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  • easyascherrypie
    easyascherrypie Hour ago

    Holy shit, this sounds exactly like the issue I’m having with my Ford Escape. I’ve checked lines, replaced the master, bled and bled until I felt lightheaded and woozy, but haven’t checked my rotors. Sure as shit they’re worn and warped. If this fixes it, I’ll be a happy man!

  • Michael Lake
    Michael Lake Hour ago

    How to connect? I need help, custom bike shop afraid to help. Need spacers/bushings now so I can let ARP know what bolts i need made.

  • misterchow
    misterchow Hour ago

    Pat Smage deserves more subscribers!

  • Matt D
    Matt D Hour ago

    Who is the used machine distributor?

  • Connor King
    Connor King 2 hours ago

    On first watch, I had no idea what a PTO spline was, and thought the chuck key thing at the beginning was related.

  • Hiya Dickbag
    Hiya Dickbag 2 hours ago

    Anyone know the formula used to calculate degrees out of square. .0005" over 5.5" to degrees ?

  • Dylan Flanagan
    Dylan Flanagan 2 hours ago

    You never measured current, you measured DC volts....

  • SusuReedJango
    SusuReedJango 2 hours ago

    put in a key kill switch and never wired it in? lol!

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller 3 hours ago

    Don't buy cheap crap.

  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen 3 hours ago

    This guy gots jokes huh

  • Peter Edie
    Peter Edie 3 hours ago

    Peter Edie has a distinct collection of cowboy-hatz

  • Nick Bussard
    Nick Bussard 4 hours ago

    Congratulations on 700k

  • Turtledoo47
    Turtledoo47 4 hours ago

    I am ashamed to tell the number of times I rewinded the cat part... It's between 13 and 14 excluded.

  • Chris Huntington
    Chris Huntington 4 hours ago

    A 10mm socket? Alex must be a magician if he can find one when he needs it

  • Eric Groslevin
    Eric Groslevin 4 hours ago

    old Tony, I tryed to found a way to contact you outside youtube comments, but like your face is a mistery, conyact you seem to be an AVE parcour. to be bref, Can you show me, show us, how you will cut lexan, acrylic, plexiglass ... I thing like anyone, this material is a challenge when come to cut a squarre hole (lets say for mounting a panel voltmeter), anything I used to cut melt the "plastic" on the path of the tool and "re-sealed" it ! awesome useless cut ! I know, I know, old school Tony drill and hand cut then filed ... but at the time or all is going fast ... handtools are another century, even if I am not so young anymore. please, can you make a video about it ?

  • DmakAttack
    DmakAttack 5 hours ago

    Three words for a new project. CHINESE SHOE PATCHER trust me, you need to get one and modify it

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 5 hours ago

    2:05 Did you just write "Subscribe" in Morse code? Well played!

  • edbrackin
    edbrackin 6 hours ago

    10:06 That was really cool.

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith 6 hours ago

    This Old Tony+ Please check this out ! More people need to see these videos of Dan Combs !! PLEASE check them out. I am not putting these on for any financial gain, or anything like that I am listing a video in hopes it draws some attention to this great cop !! Please pass the link along, Thanks !

  • Wong Kee Zhang
    Wong Kee Zhang 7 hours ago

    Was that... a Submachine reference?

  • TheDanksmith
    TheDanksmith 7 hours ago

    Congrats on 700K Subs! :D

  • Sanjiv
    Sanjiv 7 hours ago


  • NumerNaBis
    NumerNaBis 8 hours ago

    10 fingers Yeee

    SAMI HASAN 8 hours ago

    The best video on the internet

  • elcidbob
    elcidbob 9 hours ago

    Seems like this is still just the Joules Thomson effect with the length differences and vortexing increasing the dwell time for the hot side. That increased dwell time lets air on that side hang around a bit longer to be a heat sink for the air escaping out the cold side. I suspect that thanks to the motion along the outer edges is a higher pressure with a relatively low pressure along the middle of the tubing and that you only see the temperature differential if the opening on the hot side is a smaller area than on the cold side. Basically, all the factors involved create a sort of "virtual" orifice some distance away from the actual one where we actually see the beginnings of the JT effect. It'd be interesting to see the actual pressures at different points inside, the effects of inserting air foils, and lengthening the cone inside.

  • gvet47
    gvet47 9 hours ago

    You must be more confident when you mic the shaft, since you only check it once. I can get a variance in one out of three and it drives me nuts!

  • Bence Lajos Tóth
    Bence Lajos Tóth 9 hours ago

    Tose cutting shenanigans... and then that bana peel slip and boom... Man you are a GENIUS in machinist humor! I absolutely love your channel. Greetings from an engineering technician, who haven't even seen a metalworking machine in 3 years.

  • Joseph Smithe
    Joseph Smithe 10 hours ago

    I've never brazed with my everlast tig welder before either but I keep seeing videos on it and want to give it a try.

  • André Bartels
    André Bartels 11 hours ago

    This Old Schlingel 😉

  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud 12 hours ago

    Good job it wasn't critical because that was 8.19715 not 8.29715.

  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud 12 hours ago

    Not Spinal Tap - doesn't go to 11. :-(

  • Mouse GrayEagle
    Mouse GrayEagle 12 hours ago

    Yay you made a shiny! A temporally paradoxical shiny o.o

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown 13 hours ago

    O.M.G. I wuzz so escared that poor tree getting planed like that, dang my back got so itchy, and then when that little boy showed up I jumped out of my stool and stepped on it as he drove away phewee lucky kid... Wow escary....

  • Peter R
    Peter R 13 hours ago

    Nice. I sharpen my drill bits with a cheap 1 inch belt sander/grinder, a protractor, a piece of wood with the right size hole for the bit drilled in it, a clamp, and tape or something to act as a depth stop for the drill. First I just spin the bit backwards on the belt to grind the face/cutting edge with the stop keeping me from grinding to far or unevenly. Then I change the angle and hold the bit steady while cutting the back relief. This tends to work well and is great for repeatability.

  • AliasProductions LLC
    AliasProductions LLC 13 hours ago

    The whole stress/strain was much easier to understand from a metal working point-of-view after you stopped comparing it to psychology.

  • elcidbob
    elcidbob 13 hours ago

    This seems like it should be stuck with a sterling engine, somehow.

  • Church Watkins IV
    Church Watkins IV 13 hours ago

    Lol, this was the first TOT video I ever watched... I will never forget the questions I was asking myself at that time bahaha

  • Ho0k
    Ho0k 13 hours ago

    This Old Tony! Time for part 3! Please?!

  • MrTridac
    MrTridac 14 hours ago

    "Infinite tends to be impractical." - TOT2019

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris 14 hours ago

    Watching this on the 10th December 2019, congratulations on the 700,000. Ask your friend for two more copies of the photograph.

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown 15 hours ago

    omg why dint I dink od dat

  • KaiserYazawa
    KaiserYazawa 16 hours ago

    Your channel is perfect to watch while eating some oatmeal with hot sauce.

  • Winky's Workshop
    Winky's Workshop 16 hours ago

    I saw the router coming... and it scared me. Where did you get the ultrasonic foot beg cleaner??? Ha

  • AlloutATVing
    AlloutATVing 17 hours ago

    ToT i think we need to see some surface grinder knife sharpening, never saw that done before

  • Todd Z
    Todd Z 17 hours ago

    I'm new to the world of metalworking lathes, and I've been watching scores of videos relating to the subject, including a number of your (very funny!) videos. This is the first one I've seen that was *not* closed captioned for the benefit of those of us who can't hear; as the topic of grinding tools for cutting metal is an important one, I have a feeling I'm missing out on some critical info that the visuals can't quite capture. Can you please run this video through the captioning process, Tony? Thank you!

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph 18 hours ago

    A smidge away from a geometric lock on the steering linkage set-up.

  • Robert Jacoby
    Robert Jacoby 20 hours ago

    Great point about the radiation heat transfer! Thanks for the reminder.

  • mydemon
    mydemon 20 hours ago

    Okay so the first few jokes made me groan, but he won me over over time. That guy's pretty *funny*

  • John Ellison
    John Ellison 20 hours ago

    FAKE VIDEO ALERT - They're not real kittens.

  • Fred Genius
    Fred Genius 20 hours ago

    Mini-lathe, CCMT works good for me. I also have internal and external threading inserts, and a square insert I use for chamfers. Yes, carbide likes to be pushed hard, and that isn't easy on a small lathe. But for ease of use, carbide wins every time. I do use HSS for some applications, like when really low tool pressure is desirable, for example small brass parts, you can get a really sharp cutting edge on HSS with little effort. I even use CCMT inserts in my fly cutter, spent ages trying to grind a HSS tool without much success, but a CCMT060402 in a cheap left-hand lathe tool holder works really well - I just have to remember to run the spindle in reverse...

  • Raxis
    Raxis 21 hour ago

    its spinning off the center cause yer pushing on the outer edge before you have finished forming the center

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 22 hours ago

    This old Tony: This foot peg is drooping so slightly that only I would notice. Let me fix that... Me dailying my running parts bike: I'm missing a footpeg, half the body panels, a starter, the carb for cylinder number 2 and all the tread on the rear tire. Meh, I'll just ride it till it dies cause a new tire is more than I have in the bike...

  • Dima Shanin
    Dima Shanin 22 hours ago

    So sad music

  • watsis buttndo
    watsis buttndo 23 hours ago

    HA. Thought you had me with the "patrons only" blocker. Lucky for me im a thigh man!

  • gaby1491
    gaby1491 23 hours ago

    this is so entertaining, thank you

  • Richard Keith
    Richard Keith Day ago

    I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. So I'll just say Bravo!!!

  • Clay Erickson
    Clay Erickson Day ago

    "...and for the new kids, I built this myself. For the people asking for make and model, although I'm flattered, I can't help you out there."

  • 5naxalotl
    5naxalotl Day ago

    on a somewhat similar topic, you know how coffee people are funny about their grinders? apparently the holy grail of coffee grinding is the "roller mill" ... basically a pasta machine that passes beans through successively smaller gaps. but apparently too complex to do as a consumer machine. be an interesting thing for tony to take a look at

  • Wesley Berg
    Wesley Berg Day ago

    I wish I could subscribe twice.... oh wait... I can.

  • Next Best Thing RC

    I’m stealing the thunder from anyone that plans to type this when this project’s done. “Jonny 5 is alive” Premature? Ya. So what

  • Ted Mattingly
    Ted Mattingly Day ago

    The first time you cut to Adam, I literally laughed and my wife had to come over and see what I was laughing at. Of course she really doesn't know who Adam is and just couldn't appreciate it. But, bravo, I found his addition an excellent thing.

  • Richard Harms
    Richard Harms Day ago

    You will never have to buy another brillo pad. As far as that little wiggle goes, how about some kind of a brake.

  • Raul Gerardo Huertas Paiva

    What kind of paint is that?😍🤔

  • travisdaniel1880

    This man has the driest sense of humor and it cracks me up every time😂😂❤️

  • Brian Winter
    Brian Winter Day ago

    The internet has ruined me. Squirting that OD with glue was just beautiful. And wrong.

  • Minisammich
    Minisammich Day ago

    2:08 ultrasonic subscriber XD

  • Mogman150
    Mogman150 Day ago

    So, where does one get such an accurate machinist level?

  • scott little
    scott little Day ago

    the only thing that I can see is I woulds have switched the engine and brakes on the rear so the control are the same as a car.

  • Richard Sineyhan

    Subbed here via Alex

  • Bernardo H
    Bernardo H Day ago

    Nice tune ! ( The pineapple dance )

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis Day ago

    Flat, stable, strong plate? Granite!

  • foompthedroid
    foompthedroid Day ago

    Next: LAPPING!

  • Jack Rund
    Jack Rund Day ago

    the white collar AvE

  • crusinscamp
    crusinscamp Day ago

    4:22 I know that feeling Good video, I picked up a few lessons. Thanks.

  • Fabrication Nation

    Well done my I had new blanks in my cabinet....tomorrow I'll be cutting my first bits, with confidence that I can make this work.....great tutorial

  • Bart Hoevenaars

    your humor is hilarious !!

  • Avaviel
    Avaviel Day ago

    You can also do image trace in illustrator if you have that - cs5 is cheap on eBay - and export svg files from it.

  • Leo Saldana
    Leo Saldana Day ago

    Lmfao...this is the funniest how to video I've ever seen.

  • N C
    N C Day ago

    I don't know enough to know what I don't know about welding....But I would still like to see your post where you upgrade its defon setting... For us morons that are foolish enough to want to use this Chinese means to visit our ancestors....

  • Hex
    Hex Day ago

    Lol I actually started believing your multimeter took those kind of measurements, even though I know whose videos I'm watching! Good job Tony good job got me.

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro Day ago

    Welders, the best video you can post is your phone number, how to hire you.. I ain't gonna try it. :D

  • Spaken
    Spaken Day ago

    Ray Romano?

  • Wojciech Migda

    Honestly, who prefers TOT over p o r n? (Thumbs up if you are with me on that!) I mean p o r n is good for what...???? 2 minutes (best case scenario) but TOT I could watch all day long and over and over again!!!

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings Day ago


  • 13BTRX3
    13BTRX3 Day ago

    How's Maho doing? Any updates?

  • Stuart Anderton

    Hey this old tony. Can you do a video on lathing spinning tops, best design, longest spin and can I have the winning top 😁

  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud Day ago

    Very impressive, really. Compressed air goes in, some swirling happens and you get cold air one end, hot the other. Amazing! Inefficient but amazing none the less. Now what's it for?

  • Brian Winter
    Brian Winter Day ago

    "If you think it looks bad now, you just wait until we're finished!" LOL!!! Love your vijaeos, learned about it from AvE, you have a new subscriber!

  • Carl S
    Carl S Day ago

    Really cool build, I enjoyed this 4 part series and subscribed. Thanks for sharing!

    LACHO Day ago

    This was soo cool!!! What a nice work !!!

  • Christian Gnägi

    Hi ToT, about the coil - I know this is late but for the sake of posteriority - here goes: This is a coil from a contactor "CA 1-10" by the company "Sprecher und Schuh". I had the same problem in a ventilation installation; mine was visibly cooked. They were very popular in the seventies but I could not find a replacement in Switzerland. So I had mine rewound for 240V and set it back in. Works fine. The company that made it was: Hope this helps, gnasch

  • SidtheKid
    SidtheKid Day ago


  • funny life
    funny life Day ago

    Coool😍😍😍😍 10/10

  • C0MPAQ
    C0MPAQ Day ago

    what u think of Super Alloy 1?

  • Don Ogoobo
    Don Ogoobo Day ago

    Maybe a T.I.G. foot pedal with the right value rheostat installed to suit your turn table controls. Start-Speed control and -Stop. Which would make you as talented as a Rock drummer. Having both hands and both feet busy.

  • Robert Paulson

    What makes them so fly anyways?

  • Alfred Mueller

    I really was interested on some deep thoughts about multimeters, now I realized I need a TIG instead of a DMM.

  • mopedmarathon
    mopedmarathon Day ago

    I’m always wary of a tool named “fluke”. Iv been looking around for a “bang on every time”.

  • Stuart Deal
    Stuart Deal Day ago

    Before sounds more chirpy than after, those mid-range spikes in the graph. As always good fun and good editing. You are not likely to change the low end much more with such a small device, but you can break up some smaller waves. Your graph illustrates a success. Thanks for the vids.

  • Joshua Bishop
    Joshua Bishop Day ago

    lmfao, third time watching this and got the my hole, statement. Love ya, keep it up.