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  • Asger Steffensen
    Asger Steffensen 5 hours ago

    Coyote dose it have any predators?

  • Slyskies Inc.
    Slyskies Inc. 5 hours ago

    That would hurt bad!!

  • Aioros Dohko
    Aioros Dohko 6 hours ago

    These spiders are now invading cities due to the wildfires...

  • Michael Sneed
    Michael Sneed 6 hours ago

    They planted that there

  • CrimsonLight BR
    CrimsonLight BR 6 hours ago

    I think he is a masochistic or he doesn't fell pain and he is acting...

  • IcedFate
    IcedFate 6 hours ago

    5:40 are those specks of his blood on its skin?

  • TheAnonymous
    TheAnonymous 6 hours ago

    Welp on the bright side coyote was actually smart with this and didnt get a fully grown snapping turtle cuz that’ll be insane

  • Yahsheda Taylor
    Yahsheda Taylor 6 hours ago

    You have to try pretzels and grapes green grapes

  • Shadow_ Flower
    Shadow_ Flower 6 hours ago

    my papa almost ran over a snapping turtle baby then a big 30 pound female snapping turtle came at him it poped our car tire

  • Horny Reddit
    Horny Reddit 7 hours ago

    Turtle: Ahhh I love thi-- Coyote peterson: *Insert fast grab* Turtle: Yooo wtf man?!?!?!

  • Ella Ciaciuch
    Ella Ciaciuch 7 hours ago


  • Gabriella Morales
    Gabriella Morales 7 hours ago

    Dude this is so funny🤣

  • Gabriella Morales
    Gabriella Morales 7 hours ago

    He is just lucky that a hippos is a veteran

  • Braxton's Nose
    Braxton's Nose 7 hours ago


  • fossilguy BMF
    fossilguy BMF 7 hours ago

    I found one in Louisiana in 1979 I just had to stare at. Way bigger than anything I have ever ever seen in print, or any tv show, or zoo.

  • Carl Jackson
    Carl Jackson 7 hours ago

    Thats the deadliest spider in the world

  • Gabriella Morales
    Gabriella Morales 7 hours ago

    I am scared I just now got on this video what is gonna happen

  • The Sullenger's
    The Sullenger's 7 hours ago


  • Diamond Dore Woods
    Diamond Dore Woods 7 hours ago

    Coyote said "This issa MOOSE MOOSE" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua Ezekiel Trinidad

    Snails are Dangerous Snails can kill people Snails Killed 20 000 people am i right????

  • The Piotrexx
    The Piotrexx 7 hours ago

    Papa roach

  • Anu Acharya
    Anu Acharya 8 hours ago


  • AKKS
    AKKS 8 hours ago

    I just had one question, which bite is more painful, the executioner wasp or the giant desert centipede. You didn't answer this question because the centipede seemed more painful than the bullet ant.

  • Keuthonymos
    Keuthonymos 8 hours ago

    Should have women do this and then finally ask them "Is giving birth more painful that this?" You know. For science.

  • Johnny Bourne
    Johnny Bourne 8 hours ago

    15:30 my mom when I forgot to make the rice

  • Matelolflowsa Fernandez Rios


  • AKKS
    AKKS 8 hours ago

    What about the centipede compared to bullet ant and warrior wasp

    YUP IM PRO! 8 hours ago

    2:48 Thats what happens when you get stung by too many bugs

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 9 hours ago

    Coyote you're fat shaming those leeches 😡 Unsubscribed!

  • วารุณี ระกําสี


  • Alex Alfaro
    Alex Alfaro 9 hours ago

    He just kidnaps animals

  • Ralph Auger
    Ralph Auger 9 hours ago

    As you can see, it is definitely a Wednesday.

  • ッEmptyFX
    ッEmptyFX 9 hours ago

    i dare you to get bitten by a komodo.

    POPPY 9 hours ago

    Coyote I am so happy and proud and just UPLIFTED now,IS NOBODY ELSE GUNNA TALK ABOUT THIS,YOU HAVE YOUR OWN TV SHOW NOWW!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this for 3 years now saying to myself I hope he makes a TV show soon,prayers sent your way man I hope that you succeed in every way or form possible,lots of love Amen

  • Alexander Powell
    Alexander Powell 9 hours ago

    Hey coyote, next time you're in Queensland, try getting bit by a green ant- the pain is quite exquisite and it lasts for 4 days which makes it truly annoying. Then come down to Victoria and get bit by those army ant thingies as they can cause heart attacks apparently!

  • Surya Prasad
    Surya Prasad 10 hours ago

    Meme:I like turtles Cotote:I like Pickles

  • Surya Prasad
    Surya Prasad 10 hours ago

    Rose's are red violets are blue I love ranburant what about you

  • alitopan1975
    alitopan1975 10 hours ago

    Why did you put the fruit inside your sock? 😂

  • alitopan1975
    alitopan1975 10 hours ago

    Hey Coyote, what you drank was coconut WATER, not coconut MILK! Coconut milk is made by grating the coconut meat and then squeezing the milk out of it. And why did you put the iguana in your pocket? It might bite you or it might fall out.😂🦎

  • Anecita Edwards
    Anecita Edwards 10 hours ago

    Thank for video i enjoy them

  • Mayra Kop Jansen
    Mayra Kop Jansen 10 hours ago


  • EČ HÔ
    EČ HÔ 10 hours ago

    I was bitten by a centipede once, it was like a needle going in ang out in my leg

  • Irishoriginally
    Irishoriginally 10 hours ago

    In AUSTRALIA there was a bullet ant nest at my old primary school and every day at least 2 people would get bitten because they think playing with bullet ants is cool

  • Almighty Peso
    Almighty Peso 11 hours ago

    I’m Soo high and this is just funny asf😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Care Cup
    Care Cup 11 hours ago

    The really scary thing is being in Mexico.

  • Gestin Sison
    Gestin Sison 11 hours ago

    The juice reminds me of coyote Peterson bashing someone's foot

  • Gestin Sison
    Gestin Sison 11 hours ago

    The juice reminds me of coyote Peterson bashing someone's foot

  • idefinedesign
    idefinedesign 11 hours ago

    i am getting a leopard gecko

  • Faris Jr
    Faris Jr 11 hours ago

    This guy’s balls made of titanium..

  • Muh Alfian Hidayat
    Muh Alfian Hidayat 11 hours ago

    You is griper

  • Whatsup What
    Whatsup What 11 hours ago

    Me when I lose at 98 percent on blood lust geometry dash

  • Cleira Gayacao
    Cleira Gayacao 11 hours ago

    Dont kill lions pls😭😭

  • Launchpad Mcquack
    Launchpad Mcquack 12 hours ago

    Passes out then other hand falls into tank and gets stung....*wakes up screaming*

  • mel alegre
    mel alegre 12 hours ago

    I m philipino

  • Jubab Howells
    Jubab Howells 12 hours ago

    Gamatatsu is that you?

  • Haven Lia
    Haven Lia 12 hours ago

    hey...when u showed us the gecko.....Oof...............i saw a bandade on your FINGER?!

  • Cory Wong
    Cory Wong 12 hours ago

    13:39. You blew it up. Dam you. Dam you all to Hell.

  • Cory Wong
    Cory Wong 12 hours ago

    Oh that hurts alot. Do you think

  • Annie Liu
    Annie Liu 12 hours ago

    Why do u do this to yourself???

  • Aliyah's Life
    Aliyah's Life 12 hours ago

    im already bitten by a leach because I went camping near a leach pond

  • Hassan amin
    Hassan amin 13 hours ago

    This is the place where lazer beam went.

  • Chow Tsz Shing
    Chow Tsz Shing 13 hours ago

    hope u feel better now

  • Jessalyn Sierra
    Jessalyn Sierra 13 hours ago

    The way he picked up that thing lol 😂

  • Chow Tsz Shing
    Chow Tsz Shing 13 hours ago

    I appreciate your braveness bruh

  • Galaxy Eater
    Galaxy Eater 13 hours ago

    I screams after seeing one can't imagine how I will be like after getting bitten by one

  • Benedict Charles Alonzo

    1:51 when ur quietly sneaking to get a candy on store

  • Christine Pekanato
    Christine Pekanato 14 hours ago

    Where did he get the honey bee honey? it look soooooo good*tell me if you guys know :)*

  • Liya
    Liya 14 hours ago

    cayotte the only person willing to get his body part fractured broken all in the name of science and knowledge now that right there is commitment i respect that a lot

  • Bloq
    Bloq 14 hours ago

    bruh coyote will build a venom immunity he wont get cancer anymore xd

  • Haven Lia
    Haven Lia 14 hours ago

    i did not know u had a daugtherr

  • Xander Liow PS4
    Xander Liow PS4 14 hours ago

    Coyote: Boy, it does not look happy. TH: *BUZZING INTENSIFIES*

  • 郷内秀夫
    郷内秀夫 14 hours ago

    Japan name Miyama kuwagata👍

  • Cyborg XD
    Cyborg XD 14 hours ago

    Indonesia this food is so popular

  • JNathan
    JNathan 15 hours ago

    Coyote: “Its said that a sting can leave you paralized” Coyote: “IT FEELS LIKE MY ARM IS PARALYZED!” i dont know what you expected bud

  • Din Ding
    Din Ding 15 hours ago

    no it's a birb. but all birbs are descendants of dinosaurs

  • Aishi Heart
    Aishi Heart 15 hours ago

    The camera man should said: "Describe the pain"

  • Josh Cattoi
    Josh Cattoi 15 hours ago

    First video I watched of this dude..... no one needs this.. who are you doing it for? I am so confused as to the end game. there are far easier ways to be famous.

  • Relani Lyles
    Relani Lyles 15 hours ago

    I never seen Collins so still! 😅