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  • chantale loh
    chantale loh 43 seconds ago

    i want to play it

  • chantale loh
    chantale loh 57 seconds ago

    how do u get the game?

  • Storhm Dragon
    Storhm Dragon 57 seconds ago

    How did you get a job at 14? Like, I WISH!!

  • Skyler_ Sky
    Skyler_ Sky Minute ago

    Imagine the guy near the fire fell in the pit

  • Isabella Love Garcia

    a tree

  • Madalynn Briggs
    Madalynn Briggs 2 minutes ago

    Why would you do that to your bff

  • BellaPlayz 1234
    BellaPlayz 1234 2 minutes ago

    Even my mom and my step father switch job(he's nice)

  • Annie Li
    Annie Li 3 minutes ago

    This is me (._.) | /

  • Alligator Abbi!
    Alligator Abbi! 3 minutes ago


  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran 3 minutes ago

    Thought the answer to the riddle was a zombie but it was fire

  • saverman cool
    saverman cool 3 minutes ago

    GUYS NEVER DO THAT WITH BEES they will wait until you come up for air and all attack you at once this is very bad info

  • Bailey Romar-Weells
    Bailey Romar-Weells 3 minutes ago

    My name is Bailey so yeah they made riddles after me

  • Jaelynn Dixon
    Jaelynn Dixon 3 minutes ago

    IS THAT A SPY?!?! *Said me after seeing puppet in the back ground* HES TRYING TO CHEAT ON GAMING, THE LAW IS YOU GOTTA PLAY IT BEFORE YOU WATCH IT!

  • Anime Wolf
    Anime Wolf 3 minutes ago

    Diabetes won't ever go extinct..... I have a brother who was born with type 1 diabetes and its not because of sugar. It's because his body doesn't provide enough insulin. People need to get their facts right. Speaking as a girl who grew up watching her brother suffer, I should know.

  • Rainbow Unicorns
    Rainbow Unicorns 4 minutes ago

    I have a friend who plays with me for like ten years

  • Sheila Robbins
    Sheila Robbins 4 minutes ago

    ((SCREAMS)) AAAA ARE YOU OKAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ((screams for everAAAAAAAA🤕😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Crys Alday

  • Carmen Matos
    Carmen Matos 4 minutes ago do we tell them that when the wizard was guessing riddles he guessed both the Country🤣

  • Gacha Ghost2010
    Gacha Ghost2010 6 minutes ago

    Can you not shame people for needing glasses to see,We can not control it

  • Ana Ramos
    Ana Ramos 6 minutes ago

    Funneh in glooms vid: funneh's quiet* In funnehs vid: HI YOU GUYS. *LAUGHS* Me:???😂

  • Melissa Roe
    Melissa Roe 6 minutes ago

    Azzy I was the same costume as you!!!

  • It’s Alexa
    It’s Alexa 6 minutes ago

    Grab the bucket and break the glass

  • mia wilkinson
    mia wilkinson 8 minutes ago

    19:05, i have an Adam's apple and i'm a girl what is this riddle suggesting that girls don't have Adam's apple?

  • Cool_guy_ 17
    Cool_guy_ 17 8 minutes ago

    Instead of owing, I got swing

  • Margaret Malone
    Margaret Malone 9 minutes ago


  • Suchi Gurung
    Suchi Gurung 9 minutes ago


  • Laniya Yelverton
    Laniya Yelverton 10 minutes ago

    Maybe if you had told the Mom you were going outside you wouldn't have died

  • Marvin Ohashi
    Marvin Ohashi 10 minutes ago

    It is so easy I am not alive but I grow I have no lungs but I need air it’s a 🌳 tree

  • Adam Saajidh
    Adam Saajidh 11 minutes ago

    Dark gacha now is the only one who spelled kassie,s name correctly bt dubs

  • Incredibox fan Bros game
    Incredibox fan Bros game 11 minutes ago

    You are funny

  • trying trends
    trying trends 11 minutes ago

    My nose hurts now😂😂. Wait. Further on 🤮🤮

  • NutellaPancake _12345
    NutellaPancake _12345 11 minutes ago

    This is Jeff 🐶 Jeff can't swim 💦 Don't let Jeff drown in the sea of comments 😰

  • Mystery Phoenix
    Mystery Phoenix 12 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice that Kassie’s voice was cracking when she was talking about her sister? I teared up. She is in a better place now ❤️

  • Boomerking
    Boomerking 13 minutes ago

    Sorry to call you out but on the wizard I will read your mind he got it right u got 3 and when the other names came up Denmark was number 3 so in the nicest way possible u weren’t part of the 7% part of people but neither did I so who am I to say I just wanted to let you know but ur vids are awesome got 2 of my favourite youtubers all in one

  • Mia Barraza
    Mia Barraza 13 minutes ago

    plz do more of these sim vids plz

  • Sydney Trulson
    Sydney Trulson 15 minutes ago

    Gloom: “looks like it’s in Oklahoma in the United States”me:Finally my state gets noticed

  • Margaret Malone
    Margaret Malone 15 minutes ago

    Roku has the no remote thing there’s an app that has voice control called roku remote

  • Erikah Beach
    Erikah Beach 15 minutes ago


  • Googlee 99
    Googlee 99 16 minutes ago

    the guessing number riddle was right because u finished with 3 and you chose denmark

  • Reese Roblox
    Reese Roblox 16 minutes ago

    My name is Reese Gloom

  • Best Tik Toks 2019 C
    Best Tik Toks 2019 C 16 minutes ago

    At 7:53 when it said “Brandon and Mark liked to travel a lot” my crushes name is Mark lol 😂

  • Zandree Cabello
    Zandree Cabello 16 minutes ago

    your 26 sorry if im wrong

  • Kobe Sutherland
    Kobe Sutherland 16 minutes ago

    Stop swearing

  • Terra Berry
    Terra Berry 16 minutes ago

    Make more of these !

  • Abi McLaughlin
    Abi McLaughlin 17 minutes ago

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Aneesha Garbow
    Aneesha Garbow 17 minutes ago

    Wow Cassie ugh I'm gonna tell my mom to buy me socks today 😙

  • Garland Myrick
    Garland Myrick 18 minutes ago

    North Carolina

  • supermike352
    supermike352 20 minutes ago

    Real life HELLO NEIGHBOR

  • jennifer nakatani
    jennifer nakatani 20 minutes ago

    I've never herd of these girls until now but their story telling and characters are so cute. Lol

  • Cupid Chan
    Cupid Chan 21 minute ago

    Kassie I think the 14 person you did is bold because sometimes people call bold people has cancer so that is normal

  • Emo Girl
    Emo Girl 22 minutes ago

    I'm also a sagittarius

  • Makaylah Chloe Sabellano
    Makaylah Chloe Sabellano 24 minutes ago

    Kassiee Wettt

  • Maranda
    Maranda 25 minutes ago

    9:44 Ohhhh Jay we know what you mean

  • Gacha, Roblox, Minecraft And More!

    We know bts :3

  • (((MASSIVE)))
    (((MASSIVE))) 26 minutes ago


  • Dannan O'Sullivan
    Dannan O'Sullivan 27 minutes ago

    no kangarooz in Africa im azzie bros!!!!!

  • The SUPREME Squad
    The SUPREME Squad 27 minutes ago

    Gloom and azzy BOTH HAVE AIRPODS

  • Lindsay Troy
    Lindsay Troy 29 minutes ago

    A human made a robot with all of their knowledge doesnt a human have all of that knowledge the robot does if he made the robot that has knowledge

  • little elvinGirl
    little elvinGirl 30 minutes ago


  • Peque aventuras
    Peque aventuras 30 minutes ago

    It’s so fake

  • Tonya Stanhope
    Tonya Stanhope 30 minutes ago

    I'm so sorry for you cassie😢

  • Henssy Hosmer
    Henssy Hosmer 31 minute ago

    I got 16 I'm a tomboy

  • Enzo Wolf
    Enzo Wolf 31 minute ago


  • Beth Willis
    Beth Willis 32 minutes ago

    It could be a Fing tree

  • Enzo Wolf
    Enzo Wolf 32 minutes ago

    My teacher gave us for the dolls ones

  • Tortilla Chips
    Tortilla Chips 32 minutes ago

    If I always get these right, does that mean I'm a genius or an idiot?

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 32 minutes ago

    Jump up

  • Kim Hinton
    Kim Hinton 33 minutes ago

    Do you sopk

  • Kim Hinton
    Kim Hinton 33 minutes ago


  • Sunny CloudySkies
    Sunny CloudySkies 34 minutes ago

    Hey gloom, I know it’s completely unrelevant, but can you finish butterfly soup?

  • Nina Morris
    Nina Morris 35 minutes ago

    She spent so long making sure it was exactly 85 grams of pasta and then when she snapped a lot of it went on the bench.

  • Leilani Richardson
    Leilani Richardson 36 minutes ago

    The overweight one is still happening

  • nekoroogami soul kun
    nekoroogami soul kun 37 minutes ago

    19:05 so what??

  • Caleb Alva
    Caleb Alva 37 minutes ago

    Is this fake?

  • So Wich
    So Wich 37 minutes ago

    A plant or a flower fire something?

  • Thuy Le
    Thuy Le 37 minutes ago


  • -All my animals- /-Gacha Lola-


  • Happy Az
    Happy Az 38 minutes ago

    witht he guess the number and country. they were right, your number was three and your country was denmark.

  • Katelynn Reichert
    Katelynn Reichert 38 minutes ago

    I love those those hacks

  • Philomena Brown
    Philomena Brown 39 minutes ago

    I watched one of there videos

  • Deztine Matthews
    Deztine Matthews 39 minutes ago

    Kassie-why didn’t it work Me-you didn’t do it right the first time

  • Cadence LONG
    Cadence LONG 40 minutes ago

    I love 50 first dates

  • Giovanna Soares
    Giovanna Soares 40 minutes ago

    I can’t eat ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant sooooo...........oof

  • Ènrique Lim Enrique
    Ènrique Lim Enrique 40 minutes ago

    Lol so adorable 😊😀😂

  • Lucky Stables
    Lucky Stables 41 minute ago

    9:06 the cutest sentence I have heard in a while

  • Juan Yarrito
    Juan Yarrito 42 minutes ago

    They are so cute And funny

  • Don Huulong
    Don Huulong 42 minutes ago


  • yanai chigonda
    yanai chigonda 43 minutes ago

    I'm 12 and I got most of these riddles

  • Erin Murphy
    Erin Murphy 43 minutes ago

    Wow kasiy GREAT job

  • The Sister
    The Sister 43 minutes ago

    the catfish kid was a girl.

  • Carlene Walton
    Carlene Walton 44 minutes ago

    It does not roll because it is to thick

  • Peyton Townsend
    Peyton Townsend 45 minutes ago

    Gloom am a man do you want to date

  • Lindsey Grondwalski
    Lindsey Grondwalski 45 minutes ago

    I was playing bitlife and i gave birth to a baby named Abigal Butkis holy moley

  • Judith Falode
    Judith Falode 45 minutes ago

    I know exactly what she was thinking she is my best friend we’re just really weird she was just doing her thing wanted to see what happened

  • Lil Mya
    Lil Mya 46 minutes ago

    I'm 9 and I have apps

  • Sydney Sirota
    Sydney Sirota 46 minutes ago

    For the fire one in the beginning I thought it was a balloon

  • Leslie Funes
    Leslie Funes 47 minutes ago

    It’s a ghost you dimshit

  • Robyn Ames
    Robyn Ames 47 minutes ago

    I am eating ice cream And watching this

  • Golden Art
    Golden Art 48 minutes ago

    I did the Democractic Republic of Korea

  • Itz_Kookie Queen!
    Itz_Kookie Queen! 49 minutes ago

    On the orange one I knew it right way and I’m a kid, //////// years old. Wow.