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  • Omar Bishop
    Omar Bishop 11 minutes ago


  • Abishek Abishek
    Abishek Abishek 22 minutes ago

    Double rainbow shot

  • Langgeng Wahyudi
    Langgeng Wahyudi 30 minutes ago

    design: same colour: different

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan 44 minutes ago

    Didnt know these were the most common, i basically have 2 of the 3 right now.

    BERSERKER_BTW 44 minutes ago

    Wow I only have 3 soccer shoes and there cool🔥 but I had to give one to my cousin but in my opinion everything we lose is still with us and leave is still with us😔✊🏾

  • Bradley Bobish
    Bradley Bobish Hour ago

    Instead of the tapes. Look in the bandaid aisle. I found a padded foam thing that is made for toes. It looks like a padded condom for your toes. Sorry couldn’t think of a better analogy.



  • Saar Baron
    Saar Baron Hour ago

    did they fix the problem on the back of the heel? they made a mistake on the 19+ and left a piece of unstitch leather on the back of the heel witch cause serious injuries.

  • Hardhik Tottempudi


  • Hardhik Tottempudi

    how do you postion yourself in straight foward

  • Pradeepa Raja
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  • Vanaja Boddu
    Vanaja Boddu 2 hours ago

    His neighbours be like

  • Maykistel Keyow Liiou

    Wow good C.RONALDO OK 2019

  • Jakob Hansen
    Jakob Hansen 2 hours ago

    does it hurt when you smack your hand on the table????? yeet brrr

  • Arhin Patmos
    Arhin Patmos 3 hours ago

    You are motivated bro I love your INSPIRATION WORDS Specially politice in football with fanicial issue ,am percent talented player but because of politice I have to move from one team to another .I saw that moving from one team to another is a very experience thing that can lead you to a pro 💯 🔥 due to the challenges you have already meet in different teams

  • Shivam Ghumaliya
    Shivam Ghumaliya 3 hours ago

    I try this and this crosses are verry infectiv

  • 아이유가조타
    아이유가조타 3 hours ago

    이분 아들은 행복할듯

  • R C
    R C 3 hours ago

    Hey unisport when 8s your next q&a video coming

  • Merina Salmon
    Merina Salmon 4 hours ago

    U are so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • King Mark
    King Mark 4 hours ago

    Jay I’d love a pair of free boots if you guys have any. Struggling to afford these types of pairs Best regards

  • Bd Bd
    Bd Bd 5 hours ago

    Plzzz uplode a video how to shoot powerfully......

  • Bd Bd
    Bd Bd 5 hours ago


  • Bd Bd
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  • Bd Bd
    Bd Bd 5 hours ago


  • Bd Bd
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  • Fun with Learning
    Fun with Learning 5 hours ago

    He is 7 mlc ......

  • me 2 Man
    me 2 Man 5 hours ago


  • Haneef Amusat
    Haneef Amusat 6 hours ago

    All the people who are focused on the title have the wrong idea. Focus on the crosses not the title.

  • Konstantinos P
    Konstantinos P 6 hours ago

    I get it yesterday

  • Sunflower Gacha
    Sunflower Gacha 7 hours ago

    I watching this cuz I’m trash, and cuz of school 💀😈

  • Joshua Ozoebuka
    Joshua Ozoebuka 7 hours ago

    you writed nees instead of need no offense

  • Jnlproscooters
    Jnlproscooters 7 hours ago

    Lol in my country we celebrate the end of world war 2 on 11 of November

  • Simon John
    Simon John 7 hours ago

    Kaiser chiefs kit is just 💩

  • Ben_slayer 33
    Ben_slayer 33 8 hours ago

    Who hetes win tervetuloa?

  • Brady Zhou
    Brady Zhou 9 hours ago

    Can I have a pair of ur boots pls, I'm poor and broke my mum wouldn't let me get any. Pls it would mean so much.

  • Brady Zhou
    Brady Zhou 9 hours ago

    Can I have a pair of ur boots pls, I'm poor and broke my mum wouldn't let me get any. Pls it would mean so much.

  • Brady Zhou
    Brady Zhou 9 hours ago

    Can I have a pair of ur boots pls, I'm poor and broke my mum wouldn't let me get any. Pls it would mean so much.

  • Brady Zhou
    Brady Zhou 9 hours ago

    Can I have a pair of ur boots pls, I'm poor and broke my mum wouldn't let me get any. Pls it would mean so much.

  • Brady Zhou
    Brady Zhou 9 hours ago

    Can I have a pair of your boots pls I'm poor and broke my mum wouldn't let me get any.

  • Moises Rodriguez
    Moises Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    What type of cleats are those?

    THE BLACK NAN 10 hours ago

    I am learning this to break my opponents hand so they won’t have a keeper

  • Empherus
    Empherus 10 hours ago

    what's the song?

  • Sumi Pal
    Sumi Pal 10 hours ago

    Any one else notice that Jay Mike Spins the other way the attacker is going whenever he gets beat?

  • Muhammed Asif
    Muhammed Asif 10 hours ago

    Messi....... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Henrik Boekamp
    Henrik Boekamp 11 hours ago

    1:07 sickest edit

  • Bhupal Tamang
    Bhupal Tamang 11 hours ago

    Good and effective skill

  • Rainer der Rasierer
    Rainer der Rasierer 11 hours ago

    this video is so overedited

  • Michael Otoo
    Michael Otoo 12 hours ago

    Imagine your girlfriend catches you wearing these boots

  • Mannie Illescas
    Mannie Illescas 12 hours ago

    Bro have you ever played American football tackling with your fucking fingers falling off is the worst shit ever and when the cold gets inside your pads your basically done for

  • Awesomegamer505RBLX
    Awesomegamer505RBLX 12 hours ago

    so your thinking that messi can juggle a *house?*

  • Golden gamer75
    Golden gamer75 12 hours ago

    What shoes is he using? What the name?

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven 13 hours ago

    2:30 nobody notices how fake that is?

  • King of gaming 24/7
    King of gaming 24/7 13 hours ago

    Watches this goes and practices for a hour watches again

  • Phenix_Infinity
    Phenix_Infinity 13 hours ago

    I thought looking at the goal made u better

  • Phenix_Infinity
    Phenix_Infinity 13 hours ago

    Not bluffing but I never look at the goal

  • Millie Smith
    Millie Smith 14 hours ago

    “i don’t think anyone likes to freeze” *elsa has left the chat*

  • Ross Hartley
    Ross Hartley 14 hours ago

    Bigger challenge is paying his taxes.

  • Guilty Tv
    Guilty Tv 14 hours ago

    I am from Tanzania Sorry you may check me on my whatsapp namber 0656773008

  • ronan o brien
    ronan o brien 15 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/57YrbsAuDZE/video.html lads help us out here and watch a second of this? No need to watch the full thing cause ngl it’s shitty.. sub if you really want to but no pressure

  • Martin Zuniga
    Martin Zuniga 15 hours ago

    Adidas predator pro hybrid

  • Micah Santos
    Micah Santos 15 hours ago

    Who else clicked on this video think he was talking about actual football and not soccer

    SULTAN KHAN 15 hours ago

    Got it

  • Ziad Nader
    Ziad Nader 16 hours ago

    Get a pair of clean under ware

  • Agoz Nwoye
    Agoz Nwoye 16 hours ago

    The bicycle kick is neat.Coolcoow

  • Panda Fx
    Panda Fx 16 hours ago

    Warm up

  • M1L0ZY Gaming
    M1L0ZY Gaming 16 hours ago

    I really want the boots, But dont have the money, really not fun

  • Angela Adagala
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  • James Cheney
    James Cheney 16 hours ago

    I would love to play football with girls, it would be interesting :)

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  • wa ge
    wa ge 17 hours ago

    Best colourway yet⚫🔶️

  • Abdul Nasir
    Abdul Nasir 17 hours ago

    What's the naem that tape.....?

    GIPAN TV 17 hours ago

    How can I find an agent?

  • thhthtrht
    thhthtrht 17 hours ago

    Sir-cum-fear-ence 😭

  • Blade RMD
    Blade RMD 17 hours ago

    Someone who just use his legs obviously he can do wherever with his legs I've seen goalkeepers doing the same

  • danihx_
    danihx_ 18 hours ago

    The best are yellow neymar ones and total black and white ones

  • TM7
    TM7 18 hours ago

    How to change a Unisport video title (Next video)

  • Aonggun Aontu
    Aonggun Aontu 18 hours ago


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  • Mac 11
    Mac 11 19 hours ago

    I’m a pro

  • R exploreX
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  • Shatrunjay Katmore
    Shatrunjay Katmore 19 hours ago

    This Man Defines the real meaning of Greatness. G.O.A.T. Humbleness is the identifier of Greatness.

  • Lukie LoL
    Lukie LoL 20 hours ago

    Shit this real simple cant do a single one

  • Soldier Of Truth
    Soldier Of Truth 20 hours ago

    The demonstrator pathetically failed to illustrating the key skills of messi.

  • Manoj Marndi
    Manoj Marndi 20 hours ago

    1:04 that edit 🤯

  • Bicky Ross
    Bicky Ross 20 hours ago

    I do this thing where I trick them twice,I firstly roll it towards the opposite direction then quickly roll it back. but the plot twist is that i do a body feint as i roll it back and quickly roll it to the opposite direction.

  • Harry Wilkinson
    Harry Wilkinson 20 hours ago

    This doesn’t work at all what a waste of time

  • saif ul islam shantu
    saif ul islam shantu 20 hours ago

    I have succeeded in the knuckleball shot today

  • Diaz Jaz
    Diaz Jaz 20 hours ago

    Aren't there any skills for defenders

  • Kevin Kress
    Kevin Kress 21 hour ago

    Could have been a good video if it weren't for the garbage "music"

  • Fabio Dipaz
    Fabio Dipaz 21 hour ago

    Like para subtitulos En español

  • Shyam Prasad
    Shyam Prasad 21 hour ago

    Sahi ho Nepal👑

  • Rekha Panchoo
    Rekha Panchoo 21 hour ago

    I am a superfly guy

  • Callum Bob
    Callum Bob 21 hour ago

    Who else thinks it looks like the brazuca

  • tai josephine danielle

    Private things Messi hid away from all eyes. View before its deleted

  • len limbach
    len limbach 21 hour ago

    How should i Hit the Ball with my Laces when i have Laceless Predators 😂

  • Biswajit Bag
    Biswajit Bag 21 hour ago

    Learn from Ronaldinho champ 👍

  • DK patel
    DK patel 21 hour ago

    he is from another plenet

  • Assist King Özil #Arsenal

    The Neymar yellow ones are siiiick🔥