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Silky Smooth Telescopic Bore Gauges
Views 114KDay ago
Crunchy bore gauges? Here's the fix.
Random Updates!
Views 292K7 days ago
Not getting out much, thought I'd do a quick update video. - CNC Mini Lathe? - Maho Milling conversion? - the cats?! AvE: Music: 'Rainbow Forest' - Quincas Moreira
FIRE! Tool Steel & The Hot Shot 360
Views 431K12 days ago
Finally! Heat treating at home! Making some parallels and vise jaws. This is not a sponsored video but I couldn't be happier with the new oven. EDIT: covers machining, heat treating, and final grinding to size. Check out Stan's channel here: And of course, Adam's channel here: Music: Sand Castles The Green Orbs
POWER HACKSAW ... upgrade?
Views 379K29 days ago
Dreams do come true! Converting the die filer to a power hacksaw. Music: "Recess" - TrackTribe
Square Holes!
Views 929KMonth ago
Making a square broach for the rotary broach could only mean one thing ... or could it?! Music: Chances - Silent Partner
Random Weldy Talk (Pulse TIG Welding Aluminum)
Views 362KMonth ago
First of all, not sure why my hands look like they've been to heck and back, but... sorry about that. I promise to heal before next video. Pulsed AC TIG Welding and some FlexLoc torch talk. 6061 Welding Like A Machine: Welding Tips & Tricks Aluminum Lap Joints Video:
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!
Views 598K2 months ago
My boy asked for a sling. I threw in a little stock mod. Don't miss out! Or maybe miss out, what do I know. Music: How It Began & Last Horizon (Silent Partner)
BUILD: Scissor Lift!
Views 742K2 months ago
No one said it couldn't be done... yet... here it is! (The bike lift I wanted but was afraid to make) Music: Killing With Kindness - Jingle Punks
A Christmas Story!
Views 393K3 months ago
It's the time of the year I have one too many and get to talking... Be sure to check out Adam & Mr Pete's channels! Music: Jingle Punks - 12 Days of Christmas, Joy to the world, O Christmas Tree, O come All Ye Faithful.
Square Cuts! Fence For The Metal Shear
Views 402K3 months ago
Long time coming! There are different dowel holes for different material thicknesses. Thicker stock won't sit as far back in the shear's throat, so it wouldn't reach the rearmost set of posts. Music: Chromatic Rag - Mini Vandals
7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes
Views 780K4 months ago
Don't know if this was worth the effort, but was in a chatty mood. Come along for the ride as I sort out a few little things on a Factory Scorpa. We'll do bad things, I promise.
Building An Antenna for Johnny 5
Views 551K4 months ago
Did you even know Johnny 5 had an antenna? Are you asking yourself who (in) the heck Johnny 5 is? Great question! To find out more: NYC CNC - BlondiHacks - Music: Urban Lullaby - Jimmy Fontanez/Doug Maxwell
Cheap Ebay Welder -- WILL IT TIG?!
Views 1.6M5 months ago
On a whim, bought a cheap ebay welder. Let's see if it'll TIG.
I'm an Idiot! (Soft Spongy Brakes)
Views 509K5 months ago
The heartbreaking story of a soft rear brake that took me to the brink of madness and back. Thanks as always to Abom for being a great sport:. Music: Brain Trust - Wayne Jones
Maho! Now More Alive'r Than Ever!!
Views 434K5 months ago
Z axis all sorted! (mostly sorted) Good enough to keep going with the project. Music: Lagos - Quincas Moreira
MAHO's Alive!! (70%)
Views 360K5 months ago
70% alive / 30% zombie. But... First Chips!
MAHO is Filthy!! (Whose Milling Machine Isn't?)
Views 481K5 months ago
Welcome to my latest more-than-I-can-chew project: CNC conversion of an old milling machine. Just a quick walk-through video, nerding out on a milling machine from a bygone era. Music: Itty Bitty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: in...
TIG TAWK! AC Welding Aluminum
Views 505K6 months ago
Frequency? Balance? Amps?! It's time to find out exactly what Willis was talk'n about. If you're jumping in the deep end, I recommend starting with some of my other TIG welding videos before you get into AC. But you do you. Music: "Short Guitar Clip" - Audionautix
Old Files: Rags To Riches
Views 352K6 months ago
Old files? Quick tip / handy tool! #TIPBLITZ19 Music: Double Helix - Ethan Meixsell
Repacking a Muffler? - FAR OUT!
Views 649K7 months ago
In this episode: Repacking a motorcycle muffler made easy!* (* the I-have-a-machine-shop version) Also some exhaust/muffler talk. Be sure to check out Pat Smage's channel here: For more mototrials, RYP TV: Music: Puppy Love Twin Musicom
Turning Titanium: Trials and Tribulations
Views 684K7 months ago
Long video for a small project in titanium c/o Aaron @ Aaron @ Abom @ Abom: Stefan @ Gotteswinter: Airport Lounge - Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source:
Rotary Broach: Captain's Log, Supplemental
Views 389K7 months ago
I should have included this in the broaching video: broaching with the work stationary. Might shed s'more light. The original vid:
Rotary Broaching The Night Away
Views 1M7 months ago
Sometimes dreams do come true! First cuts with a new-to-me rotary broach. Music: Action Time - Biz Baz Studio
Views 563K8 months ago
My small contribution to Adam Savage's / Smithsonian's PROJECT EGRESS. (Commemorating the 50 yr anniversary of the moon landing) Official info, dates, contribututors, etc.: CREDITS: NYC CNC: Dale Derry's Radius cutting video: Click...
Moto Erratum! & A Flat Tire
Views 329K8 months ago
Thoughts & corrections regarding the head gasket video. Also fixing a tire flat. Not what I expected, just a tire patch, but we get a chance to chat. WARNING: working on tires/wheels can be dangerous. And not just because they're round.
The Mystery Of The Missing Coolant (Sherco 2.9)
Views 462K9 months ago
My bike is overheating. Which causes me to overheat. Time to get to the bottom of things! No-spoiler-update, after two days, all good now!
Views 585K10 months ago
Making a form-tool for, and single-point cutting, an internal ACME (trapezoidal) thread. What a mouthful.
Shooting The Poop! #8
Views 493K10 months ago
That time of the year again?! - Quick Adjust Carburetor Screw - More new chuck for the Milwaukee cordless drill - Indicator Stands / Holders - #8 Pyrex TIG cups - Third Hand for welding - More Cats! Music: Danzon De Pasion - Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions FairyTale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Sour...
BUILD: Dirt Bike Lift Jack Stand
Views 387K10 months ago
Why spend $30 on a bike stand when you could build one for $300? NOTE: this is a light duty stand. My bike weighs less than 150 lbs; if you build one, use your head.
6YR OLD ON TRIAL?! - Broken Brake Lever Fix
Views 343K11 months ago
New old minitrial for the boy. They grow up fast. Came with a broken brake lever, figured I'd fix it. Music: Cliffsides - Dan Lebowitz
Views 573KYear ago
You have more up your sleeve? Share in the comments! Onion Capers & Glee Club Polka by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
Making A Stand! Why I Love TIG Welding
Views 1.1MYear ago
DC TIG or AC/DC TIG? and some other stuff. Music: "Kick the Can" - The Mini Vandals
Views 671KYear ago
Ever cut a PTO spline before? I haven't. Know what else I've never done? Bought the correct cutter to do the job. :( Music: "TipToes" - Myuu
How To Break A Tap & Other Ramblings
Views 770KYear ago
I don't know what this video is about, but here are the ingredients: - Taps & tap types, tapping head & breakdown - Finishing the Lathe QCTP holders - Revisit the DRO's tool offset feature Since I mentioned it, Adam's purge fixture: Music: "Ella Vater" - The Mini Vandals
DRO BASICS? & Lathe Tool Offsets!! (SINO DRO)
Views 430KYear ago
This is what happens when I try to make a DRO install video... no install footage! Instead, in trying to figure out the SINO SDS6's lathe offset, we get into DRO basics. Absolute, Incremental, Sub Datums, Tool Offsets, all that good stuff. The OLD tool holders video:
15T-M2 Let This Be A Lesson To Ya!
Views 499KYear ago
Gear cutting, start to finish: 15 Tooth / Module 2 spur. Evidently a few unanswered questions in that last one, hope this helps! Music/Sound: Party Waltz - Sir Cubworth Lawnmower - Morgantj
Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe) - BETTER AUDIO
Views 279KYear ago
Sorry for re-upload... Same video... hope I fixed the audio! This video is very information-dense. I apologize, but: nature of the beast. However! Astound your friends with how much you'll know about gears! Amazing before-seen footage of Indexing, dividing, and gear cutting! Stop making due with plain text video descriptions: Watch for yourself! More than you wanted to know about gears: 0:00-10...
Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe)
Views 1.3MYear ago
This video is very information-dense. I apologize, but: nature of the beast. However! Astound your friends with how much you'll know about gears! Amazing before-seen footage of Indexing, dividing, and gear cutting! Stop making due with plain text video descriptions: Watch for yourself! More than you wanted to know about gears: 0:00-10:50 Gear Cutters: 10:50 Indexing & Dividing: 14:18 Dividing H...
♫ These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ♪
Views 566KYear ago
500k! Don't say I never take you anywhere. ;) Special thanks to (in order of appearance): Adam Booth: Colin Furze: Tom Lipton: Mr Pete: Clickspring: Wintergatan: Alex French Guy Cooking:
NUTR: Ultrasonic Cutter USW-334
Views 1.1MYear ago
Not Unusual Tool Review ;) of the USW-334 Ultrasonic Cutter. More of a curious exploration, really. Music: "AI 2" - Vibe Mountain
Operation: Tap Wrench
Views 710KYear ago
Small / quick project to kick off the new year. That, and to have a new tap wrench of course. Music: "Your Precious Love" - John Deley and the 41 Players "1940's Slow Dance" - Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Better LATHE Than Never!
Views 824KYear ago
Simple spindle bearing upgrade: small fixes to the mini-lathe can go a long way. The part numbers are in the video. I'd recommend sealed angular contact bearings. Music: Gaiety in the Golden Age - Aaron Kenny
The Infamous Mini Lathe!
Views 2.5MYear ago
Variable Speed Mini Lathe! There is a game plan here, but for now, let's have a look and kick the tires on the infamous mini lathe. Lathe Levelling Video:
Easy Tile Cutting Trick - No Measuring!
Views 760KYear ago
I didn't invent this but it doesn't appear to be as common knowledge as it should be. Thought I'd share. In case anyone asks, no the walls don't need to be 90*. Works with any shape house, hut, shed, or shanty.
A Sine Bar Walks Into a... wait
Views 565KYear ago
Secrets of Sine Bars revealed! Cosine Error & SuperFine™ Lathe cuts! Music: "Cold Killa" - MK2
Build Your Own CNC! (Part 2) - Inputs, Outputs & Software
Views 419KYear ago
Follow-up to Part 1. Inputs, Outputs and software configuration. (Mach 4) Part 1 of this video: My CNC Basics Video: My CNC Basics 2 Video: NYC CNC: Titans Of CNC: Music: "Cumberland Gap" - Nat Keefe with The B...
Build Your Own CNC! (Part 1) - Hardware
Views 685KYear ago
CNC Etch-A-Sketch! Probably as good a project as any to get a handle on the basics. Very basics. Tentatively, the big picture is this: Part 1: CNC hardware / electronics / wiring Part 2: Software, setup and calibration Part 3: Machine Design Music: "Sally Goodin" & "Reuben's Train" - Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
STP #7: Saws, TIG Button, Brazing & More!
Views 378KYear ago
We've got a talker! - Chuck replacement on the Milwaukee M18 drill - giant HSS saws! - TIG Button remote amp control - More Silicone Brazing - Revisiting steel cutting on the CNC "lathe" Be sure to check out Aaron's channel at Intro music: "Takeoff" - Ethan Meixsell
Will the CNC lathe add-on TURN STEEL?
Views 422KYear ago
My router add-on toy CNC lathe axis thingy... let's try cutting steel! Note: no idea why some of the machining audio got out of sync. Couldn't fix it. Okay fine, I didn't feel like fixing it. It's not that bad. If you haven't seen the build video, it's here: if you want shirts and stickers:
CNC LATHE?! - Router Add-On!
Views 1.2MYear ago
This video is a spindle build a spindle used as both a CNC lathe and 4th axis / indexer for the router. Working better than I thought, but I've still got a long way to go. Music: Tag You're It - The Whole Other Hermanos Ranchero - Biz Baz Studio
PuLsEd TiG WeLdiNg
Views 322KYear ago
Feel like talking about Pulsed TIG welding? And by talking I mean listening. Whether it's with an amp controller or built-in, use it to fine-tune heat input, weld out of position, or simply as an aid to learning. Note well: 1. some rambling goes on here 2. flashing, occasionally, but not a lot 3. I'm not a real weldor 4. More ABOM welding @
As The Motor Turns - UPDATE
Views 272KYear ago
Rise & Shine! Very quick update on the motor - All squared away!
Rise Of The Machine - CNC Router Upgrade - Part 1
Views 308KYear ago
Before/if getting into a bigger project, I'm taking a new stepper drive through setup and test run.
Spinning Metal - Part 2! - GODOX Strobe Reflector Build
Views 543KYear ago
Got my hands on a more suitable spinning metal. Trying it again! Spoiler: spinning is still hard. Nonetheless, I push forward with Plan B for a larger strobe reflector. Link to Part1: Re: the patreon thing. Please read the patreon page at Music: Sunny Side - Text Me Records
Ends & Odds: DIY Bandsaw Guides & More!
Views 527KYear ago
The top fell off the rotary weld table and the bandsaw guides are loose as a goose. Perhaps even looser. But who's to judge? Check out Keith Rucker's Channel! and Stefan Gotteswinter! Music: Ersatz Bossa - John Deley and the 41 Players
TIG: Effects of Gas Flow Settings
Views 309KYear ago
Quick vid on how your flow rate settings can impact your welds. Sometimes just a smidge more (or less!) can go a long way.
Adventures in TIG Brazing
Views 1.4MYear ago
Never TIG brazed a day in my life; always wanted to try it. Join me as I probably do a ton of stuff wrong! Music: "Danzon De Pasion" - Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
Thermal Cameras: Hot & Bothered
Views 276KYear ago
I have no idea what that title means. In fact, I hardly know what this video is even about. But perhaps you might enjoy a chat in the garage? Mostly about the FLIR ONE PRO and C2 compact cameras, but somehow, a Benjamin Marauder makes it into the show. Music: 1940's Slow Dance Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Wintergatan's Marble Elevator
Views 1MYear ago
building clutched sprocket shafts for Wintergatan's next gen marble machine: The Marble Machine X! These are the underlying shafts that support and drive the marble conveyor / elevator. Special thanks to Martin Wintergatan, Adam Booth, and Stefan Gotteswinter for being such good sports! Be sure to follow the rest of the story on Wintergatan's channel and stop on by Adam and Stefan's channels! A...
BUILD: Toolmaker's Clamp Thingy
Views 1.6MYear ago
Not sure what this is called but always wanted to build one. Mix between a handvise and a bench clamp? Music: Edge of Eternity by Norma Rockwell Local Elevator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
This Old Tony's OPUS!
Views 680KYear ago
Filing and Sawing Machine?! starts at 11:00 This is an old machine: scrap metal by today's standards, but in a home shop? ... probably still scrap metal, but so far I'm impressed. Special thanks to Adam of ABOM79. Check him out @ Music (in order of appearance) "Orbital Romance" - Sir Cubworth "Hyped" & "Wistful Harp" - Andrew Huang "Clover 3" - Vibe Mountain
Views 74KYear ago
You folks have been great... time for some swag? I'm make'n t-shirts. And not hammerformed out of sheet metal, these are real shirts. Get 'em while they're hot: That really short banjo sting deserves some credit: Banjo Short - Audionautix
How Surface Grinding Works - Part 1?
Views 397KYear ago
Bonus footage! Title says it all, though this is specifically about grinding wheel wear. FYI, my go-to general purpose wheel is a Norton 5SG.
Dial N for MORE Air File!!
Views 445KYear ago
It's here! The breakdown you've all been waiting for is finally here! (follow up to the Air File video) Clickspring!
Two Piece Machine Vise Build
Views 989KYear ago
This one's been a long time coming: 2 piece vise for the milling machine and CNC router! You'll never believe how many pieces!! (two) If you're into vises, check out Mr. Pete's builds:
So How About That Pasta Machine, huh?
Views 509KYear ago
Directors-Cut Noodles! Thoughts/details I took out of the official video. Long chat about the build strategy & CNC engraving. Plus some other stuff probably... I don't remember. If you haven't seen the first part: Alex French Guy Cooking's video about this machine:
dial M for Air File
Views 755KYear ago
Air file, anyone?
Alex's Pasta Machine: The Rebuildening!
Views 1MYear ago
Bit of a break down and rebuild of Alex French Guy Cooking's internet pasta machine. Looking forward to see what he'll do with it next. Hope you enjoy. For more info, be sure to check out Alex's Pasta Machine Videos: Music: "Wild Pogo" - Francis Preve, & "Hollywood High" - Silent Partner
Spring-loaded Detents, alright!
Views 608KYear ago
This is a follow-up to the DIY Filler video. You've got questions, I've got questions. Music: 'Cross The Road' - Silent Partner
DIY Filler in the Home Shop!
Views 314KYear ago
Fixing a thing!! Music: 'At The Fair' - The Green Orbs & 'Smoked Kielbasa Polka' - Doug Maxwell/Jimmy Fontanez
Spinning Metal - Round 1 - I LOST!
Views 698KYear ago
Metal Spinning taste the danger! First attempt, mixed results. You might have questions I don't have answers to... I'll get into details in the next vid. Just don't hold your breath, k? Music: "Operatic 3" - Vibe Mountain
TIG Welding - Puddle Control
Views 442KYear ago
Not much more to add to the title. Some thoughts on weld puddle control from a licensed & fully insured hobbyist.
Welding Straight Is Hard To Do
Views 433K2 years ago
How're those long TIG welds laying down for ya? Some thoughts on tig in general, torch angles and getting through those longer welds. Up your motor skills before worrying about filler! Music: Baroque Coffee House - Doug Maxwell
LIVE!? - Welding Bandsaw Blades & Startrite Saw
Views 365K2 years ago
New-to-me old vertical bandsaw, great addition so far. Tour of the saw, then some blade welding with TIG. And the usual shenanigans, of course. So my "interlacing" joke backfired. Oh cruel world. Always something, eh? Music: "Apocalypse" - SYBS
Custom Tools - Brazing & Welding
Views 677K2 years ago
Ever wanted to braze your own carbide tooling? And what about HSS? Lots of talking early on, was in a chatty mood I guess. Start @ 5:40 and you won't miss anything important. When I'm not brazing carbide, I'm brazing in the kitchen (still carbide) with Alex French Guy Cooking. Check him out at: Thanks Alex!
The Rollenator! (Ring Roller Build)
Views 2.2M2 years ago
Building a small bench top ring roller. This video follows through on Bushing & Gears ( and Acme Tap ( Check those out if you find yourself wondering where some of these parts came from. A special thanks to Mr. Pete for being such a great sport! Music: You Make Me Feel Good - Jingle Pun...
DIY Ultrasonic Welder?! (Answer: NO)
Views 593K2 years ago
Left home with a cow, but came back with... magic beans!! The setup doesn't weld great (read: at all), but it sure sinks some inserts.
Ultrasonic Cleaner to... Ultrasonic KNIFE?!
Views 867K2 years ago
A little something I've always wanted to try... can I turn an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner into an ultrasonic knife? Practical Engineering: Music: "Goat" - Wayne Jones
More Thread Cutting & Heat Treating (I needed a metal tap)
Views 955K2 years ago
Project hit a roadblock: needed a tap I didn't have... Now I do! *Level unlocked* PS Audio gets weird in places; my apologies in advance. music: Bongo Madness - Quincas Moreira
Views 136K2 years ago
Follow up to my oscilloscopic call for help. Figured it out with a little help from my friends (you!). User error: I is dumb. But, finally caught the elusive waveforms on the scope. Exciting times we live in, indeed.
Views 176K2 years ago
Pretty please, sugar on top. I was hoping to use my scope to play with / explore asymmetric TIG; haven't had any luck. Might be over my head with this one. Now I'm more curious about potential measuring limitations than what the welder is even doing! The original tig-measuring-vid is here: Thanks!
Bench Shear & Universal Vise
Views 617K2 years ago
Hey. How ya doin? Having a good weekend? Not a lot going on here, but picked up an old bench metal shear and (finally!) a universal vise. They needed some TLC. Don't we all.
TIG Water Cooler Than I Used To Be!
Views 990K2 years ago
Unexpected Christmas present! Arctic Chill water cooler for the tig torch. Note: not a sponsored video. In fact I proceed to destroy my warranty with an... ON-DEMAND FAN MOD! wooo... ahem.. pardon me. Water cooled tig torches who/what are they for?, sound measurements, temperature monitoring and control, etc. etc. Music: "Bluebird" E's Jammy Jams
Bushings and Gears: The Prequel
Views 544K2 years ago
Prequel to a soon-to-be-released winter blockbuster.
Shoot'n The Poop #6 - Fixin' Stuff
Views 447K2 years ago
As always with these poop shoots, footage I didn't quite know what to do with, but you may enjoy following along. Fluke Multimeter - Socket Fix - 00:41 Nerf 2x4 - Cascading Valves - 02:13 CNC Router - Volt Amp Readout - 11:25 For more shooting practice, be sure to check out: Stefan Gotteswinter at Adam Booth at Music: Sleeping Sheep - The Green Orbs
Marvels of Injection Molding!
Views 806K2 years ago
Ball valve autopsy. Answering the age old question: how DID they get that ball in there?
How To Bending?!
Views 841K2 years ago
Little follow up on the weld cart build where I did a lot of bending but didn't pay it much mind. Sheet metal, specifically, but this goes for all bending in general (sheet, tube, pipe, bar, spoons etc etc etc) Also, you should watch Stefan G do his thing: For the people asking, the ruler is called a "stop rule". Check this link out from Lee Valley (no relation): www.leeva...
Views 354K2 years ago
3rd and final weld cart build video.
Weld Cart Build - Part2
Views 499K2 years ago
Almost there! Mostly screwing around but some welding talk: torch control in 2T and 4T modes, weld distortion, that sort of stuff. Music: "About That Oldie" Vibe Tracks
Weld Cart Build (not really)
Views 447K2 years ago
I meant to build a cart, I swear. Mostly talking about the cart, design considerations, and weld settings for the hobby crowd.
TIG Torch 2: Flex-Loc and the CK-80
Views 184K2 years ago
Doing a little housekeeping, thought I'd share my impressions of the CK Flex-Loc and CK-80 torches. Music: "Snack Time" - The Green Orbs
Lathe Chucks
Views 509K2 years ago
Some basic information on metalworking lathe chucks. Which to pick, why, pros/cons, that sort'a thing.
Power Supply Rebuild - CNC Router
Views 208K2 years ago
Recently burnt out the transformer on my CNC router. Decided to rebuild the drive/stepper power supply. What you're about to see ... is a true story. EDIT TO ADD: I use Gecko Stepper Drives. the formulas & power supply built in this video are done so in accordance with guidelines laid out by Gecko. These may or may not be applicable to your drives or your application. Do your homework & be safe...
CAD, Master Modeling, & The Diresta Prototype
Views 217K2 years ago
All the gory details of the Diresta prototype build. This video includes: a LOT of talking, CAD (Master Modeling), answered one or two questions that came out of the last video, and finally a quick look at the CAM. 9:30 will take you straight to the CAD talk. EDIT TO ADD: "Master Modelling" is big hammer CAD. Not always necessary, and this example doesn't do justice to how powerful a method it ...
PROTOTYPING! - The Diresta Collaboration
Views 567K2 years ago
Building a functional prototype, start to finish, from hand sketch to working model. The concept and sketch are Jimmy Diresta's.
Easy CNC Engraving (Mach4)
Views 132K2 years ago
CNC Engraving? Let's have a look at Mach4's built in (i.e., free!) engraving wizard.
G54 - You Sunk My Battleship!
Views 273K2 years ago
It felt like I'd left something out of the touch probe video: how I'm handling the offset probe... so... here we are. Basics CNC Work Offsets, should you be so inclined.
DIY Touch Probe & Cheap Mist Coolant
Views 208K2 years ago
Some unexpected CNC downtime, took the "opportunity" for a tune-up, added mist coolant and a DIY touch probe.
TIG with TOT: AC Frequency?!
Views 278K2 years ago
What does AC Frequency adjustment really do in TIG welding? Sit back, relax, and listen to This Old Tony go completely off the rails.
Views 1.2M2 years ago
Machinists' jacks are useful everywhere and can be a great lathe project: turning, threading, knurling, etc. Took the easy way out this time and used threaded rods and nuts. Welded and turned. Music: "Tracks Of My Fears" - John Deley and the 41 Players
Views 1.5M2 years ago
Save a few odds & ends the go kart is finished. Not sure who's happier, me or the kids. Music: Strut Funk - Dougie Wood March On & Heavyweight - Ethan Meixsell Lullabye (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:


  • Milo X
    Milo X 4 hours ago

    Good lord that is shoddy. Hope someone from Brown and Sharpe sees this and realizes this kind of crap looses customers.

  • Graham Nicholls
    Graham Nicholls 4 hours ago

    I know the problem with them, they were made in the USA.

  • Bob James
    Bob James 4 hours ago

    I work with a machine that has long periods where the only input involved is turning a dial occasionally (Moore G18 jig grinder), so there's time to do other simple stuff while the machine's running, and I just found a new project. I don't believe I've ever used a telescope gauge that felt good - they've always been the instrument of last resort.

  • Gazza-in-the-usa
    Gazza-in-the-usa 4 hours ago

    Amazing the crap high quality tools you can buy today isn't it ?

  • Greg's Garage
    Greg's Garage 4 hours ago

    I've always wondered how you can get an accurate bore reading with gauges that are flat and not round or pointy??? Maybe we need to investigate this!!!

  • robolizard222
    robolizard222 4 hours ago

    Anyone else realize the ending was a Shawshank reference?

  • turbofan123
    turbofan123 4 hours ago

    see the Video, ran in the shop, found my chinisium bore gauges work silky smooth, must look for another thing to work on.

  • 4330moss
    4330moss 4 hours ago

    TONY! Wtf? I thought I was tuned into a ToT video not a tear down from AvE video. He wrecks things you build things...Now turn back your time travel and redo this video making us a bonne las inner measure thingy.

  • treebasher
    treebasher 4 hours ago

    I have the exact same set of B&S bore gauges with the exact same issues. Disappointing to say the least... Thanks for the quick tutorial on making these usable!

  • Kanata Fujiwara
    Kanata Fujiwara 4 hours ago

    Im worried tony. Have you checked the wear on your underwear?

  • Gyras
    Gyras 4 hours ago

    My father passed down 3 Starrett bore gauges to me. probably bought in early 70s. They are still silky smooth and work great to this day.

  • Ben Baribault
    Ben Baribault 4 hours ago

    I’ve always wondered why you can’t just use the ID measuring part of a digital calipers to measure a bore diameter? Are calipers not as accurate for that?

  • ZACK_the_YACK
    ZACK_the_YACK 4 hours ago

    Great vid. I'm only 1/2 way thru atm, but I like so far.

  • quixoticgeeks
    quixoticgeeks 4 hours ago

    I find myself wondering, are American machinists familiar with the cycle mechanics term "Pingfuckits" for those bits that go ping in to the dark corners of your workshop never to be seen again?

  • Pavan Kadam
    Pavan Kadam 4 hours ago

    I never liked telescopic bore gauges

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 4 hours ago

    Tony, Tony, should have asked me, but once again, I'm a day late and a dollar short. Set that compound at 29 1/2, I want the trailing edge to drag a little itty bitty bit, just to clean it up each cut. You're right about the amount of surface area that you're cutting, it's truly the name of the game, whether it's a lathe tool, a milling cutter or even how much you are grabbing in a vise or a lathe chuck, surface area determines everything. Another trick, I will make the cross feed handle at the lowest point, and the zero right there, if you're really trying to haul ass (time is money!), you can get the tool out of the cut, then disengage the half nut or reverse the spindle (inch or metric, you don't disengage metric), get it back to the stray point, turn it back in to zero, you don't even have to look, it will be at the bottom. Do it enough times, you'll be able to cut a thread in 5 or 10 minutes. And to clean up the trailing side of the thread, you can drag the hand wheel a bit to make it rub the trailing edge.

  • Finite Tuning
    Finite Tuning 4 hours ago

    I have a pair of harbor freight "telescopic gauges" they work just fine. Go in deep, then release, then just pull out slowly until you you feel no more resistance and lock it off tight..... And there ya go your greatest measurement or enemy, you decide!

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    I ended up doing the same thing to a set of Mitutoyos I bought. I think they have become commodities and not fine instruments anymore.

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    puttesla intxtbks 4 hours ago

    Did they maybe leave them rough so they stay in place better when set? My friend smoothed up a pistal. Know it won't eject about every third spent cartridge. Oh well, it's silky smooth now! Fear not. Have faith.

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    Douglas Thompson 5 hours ago

    A good adage to remember is, "buy brand name cause your junk needs a monogram!" Allows you to brag on a reputation that died three owners and twenty years ago. Business schools have long long since quit teaching ways to create loyal repeat customers in favor of quick obscene profits, then sell the company's assets and move on to the next. Roll over that "buy once, cry once" tool and you will see the same made in China stamp as on the Banggood cheapy. Neither one will believe in customer service. Neither one will stock parts for it five years from now. A few small owner run companies exist that have an old school business plan but any major corporation laid those people off in the nineties when they quit holding inventory. Any MBAs on the staff guarantees the latter. Take care. Doug

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    Milan Trcka 5 hours ago

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    Typical Lucas 5 hours ago

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  • Don's Woodies
    Don's Woodies 5 hours ago

    Having spent 45 years as a Tool & Die maker, and used Starrett tools from the 70's and then some from the 2000's, I saw the decline of quality slowly take over that company. it's a shame that the only aspect of their tools they have kept is the high price. The quality of both Starrett and Brown & Sharpe has dropped so badly in the last couple decade it's pitiful. Starrett more so than B&S. I feel bad for the machinists starting out today because they have no idea what real quality tools are.

  • Jimmeh B
    Jimmeh B 5 hours ago

    Yeah, it's really quite disheartening when you finally bite the bullet and spend the money on "quality tools" only to unpack them and find they've spent absolutely no time on the fit and finish. Especially when it, like in this case, has a massive impact on the operation of the tool. Sign of the times I suppose. They'll go broke eventually, because the crappier their product becomes, the less advantage there is in outlaying the fun tickets.

  • Marian Catalin
    Marian Catalin 5 hours ago

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  • fredio54
    fredio54 5 hours ago

    I got a bad Starrett Tee tap handle a while back, they had to ship me a replacement jaw after the replacement Tee tap handle had the same flaw as the first one - one side of the jaw (and not the other) was not ground square enough, more of a bumpy radius of a worn grinding wheel. Third time lucky, it's with the other gear now and the bad ones went back :-)

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    • highpwr
      highpwr 5 hours ago

      You wouldn't. That's why the ends are slightly radiused and NOT flat.

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    Avi Tech 5 hours ago

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    KISSMYACE3203 5 hours ago

    I haven't been too impressed with B&S, or any new tools for that matter. I understand that people will nearly always buy the cheapest thing anymore, which kills profits for more expensive tool companies, but they're still asking a premium price for their products. And being the more expensive "high quality" tool manufacturer that they are, I expect high quality. That means exact dimensions, repeatability, etc. This would also include ergonomics, balance, look, feel and things of that nature. I digress, I LOVE quality tools, and get depressed with the crap turned out in the name of profit margins.

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    If the cheap set didn't hold its position and was smooth then logically by smoothing out the expensive set you have made it so that they will also not hold their position well.

  • Ferndalien
    Ferndalien 6 hours ago

    Those are Brown and Sharp's really cheap bore gages. Their good models cost from three to eight times as much. So it doesn't surprise me that they're poorly made. My iGaging telescoping bore gages have a similar problem, but not nearly so bad as the even cheaper set I replaced. I simply wasn't inclined to take them apart to see what was wrong with them. But I can see how cleaning them up as you did, Old Tony, is essential for accurate measurements, not simply feeling good about them. Now I know I have to do that to mine.

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    Starrett telescoping gauges come ready to use. No "crunch" or stickiness and they have an excellent feel. I've bored bearings and used them to check tolerances and they work perfectly. They repeat every time. I don't need a dial bore gage. *my starrett telescoping gauges are from the early 90's*

    RANDALLOLOGY 6 hours ago

    That's a shame. Brown and Sharp used to be a quality tool. Those looked like something you would buy off eBay or from Harbor freight. Quality craftsmanship and pride does not exist anymore, like back in the day.

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  • Phase Converter 135 amp 208 V

    They look the same as my supposed Mitutoyo set. Likely sourced from the same Chickety China shop. The only smooth ones that I have are the Starret set. Only issue with them is the length. I guess I’ll deburr them. Thanks.

  • papa Hajek
    papa Hajek 6 hours ago

    Starret. That being said I used B&S for several years and can only say, "Hope they were a gift". B&S tried to compete with China while Starret tried to maintain by raising prices. Mitutoya jumped in as a compromise. Still your videos are good. Lufkin made some nice tools a while back, but I'm not sure they make much beyond tape measures (if that).

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    I bought this exact set about 5 years ago. I had the same problem, and hated using them. I expected this kind of stuff from a much cheaper product. I ended up doing the same thing you did and love using them now. Brown and Sharp used to be unmatched in quality, like Starret. But even them I have seen a decline in what they use to produce.

  • Adam Dee
    Adam Dee 6 hours ago

    I hate those plastic cases they come in.. completely useless.. the clear inside liner becomes brittle and breaks apart on me, i hate the cheap button that ties it together, i hate everything about the cheapness of these things no matter where they come from. Ive never had a set I enjoyed using. Whenever I can use a set of inside calipers in favor of these, I do.

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    I don't remember for sure, but I wast to say Brown and Sharp was bought out by one of the big tool groups a decade or so ago. I know the quality went to shit compared to the old B&S stuff I have. I haven't used a bore gauge less than 30 years old that was worth anything.

  • fwe ewfeion
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    CHANAKYA SINHA 6 hours ago

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