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Rad - Inside Gaming Review
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    RPTHELEGEND 89 4 hours ago

    I'll stop gaming before i do this shit

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 hours ago


  • Kissker Venwrath
    Kissker Venwrath 5 hours ago

    oh no, same wording as Bethesda on Fallout 76! Red Alert! Red Alert! pay to win mechanics bound to be introduced within a year of release! Battle Passes? Ok.. fine.. but when those are just "pay monthly"... and it'll probably be $15 for the pass.

  • sarajade86
    sarajade86 5 hours ago

    Star citizen team should just sell to another company

  • lloyd Hedges
    lloyd Hedges 5 hours ago

    7 years and enough money to build a small island.. If the fans still haven't figured out they've invested in a obvious scam then then they deserve what they get. It was blatantly obvious it wasn't gonna release by year two how have people stayed commited for seven god damn years?

  • Chris Erichson
    Chris Erichson 6 hours ago

    Elder Scrolls 6 turned 8 this year ..... add it to the list

  • Just Evil
    Just Evil 6 hours ago

    Lets be honest here. Star Citizen 7 years in is still better than Anthem after it's 7 years of " development ".

  • Burger Muncher
    Burger Muncher 7 hours ago

    I couldn't give 2 shits if they add loot boxes only if they are completely cosmetic but if we get a fucking rainbow bunny for Easter or a santa outfit I'm gonna go to activison and start protesting 😂

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm 7 hours ago

    Fallout 76 or Anthem? Which one will close down first?

  • Medic Medulla
    Medic Medulla 7 hours ago

    Yawn of coarse hate train circle jerk

  • JKidd
    JKidd 7 hours ago

    The plus store still wants 59.99 for the game.

  • Amir M
    Amir M 7 hours ago

    honestly , your knowledge on star citizen , is almost 0 . i mean , why would star citizen sell ships ? let me ask you one , why would you grow beard on your big jaw knowing that it will make your face look like pears ??? the kickstarter started with 7 staff . cyberpunk has been in development for 10 years and started with FULL studios locked and loaded to create the game . 90% of what you said was wrong , star citizen has its problems , but you really need to be inside the show and follow it very closely to find out what they are , which im not gonna waste my time rounding them up .

  • NukeDukem 614
    NukeDukem 614 8 hours ago


  • Raymond Whiting
    Raymond Whiting 8 hours ago

    The park: entire story is found notes It isn't scary

    SLAVIC VOJNIK 8 hours ago

    ik snap niet dat zo veel mensen haten deze game.als je niet leuk vind speel die AAA games die jij voor 60 dollar of euro betaald en die zijn vol met bugs.ik heb liever dat ze lekker rustig die speel maken dan dat het met vol bugs ziet net als die AAA games.ik heb 900 euro in die spel gezet en ik heb zeker geen spijt van en ik ga zeker meer doen.wat er besteed geen dender spel als star citizen,en nog wat veel van die gasten zijn geen gamers die spleen haten wat ik heb ook no man's sky en ik ben dol op die game.echte gamer houd van alle spelen het maakt niet uit of het op Xbox is of PS4 of pc. en nog wat het is maar game is niet echte dus doe maar rustig aan en geniet van je leven.en als jij niet kan betalen een game pc en star citizen dan moet je het ook niet haten dat is jouw probleem niet van die game.

  • DrIVnGame
    DrIVnGame 8 hours ago

    I’ll have an md by the time this comes out and I’m starting next year 😆

  • AirB_
    AirB_ 8 hours ago

    People is forgetting that the DEV had to rework everything on the new LumberYard Engine, and since they are on LumberYard now, they have a Schedule for each update, and in each schedule shows what will be in the game, and so far they have achieved what was say in the schedule update.

  • Kuba G
    Kuba G 8 hours ago

    I just hope it comes out

  • Bader Alotaibr
    Bader Alotaibr 8 hours ago

    U look like john cena

  • DC Debates
    DC Debates 9 hours ago

    How long before Start Citizen is offically the Fyre Festival of gaming?

  • ROG 860
    ROG 860 9 hours ago

    Why do people that are slating Star Citizen never mention the roadmap?

  • Super Dad
    Super Dad 9 hours ago

    I can't wait to play this game... eventually. Maybe in about 10-12 months from release.

  • Phil
    Phil 9 hours ago

    Star Citizen is a Con keep buying ships !

  • Zig Bingham
    Zig Bingham 10 hours ago

    Thought I was listening to Norm Macdonald. The reality is most as good.

  • Turretguy
    Turretguy 11 hours ago

    The battle pass is gonna have to be GREAT in order for people to buy it. Look at Apex, season 1s battle pass sucked and it’s a F2P game so they needed it to be good to make money and couldn’t. I feel like modern warfare won’t even try to make it good regardless tho

  • Turretguy
    Turretguy 11 hours ago

    Cool that you got Jude Law on the show with you Lawrence

  • BC P
    BC P 11 hours ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... this piece of shit game is just a cash grab and everyone is being taken for fools.

  • Minitaur
    Minitaur 11 hours ago

    "2nd day confirmed through emotional manipulation." - Pretty much whenever you take someone to an amusement park for a first date.

  • MarioMadness
    MarioMadness 11 hours ago

    Call of duty isn't just doing a normal battle pass like black ops 4... they have free and premium options !!!

  • Night Spark
    Night Spark 12 hours ago

    9 years in development and it was worth the weight

    • Night Spark
      Night Spark 12 hours ago

      And honestly I feel like that is what its gonna do

  • YavinPrime
    YavinPrime 12 hours ago

    Yikes... some days I forget that Star Citizen is a thing. I was excited for it back in 2012 but so much time has passed that it's ridiculous. I'm glad I didn't pay to back it. These days with all the ships for sale it feels a bit "pay to win"-ish in my opinion. I'd like to try the game if they get it out of the gate in the future but right now it feels like feature creep has turned this one into vaporware for the foreseeable future. I'm sure they're going to release something at some point... you can't take hundreds of millions from people and not expect them to sue you for fraud if you don't release a product. However on the other hand I don't think it'll be what those backers thought they were going to get. I wish they'd kept the scope more narrow, released a game and then added features to it post-launch. Instead we have this thing that feels like a gangly out of control monster project that feels like a dream that'll never happen.

  • SkyeWolf
    SkyeWolf 12 hours ago

    People who've never actually played the game should not be allowed to cover news of said game.. So get Gus out here for these segments.

  • DontTellPike
    DontTellPike 12 hours ago

    The wording on their announcement still seems to suggest that future weapons can be bought in the store, and that you can grind the free battlepass to get cod points to then later buy the weapons/attachments. The statement is clear on "base weapons and attachments" for the launch, but really vague on the post release content. The only real good thing is that you'll get free maps even if you don't pay for the pass.

  • kevinsmak
    kevinsmak 12 hours ago

    I feel like Crowfall isn't far behind...

  • Frisbeehat
    Frisbeehat 12 hours ago

    Pokemon Go ad in the middle of the video. Perfect.

  • The Jordan Complex
    The Jordan Complex 13 hours ago

    7 years. Still not out *laughs in kingdom hearts*

  • Andre Scott
    Andre Scott 13 hours ago

    In its current state the game looks beautiful and the community is wonderful I definitely don't recommend buying ships but the base price for what you get in the Alpha is definitely worth it. After 7 years it's completely sad but if you look at the game for just what it is today its a lot of fun and worth the 45$. If you have backed the game I recommend just getting back into it.

  • Andre Scott
    Andre Scott 13 hours ago

    I've been playing star citizen more since alpha 3.5 and it's in 3.7 now and I completely understand that it could be a scam but the feeling you get when you get into your ship and take it to area 18 is just too amazing to put into words.

  • JC S
    JC S 13 hours ago

    *take this in* They knew they're game was gonna be some bullshit, if you donated in 2013 you probably want your $40 - $4,500 back so half of your donation went into a anti-refund terms and conditions policy that they know gamer's don't read.

  • Robbie Adams
    Robbie Adams 13 hours ago

    It's a common theme from games news reporters on the outside of the game. You judge what's going on - what it looks like to you, and the few minute instances of disgruntled people / former employees --- without ever considering the fact that there are still HUNDREDS of happy developers (who have been on the project for YEARS), AND MILLIONS of happy backers (who continue to back more), who are completely happy with the content coming out. I am happier with the quantity / quality of content I have ALREADY GOTTEN for my hundreds of dollars, than I have EVER been, with the quantity of content I've gotten from any $60 game. And there are millions more like me. Just because you don't understand it / appreciate it, doesn't magically make it stupid.

  • Kuwabara Kuwabara
    Kuwabara Kuwabara 13 hours ago

    Also when RDR2 comes to PC say goodbye to RDR Online. All those fucking hackers will ruin the game just like they did in RDR1.

  • JC S
    JC S 13 hours ago

    *take this in* There are people who have donated to the kick starter who are currently no longer alive, never got to play the official release. Can they look these folk up and immortalize them in the game? I mean at this point SC will be revolutionary or the biggest joke in video gaming history.

  • Kuwabara Kuwabara
    Kuwabara Kuwabara 13 hours ago

    “Give us money and we will make EVERYTHING!!!” What could go wrong??? Hahahaha...

  • danidanfm
    danidanfm 13 hours ago

    elite dangrous welcomes all who search for space fun

  • Fwazangalang Entertainment

    Did the free keys given with GPUs count towards Anthem's sale counts?

  • J Chapman
    J Chapman 13 hours ago

    I rely on Brian's review for all of my game purchases.

  • Dragonking1984
    Dragonking1984 14 hours ago

    I would say i can't believe people are stupid enough to keep giving this thing more time & money. But i couldn't say that with a straight face. What's interesting is if this was anything else people would be pissed about it taking 7 years (and counting) and $230 million (and counting) but with this it's ok? Also it sounds like Chris Roberts thinks himself a Tony Stark type. This is the worst kind of leader/boss to have. (yes the same can be said about Stark as well) someone who thinks they are the only ones who get it. Are the only ones who can see the big picture and are the only ones who can shoulder the burden of whatever issues are being faced. Also hearing about Roberts trying to make it in movies. Sounds like he took the Uwe Boll approach where he too used a German tax code loophole to fund his work.

  • hoe peoples
    hoe peoples 14 hours ago

    More like scam citizen

  • Andy Mtown
    Andy Mtown 14 hours ago

    its actually starting to become a game, slowly.... when server streaming and persistance are enabled next year it will be barebones feature complete. then they just have to add more systems. keep in mind the game being developed now is leagues apart from the game that was kickstarted. its also way above any normal AAA shovelware so 7 years isnt that long

  • Grimace1047
    Grimace1047 14 hours ago

    I grew up like 20 minutes from Buttzville. Nice to see my backwoods up there lmao.

  • Aether Blackstar
    Aether Blackstar 14 hours ago

    When does this sort of thing end? I feel like it will be abused even more in the future to the point it's dangerous

  • Lawrence Butler
    Lawrence Butler 15 hours ago

    Making the greatest Space Sim of all time takes exactly that...time.

  • Richard Reney
    Richard Reney 15 hours ago

    They always say this and then we get the game and BAM LOOTBOXES

  • drawing with pencil
    drawing with pencil 15 hours ago

    I'm done with consoles seriously first this disgusting drift situation with the normal switch and the new switch lite then the ps connect thing this is all a mess and it seems like its getting worse and worse consoles are just not as good as they used to be but I'm not trying to get any hate I'm just saying my opinion on these situations and why they should try to solve them

  • blipzero
    blipzero 15 hours ago


  • kavmanproductions
    kavmanproductions 16 hours ago

    1:30 sad to say boss, but this is new to the young gamers.

  • DelusionalKCM
    DelusionalKCM 16 hours ago

    I’m a PS4 player and I gotta say that’s pretty shitty of em

  • Shane's OnAir
    Shane's OnAir 16 hours ago

    Maybe if they waited to finish the game. Game makers today have a big problem. Unfinished games.

  • TheBigManUno
    TheBigManUno 16 hours ago

    Star Citizen is (maybe accidentally?) the most successful scam in the video game industry.

  • Eric
    Eric 16 hours ago

    It's almost like no one knows that Elite: Dangerous does most of what Star Citizen"s persistent world is supposed to do.

    • Chris Erichson
      Chris Erichson 6 hours ago

      @Eric There's alot more to Star Citizen than that. You can gather harvestables, board other ships, go spelunking, do investigations, raid bunkers, gather and place your stuff where you want in your ship. Not to mention all the player driven content. And that's just the things that are implemented into the game so far. Elite Dangerous has a long way to go to catch up with Star Citizen PU. You should try it out in the next free fly event. It's dramatically different from Elite.

    • Eric
      Eric 6 hours ago

      @Chris Erichson Multi-crew ships and space combat and exploration, planetary and star system exploration, overarching meta and in-game global events, multiple ships of various types that suit different styles of gameplay.

    • Chris Erichson
      Chris Erichson 10 hours ago

      Like what?

  • BashtheSaiyan
    BashtheSaiyan 16 hours ago

    Epic YEAAAAAH, Lawrence.

  • Dead1te
    Dead1te 17 hours ago

    paid £60 years ago for base access and ship... have tried it a few times in that time, ran like arse when i did try it, on an i7/gtx 1080, get update emails now and again, today get an email asking for more money to upgrade ship... they can finish the damn game before i give them another penny more, cheeky fucks

  • Orphican
    Orphican 17 hours ago

    TFW a game that doesn't exist yet looks better than most "AAA" titles already released.

  • Jodeci Cowell
    Jodeci Cowell 17 hours ago

    Protecc Conor

  • Vishnu Kamdar
    Vishnu Kamdar 17 hours ago

    When Star Citizen comes out it won't be set in the future anymore.

    RIOMACK11 17 hours ago

    They should lock up the guys that made the go fund me for star citizen

    RIOMACK11 17 hours ago

    This game is never going to be made

  • Jason Thacker
    Jason Thacker 18 hours ago

    The Star Citizen ponzi scheme continues

  • The Sarcastic Wolf
    The Sarcastic Wolf 18 hours ago

    What happened to the know?

  • Tubewatcher 501
    Tubewatcher 501 18 hours ago

    The reason they keep making and selling ships is...people want them and spend a ton of money on them very willingly.

  • Oversalt
    Oversalt 18 hours ago

    "No political comments, only game related things" and yet remember OWL streams having moments where they expressed their support for LGBT rights etc.

  • J White
    J White 18 hours ago

    I'd say Blizz is the biggest heel turn since Marty Jannetty jumped through that barbershop window.

  • Ascension5dEarth
    Ascension5dEarth 18 hours ago

    Biggest tech demo scam in history.

  • Xanifur
    Xanifur 18 hours ago

    How do you fuck up getting $300 MILLION dollars and not release a game?

  • Larniie Playz
    Larniie Playz 19 hours ago

    Those people complaining about everyone freaking out over Luigi are jus jealous of him

  • JauntyM
    JauntyM 19 hours ago

    Why did you guys change your name I only found it back today!

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones 19 hours ago

    Go buy Elite

  • Stealth Slide
    Stealth Slide 19 hours ago

    My next PC is suffering from feature creep

    NICHI 19 hours ago

    Remember when they were shitting on no man's sky for being incomplete upon release & not having multiplayer? Hello games was able to fix all that in less than 3 years & still no star citizen beta.

  • Malentar
    Malentar 20 hours ago

    Anthem SOS ? I think the dev team is trying to tell us something

  • Tsubakixv
    Tsubakixv 20 hours ago

    It's always funny to hear critics try to fool their audience into believing they're hopeful for the game citing popular scifi shows like firefly etc and how they've always dreamed of that kind of experience in an online game but have such an issue with Star Citizens inevitably long development cycle. Do you see any games out there trying to do an ounce of what Star Citizen is and at the same fidelity or scale? No? Okay well until that happens people will continue to give money to the one developer trying to create that kind of game it's really that simple people.

  • Hunter King
    Hunter King 20 hours ago

    The Park? Wasn’t that a PC release like 4 years ago?

  • Zormac
    Zormac 20 hours ago

    I miss Ashley :(

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 21 hour ago

    Close to development hell? It's in there buddy. I'm not a fan of how publishers have been operating, but this is where not having a publisher can be an issue. They would have stepped in years ago and said, "STOP. That's enough. Finish what you have and get the game ready for release.".

  • unsteddie music
    unsteddie music 21 hour ago

    this is why you don’t support early access games

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 22 hours ago

    They are releasing things that they have completed already. Not just creating new things from nowhere. When I heard of this game, I thought of 200x more features then what they already have. You want a game like this but expect them to push it out around your time frame. It's like when I used to work at Dollar general and your a customer. I'm not kissing CIG'S ass, Chris Roberts definitely fucked up a few times .. but the truth is, it's tilting in their favor. Play the game yourself, understand there are some bugs but play it.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 22 hours ago

    I understand your stand point on trying to be clear minded about it, but your tone seems like your only trying to throw dirt on it. The game is playable now.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 22 hours ago

    Yeah well when it comes out bet you will be playing it. How you can say it sounds like no man's sky lol. There is a MAJOR difference. This game is gold

  • Übermenschman
    Übermenschman 22 hours ago

    13:13 that's Fortescue!

  • youngbikerb4
    youngbikerb4 22 hours ago

    You use my data then they need to pay me.

  • Nemo
    Nemo 22 hours ago

    You didn't get the point about Star Citizen. We continuously back the game because we got the promise from Chris Roberts, that there will not be a publisher, who forces the developer to release an unfinished game, just because they need to release it at a said date. We back the game because we want a game that is different than all the other mediocre games out there, which are released on date but bore us to death after a while. That's why Star Citizen needs all those features, and no single feature is unimportant, because they add up to the definition of this genre, which is an Immersive Sim. Immersive Sims need to have more features than each individual player needs in order to give him choices, even the choice not to use it. But all players as a whole need all of those features to make their choices. Those choices are the base for a high replay value even in it's Alpha state. Other things keeping backers attached and active are the weekly shows about the development, the close community Interaction through the Spectrum (Forum/Chat), the Issue Council (Bug Reporting Tool) and the quarterly content patches, as well as a transparently shared dynamically updating Roadmap, which are all measures I haven't seen on any other game out there, and that is the reason why so many other games are released prematurely with many bugs, an utterly flawed architecture that is so rigid that it doesn't allow for bigger gameplay changes after release, and a horrible after sales tech support. I think more game development studios should take Star Citizen and its paradigm more serious.

    • Nemo
      Nemo 18 hours ago

      @kerradeph yeah, seems they know exactly the sweet spot in between and have a zero tolerance policy.

    • kerradeph
      kerradeph 19 hours ago

      It was actually amusing that they go from "Star Citizen needs to release already!" to "Holy shit, Anthem is still alive after being forced to release?".

  • Goose Da Playmaker
    Goose Da Playmaker 22 hours ago

    That’s a boldface lie, you friggin Microsoft shills. Every single Plsystation home console (besides PS3) has hit that mark of 100 million sold worldwide. Nice try, though. Gotta look good for Massa Microsoft! 🤮

  • DeepakTheDevastator
    DeepakTheDevastator 23 hours ago

    You had to show Scale bound.. Didn't you..Coz cancellation of Bully 2 wasn't enough...😕😕😕

  • PapaGnerd
    PapaGnerd 23 hours ago

    I watch horror movies alone because I have no friends...I prefer watching things alone because people talk and that ruins movies.

  • Fer3x3
    Fer3x3 23 hours ago

    I Love it when Aaron talks.

  • George NoX
    George NoX 23 hours ago

    and its going to be 7 years more, and then some ...

  • MuskratMike
    MuskratMike Day ago

    At this rate, there is probably a better chance of getting a job working on Star Citizen and then being able to play then waiting for it to come out...

  • Lucas Fuentes
    Lucas Fuentes Day ago

    things that will never happen : -Half Life 3 -Official launch of Star Citizen -Me getting a girlfriend

    • Lucas Fuentes
      Lucas Fuentes 23 hours ago

      @tunnar79 hope not lol

    • tunnar79
      tunnar79 23 hours ago

      Perhaps you'll get a boyfriend tho.

  • ArmedDarkly
    ArmedDarkly Day ago

    I honestly dont know why they didnt just release the game, with some story, a few grinding missions and free roam and then just did pvp events to stall time, and then just came out with more story later. I mean alot of story based games on phones/apps do the same thing, they release story stuff later as a patch. This game probably wont be finished until im probably 40-50 (im 28). Feel bad for the people who spent honestly more then 500 on the game. To be honest, I would never.

  • T. P
    T. P Day ago

    What do you want to bet Chris Robert's has been embezzling money the whole time?