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  • biodude zerothree
    biodude zerothree 33 minutes ago

    1:00 idk if its fair to assume star platinum has mass tho, it's literally a punchghost

  • Qam05
    Qam05 50 minutes ago

    Ok then, now I understand that Joshu sucks



  • Heinzel1D PaboZ
    Heinzel1D PaboZ Hour ago


  • Tommy Rojas
    Tommy Rojas 2 hours ago


  • 243view gamer
    243view gamer 2 hours ago

    I think buciarati just possessed his own corpse just to last up to the other half of part 5, i don't think he got resurrected by giorno, he just fixed the body (he couldn't rest in peace yet so he came back)

  • weekmemes
    weekmemes 2 hours ago

    i was born on april 4th at 4:45 i was 1 minute away from becoming the devil himself

  • mysteriousbuilder4 roblox

    So because Dio has 3 other children is the biggest issue with stone ocean? Ok, this is a pretty bad reason.

  • AriSafari293
    AriSafari293 3 hours ago

    What bout the thunder cross split attack!!???

  • Leo Tan
    Leo Tan 3 hours ago

    *When He said "Muda" *I Felt That 😔*

  • TheProPlayz Requiem
    TheProPlayz Requiem 3 hours ago

    cough cough hentai fanficts I also watch it cough cough

  • Kidusrox
    Kidusrox 3 hours ago

    some of these are stretches but idc because danganronpa is amazing and people should play it also play v3 bc it's fucking amazing

  • Inky Boi
    Inky Boi 3 hours ago

    Remember when part 2 Joseph had a tommygun?

  • myCousinMadisonSucks

    Me hearing all the math/Science: (U . _ . wut.

  • Infamous IMP
    Infamous IMP 3 hours ago

    Mista says 4 more than any other character

  • Suspicious Spaghetti

    Just started watching but if Foo Fighters isn't S tier, I'm gonna smack a bitch Edit: how dare you put Anasui above the beautiful plankton waifu 😤😤😤

  • Animator Kid
    Animator Kid 3 hours ago

    A stand thats is A german ju-87 stuka A plane during ww2 A stand used in Italy Hoho you thought it was another A but it's was i *Mr worldwide*

  • Captain Actually
    Captain Actually 4 hours ago

    It's settled: If I use Sirfetch'd, I'm naming it [ C H A R I O T ] .

  • great glorious leader Joseph Stalin

    Cant forget how araki forgot that life made by gold experience reflects damage

  • Pesche
    Pesche 4 hours ago

    Easy, you attract what's you scared of. That's why everything left me....

  • Eating Ass
    Eating Ass 4 hours ago

    What Type Of Fucken Stand Names Are Soft and Wet and ESPECIALLY "DOGGY STYLE" LIKE BRUH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

  • Red
    Red 4 hours ago

    He forgot to pay his animators for part 5 lmao

  • 子ピノ
    子ピノ 5 hours ago


  • Sean Criswell
    Sean Criswell 5 hours ago

    You thought this journey would be about the twerp, but it was I, MIO, er, DIO! Explanation: In the Japanese dub of Pokemon, Takehito Koyasu voices the Team Rocket member Butch (as in Butch and Cassidy).

  • 0k nOtHiNg
    0k nOtHiNg 5 hours ago

    2:46 cause okuyasu use the hand to erase the space and save josuke from the explosion

  • JoeJoe Dabest
    JoeJoe Dabest 5 hours ago

    But I think joshu is even worse

  • iori1391
    iori1391 5 hours ago

    So dumb but funny lol

  • aggresivcanadian
    aggresivcanadian 5 hours ago


  • nigga senpai
    nigga senpai 6 hours ago

    Remember when jotaro could beat the most broken stands, without time stop

  • 강민형
    강민형 6 hours ago


  • Zelolman The What
    Zelolman The What 6 hours ago

    I think Mista's phobia of the number 4 is a fourth wall breaking joke. You see you can pronounce 4 in japanese as either "yon" or "shi". And in japanese death is pronounced "shi". So in japanese, four and death are both pronounced "shi", which is why in japanese people usually pronounce four as "yon" instead of "shi".

  • Gabe Elkins
    Gabe Elkins 6 hours ago

    Stand user S H U C C stand name O V E R T H E T O P

  • No Dignity
    No Dignity 6 hours ago

    we should make something called "GameFreak forgot" just like "Araki forgot" just to remind us all the shit gamefreak forgot in their games

  • Claube1
    Claube1 7 hours ago

    Remember at the beggining of Part 3 that Jotaro didn't know what a Stand was but he was stealing random stuff from all over the city, remember also the fact that his stand has a maximum distance of only 3 Metters?

  • Calm Thyself
    Calm Thyself 7 hours ago

    Tower of gray: a beetle Superfly: a tower Me: wait...

  • royalgeese
    royalgeese 7 hours ago

    Jotaro can stop time longer in part 6 for the same reason why DIO could increase his time stopping ability

  • E- Freeze
    E- Freeze 8 hours ago

    "I know where I am, Im in Venice"

  • Ð乇ア尺乇丂丂乇Ð ǫᴡǫ

    Remember how giorno had the ability to make snakes and use their blood to heal him from side effects but it was never seen again?

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 8 hours ago


  • Pineapple Thingy
    Pineapple Thingy 8 hours ago

    epic twist the boss is the window and Mista detected he was a stand user but the others didn't realize

  • Click On Me Please
    Click On Me Please 9 hours ago

    1:04 1:04 1:04 1:04 1:04

  • Kaka Nugroho
    Kaka Nugroho 9 hours ago

    The 1 dislike was from mista

  • tenebre foxy
    tenebre foxy 9 hours ago

    Gyro and speedwagon child would be over heaven tier

  • TMC3b
    TMC3b 9 hours ago

    Shuck can I voice Kris I have a very smooth sexy voice.

  • Microwave Gamer
    Microwave Gamer 9 hours ago

    The video is 4:44 long

  • Red Games
    Red Games 10 hours ago

    Jotaro superglued some of his hair to his hat

  • Red James
    Red James 10 hours ago

    Not was Jonatha, was me,was DIO!

  • Word From The North
    Word From The North 10 hours ago

    Jojo is the only widely popular manga/anime that has a higher number of husbandos than waifus.

  • ZacSonic Mee
    ZacSonic Mee 10 hours ago

    Mirage stand, part 3, vanilla ice arc.

  • Bananamations
    Bananamations 10 hours ago

    "Doppio.. this is the boss." "I'm here to tell you... Dying... is gay."

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma 11 hours ago


  • Jolyne Kujo
    Jolyne Kujo 11 hours ago

    So this is what Giorno’s been fucking doing while I’m trying to prevent the end of the universe. Thanks for the help *Griorno*

  • Wut
    Wut 11 hours ago

    Shiny shuckle

  •  11 hours ago

    Requiem : Gameode 0 Creative mode

  • Zonkboy
    Zonkboy 11 hours ago

    Beel Rall Stun

  • abdou yay
    abdou yay 11 hours ago

    Let me get this straight Part 3 main character is part 6 dad And part 4 main character is part 3 uncle And part 2 main character is part 4 dad and part 3 grandpa And part 1 main character is part part 2 grandpa and yet part 5 dad.. So giorno is Joseph's uncle

  • Preston Garvey Commonwealth Minutemen

    Part 1 could have also been goodbye, JoJo!

  • Andrea Nastro
    Andrea Nastro 11 hours ago

    Araki didn't forget. He just eventually stopped thinking.

  • Alexander Germanelo
    Alexander Germanelo 11 hours ago

    Remember when the jojos were buff?

  • Sebastian Borer
    Sebastian Borer 12 hours ago

    It makes me mad that the video was 4:45 and not 4:44

  • ZombRexGame
    ZombRexGame 12 hours ago

    2:17 we could say that Valentine was "Funny" this time

  • Just a Biscuit
    Just a Biscuit 12 hours ago

    For a moment i was scared you’d ignore SPEEDWAGON

  • stalin is god
    stalin is god 12 hours ago

    “Because light behaves like a free particle of energy with wave-like characteristics, we can assign different wavelengths for different colors of light such as ultraviolet, visible, and infrared. If DIO were truly moving faster than anyone else, the wavelength of light off of any pigment from any object hitting his eyes would be shorter than the wavelength hitting anything else in the surrounding area briefly. For those who still think DIO freezes time itself, think about all the consequences every object in Egypt and every particle in the air would also freeze as well. Light couldn’t even reach your retina, to create anything. And let’s not even get into how it would tear apart the fabric of the space-time continuum. *_If DIO were moving very fast, he would still be free to interact with any object around him. So, back to the question at hand; how fast is DIO moving? We can get a pretty good estimate with one of the most bizarre scenes from all of JoJo._* Not even needing to explain the rest, since, y‘ know, the link, this already discredits every point you’ve mentioned in your video. Guess it sucks to be you, What If. If you do make a counter argument, I’ll applaud you if it’s correct before donutting you with a ginormous counter argument. dont mind this comment guys, just a reference point for an arguement I’m having with a channel disproving the theory of stopping time

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 13 hours ago

    What did Mista do when he was four years old? And what will he do when he reaches age 44? Tell us

  • IAteYourGutz z
    IAteYourGutz z 13 hours ago

    Eventually, mista stopped thinking

    「SCRUB BOI」 13 hours ago

    this is 4bidden

  • Major Oof
    Major Oof 13 hours ago

    behold a stand that is a rc plane on crack

  • Maxie Karn
    Maxie Karn 13 hours ago

    Really long form way of explaining how the Lock works

  • Scrimmy Jimmy
    Scrimmy Jimmy 13 hours ago

    Stop your your stand for everything girono (*-*)

  • Fr_ Bd
    Fr_ Bd 13 hours ago

    Jorge joestar in the thumbnail

  • Zelin XB
    Zelin XB 13 hours ago

    remember when bucciaratti could know if people were lying or not by licking their faces and it never appeared in the anime ever again

  • Doug Pennington
    Doug Pennington 13 hours ago

    Bruno is best girl

  • Emmanuel-comercole smack Jeeves

    looks nice!!!!!

  • Xion the Dark
    Xion the Dark 14 hours ago

    Didnt Naofumi consider releasing the bind off of raphtalia when it was taken off her but she didn't want him to get rid if it?

  • the fallen kingdom
    the fallen kingdom 14 hours ago

    read the subtitles from 1:02 to 1:07 without the video. "ow! that hurts! something... something... something lukewarm is-" plus the sound effects, yeah.

  • Flagu 430 #TheRuperYT
    Flagu 430 #TheRuperYT 14 hours ago


  • BingoBongo
    BingoBongo 15 hours ago

    My game theory is that if pearl jam gets put in bad food it'd actually kill you

  • an_average_nerd
    an_average_nerd 15 hours ago

    That one reference to Nux Taku XD

    ÇŁØÜT ŠËÅ 15 hours ago

    *t i t s*

  • aggresivcanadian
    aggresivcanadian 15 hours ago

    S P E E N

  • with 200IQ Just Fugo
    with 200IQ Just Fugo 15 hours ago

    Me at the area 51 : Why people are like raid area 51, it has nothing in it Area 51 guard: Is the [STAND ARROW] secure yet? Me: HOHOOOOOO

  • Jesus A. Adorno
    Jesus A. Adorno 15 hours ago

    4:09. It's *7* page muda, you Utter Fool.

  • KeripiK
    KeripiK 15 hours ago

    1:48 holy shucc is that a sono chi no kioku meme preach

  • Titanium-Silver Alloy Logan


  • Momatose
    Momatose 16 hours ago

    What is the name of this anime?

  • matteo testani
    matteo testani 16 hours ago

    I think that Higway to hell i the best defensive stand because if somebody attack the stand user both take the damage so i think should be in C

  • Raphael Joaquin D. M.
    Raphael Joaquin D. M. 16 hours ago

    The resemblance isnt too farfetch'd

  • dandre gacha
    dandre gacha 16 hours ago


  • Ghettodi nixoh
    Ghettodi nixoh 16 hours ago

    Don't tell me that this isn't a dragonball reference 😜

  • a stupid face
    a stupid face 16 hours ago

    I’d rank DIO and Dio Brando as two separate characters because let’s be honest part 3 DIO is far inferior to the chad vampire we saw in part 1

  • Sérgio Gabriel
    Sérgio Gabriel 17 hours ago

    This is a lance

  • Amir’s Comedeh
    Amir’s Comedeh 17 hours ago

    joseph is hands down the best

  • Sunrise Is a Show
    Sunrise Is a Show 17 hours ago

    Today I met a so called JoJo fan that didnt uderstand why 7 page muda was called like that...

  • Melancholic Plush
    Melancholic Plush 17 hours ago

    Damn, now I gotta buy sword AND shield

  • Sableye
    Sableye 17 hours ago

    It’s just big news Morgan with a sword lol

    EMERALDJOHN ! 17 hours ago

    i thought it was elizabeth from gintama

  • Angry Goblin
    Angry Goblin 17 hours ago

    Part 6 is among the best and Jolyne is probably the most interesting JoJo considering her character development arc. There are issues with Stone Ocean, like with every other part but, seriously? This is your "biggest problem"? That three minor villains have a blood connection with DIO, who probably has tens of kids, considering his lifestyle? Damn dude, talk about a shit video for clicks.

  • AgentFang 67
    AgentFang 67 17 hours ago

    4 minutes and 44 seconds long.... nice.

  • Fujiwaro nai Makou
    Fujiwaro nai Makou 17 hours ago

    Is this a fucking POKEMON rederence!?

  • Willbell 005
    Willbell 005 17 hours ago

    0:37 song?