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  • AllAroundMan
    AllAroundMan 5 hours ago

    Is there a way to make helical cut gears in the home shop?

  • J.C. Kohle
    J.C. Kohle 5 hours ago

    Cool. Time has come to chop the ends off and fix that backward worm/ajax all thread/acme screw bit. Then you can grab it and shove it under a corner of the car to change a tyre or just put the car on a jack stand for if it's convenient ?

  • Christian Bocka
    Christian Bocka 5 hours ago

    I work at a pharmaceutical company in NY as a machinery mechanic. Literally EVERYTHING is fabricated from 316 SST (food grade) and it is a nightmare. Fasteners gall constantly, machining new parts or refurbishing old ones is very time consuming, and we smoke mill and lathe tooling constantly (even carbide). We are not professional machinists but, as I’m sure you know, SST is a whole different demon.

  • Patrick Graham
    Patrick Graham 5 hours ago

    I am no machinist but I know just enough tol enjoy your humor. Thanks for some great entertainment. PS: I admit that I am learning something also.

  • landrec2
    landrec2 6 hours ago

    A masterpiece in film. Great shots and editing here.

  • michael byrnes
    michael byrnes 6 hours ago

    Gotta love a smart a$#!

  • Harry Meijer
    Harry Meijer 6 hours ago

    Thanks a lot for this (and all the other vids)

  • orange turtle 101
    orange turtle 101 6 hours ago

    just turn it to your side and put a larger wood thing to it

  • Earthnewz 2020
    Earthnewz 2020 6 hours ago

    i was a metal spinner for 17 years on a very large spin lathe.doing the same thing cept with 16 foot for the just need a larger blank expect to cut off ripples. you should make sure part is laid down to the tooling prior to spinning the lg dia..also if you introduce a little heat on the other side of spin wheel it wiil help

  • John Knox
    John Knox 6 hours ago

    the chain link tightening part is gold

  • Mr. Kevbo
    Mr. Kevbo 6 hours ago

    Welding the cross rods to the inner links keeps the two sides synchronized so that the top platform doesn’t tilt. Heavier duty lifts have the inner links welded to cross tubes, and the outer links are locked to rods that run through those inner-link tubes. Think roller chain. It’s not an issue on Tony’s 2-stroke, but anyone building such for a 4 stroke should put a big hole in the top platform to access the oil drain plug.

  • Company23
    Company23 6 hours ago

    LOVE the Sesame Street reference!

  • Greg Mottram
    Greg Mottram 7 hours ago

    Yet another great vid! Now I just need to get a few tools, more skills oh, and a trials bike. Hmmm

  • Rise of the curtain
    Rise of the curtain 7 hours ago

    “Time travel is dangerous, and buy good quality files”. This should be on a shirt.

  • goblok nekat
    goblok nekat 7 hours ago

    That intro just too amaze me

  • ConfusionFusion
    ConfusionFusion 7 hours ago

    8:15 So that’s what heat-shrink tubing is. Learn something new every day.

  • Camron Jones
    Camron Jones 7 hours ago

    Should have used the hyper-ultra-super-sonic cutter/insert ma-flippy for those bushings!

  • RoelNicky
    RoelNicky 7 hours ago

    to drive it on the side, make the foot a big wider and put the rod on the end where you drive the nut, replace the nut with a gear

  • john carville
    john carville 8 hours ago

    You can run a tube in a tubeless tire, but you can't run tubless in a tube tire. 😆 But seriously, baby powder is the ticket to a hassle free tube patch. Even without the explosion, still an interesting video.

  • Luca Backhaus
    Luca Backhaus 8 hours ago

    u know.. the best thing about your videos is, u can watch them over and over and they are entertaining me more and more^^

  • David Smith
    David Smith 8 hours ago

    I laughed so hard my family now thinks I'm nuts. Oh, who am I kidding? They already think I'm nuts...

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 8 hours ago


  • rickylarch
    rickylarch 8 hours ago

    Stainless steel work hardens you.

  • deakae
    deakae 8 hours ago

    "It'd be nice to have another adult in the room." Who's the first one? :-)

  • Dave dablave
    Dave dablave 8 hours ago

    I know what you're thinking, those aren't scissors those are shears.

  • Teddy Butter
    Teddy Butter 8 hours ago

    I don’t know where you’re from, but you talk the way my grandfather from Rochester used to.

  • Galen Tangleborn
    Galen Tangleborn 8 hours ago

    Great idea. I've seen a variation of this for Halloween prop effects using a pneumatic actuator.

  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 9 hours ago


  • floorpizza
    floorpizza 9 hours ago

    That editing at 18:01 literally had my head shaking back and forth. I've played 3D video games since the '80's, and I've never had a vertigo moment in front of a computer monitor. Ever. Then I met my match against ToT.

  • Wiltown Garage Ltd P. Gerontis

    I don't know what to write so I'm giving you waffles recipe: 2 eggs 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 3/4 cups milk 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 tablespoon white sugar 4 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Directions: Preheat waffle iron. Beat eggs in large bowl with hand beater until fluffy. Beat in flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla, just until smooth. Spray preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray. Pour mix onto hot waffle iron. Cook until golden brown. Serve hot. P.S great project This Old Tony 👊

  • Bonedurty
    Bonedurty 9 hours ago

    For the caster thing, I guess there’s designs where you can lift it in caster mode or drop down on solid feet in one ore two (foot) steps ... edit: nevermind the casters apparently are already on :D

  • Bonedurty
    Bonedurty 9 hours ago

    So when the screw is in compression, isn’t then all the load on the tiny Allen screws holding the ring on the *acme thread ? Sounds to me like a designed feature to keep you from lifting Harley Davidsons

  • converdb
    converdb 9 hours ago

    where's the link to the lathe?

  • Eric Neel
    Eric Neel 10 hours ago

    Love it

  • Doc Twiggenberry
    Doc Twiggenberry 10 hours ago

    I see a chair just the right height, with soft rollers and maybe a nice soft seat, to use when fixing all that stuff on your bike..signed Oracle.

  • eyeballdude
    eyeballdude 10 hours ago

    Realized that the ingredients for the dinner I was cutting while watching this vid turned out to be perfect squares...weird...

  • Amundsen
    Amundsen 10 hours ago

    get an old cordless angle drill off ebay and leave it on the lift permanently

  • Don Doyle
    Don Doyle 10 hours ago

    All that beautiful work and then MDF to top it off, what the H E C K? You could add a couple layers of MDF to the bottom?

  • MrDDDEEEZZZ Weldor
    MrDDDEEEZZZ Weldor 10 hours ago

    Love this build and the innumerable upgrade possibilities. Nicely done. Good luck with that shoulder ‘sports injury’. On the bright side however, it’s a character builder 😉

  • Papa Jon
    Papa Jon 10 hours ago

    Another great video This Old Tony! Just a comment and a suggestion, please consider adding in the comments the build details, measurements, and materials that you used along with a disclaimer that no one should ever wish to replicate something that may kill or maim them, and the comment that only the welds that would interfere with scissor operations need to be smoothed, anyone watching your channel already has a great appreciation for seeing your craftsmanship. Thank you so very much for all that you do...

  • Julio Georgiou
    Julio Georgiou 10 hours ago

    You need to put the pressure symmetrically on the other side to prevent the reverse lip. Make a device with two wheels.

  • ThatS10 Guy
    ThatS10 Guy 10 hours ago

    Tony you could put the side drive at the other end near the back tire. You know make the threaded rod longer and drill thru the end plate. Then attach the gear, bevel or otherwise, to the threaded rod. And for the bike hold down make large knurled nuts that can thread on to studs put in the base plate. Oh and love the dark humor 👍.

  • Sam Sonn
    Sam Sonn 10 hours ago

    cost 40, shipping 10, profit 10

  • Red62
    Red62 10 hours ago

    I would have had that cross nut in the other direction so that the nut is pushing against the scissor's load rather than pulling, but that's my opinion

  • JellyCarrot
    JellyCarrot 10 hours ago

    i remember that glass jar air thing working or i have been bamoozled as a kid

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson 11 hours ago

    MDF plate? Might as well scrap the whole thing.

  • lamothe87
    lamothe87 11 hours ago

    Limiting travel could be done by cutting a taper in the extreme limits of the thread. As it hits the ends it runs out of ability to drive anymore.

  • T.D.E. Plastic modeling

    Ive been watching you all week long... great channel and content... love it!

  • skrem63
    skrem63 11 hours ago

    МАСТЕР !!!! УДАЧИ !!!!

  • Kaysler
    Kaysler 11 hours ago

    How is the MAHO these days?

  • Kenny Eaton
    Kenny Eaton 11 hours ago

    I have no idea about use on a metal-cutting bandsaw, but I run lignum-vitae guides on all my wood cutting saws. Even my 1940’s Davis and Wells 20”, and that saw is a monster. They used to (and still may, I have no idea honestly) use lignum-vitae for people shaft bearings in boats and submarines. It’s the most dense wood on earth and is self lubricating. I have 4 sets in 4 different saws, made them all close to 10 years ago and probably won’t be replacing them anytime soon. I have a really nice aftermarket bearing guide for my 14” bandsaw that collects dust as the lignum vitae works just as well and is easier to adjust. Might be worth a shot, might be a really bad idea. I don’t have a vertical bandsaw for metal to test it on, but I do have a spare 12” bandsaw sitting around....

  • douglas pierce
    douglas pierce 11 hours ago

    turn the stand 90 deg?

  • douglas pierce
    douglas pierce 11 hours ago

    i'm still dizzzy from that boring bar

  • Talon Baldwin
    Talon Baldwin 11 hours ago

    why can you just load the bike 90° from it's displayed heading with the drive pointed to one side? Same reason you built the stand with the screw in compression rather than turning the bike or stand around?

  • Hermann Alberts
    Hermann Alberts 12 hours ago

    It is my impression or you just do not care about disassembly and easy maintenance in the u.s. ?

  • J G
    J G 12 hours ago

    Tony needs to wear some “safety thumb guards”

  • Wade
    Wade 12 hours ago

    That’s a lot fancier than my old milk crate stand... and way easier than getting the bike up to the top of the stack of four. At least the bike is a CR 500 so it’s got lots of real estate to grab onto. Nice work!

  • Matthew Tinker
    Matthew Tinker 12 hours ago

    If you want the drive to come out of the side, use the scissor at 90° and figure out another clamping mechanism!

  • therealpanse
    therealpanse 12 hours ago

    0:31 "This is the Technical Difficulties, we're playing Citation Needed. Joining me today..."

  • Erik Lewis
    Erik Lewis 13 hours ago

    "Always use appropriate eye protection when operating the subscribe button" safety sticker. For those that thumbs down a ToT video, I think your ability to appreciate crunchy goodness is broken. I recommend you watch more cat videos...


    Lovely video!

  • f63paolo
    f63paolo 13 hours ago

    .... mmm .... "Olio da Taglio", Palazzoli power wall plug .... are you in Italy?

  • de0509
    de0509 13 hours ago

    Hmm, you are right that going down the rabbit hole creates more questions than it answers

  • Shane Broussard
    Shane Broussard 13 hours ago

    TOT, where’s MAHO?

  • revb0
    revb0 14 hours ago

    Why would you want to lift scissors in the first place!

  • MuppetSmash
    MuppetSmash 14 hours ago

    69cm, nice

  • Simon H
    Simon H 14 hours ago

    Your videos just get better and better, what a gem of a channel this is

    USMC PLATOON 2020 15 hours ago


  • kevlarandchrome
    kevlarandchrome 15 hours ago

    23:14 There's an adult in the room?

  • mmazz30
    mmazz30 15 hours ago

    Tony, as my favourite youtuber for your next build can you throw in a Mario joke or subliminal message for my birthday on 30/01 PLEEEEASE Cheers mario :-)

  • Dale Hall
    Dale Hall 15 hours ago

    Hey! You missed the calendar pages flying off the calendar pad!! Where's your sense of movie-making cliches? You're better than that!

  • Bora Yurtoren
    Bora Yurtoren 15 hours ago

    Nice built, You can't buy that in this quality for $100.

  • Successful Engineer
    Successful Engineer 15 hours ago

    You could just turn the whole lift 90 degrees ? That would allow side drive from one side at least, just the tie downs would have to move.

  • Amr Ahmed
    Amr Ahmed 15 hours ago

    "Use it to pick up girls!!" Can not stop laughing :D :D :D :D

  • Abcdefg
    Abcdefg 15 hours ago

    Now whack a wiper motor on it (probably with a little belt), also some end switches. And you could power it with a cordless tool battery.

  • David Wiley
    David Wiley 15 hours ago

    Just what I wanted to know. I been eyeballing this lathe on Amazon waiting to get the money to buy it.. Thanks Tony!👍🏾

  • Paul Pantsoff
    Paul Pantsoff 15 hours ago

    Your ex forman and peers and the like reminded me of: but you make beautiful things

  • jefrhi
    jefrhi 15 hours ago

    13:08 - That would be a red "Milwaukee" plastic part. Ridgid power tools are orange, sheesh... AND, "Bulletproof Seal" is totally going to be my band's name someday!

  • Gort Newton
    Gort Newton 16 hours ago

    Hilsch Vortex tubes have been around for 60 years at least.

  • thElectric01
    thElectric01 16 hours ago

    "Now lets have a look at my kingpin"

  • The B Clash Gamers Clash


  • TBFactory
    TBFactory 16 hours ago

    Hey ToT, you're responsible of me not finishing any work this past weeks! Good thing I needed some custom washers, spot on!

  • William Eriksson
    William Eriksson 16 hours ago

    the way you edit often reminds me of william wegman, just without the dogs, lol.

  • Davo’s Shed
    Davo’s Shed 16 hours ago

    Ok who was the crash test dummy at the end?

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson 16 hours ago

    thanks from South Africa

  • David Punton
    David Punton 16 hours ago

    Great work again Tony, everything's so neat and clean! Hey could you not just turn it 90 degrees? I'm thinking there must be reason not to. Greetings from central Scotland.

  • Oneofdazzz
    Oneofdazzz 17 hours ago

    Why stainless vs some other easier to work steel? The bike fully lifted looks sketchy with the scissors to the rear of that platform.

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony 15 hours ago

      i have a lot of it and looked to be about the right size. I probs won't lift the bike that high in use.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 17 hours ago

    Nice mask!

  • fredio54
    fredio54 17 hours ago

    Hi Tony, any chance of republishing the press build referred to in this video? I thought I had watched every single video of yours at least once (yt shows them all with a red line), but it seems there were more before I cottoned on to what a great engineer and video producer you are (not to mention dad joke craftsman) about 2 or 3 years ago. Pretty please, with sugar on top? :-D Signed, your biggest fan.

  • Scott Bathie
    Scott Bathie 17 hours ago

    Just cut my first thread! 21.9mmx1.5 pitch external thread with 6061 bar stock. What a rough pineapple, but thank you TOT! You were right there beside me. First cut. Many thanks.

  • bobsonclimber
    bobsonclimber 17 hours ago

    Always a pleasure ToT!

  • Ethan
    Ethan 17 hours ago

    I love the existential dread in the comments. Also please for my soul make an extending boxing glove that works.

  • Lusty Wench
    Lusty Wench 17 hours ago

    Would've liked to see the scissor mechanism centred more over the base when fully extended. That is after all when & where you need the most stabilty. There's nothing stopping you turning it 90 degrees, for easier access to the drive screw. It doesn't care what direction it faces. LMAO just turn it. Otherwise not bad.

  • rids dave
    rids dave 18 hours ago

    Just add the bevel gear. It will take it up two inches and save the need for longer legs

  • doddyz d
    doddyz d 18 hours ago

    What drugs are you on? You can't measure amps / current on a normal multimeter and you had the range set wrong for a start dc volts lol wtf. You need a proper clamp meter that measures dc current and you hook that around one of the wires!

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 18 hours ago

    Jinx you owe me a scissor lift!!!

  • Darison Darison
    Darison Darison 18 hours ago

    How come i never seen any woman doing this kind of complecated work before. If someone know of such video pls share the link.

  • Neale Mullen
    Neale Mullen 19 hours ago

    no grease nipple on the nut? love your channel!

  • Gottenhimfella
    Gottenhimfella 19 hours ago

    A worm gear would involve a minimum reduction ration of 5:1. Slowing things down a lot. You might want to consider a skew gearset: two helical gears, each with a 45 degree helix angle. (Both same hand, ie identical) That will give you a 90 degree shaft angle, with one shaft below the other, like a wormgear set, but with a 1:1 ratio. Less friction, too... if they're nicely made.

  • 3rdaxis
    3rdaxis 19 hours ago

    i'M SO GLAD i WATCHED THIS, LOL!! Sorry for yelling. :)