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  • Ffion Hobbs
    Ffion Hobbs 31 second ago

    My fav vid is defo the q&a that you did 5 years later as it shows how much you've grown and achieved But the one that i found you on was the Florence by Mills skincare one, you are just so entertaining to watch and listen to that I couldn't help but subscribe Insta: hobbsffion twitter: @ffionhobbs

  • Jess Thompson
    Jess Thompson 2 minutes ago

    Skinny dip has bogof on sale stuff today too 👍🏻 had to treat myself to the necklace ❤️

  • Asha Paik
    Asha Paik 5 minutes ago

    I wheezed when she said "ooh she smells like a princess today"😂😂😂😂

  • Hannelie Van Niekerk
    Hannelie Van Niekerk 9 minutes ago

    Im in South Africa and I love your Revolution products

  • Ruby Benbow
    Ruby Benbow 11 minutes ago

    The first video I watched of yours was the Florence my mills review video as I wanted to buy some of their products. Also that video really helped me decide what to buy as you are always honest but respectful to all te brnads you review so thank you soooo much. I know this is really late I'm sorry but I hope I still get entered. insta: _xo.rubyyy

  • clarabelledaisy
    clarabelledaisy 14 minutes ago

    I can't remember how long ago I joined your channel but I know I subscribed because I liked watching your make up tutorials. Congratulations on this huge achievement! I can't even imagine how amazing it feels and you should be very proud of yourself. It just shows how lovely and friendly everyone thinks you are. Wishing you all the best success for the future Soph xoxo @clarabelledaisy

  • Victoria. S.C
    Victoria. S.C 16 minutes ago

    I have Emma's rectangle to thank for finding your channel. I subcribed to you 3 years ago after your collab. I love watching your videos because you're so down to earth and relatable.

  • Dominika Gr
    Dominika Gr 18 minutes ago

    I discovered your channel about 2 years ago and I have to say I love all your videos but my favourite has to the "mental health chat" video on your vlog channel (hope it still counts!) Because I've struggled with anxiety for many years but I've kept quiet about it, no one apart from my boyfriend really knew. I fell into a loophole of feeling like I'm not even living my life because everything is controlled by fear, I would spend majority of my time at home, in my room where I felt safe. Your video showed me that what I'm going though is normal, the thought of therapy always scared me but you really motivated me to try it out and now I finally feel brave enough to get help and start getting my life back on track. Seeing you upload your story to youtube also inspired me to be more open about my anxiety and it's made my life so much easier so thank you💕 My Instagram is @dominika._gr

  • Melissa Boyton
    Melissa Boyton 19 minutes ago

    The mark hill curling collection thing is on sale at boots for £50 with a RRP of £110 I think, such a steal

  • Olivia Jaremi
    Olivia Jaremi 19 minutes ago

    I actually prefer the primark look

  • Amanda Doherty
    Amanda Doherty 29 minutes ago

    I started watching you about 2 years ago it was a Maybelline Superstay foundation video I think ?!?! Since then I have watched every upload. I only created a TheXvid account so I could follow you to help you reach 800,000. You’ve been such an inspiration it’s been amazing watching you. Well done for 1 million hours deserve this and more !!! Xx

  • Eve
    Eve 32 minutes ago

    first video I watched: 'full face using only one pallet' Insta: xxheyitsevexx

  • Inappropriateexplosions
    Inappropriateexplosions 37 minutes ago

    I started subscribing after watching your drugstore make up videos! It was in like January this year but I can't remember exactly what video it was ❤️ Insta: Shitkarinadoes

  • Siobhan Wilson
    Siobhan Wilson 40 minutes ago

    The video that made me want to follow you was when you did a full face with your mums make up. Something totally different that in a way made me see TheXvid differently. Instead of using it for tutorials I used it for fun and started watching more and more you tubers that did the same. Congrats on 1mill!!🤩 Snapchat - Siobhan00

  • Charlie Tandy
    Charlie Tandy 43 minutes ago

    I’m still stuck on what to get my boyfriend for Christmas😬 any suggestions?

  • Haaniyah Shad
    Haaniyah Shad 48 minutes ago

    Could u do all the new house stuff on this channel plz! Ly! 💖💕😊

  • Amber Heaton
    Amber Heaton 50 minutes ago

    I starting watching you when you did testing topshop makeup nearly 3 years ago !!!! well done on 1 mill xxxxx my instagram and twitter @amberheatonx xxxx

  • Annelot Wouda
    Annelot Wouda 50 minutes ago

    #questionoftheday What do you think of the brexit? 🇬🇧🇪🇺 Maybe this too personal, but I am really wondering why you support/ not support the brexit and what will change in your life if the brexit will continue. I love you! ❤️❤️

  • Demi Perrin
    Demi Perrin 57 minutes ago

    I started watching cos of your testing videos!!! Still some of my faves 💖 xx Insta/twitter: demiperrin

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  • Kkatelyn_
    Kkatelyn_ Hour ago

    I know what to get people... I just have no money 😂😞

  • Ainulindale22
    Ainulindale22 Hour ago

    Congrats! My first video of yours was your lipstick declutter video about two years ago, (I have a thing for decluttering videos haha) and I stayed because you're both entertaining and from the UK! Insta: ainulindale22

  • Joeann Murphy
    Joeann Murphy Hour ago

    I’ve been watching for a couple of years now! So proud! Love all your videos but definitely the beauty blender washing machine and testing videos 😭💕💖 well done! my Instagram is murphss96 xxx

  • Emily Carder
    Emily Carder Hour ago

    So so proud of you soph! I’ve been watching all of your testing makeup vids but also absolutely love the decluttering your makeup vid too!! ♥️♥️ Insta and Twitter: @simplyjustmily

  • Aimee Disney
    Aimee Disney Hour ago

    "still not going to break the bank" 'checks bank account" Literally no money to my name😩😂

  • Cali Christine
    Cali Christine Hour ago

    i started watching about 3 years ago when you did the halloween creepy cracked doll look, my instagram is @calichristine_

  • suzanne nottelling

    I joined because you a bunch of fresh air. I honestly can’t remember what I watched when I first joined. CONGRATULATIONS IG LUVALOO4000

  • Clara Totman
    Clara Totman Hour ago

    I started watching your channel back in 2015 and you grew to be one of my favourite youtubers congrats on 1M u deserve it 💞

  • carrie246810
    carrie246810 Hour ago

    HUGE Congratulations Soph!! The first video I watched was "Full Face Using One Pallette" back in July 2017, I remember watching it then instantly binge watching other videos on your channel! I love how you've remained so humble and relatable throughout your journey. You're easily one of my favourite TheXvidrs, and I can't wait to continue watching you and your channel grow!❤ IG - @carriemilligan

  • Victoria Knighton

    I first discovered your channel about 2 years ago and the first video I think I watched was a full face of drugstore,you are one of the first beauty TheXvidrs I watched,congratulations on hitting 1m! My instagram- @victoriamayknighton xx

  • Amy Norton
    Amy Norton Hour ago

    I’ve been watching for agesss, since your Christmas drugstore makeup video in 2017 I think. Huge congrats for 1 million subs Soph! Totally deserved 💜💜

  • Esther Baker
    Esther Baker Hour ago

    Congratulations soph! So so so deserved! One of the first videos I remember watching of yours was when you did your makeup without your glasses! As someone who is extremely short sighted I remember loving this video 😂😂😂 I hope you have an amazing Christmas and congratulations on 1M Insta - @estherrbakerr

  • Dominika Tóth
    Dominika Tóth Hour ago

    i started watching you more than two years ago. so proud of you, especially your kind and lovely personality that never changes.♥️ my instagram:

  • Karla Danica
    Karla Danica Hour ago

    I badly want your lipsticks but damn it's so expensive (in my currency) 😥 #QuestionOfTheDay are you finally moving out this 2020? And will you be with your boyfriend or just alone? Take care soph. Love you xx #NotificationSquad

  • Stace_88
    Stace_88 Hour ago

    Just seeing stuff I wish I’d asked for 🙁

  • cloude luna
    cloude luna Hour ago

    I’m dying to know what nail polish you are wearing? 😍

  • aew aew
    aew aew Hour ago

    I have no idea when I started watchin you , maybe when you collabed with Revulotion 2? years ago. But since then I watch your chanel i love that i can relate on your opinion. My fave videos are the Q&A s. I love how done to eath you are despite your succes. 😍 Love wunderlinganiko (IG)

  • Lisa Currivan
    Lisa Currivan Hour ago

    Been here since full face of using wet brushes have watched every video since! Congrats Soph 🙏❤️ @lisacurrivan is my Instagram would love to win 😩

  • Flavia Flintasu
    Flavia Flintasu Hour ago

    congrats for 1 million ^_^ I started watching you I think 2 years ago, in my journey to find european beauty channels :D.... I love your trying new makeup videos (especially those with makeup not so new, but new to you) :D IG: flavia4f

  • Alysha Kate
    Alysha Kate Hour ago

    I started watching your channel 3 years ago, and I think it was one of your old q&a vids... but I couldn’t tell you which specific video for sure 🤣 Your content is some of my favourite because you’re so genuine and down to earth and it’s been really refreshing to watch your channel grow :’) twitter - whvterider

  • nienkejocelyn -
    nienkejocelyn - Hour ago

    I started watching you like a week ago. The first video was with the charlotte tilbury make-up and I really loved it!!😍❤️ can’t wait to see more of you🌸

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Hour ago

    I started watching you literally from your first video, but I started watching more when you had your pink & purple hair 😂 Twitter - Jessica22231

  • Ellie Gudgin
    Ellie Gudgin Hour ago

    I started watching a couple of years ago. My favourite video is when you did a full face of makeup with one palette. Instagram : ellie.gudgin

  • Bonnie Hughes
    Bonnie Hughes Hour ago

    Giveaway time today!!!! 🙏🏼😀😀😀

  • cecilie buczek
    cecilie buczek Hour ago

    I have actually been watching your channel for some years now. My favourite videos on your channel is when you use some of your own favourite products. I really love those. Aaannddd a huge congrats to you!

  • Carrie MacLean
    Carrie MacLean Hour ago

    So glad you whispered Alexa cause every time someone says Alexa in yt mine answers the question😂

  • Lilly Foley
    Lilly Foley Hour ago

    The first video from u was a make up testing video I think 😂 it was so long ago, love it channel so proud of u xx 💕

  • Toni Fruin
    Toni Fruin Hour ago

    Congrats on the 1 million subscribers. Ive been watch you for about 2 years and found your channel when i was off work ill. The first vid i saw was a tutorial/review of eyeshadows. I do love your try on vids. ❤

  • Freya Viney
    Freya Viney Hour ago

    My favourite video is your Christmas decoration or your Florence my mills makeup try on but I love all of them 💕 Insta: freyaviney_

  • Amelia Rose Tallantire

    My favourite video was you decluttering your whole collection, insta:Ameliarose2002. Well done soph I’m so proud of you for hitting 1million !!!! ❤️

  • Leila Prescott
    Leila Prescott Hour ago

    i started watching you i can’t even remember how long ago it was, i never subscribed everything just kept seeing it on my recommended then on the “doing my makeup with facetime” vid i noticed i wasn’t subscribed and ofc then did

  • Emma Latham
    Emma Latham Hour ago

    I feel like I've been watching your channel for ages! I just love how relatable and down to earth you are. I love watching all your vids but the ones with your boyfriend have become my new favs. You to are just so cute together and it's great seeing you so happy. IG - Emma.l.latham.23

  • Charlotte Parker

    Soph I'm so happy for you!! I scrolled back through my account and remember watching your Primark Haul videos back in 2016 😍 I'd get in from school and watch them everytime you uploaded 💋 my Instagram is @ charliestarblogs

  • Alice
    Alice Hour ago

    I bought things from you skinny dip collection on black Friday and I'm still waiting for them :(

  • Charlotte Gunning
    Charlotte Gunning 2 hours ago

    definitely show some moving stuff on here! you're sophdoeslife now!

  • Prema Anthony
    Prema Anthony 2 hours ago

    *Love from Bangladesh* 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Michelle Cheang
    Michelle Cheang 2 hours ago

    The HP brush set and Hedwig hand cream would be perfect for a Potterhead :) It really is possible for Muggles to live in the Wizarding World!

  • Anette Kristiansen
    Anette Kristiansen 2 hours ago

    Hi!🤩 I don't remember exactly which video I first saw, but I remember you were incredibly cute so I started subscribing and it has now been about a year🥰 By the way, I'm from Norway!🇳🇴 My instagram is: Anettee.k☺️

  • Sanna Högstedt
    Sanna Högstedt 2 hours ago

    Please do moving-videos on here! 😻 xoxo

  • keira lee
    keira lee 2 hours ago

    Who else is getting the Luna mini 3 for Christmas?😂💖

  • Chloe Widdows
    Chloe Widdows 2 hours ago

    Stared watching you whilst I was at Uni as I had no TV, so glad I found you! Think the first video in watched was the Christmas Wish list 2017 with Emma!! You’ve come so far! ✨ @chlowidds on Instagram ❤️❤️

  • Susan jones
    Susan jones 2 hours ago

    Moving vlogs plz! Shopping ... House stuff is a definite xx

  • World of BeautyCraft

    Don't know if I'm too late tor enter but that's not important! I just wanna say Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! I can't remember what were the first videos I saw, but I know I started watching you at the very beggining of 2017 and you were one of the first beauty channels I started watching and one that inspired me so much to start my own channel! Thank you so much for being here!

  • Kelsey Windle
    Kelsey Windle 2 hours ago

    I can’t remember I’ve been your follower for such a long time I loge your channel and my Snapchat and my Instagram is kelseybramley04 xx

  • Lauryn Higgins-Brown

    Can’t remember when I started watching your channel but I have always loved your testing make up videos and have been excited that you test cheaper make up which is all I could afford when i started watching you! 🥰🥰🥰 Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!!! 💕💕💕

  • Ninja Goddess
    Ninja Goddess 2 hours ago

    i cannot remember when i began watching you, but i related to your oily skin & acne issues, and I've loved all your content. I'm so proud of you, congRATULATIONS!!! also i love your pallette, i have your extra spice and it's gorgeous @nisani.g

  • World of BeautyCraft

    Amazing gift ideas! I definitely wanna get an Echo Dot for me in the future! The Benefit kits look so cute! I'd love to see some moving content!

  • Emily Oakley
    Emily Oakley 2 hours ago

    I have loved all your videos for probably the last two and a half years, I used to be addicted to your drugstore tutorials, as I have very oily skin aswell 😂.... Congratulations ❤️ @emily.oakleyy

  • Emma HAHN
    Emma HAHN 2 hours ago

    I have discovered you by an ad for your extra spice palette, I thought it was so pretty 😍 and then I watched the video in which you test your collaboration and I fell in love with you 😊 Xoxo Lots of love from France 😘 My inta : @emma.hahn

  • Christine Sofie
    Christine Sofie 2 hours ago

    I cant remember when I subscribed to you, but I think I found you because of your eBay videos and through jazzy ❤️ I love your videos and how you are 😍 Many times congratulations for 1 million subscribers❤️ you deserve it!!

  • Lara Curran
    Lara Curran 2 hours ago

    The first video I watched which made me subscribe was '' back to school makeup and 5 hairstyles'' this was just after you hit 5000 subscribers how crazy. So proud of you to hit one million 💕 Instagram: @lals_5253

  • Beckzwillz
    Beckzwillz 2 hours ago

    so I've just scrolled back to see my first watched video on here and it was 'Primark haul May 2016' hahaha so I'm gonna have to stick with that one as my fave/point where I subscribed lol!♥️

  • Lily Bainton
    Lily Bainton 2 hours ago

    My first ever video was decluttering eyeshadow pallets and I have watched u ever since. I have been watching u for a year now. xoxo__lily14

  • lily taylor
    lily taylor 3 hours ago

    I started watching you about 6 months ago and I instantly loved your content and I’m so proud of you 😍😘 Ig: lilytayyylorx

  • Rose O’Brien
    Rose O’Brien 3 hours ago

    The first video I watched was the doing makeup with one brush challenge ❤️ love your channel 💘⭐️

  • Ella Darby
    Ella Darby 3 hours ago

    I started watching at testing top shop make up

  • Ella Stapleton
    Ella Stapleton 3 hours ago

    My fav video is decluttering all your makeup I loved the vlog style kinda video 💗 Instagram @ella_stapletonx ❤️❤️

  • Isobel Kate
    Isobel Kate 3 hours ago

    Congratulations soph !!!! I first found your channel from your full face of child’s makeup video 💛 xxx

  • Myia_ XO
    Myia_ XO 3 hours ago

    I have been watching you for 2-3 years it is so amazing that you are here now My instagram is: @myia_pepsi My Twitter is: @myia44254284

  • Chloe Caddamy
    Chloe Caddamy 3 hours ago


  • Zsòfi Korompai
    Zsòfi Korompai 3 hours ago

    You absolutely deserve it!!😍 omg i cant belive it!❤️ I descovered your channel about 2 years ago... i dont remember the first video but I love makeup partly becouse you! 😍 And if everything goes as my plan i will be a makeup artist soon🤩🤩 and you helped me to find my “job” or my carrier🥰🥰 So thank you Soph🥺❤️ i love you Xoxo My ig is: korompai_zsofi

  • Courtney G
    Courtney G 3 hours ago

    I saw them Harry Potter brushes on Amazon for around £7

  • Chantelle O'Connor
    Chantelle O'Connor 3 hours ago

    I love you Soph! The thing I remember most was watching your $4 primark foundation test! so happy for you!! xx

  • Chelsea Jessey
    Chelsea Jessey 3 hours ago

    I started watching you over a year ago the first video i watched was "drugstore starter kit" i then went back and watched all your old videos and subscribed straight away, you are such a lovely person and you have worked so hard to achieve 1 million subscribers you truly deserve it! You are the same age as me im nearly 23 and honestly well done you because you are smashing it! 💞

  • Noa Geffen
    Noa Geffen 3 hours ago

    I went to Berlin in mid 2016 with a friend and wanted to watch a primark haul so that I knew what I want to get there, and then I came across your channel and absolutely fell in love with you and your content ❤️ congratulations Soph!! You deserve it so much

    • Noa Geffen
      Noa Geffen 3 hours ago

      Btw my IG is noa_geffen ❤️❤️

  • becky sim
    becky sim 3 hours ago

    Can you do a guys gift video with your boyfriend x x x pwease x x x

  • Abigail krajewski
    Abigail krajewski 3 hours ago

    Yes!!!! I think a moving series on your vlog channel would be great!!!! Love your videos soph as always :) such an inspiration

  • Emma Vervaart
    Emma Vervaart 3 hours ago

    Hi soph! I love your videos although I’m not really a beauty/make up person myself. I believe I found your channel a few months ago when everytime I looked there was a video of yours in my recommended. I think the first video I watched was when you were testing products which were fake advertising with you💕. My Instagram is @emma.vvt Love you!!!💞💞💞

  • real life mermaid
    real life mermaid 3 hours ago

    I just scrolled down your youtube videos because I couldn’t even remember when I subscribed🤭 And I think it was the “doing your makeup with kids makeup” claire’s makeup video but then I definetley went back and watched more of your videos such as full face of highlighter or all the brand testing videos or your oldest video with Emma ( the blindfold makeup ) That was like three and a half years ago ?? Like what I don’t even remember watching youtube then haha you look so baby in those videos it’s adorable ! I sometimes get soph cravings and just scroll down your channel and rewatch old videos that I love😅 A million subcribers is actually so much people and I’m so proud of you for getting there !! You absolutely deserve it and I hope all your future goals are fufilled💕💕 My intagram is if the giveaway is still on🤭☺️

  • Milli Stroud
    Milli Stroud 3 hours ago

    I found your channel when you first realised your soph eyeshadow pallete and I still use it everyday,and I can’t remember the first video I watched but my favourite video is your testing makeup ones because they really help,congratulates soph xx

  • jade
    jade 3 hours ago

    i’m so proud of you soph!! i found you a good 3-4 years ago. i remember when your first revolution palette came out i was messaging this guy i really liked (whose now been my boyfriend for 2 years!!!!) how much i wanted it and he bought it for me!!! i love all your testing makeup videos and i have bought SO MANY makeup items inspired by you!! i have loved watching you grow and i can’t wait to see what the rest of youtube can give you too!!!! 💜💜

    • jade
      jade 3 hours ago

      omg and twitter - acelestialjade insta - jadethecelestial

  • Courtney AOkey
    Courtney AOkey 4 hours ago

    I think I found you about 2 years ago and haven't stopped watching since! I think the first video I ever watched was the perfect eyeliner vid because I was a mess when it came to applying liquid eyeliner and I needed help 😂 So happy for you, you truly deserve this! ✨ insta @courtandokey

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise 5 hours ago

    Im half way through my ysl and im so sad but im for sure re buying it

  • Aimee Vaughan
    Aimee Vaughan 5 hours ago

    I first discovered your channel at the beginning of this year! It was one of your vlogs that got recommended to me! Haven't stopped watching since!

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise 5 hours ago

    What lipstick is that it’s gorgeous 😍😍

  • Amelia A
    Amelia A 5 hours ago

    #questionoftheday what is your favorite video on your channel

  • ArielRenee21
    ArielRenee21 5 hours ago

    Omg “find my Luna” that’s so funny. My puppy’s name is Luna she loves to get into trouble. I wish there was an app to find that Luna!😂💕

  • Shreeya
    Shreeya 6 hours ago

    Omg soo proud!!! U really deserve it xx I started watching your videos around 2 yes ago ig:_shreeya.h_

  • Alexandria Penfield
    Alexandria Penfield 6 hours ago

    Hey girl!!! Congrats on one million!!! I am so happy for you and seeing you get emotional almost made me cry 😂!! I discovered your channel about a year ago and I think the first video I watched was doing a full face of makeup with wet brushes. I think you are amazing and deserve everything you earned!! I don't have any social media so sorry if that is inconvenient, but I wish everyone luck!!!! ❤❤

  • Molly Bekhit
    Molly Bekhit 6 hours ago

    the first video that I remember watching is the DMing beauty gurus video and I have been subscribed ever since insta: molly.gb_1907