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What If We Had Eagle Vision
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Where Is Planet 9?
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A Father's Duty
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  • Orhan Ozer
    Orhan Ozer 59 minutes ago

    I think in the eye ther is thunderstorm

    REVERSE IT Hour ago

    Guy's hi I am real reverse it

  • idris0786
    idris0786 Hour ago

    Latest news. A plane crashed because passengers changed seats. Seriously 😒.


    8:30 Yes, That Bhagirati, India. Pronounce properly.

  • RoblyPlayz
    RoblyPlayz Hour ago

    I want to be a TheXvidr but I just can't afford a computer and a camera that's why I can't be a TheXvidr but I'm trying to be a TheXvidr with my old phone

  • maru yukkuri
    maru yukkuri Hour ago


  • DrDiamondDoom
    DrDiamondDoom Hour ago

    Dislike because its untrue. Sorry bright side.

  • Tifa Yotefani
    Tifa Yotefani Hour ago

    Number 12 was too real, Sorry

  • Vikram saini
    Vikram saini Hour ago

    It was very boring . How many of you are agree this ?

  • Saima Shaikh
    Saima Shaikh Hour ago

    14 row 10 one

  • Ahsan Mehar
    Ahsan Mehar Hour ago

    Is this can do anytime

  • Blue Plays
    Blue Plays Hour ago

    I scored 870

    • Blue Plays
      Blue Plays Hour ago

      I picked more than 1 choice😆

  • BlondeKyle RobloxOfficial


  • Pr0gamer 09
    Pr0gamer 09 Hour ago

    3:12 so steak is breakfast lameo

  • Haider Khizar
    Haider Khizar Hour ago

    Pakistan zindabad when I heard that Pakistan was on this list I was like oh yes

    LEGEND GAMER EA Hour ago

    Who are pilipino here?

  • Srivathsan sharma


  • The Lunatic Loewers

    I’m going to Mars in 40 years

  • Saima Shaikh
    Saima Shaikh Hour ago

    Different emoge is on 5 row 20one

  • Jem Bennett
    Jem Bennett Hour ago

    Isn't April Fool's Day in April, rather than October, when this video was released?

  • Xenthi
    Xenthi Hour ago

    I haven’t tried it, but I know what will happen to my body. It’ll run out of air

  • Emie Nuevo
    Emie Nuevo Hour ago

    The car

  • A.R .M.Y
    A.R .M.Y Hour ago

    2 + 2 = 5 Answer : By mistake!

  • Osman the fire Rashid the beast

    Gooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooo

  • Drole
    Drole Hour ago

    Walnuts and Macadamia nuts

  • Rose
    Rose Hour ago

    Omg did he just say that she loves "horseBACKriding". He must be American my country just call it horse riding cos like WHERE ELSE ARE U GOING TO RIDE A HORSE!! 😂

    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


  • Max Schulze
    Max Schulze Hour ago

    4:12 he read actually instead of accidentally😂😂😂

  • Asad Rehman
    Asad Rehman Hour ago

    Very informative

  • UnicornLover DogLover

    Schools busses do have seatbelts Stop living in 1970 where you belong

    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


  • Shaela Hasan
    Shaela Hasan Hour ago

    What is the reason of puls bit mis? Most of the time My puls drop miss 10- 30 times in a minute

  • Saima Shaikh
    Saima Shaikh Hour ago

    C is 17ONE IN4 ROE

  • Emie Nuevo
    Emie Nuevo Hour ago

    A lake

  • CuppyCakey
    CuppyCakey Hour ago

    Mental age is 28

  • Carl Gray
    Carl Gray Hour ago

    So easy but so hard

    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


  • Creeps and Pugs
    Creeps and Pugs Hour ago

    I answered all the answers in the first try

  • La Su
    La Su Hour ago


  • Ayden Johnson
    Ayden Johnson Hour ago

    I buy them and then I burn them all

    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


  • Mdaniate Biplob
    Mdaniate Biplob Hour ago

    I wanna see dodo, Irish elk,siberian unicorn mamooth back!!!

  • Kiran Kirby
    Kiran Kirby Hour ago

    Let my pole wonder 🤣

    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


    SOHEB SAIYED Hour ago


  • lagendary plays
    lagendary plays Hour ago

    Hi bright side team. Plz come to Pakistan. Btw love your vids

  • Lost In the wild

    No one: Me: I never knew that No one: Bright side: Knows everything

  • CarnacioR
    CarnacioR Hour ago

    8:05 XD

  • maria angelica tapia

    I can do* #11 #9 #6 #5 #3 i have all of that😊😊 Am i unique?😂😅

  • Dovydas Ruoška
    Dovydas Ruoška Hour ago

    You mixed the Baltic and North Sea.

  • Shamsa Albhantah

    the hardest one is taking a cold bath in the morning

  • CS Saf
    CS Saf Hour ago

    or just one exercise one day

  • CS Saf
    CS Saf Hour ago

    Do we do all this in a day?

  • scott left
    scott left Hour ago

    The Black sea is the one most know for non mixing of levels, how did you not notice.?

  • Audrey Ruelas
    Audrey Ruelas Hour ago

    When I come home my dog like yells 😂 and jumps it’s so funny she like screams for 5 minutes

  • Prince Ivan
    Prince Ivan Hour ago

    wow am glad to know this information thanks so much .

  • Meenakshi Singh
    Meenakshi Singh Hour ago

    I passed stage 4

  • Brent Desmond
    Brent Desmond Hour ago

    i made to stage 4

  • Sambrita Das Banerjee


  • Jai Nair
    Jai Nair Hour ago

    Shoulder dips

  • exzum channel
    exzum channel Hour ago

    Make my self happy then suicide

  • Rhyan Dejan
    Rhyan Dejan Hour ago

    Bright side: Tap this button to make the stickman die. Me: Im about to ruin this whole man's career

  • ROdie Kali
    ROdie Kali Hour ago

    I passes all the stages 😎

  • Jamina Asp
    Jamina Asp Hour ago

    My age: 10 Mental age: 20-29

  • Geraldo Chivas
    Geraldo Chivas Hour ago

    Im pinoy

  • Mokonachan92
    Mokonachan92 Hour ago

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  • Jet's Way
    Jet's Way Hour ago

    Jesus, I’ve been single for almost 23 years now.

  • Rashaun Dean Jr
    Rashaun Dean Jr Hour ago


  • M V.D.H
    M V.D.H Hour ago

    Really just wasted my time

  • xxsonj
    xxsonj Hour ago

    if go pro was invented that time I will put that haha (sorry for bad english)

  • Lilia Volgs
    Lilia Volgs Hour ago

    This is just making me worry for my mom and dad

  • Aviel 009
    Aviel 009 Hour ago

    Im in indonesia i was born 2010

  • Vikas Datta
    Vikas Datta Hour ago

    its true. Swaping seats is painful for the people who manage the operations of the flight .

  • • Corey Editz •

    I honestly think this is a scam cos he was repeating that same algorithm and i have been solving rubik's cubes for about 2 years now and whenever the same algorithm is repeated from a fully solved cube it brings the cube to where it had started from which is a fully solved cube.

  • bongo lover
    bongo lover Hour ago

    IM A LEO

  • Falcom Brown
    Falcom Brown Hour ago

    1 mg finasteride per day for those who have begun to go bald, with 1 pack you will see the result. Good luck.

  • abhi singh
    abhi singh Hour ago

    the blue of india

  • Denis_daily
    Denis_daily Hour ago

    I could only do the first stage I couldn’t do any others

  • Oakship166
    Oakship166 Hour ago

    Imagine being able to breath and survive space but accidentally floating into a black hole

  • wInTeRiCeBeAr
    wInTeRiCeBeAr Hour ago

    When guys have slimmer arms that all women envy

  • shahad alhashimi

    No way it is so hard

  • Eunice Gwee
    Eunice Gwee Hour ago

    All of them surprised me

  • AmyX
    AmyX Hour ago

    What do you mean? Hotels always give you toothpaste. Right? Tiny tubes? No?

  • Soham Surve
    Soham Surve Hour ago

    You missed the western and south of India

  • Taimisel Leyva
    Taimisel Leyva Hour ago

    They haven't stollen thanks to them we have pieces of history

  • Muhammad Ayaan
    Muhammad Ayaan Hour ago

    Brush and wash

  • Study Studio
    Study Studio Hour ago

    If you are conveying a message, how does the addition of annoying jingles in the background help?

  • Wesley Goeppner
    Wesley Goeppner Hour ago

    I mean sure we don't have the Titanboa anymore… but wasn't a 7 meter Anaconda discovered in a deep river of Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil? Its' body is almost as thick as body builders forearm, no thanks.

  • Cayden Games
    Cayden Games Hour ago

    No Graff invented the fire hydrant (I asked google)

  • Lilia Volgs
    Lilia Volgs Hour ago


  • VALO & Aras
    VALO & Aras Hour ago

    4-6 hours of sleep is enough for an adault

  • ɪᴍ ғɪɴᴇ
    ɪᴍ ғɪɴᴇ Hour ago

    I would like this type of charging on my bed cause i spend a lot of time on my bed.

  • StarMidnight
    StarMidnight Hour ago

    When my teacher discusses something about math, I understand it quickly but then, when they tell us to answer some math solving... my mind literally went blank. This video is an ego booster lol.

  • Max Schulze
    Max Schulze Hour ago

    3:02 Hand reveal, face reveal next

  • Pony Girl
    Pony Girl Hour ago

    I maidit to the end

  • ritesh parikh
    ritesh parikh Hour ago

    How they will understand indian rituals it needs brain to understand. And they don't have brain 🧠🧠 please foolish angrez respect everybody's rituals and traditions you don't have any right to talk about Indian rituals

  • Magda Athalia
    Magda Athalia Hour ago

    Im speed is true because everytime im Go to school im First Like if you Got Speed

  • Nadia Garza
    Nadia Garza Hour ago

    Does anyone know what movie that is the one with the mermaids with the light up tails is ???

  • somalia maping
    somalia maping Hour ago


  • OOFY _MasterKid
    OOFY _MasterKid Hour ago

    Answer: 270 Got: Intelligent Wanted: Psychic