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  • Siti Zarina
    Siti Zarina 17 seconds ago

    Omg can’t believe he is Dr K from partner in justice (2) 😱😱

  • xo ʕ•ع•ʔ
    xo ʕ•ع•ʔ 51 second ago

    bruh chanmi saying 'wait for me boy' is the cutest shit ever this comeback was soooo cuTE

  • Pritha Marhaeny wibowo

    OUR EXO MANAGERNIM . youngmin oppa so cute hahaha

  • Darin Zahra Salsabila

    I miss him:(

  • KaNeaTieS
    KaNeaTieS Minute ago

    So the real pro here is yewon, who couldn’t really sing her heart out even if she wants to...

  • Anna Lene Haase
    Anna Lene Haase 2 minutes ago

    4:23 can somebody pleaseeeee tell me his name?

  • Kpop lover
    Kpop lover 2 minutes ago


  • leavemealone IhaveBL
    leavemealone IhaveBL 2 minutes ago

    Curiosity killed the cat...

  • yuna valentine
    yuna valentine 3 minutes ago

    I'm only here ncoz of exo👑🔥💜 Baekjunieee saranghae🤩😘💜

  • Prissy Missy
    Prissy Missy 3 minutes ago

    When the daughter started crying and saying how “pitiful” she is... I feel no pity for her at all. How shameless that she can say such things! Her mum left her at home alone because the dad left them and poor mum had to go and work! Mum had such a hard time raising her and she is so unappreciative! And even acted like her mum owed her!

  • Rose Roose
    Rose Roose 3 minutes ago

    English language please

  • gee gee
    gee gee 4 minutes ago

    I noticed that in the video clips of TROS episodes featuring the Park siblings, the number of dislikes ranges from 20 to 40... maybe they are the same people who click the dislike buttons in each of the Park sibling's clips.. it's either they are super diehard fans of other TROS kids and sees the Park siblings as threat since they are really popular or they are really insecure people who are jealous of the Park family...

  • nono nono
    nono nono 4 minutes ago


  • kdisc00l
    kdisc00l 6 minutes ago

    william first tattoo gonna be 120

  • ayu dian
    ayu dian 7 minutes ago

    58:05...anjirrr musuh dlam zelimut😰😰😰

  • Dinkley Winkley
    Dinkley Winkley 7 minutes ago

    Solar should be the new Disney princess and the movie will be called mamamoo as Eric nam as the prince(if you know what I am taking about) :)

  • Ika MeSky
    Ika MeSky 7 minutes ago

    Bam leg..i know this

  • Hajra Hidayah
    Hajra Hidayah 7 minutes ago

    It looks like lia kim choreography style😂😂😂.

  • Gin San
    Gin San 8 minutes ago

    aaaaaah so lovely i cant stop watching them .

  • Rima Ima
    Rima Ima 8 minutes ago

    Jijik liat ji eun senyum!

  • Najla Borhan
    Najla Borhan 8 minutes ago

    Donggook is so handsome

  • 小川AY
    小川AY 9 minutes ago

    이런 노래가 있었다니.. 깡을 먼저 봐서 그런가! 위화감이 읍엌 🥶

  • Deevena디브나
    Deevena디브나 10 minutes ago

    Oh my gosh!! I laughed till my throat started hurting!!! 😂😂?...Sooooooo funny!!😂😂

  • Yein민
    Yein민 10 minutes ago

    I've been living in Saudi Arabia for 9 years already and I have alot of Egyptian friends. Most of them really don't practice their religion seriously and I understand them and I also have some Korean friends who weren't born Muslim but they were converted into Muslim and they still can't cope up with the religion so I hope that y'all should stop judging them.

  • Gin San
    Gin San 11 minutes ago


  • RJ Vids
    RJ Vids 11 minutes ago

    Chen's part was from 2:11 to 2:29 Too bad camera didn't catch them properly 😕

  • Gin San
    Gin San 12 minutes ago

    they are the best when they are together .

  • Nuri Septi Rafiyanti
    Nuri Septi Rafiyanti 12 minutes ago

    The tallest member in mamamoo looks shorter here 😂

  •  12 minutes ago

    Jungkook’s vocal 🥰🥰🥰

  • ErinHaigh
    ErinHaigh 13 minutes ago

    I feel violated just watching this, I can’t imagine how she feels, poor girl. He just makes my skin crawl ugh

  • SH Grace
    SH Grace 14 minutes ago

    Bentley 😍😍😍 so cute

  • D'Yion Flenorl
    D'Yion Flenorl 14 minutes ago

    Okay i just wanna say one thing....can yall mentioning the damn scandal like can we just appreciate this video thank u have a nice day

  • Gin San
    Gin San 14 minutes ago

    beautiful song .

  • Gin San
    Gin San 15 minutes ago

    aaaaaah junho my love .

  • Kpop lover
    Kpop lover 15 minutes ago

    The dog is aDORABALLLLLLLLLLEEE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Gin San
    Gin San 16 minutes ago

    he had nice voice .

  • Shawnie Storer
    Shawnie Storer 16 minutes ago

    Can we just agree that the dinner scene song was the best for how she was feeling. So sad had me even crying.

  • Gin San
    Gin San 18 minutes ago


  • Yuliana Irene
    Yuliana Irene 18 minutes ago

    Lee Jaeyoon 🥰❤️

  • Анастасия У.
    Анастасия У. 18 minutes ago

    каждый раз, когда я влюбляюсь в тебя все больше и больше)

  • Thinzar Kyaw
    Thinzar Kyaw 18 minutes ago

    I'm your big fan since i first saw you in High Kick...Stay strong...I will be your forever fan.

  • Анастасия У.
    Анастасия У. 19 minutes ago

    каждый раз, когда я влюбляюсь в тебя все больше и больше)

  • Azatil Faezi
    Azatil Faezi 19 minutes ago

    jungkook is mine

  • Gin San
    Gin San 20 minutes ago

    chansung my crush .

  • Анастасия У.
    Анастасия У. 20 minutes ago

    Я люблю тебя, TXT, так сильно! Удачи и оставайтесь сильными. МОА всегда будет рядом, чтобы поддержать вас!

  • Filipino American Homeschooler

    3 of my favorites

  • Medarika Passah
    Medarika Passah 21 minute ago

    I hate shin woohon I don't like him

  • Tagam Jeram
    Tagam Jeram 21 minute ago

    Omg my exams are coming soon and i am not preparing for it cause i am so love with this drama especially ji chang wook oppa💓❤

  • Sem David Timothy Sitanggang

    In my opinion , mamamoo is the only third generation kpop that sing really well in live performance without lip sync, the other is second gen SNSD, i could be wrong but after watching so my girl groups, that is what i am sure right now

  • Mei
    Mei 23 minutes ago

    my heart is so soft rn _soft hours_ don't disturb

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 23 minutes ago

    She could dress up as a husky for Halloween

  • Ainin Sofiya
    Ainin Sofiya 24 minutes ago

    Both my bias and bias wreckerrrr i love thrmmm

  • 라아
    라아 25 minutes ago

    im crying how could he be this so gentle 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Prissy Missy
    Prissy Missy 25 minutes ago

    The little girl had such a cute and contagious giggle... But she started tearing after talking about her difficulties. The mum is so heartless... I’m worried the little girl will lose her cheerfulness eventually. The mum should try to do what she made her daughter do! Then she will know how tough it is!

  • A Kookie and a Bunny
    A Kookie and a Bunny 26 minutes ago

    Before, idols can collab without any issues and now even just them glancing at each other is already defined as "dating"

  • Asma Saeed
    Asma Saeed 27 minutes ago

    Am salivating right now 🤤

  • Demon Lords
    Demon Lords 27 minutes ago

    I clicked this video for the story, watching bc of the food, and staying bc I heard EXO's Obsession being played in the background :)))))

  • Bhavya Anju
    Bhavya Anju 27 minutes ago

    I like 4minute but now i miss them so much ☹☹☹😭 but i think why ? they are banned🤔🤔

  • XeXeeD
    XeXeeD 28 minutes ago

    13k aruy jusme hahahaha

  • otakuxkpopper
    otakuxkpopper 28 minutes ago

    ok but in home when wonwoo's blazer slid off i fUCKING LOST IT

  • otakuxkpopper
    otakuxkpopper 29 minutes ago


  • Jessica
    Jessica 29 minutes ago

    How can they sing high note with dancing at the same time

  • jessica tsao
    jessica tsao 29 minutes ago

    This Drama is the BEST! I love This ! THis Korean Drama The BEST. I'm Not Kidding. I love this Korean Drama Sooooo Much.

  • Yein민
    Yein민 29 minutes ago

    seeing ilaaf go to school as a foreigner makes me feel like i want to continue my dream to go to school in korea. my parents were planning for me to go to korea and go to school there since i get bullied alot last year but i told them not to do it because i didn't know how korean students act and treat foreigners. but seeing ilaaf having so much friends make me realize that i was wrong.

  • Sana Alexa Yeolipop
    Sana Alexa Yeolipop 30 minutes ago

    What is the name of the ost in the end 31:50??

  • Chityew Ananta
    Chityew Ananta 30 minutes ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 i like dress up song🤣🤣

  • Mauidah Hasanah
    Mauidah Hasanah 31 minute ago

    whats the song? can someone please tell me?

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 32 minutes ago

    Why are Korean talk shows more interesting than American talk shows?

  • Radana Dria
    Radana Dria 32 minutes ago

    i love taegwang😍❤️🖐🏻

  • Sylvadd
    Sylvadd 32 minutes ago

    Chungha is in here??? wow

  • Kry Sochanneang
    Kry Sochanneang 32 minutes ago


  • Grace Park
    Grace Park 34 minutes ago

    The reason why baby’s stare at some one is because they think that person is beautiful (proven by new scientists)

  • Neena Ramakrishnan
    Neena Ramakrishnan 35 minutes ago

    Make up!🤮

  • Nancy Marlen Romero Vargas

    Me encanta 😘😘 D&E me encanta 😘😘😘

  • Senyora Camz
    Senyora Camz 36 minutes ago

    Poor daehan 😔

  • Jean Jeannette
    Jean Jeannette 36 minutes ago

    Jisung's voice really warms my heart

  • Jode mae Hibionada
    Jode mae Hibionada 37 minutes ago

    Wow,anticipating now...

  • ꧁Yerin-Yuju Buddy꧂
    ꧁Yerin-Yuju Buddy꧂ 40 minutes ago

    Thanks for upload..

  • Adekunle Adedoyinsola
    Adekunle Adedoyinsola 41 minute ago

    Is this the only episode

  • TiaTam
    TiaTam 42 minutes ago

    So I clicked because I saw Sana but now I'm just kinda really happy to see that two Germans are on the list (since I'm German myself)-

  • Dr Sheetal
    Dr Sheetal 42 minutes ago

    Such a beautiful muvi 👌👌👌 thnku KBS ..plzz keep making ds short muvis 😇

    SEDRA STARS 43 minutes ago

    وووووووووووواو استمرو😊

  • Sadia Mohammad
    Sadia Mohammad 43 minutes ago

    Ewwww! What a filthy, characterless woman! Probably hates herself and takes out the brunt on her daughter. Poor hag 😂

  • ꧁Yerin-Yuju Buddy꧂
    ꧁Yerin-Yuju Buddy꧂ 44 minutes ago

    They're even a human beings ?

  • Spring Sun
    Spring Sun 44 minutes ago


  • rizky fitria
    rizky fitria 47 minutes ago

    Terimakasih karna selalu memberi translate IND ThankUsomuch....

  • jimin got all the jams
    jimin got all the jams 47 minutes ago

    What song is playing at 11:55???? Someone pls help me

  • Riahn imaginer
    Riahn imaginer 48 minutes ago

    I miss seungjae. Huhu

  • Devi Rose
    Devi Rose 50 minutes ago

    My favorit scene start at 16:32 😘😘

  • Peace Anaja
    Peace Anaja 51 minute ago

    Yugyeom bam bam

  • Feb Laguda
    Feb Laguda 52 minutes ago


  • DeazSOL
    DeazSOL 52 minutes ago

    My favourite!! 🌸

  • zahar marwa
    zahar marwa 52 minutes ago

    I like how seyong is just being seyong. Ps : Every human has a part that we call greedy.

  • Yein민
    Yein민 53 minutes ago

    you guys, they should be in the Return of Superman.

  • Yuli Purwanti
    Yuli Purwanti 53 minutes ago

    Suddenly I miss Feeldog , and come here to rewatch this again😭

  • Ace Stryder
    Ace Stryder 53 minutes ago

    How to stay fit...imo...eat meats, eggs, noodles, meats meats n keep training. Advanced training. My only cardio is diving n swimming daily.

  • Minseok is Art
    Minseok is Art 54 minutes ago

    Omg this is so cute

    ARYAN JHA 54 minutes ago

    Is that Heo Min? Thanks for showing your back.

  • Kavisa Ghosh
    Kavisa Ghosh 54 minutes ago

    Omg... 👍🙂 cute