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"CARL POPPA" - Lyric Video
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  • GachaQween
    GachaQween 23 seconds ago

    I don’t have Netflix, Ik my life is sad 😔 but I’m just watching this and it’s so confusing, I feel like some of it they actually do say but idk it’s weird 😂

  • rabblerouser
    rabblerouser 3 minutes ago

    It would have been just as creepy if you didn’t mute her voice.

  • Case Moorhouse
    Case Moorhouse 11 minutes ago

    1.5x speed makes it fire

  • Serkan gaming
    Serkan gaming 15 minutes ago


  • Serkan gaming
    Serkan gaming 16 minutes ago

    wait WTF

  • Ace Balboa
    Ace Balboa 19 minutes ago

    Negan: sing... Carl: carl poppa

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 29 minutes ago

    How did Apple shift from being a Tech company to Meme😂

  • Case Moorhouse
    Case Moorhouse 36 minutes ago

    These beats are fire.

  • Gabriele Jas
    Gabriele Jas 40 minutes ago

    This is the funniest thing i have ever seen

  • BaconsYT
    BaconsYT 43 minutes ago

    Doctor : So you will die in 36 minutes and 10 seconds,what you wanna do,hug your parents and say goodbye,then cry an~ Me : *starts watching this video* SHUSH I KNOW WHAT TO DO!

  • Danya Abdula
    Danya Abdula 51 minute ago

    Omg 😂😂😂

  • Starcloak Starside

    Wager. Anyone who disliked this video, I dare you to explain your heresy!

  • Lost Aquarian
    Lost Aquarian Hour ago

    That gay actress appropriated a straight role.

  • Starcloak Starside

    Amused. What’s the only way to make The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi look appealing? Give it to Bad Lip Reading, let them f*ck around with it. Love you guys!

  • Brison Gallegos
    Brison Gallegos Hour ago

    Eleven: sneezes Lucas: YOU RUINED IT!

  • Nathan walker
    Nathan walker Hour ago

    I want this song playing at my funeral

  • Starcloak Starside

    Amazed. There are 2.1k people with no sense of humor. What’s this world coming to?

  • Kari
    Kari Hour ago

    Out of the 7.5 million people who watched this video, how many do you think googled, "do fish have menstrual cycles?" after watching this? 😄😁😂

  • Kari
    Kari 2 hours ago

    My favorite parts by far is his laugh. So creepy and stupid sounding. Love the the ding dong llama song too.

  • Kari
    Kari 2 hours ago

    Man, at this point, id vote for someone who said all this stuff.

  • Noah Moon
    Noah Moon 2 hours ago


  • Life with Ali Lacasse

    “Good! Katchup is dope.” Lol 😂

  • Swagin Burger
    Swagin Burger 2 hours ago

    Barney Barney Barney ( what does that even mean) I know its a dinosaur but why would they put it in a song

  • Lou Isa
    Lou Isa 2 hours ago

    Im gonna have to spank you.

  • Jazmyn Chalmers
    Jazmyn Chalmers 2 hours ago

    Some of those sound right 1.49

  • Ompharus
    Ompharus 3 hours ago

    Nothing having context is amazing lol

  • ONIT MAN4331
    ONIT MAN4331 4 hours ago

    2:17 That underbite is 5th place in laughter

    OLBICHL 4 hours ago

    2:29 you're going to a knife fight with a musical act?

  • SneezinTits
    SneezinTits 5 hours ago

    Huh? What did you say to me? Never mind bud. Never mind bubby

  • bizzleblue38
    bizzleblue38 5 hours ago

    If i were George Lucas I'd give these songs the honor of being Canon!!!

  • Sibi Sibi
    Sibi Sibi 5 hours ago

    "I'm gonna rest because I'm the Best" 😂

  • bizzleblue38
    bizzleblue38 5 hours ago

    I freaking love this song!!!

  • Jonny2Hotty
    Jonny2Hotty 7 hours ago

    This conference was better than the real

  • Fuhq Boi
    Fuhq Boi 7 hours ago

    Makes more sense than the lies these human pieces of shit were really spewing. Fuhqin TRASH

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia 7 hours ago

    Patrick mahomes has me on my ass 😂😂

  • 왕아만다
    왕아만다 7 hours ago

    This is good reading not bad ha

  • Jonny2Hotty
    Jonny2Hotty 8 hours ago

    I remember in.S1 when the hotdog stand had no ketchup and Pycelle.start shitting his pants... Gods the writing was strong back then

  • Dutchman 72
    Dutchman 72 8 hours ago

    This is creepy !

  • Anurashri Yadav
    Anurashri Yadav 8 hours ago


  • Xtra Tae
    Xtra Tae 8 hours ago

    I always comeback to this masterpiece 😂

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    This is literally the best channel.

  • Unclear
    Unclear 9 hours ago

    This video came out 6 years ago and I'm only now just noticing "Dante Dogs" at 1:22

  • Gre3n Eclips3
    Gre3n Eclips3 9 hours ago

    “Hey, Boba Ski Watten Totten, your barn door’s open.” “Huh?” “Haha, I got you son!” *“Real Mature.”*

  • Υάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ

    They all sound clapped af

  • Lps Fairy
    Lps Fairy 9 hours ago

    3:44 " i tough a toddler to bark in the dark" oml lol

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 10 hours ago

    This brings the eightys back in a different perspective. 🧐🙃🙎‍♂️ The Stranger Things brings memories in one way. This another. I remember watching a tv show back then, they had bad lip reading over movies. 📽📺😄

  • JenLisa KiManoban
    JenLisa KiManoban 10 hours ago

    Me: *After watching this* *How do I sing Idol again?*

  • JenLisa KiManoban
    JenLisa KiManoban 10 hours ago

    *Blackpink Kill this love Bad Lip Reading!*

  • Leviathan230 •
    Leviathan230 • 10 hours ago

    The funniest song doesn’t exi**

  • IsabelleGamingXOX
    IsabelleGamingXOX 10 hours ago

    It's like a wiener..

  • Nyan nyasemaru
    Nyan nyasemaru 10 hours ago

    Rewatching it and my stomach is

  • FinalDestination
    FinalDestination 10 hours ago

    As someone who absolutely LOVES to this DAY HSM, I can say I love this so much hahahha Your Lip readings may not be for everyone but omg I can still sing every song and love every bit of this and STILL appreciate the effort that was put into this XD <3 <3 hahahha!!

  • bingo_fuel
    bingo_fuel 10 hours ago

    "no cats! i hate cats! i can't be here!" lmao

  • Rj Dafinesser
    Rj Dafinesser 11 hours ago

    I bought an 2

  • The Maestro
    The Maestro 11 hours ago

    Let me grab my beater..... haha!

  • SaiDaLiChaeng TwicePink

    I thought that there were girls in the thumbnail before i put my glasses on. I’m stupid.

  • Cosmik Gazer
    Cosmik Gazer 11 hours ago

    This is like the 6th time I’ve listened to this song today. Send help.

    uzuMAKIE07 GAMING 12 hours ago


  • Austin Reid
    Austin Reid 12 hours ago

    Those freakin’ seagulls did attacked crazy yoda.🦢😈

  • Platinum_Panzer
    Platinum_Panzer 12 hours ago

    Fuck you. Fuck you for making me laugh to the point that I am in actual pain and dripping with sweat. Also thanks

  • Echo The gecko
    Echo The gecko 12 hours ago

    Please make more

  • Kevin Pardini
    Kevin Pardini 12 hours ago

    I went to basketball camp

  • 황후 Brooke Droste BangTwice Ship

    Life of pie

  • AtlantaBraves 715
    AtlantaBraves 715 12 hours ago

    I can't find my pincial 4:29

  • Kronos Studios
    Kronos Studios 12 hours ago

    4:07 IM DEAD

  • Robert J
    Robert J 12 hours ago

    This is so well done that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to imagine the original lines even though I know them! 😂😂👍

  • bangtan bts
    bangtan bts 12 hours ago

    This is funny and cool how the words match the motion of their mouth

  • AnimeLover Bts
    AnimeLover Bts 13 hours ago

    This song made me happy and laugh

  • SilverWolfHacker 101
    SilverWolfHacker 101 13 hours ago


  • Meet The Quackenbunch
    Meet The Quackenbunch 13 hours ago

    Who are 7.7k idiots that down voted this? Show yourselves!

  • ella rose
    ella rose 13 hours ago

    that was a dick move chorky

  • シャアランシღXѕуασяαиXღシ

    I laughed so much i almost peed. Edward With that tambourine is the bone apple to my tea.

  • Jimjimjimin
    Jimjimjimin 14 hours ago

    "So what's your fave bts song?" "Well it's hard to explain..." Btw it's 4 a.m. and i somehow found my way here

  • Kaleb Mac
    Kaleb Mac 14 hours ago

    This is so good

  • Julia Kennedy
    Julia Kennedy 14 hours ago

    The last one killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Savannah Lowery
    Savannah Lowery 14 hours ago

    RM: I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back. The rest of bts: why don't we write a song? Yeah! It'll be all English!!!! *writes the song* RM comes back: wtf... Suga, its not likely peaches will be mixed with onions.... Bts: just read the rest of the song! RM: lays on the ground *why am I here*... Jimin: its better to have no pasta than no jams! RM: jimin, you still got no jams.

  • Kaleb Mac
    Kaleb Mac 14 hours ago

    The best

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 14 hours ago

    Its stuck in my head for ever now

  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 14 hours ago

    "A sassy vagrant? Poop on a stick?" Haha! You guys nailed her weird inflection perfectly, too, I thought. Such awesome work 👏🏻.

  • Kaleb Mac
    Kaleb Mac 14 hours ago

    Lol this is the best

  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 14 hours ago

    This is version is a million times better I think than how awful I thought the original, non-BLR movie was. Man, Disney's movies feel nothing like Star Wars to me at all. Superb job, BLR, and so very hilarious. Plus, the stuff you guys with adding like the action figures in this, the hands and other stuff in the brilliant, Morning Dew video, it's all extremely well done and so professional looking I think. It's so hard to tell that the stuff you added wasn't there to begin if it wasn't so bonkers and funny. Whoever does that superimposing work is amazing. Really, all of you at Bad Lip Reading are super talented in my opinion. Not to mention also your gut-bustingly-funny sense of humor. I love your sense of humor more than anyone on TheXvid or really anywhere in entertainment. Thank you for sharing all of your hilarious and amazing work with us 👍🏻👏🏻.

  • Steven Kimball
    Steven Kimball 14 hours ago

    Don you the man,man !

  • Joel
    Joel 14 hours ago


  • Blossom Gacha ._.
    Blossom Gacha ._. 14 hours ago


  • Claw master
    Claw master 15 hours ago


  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 15 hours ago

    Omg id make babies with maya

  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 15 hours ago

    I really don't enjoy Stranger Things. Most especially because it annoys the crap out of me hearing all the kids in it speak like they are adults all the time. I have always despised that in television and movies. I do however enjoy all the monsters and creepy stuff in the show. But, if BLR, edited each episode I'd watch every season of the show I think, haha. Thanks, BLR 👏🏻. You guys are extremely talented and hilarious in my opinion. Please keep up the great work. I love pretty much everything you create.

  • Yuri_9000
    Yuri_9000 15 hours ago

    This this the best song i'v hear in my life TvT

  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 15 hours ago

    "... or, Human Stick Observer." Ahahaha! I'd actually watch football if we could hear them speaking all the time and this is the type of whackadoo stuff they said. I like to imagine that this is exactly what they are all saying on the field. "I'd like to see if my head could fit in that bucket over there. I'm going to go and see if it does." 🤣. Thank you, BLR. You guys rock! I hope we get some 2019 NFL videos please, thanks.

  • Nate Pike
    Nate Pike 15 hours ago

    Poor Carl. He did his best jiggy jar jar doo.

  • Rakeiti Shepherd
    Rakeiti Shepherd 15 hours ago

    Love this song ❤️😍

  • Holly Won't
    Holly Won't 15 hours ago

    HA? HA?

  • Kai Mattern
    Kai Mattern 16 hours ago

    3:06 was so sad lol even though this is for comedic purposes it was sad

  • Globulon Wizard
    Globulon Wizard 16 hours ago

    Nobody: Still nobody: Absolutely nobody: Lucas: my fingers taste nasty

  • Nia Landrey
    Nia Landrey 16 hours ago

    I can’t unsee “you took a sample of my pasta”

  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 16 hours ago

    "It is tradition where I'm from to stare at the outstretched hand ✋." "That's for having your hair like that!" Ahahaha 🤣. "Hey, Mark, do you have a painful scrote?" "Umm, no I do not." "Well, you will in time." AaaHahaha 😅. Mark Zuckerberg, looks like to me, what would happen if Gollum smoked DMT and designed a robot. This and all BLR videos are just brilliant in my opinion. Thank you, BLR.

  • Amelia Chapais
    Amelia Chapais 16 hours ago


  • Void Pocket
    Void Pocket 16 hours ago

    The best Apple product launch ever! I cannot wait to stick forks in the Steven Forkhead! You can never hear 👂 enough doorbells in your life I don't believe. And that awesome new skin twister looks amazing. I've often thought I needed moor flaps on my body, ahaha! I think I'll start with my head and give myself some forehead flaps. BLR, you guys do the best videos on TheXvid in my opinion. And the quality of your songs is just exceptional I think. Please do some more music videos. I love your bonkers music and videos so very much. Thank you.

  • Sean Lepley
    Sean Lepley 16 hours ago

    A gumball?