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THE LION KING: Dance Class
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Fast Facts: Lioness
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  • Malcolm Chilton
    Malcolm Chilton 10 minutes ago

    If I was in that situation I'd have wished I'd taken another flight. They assume mistakenly that everyone likes The Lion King.

    TOA TOONS 59 minutes ago

    yooooo Lance is real!

  • Rebecca Trace
    Rebecca Trace Hour ago

    Asian don't do this

    CYCLING LIFE CHANEL 2 hours ago

    Love to be on that flight. Amazing

  • Marley May
    Marley May 3 hours ago

    wait kyle coffman looks like matthew broderick/ferris bueller-

  • Searra Gordy
    Searra Gordy 4 hours ago

    Isn’t Frollo played by Hades from Hadestown

  • Gen Timperley
    Gen Timperley 4 hours ago


  • The man in the suit
    The man in the suit 4 hours ago

    Captian: what the hell is going on back there . Co pilot: I have no idea sir but I dig it

  • BossladySupreme313
    BossladySupreme313 5 hours ago

    I didn't know I needed to see this today, but I'm glad I watched it💙💙💙💙💙

  • Hyo Jung
    Hyo Jung 7 hours ago

    We should get a whole musical of the Genie making fun of the characters and singing their songs or something.

  • Hgan
    Hgan 7 hours ago

    우리나라 A:야 라이온킹 한 번 가자 B:콜ㅋ A:얘들아 준비됬어? C,D,E,F:ㅇㅇ A:간다 하나,둘,셋! 승무원:저기 손님 조용히 해주세요

  • JAFricanKing
    JAFricanKing 7 hours ago

    Amazing, I have never seen the show now I want to see it so bad, actually I think you are coming to Orlando, Florida soon or you're here already. I must see it.

  • Katie DeClement
    Katie DeClement 8 hours ago

    This is the only thing I want when I get on a plane from now on.

  • felipe rodriguez
    felipe rodriguez 9 hours ago

    I really don’t give a fuck lol

  • Regina Clement
    Regina Clement 10 hours ago

    It is so cool ❣

  • Jerard Perry
    Jerard Perry 10 hours ago

    thats our fam & much love & respect & utube our sis Kimberely Scott we are one & i agree

  • Lac Dom
    Lac Dom 11 hours ago


  • Brighton Young
    Brighton Young 11 hours ago

    racism is bad

  • Corrina Helton
    Corrina Helton 11 hours ago

    What would happen if the deep voice guy inhaled sodium hexafloride(or whatever called) also what about helium?

  • Trish Trussoni
    Trish Trussoni 12 hours ago

    Me: *just got my kid to sleep* Plane: My kid: 👁👄👁

  • Michelle Muir
    Michelle Muir 12 hours ago

    Check out The King’s Academy version of this show. They knock it out of the park. Please check it out.

  • MartuYEET
    MartuYEET 12 hours ago

    I'm just like steph, but uglier

  • Mrs Fahrenheit
    Mrs Fahrenheit 13 hours ago

    Gavin Lee is a masterpiece

  • Elisa Zurbano
    Elisa Zurbano 13 hours ago

    Llevo 5 años viendo este vídeo y nunca me canso de volver a verlo.

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim 13 hours ago

    Imagine if you didn’t know the words I would just stomp my feet to give sound affect not to sound racist but this reminds me of the Sunday church group there vocal and harmony are out of this world.

  • 71crm
    71crm 13 hours ago

    Can I point out what an amazing physical actress Sierra Boggess is. At 0:36 she does this sort of grimace with her body that I like, that sort of captures how uncomfortable she feels in this situation.

  • Kristian Bennett
    Kristian Bennett 13 hours ago

    If you haven’t seen this show in person, you absolutely need to. It’s honestly magical!

  • Amber !
    Amber ! 13 hours ago

    I can’t understand, as a choir kid and music student, WHY THE PEOPLE AT THE BACK ARE NOT SMILING AND MOVING TO THE SONG IT IS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO!

  • Da_Evil_Chicken
    Da_Evil_Chicken 14 hours ago

    This is something you won´t get in first class, I guess.

  • Abigase
    Abigase 14 hours ago

    I've watched every cover of hellfire and nothing beats the original.

  • Poke Hype
    Poke Hype 15 hours ago

    Please listen to your safety announcements. Lion King theme tune proceeds to play.

  • Blackdoll n pink
    Blackdoll n pink 15 hours ago

    I'd rather hear this than the business class white men speaking on the phone so loudly that everyone can hear how important they are. Sincerley, A Flight Attendant

  • The Bucket
    The Bucket 15 hours ago


  • Susan McKinney
    Susan McKinney 15 hours ago

    The international space station would have heard me squealing, clapping, and cheering

  • Queen Olympia
    Queen Olympia 15 hours ago

    This is what trips with choir kids and band kids are like. Choir kids will just be singing songs and band kids will be singing either meme songs or singing their parts for their songs

  • Chemaphex
    Chemaphex 16 hours ago

    Theatre kids be like

  • Fabbz
    Fabbz 16 hours ago

    Why does TheXvid shows me that video 5 years too late?

  • Mikael Khan
    Mikael Khan 16 hours ago

    Victor wanyama :😳😳

  • Андрей Спартанцев

    Более 8 тысяч бесчувственных инопланетян (человек с этой планеты не может поставить дизлайк)

  • Anushree Doharey
    Anushree Doharey 18 hours ago

    Imagine if BTS was also on that plane ND taehyung came running to join them sksksksks

  • Michael Andre Polines
    Michael Andre Polines 18 hours ago

    Wtf this is the same script from the original series 😂😂😂

  • Star
    Star 18 hours ago

    Layne is killing it with the Arabian night part and of course Geoff's Notes incredible as always never forget about Eli and Earl and Tony as well

  • Qaysar-i Rûm
    Qaysar-i Rûm 19 hours ago

    I am living in middle east. I hear only ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!

  • nari shin
    nari shin 21 hour ago

    뭐지.. 엘사가 너무 끼부리는대

  • xRogueWolves
    xRogueWolves 21 hour ago

    Me casually vibing that this is filmed on a real airline (Virgin Australia)

  • Sarah Nesheiwat
    Sarah Nesheiwat 21 hour ago

    This is amazing ❤️😍❤️

  • Iván Pardo Silva
    Iván Pardo Silva 21 hour ago

    So freakin disrespectful

  • 남현우
    남현우 21 hour ago

    why is kristoff black...???

  • 이연
    이연 22 hours ago

    안나 드레스 진짜 예쁘다

  • Faithfully Hopeful
    Faithfully Hopeful 22 hours ago

    The choir part at the end of The Bells of Notre Dame always give me goosebumps. It’s so strong. Also Hellfire is just...whoa. I love the mans voice on it. Even though the song is very dark. Lol

  • Imperfect Apollo
    Imperfect Apollo 23 hours ago

    My favorite part has to be seeing Tommy fucking around in the background as he lip syncs

  • KAT
    KAT Day ago

    I miss this musical at Disney land frozen is way over rated and sucks DICK

  • Nae
    Nae Day ago

    All these genies and they still didn’t pick any of them for the movie?

  • (GL) Great Life

    This is great TheXvid worthy!

  • Cami Marie
    Cami Marie Day ago

    Love this edit

  • Gabi Sophia
    Gabi Sophia Day ago

    I just love Heather

  • Gabi Sophia
    Gabi Sophia Day ago

    Omg so cool

  • Snuggles McSquishbottom

    I was too old to get into Hunchback when it first came out, but when I did finally get around to seeing it, I was blown away by the sophistication of the score.

  • Recording Random


  • Recording Random

    She didn’t do as well as sherie... sherie moved her tentacles around better the point is sheries better!

  • Kay Campbell
    Kay Campbell Day ago

    Love it!💕

  • Brian Beehler
    Brian Beehler Day ago

    Neal Mayer (aphorodisius) helps direct at our school and went to our school when he was young

  • 엡에베베베벱ᄇ베

    멀리서 보면 안나 닮으셨음...응...

  • Terry Walters
    Terry Walters Day ago

    That looks like soo much fun

  • Tolinar
    Tolinar Day ago

    Meanwhile, Jim realizes he won't get any sleep on this business flight

  • Jordan Coleman -cubero

    I have a question did that picture of a lion looks a lot like Mufasa or Simba at 0:45?


    “ worse thing on a flight is a crying baby “ This says otherwise

  • Gregory Golub
    Gregory Golub Day ago

    We need this on plane flights to make them much more fun and, interactive

  • CuddlestheBear

    This movie is one of my all time favorite Disney movies

  • Test Test
    Test Test Day ago

    He AHHHHHHHHHHJHHHHHHHHHJHHHHHHHH EHH she ka me za ch can ma zanna

  • RomanovTV
    RomanovTV Day ago

    The actor portraying the Hunchback...my god his voice is...heaven...

  • RomanovTV
    RomanovTV Day ago

    There is something so beautiful about male singing voices <3

  • afif misbah
    afif misbah Day ago

    I love jasginnie. 😂

  • Lane Schroeder

    This was perfect. These kids should've been the ones to sing in the lion king remake.

    JJGIRLX1 Day ago

    No need to go to a theatre Just go on a plain

  • G0DLY-Asian-
    G0DLY-Asian- Day ago

    Do some shit like dis on my plane and you not gonna reach your destination

  • Вася Иванов

    This weare cool)

  • Theadrien 2009

    OMGGGGG it looks amazing

  • Noah Climacosa

    Me: when I start to get RELAX My alarm: HEy NA nA. NaNaanaaA

  • Joseph
    Joseph Day ago

    Shut up; I' m tryna sleep.

  • Lizzy L
    Lizzy L Day ago

    be honest You didn't search this

  • Piemato
    Piemato Day ago


  • Heaven lee
    Heaven lee Day ago


  • Vu Bao Ky Lam
    Vu Bao Ky Lam Day ago

    The further back it gets, the whiter it gets

  • buttaonaroll
    buttaonaroll Day ago

    I was waiting for that kid in the aisle to be lifted up at the end Simba style. Thats the only thing that would have made this video better.

  • jose bautista
    jose bautista Day ago

    damn i wish people on my plane would something like that. if i had a plane

  • Maria F Matamoros


  • Nathan
    Nathan Day ago

    im looking for members to join me

  • zoe the huntress

    my high school is doing this musical and today is our last performance:(

  • Honest H8TR
    Honest H8TR Day ago


  • Average Internet Surfer

    Hello again recommendations!

  • N S.V.
    N S.V. Day ago

    A little embarrassing...

  • 나라사랑4
    나라사랑4 Day ago

    not good for all in public zone.

  • Loganator D.
    Loganator D. Day ago

    Just saw this in Florida

  • Excellent Comment

    Stupid loud mouthed Aussies

  • Dea Attack
    Dea Attack 2 days ago

    No way I can better find out what animals I see

    VEGERALDT 2 days ago

    i just wanna read my bible in a quit flight. dont be so loud!....would be my response

  • Brent Vergote
    Brent Vergote 2 days ago

    Then the plane crashed

  • Hunter Epicness
    Hunter Epicness 2 days ago

    Plane about to crash Passengers: *It's the circle of life* starts singing

  • Kiana DIFESA
    Kiana DIFESA 2 days ago

    I would have loved to have been on this flight💖 This would've been so amazing to see and hear in person💖