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I DIY'd My Shower
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  • Alexandria Evans
    Alexandria Evans 2 hours ago

    K wet

  • Anna No life
    Anna No life 2 hours ago

    Oh I like the rain down in Vancouver, little sad you dont😢

  • Diamond Granola Bar
    Diamond Granola Bar 3 hours ago

    Welcome to not gross hotel we have 🎹 clean pianos to play 🥪food 🦷clean teeth 🥽pools🐋🦓🐪🐂🐑🐩🦜🦢🦙🐄🐫🐘🦒🐎🐐🐓🕊🐿🐇🦃🦌🐖🦘🦛🐅🐆🦏🐃🐏🐕🦚🦝🦔 and cute animals

  • that one person ;-;
    that one person ;-; 3 hours ago

    You should have stayed with those keys and let them suffer

  • Misty Boyd
    Misty Boyd 3 hours ago

    I’m a Taurus 😭🤭

  • Bluebobcat AG
    Bluebobcat AG 3 hours ago

    Yes all the time

  • 0730angie
    0730angie 3 hours ago


  • Autumn Irvin
    Autumn Irvin 3 hours ago

    I’ve seen the bird clock one in my friends house

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran 3 hours ago

    i love kassie's she looked HOT

  • Gachalife Darkness
    Gachalife Darkness 3 hours ago

    It's because he uses an umbrella for the buttons on a rainy day and for a clear day he goes with a parent so the Parent press the button

  • Joana Wongsee
    Joana Wongsee 3 hours ago

    You know what I don't get is why miss baliy killed her husband and called THE POLICE 😐😐😐😧😧😧😧😧

  • Barbara Luna
    Barbara Luna 3 hours ago

    Can you girls (2 of my favorite TheXvidrs)sub to my channel I'm new? (Barbara Luna)

  • Julia C
    Julia C 3 hours ago

    Kassie, do you like curling though? I live in the U.S. and I play it, but it's supposedly a _very_ Canadian sport. Love you! ❤

  • Annabelle Burke
    Annabelle Burke 3 hours ago

    For me the blue floated!

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran 3 hours ago

    like fior yaaaasss

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran 3 hours ago

    yoo look so beautiful without makeup

  • Brooke Latulip
    Brooke Latulip 3 hours ago

    I got 21 as well

  • Annabelle Burke
    Annabelle Burke 3 hours ago

    On the heel I thought it was a nose! 😂

  • sproutcat WOW
    sproutcat WOW 3 hours ago

    Did u really break up

  • Ruthie Patton
    Ruthie Patton 3 hours ago

    When you said, “Hey Terry”, my siri went off 😂

  • Alice Bradley
    Alice Bradley 3 hours ago

    I souvld the first one

  • Majick Starchild
    Majick Starchild 3 hours ago

    Welcome to LGBTQ+!😊🌈 I'm bisexual!💗💜💙

  • Kiera Robles
    Kiera Robles 3 hours ago

    I am not going to lie I live wings and I love Pizza for breakfast

  • JennieBunnie _Life
    JennieBunnie _Life 3 hours ago

    you know riya and dan!? cause you said " id be like cinnamon "

  • Cadince Bradshaw
    Cadince Bradshaw 3 hours ago

    Kinder eggs are German chocolate that is why it is in a different language

  • 100 subs without any vids challange Sierra hunt

    When me Nd my friends charged 25c for lemonaid ppl gave us twenty dollar Bill!! FREE HEALTH CARE YALL Instead of excuse me I say exskskskskskskcuse me

  • Jolene Nguyen
    Jolene Nguyen 3 hours ago

    Go girl you get it girl

  • Lala G
    Lala G 3 hours ago

    I’m going to die soon love you guys xD

  • Queenside Forever
    Queenside Forever 3 hours ago

    Yo I just read some comments they’re funny I’m a kid and I’m watching the video

  • 100 subs without any vids challange Sierra hunt

    Lol I went to a hockey game instead of class before well the class went XD

  • Saruul Nyamaa
    Saruul Nyamaa 3 hours ago

    i was shocked when i saw the "BOYFRIEND" but it was just "BOY FRIEND"

  • Infinitydog 35
    Infinitydog 35 3 hours ago


  • PrincessMommie12
    PrincessMommie12 3 hours ago

    I am very Canadian like very I was born in Canada and I live in Canada

  • clarissa singson
    clarissa singson 3 hours ago

    Dude, this is EASY!!! I think they are satisfying!

  • 100 subs without any vids challange Sierra hunt

    Bags of milk and beavertails are big in france I was born and raised in the town I'm in still in Canada Maple coca cola isn't a thing in Canada, well of what I have seen

  • Kitty_Cat_ Girl
    Kitty_Cat_ Girl 3 hours ago

    For google Feud you should have said should I get A JOB

  • Jada Anderson
    Jada Anderson 3 hours ago

    1:01 is my favorite.. Terry’s face, and how it fits the music... YES

  • Skittle Gucci
    Skittle Gucci 3 hours ago

    It Went From This To... 5:53 To... 19:18 *(Click the Blue Numbers to See what I am Talking About!)*

  • Ghosts Videos
    Ghosts Videos 3 hours ago

    You had to staple the staple first

  • Daniel Galan
    Daniel Galan 3 hours ago

    I love tiktok

  • Murphy Bottle flip
    Murphy Bottle flip 3 hours ago

    One - the one to ship on down have a storm and I saw something that I know it was that guy because on the win the black people like the black paper left? It had like to hear

  • rainbow cutie rainbow


  • Mr. Rainbows
    Mr. Rainbows 3 hours ago

    Your clogs are pippet

  • emma damato
    emma damato 3 hours ago

    when r u doing it i wanna watch it

  • Cecelia Sova
    Cecelia Sova 3 hours ago

    At 22:08 look at the keys in her hand then the cars, figure it out

  • Skittle Gucci
    Skittle Gucci 3 hours ago

    macbeth Macbeth MACBETH!

  • Elizabeth Corligath
    Elizabeth Corligath 3 hours ago

    #stopanimaltesting! That poor cat looked so happy 😢

  • :3 Luna :3 Kitty dog

    R Ri Rid Ridd Riddl Riddle Riddl Ridd Rid Ri R

  • Marah Berryman
    Marah Berryman 3 hours ago

    the highest chance of you being Malay is 25%

  • Hailey Strachan
    Hailey Strachan 3 hours ago


  • Jacklin C
    Jacklin C 3 hours ago

    What club

  • Lex Love
    Lex Love 3 hours ago

    Is it bad that I don’t know what dunkaroos are?

  • Makaylah .s
    Makaylah .s 3 hours ago

    They lied soup cannot boil away or evaporate only water and maybe some other things but if there’s carrots and other things in it cood not boil away

  • SupremeKawaii
    SupremeKawaii 3 hours ago

    Save the turtles! 🐢 Ani-oop Ani-opp Sksksksksksksksksksksks

  • Jacklin C
    Jacklin C 3 hours ago

    Your eyes are red glass on

  • Skittle Gucci
    Skittle Gucci 4 hours ago

    *I Dunno About This Girl She Reminds me of Kim Kardashian* -Kassie

  • sgt major
    sgt major 4 hours ago

    Azzy got some sweet dance moves in this video.

  • MintTea :3
    MintTea :3 4 hours ago


  • Sophie Marion
    Sophie Marion 4 hours ago

    My nickname is “The Shocker” cause I shock people🤣

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    Unless you want one real bad ;-;

  • Jasmen Stoos
    Jasmen Stoos 4 hours ago

    While she was waiting for her pizza she realized.....THAT SHE WAS SHORT!! 12:10

  • Lilly x Dunsmoor
    Lilly x Dunsmoor 4 hours ago

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love t I love th I love tha I love that I love that w I love that wi I love that wig I love that wi I love that w I love that I love tha I love th I love t I love I lov I lo I l I

  • Trinity Commanda
    Trinity Commanda 4 hours ago

    azzey was snifing hare fingers

  • The Gaming Duo
    The Gaming Duo 4 hours ago

    He grabbed her and put ther into the white van.

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    For you older people,you don’t need a man

  • Erik Plumlee
    Erik Plumlee 4 hours ago

    Notifications, you have failed me

  • Mo Kary
    Mo Kary 4 hours ago


  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago


  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    I’m scared 😦 of the kid d who’s bullying me

  • Olivia Sullivan
    Olivia Sullivan 4 hours ago

    she looks amazing with or without photoshop love ur vids

  • Rusty Willson
    Rusty Willson 4 hours ago

    its not zendiah its zendaya

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    And I’m in 3rd grade.

  • Asap Nessa
    Asap Nessa 4 hours ago


  • Kaylynn Humphrey
    Kaylynn Humphrey 4 hours ago

    Kasie wet

  • b̾l̾u̾e̾b̾e̾r̾r̾y̾ - t̾e̾a̾

    tIna aCts lIke mE

  • kingogames16
    kingogames16 4 hours ago

    We had dunkaroos in Virginia

  • XxCookie CrystalxX
    XxCookie CrystalxX 4 hours ago

    I SAW YOU IN TIKTOK AND I Follow you!

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    This is real life

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam 4 hours ago

    In real life I’m a girl and I get bullied and I cry

  • Elle Woods
    Elle Woods 4 hours ago

    Little girl: Where do baby’s come from? Me: When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, Mommy has an outlet Daddy has a plug that turns on the compute4 where you can google it!

  • millie 4546
    millie 4546 4 hours ago

    I have a phobia of planes

  • hack gammer joseph
    hack gammer joseph 4 hours ago

    Put tarry in your video plz

  • wess russell
    wess russell 4 hours ago


  • lea’s lions
    lea’s lions 4 hours ago

    Where are my pants up there’s bag water and I’ve been to wear my pants were up so I know it

  • a v e r y a s m r
    a v e r y a s m r 4 hours ago

    I got 21 too and I thought it was like a logic trick where everyone got 21....

  • Madison MacLeod
    Madison MacLeod 4 hours ago

    that intro tho

  • Gabber Bagel
    Gabber Bagel 4 hours ago


  • Oofy playz :3
    Oofy playz :3 4 hours ago

    2:02 😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • Dale McCann
    Dale McCann 4 hours ago

    SAME as you!

  • Mia Deck
    Mia Deck 4 hours ago

    Please. Kinder is EVERYWHERE!!! I’ve seen it in Spain, America, Canada, Sweden, and Norway. Even more!

  • Lisa Arhavwarien
    Lisa Arhavwarien 4 hours ago


  • Kaylee Squad
    Kaylee Squad 4 hours ago

    MeH WAnt FoOd NOw PlZ :plz comment to this

  • Angela Corado
    Angela Corado 4 hours ago

    I would always do that with my staples and pretend I had a nose and lip ring 😂😂😂

  • Billy Hebert
    Billy Hebert 4 hours ago

    Cassie look 100% better

  • XxLuckyxX
    XxLuckyxX 4 hours ago

    F in the chat btw

  • That Gacha Melody
    That Gacha Melody 4 hours ago

    Ketchup chips? Dunkaroos? WHAT IS THIS?!

  • Neri Lozada
    Neri Lozada 4 hours ago

    Azzy dem air pods

  • Brianna_Playz
    Brianna_Playz 4 hours ago

    yes DEENO friendly