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  • Naraira98
    Naraira98 4 hours ago

    Actually, I love the Becca Skin Love. It makes my skin looks so pretty hours after wearing it. my T-zone is kinda oily, but I have dry skin. after several hours, it makes my skin looks dewy in a beautiful kind of dewy. Idk, but I love it. and the coverage is so good!

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole 4 hours ago

    Tati, could you please do a tutorial with the nomad, underground pallette... Please please please? Also, I can't find a great color foundation, because they don't come in REEEDDDD!!! green is about as close as I can get!!!!! I'm Italian, and red and white!!!

  • Emily Pierce
    Emily Pierce 4 hours ago

    Tati needs a baby change my mind

  • Liz H
    Liz H 4 hours ago

    The Mascara is just as good as any expensive one.

  • Michelle Mehnert
    Michelle Mehnert 5 hours ago

    Lol female squirrels need to be chased in order for them to ovulate....

  • Msokol93
    Msokol93 5 hours ago

    Tati, could you please give a review of IL MAKIAGE foundations? Specifically the “woke up like this” foundation!

  • Molly Dixon
    Molly Dixon 5 hours ago

    she looks so tan and glowy omg YASSSSSSSSSSS

  • Angela Glam
    Angela Glam 6 hours ago


  • Maureen Syeda
    Maureen Syeda 6 hours ago

    What are all those colorful bottles with the circular tops behind Tati???

  • Angela Mcglone
    Angela Mcglone 6 hours ago

    Aww Logan is just the sweetest ever. Xoxo

  • Sydney Knoll
    Sydney Knoll 6 hours ago

    The packaging is weird because this is a refill pack. You’re supposed to get their tin box first :)

  • Marie Boyle
    Marie Boyle 6 hours ago

    Nikkia joy is amazing 🙌🙌🙌

  • Jon Rivera
    Jon Rivera 6 hours ago

    It might be solve at CVS but these prices are not "drugstore". Cute end result though 😍

    JOVEA THE QUEEN 6 hours ago

    is this adore delano hahaha

  • Ruqaiyah Hossain
    Ruqaiyah Hossain 7 hours ago

    I enjoyed watching unboxed the PR packages 📦 and I just love the lipstick and foundation 💄💯💕

  • Silber Key
    Silber Key 7 hours ago

    It would have been better to name the video: all face with new drugstore makeup the creme shop. I expected different brands. And it's not the first time eighter that this happens...

  • Michelle Caines
    Michelle Caines 7 hours ago

    Yesssss!!!! I sooo need your tricks of the trade!!! & the zoom in on eyes...luv...I can even see the type of brushes you use. 🤗

  • Nicklas Kautiainen
    Nicklas Kautiainen 7 hours ago

    I feel like my bronzer is always too harsh and just realised that you do contouring before setting the face, i’ve been doing it the other way around. Gonna try bronzing before setting the face next! 😊

  • Michelle Caines
    Michelle Caines 8 hours ago

    Soooo precious🤗🤗🤗🤗. Congrats gorgeous!!! Here’s to making more dreams come true🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Truth.Is.Freedom 86
    Truth.Is.Freedom 86 8 hours ago

    Red lipstick for beginners?!?!


    Omg I’m cringing at her jokes

  • Kristina Glumac
    Kristina Glumac 8 hours ago

    Amazing beautiful palette 😍...I live in Italy, how can I buy it?

  • Lyda Kellerman
    Lyda Kellerman 8 hours ago

    Sooooooooooooooo beautiful 👌

  • alicia pisciotta
    alicia pisciotta 8 hours ago

    Do an asmr video and try to do well with it!! I like to play your videos to fall asleep to 😂😂🥰

  • Lucky Mieko
    Lucky Mieko 9 hours ago

    You should take your bp at home regularly and submit your records to doctor :) 😉

  • Lluvia Escutia
    Lluvia Escutia 9 hours ago

    Im glad I've never had an issue with droopy lashes...whatever mascara I use will always keep them lifted. I cant stand spidery lashes looks terrible...

  • Montyboy B
    Montyboy B 9 hours ago


  • courtney woods
    courtney woods 9 hours ago

    The blush looks great on you!

  • Ari Cristina
    Ari Cristina 9 hours ago

    Please review more Shiseido products ☺️

  • Kai Vickers
    Kai Vickers 9 hours ago

    “I don’t watch your channel.” Yeah, that’s family.

  • Debra Kiddy-Sheets
    Debra Kiddy-Sheets 9 hours ago

    Honey yes, the hawk will try and grab a small dog. Please be careful. Maybe a small bb gun?! I'm not saying to hurt it but to scare it away.

  • Kelly Oliveira
    Kelly Oliveira 9 hours ago

    The cushion blush looked good but those powder blushes were terrible! Wayyyyy too shimmery and just a strange color too! I want the cushion bronzer now!

  • Eva Rene
    Eva Rene 9 hours ago

    Yes Tati ... Hawks will grab small dogs that are unattended... (can’t believe you don’t know this...)

  • Kelly Oliveira
    Kelly Oliveira 9 hours ago

    Omg ty for the story about the squirrels! It cracked me up! I really wish you could record them! 😂😂😂

  • Brittney Anne Melder

    Omg I bloody love Erica!

  • Kristen Landon
    Kristen Landon 10 hours ago

    The way that primer works for me is p it it on and let it sit for 15 seconds so it “sets” a bit and THEN I apply the mascara. That way the mascara isn’t just pulling the primer off my lashes with I’m applying it. 👌 That’s my ride or die lash primer hack. 👁😘❤️

  • singingfan
    singingfan 10 hours ago

    Omg Logan is eeeeeeveeeerrryyythinggg

  • Mary Irene
    Mary Irene 10 hours ago

    Can you pleeeeaase do a winter skincare routine video

  • Matilda Eliasson 8c
    Matilda Eliasson 8c 10 hours ago

    😱 that’s my favorite mascara!!

  • Lyda Kellerman
    Lyda Kellerman 10 hours ago

    Hi Tati,i am a huge fan.Please tell me if ur palette will be available at any South African stores??

  • Michelle Hesske
    Michelle Hesske 10 hours ago

    We HaVe the SHaDee

  • Mason Rex Whitton
    Mason Rex Whitton 10 hours ago

    Who else just got this recommended in 2019

  • Gacha World
    Gacha World 10 hours ago

    Ooohh my goood!!! She used Bebe Rexha s songs!! New subscriber fasho 👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Angelia Knupp
    Angelia Knupp 10 hours ago

    Can we take a moment tho to seriously say that Tati really is just so genuine and real and I love that! I respect how real she is and her recommendations really really do make a difference in whether or not I buy something! Keep it real Tati! 💕

  • Uhdeenuh S
    Uhdeenuh S 11 hours ago

    I love you so much. I’ve never hated your blush more though.😅

  • Sarah Harrop
    Sarah Harrop 11 hours ago

    Hi, licensed stylist here. This tool is stupid and rips your hair out. Use a traditional flat iron, save your money and take the time to learn flat iron curls that actually work lol

  • Sarah Maryja
    Sarah Maryja 11 hours ago

    I love essence so much! Their lipsticks are so great, I have a rosy nude in their long lasting formula and it's one of my top faves, I even wore it to my senior prom 😅

  • Katie Voght
    Katie Voght 11 hours ago

    Can we get JLo on your channel?! 🤩🤩

  • JENNA Lamb
    JENNA Lamb 11 hours ago

    Yes, the bird will grab your pup! Be careful 🥺

  • Beaut’e Passion
    Beaut’e Passion 12 hours ago

    Small TheXvidr here! Any new supporters? 💕

  • Alicia Galgano
    Alicia Galgano 12 hours ago

    That halk will def grab and fly away with your fog. Be careful

  • Priyanka Ghosh
    Priyanka Ghosh 12 hours ago

    I pre-ordered. And eagerly waiting. 😬

  • Alicia Galgano
    Alicia Galgano 12 hours ago

    Tati I love you and your videos. Can you please zoom in a little

  • Mandy Lee
    Mandy Lee 12 hours ago

    U should do a new one of these !! U two r so cute

  • Paige H
    Paige H 12 hours ago

    If the the next time Scott Barnes comes on and he tells Tati he used her new pallet on J Lo I think that would make her YEAR!🤩

  • gurlymzk
    gurlymzk 12 hours ago

    you look so good <3

  • Mercedes Garcia
    Mercedes Garcia 12 hours ago

    Maybe you could recreate same look but now with your favorites products, let's see the difference

  • Alana Costa
    Alana Costa 12 hours ago

    Does anyone know what brush she is using to stipple her foundation on?

  • Lizbeth ortiz
    Lizbeth ortiz 12 hours ago

    The tan 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Jasmin Tomic
    Jasmin Tomic 13 hours ago

    Holy nails!!!! I love them so much! Please tell me about them!!

  • Ashley Aubel
    Ashley Aubel 13 hours ago

    It was super dewy bc she put on way too much. It didn't look good at any point. I doubt very much that it was formulated to be used that way. I never feel comfortable looking at someone with that much crap on their face. They look mental. She looked horrible.

  • Brooke
    Brooke 13 hours ago

    also how was the setting spray?!

  • Chelsea Hatfield
    Chelsea Hatfield 13 hours ago

    Omg I love you and your mom together so much! I’ve been smiling this whole entire video!!!! Tati gets it from her mamaaaa!!

  • Michelle Dx
    Michelle Dx 13 hours ago

    Lmao open season

  • Bryana Valles
    Bryana Valles 13 hours ago

    I’m always looking at those blue, green and pink bottles in the back. 😂

  • Vamva Rim
    Vamva Rim 13 hours ago

    Hi Can you recommend which eyeliner is the best ? i need black color

  • Brooke
    Brooke 13 hours ago

    cheekMATE tati hahah

  • Hanna Dowman
    Hanna Dowman 13 hours ago

    Something I love to do to stop eyeshadow fallout from messing up my makeup is to apply all my eyeshadow while I'm baking my face. All shadow fallout can easily be swiped away with your brush as you brush away the excess powder 😊

  • Alyssa Hoeltke
    Alyssa Hoeltke 13 hours ago

    it may have been announced already and i missed it but _when is Textured Neutrals restocking???_

  • Taylor Mesa
    Taylor Mesa 13 hours ago

    The cushion blush was the first and only thing I tried from them. It was a few months ago. I hated it and just haven’t tried any of their other products. I need to try some of their other stuff.

  • Ztudo_
    Ztudo_ 13 hours ago

    That blush...no, just no

  • Alexandra Williams
    Alexandra Williams 13 hours ago

    What is the tin thing that you use to clean your brush to move onto a new color?

  • Teresa Avendano
    Teresa Avendano 13 hours ago

    So, I'm not the only one who is totally annoyed by the mirror in front of her face? It drives me crazy, sorry. Tati is not the only one who does it though.

  • Rachel Coblentz
    Rachel Coblentz 14 hours ago

    Wow. This subtle differences really added up

  • Isabelle Brooke
    Isabelle Brooke 14 hours ago

    Tati deserves a kid, she really does... I am honestly praying for her family to grow. We love you Tati❤️

  • Milly Carter
    Milly Carter 14 hours ago

    “I’m trying to love it but I just kinda don’t” -Tati 2019

  • Jess Parrott
    Jess Parrott 14 hours ago

    Tati I'm rewatching this cause all the videos with your sisters are some of my favorites! Y'all are such an awesome family and are so cute together, makes me so happy to watch. Larissa is such a natural on camera! <3

  • Aracely Alvarez
    Aracely Alvarez 14 hours ago

    Be careful!!! One tried to take my cat. They will take small pets💔

  • Gabrielle Fausto
    Gabrielle Fausto 14 hours ago

    With matte products i always get creasing in the same areas 😤

  • Christa Stimson
    Christa Stimson 14 hours ago

    Tati my birthday is Friday and I’ll definitely be using your palette for the night ❤️

  • Jen Howard
    Jen Howard 14 hours ago

    I would love if you could test the chi volcanic spin and curl. It wraps hair for your and says it works on long hair

  • Daisy Aragón
    Daisy Aragón 14 hours ago

    Tati what’s the color an brand of nail polish you have on ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • yikes!!!
    yikes!!! 14 hours ago

    how is an $18 bronzer considered drugstore nowadays.... wtf cvs

  • Kels_ x
    Kels_ x 14 hours ago

    Why. Are. You. Talking. Like. This? 😂

  • Fay Oliver
    Fay Oliver 15 hours ago

    Hi..Tati I'm not a fan of this drug store brand at all; not enough shades in any of the products according to my opinion, so it's a pass for me. THE MIRROR!! THE MIRROR!! I just couldn't see what you were doing. Anyway have a GREAT evening/night

  • Kabree Bates
    Kabree Bates 15 hours ago

    I need a good cheap bronzer for a natural like no makeup makeup look. Any suggestions.

  • Marissa Hipp
    Marissa Hipp 15 hours ago

    Lol “she’s jealous” but dropped HER OWN palette this year and sold out! People are so annoying. Tati- you have the best personality and your videos are always tasteful. Keep doing you.

  • RandtMurf
    RandtMurf 15 hours ago

    I actually love that blush. Love the purple shirt too!!

  • Ginger Platz
    Ginger Platz 15 hours ago

    Just ordered mine! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Kelli Lynn
    Kelli Lynn 15 hours ago

    I love how you say Holy Smokes! You're the best!

  • Marie Mullins
    Marie Mullins 15 hours ago

    Holy sh....... smokes... KEEP POOKA INSIDE. A hawk will absolutely grab a dog if the dog is small enough or the hawk is big enough. Don’t freak out... but freak out like a little, because you are definitely not being paranoid. Also hi your makeup is super pretty in this one.

  • /danie/ /leigh/
    /danie/ /leigh/ 15 hours ago

    the blush is called blushmate, if i read it right, not blushmatte, so i think it was supposed to be shiny

  • I’m just a Alien
    I’m just a Alien 15 hours ago

    Why are they both so gorgeous?

  • Nirvana Blaque
    Nirvana Blaque 15 hours ago

    I see “my money” & “I spent” but you started the video saying it was a gift.. lol sis...

  • Karen
    Karen 15 hours ago

    Omg Tati, I have white coat too. I dread, I mean dread going to the doctor. When they take my blood pressure I get so freaked and my blood pressure goes up. I feel ya girl.

  • Cerys Selby
    Cerys Selby 15 hours ago

    Your looking like Jlo here

  • emilee garner
    emilee garner 15 hours ago

    so proud of you Tati and everything you have done, you deserve the world and have the most real respect from genuine people. keep doing great things mamas, we love you.

  • celalatrista
    celalatrista 16 hours ago

    This is the first time i‘ve EVER purchased a palette on the Internet (I only got money for drugstore palettes) but I absolutely love the idea of it and love the fact that - as it seems - every single shadow works perfectly. This is sth special to me because every palette out there has at least 1 shadow that is hard to work with. I’ve seen some tutorials with your palette and I am obsessed with it - turns out as a musthave. You really convinced me. Love your videos and your personality. You are such an elegant woman and that’s what your palette reflects to me. Want to share that elegance with you and the rest of the people who are going to rock the looks with it. Much love from Germany ♥️🙏🏼

  • jenny from da blockkk
    jenny from da blockkk 16 hours ago

    OBSESSED with this whole look. so effortlessly beautiful!

  • Shannon Prince
    Shannon Prince 16 hours ago

    Why do youtubers use "we." Did multiple people put the makeup on her face???