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  • Mithila Khatun
    Mithila Khatun 4 hours ago

    Professionalism was what I went for and not cost I’m glad TOP1HACKER.ORG did my job perfectly for just a couple of $ They’re legit I confirmed that

  • arthur makore
    arthur makore 4 hours ago

    akay the pharaoh aka young fred the godson

  • 3089280288
    3089280288 4 hours ago

    Lack of black coaches in general

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 4 hours ago

    This interviewer just said... "when you walked in with white kids...I know you're not out selling crack" like what are you trying to say?...if he hung with black kids he'd be a drug dealer? Go. if ya hang with black folk you're a drug dealer? This host is dumb.. disrespectful to this young man trying to make a living.

  • just a cock waiting to be jacked

    become a better lyricist

  • Bejīta
    Bejīta 4 hours ago

    Stiff competition!🔥

  • MerlinCutz Audio & Visual

    Be Nas lol? Drake will neva eva eva be in the same breath as any of the greats. And I never liked JZ style wise but cmon man the stories of how these rappers came to be in the 80s 90s cannot be compared to modern rappers.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 hours ago

    That ish is stupid because she thinks white men don't cheat she needs to wake up look at the ones who kill their spouse when they tired of them....Think about it

  • Oraldo Mullings
    Oraldo Mullings 4 hours ago

    Bolt man of stability and integrity respect bro God bless you always ❤❤💪

  • Erik Ruiz Felix
    Erik Ruiz Felix 4 hours ago

    Well they both grimmy

  • Dehaine Seram
    Dehaine Seram 4 hours ago

    There would be no jay z without bigge nas,snoop and rakim said it thank one of the godfathers of hip hop for that

  • Hunter Algiere
    Hunter Algiere 4 hours ago

    The guy in the back looks like the bitch from polar express

  • Deborah Johnson
    Deborah Johnson 4 hours ago

    Great actor's are great liars !

  • Yang Sabii
    Yang Sabii 4 hours ago

    Ebro sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rod S
    Rod S 4 hours ago

    Chayna Ashley won last week 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Spooks McGhie
    Spooks McGhie 4 hours ago

    So he just goes on radio stations and argues with the hosts? Is this..... comedy?

  • Spankylee
    Spankylee 5 hours ago

    Humble young brother! Salute

  • Joshua DR Clarke
    Joshua DR Clarke 5 hours ago

    better put some respect on rihanna's name !

  • Hamza Awan
    Hamza Awan 5 hours ago

    kool g rap,ATCQ,Bone thugs n harmony, blackstar, gangstar like wtf hot 97 disappointed

  • Hi
    Hi 5 hours ago

    Why didn’t Pierre come out here??😤

  • Davon
    Davon 5 hours ago

    Who y’all got? I’m thinking Mek or Ak... let me know?

  • Whois Q
    Whois Q 5 hours ago

    That’s homie from RespectLife?

  • King Fu
    King Fu 5 hours ago

    Why is she making it a race thing now? I understand white man is her preference, just bluntly say it. You don't have to blame black men for it. You like white and that's cool. At the end of the day men are men no matter what the skin tone is.

  • Matthew Gehring
    Matthew Gehring 5 hours ago

    "Y'all pack them lil burners/ That's an accidental murda. He came on correct ! 💯💪🔥

  • Ed !
    Ed ! 5 hours ago

    I think it funny

  • Joel Feliciano
    Joel Feliciano 5 hours ago

    Why is jay so overrated, he not even nice in my opinion

  • Matthew Gehring
    Matthew Gehring 5 hours ago

    As im scrolling down the comments as soon as I see a bar somebody put on here it comes on in the freestyle. 💯🔥💪

  • Joshoowaclay
    Joshoowaclay 5 hours ago

    Chanel kind of annoying but this bitch is just as annoying and not as pretty

  • jack
    jack 5 hours ago

    Yo im kdot lamar meets tupac shakur

  • Sdot Beezie
    Sdot Beezie 5 hours ago

    Autotune!! #Factz

  • Sheaun Douglas
    Sheaun Douglas 5 hours ago

    She's definitely generalizing. She can't make a blanket statement based off her experiences. If a man is gonna cheat he's gonna cheat, regardless of race. And vice versa for women. I just feel like people need to be honest and up front in the beginning and the whole cheating problem would be eliminated as a whole. If you don't wanna be with just one person, don't get in a relationship period. If you meet someone, let them know what you're about up front and give them the opportunity to make that choice whether they should continue to pursue or move on. If you get with someone, and you're honest about what you want in the beginning, then they can't get mad when you do what you say you're gonna do when it does happen.

  • Robert George
    Robert George 5 hours ago

    She mad cuz Kevin Hart don't want to buck her big ass

  • Joshua Guillory
    Joshua Guillory 5 hours ago

    Peaceeeee! Life is relaxing and peaceful ❤👍🤗😍😘😙😄😗 Enjoy the love

  • Lee P.
    Lee P. 5 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong...did Ebro just turn it around on the woman by saying what are you doing to MAKE that man put in the extra work? So its the woman's job to MAKE him be a better man...Wow

  • tramar parker
    tramar parker 5 hours ago

    Dnt put Kendrick n the same breath as hov

  • nofalsegod4
    nofalsegod4 5 hours ago

    Both are old news. I use to rub one out to Gianna all the time. Now I rather search amateur babes who dont have walls you can drive a hummv through! Lol

  • Ratchet
    Ratchet 5 hours ago

    Fifty is a funny mf 😂 He said yayo and loyd was try ave hype man 😂😂😂

  • Jakdup Jackson
    Jakdup Jackson 5 hours ago

    The ha hot music

  • Mike Stacks
    Mike Stacks 5 hours ago

    Can’t rap on beat🤣

    ACE BOSSALINIE 5 hours ago

    Jay is the best period😎😎😎😎

  • Stack Black
    Stack Black 5 hours ago

    I swear my boy Kory a MAC

  • C-Bluexp
    C-Bluexp 5 hours ago

    I just want to know what beat that was a boogie with a hoodie was on 🔥

  • Darvin Smith
    Darvin Smith 5 hours ago


  • BigNeph Visualz
    BigNeph Visualz 5 hours ago


  • sylenceexposed
    sylenceexposed 5 hours ago

    It’s called hypocrisy.. if you’re gonna keep using a word constantly in a daily basis and say it’s not racist then it’s not racist. You CANT say a word is ONLY racist when white people say it. That’s garbage mentality and if in 2020 you can’t handle a person saying a word that you call each other constantly in a daily basis then you’re just a weak minded confrontational person who needs to educate themselves and stop calling for equality because clearly you don’t want it.

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee 5 hours ago

    MEK got my vote. But Akay was decent too

  • B. sinanaj
    B. sinanaj 5 hours ago

    Wow, that was terrible

  • RDF1nner
    RDF1nner 5 hours ago

    It's annoying that people say GOAT as if they have Any claim to that. Damn this beat is such garbage.

  • Smooth B
    Smooth B 6 hours ago

    Shout out to buff.. fire

  • RDF1nner
    RDF1nner 6 hours ago

    Did these people really only come with one verse? Come on man

  • RDF1nner
    RDF1nner 6 hours ago

    J Nolan was trash. He just needs to work on his delivery. It just sounds so stilted.

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 6 hours ago

    Akay the pharoah decent 🔥

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 6 hours ago

    This new wave is 🔥. #NYDrill

  • Anil Persaud
    Anil Persaud 6 hours ago

    Long life to Ms. Elliot, she has definitely made a difference in the lives of many and changed many viewpoints of people throughout the decades. Thank god for this influential woman.

  • Ms. Camille Smith
    Ms. Camille Smith 6 hours ago

    I could do the show without the British twist

  • Chris Tapia
    Chris Tapia 6 hours ago He spit the same exact freestyle here 😭

  • Chris Tapia
    Chris Tapia 6 hours ago

    He already said this freestyle in another video 😭

  • RollWitIt B.
    RollWitIt B. 6 hours ago

    Ebro you bugged out the Cowboys the number 1 jersey

  • DominicGutierrez313
    DominicGutierrez313 6 hours ago

    I be going hard for my warriors like Draymond 💥

  • BiggieCombs Bird
    BiggieCombs Bird 6 hours ago

    meek the real deal mfnz

  • pantha266
    pantha266 6 hours ago

    Booooo... her entire city must have voted for her.

  • Toppy Boss Vevo
    Toppy Boss Vevo 6 hours ago

    Make a sound cry first brogod🤔

  • Vincent Matlock
    Vincent Matlock 6 hours ago

    Look jay z is a business man bro if they offered you deal like that, you would take the bag $$$ to come on man NFL is a big business get with the program.

  • Greg Combs
    Greg Combs 6 hours ago


    TFT DELL 6 hours ago

    He was rapping like 2 chains💯 but It was nice

  • Cape Lasto
    Cape Lasto 7 hours ago

    Funk flex the hip hop guru

  • slugga 504
    slugga 504 7 hours ago


  • Rasaan Shakur
    Rasaan Shakur 7 hours ago

    If you listen to Jay Z’s rare 1994-1995 track “Understand Me” it’s quite clear Tupac Shakur is the greatest.

  • Trevor Henry
    Trevor Henry 7 hours ago

    Have some classic albums.

  • niv dsas
    niv dsas 7 hours ago

    Big L Vibes Foreal foreal

  • Diurno MX
    Diurno MX 7 hours ago


  • M G
    M G 7 hours ago

    Grime is nothing more than the rap finally hitting the UK STREET DUDES🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Mek BaghdadCity
    Mek BaghdadCity 7 hours ago

    “I stopped BEEFING, Cause you can break BREAD with your brother And he’ll go home with his doggy bagged 👮🏻‍♂️ Cause the Ahks tell (oxtail)” - Mek

  • Snupe
    Snupe 7 hours ago

    Drake is Lebron😓 Jay Z is Jordan🐐

  • franchica
    franchica 7 hours ago

    Drake is the biggest name in hip hop right now and probably the GOAT of his generation, and one of the GOATs of all time. Jay is the all time GOAT.

  • ChocolateQueen
    ChocolateQueen 7 hours ago

    So... if this white man cheats on her she might go crazy. She has the nerve to bring up slavery and she’s dating the great great grandson of her slave master

  • M G
    M G 7 hours ago

    I wish he wouldn’t try to be relatable to Americans. We can understand him and other artists.

  • T Wills
    T Wills 7 hours ago

    Drake’s catalog will eat jiggas any day of the week. Not even close. And drake still adding to his

  • Lumpy T
    Lumpy T 7 hours ago

    man there's too many haters in these comments just shut y'all dumbasses up if you don't have any relevant criticism

  • Bhargav Chavda
    Bhargav Chavda 8 hours ago

    Have to write Goat lyrics on his own

  • Mr. Fly Geek
    Mr. Fly Geek 8 hours ago

    1. Happy for loaded lux 2. Great platform 3. Cool concept 4. Garbage beats 5. Crowd weak as baby ish

  • Chris Dodson
    Chris Dodson 8 hours ago

    7:55 I’ll put your whole family in boxes like y’all the Brady bunch 🔥

    • Chris Dodson
      Chris Dodson 8 hours ago

      9:13 Talk is cheap the more I hear you talkin it cheapens 🔥

  • Luiveon on ig
    Luiveon on ig 8 hours ago

    Left flex traumatized

  • Luiveon on ig
    Luiveon on ig 8 hours ago

    Flex looked so worried 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Love Food
    Love Food 8 hours ago

    The show is ass why put politically stuff in it to go against Trump You still have that slave mentality

    • Mek BaghdadCity
      Mek BaghdadCity 7 hours ago

      Love Food 🤣 go watch Fox News and leave the culture to people that’s in the field

  • Jonto Junior
    Jonto Junior 8 hours ago

    Whos is still here in 2020?.

  • migf27
    migf27 8 hours ago

    Lori made zero sense! Her statement was total nonsense! Does she want to start a debate about the shortcomings of some women? If I was with a woman like her I will definitely cheat on her!

  • Tony Drake
    Tony Drake 9 hours ago

    Wonder why kate wasn't disrespected like this. Y'all really need to look at the whole picture and what this family is going through and what they mean for progress before taking irresponsible cheap shots. Im done with y'all you clearly want to target an uneducated audience and i wont buy into the pseudo racism.

  • Unpopular Popular Opinion

    Damn, let Romeo talk!

  • dashawn boyd
    dashawn boyd 9 hours ago

    Mek bodied .. JERRRRSEYYYY

  • 43paja y contanto
    43paja y contanto 9 hours ago

    I'm black Dominican and let me tell you this. African niggas like Haitians and European people(Specifically from Spain and France) Holy motherfucker! they literally smell rotten eeeewwww I work with some of this people at the dive shop....Jesus Christ faaaaaaack fack fack

  • Benhard Hamata
    Benhard Hamata 9 hours ago

    This convo should not even be happening. Ridiculous! Jay is Hov. We gone respect Drake for his work tho. Compare him to some other rapper. #PoundCake

  • TheErw91
    TheErw91 9 hours ago

    Trash beat

    • profyle766
      profyle766 5 hours ago

      @Mr. Fly Geek How did Lux even allow that beat to carry on for more than 20 seconds???

    • Mr. Fly Geek
      Mr. Fly Geek 8 hours ago


  • dashawn boyd
    dashawn boyd 9 hours ago

    Dj Taj JERSEY

  • Marlene Schultz
    Marlene Schultz 9 hours ago

    Loni Love said not all black men. He just said all black men. He is giving excuses. Black men have a serious problem with commitment.

  • Mathan dave
    Mathan dave 9 hours ago

    Need to marry some one famous than queen b 😅😅😅

  • J Gee
    J Gee 9 hours ago


  • Arthur Langford
    Arthur Langford 9 hours ago

    Not Loni Love........It's Loni HATE! I hope her colonizer drags her through the mud!

  • whatudoin1
    whatudoin1 10 hours ago

    I love them but dipset isn't first ballot...

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 10 hours ago

    disgusting smh