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  • Rizwan Shaikh
    Rizwan Shaikh 46 seconds ago


    LEATHER SANDALS Minute ago

    Who else came to the comments and missed the fight?

  • riya a
    riya a 2 minutes ago

    U tellin me its not fixed

  • S W
    S W 2 minutes ago

    This was fixed, cowboy literally took a beating and didnt even try...

  • martin cinderey
    martin cinderey 2 minutes ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan and it’s getting apparent to me We need a better keeper.

  • ZybeZ
    ZybeZ 3 minutes ago


  • Nathaniel Asiedu
    Nathaniel Asiedu 3 minutes ago

    This why BT is better than Sky Sports

  • See Ya
    See Ya 4 minutes ago

    Arteta > Lampard

  • See Ya
    See Ya 4 minutes ago

    Arteta > Lampard

  • Carl Goring
    Carl Goring 5 minutes ago

    All those mcnugget fans all fron the US wrapped in their Irish flags lmao 😂😂

  • Super Dood
    Super Dood 6 minutes ago

    Activate shoulder x 3

  • Allman
    Allman 7 minutes ago

    McGregor only has a left hand. Conor: Hold my left shoulder and my left foot 🦶🏻

    MICKY BRENNAN 7 minutes ago

    Set up, so McGregor, white , khabib, have a mega pay day. Khabib will batter him again. But all parties getting even richer.

    • N
      N 4 minutes ago

      if it was about money mcgregor wouldnt come back and white would retire lol washup fans cant appreciate good fighters

  • CSM
    CSM 8 minutes ago

    Fixed. What?!

    TEAMBATMAN BOXING 8 minutes ago

    I like Cowboy but hes lost 7 out of last 11 and was coming of back to back stoppage one in the loses obviously Conor was going to knock him out so fair play but I don't want to see Cerrone back again

  • TheTreeOctopus
    TheTreeOctopus 9 minutes ago

    Cerrone is a has been, old and past it ffs!!! Put McGregor against a Khabib, a guy in his prime and watch McGregor tap out again!!!

    • N
      N 5 minutes ago

      hahhahbut a few days ago cowboy had it in the bag right? hilarious

  • Pez D Spencer
    Pez D Spencer 10 minutes ago

    Cerrone *Head Kick* Connor : No U

  • JLingz 14
    JLingz 14 10 minutes ago

    Having a blast laughing at all the older comments!!

  • Jay Lamb
    Jay Lamb 10 minutes ago

    Cowboy got smoked.

  • Nick Wyllie
    Nick Wyllie 10 minutes ago

    I went from feeling super happy to super cringe with that hug at the end

  • P S L 2020
    P S L 2020 11 minutes ago


  • noobhost
    noobhost 11 minutes ago

    @3:39 Sit down! (Reject the tyranny of being picked

  • The Londoner
    The Londoner 11 minutes ago

    Fake fight 👎🏻

  • Bakul Dada
    Bakul Dada 11 minutes ago

    cerrone took a dive for the sake of sport

  • grillflame103
    grillflame103 12 minutes ago

    So can watch main event a couple of days after free on TheXvid but can't see it on BT Sport which I pay for. Subscription cancelled BTSport

  • borgilskye
    borgilskye 12 minutes ago

    Very dubious fight....

  • Mark Sharkey
    Mark Sharkey 13 minutes ago

    Why do these Right handed fools line up!?!

  • k k
    k k 13 minutes ago

    That kick to the jaw .....

  • Shaun Davids
    Shaun Davids 14 minutes ago

    Cowboy is a joke ,retire

  • Real-Talk
    Real-Talk 15 minutes ago

    The biggest fix I have ever seen it’s just ridiculous. Cerrone should be ashamed and his license taken away. He had plenty of time to turn on his back or get up and get out of the way . He just stood there taking shots. Anyone who follows cerrone knows he does not fight like that and he has a great chin

  • Dyl Stee
    Dyl Stee 16 minutes ago

    Pathetic by cerrone absolutely pathetic .

  • Alex D
    Alex D 16 minutes ago

    Diaz is like that annoying player on Tekan that just lays down and does nothing 😂

  • Fusilier
    Fusilier 17 minutes ago

    Connor took lots of unnecessary punishment but Chad is one tough dude

  • Bradford Boxed
    Bradford Boxed 17 minutes ago

    This is better than 911 such a great fix

  • ScritzCure
    ScritzCure 18 minutes ago

    The UFC and its partners don't understand what to do when there's a spectacular finish quickly. It should be on TheXvid in a couple minutes because it'll end up on IG/twitter anyway

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 19 minutes ago

    I've seen highlights longer than this

  • Terrafirma Training
    Terrafirma Training 19 minutes ago

    Those killer shoulder strikes 💪😍 against masvidals flying knee 💪😍🤔🤔

  • Adax !
    Adax ! 20 minutes ago

    Simply incredible! Khabib doesn't stand a chance against this Conor.

  • Toby Hawkins
    Toby Hawkins 21 minute ago

    Poor man's boxing

  • Tashi Dhondup
    Tashi Dhondup 22 minutes ago

    I think we want zola head coach and lampard assistance coach.

  • Tej Gill
    Tej Gill 23 minutes ago

    Fixed, feel like its WWE. Shoulder strikes and cowboy keeping his head there. Something does not sit right about the fight.

    • Tej Gill
      Tej Gill 29 seconds ago

      @N not my hero. Look if I were cowboy I would take the side payment to drop the fight. Hell I would get my friends to bet heavy against me. Cowboy has it tucked away in some offshore account.

    • N
      N 7 minutes ago

      never does when your hero loses hahahahahahaha

  • ally ally
    ally ally 23 minutes ago

    Cerrone was so happy for big pay day from conor willing to do anything to help conor and not fight back fixed

  • Ernest Foros
    Ernest Foros 24 minutes ago

    arsenal deffenders are more dangerous to own goal then enemy strikers 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tayla Lola
    Tayla Lola 25 minutes ago

    The king is back? Wheres Khabib

    • N
      N 11 minutes ago


  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 26 minutes ago

    Mustafi goals and assists since 2019: 1 goal 1 assist Lingard since 2019 0 goals 0 assists

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 26 minutes ago

    So proud of the team. We won't be robbed a second time this season

  • Manuel Gutierrez
    Manuel Gutierrez 27 minutes ago

    🇨🇱 Non c'è niente di impossibile. La Roma ha battuto un gigante in Europa e deve continuare a scrivere la sua storia fino a quando non può vincere la Champions League per la prima volta. Saluti dal Cile di un lupo solitario che ama e abbraccia i colori di La Roma. Vica Roma e Viva Italia. 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • James woodhouse
    James woodhouse 28 minutes ago

    Its a joke. Salary cap is killing rugby, the same way rugby was an amateur sport for long.

  • gatti493
    gatti493 29 minutes ago

    the last time i saw a cowboy get a POUNDING like that i was watching BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN all way maaan ! lol

  • deano
    deano 29 minutes ago

    VAR Checking - Possible faulty netting

  • Alex Debono
    Alex Debono 29 minutes ago

    That's it BT, bring out the Mcgregor replay a couple of days after he wins but take over 6 months to show highlights of McGregor / Khabib....

    • 1bang DAN
      1bang DAN 6 minutes ago

      Rob Jennings ur rude 😂😂

    • Rob Jennings
      Rob Jennings 10 minutes ago

      Alex Debono buy it and stop moaning ffs

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 29 minutes ago

    This dude knocked that guy out in about 3 seconds didn't he? Flying knee from the bell.

  • Lee Nichols
    Lee Nichols 29 minutes ago

    Conor smoked him!!! Hopefully he fights someone who can put a fight next

  • Steven Sterling
    Steven Sterling 29 minutes ago

    honestly, how unfit are they?! I mean what kind of training session did they have under emery?! They would die under klopp or guardiola

  • jc17 Pro
    jc17 Pro 30 minutes ago

    Khabib will smash Conor up.

    • CTemple 07
      CTemple 07 13 minutes ago

      jc17 Pro I do expect khabib to win the rematch cause he’s a tank but as mcgregor has proved he always comes back stronger just a shame the only person that can even cause khabib problems is tony. 🤣

    • N
      N 13 minutes ago


  • Gumball Gombio
    Gumball Gombio 30 minutes ago

    Bellerin is back!!! He was honestly the reason why I became a Gunner

  • Daud Ikram
    Daud Ikram 30 minutes ago

    Pep won those 2 ucl cuz of MESSI xavi iniesta they said Messi only won 1 ucl and 0 international trophies withous Pep they never said.

  • Danyal Ebrahim
    Danyal Ebrahim 31 minute ago

    "The king is back" *laughs in Khabib*

  • Krispin Finkelstein
    Krispin Finkelstein 34 minutes ago

    Where's Cerrone? He disappeared after the fight?

    • Jasra Kaast
      Jasra Kaast 29 minutes ago

      He was taken to hospital to be checked over. Dana mentioned it in the post press conference.

  • JHolland
    JHolland 34 minutes ago

    Honestly I wanna see him fight gaeche next (I don’t know how to spell his name lol) , he could beat him easy , let masvidal fight usman , Conor fight Justin and then khabib fight tony and see where it all goes

    • sam p
      sam p 5 minutes ago

      JHolland Gaethje mate and totally agree but Masvidal would still be one hell of a fight. Hope he gets atleast 3 or 4 fights before he goes back for Floyd or fights Manny

    MMA VISION 34 minutes ago

    Cerrone: He only has a left hand Connor: hold my left shoulder

  • Tuukka Halonen
    Tuukka Halonen 35 minutes ago

    He looks like a turtle.

  • Platinum Gaming
    Platinum Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Casuals saying fixed ahahaha

  • Shaun Mclaren
    Shaun Mclaren 35 minutes ago

    Hope Thorley gets some game time.

  • Krispin Finkelstein
    Krispin Finkelstein 36 minutes ago

    It was always a well chosen fight, the UFC will not allowe McGregor to lose his comeback fight unless something totally unexpected happened. He brings huge amounts of money and people. The real test will be Khabib Nurmagomedov, though I must say it's great to see Connor so dangerous and so well.

  • L98 Mma
    L98 Mma 36 minutes ago

    Martinelli is amazing hopefully he stays with us for years to come

  • Smokey Ownz
    Smokey Ownz 37 minutes ago

    How Tyson said he don’t believe in spirits lol

  • S C
    S C 37 minutes ago

    He gave him the cold shoulder 🥶

  • Super Kaam
    Super Kaam 37 minutes ago

    Forget the Khabib rematch! I wanna see Conor Vs Ferguson next!!!

  • Cutler Gross
    Cutler Gross 37 minutes ago

    Wired fight, wonder if it’s was planned 🙄

  • Reece
    Reece 37 minutes ago

    The walkouts were longer than the fight...

  • macca
    macca 38 minutes ago

    He's no real Cowboy.

  • Wayne Lee Ramsden
    Wayne Lee Ramsden 39 minutes ago

    it just looked like a fix..donald just folded it was so weird as fook.

    • MrDanybe
      MrDanybe 30 minutes ago

      Watch carefully matey, @ 1.40 Conors hip clats cowboy flush in the face that's what made him look weird cos it near kod him he never recovered from that

    • LochVids
      LochVids 31 minute ago

      He was getting mashed, as soon as the fight started, conor nearly got him with his knee but he hit his head with his thigh hard.

    • Platinum Gaming
      Platinum Gaming 32 minutes ago

      Wayne Lee Ramsden he did just come from 2 bad knock outs

  • Mike Okorom
    Mike Okorom 39 minutes ago

    For martinelli is a good player the guy is just too good

  • Sam goodwin
    Sam goodwin 40 minutes ago

    Gregor reminds me of Johnny Walker in this

  • Charles Butt
    Charles Butt 41 minute ago

    Who should Conor fight next? Like for masvidal Comment for Usman or Khabib

    • Zac Heap
      Zac Heap 18 minutes ago

      I reckon he'd lose against all of those but I want the masvidal fight.

  • Silver Fullbuster
    Silver Fullbuster 41 minute ago

    Man this fight didn't even need to be paid for 😂

  • King Dan
    King Dan 42 minutes ago

    “All Connor has is a left hand” Connor: “hold my shoulder”

    • Dawit Adam
      Dawit Adam 4 minutes ago

      Hold my left shoulder*

    • King Dan
      King Dan 15 minutes ago

      Just a TheXvid comment 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️ what’s with all the hate guys?

    • TheRealist 811
      TheRealist 811 24 minutes ago

      Yes yes very original

    • willkunn
      willkunn 25 minutes ago

      should be “connor’s shoulder: hold my beer”

  • Mike Okorom
    Mike Okorom 42 minutes ago

    Artata is the man we need in Arsenal i have so much for the guy

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 42 minutes ago

    Thierry Henry once scored a goal like this on me playing Fifa 10 in my psp, I'll never forget it, then I see this when it got viral a couple years later

    • deano
      deano 28 minutes ago

      It all came full circle

  • Mike Okorom
    Mike Okorom 43 minutes ago

    Arsenal for life

  • jack greenway
    jack greenway 44 minutes ago

    This is Conor at his very best, its flawless.

  • Trwerking man
    Trwerking man 44 minutes ago

    3:44 Cant tell if that's Voldermort or Jhonny Sins

  • Will Morris
    Will Morris 45 minutes ago

    Click bait! The title says full fight but only shows 40 seconds of it.

    • Ben dover
      Ben dover 2 minutes ago

      @GoPro Ray why lol

    • Ben dover
      Ben dover 2 minutes ago

      @Big Virgil nah there's always at least one person give it time

    • Big Virgil
      Big Virgil 3 minutes ago

      @Ben dover everyone gets it .

    • GoPro Ray
      GoPro Ray 8 minutes ago

      @Ben dover what's your name

    • Ben dover
      Ben dover 9 minutes ago

      Lol que the people who don't get it

  • Valter Mitic
    Valter Mitic 45 minutes ago

    he dreamed??😂😂😂😂😉

  • tannacy jack
    tannacy jack 45 minutes ago

    What a fake fight. Cowboy right hand was free when EL Tapo was shouldering him, how come he didn't throw a punch?? Fixed fight

    • N
      N 6 minutes ago

      @tannacy jack hahahahahahahhahhahahhhhhaah

    • tannacy jack
      tannacy jack 8 minutes ago

      @RPGecko is McChicken so strong that he can simultaneously shoulder attack as well as hold cowboy's arm ??? Have u ever fought ??😏 A common man can throw punches from that position, yet cowboy as an elite MMA fighter can't?? Look at video again .he throws nothing but one useless kick .

    • RPGecko
      RPGecko 27 minutes ago

      Conors hand is on his right bicep pushing his arm back, its not free

    • Platinum Gaming
      Platinum Gaming 35 minutes ago

      tannacy jack it’s called bicep control m8

  • L I Y I
    L I Y I 45 minutes ago

    Connor big mouth shut good,well done khabib

  • Jam
    Jam 46 minutes ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even UFC fans: CTE Cowboy: 🤕 ‘ i jUsT lOvE fiGhTIng’

  • Fightobserver 1903
    Fightobserver 1903 46 minutes ago

    This walkover did nothing fr either fighter except wealth.

  • Faze Storm Richman
    Faze Storm Richman 46 minutes ago

    When he screamed “too easy”, I felt that.

  • Super Kaam
    Super Kaam 46 minutes ago

    Either this was fixed or McGregor really is that good!

  • Lord SpottyBum
    Lord SpottyBum 46 minutes ago

    Watched this 50 times already anyone watched in more?

  • Jam
    Jam 48 minutes ago

    Cowboy showed up for a payday, should just retire at this point, been knocked out 3 times in a row

    • Tommy Rice
      Tommy Rice 44 minutes ago

      @Nero Forte is that supposed to make it sound better lol

    • Jam
      Jam 44 minutes ago

      Nero Forte knockout, TKO.. brain damage is brain damage

    • Nero Forte
      Nero Forte 45 minutes ago

      Actually Cerrone's never been knocked out, only tko'd

  • kevLar
    kevLar 50 minutes ago

    3:39 STEVE OOOOO

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston 50 minutes ago

    McGregor vs masvidal...

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 50 minutes ago

    A humble and quiet conor is a DANGEROUS conor, like the one before the belts knocking every mofo out

  • Jam
    Jam 50 minutes ago

    Cowboys allways been a bottlejob in big fights and he’s just been knocked out twice, this was a shitshow

    • Jam
      Jam 42 minutes ago

      Nero Forte Gajthe?!? Lmao

    • Nero Forte
      Nero Forte 46 minutes ago

      He doesnt do well against power strikers tho i've never seen Cerrone get finished like that

  • Khin David
    Khin David 50 minutes ago

    I was hype for the match but it was over in a blink of an eye. What a waste of money.

  • Большая цифра

    Dear all WWE fans who return to UFC once every two years to watch Conor fight. He beat an old Cowboy, not Jon Jones. Yours sincerely, - Every MMA fan in the world