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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group F
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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group E
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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group D
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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group C
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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group B
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WC1990 - Round 1 - Group A
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  • Paul Lindley
    Paul Lindley 3 days ago

    Chris waddle seeing diamond lights

  • Timpa del Pollino
    Timpa del Pollino 5 days ago

    Great goleador Gary Lineker!

  • Christian Mexgike
    Christian Mexgike 11 days ago

    I like it.

  • gnorn
    gnorn 12 days ago

    Schillaci's goal looks awfully close to offside -- especially since, I believe, the laws at that time stated that an attacker level with the second-last defender was offside (the law was changed that year, but IIRC the change came into effect only after the World Cup).

  • Lorenzo Veneri
    Lorenzo Veneri Month ago

    Napoli MERDA

  • maxpower252
    maxpower252 2 months ago

    Shilton useless piece of shit.

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 2 months ago

    we all have our opinions right or wrong for me Italia 90 the Best team with the Best manager was England, I just couldn't believe it when England lost, I was never more sure England would win and go on ALL the way, till it came to penalties n my younger son said to me we should have won dad but now on penalties am not so sure the Team was truly Great n could have so easily won the world cup

  • Jaigan JaihunTM
    Jaigan JaihunTM 3 months ago

    Anyone else cried?

  • Pavle Ćosić
    Pavle Ćosić 3 months ago

    This was the end of Yugoslavia

  • togasso
    togasso 3 months ago

    England, the land of Robbin Hoods

  • Nic777
    Nic777 3 months ago

    No doubt Peter Shilton wasn't good for saving penalty kicks

  • Terry Silver
    Terry Silver 4 months ago

    The referee was a power-mad bias dickhead. He fucked up this match.

  • Billis Lopez
    Billis Lopez 4 months ago

    The penalty shootout music was better in the 1986 compilation.

  • Samu Anboto
    Samu Anboto 4 months ago

    Riikard ridicolo,figuraccia colossale e mondiale giocato in modo indecente

  • Altaff Hadi
    Altaff Hadi 4 months ago

    out of all world cup finals so far the 1986 argentina germany finals is the best 2 goals argentina scored then by 84 minutes germany score 2 quick goals & equalize 6 minutes left in final & maradona again gives magical pass to make it 3-2 1990 italian best team with donadoni schillachi albertini viali maldini baggio uffff

  • Alison M, De Medeiros Escritor do Brasil LTDA

    Que jogão Costa Rica x República Tcheca Gols de Ronald González pra Costa Rica três do Tcheco Thomas Skhuravy do Genoa da Itália e a Costa Rica só tomou essa Goleada porque não estava com o Goleiro Conejo que se Machucou contra a Suécia

  • Dan Tirrap
    Dan Tirrap 4 months ago

    Lol every time a white guy falls in the box he gets a P kick. Be proud lmao

    • Gabi X
      Gabi X 4 months ago

      The black guys got a penalty as well. And thosr look like penalties to me.

  • Gabi X
    Gabi X 4 months ago

    Cameroon were to aggresive in the entire World Cup. They took Pumpido, the Argentinian keeper out of the WC, they almost killed all Romanian players as well the Brits. Today they would have received at least 7 red cards in a game.

    • tolis tolis
      tolis tolis 2 months ago

      Pumpido injured in match against ussr

  • Hamid Zangeneh
    Hamid Zangeneh 4 months ago

    Maradona, kanigia, goal keeper goi gochea,,,, I was 13 years old & those games were the best for me, but I wished Argentina would have won the cup, I'm from Iran,

  • Александр 74
    Александр 74 4 months ago

    Непомнящий! Камерун!! Милла!!!

  • Gus Mason
    Gus Mason 4 months ago

    This is, without a doubt, one of THE biggest upsets in FIFA World Cup history.....

  • Tanyi Franç
    Tanyi Franç 4 months ago


  • Sakib Mujic
    Sakib Mujic 5 months ago

    Zato je hrvatska pokazala ko ima iskusstva. Argentina ima tehniku to je Samo, al u svemu smo mi bolji

    • El mesías del gol
      El mesías del gol Month ago

      @Predrag Tosovic Yes. This is not the case in Argentina because we always have moments of crisis and inequality caused by populist leaders and de facto governments. I think I told you that there was a de facto government in the middle of the 1978 World Cup and that it was funded by the United States as well as the other dictatorships in America.

    • Predrag Tosovic
      Predrag Tosovic Month ago

      good one for Agentina.. too bad GERMANS won AGAIn

    • Predrag Tosovic
      Predrag Tosovic Month ago

      and then the fucking war started.. after 45 years in Europe... stupid small natons..I can't believe it untill today.. socialisam was not perfect, but we all had some money, nobody could sleep on the street.... nobody was too rich as well.... like Cuba today.

    • Predrag Tosovic
      Predrag Tosovic Month ago

      @El mesías del gol it was great.. until 1989.. you can see it in this game..

    • El mesías del gol
      El mesías del gol Month ago

      @Predrag Tosovic Hey, what was it like to live in a socialist and multi-ethnic country?

  • mamabari07
    mamabari07 5 months ago

    whats the italian word again? furbissimo ;)

  • aniketpdesai
    aniketpdesai 5 months ago

    Soccer is a simple game. 22 men run around for about 90 minutes and in the end, Germany wins.

    • Paul Lindley
      Paul Lindley Month ago

      Day that in 2010 when there onion bag had holes in it 😂😂😭😭

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker 5 months ago

    Joey from friends was the PK goat.

    KACHCHE HEERE 5 months ago

    fuck arbite

  • NGouabi Tiny da Trindade

    It was a Edgardo Codesal part one

  • Balto wolf
    Balto wolf 6 months ago

    Auful world cup! Worst ever!

  • Dark. scenes3578
    Dark. scenes3578 6 months ago

    I agree Italy isnt good at penalty shootouts But compared to England they are Excellent in penalty shoot outs England is absolutely horrible in them they only won 1 in a world cup against Colombia a country that is no where in Football and they almost lost that penalty shootout too

  • Shin cw
    Shin cw 6 months ago

    ENGLAND !!

  • lion sam
    lion sam 7 months ago

    countries that can win world cup in europe are france germany holland denmark beligium . I bet england ca not win in 100 years. they talk a lot as they have bbc and they perform zero in action

  • DAVID garcia
    DAVID garcia 7 months ago

    What a Class way to shoot a penalty!! Diego Eterno!

  • Riccardo Ferrara
    Riccardo Ferrara 7 months ago

    Penalty FIFA Maffia

  • Pascual Monoco Mañanga

    Je suis de la Guinée Équatoriale. Juste pour dire que le Cameroun pouvait atteindre la finale en Italie 90, et il était aussi capable de la gagner sans aucun problème, mais ... (Aidez_moi à terminer la phrase, s'il vous plaît !)

  • Ella Langellier
    Ella Langellier 7 months ago

    So why schillachi couldn't take a fucking penalty against Argentina in the semi finals. He could have taken a penalty in the third place so why couldn't he take a penalty in the semi finals. I always say is the Italian coach at the time that prevented Italy from playing in the finals with west Germany.

  • Balto wolf
    Balto wolf 7 months ago

    Italy should have won this world cup!!

  • jean moreno
    jean moreno 7 months ago

    He did that move too many times. I bet Roger had seen the videos before.

  • pa k
    pa k 7 months ago

    Yugoslavia deserved to win

  • RAFM
    RAFM 7 months ago

    ah back when english black players dont exist

  • Pete Jones
    Pete Jones 9 months ago

    That music.

  • Martinez Dias
    Martinez Dias 10 months ago

    como se chama essa cançao?

  • Peter the Man
    Peter the Man 10 months ago

    hah.. inconvenient truth is that italy got knocked out in penalty shootouts in the world cups for the entire decade of 90s..

  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz 10 months ago

    Inter vs Milán ,Matheus, Klinsmann,y breme dl Inter vs Gullit,van vasten rikard dl Milán en San Ciro

  • Gabriela Holland
    Gabriela Holland 10 months ago

    The Africans cant reach the semis

  • Jefferies
    Jefferies 10 months ago

    Italys goal was offside

    • Terry Silver
      Terry Silver 4 months ago

      I dont think so because the ball comes off the goalkeeper.

  • Zack Hallam
    Zack Hallam 10 months ago

    I was only 8 years old

  • Zack Hallam
    Zack Hallam 10 months ago

    Good Platt goal

  • calam
    calam 11 months ago

    England can’t play football. Should stick to cricket. No wait they’re shit at that too. I know snooker and darts.

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      And Germany can? Have you seen them play football recently? 1-0 Mexico 2-0 South Korea 2-1 France 3-0 Netherlands 2-2 Netherlands England are not shite anymore. Our results: 1-0 Netherlands 1-1 (4-3 PENS) Colombia 2-0 Sweden 1-0 Switzerland 3-2 Spain 2-1 Croatia Who's in the Nations League semi-finals? England. Who are in League B? Germany. Say hi to Wales and Scotland for me.

  • juan carlos Pacheco Jara

    Europeos que wns tan fríos

  • gally man
    gally man 11 months ago

    Shilton mid life crisis

  • Jaigan JaihunTM
    Jaigan JaihunTM Year ago

    It made me cry... I was so sad

  • Miguel Angel Róman Garduño

    Su papá alemania

  • daniel matias
    daniel matias Year ago

    Chris Waddle the best english dribbling player i ever seen. Allez l’OM.

  • luis mario gamer007

    ese Renè Higuita es un maldito loco por culpa del Colombia no pudo avanzar mas en ese mundial y conste que en el 1990 fue el primer mundial que Colombia pasa de fase de grupos .

    • luis mario gamer007
      luis mario gamer007 Year ago

      hasta yo que no soy Colombiano me da mucha tristeza me dolerìa si mi selecciòn perdiese de una forma tan estùpida como en este partido .

  • Gerd Müller
    Gerd Müller Year ago

    Parece que ya en cuartos Codesal cobraba penales...

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma Year ago

    Sir Bobby Charlton, Gary Linekar and Kieran Trippier the only three England players to score a goal in a World Cup semi-final

  • Errol Flynn
    Errol Flynn Year ago

    I was 12 and i cried ! so many talents spoiled. it must have been the new golden squad !!!

    POLAR BEAR Year ago


  • shaun spadah
    shaun spadah Year ago

    they should have the penalty shoot out before the game

  • Diego ruiz martinez

    Peter Shilton, a complete disaster

  • ziggyplay
    ziggyplay Year ago

    this is probably the most Italian game ever.

  • haneen7aneen2
    haneen7aneen2 Year ago

    CANIGGIA ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gary Agg
    Gary Agg Year ago

    The only thing a third place playoff does is rub salt in a wound bad enough being a runner up win win win

    • Kailash Patel
      Kailash Patel Month ago

      Its time to get rid of it..its nonsense, pure and simple, you get knocked in a football cup tourney, you lose and your out..

  • gally man
    gally man Year ago

    Mid life crisis from shilton

  • Maverick
    Maverick Year ago

    The Best Argentinian Team Ever !!! They totally deserve to win the World Cup 1990 !!!

    • Shatadip Som
      Shatadip Som 11 days ago

      This was by no means the best. The best team was Italy, in the finals it was West Germany and they won. The 1986 team of Argentina was definitely the best.

    • guillezorro
      guillezorro 4 months ago

      You're a funny man, Maverick

    • Magnus Hunter
      Magnus Hunter 7 months ago

      No , 1986 does , if someone deserve win in this WC they are italy

  • Lava1964
    Lava1964 Year ago

    No young player has ever said, "It's my dream to play in the third-place match at the World Cup." This game should be scrapped.

    • Kailash Patel
      Kailash Patel Month ago

      Agree...England fielded a second choice team here anyway..

    • mArv Dondokambey
      mArv Dondokambey 4 months ago

      For the estabilished nations, yes, that game isn't that important. But not for teams who rarely reach semifinals like Sout Korea, Turkey or Belgium, bronze medal would be hstorical for them

    • Michael Brock
      Michael Brock 4 months ago

      No there needs to be a clear way of determining who finishes 4th and 3rd.

    Asif MUHAMMAD Year ago


  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson Year ago

    First time I’ve seen this!! That goal probably enhanced David Platts move to Italy. He was a great player for England!!

  • El quique Castel

    Bien italia muy bien pobres ingleses estan condenados al 4to puesto por gallinas

  • Krish Chandrahasan

    The ambient music is fantastic! Name of the track?

  • Jon S
    Jon S Year ago

    should have bought Dave beasant on for the shootout. He should have been on the bench

  • BrooksterMax
    BrooksterMax Year ago

    Any other England fans dropping by after the Croatia defeat to remember the last time we played in the third place playoff? Good old David Platt, what a header!

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith Year ago

      A terrible performance last night gutted. Wud have been our best finish since 1966!

    • Dan Youtube
      Dan Youtube Year ago

      I'm sorry to hear that. I remember Bari being in Serie A in the mid 90s, which I watched on Football Italia on Channel 4; the San Nicola was an impressive arena. I remember Protti and Sandro Tovalieri, good strikers.

    • SugarTomAppleRoger
      SugarTomAppleRoger Year ago

      Exactly. Third place playoff is VERY IMPORTANT.

    • Pierluigi M.
      Pierluigi M. Year ago

      It was in my hometown Bari! It's a pity that now that stadium is falling apart :(

  • Yahaya Hudu
    Yahaya Hudu Year ago

    African players can not be able to progress in football because they play against players and referees

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G Year ago


  • John Wilmar Gonzalez Carvajal

    si que metió miedo camerun en ese mundial del 90 en Italia...pero Inglaterra lo aniquilo 3x2.

  • MrCharlan1
    MrCharlan1 Year ago


  • crazy7chameleon
    crazy7chameleon Year ago

    Football’s coming home

    • Tony S
      Tony S 7 months ago

      crazy7chameleon Lol

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D Year ago

    On the upside. England was prevented from playing in one of the worst world cup finals ever.

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago


    • Tony S
      Tony S 7 months ago

      Sid Shop Lol

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu Year ago

    Music sounds like Tangerine Dream

  • UniversalChat Chat

    I'm from the future and England won the world cup 2018

  • Balto wolf
    Balto wolf Year ago

    1990 Auful world cup!

  • S A
    S A Year ago

    Paul Parker and John Barnes the token black footballers in England team.

    • ojideagu
      ojideagu Year ago

      They were not Token they were chosen on merit. Also there was Des Walker a great defender for Nottingham forest.

  • Steve Gasparutti

    not if Gazza had played

  • raja M
    raja M Year ago

    I was 10 year old at tht time I saw this match live

      SHAVIN SINGH Year ago

      raja M ...Yes bro....I think world was great then in every aspect as compared to today

    • raja M
      raja M Year ago

      SHAVIN SINGH great brother Those were golden days of football and cricket

      SHAVIN SINGH Year ago

      raja M ...I was 10 as well n saw the match on TV...😀

  • raja M
    raja M Year ago

    Golden days of football

  • altyfc2010
    altyfc2010 Year ago

    It's been a long wait

  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte Year ago

    Dolly gave Golly a fish but he threw it back in the ocean and was taken to Mars by a giant octopus.👪👪💃💃🐋🐋🐟🐠🐳🐳🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙

  • Gustavo Rol
    Gustavo Rol Year ago

    Hay cada boludo aca opinando no saven un porongo, es mas q claro q el arbitro lo cago a camerun 2 penales q ni fueron, pero bueno como siempre soy el de los poco q no tiene vendas en los ojos

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh Year ago

    play fütböll. zen bütchäR itch ötheR ^ ^

  • jakubpetricek
    jakubpetricek Year ago

    The 82nd minute penalty was ridiculous. Lineker dove. He fell before the Cameroon player´s foot got near to him. The extra time penalty - I understand why the ref awarded that one, it was a clumsy challenge from Cameroon goalie but Lineker went for a penalty again, this time he knew how to do it. But again, the penalty England equalised from was a dive.

  • jakubpetricek
    jakubpetricek Year ago

    Higuita was ahead of his time. Today goalies are suppossed to go far away from their goal to help defenders. Higuita just made a mistake. But Roger Milla. Wow. At 38 yrs to score 2 goals in 1/16 finals. What an entertaining player

    • jean moreno
      jean moreno 7 months ago

      It took a 38 year old to finally dispossess El Loco out of the area.

    LARRY TSANG Year ago


  • Vasyl Hi-Tech Lomachenko

    We won on pens against colombia!🤯

  • Little Traveller

    Waddle looked shook when he walked up.

  • Carlos Ranoya
    Carlos Ranoya Year ago

    A pior copa de todos os tempos.

  • Chris N.
    Chris N. Year ago


    • Sajida M
      Sajida M Year ago

      met Germany in 2014 too ?

    • Chris N.
      Chris N. Year ago

      elvisleeboy .i didn't want to hurt your f eelings.😂😂 at least we won 4 wc and 3ec. now keep on crying

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago

      Chris N. The fact that you took the time to come here and point that out, proves who the real loser is. At least we got to the semi final.

    • Chris N.
      Chris N. Year ago

      elvisleeboy hahaha u lost the semi-final😂😂😂 Loser

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago

      Chris N. 18,45 😉

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Cameron deserved to win this encounter with England! the referee was biased!!

    • Gabi X
      Gabi X 4 months ago

      @NGouabi Tiny da Trindade He also gave Cameroon a penalty in this game. No bias. Cameroon played very aggresive in all the matches, wondering how they didn't get red cards. Against Romania, they almost killed them in that match. 4 yrs later , in 1994 , when Cameroon learned manners, they got trashed in all the matches.

    • NGouabi Tiny da Trindade
      NGouabi Tiny da Trindade 5 months ago

      sure. everybody know it was made by Edgardo Codesal. The same he gives a Ghost penalty to RFA. Federal Republic of Germany in final against Argentina in 1990. Andreas Bremen today confirms

    • MA Productions
      MA Productions Year ago

      England won get over it.

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little Year ago

    They always slag off the boys who have the bottle to get up and take a penalty, and miss, but Shilton never sniffed one of them German penalties