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    KEIas ARMY/ELF 3 minutes ago


  • Äghãsāę- Öñčę
    Äghãsāę- Öñčę 3 minutes ago

    Heongjun ma baby 😘😘😘

  • Kunjira Pare
    Kunjira Pare 4 minutes ago

    So close~ the camera man must really like Jinyoung 😂

  • Chiii Kaeee
    Chiii Kaeee 5 minutes ago

    This one is just like Seola. 😂😅 Seola 👸🏼Ttalgi 🐶 Suah Sian 👫 Subakkie 🐶 Awww...Suahya..😍🥺♥️

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio 5 minutes ago

    You old wretched bitch. You are threatening your husband with divorce? If I was him I would have said. Enough !!!! Let's divorce cause our daughter is marrying the man she loves. End of

    KEIas ARMY/ELF 5 minutes ago

    Heechul's so disgusted on the worms but presented to hold the snake LOL

  • Mikazuki Han
    Mikazuki Han 7 minutes ago

    Hahaha daya suddenly become good to Doran and continue being like waitress but she's cute at the same time brat girl 😅

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 7 minutes ago

    My fav song from beast and this song really have deep meaning and i always cry whenever i watch on youtube

  • Msichana Huzuni
    Msichana Huzuni 8 minutes ago

    These comments 👇👇👇are terrifying. "Fangirling" is one thing but if you think spending more money than you have, asking to borrow money from your child-who you started neglecting for a celebrity-,or forgetting your kids birthday, is "normal" or living someone's best life or just enjoying life-then all of you need some serious help.

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ 9 minutes ago

    탱구님 키 클줄 알았는데......생각보다 작은듯?

  • Shern Holn
    Shern Holn 9 minutes ago

    I want sons like them 😍😍😍😍❣️

  • Michele San Pedro
    Michele San Pedro 9 minutes ago

    I feel inlove with them😍😍😍 You made a right choice👌👌👌

  • statisticallyvalidatedstereotypes

    Are they in the full episode?

  • Sunny Hale
    Sunny Hale 12 minutes ago

    Jieun turning into a villain.....y'all doing her dirty I hate this

    KEIas ARMY/ELF 12 minutes ago

    such a show off in a very disgusting way 17:03🤢🤮

  • Aloke Achumi
    Aloke Achumi 12 minutes ago


  • sonearmyreveluv forever
    sonearmyreveluv forever 13 minutes ago

    Daebak is so cute in this. But Seola and sua make me proud so muchhhhh

  • Faithful Abbew
    Faithful Abbew 13 minutes ago

    mehn is so good to dasom on screen again this drama is going to be hit because its so hilarious

  • Humble Yoongi
    Humble Yoongi 14 minutes ago

    How lazy and immature

    KEIas ARMY/ELF 14 minutes ago

    16:16 i thought kangin would punch/kick that kid lol 😂

  • Ror R
    Ror R 14 minutes ago

    It's lovely all feels now like a family to me. 😊

  • Nansubuga Rahimah
    Nansubuga Rahimah 15 minutes ago

    Hangyeol is really handsome

  • jorge alberto leon
    jorge alberto leon 15 minutes ago

    Hola soy fan de JIMIN y el es mi faborito

  • R G
    R G 16 minutes ago

    The camera work is AWFUL!!! Ughh

  • Saπah Khwairakpam
    Saπah Khwairakpam 16 minutes ago

    That bad guy is too cute ❤mattracted to him

  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 17 minutes ago

    That mother is immature and unkind. You don’t treat your own child as such, and it’s silly to chase behind a young man you will never have, as if you are a 13 year old girl. 🙄🤪

  • xTenshiAi
    xTenshiAi 18 minutes ago

    his SMILE IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG i wish i could be that girl

  • Chiii Kaeee
    Chiii Kaeee 19 minutes ago

    When Daebak puts the swords ⚔️ back.😍👍🏻 Yangmal 🧦 Prince 🤴 Daebak🥰☺️

  • Gumiho Mochi
    Gumiho Mochi 20 minutes ago

    55:51 God La Miran strikes again😂

  • Nur Zulaika
    Nur Zulaika 20 minutes ago


  • Nur Zulaika
    Nur Zulaika 20 minutes ago


  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 20 minutes ago

    The mother is so unkind to her own son. And, she is silly, following an old woman’s fantasy. No... not good at all.

  • Mikazuki Han
    Mikazuki Han 20 minutes ago

    Wahahaha go miran mother fight for ur dauther sake those in laws rude manner teach them hahaha

  • 모메
    모메 21 minute ago

    케이넘이쁘다 퀸덤보고 치여온사람? 저요

  • Rahaf.alnaqbi
    Rahaf.alnaqbi 21 minute ago

    omgg got7 they killing mee

  • Seeker KC
    Seeker KC 22 minutes ago

    He wants to e the best at everything EXCEPT a massage parlor owner.

  • 모메
    모메 22 minutes ago

    어ㅏ 와 동작 ㅈㄴ 우아해

  • kanyisa longweni
    kanyisa longweni 23 minutes ago

    Na PD and his team come up with the most amazing ideas. Season 1 was the blueprint of the show as a whole. I love how 2 days 1 night touches your heart and leaves a mark.

  • no exo no life
    no exo no life 24 minutes ago

    Ji Chang wook really is the most gorgeous man ever💜

  • john ann
    john ann 25 minutes ago

    Good v

  • Humble Yoongi
    Humble Yoongi 25 minutes ago

    Korea has high standards.. they say 90kg is heavy.. where i am 90kg is normal. Not too fat nor skinny

  • lily hyun
    lily hyun 25 minutes ago

    You know MAMAMOO is the most talented girl group for the 3rd generation because every member can sing very well not some members. There's no member that can't sing so ended up as visual with no actual function.

  • Danna Burgos
    Danna Burgos 25 minutes ago

    Im in love with these two!

  • 으이그
    으이그 27 minutes ago

    너무 아름다운 연인

  • ami t
    ami t 29 minutes ago

    I m sorry but this is cringey as fuck. What bullshit lyrics!!!

  • Nam Trần Nhật
    Nam Trần Nhật 31 minute ago

    "Should we sleep together in the lower bed?" I miss Pink Sausage :'(

  • Īам ĞяOот
    Īам ĞяOот 31 minute ago

    Can anyone pls tell me the name of song in 8:27

  • Oindree Chakraborty
    Oindree Chakraborty 32 minutes ago

    Changmin when he talked about indian beauties . Poor guy.

  • Joy Love
    Joy Love 32 minutes ago

    Love Red Velvet!!! Joy you are so beautiful! 💚

  • Kookie Monster
    Kookie Monster 33 minutes ago

    Drag him Eden drag him

  • 5u ju
    5u ju 33 minutes ago

    i dont thnk mother need to change her team jst bcz her daughter liks opposite team.. it will be really heartbreaking for mother why should mother giveup all her happiness to her child she have her ri8 too....nd let the girl like wat she wants... nd try to utilize her time nd brain something useful... if the daughters dream to a baseball player then its ok otherwse its a waste for simple fights..

  • P0tat0InT0wn
    P0tat0InT0wn 33 minutes ago

    My god Sian is a player!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Yasmin Salad
    Yasmin Salad 34 minutes ago

    *I AM JUNGSHOOOK HANSOL FROM NCTTTT BITCH WHHAAAAAAAT AND HANGYUL WAS HERE BEFOR DEBUTING WITH X1?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!..............AND THAT GUY FROM P101 BITCH.........where have I been my whole life?!?????????*

  • Wanda Rivera
    Wanda Rivera 34 minutes ago

    Hi exo. How. Love. Me. I. Want to see hem and kiss hem ❤️💋 kiss me 💋💜 Wanda i

  • Erika Angela Tumaliuan
    Erika Angela Tumaliuan 35 minutes ago

    His reaction was the best because he knew that kind of dinosaur would eat them. 😅😅😅

  • I B
    I B 36 minutes ago

    I cried. Her powerful voice, her smile during the whole performance, how she enjoyed it. The struggles and all of the moments she's been through. I really wish her the best. LOVE JIWON <3

  • roshni mukhi
    roshni mukhi 37 minutes ago

    I want all the girls to meet Naeun,Rain,Rawon and Jamjam...😍

  • Toy Train
    Toy Train 42 minutes ago

    29:09 she is the cutest ♡

  • Zulekha Mohamed
    Zulekha Mohamed 43 minutes ago

    Oooh I wish it never ends

  • Nansubuga Rahimah
    Nansubuga Rahimah 43 minutes ago

    I don't know what you think about hangyeol but is so cute

  • lazypeaches
    lazypeaches 43 minutes ago

    K. Will is always amazing 🥰🥰

  • Nisa Sahan
    Nisa Sahan 43 minutes ago

    Looking at him at first, you would think he has a very deep voice bc his body is well trained with muscles and all, but his voice is actually really light and peaceful... not that I would hate his deep voice but that’s what I thought when I first saw him

  • Bambang Budiono
    Bambang Budiono 44 minutes ago

    Subtitel indonesia dong

  • Sergio Bellamy
    Sergio Bellamy 44 minutes ago

    Fuck that face,my Grandpa far more handsome than him!

  • dalilah chimmy
    dalilah chimmy 45 minutes ago

    hyunmin reminds me of Lucas(nct) and idk why but the way he talks and everything 😂😂I can't

  • Chiii Kaeee
    Chiii Kaeee 46 minutes ago

    5:20 I can’t with Appa😂😅🤪 Run Sian Run 🏃..💪🏻 6:33 His face is going through so much these days.😂😅

  • uni-Chloe-corn
    uni-Chloe-corn 47 minutes ago

    Why can’t Dongpyo be give a lethally sexy one?

  • 키키
    키키 47 minutes ago

    솔직히 커버무대 보고 왔는데 러블리즈 몇몇 멤버는 안정적인데 못하는 멤버가 대다수같다...노래연습좀 하길

  • Meli Osas
    Meli Osas 47 minutes ago

    They are more colder that my freezer

  • Nancy Chan
    Nancy Chan 47 minutes ago

    Want to see Jam Jam and Bentley!

  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 48 minutes ago

    He is SO annoyingly selfish, lazy and irresponsible!! 🙄🙄👎🏻👎🏻. His sister needs to cut him loose!

  • Asmaa아스마
    Asmaa아스마 48 minutes ago

    This is the weirdest crowd i've seen in my life, the guy is singing his throat out with them high notes in a live performance and they are just staring blankly at him, i'm crying just by watching the video

  • grime doll
    grime doll 48 minutes ago

    eats then lies down to watch this then i immediately get up when they say she has esophagitis ⋆ ✦(っ^ ₀ ^⊂)

  • Jonalyn Goliat
    Jonalyn Goliat 50 minutes ago

    you are more than pretty than your sister

  • Ntimi Frank
    Ntimi Frank 50 minutes ago

    This move, longer than Jumong😁😁

  • Victoria A
    Victoria A 50 minutes ago

    Omg BTS’ thighs are soo muscular!!

  • Shamita Vidiyala
    Shamita Vidiyala 51 minute ago

    ibighit : (to jimin) this time you won't be wearing a jacket . Jimin : why? ibighit : because you keep on repeting your accident . Jimin :😯😮🙁

  • 애태
    애태 51 minute ago

    i felt like watching this informed me how to be a better korean hahahaha

  • Humble Yoongi
    Humble Yoongi 52 minutes ago

    I hate how koreans comment about weight and looks shamelessly and laugh about it

  • Sab Rinel
    Sab Rinel 53 minutes ago

    يتحدثون باللغة الكورية؟

  • Gumiho Mochi
    Gumiho Mochi 53 minutes ago

    “Jessi is mine!” KSJSKKSKSKKSKS MY SLEEPY/JESSI SHIPPING HEART JUST BURST! Also, “they told me to oppose” awwww Dongjun you sweet child🥰

  • divya G
    divya G 54 minutes ago

    Zoobidoo from 3 idiots on the background!!

  • Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak

    Jung Chanwoo ?? Where are you ? Why you don't appear on Hello Councelor anymore ?...

  • Katie Crowley
    Katie Crowley 54 minutes ago

    0:21 😂😂😂

  • tenzin ongmo
    tenzin ongmo 56 minutes ago

    Cutest thing alive🙈

  • Gumiho Mochi
    Gumiho Mochi 56 minutes ago

    Oh WOAH, Hyorin should just wear flares because her legs in those skin tight pants is just too damn sexy for my weak heart😭

  • daisy cuntapay
    daisy cuntapay 56 minutes ago

    imiss the old luna. 😢 She does a lot of surgery in her face. ☹️

  • Nikolai Ralowicz
    Nikolai Ralowicz 57 minutes ago

    Chris's accent when he's saying "You" GETS ME EVERY TIME I LOVE IT

  • Gumiho Mochi
    Gumiho Mochi 57 minutes ago

    I really hope the whole team would get to witness Jessi’s real wedding some day

  • 별하늘
    별하늘 58 minutes ago

    노래는슬픈짝사랑에 서글픈데 얘들목소리랑안맞다 넘높아 그리고 애들이 밝아 ㅠ슬픔표정도밝아 ㅠ

  • Coraline Jones
    Coraline Jones 58 minutes ago

    Where did the other kids go. Didn't Lion king Fc had more players? I hope more joins and they get more than just 6 players

  • Vijay JACKSON
    Vijay JACKSON 59 minutes ago

    excellent story

  • Coraline Jones
    Coraline Jones 59 minutes ago

    I wanna eat up the little soccer players, they're so freaking cute.. aww little munchkins

  • Dimnie Tv
    Dimnie Tv 59 minutes ago

    The Woman could speak German Iam From Germany too

  • 아이
    아이 59 minutes ago

    와 대현은 비주얼멤인데 노래까지 잘 부르네..

  • Katherina John
    Katherina John 59 minutes ago

    Who is watching it in 2019 Press like✌️

  • Rexx Bailey
    Rexx Bailey Hour ago


  • Eurin
    Eurin Hour ago

    Her brother upsetting me too much :) I think his sister needs to stop care about him and take over his shop then left it behind to her brother

  • menen getachew
    menen getachew Hour ago

    how is no one commenting about the fact that the drawing was made by picasso when he was five leave a like if you suck at drawing too................

  • HAOUES Maroua Ahlem

    Rayeong is the best hhhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂