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  • Muhammad Saleem
    Muhammad Saleem Hour ago

    Ole is doing what he has plans to do. In the past MU went for easy paths but it didn't work well. A mistake that Liverpool committed in the past. Let Ole build a team and see how it goes next season. If United qualifies for the CL, it would be butter on the ice.

  • Red Five
    Red Five Hour ago

    We are not buying coutinho and what he says about kimmich is bs

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams Hour ago


  • Danny Chan
    Danny Chan Hour ago

    Alison = 1 assist Lingard = 0 assist Fred FLOPSTONE = 0 assist

  • supriya maity
    supriya maity Hour ago

    Why these ESPN pundits hates Barca so much ⁉️🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • GP PV
    GP PV Hour ago

    -So do you want to play at manchester? -Of course you always wins tournaments and always playing at the champions league. -all right so united is now your team. -wait I thought it was city, rather go to Germany 💪🏼😂😂😂

  • blackfrancis55
    blackfrancis55 Hour ago

    Gotta disagree with him. Liverpool did MORE than enough to win this game. Problem was that they didn't take their chances.

  • Deire Muchaenda
    Deire Muchaenda Hour ago

    The fact that these people are confident in talking about something they didn't watch is annoying 😒😒

  • Frieza 223
    Frieza 223 Hour ago

    Why's he roasting Moses like that😂

  • Samuel Yeo
    Samuel Yeo Hour ago

    De Gea saved MU from the embarassment,as Liverpool was on top of the game.

  • succ me up
    succ me up Hour ago

    Dude in the middle look like a bald rat

  • Pragati Mhatre
    Pragati Mhatre Hour ago

    Now thale last point was spoton

  • DanMac10
    DanMac10 Hour ago

    The team made over 800 successful passes the most since peps Barcelona 2011 so it shows in 9 years in one game seiten has the players retaining and having them move the ball within two touches while pressing high and limiting the other team chances while using la masia players!!!!

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed Hour ago

    Im not a barca fan but this new guy setien sounds they should bring back osumane dembele cause hes one of the best players in barca if not the best.....peace

  • Frieza 223
    Frieza 223 Hour ago

    Feels like Ale has been speaking for an hour or something

  • Frieza 223
    Frieza 223 Hour ago

    Van dijk who? Lovren is the best defender in the world


    Mata isn’t the guy he should never have been given that new deal flip flop fans after he had couple of decent games are all over him the same fans who a few weeks back were saying he’s garbage

  • Modern Soccer
    Modern Soccer Hour ago

    its not over, dont forget United must avoid relegation first

  • cjewelz
    cjewelz Hour ago

    The stupidity of the Griezmann signing becomes more apparent with each passing day. What did this mofo think he was going to do? Take messi's role.

  • Kevin Lusambo
    Kevin Lusambo Hour ago

    Wow these guys really are watching a different football or should I say soccer than everyone else! Did you or did you not watch the match ?? Get a grip of yourselves and stop being so negative.. it’s not like you guys lit up the football world during your careers🤷🏽‍♂️ Forca Barca

  • Me myself
    Me myself Hour ago

    Guys to tell you. These pundits are clueless. All they do is watch Pl all day and know nothing about la liga other than highlights

  • Ian Atkins
    Ian Atkins Hour ago

    The answer is no utd cant end liverpools run and utd was lucky to leave with a 2 nil loss

  • Zaine Pather
    Zaine Pather Hour ago

    Lol Pass the weed around please🙏 1stly they are pressing higher and passing the ball around faster, The possession is football back and 2ndly there are midfield players missing. De Jong and Arthur just returned geez take that into account as well. Rakitic is dead wood in the midfield but Setien has made noticeable change to the team.

  • Linkz GP
    Linkz GP Hour ago

    Glad to see ESPN FC finally coming to the party. EPL is a bad league with a good marketing budget. Best players in the world don't want to play in England

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez Hour ago

    Thank you

  • Vikhnaraj Kumar
    Vikhnaraj Kumar Hour ago

    Just stfu

  • Reza Moradi
    Reza Moradi Hour ago

    You guys didn't watch the game, especially Stevie... he only watches Liverpool

  • Pragati Mhatre
    Pragati Mhatre Hour ago

    The Madrid guys who says without messi barca is nothing they can't win without him. When Ronaldo was there in rm he scored most of your goals similarly messi being messi he scores most goals for barca.but just like today's rm is a good team without Ronaldo other players stepped up to fill his shoes . In same way when messi will retire other players will step up and score goals . But until then u have to watch him score or like u say save barca from losing. Visca el barca

    REEPO Hour ago

    why does he say machester city united

  • anonymous123 45
    anonymous123 45 Hour ago

    Shut up with the Griezmann and Messi relationship. They are perfectly fine....

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Hour ago

    I think the German league is quickly becoming the most competitive leauge

  • Raj Krish
    Raj Krish Hour ago

    Manchester United performed better than expected. But Liverpool did not have to be at their best to beat them.

  • Øyvind Aanderaa

    Does it also say everything about Juventus, Leizpig and Napoli? The other clubs he rejected, or does it only matter he rejected United? Haaland always said his next move was about playing time. Leipzig have Werner/Poulson, Napoli Milik/Mertens, Juventus Ronaldo/Dybala/Higuain, United have Martial/Rashford/greenwood. Dortmund told him he would be their nr 1 striker, no other side could offer him that. It is also much more difficult to move on from a club like United, juventus and Napoli if you want to move. A club like Dortmund will allow you to move if the price is right. The move works for everyone involved.

  • GamingBizzness
    GamingBizzness Hour ago

    Bro are you high? More than 1000 passes and over 80% possession to Barcelona and you say that's what we were used to see from barca? Get yourself checked mate. Its literally our best team effort in the past two years

  • Brian S
    Brian S Hour ago

    I swear this shirt topic has come up or is it just me

  • Carlos Nelson
    Carlos Nelson Hour ago

    Aleandro got me laughing with this Mosses to Inter Millan😂😂😂😂

  • Kodak Brown
    Kodak Brown Hour ago

    GAYnaldo tongue kisses dybala

  • The Hopper
    The Hopper 2 hours ago

    I...........I give up on Manchester United this season 😣

  • M.T
    M.T 2 hours ago


  • Mahdi Taghvar
    Mahdi Taghvar 2 hours ago

    That red card was a f***ing disgrace!

  • Idrisse Cossa
    Idrisse Cossa 2 hours ago

    Alejandro Moreno, the best football analyst I've ever known.

  • Bryson Sabun
    Bryson Sabun 2 hours ago

    Again thank you Alejandro Moreno, 'press and re-press'

  • Amed Iba
    Amed Iba 2 hours ago

    no difference ?? did those pundits watch the game ? there's some easy chances that got missed by Fati , Griezmann , Vidal ... they need improvement on that but image if they made the correct touch in those and scored, i m sure those pundit gonna say "wow huge difference " which make it clear they dont event know what are they watching ... they talk about griezmann team work it was fantastic just Fati still need to work on taking the number 9 spot as Setien said but in 2nd half messi became number 9 if griezmann run back ...

  • Creado para Amar.
    Creado para Amar. 2 hours ago

    Carlos vela is the best, chicharito is ok, but vela is another level.

  • H L
    H L 2 hours ago

    lmfao moreno 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Simoko James Phiri
    Simoko James Phiri 2 hours ago

    Oh what a surprise, Steve shitting on Griezmann once again 🙄

  • Wishva krish
    Wishva krish 2 hours ago

    Offcourse even you or me gonna chose the team who plays champions league

  • Meer Said
    Meer Said 2 hours ago

    what a bunch of absolute morons

  • Klopp AllTheWay
    Klopp AllTheWay 2 hours ago

    MU issues are bigger than they think, those people never support José, that was the best manager they had since Sir Alex. They are now ready to support this ole, too many voices at MU.

  • D Lew
    D Lew 2 hours ago

    When I see cuadrado at fullback I just laugh lol looks so outta place... good player tho

  • Creado para Amar.
    Creado para Amar. 2 hours ago

    Carlos Vela is the best for me, chicharito is ok., but carlos Vela is another level.

  • MrGts92
    MrGts92 2 hours ago

    Haaland rejected Juventus as well....forget that bit don't we?

  • MasterGamer132e
    MasterGamer132e 2 hours ago

    So, is Salah a three season wonder now? Keep hating on him boys, because he'll just keep scoring. The Egyptian 👑 YNWA!

  • Varun Gumma
    Varun Gumma 2 hours ago

    Busquets played so well,dey didn't notice that?

    OLE OUT 2 hours ago

    Stevie is loving this hahaha

  • Kaushal Joshi
    Kaushal Joshi 2 hours ago

    Man United seems to be lacking in some sort of collectiveness, and leadership under a commanding figure, like a manager with a philosophy. Chelsea have Lampard and the staff guiding their young players. Leicester players have a strong team chemistry and energy visible in their gameplay. That's why they stand above them, otherwise, these teams have same quality.

    • Kaushal Joshi
      Kaushal Joshi Hour ago

      @Elijah O. Okoth Strong leadership within the club especially in the management brings consistent results even when your best players are not there. United have better players and defense than Chelsea otherwise why would Chelsea (who have inexperienced youngsters) stand above them.

    • Elijah O. Okoth
      Elijah O. Okoth Hour ago

      @Kaushal Joshi You never questioned the league standing the last time Man Utd beat Newcastle 4-1 or when they beat Man City 2-1 at Etihad. Why now. Man Utd have been unlucky with injuries to key players - Pogba, Martial, McTominay and now Rashford. I am a Man Utd fan and I was sure we were bound to lose the match by 5-0. Next season is when you should start judging this team. The coach came with new training methods and players were not fit enough to withstand the rigour of training and that is why they are constantly injured. But all will be well. This is the year for Liverpool lets not take it away from them.

    • Kaushal Joshi
      Kaushal Joshi Hour ago

      @Elijah O. Okoth I am talking about league standings. What does it have to do with the scorelines?

    • Elijah O. Okoth
      Elijah O. Okoth 2 hours ago

      The last time I checked Liverpool beat Leicester 4-0 at King Power stadium. Any comment?

  • geomatiq
    geomatiq 2 hours ago

    Dude watch the freaking games.. all u watch is premier

  • R Rool
    R Rool 2 hours ago

    My dear. Let than win after 30 years. Lucky no injuries to key players and bit luck like the match in Spurs last year, last minute penalty, same with LC last minute goal and Laporte injury

  • citiboi kidd
    citiboi kidd 2 hours ago

    "How on earth was it 1-0 going into injury time..." Liverpool was like a predator playing with its prey before going in for the kill!!

  • shivam pardeshi
    shivam pardeshi 2 hours ago

    these guys are morons , they definitely didn’t watch game .

  • Don Balon
    Don Balon 2 hours ago

    His agent is Raiola. Nuff said.

  • Allin1cuz !
    Allin1cuz ! 2 hours ago

    Kean an Jamie had this discussion.

  • ElBuki_13
    ElBuki_13 2 hours ago

    Probably the worst “mainstream” pundits.

  • rue de bac
    rue de bac 2 hours ago


  • Vivas Pinata
    Vivas Pinata 2 hours ago

    Dude they guys don’t know what the foook they are talking about , they obviously don’t watch the full games just highlights

  • Good Affirmations
    Good Affirmations 2 hours ago

    Where's Mo's manly chest hair gone? Bring it back bring it back lol

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 2 hours ago

    The prem is no better than LaLiga. Overpaid farmers who speak good English are no better than Spanish farmers who speak Espanyol.

    • Opti I
      Opti I 2 hours ago

      Dumbed down

    JATTA BOY 2 hours ago

    What are they saying espn we are OK like that we play well

  • AwfullySus
    AwfullySus 2 hours ago

    Manchester United were in talks with Håland, and he was even flown to Manchester to hold talks with the club. He went to Borussia Dortmund because that was the best choice for his career.

    • Opti I
      Opti I 2 hours ago

      Is this from the sun? Or maybe the daily mirror? We rejected his contract because who the fuk does he think h is? You dumbed down fuk

  • Messi Andres
    Messi Andres 2 hours ago

    Not much difference, huhh!! Kids!! Go review the farmers league!!

  • Prithvi Vuppala
    Prithvi Vuppala 2 hours ago

    These so called pundits don’t even watch the game I suppose, no change they say 82% possession it’s the third highest in la liga history the first 2 are peps barca as well 1000 passes overall And this was his first game incharge

  • T. Mab
    T. Mab 2 hours ago

    The problem isn't Olé even though he is to blame in many many games.. But the issue is the ownership that's why United is failing you pundits now the problem is internal but you still blame the coach.

  • Junior Shah
    Junior Shah 2 hours ago

    I don't think they even watched the game. These guys are dumb asf

  • maazin shaikh
    maazin shaikh 2 hours ago

    You fools dint even watch the game! Such a shame

  • 89 Dw
    89 Dw 2 hours ago

    That's was a smart decision to avoid Man United.He was going to be the next Pogba. He will be blammed for everything even if he is injured like what they do to Paul.

  • Highbury
    Highbury 2 hours ago

    Off their perches they go

  • Sahabiya Mohamed
    Sahabiya Mohamed 2 hours ago

    H, Maguire regrets coming to Utd thinking he ill be next VVD! VVD came to world-class players/hardworking players

    • Elijah O. Okoth
      Elijah O. Okoth 2 hours ago

      Man Utd is a team on rebuilt, just because they got beaten by the best team that beat Barca 4-0 does mean he is regretting. Dint Liverpool beat Leicester his former team 4-0 at King Power Stadium?

  • shaolinWOLF36
    shaolinWOLF36 2 hours ago

    Relax he scored 3 goals against Augsburg it might as well be a team in Austria. I never heard of Halland until all the people on tv were talking about him going to United, he decides to go to Dortmund and it's somehow United's fault

  • Bas Boone
    Bas Boone 2 hours ago

    Griezman is absolutely horrible and useless... Runs around like a chicken without having a clue where its going.

  • Mr jujube
    Mr jujube 2 hours ago

    King Salah did it again

  • LucCy7
    LucCy7 2 hours ago

    I thought setien would'ev learned to not put bad players in like rakitic and vidal. Those guys can't press and can't circulate the ball forward. You see vidal often run like a number 9 when it's supposed to be griezman or Messi. Rakitic times is ling gone and should'ev been sold in the summer like vidal. You have great players like arthur and as you can see puig who made the difference.

  • danielgr86
    danielgr86 2 hours ago

    How do you create chances against 11 players in their small area?

  • Wesley Thuo
    Wesley Thuo 3 hours ago

    Liverpool won 2-1 against Brighton the other day with 44% and Brighton with 56% had a pass accuracy of 80% to Brighton's 83% had a red card, barely played well and grinded the game to win and these pundits were salivating over the football, but when Barcelona break records with a performance like this on a coaches debut, they are sub-par I am so 😕 confused,

  • azman daud
    azman daud 3 hours ago

    sallah the best

  • yankee wiz
    yankee wiz 3 hours ago

    The team is so bang average overrated and over paid its disgusting. The board are a cancer & half the fan base are deluded as well

  • uwuri.
    uwuri. 3 hours ago

    These dudes certainly did not study the game right lmao

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 3 hours ago

    06:08 : HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • NAVI
    NAVI 3 hours ago

    these people are disgraceful.

  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov 3 hours ago

    Next week against Valencia will be the real test.

  • Sajiv James
    Sajiv James 3 hours ago

    Excuse me Mr Moreno we can only play with players we have, currently Mata is in form so play him.

  • Dhritiman Bayen
    Dhritiman Bayen 3 hours ago

    Just stop talking about La Liga...stay with your PL...

  • Johannes Borchgrevink

    - "Not much different" Their verdict was decided on long before the game was actually played. Those who watched the game saw something completely new: A team that actually controls the game, were completely in demand and hardly let Granada get a single counter attack. Previously creating oppurtunities against Barca looked easy, yesterday Granada had only one clear chance and more importantly, very few breaks at all. Barca look solid again, a team with a plan both with and without the ball.

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 3 hours ago

    Leicester pulled off the heist of the century by selling Maguire for those many millions.

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me 3 hours ago

    Anyone has different judgement about this match. Honestly I watched boring game. Many mistakes done by Barca. Only red card that helped Barcelona to score. Hope they get better.

  • عبد الله جابي

    did that guy say mourinho was terrible at man utd?? ridiculous, they were at there best with him in the last 6 years.

  • Raja Madhav
    Raja Madhav 3 hours ago

    Imagine a United supporter watching this idiots tearing apart our club with their hatred

  • Michelangelo Markus
    Michelangelo Markus 3 hours ago

    If you're not going to watch the game, at least pay attention to the stats you have up on your own screen afterwards. Barca played, statistically, measurably, different than they have in Valverde's entire tenure. They created tons of chances and only gave two good shots up to Granada all game. Defensively they were less vulnerable, the clearest chance was a mistake by Roberto where he accidentally gave the ball away. Offensively they could easily have scored 3+ with better finishing. Lots of blown shots and near misses. No, even the stats show it was a different Barca, and if they'd watch the game they'd have seen it immediately. They sounded like they only saw the goal. They didn't even have Messi in the right position in their line up map. Nor even the right formation. Smh

  • Hassan Ayoade
    Hassan Ayoade 3 hours ago

    I am forced to conclude ESPN panelists does not want Seiten to succeed at Barcelona.

  • L-e-gendary
    L-e-gendary 3 hours ago

    Got rid of Fellani : Replaced him with Pierrera Got rid of Sanchez : Replaced him with Lingard Got rid of Lukaku : Replaced him with James Got rid of Smalling : Replaced him with Lindeloph or what ever his name was. Got Rid of Harrerra: Replaced him MCTom :Got rid of Damian: Replaced him with Williams. Thats the issue right there. The players they got rid of are better than what they bring in or keep.

  • crapmonster
    crapmonster 3 hours ago

    why didn’t they hire giggs ?