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What happens next week?
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  • Khalid
    Khalid 16 minutes ago

    Always great😍👍🏼

  • The Catgod2507
    The Catgod2507 3 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • Rytekin
    Rytekin 3 hours ago

    Avi vincocur did a cover on from whom the bell tolls, very interesting take on the song but I was wondering what your take would be on . Obviously great and that's not on a bias. Keep up the talented work

  • Daniel Carvalho
    Daniel Carvalho 9 hours ago

    You're amazing. I visit this channel everyday. I would love to see you doing a cover of Through the Valley.

  • عزو الدرسي
    عزو الدرسي 10 hours ago


  • Michael Stringer
    Michael Stringer 10 hours ago

    “My father once told me that if you stare into the fire long enough, you can see the whole world pass by.” Hosea Matthews, 1899

  • Yuan Nalaprana
    Yuan Nalaprana 19 hours ago

    Just a friendly reminder don't come to the comment section if you haven't finished the game

  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel121996 21 hour ago

    listen to this while playing rdr 2

  • Thxm
    Thxm 23 hours ago


  • C- four
    C- four Day ago

    Genial.... Muy muy Buena

  • Terminator S-K-3


  • O BeReTaH
    O BeReTaH Day ago

    what's the name of the original composer of this song? what's the style of this song called?

    • O BeReTaH
      O BeReTaH 14 hours ago

      @Christian Larsson Thanks for the answer. I'm your fan... I love your songs, always listen.Thanks a lot.

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson Day ago

      Some sort of country/bluegrass I guess! The original composer is David Ferguson. ❤️

  • Johannes Christensen

    This is better than the original 😀😀😀

  • mr x
    mr x Day ago

    What music gendre is this

    MEME MEME Day ago

    @christian larsson what type of harmonice you used? I mean like ounces and keys? Thanks btw! 👉

  • Navu Assassin
    Navu Assassin Day ago

    Dude you nailed it

  • Muffin man
    Muffin man Day ago

    does any one think of with or without you by u2 listening to this song?

  • Richard Petrie

    You have done an amazing job on this song well done 👍

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    I come too your channel on a daily. Your Music is great!

  • ayysop
    ayysop Day ago

    It’s illegal to not ride slowly while this was playing

  • Graeme Marshall
    Graeme Marshall 2 days ago

    I'm still amazed how the audio on this is better than any modern music in quality, capturing everything, even with youtube compression. Blows my mind!

    • Graeme Marshall
      Graeme Marshall 2 days ago

      about 500th listen lol my gran wants the album on cd so bad

  • Jad Moussa
    Jad Moussa 2 days ago

    Jhon charles lumbago

  • Rafaelle Andre Delos Santos

    One of the best song I listened

  • the king john marston

    I love you friend

  • hotseat810519
    hotseat810519 2 days ago

    Hej Christian. Jag beundrar alla dina covers från red dead redemption2 och 1, dom e fasen så mycket bättre än originalen och jag kan sitta och lyssna på dom om och om igen. De hade varit väldigt intressant om du hade kunnat gjort covers på The good the bad and the ugly theme song, och the ecstasy of gold. De e ju väldigt bra låtar från en rigtigt bra kultfilm med clint eastwood.

  • Jacko 27
    Jacko 27 2 days ago

    This is fantastic Christian

  • sam_frinax sam
    sam_frinax sam 2 days ago

    this fire song burned my ears 🔥

  • Luiz Eduardo Santos

    You are the kind of artist where I love every song you release. You deserve all the best buddy.

  • George Pech
    George Pech 2 days ago

    This is a masterpiece cover! Hands down!

  • YeahWhatever
    YeahWhatever 2 days ago

    My God, what a fantastic cover! 🥇🔥

  • Rudemooddude Hamburg

    Man you're are my brother from another mother 🤣

  • internetguy
    internetguy 2 days ago

    this song is perfect to honor a dearly departed soul who has battled an illness.

  • Rafaelle Andre Delos Santos

    Hey that's my beard style in RDR2

  • June Aakvik
    June Aakvik 2 days ago

    Ah,needed that! Your voice is like heroine 🖤

  • cemal a.
    cemal a. 2 days ago

    Damn this could be the official version of it! well done! I was looking for this song but couldn’t find an official version by rockstar games? does anybody know if there is any? Edit: Noo. I hope you will release this soon! I need it! :)

    • cemal a.
      cemal a. 2 days ago

      Christian Larsson I understand. :/ Hopefully they will.

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson 2 days ago

      Thank you so much! Can’t release it legally before the original is out. Hope they will release it soon :/

  • Hein Geraeds
    Hein Geraeds 2 days ago

    Wow better than the orginal man you deserved more subscribers man love your music

  • Ludwig Gonzaga
    Ludwig Gonzaga 2 days ago

    I Still have a Goddamn plan Arthur!

  • Psycho ClownXP
    Psycho ClownXP 2 days ago

    Sounds amazing you should also cover Bob marleys redemption song or do the whole o brother where art thou soundtrack you would make them sound amazing lol

  • Evan Gambrill
    Evan Gambrill 2 days ago

    What instrument CANT this man play

  • sammytherat
    sammytherat 2 days ago

    Your vocals and the masterful blend of the instruments are the best I have heard. You sir, are destined for greatness. Btw, you should definitely try some songs from The National. Also, the guitar, is it a Breedlove guitar?

  • Eldiablo
    Eldiablo 3 days ago

    Not available on Canadian iTunes. 🙁

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson 2 days ago

      It’s because of some law in Canada :/ I can’t sell covers there. But they should be available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music etc ❤️

  • Allen A.
    Allen A. 3 days ago

    Earned a sub❤

  • Chispita Music4ever

    This game is my favorite, it helped to forget about my anxiety and depression, I Love You, Red Dead Redemption❤️

  • Omar Al-Abd
    Omar Al-Abd 3 days ago

    The Shape Changes ... The Soul Passion Remains Forever ... Then Sons Of Anarchy Now Red Dead Redemption

  • Benn Limos
    Benn Limos 3 days ago

    I sometimes wish this song would not end.

  • Rockies Hacker
    Rockies Hacker 3 days ago

    With all my love, from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️❤️.

  • Gacha Boy
    Gacha Boy 3 days ago

    Admit it we all cried when Aurther took his last breath

  • The AKTUAL
    The AKTUAL 3 days ago

    really cool,there are few such talented musicians these days

  • Creepsmeout Yeeting

    Cruel cruel world I'm gone...auther is gone from his cruel...cruel life

  • Groos
    Groos 3 days ago

    Outlaws for life

  • daniella rasso
    daniella rasso 3 days ago

    Bravo Christian!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

  • nemesis Slayer
    nemesis Slayer 3 days ago

    Damn dude this is amazing, keep up the good work my friend

  • D
    D 3 days ago

    I think you could cover a couple more NiN songs not all obviously but there's still quite a few that fit your style well

  • Rudemooddude Hamburg

    You killed it man

  • NiTrizzl
    NiTrizzl 3 days ago

    I just discovered your channel today, your covers are mighty impressive mate. I look forward to watching more.

  • laurette kirk
    laurette kirk 3 days ago

    perfect song to play red dead redemption <3

  • David weber
    David weber 3 days ago

    Try some Dylan covers my first I think youd rock is Lay lady Lay and then Tangled up in blue

  • David weber
    David weber 3 days ago

    There is no end to you talent.

  • julie p
    julie p 3 days ago

    Omg relived moments of the game.. Beautifully done.. 🎶🎶🎸🤗👍

  • julie p
    julie p 3 days ago

    Absolutely love the title.. Memory time thank you.. 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💕

  • julie p
    julie p 3 days ago

    Wow sooo beautiful this one bought tears.. Loved it. 💕🎶🎶🎸🤗....

  • Ken Newman
    Ken Newman 3 days ago

    I have watched treasure video a lot your violin work is really good you must have the patience of a saint well done 👍

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson 2 days ago

      Thank you so much! It took almost a full month to learn that solo haha!

  • Tristoid 250
    Tristoid 250 3 days ago

    Are you gonna put this on Streaming Services ? It's a really great cover

  • why am i here
    why am i here 3 days ago

    Awsome cover

  • Lucas DM
    Lucas DM 4 days ago

    That's good, make sure the gang receives his part. And now, get lost.

    BLACKDEATH HELL 4 days ago

    I like your music saludos desde Perú Me gustaría decirte que tu musica es hermosa y que lo descargo en full HD tus música es buena amigo

  • Chrome Squire
    Chrome Squire 4 days ago

    Beautiful just beautiful, you are one of my favorite musicians. Thank you.

    PREGO 4 days ago


    • PREGO
      PREGO 2 days ago

      @Christian Larsson no problem friend great cover you are amazing

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson 2 days ago

      Probably not, sorry. ❤️

  • Robert Gibbs
    Robert Gibbs 4 days ago

    Awesome! Bought your redemption album off Amazon. Been wearing it out. Love your versions. Keep it up!!

  • WantedGame
    WantedGame 4 days ago

    amazing, again ;)

  • Gamer 157 & 157
    Gamer 157 & 157 4 days ago


  • Gamer 157 & 157
    Gamer 157 & 157 4 days ago


  • Lucas DM
    Lucas DM 4 days ago


    • Lucas DM
      Lucas DM 2 days ago

      @Christian Larsson that's a pretty good job, so far. Keep up with the good work my friend!!

    • Christian Larsson
      Christian Larsson 2 days ago


  • Seblie0125
    Seblie0125 4 days ago

    Sverige äger!!!

  • Isabela Raiane
    Isabela Raiane 4 days ago

    Muito bom ❤️

  • Ratio
    Ratio 4 days ago

    Love when you hit those low notes. Your covers sound really cinematic. If you ever release original music, I'm sure it would work extremely well in TV/ Film.

  • عزو الدرسي

    God bless you bro , thanks to red ded

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 4 days ago

    Showed you to my family and every single one loved your voice. You deserve a million subs

  • luperjr52
    luperjr52 4 days ago

    My Friend this sounds great!!

    FOOTBALL OF GODS 4 days ago

    Tu é muito bom cara, continua !!!

  • Red dead Redemption

    Thats great😁

  • Matthew Pate
    Matthew Pate 4 days ago

    Your Spotify playlist has become part of my daily routine for weeks now

  • Cryanek
    Cryanek 4 days ago

    One of the most underrated channels I've ever come across. No doubt. Keep up the good work, fam😁😁😁

  • Hector Guillen
    Hector Guillen 4 days ago

    Esta muy bueno los covers que haces bro sigue asi, saludos de mexico

  • 孙凯
    孙凯 4 days ago

    Love you forever!!!!!!

  • Caleb Kepple
    Caleb Kepple 4 days ago

    Your sound is one of a kind thank you for your video I still would love to hear you cover rocky mountain high by john denver or county roads by him

  • Alex's adventures
    Alex's adventures 4 days ago

    Amazing as always also your beard is beautiful🤣 thank you!

  • Ali Ghost-gamer
    Ali Ghost-gamer 4 days ago


  • Nox Loki
    Nox Loki 4 days ago

    Hell of a song, i salute you boah.

  • Amer Alamer
    Amer Alamer 4 days ago

    I hope you remember my comment for you in a previous song about my request to sing a song ( Far from any road ) Greetings to you

  • Amer Alamer
    Amer Alamer 4 days ago

    Legend 🙏🏻

  • julie p
    julie p 4 days ago

    Coming home. Putting my feet up.. And then eyes closed and all I hear is the beautiful strumming of the guitar.. And this voice of softness.. Amazing.. 🎶🎶🎸💕🤗.... Words made everything come alive... 🌹..

  • Villa Diodatis
    Villa Diodatis 4 days ago

    Yep, not disappointed. Love your work! <3

  • RIP Arthur Morgan
    RIP Arthur Morgan 4 days ago

    Still get goosebumps

  • Shannon Henman
    Shannon Henman 4 days ago

    Here go the waterworks again

  • Rekkfir sā Brautingi

    Nice work, man! I Like your covers so much and i'm so happy that your Channel is growing. You earned it!

  • Илья Зассеев

    Keep doing, you are awesome, there are a lot of words I can say, but I just want you to know that I love you and I'll support you in any case! Thank you so much for your art. Greetings from Russia

  • Vanessa Eßlinger
    Vanessa Eßlinger 4 days ago

    Wow alltså! Så grym 😍

  • kepill kepill
    kepill kepill 4 days ago

    When can I buy it?

  • joi fu
    joi fu 4 days ago

    Your voice is so calming, I love it.