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  • David Ware
    David Ware 6 hours ago

    While FE is a boring source for the characters(I also haven't played any of them so that doesn't help...), but the move set actually looks pretty cool. Good weapon design

  • Elionehunderd
    Elionehunderd 6 hours ago

    Sony asked them all to push them all back to co-release with the ps5!

  • BEE 123
    BEE 123 6 hours ago

    Me too. I pre-ordered Animal Crossing. I'll be off the grid for at least a year.

  • Noki Toki
    Noki Toki 6 hours ago

    Is cameraman also wearing a jeans jacket?

  • _Jxcvb
    _Jxcvb 6 hours ago

    Not to ruin my weekend? You already did by saying yee haw instead of Yes, fuck outta here

  • NukeDukem 614
    NukeDukem 614 6 hours ago


  • Dreykon 005
    Dreykon 005 6 hours ago

    Autumn theirs always surgery? Lmao just kidding your perfect as is. Love the vids guys keep'em coming

  • Instagram: pacman_mma

    So the wood behind them is probably fake...

  • Mikey MotorPsyche
    Mikey MotorPsyche 6 hours ago

    Me and Conor gon get MAWWIED

  • kmac7863
    kmac7863 6 hours ago

    not yelling “yesssssssss” did ruin my weekend. I want a “yeeeesssss”!!!

  • Orochimaru85
    Orochimaru85 6 hours ago

    Get this amir out of here ... he is boring and not funny

  • Prophet of Duality
    Prophet of Duality 6 hours ago

    Same release date as GTA 5, which was the last game I went this crazy over.

  • Pakalolo Boy
    Pakalolo Boy 6 hours ago

    They scammed us good lol... snaked our pre order money hired Keanu Reeves to hype it up and then pushed back the release date.. CDPR your as scummy as the rest of these devs.. snakes and vermins of life

  • marsmotion
    marsmotion 7 hours ago

    hey a game company over promised on an incredibly ambitious design they didnt understand the implications on actual production of. go anywhere story's that are interlocked and dynamic open world yeah anyone with any games experience knew as soon as this project was described it would take way longer than they thought. not surprised at all. hope they forget the dates and release when they have a good product. crunch is basically the employees taking it on the chin for failures of management time, budget, scope, constraints. crunch is taking money from employees without compensation. its theft no matter how you slice it to make yourself feel good.

  • Vtine
    Vtine 7 hours ago

    Sucks. That's a looong delay. But I'd rather it be great

  • Snikpoh 1390
    Snikpoh 1390 7 hours ago

    What's the new dudes name? I like you new guy. Your hair is fucking tough.

    • Snikpoh 1390
      Snikpoh 1390 7 hours ago

      I did my due diligence and legit just restarted the video. What up Amir

  • Succapedia
    Succapedia 7 hours ago

    It wont let me claim the free stock...

  • anthill350
    anthill350 7 hours ago

    If Connor is this good at predicting I need him to predict a Bloody Roar remake ASAP.....please

  • Ik: The Toastiest Toaster

    I love the inclusion of a quote from a trans werewolf. You go Vex!

  • Stephen Borgella
    Stephen Borgella 7 hours ago

    With backwards compatibility a major selling point for next gen, a good ps4 game is better than a bad ps5 port 👍🏾

  • O'Brian Ramsay
    O'Brian Ramsay 7 hours ago

    No 'Yeeeeeesssssss'? BRING BACK ZACH FOR FRIDAY VIDEOS!!!! :P

  • Odracir Zeravla
    Odracir Zeravla 7 hours ago

    I must be the only who doesnt care at all about Cyberpunk

  • Isaiah Henderson
    Isaiah Henderson 7 hours ago

    Love the king of the hill

  • Isaiah Henderson
    Isaiah Henderson 7 hours ago

    CDPR you take all the time you need.


    Wow 5 months tho! Who releases a finished game these days anyway

  • Enrique Figueroa
    Enrique Figueroa 7 hours ago

    Lol picking weeds with your cute animal friends. Great review Autumn.

  • André Niemand
    André Niemand 7 hours ago

    Well. Not the first time CDPR delayed a AAA title they were working on.

  • tryston kohut
    tryston kohut 8 hours ago

    You guys joked about richard branson.... I have ads for him below my videos now lmao that's scary

  • Daniel Fryman
    Daniel Fryman 8 hours ago

    Bad news: Cyberpunk delayed. Good news: I can dedicate my life to Doom Eternal until September.

  • Paulo K
    Paulo K 8 hours ago

    You guys going to a Turbonegro concert?

  • SnareGG
    SnareGG 8 hours ago

    I've been saying I hope they delay it until 2077 so it can be as good as possible

  • OverDrawn
    OverDrawn 8 hours ago

    2020 is officially the year of delays

  • Jorvanius
    Jorvanius 8 hours ago

    I avoid to comment, but I don't like Connor (had to check what his name was) neither the change of YES! to a Yeehaw!

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Awww yaaaa baby! Just what daddy needed another Fire Emblem character to main!

  • Cristian Almonte
    Cristian Almonte 8 hours ago

    this is fine o u o) -house on fire-

  • Tony Easterday
    Tony Easterday 8 hours ago

    Apparently Friday was jean jacket day.

  • Samuel Velazquez
    Samuel Velazquez 8 hours ago

    Conor is funny!

  • MrScrawnjuan
    MrScrawnjuan 8 hours ago

    Cory just promising all people on earth will stay alive until September

  • dakumauler
    dakumauler 8 hours ago

    Don’t change are Friday YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris carrillo
    chris carrillo 8 hours ago

    I have always said that ff7 remake would be a gen5 launch to boost PS sales. Now it may be cyberpunk 77 but it will be worth the wait

  • MrScrawnjuan
    MrScrawnjuan 8 hours ago

    Is animal crossing popular?

  • Samblix x
    Samblix x 8 hours ago

    Amir is gorgeous.

  • Samuel G·O
    Samuel G·O 8 hours ago

    It isn't okay, it means devs are gonna crunch 6 additional months.

  • Dragonblaze
    Dragonblaze 8 hours ago

    Good thing they delayed Cyberpunk 2077, i'd rather have a smooth launch and polished rather then having a buggy, messed up launch.

    • Paulo K
      Paulo K 8 hours ago

      You mean like the glitcher 3 launch?

  • Wilco Hillebrand
    Wilco Hillebrand 9 hours ago

    if it doesn't release on PC send the nukes

  • Ranger McClure
    Ranger McClure 9 hours ago

    i feel like they could all be in a hipster commercial for home grown organic coffee that they plucked off the tree that they grew next to their pot plant in their indoor greenhouse at their studio apartment that they all share....

  • Brad DrCrushALot
    Brad DrCrushALot 9 hours ago

    If only there was a large supply on wood right behind them to knock on, if only.

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 9 hours ago

    My wallet has been saved. All the games i was looking to get were coming out at the same time. Avengers, Cyberpunk, and Last Of Us 2.

  • HellaHellaHella HEY
    HellaHellaHella HEY 9 hours ago

    and i always thought Q4 was the month of AAA titles to be released but now looks like Q3 is like the month of AAA titles being released.

  • MrGunner2504
    MrGunner2504 9 hours ago

    The announcement is just code for "We're delaying this until a month before the PS5 comes out so we can tag along with that hype"

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 9 hours ago

    Gonna stop watching because of the in video ads

  • Poe Keepsie
    Poe Keepsie 10 hours ago

    why does The Know always rope me in with funhaus members and then replace them slowly with people I don't like or care about?

  • T. S. Simonsen
    T. S. Simonsen 10 hours ago

    Class action fursuit...

  • Danwal
    Danwal 10 hours ago

    I only nees rayman in the game that's all I wanted

  • Gremlin Mogwai
    Gremlin Mogwai 10 hours ago

    Anthem and Fallout 76 after one year still are crapp. So 6 months extra development couldn't help them either..

  • Dreaded Dreamer
    Dreaded Dreamer 10 hours ago

    F to everyone who dies between April and September.

  • Whita Cat
    Whita Cat 10 hours ago

    cyberpunk fan: Wtf why delay I've been waiting for long time!!! ff7remake fan: "firat time?"

  • Mateo Magnus
    Mateo Magnus 10 hours ago

    I feel like Amir is really coming into his own.... im so proud 😭

  • Jontman42
    Jontman42 10 hours ago

    1:51 I like how the first highlight was yellow on yellow but then they realized it and used green on the next one

  • Chromelium
    Chromelium 10 hours ago

    As long as they don't pull an Anthem

  • Burak Yazıcı
    Burak Yazıcı 10 hours ago

    Mount and Blade fans: First time?

  • Aya ya
    Aya ya 10 hours ago

    best to crunch now and get ready in 9 months than having it ready in 3

  • redfox2500
    redfox2500 10 hours ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 will be on 2 discs that means a lot of quests

  • Awesome Austin
    Awesome Austin 10 hours ago

    Better a delayed masterpiece then a rushed mess

  • Ray Revolta
    Ray Revolta 10 hours ago

    Breath of the Wild 2 delayed until 2023.

  • Ruined Druid
    Ruined Druid 10 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate the consistent wonderful editing and jokes in these uploads! Yall are doing great work with this channel!

  • Beast Titan
    Beast Titan 10 hours ago

    Cyberpunk 2077??? I only anticipate S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2, that I must live for in 2021...

  • Captain Anopheles
    Captain Anopheles 10 hours ago

    Prediction: it gets delayed again to become a Xmas release.

  • Wolfencreek Compilations

    Whenever there's a Cyberpunk story, they should hack in the cyber-ghost of Lawrence.

  • wallance lee
    wallance lee 11 hours ago

    Tomorrow you’ll see animal crossing delayed, last of us delayed, and as any other AAA games will be follow the trend

  • swordmanegill
    swordmanegill 11 hours ago

    I like Connor. I'd like to pick him up.

  • MtB ArN
    MtB ArN 11 hours ago

    Finally publishers and devs finally realising they cant fuck us over with broken deadend games anymore!

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 11 hours ago

    Wait... IG isn’t going back to The Know... is it...?

  • Julian
    Julian 11 hours ago

    Guess I'll be buying the ps5 themed console and the game in November...

  • Clash Bandikute
    Clash Bandikute 11 hours ago

    So did the IG Daily crew coordinate to *ALL* wear denim jackets today, or was this just a happy accident?

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews 11 hours ago

    Remember Mass Effect 3

  • Florian Stoica
    Florian Stoica 11 hours ago

    I already preordered the game, which means that already they have my OK, cause I still have games to finish like Death Stranding, DBZ kakarot, a other replay at Deux Ex MD, the last of us part 2 when it’s out ... and many more :)) ... I can wait, they have my support. EA ... learn from mistakes :)

  • A-1 Sauce
    A-1 Sauce 11 hours ago

    lol "oh buh goi he on x games mode"

  • Dsleaz
    Dsleaz 11 hours ago

    Connah, it's Judgement Day. Time to pick ah side!

  • triadwarfare
    triadwarfare 11 hours ago

    Delay a game once, It's ok. But delay it again, that's a different story.

  • Dsleaz
    Dsleaz 11 hours ago

    Daddy's here. Lol. Surprise

  • The End Boss
    The End Boss 11 hours ago

    Who are these people? The original guys were way better. These guys are trying too hard

  • Jordon Jensen
    Jordon Jensen 11 hours ago

    Did I just earn some respect for Conor? Yes! The child of inside gaming acted like an adult and I'm for the first time happy to see him on the team

  • Tausif95
    Tausif95 12 hours ago

    Where is Lawrence!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Jong
    Andrew Jong 12 hours ago

    friday without a "yes"??????? BLASPHEMY

  • TheGoncas2
    TheGoncas2 12 hours ago

    I'm actually starting to think publishers and developers are marking their release date too soon and then inevitably delay it to keep the game in the conversation and to keep hype going. I mean, how is it possible that practically every major studio, with decades of experience, keep fucking up the release date? Is it so hard to announce the date when they are sure it can be met? They must be constantly announcing the wrong release date for marketing reasons. Anyways, that's just my conspiracy theory.

  • Drew Pacer
    Drew Pacer 12 hours ago

    Connor looks like a lesbian

  • Adrian Flo
    Adrian Flo 12 hours ago

    Why is autumn wearing her shirt like a mexican gangster ?

  • Rommie Samboski
    Rommie Samboski 12 hours ago

    I just wanted to say no steam no buy for me. My entire AC collection is on steam.

  • Rømeø X
    Rømeø X 12 hours ago

    You guys are complaining about a delay on a game that's released 57 years ahead of it's time.

  • kenneth83DK
    kenneth83DK 12 hours ago

    Wow last time I saw that much denim clothes in one place was in the 90's....oh yeah and half a decade ago when hipsters started to spread like flat earthers. Up your game youngster

  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen 12 hours ago

    So basically now the expectation for Cyberpunk will be ZERO bugs by the fans, which I doubt. Edit: Y'all know UnholyMoon is definitely going to still buy it.

  • Ted Pow
    Ted Pow 12 hours ago

    this game is a Joke.. No TP . Bad Gameplay. Bad Graphics.

  • CDGFubar 89
    CDGFubar 89 12 hours ago

    Is inside gaming a front for the denim gang?!? 😂 luv u guys and gals 👍

  • LèCitizen
    LèCitizen 12 hours ago

    I know Bruce and Lawrence are gone now... But can we please show the respect to them and not start changing too many things. Fridays are reserved for a Grand YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! These youngsters are ... young. I miss the older folks.. =( ... I'm old...

  • Fwazangalang Entertainment

    The delay is ok, the supposed constant crunch isn't.

  • usaid1234
    usaid1234 12 hours ago

    its usually not the developers its the publishers who rush the developers.

  • Icarus237
    Icarus237 12 hours ago

    I don't like the "yee haw" we need the classic "YES!!!!!!" How else will I know it's friday

  • Noopi Man
    Noopi Man 13 hours ago

    Maybe one shouldn't take vacations for the release of a game. Or at least not as early.

    • Gerardo Mendez
      Gerardo Mendez 12 hours ago

      Sometimes our jobs require us to have to put in our vacation time as such, we have no option in those cases if we fully want to enjoy the game

  • The Bowen
    The Bowen 13 hours ago

    Sorry but yeehaw gets a down vote from me...