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Brighter days ahead
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Clouds and a few showers
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Detroit Lions Tailgate
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Detroit 4Fest
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Detroit 4Fest
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Detroit 4Fest
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  • white whiskers
    white whiskers 3 hours ago

    And just like that, three oppressed, "Gott" fearing, angels of diversity be out of our lives....

  • Frank Moore
    Frank Moore 3 hours ago

    Of course the cops were not held accountable, that why they act this way . Who's going to stop them? The chief,DA , judge ?, they're the ones that protect them

    NIGHT2PWN 3 hours ago

    cl_hairline 0

  • Zach B
    Zach B 3 hours ago

    break out the electric couch and fry them all

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 3 hours ago

    That's home invasion blast them fucking bitches with an fn 5.7 make sure no one makes it home

  • Matt S
    Matt S 3 hours ago

    Hey my name is Matthew Smith too!

  • Ralph Rose
    Ralph Rose 3 hours ago

    Whatever happened to the time when people minded their own business. It has come to the point to where a person's emotions dictates law. That is not how the law works cops. You officers had better learn that the letter of the law is how it is applied not your color of law. Once you officers go that route your union and the government entity you work for can not save you from losing all you own.

  • mr luigi
    mr luigi 3 hours ago

    Where were the owners of this franchise? dont they keep an eye on ther business?

  • Treva Elverz
    Treva Elverz 3 hours ago

    And retard pigs wonder why so many people want them dead. This is why it's a beautiful thing to see pigs brutally killed..

  • Sacshell Polk
    Sacshell Polk 3 hours ago

    gm ain't bull!!!!!, they getting ready to teach these strikers a lesson.

  • Hell Raizah
    Hell Raizah 4 hours ago

    i love that girl for that, please put her on somebody's health board. i feel like i can trust her

  • Cory
    Cory 4 hours ago

    Ftp fuck nazi america

  • BIG E
    BIG E 4 hours ago

    What a crock of shit the clip does not show the young man being confrontational. As the big pig said the guy stole nothing so why the baton simple pigs know that they will exonerated by their own police force. The pig should have been charged with assault and battery and should have been suspended but of course that would have happened if the law applied equally which it is not and never will be.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 hours ago

    My niggas.

  • iNoMaD iNoMaD
    iNoMaD iNoMaD 4 hours ago

    Off duty and no proof...fire his bitch ass!

  • Lisa Jessick
    Lisa Jessick 4 hours ago

    Burn in hell! WTF. Whip marks on a child!

  • Sadistic Overlord
    Sadistic Overlord 4 hours ago

    I know not all police are bad but there ones like these that make the rest look bad. They should of handle that situation completely different and not go so aggressive on a person like that. Shame on both Walmart and those cops. They could of been so peaceful and come about this whole thing.

  • normrenf
    normrenf 4 hours ago

    Cops are the lowest form of human waste.

  • Brenda Rogers
    Brenda Rogers 4 hours ago

    Why not 1st degree??? 😡 Nothing worse than a lying, dirty cop.

  • Klaa2
    Klaa2 4 hours ago

    You can literally call the cops on anyone like this, it's really all the same bullshit.

  • William Mclaren
    William Mclaren 4 hours ago

    This is a fucking joke

  • William Mclaren
    William Mclaren 4 hours ago

    I think we all know why it's delayed

  • Darren Wells
    Darren Wells 4 hours ago

    They both deserve to die. They have no heart and their soul is dead.

  • H. Radzuweit
    H. Radzuweit 4 hours ago

    The cops are going berserk - for gods sake: who will stop these disgusting pigs? Who will finally stop these daily atrocities? This is beyong crazy!!! Looks like these shit cops are holding the country hostage!!! Who is the politician with the courage to stop these bastards and their unions from killing, harassing, violating the people of America?

  • Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    If you wanna get rich, just call the police. They are bound to fuck up in some way and if you can avoid a bullet, you may get paid

  • Lucas Ramsey
    Lucas Ramsey 4 hours ago

    We shouldve released agnew

  • Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    You may think calling the cops will help. Cops show up thinking everyone is the criminal and deal with you accordingly. Cops always make things worse

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 4 hours ago


  • Dean Vassos
    Dean Vassos 4 hours ago

    Cops should have to pay for wrong doing the same as the rest of us.

  • Kai Taylor
    Kai Taylor 4 hours ago

    But weren’t they molesting and raping their younger brother? The mother said that’s why she killed them

  • Jim Fowler
    Jim Fowler 4 hours ago

    The biggest disgrace Dantonio managed was the sourpuss look and snubbing of Herm Edwards and not even being gentleman enough to face him and shake hands. So sad, but no surprise after seeing Dantonio's past actions at/to/for TV interview ladies asking innocent questions and get blasted. Sad for MS fans. The bright side is that "the" win could come against Ohio State, or Michigan....or.............

  • Electric Lioness
    Electric Lioness 4 hours ago

    This was a shame, I would hate for my son to have to lose his life life that. She has to live with that for the rest of her lil sorry, low self esteem life. Dating a Month ?

  • Tony Beard
    Tony Beard 4 hours ago

    Maxwell Brack You are a bitch Ass Nigga who Needs Too be fucking Thrown of The Top of The renaissance building head first You Dirty Ass Crooked Eyed Troll Face bitch

  • cash storeone
    cash storeone 4 hours ago

    More incompetence in Detroit. The city is infested with it. Been like that for many decades.

  • Michael Kurse
    Michael Kurse 4 hours ago

    Store owner should ban the police. I would've made them clean up their mess, paid for damaged products or l would've charged them with criminal damage to property, then trespasses them.

  • Jim Da
    Jim Da 5 hours ago

    I've seen a few comments about Civil War coming, I think these c********** have already declared that. I'm just so everybody knows, in 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that it is okay to defend yourself from illegal actions of the police, up to and including deadly force.

  • Jason Ryan
    Jason Ryan 5 hours ago

    I'm sure this police officer has lots of support

  • Allan Brunker
    Allan Brunker 5 hours ago

    Trained to be aggressive and or kill! Simple as that . Watch how uk police work, de escalate the situation. Generally!

  • Karla Staley
    Karla Staley 5 hours ago

    Being a victim of police brutality ..all I can ask is when will it ever get better

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 5 hours ago

    Wow thank god he’s ok! Whew

  • Steven Malchiodi
    Steven Malchiodi 5 hours ago

    Pitbulls 🤒

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    What a piece of shit the time is coming when people will take matters into their own hands against dirty cops they may hide behind the badge they forget that they are outnumbered and probably outgunned maybe their unions can protect them and their families then

  • SESS sion
    SESS sion 5 hours ago

    The only role African AmeriKKKans play in this country is the role of victim. African AmeriKKKans have no power whether: Political, Scientific, or Financial hence they will remain victims.

  • Vunc And other stuff

    And this is why I don’t even go on rides like this

  • pinetree forest
    pinetree forest 5 hours ago

    U tube says to keep comments respectful... ??.. umm. No. That piece of shit should get tortured n killed.

  • Micks
    Micks 5 hours ago

    Earning the hate.

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto70 5 hours ago

    Wal-Mart is evil. That's why I never shop there. I haven't been inside a Wal-Mart for almost 20 years. And I don't miss them one bit.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 5 hours ago

    He can now become a spokesman for The Hair Club For Men !

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 5 hours ago

    Gill is a LIER to the end ! Only a misdemeanor ? How about deadly assault ? Perjury ? Filing false police and CPS reports ! Lock him up = PRISON JUSTICE ! NO PENSION !

  • Doris Walker
    Doris Walker 5 hours ago

    This is ashame. Young men have thrown their lives away.

  • Phil Kent
    Phil Kent 5 hours ago

    Good, fire their asses

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo 5 hours ago

    Time to shut this down and hire 100% illegal immigrants to replace these workers. Their union supports open borders. Let them enjoy open borders..

  • YouTube God
    YouTube God 5 hours ago

    Nice job respecting the man's request to not be on camera.

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 5 hours ago

    There is no such thing as special needs when it comes to police officers if they see you acting crazy they will become crazy and they will beat the crap out of you subdue you taser you to death if not kill you with their guns. The police have gone too far they don't know what restraint is they would rather handcuff you because they would feel that you're not a threat to them. Totally unacceptable totally wrong and totally against the law and totally against our constitution for what it stands for But there again the police are Street judges Judge Dredd. Wake up America enough is enough

  • Ms Motown
    Ms Motown 5 hours ago

    So sad

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 5 hours ago

    From what I saw on the video the police we're clearly police brutality they were informed dispatch was informed evidently dispatch did not do her job or the police officers disregarded it. Clearly police brutality clearly Street judges being Judge Dredd

  • Walker Killer #1 Wainwright

    He didn't force the cop to the ground he fell from getting his legs beat repeatedly

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 5 hours ago

    Judge Dredd Street judges. The police officer should be fired immediately and also charged with assault and battery on a special needs victim. The officers were clearly wrong the store was clearly wrong I would sue the police department and the store for everything that they've got total bullshit. Enough is enough when are the people going to stand up do these police departments in ask for these police officers badges. But that's not going to happen because the police protect their own. Like they were saying we were not informed that she was special needs clearly they were lying like all corrupt officers do. I am the law the victim was lucky they didn't kill her or shoot her

  • JW Christman
    JW Christman 5 hours ago

    Good job That’s why you should stay at home and cook your own dinner lol

  • khalil’s Heat and air conditioner repair

    What the fuck is this Florida now?

  • Marak Lia
    Marak Lia 5 hours ago

    I don’t see what the officers did wrong.. the guy jay walked. That’s some serious shit.

  • Cliff Thomas
    Cliff Thomas 5 hours ago

    Deprived of liberty without due process. Violation of your 5th and 14th. File a complaint on every officer involved with the FBI. 18 USC 241 and 242. Also 42 USC 1983, which lets you sue the officers involved personally.

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto70 5 hours ago

    Those cops need to be arrested and tried. Conspiracy (even conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor) is a felony.

  • jon batchelor
    jon batchelor 5 hours ago

    Police when they investigate themselves oh he was just doing his job. He had no reason to detain if there was no crime

  • Vash TheStampede
    Vash TheStampede 5 hours ago

    50 bucks an hour is a great wage, she works how many hours?

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 5 hours ago

    UAW built the Choom Wagon

  • Muddy Boots
    Muddy Boots 5 hours ago

    Media creating reasonable doubt claiming his wife didn't believe he was innocent.

  • Dakota Shea
    Dakota Shea 6 hours ago

    Jesus fucking h christ

  • James Gurung
    James Gurung 6 hours ago

    10 year old kills baby, gets life, teen cheerleader kills her baby not guilty bruh

  • A. B.D.
    A. B.D. 6 hours ago

    What in hell is happening. Jesus what is wrong with people.

  • Tony Teepot
    Tony Teepot 6 hours ago

    Guilty until proven innocent... "He didnt steal anything" "Oops!" I'm Black and I hate Black Cops more than I hate white cops. Massa's Minions. Dam shame.

  • NaAissata Kaba
    NaAissata Kaba 6 hours ago

    I go to this school and it’s scary

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 6 hours ago

    I see history has repeated itself mayor Kavanaugh did the same tactics in Detroit police brutality Street judges Judge Dredd. When Coleman Young became mayor all that shit stopped and police officers were fired and some went to jail for police brutality. Police always had the excuse for our own safety we have to handcuff you why is that they have the guns they have tasers they have batons they have shotguns and every other third car has an M16. Sounds to me like they can start a new war is that what they're doing I truly believe it is. Wake up America it is for the people to wake up enough is enough enough with the police department's protecting their own. A lot of these police officers are as corrupt as a criminal criminals themselves. When Congress takes away our right to bear arms that's when shit hits the fan. I always thought that when you broke the law you got arrested and handcuffed. But today a police officer feels threatened so for his safety he has to handcuff you total bullshit and another sense of the word Street judge

  • Dakota Shea
    Dakota Shea 6 hours ago

    Literally why I don’t go to Detroit or Chicago is cause of the Police

  • Craig Listing
    Craig Listing 6 hours ago

    keep opening your fucking legs and you blame the fathers..cool!

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard 6 hours ago

    Chaaa Ching!!!

  • Julio Moreno
    Julio Moreno 6 hours ago

    We have a friend he is 16 with especial needs, His mind is equal to that of a 3 to 5 years old. One day he was at school and tried to greet a couple of black teenagers saying: what's up man!! the result was they all jump him beating him up, giving him a black eye and everything else. It was about 4 or 5 boys. But he learned his lesson he don't do that no more.

  • James Goodman
    James Goodman 6 hours ago

    Detroit at its finest Street judges Judge Dredd this is what we expect in America today police officers who do not uphold the law instead they make up their own law and this cannot be tolerated especially from a police captain who is backing up his patrol officer. Make sure really wonder where America is going to especially when our politicians want to take our right to bear arms away from us. This type of police brutality should never be acceptable. And the police captain should look at this more clearly as another case of police brutality they are just damn lucky that the area did not erupt into greater violence.

  • loyal Johnson
    loyal Johnson 6 hours ago


  • PTG_PelkowskiBrats
    PTG_PelkowskiBrats 6 hours ago


  • Craig Listing
    Craig Listing 6 hours ago

    if kids are acting like sexual predators it reflects on you demon! You killed your children and blame them, I hope this piece of shit rots in hell. They should perform medical examination to the rest of her children.

  • mikes campfire
    mikes campfire 6 hours ago

    Oh for pete's sake they should of fired those officers....we know that's what they do.

  • TheLance3185
    TheLance3185 6 hours ago

    Drive-by be taking care of that....

  • Craig Listing
    Craig Listing 6 hours ago

    talking about her kids that she killed like it's not her blood. This is pure evil.

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl 6 hours ago

    WalMart should NOT have plain clothed employees approaching customers. No blue vest? No name tag? Nothing at all? I’d think I’m being abducted too!

  • Young Dave
    Young Dave 6 hours ago

    We need 2 get rid of Chief Craig real talk! They always justify wrong! This Man ain't shit!! Fire him or Vote his ass out!

  • J josephm
    J josephm 6 hours ago

    Drug testing police employees after use of force incidents.

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 6 hours ago

    They should be charged

    GIMMESHELTER50 6 hours ago


  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar 6 hours ago

    At 0:56 seconds: *Did I actually hear this correctly?* Also at 1:55 minutes: Whaaat? Hating the Olympic coaches but trusting this doctor? At 3:45 minutes: Come on? No! I am not believing what I am hearing -- continued to trust after this. Was she not outraged at the outset of a finger inside? At 4:00 minutes: She bared false witness and became angry *with herself* (that she had overlooked her scruples). At 4:15 minutes: She declined the video, waiting until it got to that. Of course. I would decline a video of myself praying! Privacy means even more to me than projecting to publishing practitioners of priestly persuasion.

  • J josephm
    J josephm 6 hours ago

    Detroit doesn't have any money. They are having difficulty paying pensions, let alone civil settlements.

  • Tim DeLong
    Tim DeLong 6 hours ago

    Im kinda petty. So I would be researching how to still display it and made sure the neighbors who did complain. Would always see it.

  • Pamela Worley
    Pamela Worley 6 hours ago

    Here's one.....when my neighbor and I got cable installed one Saturday I turned on the tv and all I got was snow.....long story short the neighbors next door to me has disconnected our cable and split the wiring and put 4 cable cords on the pole. I stuck my head out the back door and asked what was he doing, I told him I was calling the cable company. A few weeks later our local cable company realized that their services were being stolen. They gave amnesty to the folks ripping them off. When the dead line was done, these same people had the audiacy to ask me not to tell the cable company. The cable company enlisted the FBI AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. After that I had no more problems.

  • Larry Carter
    Larry Carter 6 hours ago

    GOD will forgive him.

  • N P
    N P 6 hours ago

    WTF... Uncle Phil?

  • Ezz eldin saleh
    Ezz eldin saleh 6 hours ago

    If you can not identify the bodies then you got yourself a homicide.

  • Shelly Peek
    Shelly Peek 6 hours ago

    Crack Whore stole a car, she didn't care what car.

  • Aaron Conway
    Aaron Conway 6 hours ago

    He was very intelligent, mature, and out going. He will forever be missed..

  • Steven Motta
    Steven Motta 6 hours ago

    Livonia Police department are cowards. Your county will pay a good price for it. She received $125,000. 🤣😂😂

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee 7 hours ago

    Why in tha fucc would u be sleep in tha car? Sleep in the BED