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  • chessplayer
    chessplayer 4 minutes ago

    Ronaldo told Perez: Either me or Benzema. Perez was like :"baaaaaaaaaaay"

  • AlejandroRasmussen7
    AlejandroRasmussen7 5 minutes ago

    Barcelona played great because the 3 midfielders were in top form

  • chessplayer
    chessplayer 5 minutes ago

    How is he underrated?He plays for Real Madrid.

  • Encho Junior
    Encho Junior 11 minutes ago

    You guys in the studio are wrong for the second week running, Salzburg need to win by only a goal margin

  • luis mendez
    luis mendez 12 minutes ago

    Way to ruin your career De Ligt!

  • mark ribeiro
    mark ribeiro 16 minutes ago

    3:00 downfall of steve nicol. Top awkward and cringy moments on tv😂😂

  • Adriig
    Adriig 17 minutes ago

    Steve never watched football... Only highlights and stats...

  • mark ribeiro
    mark ribeiro 20 minutes ago

    Fact is that liverpool have been bad for more than 30 years and now theyr just good for 2 years

  • timoe
    timoe 23 minutes ago

    Why goto united and be remembered as a meme or finish your career on a huge positive with Roma?

  • Mdu Mebra
    Mdu Mebra 28 minutes ago

    I like him he will take Arsenal players out of comfort zone Arsenal players are lazy very lazy

  • Inderpreet Bains
    Inderpreet Bains 31 minute ago

    Anyone going to talk bout he mentioned we gotta smash Brighton when we allready have

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen 33 minutes ago

    With todays market were a flop like pepe cost 72$ millions a coach wont fix anything arsenal gonna needs 700 millions to get a new team.

  • Edwin Arceo
    Edwin Arceo 34 minutes ago

    Dortmund deserve to be in the Europa league

  • kaala 1
    kaala 1 42 minutes ago

    If Messi plays in the mood he is in , inter are done ........

  • vipul netam
    vipul netam 44 minutes ago

    Whoever wins qualify

  • Cranium Kryptonite
    Cranium Kryptonite 50 minutes ago

    Alejandro Moreno is a mediocre!. So Chicharito being 31 is all over for his career??...... stupidity!. Not a culture icon, that shows your ignorance!!. Hey idiot?, have you ever watched the Mexican team play in the USA???......Mexicans fill the stadiums!. And yes, Mexican-americans too!. You're obviously one of those anti-Mexicans Chicharito/Mexican!!!. GTFO!!!!? Chicharito is & as your ignorant brain said by betraying your stupid mouth " has scored & will always score goals"!!!!. And isn't that what all teams want??😒. You say that he can only score while in the small area?, wow, isn't he a center forward, where is he supposed to score from ?🤔😒

  • Douche Cassavetti
    Douche Cassavetti 54 minutes ago

    They played Burnley if they play like that against the top 5 or 6 then you can start praising them like they won the league. Tow mugs who couldn’t get a job in any sport program in Britain working for American sport tv station who still calls it soccer, that should tell you how much they know about football. 🤦🏻‍♂️😆

  • Miri Miri
    Miri Miri 59 minutes ago

    Edie hove🤣🤣🤣nobody else will come there as long as kronke family in charge

  • lucifer morningstar

    we dont want erickson at united he is past it.

  • Sandip Ghosh
    Sandip Ghosh Hour ago

    Will Steve Nicol EVER give Manchester United any credit? hahahahahaaaaa..... f888king funny one...Nicol you d**bass.....

  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza Hour ago

    Valverde is an addict....out.👍

  • zomgbat
    zomgbat Hour ago

    "Congradulations, my lord..." haha, legend!

  • Tomato
    Tomato Hour ago

    You guys should change the category of this video from Sport to Comedy

  • Sabre Flurry
    Sabre Flurry Hour ago

    Stevie is just buzzing because it helped Liverpool massively haha

  • K. B.
    K. B. Hour ago

    Sell Christensen, sell Giroud. Sell Pedro.

  • K. B.
    K. B. Hour ago

    I really want to say that we need to replace Kepa, but he’s our player and I love everyone at Chelsea so I can’t but I guess I just did

  • Alawi 1698
    Alawi 1698 Hour ago

    Why are people forgetting leceister there are on fire.😲

  • Kayode
    Kayode Hour ago

    Steve Nicol doesn't have the pedigree to critique anything.

  • K. B.
    K. B. Hour ago

    We need to sell Christiensen instead of buying anyone.

  • Lobo Alfa
    Lobo Alfa Hour ago

    When he played in the best leagues he was one of the best here in the MLS is a piece of cake for him looks like he's playing in the back yard of his house with some friends

  • Fows Muse
    Fows Muse Hour ago

    Need a big Center back

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen Hour ago

    Amazing how chelsea sack a real manager like antonio conte. To end with sarri ball and derby fraud lampard.

  • Percy Vera
    Percy Vera Hour ago


  • salah pool
    salah pool Hour ago

    Soo many liverpool haters in the comments now I can see why thus team has really fcked alot if peoples teams

  • Anselm Semei Boto

    Son's goal reminds me of Thierry Henry's goal against Tottenham ,it is a similar because of the long run .

  • Pablo Miranda
    Pablo Miranda Hour ago

    ter stegen in 4th xd

  • Qasim Amini
    Qasim Amini Hour ago

    How many goals vandik had ?

  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza Hour ago

    Ronald koeman...Barca...👍👍👍

    CROWMANS SKY TV Hour ago

    Van dijk should of won he made liverpool win champions league and messi couldn't win champions league and van dijk winning the english league this year

  • Brad
    Brad Hour ago

    Virgil van Dijk had arguably the best season, and the biggest impact on his team, that a defender can possibly have. If he couldn't win the Ballon d'Or this season, it's virtually impossible for a defender to win it. There's a bias that defines soccer skill as attacking skill. Defensive skill is just as valuable but not recognized equally.

  • BobbyMarley
    BobbyMarley Hour ago

    Stevie: i only talk about facts... 3 seconds later: Goes on to say blatant lie. Typical stevie...they SCORED in first 10 mins and had 3 shots on goal in the first 15.

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson Hour ago

    earned so much dough I quit my work today all because of, *EZpay100 .c o m*

  • Jim West
    Jim West Hour ago

    Salzburg can win by 1 goal.

  • Fabian Thompson
    Fabian Thompson Hour ago

    Steve Nicol hates man u more than how he loves himself

  • Jay Waters
    Jay Waters Hour ago

    You cant deny messi and his quality but he is in a 2 team league VVD was better last season

  • Michael Mata
    Michael Mata Hour ago

    I though Barca fans were saying how the team is shite and Valverde is horrible, keep the same energy dogs.

  • Michael Mata
    Michael Mata Hour ago

    despite the media telling you otherwise, Ronaldo is actually beginning to fit in at Juve

  • Douglas MacRay
    Douglas MacRay Hour ago

    I think Barca starting playing Barcelona's game that tiki taka style I can see more chemistry between MSG but in the end we'll see in the next period untill the end of season VISCA BARCA 🔵🔴

  • Sussalex _
    Sussalex _ Hour ago

    ESPN are dirty for that title smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ But it’s all bout getting the content out there right? Ronaldo is part of Juventus? Haha Why single him out as if he’s the manger or owner? Haha stick to making highlights

  • Me myself and i
    Me myself and i Hour ago

    1984. The first treble in English football ⚽️ fagan has to be the most unappreciated manager ever

  • TheDevilWearsPrada
    TheDevilWearsPrada 2 hours ago

    As much as my compatriot S.Nichol talks so much shite he is right about V.V.D over Messi n thats from a 😈

  • Charlie Almonte
    Charlie Almonte 2 hours ago

    Kroeke out every team he’s own SUCK

  • Rose Makutha
    Rose Makutha 2 hours ago

    How u were wrong

  • onli vaxat
    onli vaxat 2 hours ago

    Liverpool lost I'm from the future

  • Alwayne Gordon
    Alwayne Gordon 2 hours ago

    I would take bale at united. And we dont need bale more than any of those four team. I would take erikson or even go back fo mihkitaryan from gunners. Jose made a mess if him 🙁

  • Andrés Feliciano
    Andrés Feliciano 2 hours ago

    Liverpool reminding me of the mid-90s Chicago Bulls this year 👀

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 hours ago

    Sorry, but as a inter milan fan, were not making it past the group stages, we blew the lead against barcelona AND dortmund

    • ND Cr
      ND Cr 38 minutes ago

      @salah pool cause they've got two tough fixtures coming up in la liga - real sociedad away, who are flying very high at the moment, and then real madrid

    • salah pool
      salah pool Hour ago

      @Jim West why should they ?? They own no favour to inter

    • SportsTalk
      SportsTalk Hour ago

      @Jim West ya sure?

    • Jim West
      Jim West Hour ago

      Barca will play kids.

  • Life of Nayan
    Life of Nayan 2 hours ago

    I think this is the weakest Man City starting XI Man United have played against in the past few years. Key players missing at various positions, especially in the defense.

    • omit datta
      omit datta Hour ago

      This was no where near citys "weakest squad"

  • CharlesWhy
    CharlesWhy 2 hours ago

    LOL Eriksen would not go to ManU. He'd probably only consider offers outside the EPL.

  • Thunder Thighs
    Thunder Thighs 2 hours ago

    Do we really want him in United?

  • victor chama
    victor chama 2 hours ago

    I've never seen two people paid to be experts of something be so wrong about said thing

  • Johnny V
    Johnny V 2 hours ago

    It was an excellent game, end to end action and great goals

  • Juracing Jelly
    Juracing Jelly 2 hours ago

    500 person to comment

  • Moe Entezari
    Moe Entezari 2 hours ago

    you imbeciles.. he will win 3 more.

  • nocturnallips
    nocturnallips 2 hours ago

    Let lampard finish analyzing what he has in his squad and in the pipeline with the young players. Not because you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it. There will be opportunity to buy and spend when quality shows up for the right price.

  • BraceDeville
    BraceDeville 2 hours ago

    46 points from 48... 66 points left to play for. Up the Reds!

    X CRAZY 2 hours ago


  • Hi-ν Guy
    Hi-ν Guy 2 hours ago

    Man, Luis Alberto's passing is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • infamos
    infamos 3 hours ago

    'It has to be City' hahahahaha shows how much football pundits know

  • Adrian Henry
    Adrian Henry 3 hours ago

    I think if pep decides to live I would love her to go back to Barcelona # Barca really needs him!

  • Miguel Vale
    Miguel Vale 3 hours ago

    Bitter old man that supports a team that currently sits in the drivers seat.

  • Fransisco Juarez
    Fransisco Juarez 3 hours ago

    No one can save arsenal

  • Nadeem Amode
    Nadeem Amode 3 hours ago

    I think pochettino would be wise, strategize and apply for this job end of season. He could do a lot with this

  • Mohammed Faruki
    Mohammed Faruki 3 hours ago

    Leicester are a real threat! A serious threat. It's important that both us and city take points off them at the end of this month... that would be lovely!

  • H1er
    H1er 3 hours ago

    3:51 sonny

  • Rao Salman
    Rao Salman 3 hours ago

    Who miss MSN

  • Jack Winstanley
    Jack Winstanley 3 hours ago

    lets be honest: the ballon d'or doesn't have much credibility after being awarded to Modric. Same with the Puskas award, after they gave it to Salah.

    • Miguel Vale
      Miguel Vale 3 hours ago

      Puskas was voted by fans so it was never meaningful/credible. Those Salah fanboys from Egypt are a special breed... The ballon dor though, last year they changed the format. Before it used to be team coaches and captains that voted which was fine. The only reason Modric won last year was because Ronaldo left and Flo Perez wanted to exact his revenge (knowing how much Ronaldo cares about individual awards). If you want a good laugh, go and check online for yourself and see who the sri lankan journalist voted for.

  • Nawaf Alkerayf
    Nawaf Alkerayf 3 hours ago

    Stevie bullshitting. Real madrid to have enough depth to compete on all levels just look at the players, James,bale, vasquez,vinicuis,rodrigo,hazard and jovic.

  • danny jensen
    danny jensen 3 hours ago

    He allready has a deal with Real....

  • digga please
    digga please 4 hours ago

    I could do a better job than these brain dead biased clowns at espn

  • Ashim Wagle
    Ashim Wagle 4 hours ago

    just a boomer who has lost touch with the game

  • SaSh cOsmOspirit
    SaSh cOsmOspirit 4 hours ago

    guy with glasses on Man City side? Asshole doesn't know football.

  • Norman Fernèe
    Norman Fernèe 4 hours ago

    no offense steve but where has your brain gone i thought older people were wise lol. why is he talking about james when haaland is a number 9

  • SportsTalk
    SportsTalk 4 hours ago

    Liverpool will surely Qualify don't worry. I know it's tough to play against Salzburg at home and especially against that boiling factor Halland but still i trust on our forwards. Also Barcelona will rest messi for sure. So i think it Will be inter win or draw max. Barca away sucks and no messi will surely put nail to coffin.

  • Shaka Bono
    Shaka Bono 4 hours ago

    Two best FATSOS In the business

  • jromero 177
    jromero 177 4 hours ago

    I think this is gonna be a shock In futbol, the reliance barca have on messi and also at playing at home is gonna bite them and I see inter shockingly beating barcelona, with barca playing their A side or B side

  • Yoni Brhane
    Yoni Brhane 4 hours ago

    CR best 7 🐐🐐🐐

  • Saif Chowdhury
    Saif Chowdhury 4 hours ago

    Sane injured. Aguero injured. Ferandinho not playing in his preferred position, laporte injured, zinchenko/mendy injured, so yeah I will take no Premier league title for this year. We won it in the last two years. Nothing to worry about here.

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed 4 hours ago

    For the record Cristiano Ronaldo is great but Messi was always greater ☺

  • Jt Singha
    Jt Singha 4 hours ago

    Craig Burley rejecting a hypothetical Arsenal job. He wouldn't be a ball boy there.

  • Forever Gooner
    Forever Gooner 4 hours ago

    Messi has only played 9 league games and has like 12 goals 5 assists 😂😂. I can just imagine if he didn't miss the first 6.

  • Sasane
    Sasane 4 hours ago

    Poor journalism that you never mentioned De Jong. He was on fire this game and feeding the front 3 absolute kahooners

  • samson henok
    samson henok 4 hours ago

    Steve Nicol Was a Liverpool player and now he is a Liverpool Lawyer/Advocate.

  • Srikar Hasthi
    Srikar Hasthi 4 hours ago

    Inter beats Barca B

  • Niranjan Bhattarai
    Niranjan Bhattarai 4 hours ago

    Well put Craig

  • handello
    handello 4 hours ago

    Dan's Steve's annoying English nephew he kinda hates but at the end of the day loves more.

  • Ervis Cara
    Ervis Cara 4 hours ago

    Better life in Italy

  • abdirahin dahir
    abdirahin dahir 4 hours ago

    Bad day if you’re Mallorca fan I wished to see an individual that support Mallorca.

  • AMstingerx
    AMstingerx 5 hours ago

    Liverpool have won the league

  • ChuckTay23
    ChuckTay23 5 hours ago

    Well deserved such a stupid foul from Cuadrado