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What If You Ate Mold?
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  • Mohamed Rashad
    Mohamed Rashad 2 hours ago

    I Passed all only 1 (the yellow shades) out of all stage 4 failed

  • Natasha Namana
    Natasha Namana 2 hours ago

    I got 11- 15

  • marvel videos
    marvel videos 2 hours ago

    I answered 3

  • S D Chandra
    S D Chandra 2 hours ago

    ilove india from india delhi

  • Dickson Ohene Amoah
    Dickson Ohene Amoah 3 hours ago

    Great video. Thanks. But wanna find out what about me using my two hands during driving but my left elbow will be resting on the side window and my right hand activily active on the wheel.????

  • Michelle Schafer
    Michelle Schafer 3 hours ago

    Has become cooc of creating🐕 creis

  • Jocelyn's animation's

    I keep begging my parents to take me to the US

  • Prashanth D
    Prashanth D 3 hours ago

    Don't need to go hospital to check your eyes whether they are working or not u can check here

  • the dumbass
    the dumbass 3 hours ago

    they say i will be 6 but im 6'1 at 14

  • Beatiful Family Day Pretty

    OMG!! its so scary the japanese girl ohhh! i'am so scary plsss write in the comment plssss in my comments if did us know that name plssss??

  • ladyrose358
    ladyrose358 3 hours ago

    We use The American words in Norway. French fries- Ketchup-Cookies- Blueberry pie-scarmbled eggs.

  • Jason Black
    Jason Black 3 hours ago

    Awesome video. Try to understand your dog instead of expecting them to understand you! Many of things in this video are actually true.

  • make outt hilll
    make outt hilll 3 hours ago

    i finished stage 3

  • BaNaNa AuRoRa
    BaNaNa AuRoRa 3 hours ago

    Selfish man what if that was him he wouldn't like that would he so whats the difference nothing what would Jesus do to him

  • Evan Burnz
    Evan Burnz 3 hours ago

    You can do this, but you'd have to commit, workingout at the gym is way better. Trust me

  • Anton Titan
    Anton Titan 3 hours ago

    I do this everyday, but when I eat my meal , I eat like saiyan.

  • Hendrix Gupo
    Hendrix Gupo 3 hours ago

    At task #11 the 1st picture,the cats nose is a bit small compared to the second picture,were the cats nose is a bit bigger yhan the 1st picture. And yes i got all of them right!!!😀😁😎

  • Ashutosh Bharti
    Ashutosh Bharti 3 hours ago

    did anyone notice in the starting when bright side was saying ladies and gentlemen on the left side end there was MSDhoni/Virat Kohli in the last 💺?cause I did🤔🤔

  • cleovette morales
    cleovette morales 3 hours ago

    I only got 2 wrongs at stage 4. The rest is perfect! 😅

  • Swizen lits
    Swizen lits 3 hours ago

    Peeing in a shower maybe when I was 9 I think, just can't do it now

  • Warren G
    Warren G 3 hours ago

    Dogs with bees in there mouths and when they bark, they shoot bees at you

  • Niess Crocs
    Niess Crocs 3 hours ago

    I judge people who don't take bath after pooping.. I would not let you sit near me..

  • Siraj Isaac
    Siraj Isaac 3 hours ago

    Wait…i thought we cant use phone while driving?!?!

  • Malika Chhetri
    Malika Chhetri 3 hours ago


  • ALBEDO Max
    ALBEDO Max 3 hours ago


  • Saxon Petersen
    Saxon Petersen 3 hours ago


  • Saxon Petersen
    Saxon Petersen 3 hours ago

    How is the highway longer than the earths diameter tf?

  • mincraftgaminghd 23646

    I like Brave wilderness better than bright side

  • XsplitX XsplitX
    XsplitX XsplitX 3 hours ago

    I already said this and I will say it again. The narrator's voice in this video is so lovely, calm. Let's hope we got to see the real face of the person who is behind this videos.

  • just a commenter no.7

    Why every questions I get 40 and 20 points like litteraly XD 340 points peace and quiet XD

  • Olav-K Gose
    Olav-K Gose 3 hours ago

    Made it half way through 4th stage

  • Roger Watts
    Roger Watts 3 hours ago

    Failed on Stage 4 ... Oh well...

  • shadow
    shadow 3 hours ago

    230... but like I'm 6'3... oof

    KOR MIN XUAN - 3 hours ago

    The plane has a hole Doesn't the air pressure is high There r 2 of them

  • itz moonlight star
    itz moonlight star 3 hours ago

    I have a little hole upward my ear

  • Chloe Darby
    Chloe Darby 3 hours ago


  • Hehe yea boii
    Hehe yea boii 3 hours ago

    my cat is the most dangerous creature in my house

  • I can't be serious can I?

    I was stung by wasps 3 on the back of the head 2 on the ears and 1 on my right eyebrow.. and I will tell you, it really really hurts but luckily my wife's father took the stings immediately and luckily Im not allergic to it

  • Meenakshi Roy
    Meenakshi Roy 3 hours ago


  • Catherine Pzrr
    Catherine Pzrr 3 hours ago

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 Hope You Have A Great Day 😊 👋👇

  • Curc Matthew Cachero

    Im gonna be honest I have a mature brain (Im lying)

  • Kosta Leotta
    Kosta Leotta 3 hours ago

    Is that a minecraft coal block 2:46

  • ciran hanu
    ciran hanu 3 hours ago

    Stage 4... yellow shade omg.! I know I'm not a superhuman but it's very difficult to judge it at this point..

  • zack channel
    zack channel 3 hours ago

    in Philippines theres no tsunami but flood there

  • John MEEP
    John MEEP 3 hours ago

    But.. *I Am D+* 😂😂

  • Malik Siregar
    Malik Siregar 3 hours ago

    why there's is a lot of like begger

  • Richbelle 17
    Richbelle 17 3 hours ago


  • Dar Blanchard
    Dar Blanchard 3 hours ago

    I have rescued more honey bees than ever out of my pool this year causing my doubt about them becoming extinct. I always have and always will continue to rescue them.

  • wild Zaccaruni
    wild Zaccaruni 3 hours ago

    He called us Aussie’s Austrarians at 2:00

  • lolpro1191 Franco
    lolpro1191 Franco 3 hours ago

    Im scorpio😂lol

  • xd Elliot
    xd Elliot 3 hours ago

    I live in Australia

  • Loyalakpa Loyalakpa
    Loyalakpa Loyalakpa 3 hours ago

    How edit see the world

  • BaNaNa AuRoRa
    BaNaNa AuRoRa 3 hours ago

    Im just saying that there no such thing of a marriage cursed its just you not anything thing else and if you pray maybe you'll get there

  • Webstrike 445
    Webstrike 445 3 hours ago

    The arvee not arvo

  • Awesome boy
    Awesome boy 3 hours ago

    I have a habit of cracking my finger Usally more than ten times a day And my fingers are more wider than my friends

  • Chinmay Kanade
    Chinmay Kanade 3 hours ago

    #7 peocock is not an animal it's a beautiful bird 😂

  • Lindsay Michelle
    Lindsay Michelle 3 hours ago

    Planking is tough!!😱😜

  • Anthea Almario
    Anthea Almario 3 hours ago

    Proud to be Philppine citizen here :)

  • lovelyrose studio
    lovelyrose studio 3 hours ago

    I sleep fur 1 hour I'm exchated all time y teachers are saying I'm not doing Good in school

  • CuteWolfie _Playz
    CuteWolfie _Playz 3 hours ago

    *Did it work?*

  • Trent polcyn
    Trent polcyn 3 hours ago

    question... if they do find life on it do you think they would really tell us civilians? answer... highly doubt it

  • felix ware
    felix ware 3 hours ago

    run away like naruto

  • sathies rajan
    sathies rajan 3 hours ago

    i failed at stage 4 with 3 question

  • Roxy Croft
    Roxy Croft 3 hours ago

    It's still sad for that ship should have never left its port

  • Webstrike 445
    Webstrike 445 3 hours ago

    Aussies onto ossies

  • Warren G
    Warren G 3 hours ago

    Yeah i have'nt been bitten by a shark lately

  • BaNaNa AuRoRa
    BaNaNa AuRoRa 3 hours ago

    Okay one if it was so rare then how did they get it and you may have proof well maybe think again because there's no such thing as a cursed maybe you got Jesus got mad and there is only one god which was Jesus so id believe you so that it not true

  • Henkka
    Henkka 3 hours ago

    Stop putting disgusting carpets in your home you possibly cant keep clean.

  • harsh2945
    harsh2945 3 hours ago

    You forgot the main thing to become millionaire ! It's " HARDWORK !" .. NOT THE TIME U WOKE AND LOG BOOK !.. seriously you are at primary stage still figuring out the goals

  • Margareth Aguilar
    Margareth Aguilar 3 hours ago

    Can you have a face reavel

  • dark gamer
    dark gamer 3 hours ago


  • Andy Shen18
    Andy Shen18 3 hours ago

    way too hard to solve the 'T'

  • loraine zennagui
    loraine zennagui 3 hours ago

    Im 5,7 and im still 11

  • Charles Mendez
    Charles Mendez 3 hours ago

    lucky me, my fish comes in a can. For those wondering, just pick the unbroken can -expiry dates are irrelevant to look at, they got a lifespan of 5 year so as long as the packaging is shining, it is good to go

  • Myle Di
    Myle Di 3 hours ago

    bright side u for got man o war

  • AfroArtz TV
    AfroArtz TV 3 hours ago

    Wow this is so helpful

  • Fred Tap
    Fred Tap 3 hours ago

    Nice tips!..☺

  • Julie phillips
    Julie phillips 3 hours ago

    I beat super hard

  • Saifuddin Dawlatzai
    Saifuddin Dawlatzai 3 hours ago

    I wake up in the morning and do an hour or more exercise at least 5 times a week.

  • nitty Witty
    nitty Witty 3 hours ago

    What if you do shift work can’t really become a morning person unless you do 9-5 job

  • me self Sanju Bhai
    me self Sanju Bhai 3 hours ago

    No this not real because how can you belive

  • Crystal Tuttie Cox
    Crystal Tuttie Cox 3 hours ago


  • Jassem Salim
    Jassem Salim 3 hours ago

    The lost nerf dart that the aliens saw in space

  • Science Genius
    Science Genius 3 hours ago


  • Kavi MSP
    Kavi MSP 3 hours ago

    Dude this is horrible.

  • GOAT One
    GOAT One 3 hours ago

    5 stars

  • Chris Schmitz
    Chris Schmitz 3 hours ago

    You need to make sure your videos run properly. The how about a date question is wrong with I'm assuming "day before" is skipped or something for the yesterday was the 16th then what would the day after tomorrow be. Cause the way it's said in my video would be 19th

  • Samuel Baya
    Samuel Baya 3 hours ago


  • Nicole Playz
    Nicole Playz 3 hours ago

    Well look on the *Bright Side* , Now if your crush marries someone you dont like. You can tell him to give her the pearl :)

  • Iraj Vij
    Iraj Vij 3 hours ago

    I mean 9 riddles

  • GabPlays HD
    GabPlays HD 3 hours ago

    Im not 9 im 10

  • Zee Hut
    Zee Hut 3 hours ago


  • sarjan sri
    sarjan sri 3 hours ago

    I are rambutan a lot of times boi it’s not harmful imgusing

  • Criz Ang
    Criz Ang 3 hours ago

    im capricorn

  • Bollywood.Universe
    Bollywood.Universe 3 hours ago


  • Jacob Gauan
    Jacob Gauan 3 hours ago

    Our country is in 15th place Phillipines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • JR Castronuevo Dela Peña

    Can you feature the man who speaks in every Bright Side videos? Thanks haha

  • Mr , Crabs
    Mr , Crabs 3 hours ago

    He made fun of us Australians

  • RaspyGundam Unicorn Review’s

    One day my crush changed her hair style using hair clips and I thought people would be attracted so I kinda got mad on that day and the day after she uses her normal hair style. Phew 😅

  • Chikwan Chen
    Chikwan Chen 3 hours ago

    yea, u wish, there s no such a thing