tom Phillips
    Tom Phillips Day ago

    Very much over with most things here...

  • Pete Shannon
    Pete Shannon Day ago

    "Heat bet"..."price tak"... "stantart 3D prinder"... LOL

  • creative inventions

    Use magnifier length begger than screen

  • Sourabh Chavan

    I'm confused about working & operation of TIG welding if possible can u make something like TIG machine PLS...

  • Forest Whispers

    Clap on, clap off, the Clapper!

  • Lord Xevas
    Lord Xevas Day ago

    Sir please help me,i have a question n i searching everywhere there is no answer,so i dicide to ask here, im confused with BMS modul 3S 25A.. May i changed into 2S 25A with that bms? Or i use a special BMS modul 2S 25A? Thanks you sir..

  • leuteris mandal

    I bought a rgb led strip but i can't yous the controller to change colours. What am i suppose to do ??

  • K C
    K C Day ago

    Dude... did your 12 year old make that travesty??

  • Chetan Verma
    Chetan Verma Day ago

    Hello , can you make auto cutoff timer circuit for mobile phone charger plug , working on 220 AC or 5 v 2amp dc Like - we connect in our 220v AC circuit board and set the timer according time duration

  • Omar Rahmane
    Omar Rahmane Day ago

    *Dank u, dokter.❤️*

  • AlexMI
    AlexMI Day ago

    Nice Video, i would be interested what kind of issues one would face when dealing with Microcontrollers as the typical hobbyist will not design his own powersupply.

  • usman haider
    usman haider Day ago

    Differential amplifier circuit is wrong. Non inverting input pin is grounded instead of resistor.

  • JonasEDVStuff
    JonasEDVStuff Day ago

    Jaaa, ich kann dich endlich Mal gescheit verstehen 😂👌😍

  • picaoid
    picaoid Day ago

    One single analog input is enough for all buttons. Guess how?

  • Mac M.
    Mac M. Day ago

    Would love to see a comparison with a similar capacity LTO based pack, maybe GWL could sponsor a video

  • Kscott McCauslin

    been waiting for this. i need to make these

  • Mitesh Dhanani

    Sir as u r showing y r we attaching a round circuit in the middle

    VINIT SINGH Day ago

    What power of potentiometer shoud i need to perfectly control my tda8932 audio amplifier ic. Bxxx k and no xxxx like 1906. Please tell me as quick as you can.

  • YliVirittäjä

    Have you tested the cheap ebay ones,are they reliable and are they safe

  • Marcelo Menescal

    When i saw LiPo, i immediately thought “Lithium-Polonium”. Then I thought: “that’s ought to be pretty dangerous indeed”.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Day ago

    I plan on using an old PSU to make a bench power supply, but by combining the common voltages to individual rails, and then using step up/step down converters at the output of each rail. I'll have three different adjustable voltage ranges without bottoming out on amperage.

  • cak kar
    cak kar Day ago

    Fucking fake

  • Daniel Lassander

    I never thought about it before, but you are left handed :)

  • asddsfdsaasdf
    asddsfdsaasdf Day ago

    Maybe a relay would do the trick ? Or it would be to slow ?

    UNITY Day ago


  • J_Net Reloaded

    Why didnt you solder a mic out jack to the board dummy? also why dont u add pots so u can tune things! also the old mic that broke may have a working condensor part you can try?! redo this.

  • J_Net Reloaded

    Starts @2:20 and btw fuck usb mics stick with analogue they never brake¬!

  • AbangZai2.0
    AbangZai2.0 Day ago

    Ty for this info video

  • Lorandt Foelkel
    Lorandt Foelkel 2 days ago

    You deserve your nickname: you are a GREAT person and engineer! Excellent explained and reproduced. Was a GREAT pleasure from my side #askLorandt

  • alienpioneer
    alienpioneer 2 days ago

    Isn't the current first transformed from 220V or 120V , then rectified ? Transforming a square signal into another square signal using a transformer makes no sense to me .

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 2 days ago

    Your English has changed so dramatically since I first watched you. Good work, and thank you for all the videos.

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff 2 days ago

    This was a bit long infomercial... and quite educative btw! Thanks!

  • the Joseph factory
    the Joseph factory 2 days ago

    I have a trutech portable DVD player but I have no idea how to charge it,can someone please help me