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  • Joseph Osoro
    Joseph Osoro 17 seconds ago

    Ibra a sub???he will surely keep Trashford out...

  • billsfan7883
    billsfan7883 Minute ago

    God I hope so...

  • Fernando Pulido
    Fernando Pulido 3 minutes ago

    Zlatan even at 40 would be the best player of this Manchester United if he returned.

  • pman patel
    pman patel 3 minutes ago


  • James Cole
    James Cole 4 minutes ago

    JULS PODcast. ahaha

  • makori makori
    makori makori 4 minutes ago

    Comeback we really need you 😪😪

  • wellington Paurosi
    wellington Paurosi 4 minutes ago

    Yes they can pull out a DRAW

  • Forever Visca Barça
    Forever Visca Barça 6 minutes ago

    Zlatan in psg was a beast

  • Los Blancos y nada mas
    Los Blancos y nada mas 7 minutes ago

    No it would be man utd who would be returning to zlatan

  • Brandonforever21608
    Brandonforever21608 9 minutes ago

    That would be ridiculous

  • Vinton Lindo
    Vinton Lindo 10 minutes ago

    Zlatan to Chelsea would be a perfect fit!

  • Rick G
    Rick G 11 minutes ago

    These guys are by far the biggest hacks in the bizz!!

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy 11 minutes ago

    All Respect to Zlatan.. But if man utd have only a37 years old as option, its really serious now..!!!

    • logirex
      logirex 56 seconds ago

      He would certainly score more goals than Rashford but what Manchester United really needs is Martial back and perhaps Zlatan on the bench as a supersub.

  • Sawan Gaba
    Sawan Gaba 13 minutes ago

    Zlatan is not returning to man unt Man unt returning to zlatan

  • Polite Ndjarakana
    Polite Ndjarakana 13 minutes ago

    Aaaai Mxm you just waking up now that we are top,we will win the premier league,yes we will

  • Mindflayer911
    Mindflayer911 14 minutes ago

    How about...idk SWEDEN 🇸🇪. Club level though I think AC Milan.

  • key buckley
    key buckley 15 minutes ago

    Bring in Jorge Jesus and the rest of the Flamengo team they'll be the best in the world by xmas

  • Tba Zizou
    Tba Zizou 15 minutes ago

    Shoutouts to ESPN Fc digital team... great job on that photoshop boys! Cause that’s the only time he’ll touch a UCL title! 😂😂

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 15 minutes ago

    Alexis is thicc no doubt, but let's not look over the thicc Marcotti

  • Tarron Lamb
    Tarron Lamb 16 minutes ago

    I’d love to have him back at United but, still need another striker to play as a main.

    • Ro Han
      Ro Han Minute ago

      how can u be that stupid he have martial as striker

  • Fletch
    Fletch 18 minutes ago

    Koeman did nothing at Everton, they couldn’t wait to get shot of him.

  • Sam Geee
    Sam Geee 18 minutes ago

    Why is he holding a ucl trophy? He hasn’t won one

  • Go4 Truth
    Go4 Truth 18 minutes ago

    i think Ibra. is world class player and he SHOULDN'T go to , small club like Manchester United.

    • t-boy jojo
      t-boy jojo 7 minutes ago

      @sachin devprasad sArCaSm

    • sachin devprasad
      sachin devprasad 11 minutes ago

      Small club? I know they are poor but come on Man utd are one of the biggest clubs in the world. I'm not even a United fan btw

  • Fidel Ceja
    Fidel Ceja 19 minutes ago

    Vela ☝🏽

  • sachin devprasad
    sachin devprasad 19 minutes ago

    Zlatan is a leader and will bring more motivation to the United squad. Something which is lacking

  • JC H
    JC H 20 minutes ago

    Pele rainbow flicked an entire team for a goal, back to back to back... but yeah Neymar embarrasses league 1

  • Danny Pacheco
    Danny Pacheco 21 minute ago


  • Mahamady Diaby
    Mahamady Diaby 22 minutes ago

    Congrats guys, you made Galsen proud (221 4ever)

  • sachin devprasad
    sachin devprasad 22 minutes ago

    Man utd will return to Zlatan

  • Aashir_Rj 7
    Aashir_Rj 7 22 minutes ago

    Love from Pakistan to zlaatan5

  • Jaspreet Dhaliwal
    Jaspreet Dhaliwal 22 minutes ago


  • GRM Daily
    GRM Daily 25 minutes ago

    Don’t Man City have a foreign players ban? They have to buy English players

  • Shawn Dsa
    Shawn Dsa 28 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but pele is not the greatest player ever

  • Max Von Berg
    Max Von Berg 34 minutes ago

    No, we cannot: I am really fearful that we are going to get beaten on Sunday by a rather embarrassing margin - 6-0 to the pool. If Newcastle managed to bear us, quite easily, last week, what will Sane and Salah do to us?! These are the same players that threw Jose under a bus last season and they are downing tools again.

  • Premier League Freak
    Premier League Freak 35 minutes ago

    People hyping us so much, United have a more than a chance, we've been underperforming so far, we could easily draw or man United can easily get a penalty

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense 37 minutes ago

    United are playing Partizan (250th), Norwich (763rd) and Bournemouth (233rd) and they're terrified. United will lose to Liverpool and Chelsea - they should concede both matches and save their dignity. What a hopeless club. They deserve the sh!t they are shoveling !

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah 39 minutes ago

    Not easy for them to wine .

  • Sumran Waheed
    Sumran Waheed 45 minutes ago

    kylian mbappe

  • Alexander CARESTIA
    Alexander CARESTIA 48 minutes ago

    People say Manchester City will slap Norwich City 5-0 and what happened????

  • Manehisshithead -•
    Manehisshithead -• 53 minutes ago

    I love the guy with the glasses

  • Peter E
    Peter E 55 minutes ago

    Didn’t they get a 0-0 draw last year that kinda caused Liverpool the title, United had hella injuries in the first half and Liverpool still couldn’t score, if they won the game, they probably would’ve won the league. So yeah I expect United to compete and maybe get a point

  • RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me

    He tried to do the Martínez/Jorginho

  • Damir Ivanic
    Damir Ivanic Hour ago


  • Md Cg
    Md Cg Hour ago

    I feel so bad for the USMNT that I might have to start supporting them.

  • Ron Bonora
    Ron Bonora Hour ago

    Ole is in over his head. They should have never hired him for the job. Were they trying to save money....LOL

  • colangelo91
    colangelo91 Hour ago

    Maldini is the greatest defender of all time...and nesta is up there with the best. I’m what world would you choose anyone else.

  • Fiyin1
    Fiyin1 Hour ago

    Maldini and Nesta easily.

  • Moonlight Sculptor

    Hmm Lord Bendtner Sucessor.. Lord Lingard..

  • Matthew Olugbemi

    As usual. José haters. It's ok for Posh to loose, it's ok for the Tottenham not to get trophies. Jose can't do the job they say. Nonsense espn

  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello Hour ago

    If they do, United should make a DVD

  • 10000liverpool
    10000liverpool Hour ago

    This is a huge game for Liverpool if they somehow lose to United it could kill their season

  • Bearded1 YT
    Bearded1 YT Hour ago

    You can tell what’s getting the clicks for espn FC. Ripping on Ole videos, ripping on Pulisic videos, Neymar and Bale drama.

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi Hour ago

    Rio and vidic. Their physicality edges it. Both read the game brilliantly, both were physically imposing, both could play with the ball at their feet (especially Ferdinand), both great in the air, Rio was quick and vidic was great attacking set pieces.

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone Hour ago

    Maldini and Nesta all day long. What is there to think about.?? In their prime aswell. Really ESPN apart from Gabbi what is the other two knob heads doing there, u could give thier money to charity instead of having two clowns that make no sense

  • Division Monday
    Division Monday Hour ago

    I like you guys...😂😂

  • Fat Freddy
    Fat Freddy Hour ago

    As a Liverpool supporter, i would never take for granted beating united. I of course hope we do, but old trafford on there day?

  • Kevin Roper
    Kevin Roper Hour ago

    English fa is just handing Liverpool the trophy even though they have become a great team but at least let them work for it remember the world is watching it was a very unfair penalty especially for the standard of that game and the timing of the penalty it was very crooked

  • Andy Mullins
    Andy Mullins Hour ago

    So? What yall got against winning?

  • k shaddoz
    k shaddoz Hour ago

    Bayern should get eriksen. Real madrid is a madhouse so pogba will fit in perfectly

  • Bon Scott
    Bon Scott Hour ago

    It might be worth loosing to the mancs if it means that Solskjaer keeps his job.😉

  • MoonKei
    MoonKei 2 hours ago

    I would say Xavi Eto’o Schweinsteiger Sneijder Robben

  • Nothing
    Nothing 2 hours ago

    If mourinhio could win trophies with that man utd team he definutely can win with this spurs team.

  • MoonKei
    MoonKei 2 hours ago

    People forget that Samuel Eto’o was the only player to win a treble with two teams and BACK TO BACK 🙄🙄🙄

  • XIBAR Yi tv
    XIBAR Yi tv 2 hours ago

    senegal for life

  • Matt devereux
    Matt devereux 2 hours ago

    xavi by a mile, unbelievable midfielder, and the best of his generation

  • IslandBoys45
    IslandBoys45 2 hours ago

    For manchester to win they must let Liverpool have the ball .....park the bus hit them on the counter

  • Nhlonipho Msweli
    Nhlonipho Msweli 2 hours ago

    These video titles are so misleading. They talk abt Dembélé for 30 secs.

  • Neil NZ
    Neil NZ 2 hours ago

    Stats. December '18 Utd have manager sacked. October '19 Utd have manager sacked. Both after playing Liverpool. Look at that when you want stats.

  • Kevin Dinham
    Kevin Dinham 2 hours ago

    Woodward the week link

  • Akash Dilip
    Akash Dilip 2 hours ago

    I wish they pull it off. I can't see liverpool at the top.

    CHAZE2B 2 hours ago

    Under Sir Alex Ferguson, it was protocol to beat Liverpool now it's called an upset😂

  • Mark Mudimba
    Mark Mudimba 2 hours ago

    very delicious ball lol

  • eyob tekle
    eyob tekle 2 hours ago

    Keep better than Dea

  • Vic B
    Vic B 2 hours ago

    Nice seeing them play on a nice pitch. Those players deserve to at least have a nice pitch to play on.

  • SMC Ful
    SMC Ful 2 hours ago

    Of course United could win FFS.

  • Qhrash Muzikz
    Qhrash Muzikz 2 hours ago

    What was he telling the ball boy after scoring the goal?😂😂😂

  • jacob savage
    jacob savage 2 hours ago

    This is bs, I reckon: 1. Arjen Robben 2. Xavi 3. Robin Van Persie 4. Fernando Torres 5. Samuel Eto’o What what

  • jacob savage
    jacob savage 2 hours ago

    Xavi and robben definitely deserves to be higher.

  • F9TV
    F9TV 2 hours ago

    F9TV sub for exclusive football content

  • Elia Kangumbe
    Elia Kangumbe 2 hours ago


  • Mark Pugh
    Mark Pugh 2 hours ago

    Lol that's like asking if Quasimodo could pull a supermodel

  • Gabriel Ambo
    Gabriel Ambo 2 hours ago

    My most fear is Milan will end up like Nottingham Forest

  • shady wang
    shady wang 2 hours ago

    I support Jose wherever he goes.

  • criticalmass500
    criticalmass500 2 hours ago

    Slab head

  • Paul H
    Paul H 2 hours ago

    hello no!

  • Snake Meth
    Snake Meth 2 hours ago

    i am a united fan and all i can say is bahahahahahahahahahah.

  • Abraham Rico
    Abraham Rico 2 hours ago

    1000% agree with Xavi at #1

  • Zod Sinclair
    Zod Sinclair 2 hours ago

    The Crossbars in Africa Be Playing for they team!

  • Faisal Kwt
    Faisal Kwt 2 hours ago

    Buying greezman was a big mistake 120 m

  • Martin Strømme
    Martin Strømme 2 hours ago

    Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets. The best midfield trio the World has ever seen. Dominated with both Spain and Barcelona

  • Football AllDay
    Football AllDay 2 hours ago


  • Bill Mwika
    Bill Mwika 2 hours ago

    Commentators thoe 😂😂😂

  • LFC 77
    LFC 77 2 hours ago

    They pulled off an upset last season, even though they had a team depleted by injuries.

  • Visca El Barça
    Visca El Barça 2 hours ago

    Now what type of question is THAT?

  • Mark Crockwell ETA
    Mark Crockwell ETA 2 hours ago

    Torres over rvp nah

  • Billy Marsh
    Billy Marsh 2 hours ago

    Really hope we smash the manc scum 4 or 5 or 6 lol

  • CrusherAU
    CrusherAU 3 hours ago

    Rodri "We always play with the same players". Is this guy serious ? They have aguero on the bench sometimes and Sane when hes fit . LFC play with the same lineup all the time

  • ZakAttack789
    ZakAttack789 3 hours ago

    10 years ago, I would never have thought of a title being “could Man U upset Liverpool?” How times have changed

    • Aeson Industries
      Aeson Industries Hour ago

      Im mean liverpool back then was pretty good still even with a pretty bad team other than Torres and Gerrad, they nearly ran yall out of champions league.

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 3 hours ago

    cant make fyun of him,hel be a legend to the french,sadd guys

  • Paul Scholes
    Paul Scholes 3 hours ago

    Liverpool are well under pressure this weekend, if they dont beat the worst united team in 30 years, while they are the best liverpool team in there 30 years, theres gonna be alot of united banter. We Us United should lose this by a clear margin. we aint got no attack no creativity at all. good luck liverpool lol