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  • Eliana Clark
    Eliana Clark 8 minutes ago

    I now want to own all of Charlotte tilbury’s makeup 😅 would love to see another full face of a high end brand xx

  • Elisha Mans
    Elisha Mans 11 minutes ago

    I’ve tried 4 different versions of the mini pill and eventually taken myself off hormones entirely because I hated it!

  • Elise Bowden
    Elise Bowden 13 minutes ago

    Wow you look gorgeous😭😍

  • Ronniebear xo
    Ronniebear xo 15 minutes ago

    I feel like the upcoming collab is jewellery? I LOVE the necklace you are wearing <3

  • Katie Liang Zhou
    Katie Liang Zhou 18 minutes ago

    Are your brows miroblade

  • Loren Wareham
    Loren Wareham 22 minutes ago

    The makeup looks stunning. I love the eyes.

  • Pryana Shah
    Pryana Shah 49 minutes ago

    I have the magic away concealer and whilst the product is nice on the packaging or wand is a pain. The lid is difficult to get off and I feel like you end twisting it off which causes product to come and is a waste and creates a mess!

  • Jessica Davies
    Jessica Davies 52 minutes ago

    It might be pricey just Jesus Christ your makeup has never looked so amazing 😱😨😰💗💗💗

  • Rhiannon Lee
    Rhiannon Lee 56 minutes ago

    Girl I feel you with the contraceptive pill story! I took the pill for 7+ years, went to a new doctor to get a prescription and he told me I should never have been prescribed it as I suffer from migraines (with aura) and it increases the risk of stroke 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope you find something that works for you soon xo

  • cassandra ༄
    cassandra ༄ 57 minutes ago

    omg it's so expensive but u cant even deny how beautiful n glowy she looked at the end

  • Tinker Girl
    Tinker Girl Hour ago

    I have an IUD and it works wonders for me. BUT! I have never suffered from extreme menstrual pains and I do not experience the IUD as something that controls it a lot. I have heard of people with IUD that either stop having their period altogether or that doesn't have any pain any more whatsoever. This does not happen for me. The IUD takes about 6 months or so before your body and the IUD adjusts to each other and from then on you can experience how it works for your own body. In those first 6 months you can experience a lot of different things. For me my period came early one month and late the next. I had pains one month and then none. A real rollercoster. The positive about an IUD for me is that it lasts a lot longer than a packet of pills for less money. If you take the 3 years my IUD lasts and then compare it to the complete cost of the pill for those same years the IUD comes up as cheaper. At least in my country x)

  • Sam Hepplestone
    Sam Hepplestone Hour ago

    anyone know where the necklaces are from that she’s wearing in this video? 🤩✨

  • D D
    D D Hour ago

    I need to see a video of testing Dior,Giorgio Armani,Bobby Brown makeup

  • Nhật Linh Hoàng

    This is power of luxury shit 💃🏼 Honestly, you look better with this look

  • Dida
    Dida Hour ago

    I wish I can do a full face of Charlotte Tilbury make up but actually it’s so expensive 😞😞😞😞😞

  • Annie Thompson
    Annie Thompson Hour ago

    ive spotted that phone case .... stars and moons ay soph :0) skinny dip... ?? hehehe #merch

  • Wendy Trimmer
    Wendy Trimmer Hour ago

    I love you Soph, but considering you were sent these for free you did come across as quite 'scathing' about the price point. While I understand you normally use drugstore and have legions of fans who do too, you also have a huge collection of products which have a high value when all added together... some people would rather pay £30 for a powder they will use all of rather than draws full of £5 ones they will never get through and end up chucking away, which ends up being a bigger waste of money!

  • Micaiah Phipps
    Micaiah Phipps 2 hours ago

    I’ve been subscribed since early 2017 and I’m so happy to be a small part of your journey. You always put a smile on my face. You’re so close to one million subscribers. That’s crazy. Love you so much, keep doing you ❤️

  • Holly
    Holly 2 hours ago

    I know it's expensive but your makeup looks flawless!!

  • elle knightess
    elle knightess 2 hours ago

    this was right above sabrina carpenters ASMR on my feed and i realised how much you look alike

  • Michaela Reháková
    Michaela Reháková 2 hours ago


  • Allie Shank
    Allie Shank 2 hours ago

    As crazy expensive as that powder is, it’s fricken amazing on my skin! I constantly have issues with any powder making me look way too dry and weird and that powder doesn’t do that. Also it lasts forever! I use my all the time and i can’t even see a dent yet.

    MAHEVA WILSON 2 hours ago

    Lovely vidéo, I have my lips tatoo it is such a good thing in the morning when you dont have time to do make up.

  • Gemma Devaney
    Gemma Devaney 2 hours ago

    Omg want to go and buy a full face of Charlotte Tilbury xx

  • Jasmin Ratcliffe
    Jasmin Ratcliffe 2 hours ago

    LOESTRIN 20 was so good !!! only pill i’ve ever taken i was so sad when it was discontinued, all other pills have messed me up so bad

  • Official Belzie
    Official Belzie 2 hours ago

    I did a makeover experience and I loved it! Filmed it on my Channel! Her products are amazing and although they are pricy I think their worth it! You look great 💜

  • Ella Lal x
    Ella Lal x 2 hours ago

    Can you do Florence by mills

  • DaniDIY
    DaniDIY 2 hours ago

    Absolutely love the eyeshadow - is there a more budget friendly pallet that could achieve the same look? 💜

  • Anna G
    Anna G 2 hours ago

    Woooooooow, you look absolutely luxurious😱😱😱😱

  • bmwheartsfashion
    bmwheartsfashion 2 hours ago

    So pretty! Xoxox

  • Laura Galek
    Laura Galek 3 hours ago

    I've always been interested in trying Charlotte Tilbury but not actually took the plunge yet. There are a few eyeshadow quads I like the look of.

  • Demi Dawson
    Demi Dawson 3 hours ago

    So u were on the website and away to buy stuff but they suddenly emailed you asking what u wanted ??? Weird

  • Ellie Sellwood
    Ellie Sellwood 3 hours ago

    Loving the Skinny Dip Collab phone case 😍

  • April Shelton
    April Shelton 3 hours ago

    I am getting married late next year and all this makeup looks like it would be soooo perfect for the day! Its just so expensive i dont know if i can splurge that much for one day 😣😣 because i honestly couldnt justify using it on a daily basis >.< xx

  • Velvet Wehrman
    Velvet Wehrman 3 hours ago

    You probably get this a lot but you look like Sabrina Carpenter. You are gorgeous.

  • Kristy ann
    Kristy ann 3 hours ago

    Wow this makeup looks stunning on you, my favorite look on you. I want to try the eyeshadow it's so pretty

  • D RS
    D RS 3 hours ago

    I got a mini pot of the magic cream as a gift and I honestly prefer the Nivea Soft moisturiser. It was not something worth £70!

  • Jayy Jokela
    Jayy Jokela 4 hours ago


  • Marie Rieger
    Marie Rieger 4 hours ago

    That stuff looks so cool 😉❤️

  • Swara D
    Swara D 4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your honest opinions with us!!! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed Soph!! ❤

  • Lottie Jade
    Lottie Jade 4 hours ago

    Absolutely love everything on you look gorgeous products are unreal stop about the prices though thought was bit to much to keep putting it down when actually for high end as a brand the price is very good & if it works and looks unreal I’d buy it over and over plus all her products last for ages defo worth it. 💸🙌🏼 I think this is the best make up Iv seen on you !

  • Lizzy Jones
    Lizzy Jones 4 hours ago

    I have the palette that has bronzer, highlight, blush and eyeshadow which I think they’ve discontinued. But I really love it other than the shimmer eyeshadow really isn’t pigmented. I have a feeling they’ve changed the formula which is great!

  • smallduck sbahn
    smallduck sbahn 4 hours ago

    I love the eyes right mascara, it’s one of the few máscaras that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Also emotional brilliance is my go to setting powder for my under eyes. If you love highlighter the feeling younger skin tint is awesome. Sadly waiting for the naked products in the states though

  • Michelle Hunt
    Michelle Hunt 4 hours ago

    Is this an entire video of Soph LOVING but wanting to HATE a high end expensive makeup brand? Conflicting!!! Lol

  • Lynn Melina
    Lynn Melina 4 hours ago

    My god you look so classy and glamorous... wow

  • wrldchngr07
    wrldchngr07 5 hours ago

    It may be expensive af but your makeup looks stunnnnnning in this

  • Kirsten Welch
    Kirsten Welch 5 hours ago

    I keep putting off buying Charlotte tillbury because how expensive it is but your makeup looked stunning and now I need it 😫😍😵

  • priscilla bassil
    priscilla bassil 5 hours ago

    Damn these makeup are so good

  • Shayla Boothe
    Shayla Boothe 5 hours ago

    Your skin looked flawless 😍 loved the powder & bronzer on your skin!

  • Morgan Garrett
    Morgan Garrett 5 hours ago

    Your skin looks so gorgeous!! ♥️

  • Angels world
    Angels world 5 hours ago

    So happy to see this I bought a full face of products like 20pcs of makeup from her!!! So excited it will be here tomorrow :) love it!!

  • Jade Gill
    Jade Gill 5 hours ago

    I know you're saying that you could look like this with other cheaper and more reasonably priced products. But you have never looked flawless and really put together ever since you tried her products. If I really have the means, I would buy Charlotte's products. So worth it.

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas 6 hours ago

    Charlotte Tilbury is a bit pricey but it's worth it!

  • Annabelle Seaborn
    Annabelle Seaborn 6 hours ago

    ur skin is looking so nice!!!

  • Macky Gabdial
    Macky Gabdial 6 hours ago

    Hello guys may makeup tutorial din ako sa channel ko..peru parang ayaw nyo po tingnan ang channel nmn

  • Lojin Mohamed
    Lojin Mohamed 6 hours ago

    Pillow talk is just a Zayn song for me 😂😂💛💛💛

  • Sofia Olave
    Sofia Olave 6 hours ago

    that bronzer 😍😍😍

  • Carryl Edwards
    Carryl Edwards 6 hours ago

    Soph the blush has two colors because you put the darker shade on first and pop the lighter shade on the apples of the cheeks. Maybe read instructions first. Love the eye look and your skin looks amazing💖💖💖🐈🐕🐎💖💖💖

  • suzeysays
    suzeysays 6 hours ago

    I bought the Filmstar Bronze and Glow about 15 months ago and have used it as my daily bronze and highlight since then and I still have product left so it does last aaaaages, which makes the price a little easier to swallow.

  • Slim_Stina XOXO
    Slim_Stina XOXO 6 hours ago

    I have oily oily skin & bought this foundation (first ct product) & I loooove it, I was excited to see you review it!:) & this has to be one of my favorite looks you’ve done yet. -xoxoxo

  • Nicole Gates
    Nicole Gates 7 hours ago

    Literally the best your makeup has ever looked! Wow your skin was airbrushed looking!!!!!

  • Caidence Gaffer
    Caidence Gaffer 7 hours ago

    The eyeshadow 😍 It’s stunning! I want to buy it although I don’t even wear makeup

  • rupertsfriend64
    rupertsfriend64 7 hours ago

    Everyone deserves a little luxury.... Charlotte Tilbury makeup is gorgeous.... 💖

  • Tempest Bennett
    Tempest Bennett 7 hours ago

    Looks greasy I wouldn’t like the feeling on my face

  • Xana Correia
    Xana Correia 8 hours ago

    Honestly I think this makeup looks amazing! It’s looks so smooth and glowy ✨ I know it’s expensive but the quality shows 🙈

  • SuperLexica
    SuperLexica 8 hours ago

    I kind of wish you hadn't made this video because then I could have lived in happy oblivion instead of knowing I'll be spending my next paycheck on CT makeup 😂

  • Adriana Antonio
    Adriana Antonio 8 hours ago

    I’ve hit pan on all my Tarte blushes and in all my blushes I’ve ever used.

  • Kimberly Akers
    Kimberly Akers 8 hours ago

    Very beautiful Soph

  • Orla Bríd Philpott
    Orla Bríd Philpott 8 hours ago

    #QOTD What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a beauty channel but has no idea where to start (and is only starting out on their makeup journey)?

  • Karina
    Karina 8 hours ago

    “my skin looks really airbrushed” ... Soph,, honey. it’s the airbrushed line 😂😭

  • Ana Rezendes
    Ana Rezendes 8 hours ago

    This makeup 😍😍

  • Alyssa Mihalik
    Alyssa Mihalik 8 hours ago

    That’s false advertising and I’m not sure WHY you wouldn’t even try to take legal action. Kids these days. That’s fucked up!

  • Karen Dorman
    Karen Dorman 9 hours ago

    I wear my very Victoria lipstick and her foundation going to work in Asda

  • Cú
     9 hours ago

    "Why does fake makeup exist?" Well, usually... It's to make a dirt-cheap, affordable version of expensive makeup. But, in this case... I haven't the slightest idea... Boredom?

  • Lisa hart
    Lisa hart 9 hours ago

    I finally got the Hollywood Flawless Finish a while back and absolutely looove it!! Just got the Flawless powder and Light Wonder skin tint and Hot Lips lipstick during Sephora sale and I just love all of them so so much!!! Really would like to try the concealer and liquid highlighter too.

  • itsjoanne.x
    itsjoanne.x 9 hours ago

    Very nice make up as always Soph! The blush looks so pretty! #qotd what's your favourite blush? 😊❤ xx

  • Ruuux S
    Ruuux S 9 hours ago

    I think Soph would suit chocolate brown hair! I love that foundation on you Soph, it looks beautiful. I hate how expensive it all is, I’ve acne prone, oily skin so I really need full coverage non moving foundations & they’re always expensive! 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s not fair! 💕

  • Jewelzy Julz
    Jewelzy Julz 9 hours ago

    I was so disappointed by this foundation. :( My Loreal Infallible Freshwear and Maybelline Dream Urban look and wear better for a fraction of the price. The CT looked cakey and dry and very makeup-y.

  • PinkHairMeg
    PinkHairMeg 9 hours ago

    Wow your makeup looks great!

  • therealcinnimo [Cinzia]

    Now I want that lipliner 😭

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 9 hours ago

    #questionoftheday Where is your favorite place to travel?

  • Miranda Priestley
    Miranda Priestley 9 hours ago

    Soph. Your skin is looking gorgeous. Please could we have an updated skin care routine or products that you feel have worked well for you x

  • Karina Bunton
    Karina Bunton 9 hours ago

    Foundation looks so damn good on you

  • kayyla kee
    kayyla kee 10 hours ago


  • sophdoesnails
    sophdoesnails 10 hours ago

    Btw guys I posted a flash back test and update on my twitter @sophdoesnails ❤️

    • Gabriella De Gennaro
      Gabriella De Gennaro Hour ago

      sophdoesnails my bank account is crying because I’m buying that powder when I get paid!! X

    • Emma x
      Emma x 3 hours ago

      @Eliza no it doesnt

    • Eliza
      Eliza 3 hours ago

      I don’t have Twitter but does it flash back??????

    • Logan Alyse
      Logan Alyse 8 hours ago


  • S. G.
    S. G. 10 hours ago

    When you smile you kinda look like you’re taking a dump.

  • Mona Zhang
    Mona Zhang 10 hours ago

    "projects make up onto your face" - I immediately thought of the make up gun that Homer invents in the Simpsons hahaha

  • Megan Kilby
    Megan Kilby 10 hours ago

    Your base and eyeshadow looks flawless😍

  • Jo Dee
    Jo Dee 10 hours ago

    Wow, just wow!!! It may be hella expensive but OMG the payoff is nearly worth it. You look absolutely stunning Soph 😍😍😍

    • Jo Dee
      Jo Dee 9 hours ago

      @sophdoesnails I still swear by your palette with revolution, the original one, I absolutely love it, its genuinely my go to one 👍👍👍 I've got your highlighter palette and the lipstick in fudge and the extra spice palette in my Beauty Bay shopping cart, just waiting for payday 😉

    • sophdoesnails
      sophdoesnails 9 hours ago

      aw thank you!!

  • Mirra Leigh
    Mirra Leigh 10 hours ago

    CT marketing is on point. Makes me want to buy EVERYTHING. Also, collagen molecules are too big to penetrate skin, so🤷‍♀️. Really only way to get benefits from it are to take it internally.

  • Jordann Grigg
    Jordann Grigg 10 hours ago

    Once again bragging again! Can’t she hurry up and be cancelled!

    • Jordann Grigg
      Jordann Grigg 40 minutes ago

      Ben Kazzz biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever Hurd are u sniffing glue? 🤣

    • Ben Kazzz
      Ben Kazzz 8 hours ago

      Jordann Grigg Jeffree Star is problematic, he causes drama and picks on people. Jeffree puts on an act, he cares about himself and he’s a rich racist. Sophie is unproblematic and is just out here trying to do her thing.

    • Jordann Grigg
      Jordann Grigg 8 hours ago

      sophdoesnails how can I spell it out more clearly than I already have done take a read! Apply it then come back when you don’t think your gods gift because Hun your no Jeffree star! And never will be he interacts with his subscribers u blank them look down on them and constantly brag with your tacky £3 eyeshadow collab 🤣

    • Jordann Grigg
      Jordann Grigg 9 hours ago

      sophdoesnails that’s all she does sits on camera to brag thinking she’s better than everyone she don’t even comment back to anyone not one of her subscribers but she’s ok earning money from us the people who made her! Girl bye she needs to do thoes roots of hers keep saying this and change up her lip colour because it’s getting real old

    • Ben Kazzz
      Ben Kazzz 10 hours ago

      Jordann Grigg how was she bragging? The entire video she told her viewers to get cheaper alternatives for certain items and was very taken aback by the prices

  • Aliceinwonderlust xo
    Aliceinwonderlust xo 10 hours ago

    They do semi-permanent foundation

  • Big sis vs lil sis
    Big sis vs lil sis 10 hours ago

    I find Charlotte tilbury hype. Theres many other amazing makeup similar prices. Also I doubt its noticable whether this is high end makeup or not

  • Tee Me
    Tee Me 10 hours ago

    Dammit Soph, now I have to save up and get the eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick, blush, foundation and magic cream 😭 whyyyy r u making me spend so much money!!!!! Ur makeup looked the best I have ever seen and u definetly look like the Charlotte Tilbury model ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eleanor Rose Deakin
    Eleanor Rose Deakin 10 hours ago

    Yaaaayyy thank you so much for always being honest and so relatable 😭💛🙌 For my wedding make up I now know what’s worth the money, you’re an angel 😍💕✨ xoxox

  • Kiran Rafi
    Kiran Rafi 10 hours ago

    Going to buy the the foundation and lipstick tomorrow cant wait Can you do the new 2 faced palette xx

  • mybookishlife
    mybookishlife 10 hours ago

    You looked absolutely stunning in this video. The makeup does you good!!!! I hate that it’s so expensive but damn did it look amazing.

  • Hilde Wenstad
    Hilde Wenstad 10 hours ago

    This makeup makes it look like you have FLAWLESS skin without looking like you're wearing makeup! At 10.42 and out, you just look like you have amazing skin and not like you're wearing something! 😍

  • Lucy Atkinson
    Lucy Atkinson 10 hours ago

    This is my FAVORITE look you have ever done!! You look STUNNING (although u always do 😘💛)

  • EverythingProof Beauty

    Definitely have to think about price and value not just looking at cost. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more for quality and sometimes it’s just extra money lol