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  • Dime Bar
    Dime Bar 6 hours ago

    WARNING do not watch this video it will make your penis drop off.

  • Depressed King
    Depressed King 6 hours ago

    Who else what this in thayer home🏡

  • Nicolas Ruiz
    Nicolas Ruiz 6 hours ago

    Muy lindo me encanta

  • Magistro
    Magistro 6 hours ago

    This is the last video I'll ever watch from this channel. It's riddled with unskippable ads that are like a disease. Absolutely disgusting

  • Enie Str
    Enie Str 6 hours ago

    omg violence!

  • Z-98an moon
    Z-98an moon 7 hours ago

    أحب الأشغال هذي متعه

  • beatrizelena ospinademejia

    No me gusta el sofa cama porque puede llegar cualquier persona y sentarse en el y no soy muy sismatica no me gusta una cama debe de ser personal


    Hahahha I really shock does glass swimming pool..

  • Agata Tęcza
    Agata Tęcza 7 hours ago


  • Agata Tęcza
    Agata Tęcza 7 hours ago

    Ale kreatywność

  • hadi abubakar
    hadi abubakar 7 hours ago


  • Rahmat soniam
    Rahmat soniam 7 hours ago


  • Эдуард Есаулков


  • Amor Hedhli
    Amor Hedhli 7 hours ago


  • 。みー
    。みー 7 hours ago


  • Enes Kara
    Enes Kara 7 hours ago

    Cok iyi

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 8 hours ago


  • Djmmj Urty
    Djmmj Urty 8 hours ago

    КРУТО 12 12 19г

  • Legendary Chicken
    Legendary Chicken 8 hours ago

    For a second i thought right staircase was chocolate

  • yuree mangu
    yuree mangu 8 hours ago

    снова концлагеря показывают.

  • Vahid Latifi
    Vahid Latifi 8 hours ago

    I live in Montreal I’m looking for a company that build nice car.do you do cars or you just do video???

  • Josphin Antony
    Josphin Antony 9 hours ago

    Well i did these to my house. Now i have alcheimers and i forgot the switches or areas to pull for expanding the stuffs.

  • Tech World
    Tech World 9 hours ago

    Haha seriously !

  • kurban aydin
    kurban aydin 9 hours ago

    Human farming is too lazy... In this brutal video they're all torturing technology animals.. I don't like Modern Farming Technologies .... 👎👎👎

  • The Algonquin
    The Algonquin 9 hours ago

    I wonder if the cows ever think " ooh, that tickles"?

  • Keshav Jindal
    Keshav Jindal 9 hours ago

    I liked the draweres in stairs. That is actually efficient. Also that wardrobe with huge TV screen is practical but very expensive. All other moving here and there is shit because human invest money in these things for luxury mostly and thet are not at all luxurious.

  • Annet Shilo
    Annet Shilo 9 hours ago

    Находиться0 в комнате с маками наверное крыша поедет.

  • ash qureshi
    ash qureshi 10 hours ago


  • Byblik B
    Byblik B 10 hours ago

    "Потрясающие идеи" к реальной ежедневной жизни имеют очень маленькое отношение.

  • Combine Soldier #477
    Combine Soldier #477 10 hours ago

    I think we got an idea!. Use the material that the road blocker has and use it to make trucks. Then use the material from trucks to put on road blockers. Now action movies will be much cooler and police will have no way to use a road blocker correctly

  • umurabo246762
    umurabo246762 10 hours ago

    サムネ テルミット反応?

  • Anelin Rosario
    Anelin Rosario 10 hours ago

    In the invention on 7:40 is created for small spaces that most likely means that the person needing it cannot afford a bigger kitchen so what makes this person think that their gonna be able so afford that thing cause it’s probably a lot of money

  • Combine Soldier #477
    Combine Soldier #477 10 hours ago

    In Florida: Roadblocker set right:*Truck is destroyed and it turns into a truck killing machine. Roadblock set wrong:*Truck speeds the wrong way of the road blocker and the truck is found in a forest in Georgia, Forest fire, Bombs, Drivers face is burnt and is never found.

  • kiran ghajini
    kiran ghajini 10 hours ago

    Nice but looks like very expensive. Not for middle class people.

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia 10 hours ago

    Talk about expensive and useless tools people have been doing all of that with cheap inexpensive tools and faster

  • Joel Creswell
    Joel Creswell 10 hours ago

    Ok, did anyone else see the face in the rust wrap? look just above the door window...It's either Moe from The Three Stooges or it early Paul Mccartney. I can't decide...

  • Reza Golestani
    Reza Golestani 10 hours ago

    Im not a vegan at all, but this video made sad

  • Peterson Dugue
    Peterson Dugue 10 hours ago


  • nic sharp
    nic sharp 10 hours ago

    Same music as the Hodge Twins

  • PSP gameplay
    PSP gameplay 11 hours ago


  • Jewelry Brands
    Jewelry Brands 11 hours ago

    amazing but unnecessary..who agree?

  • Jer Schmidt
    Jer Schmidt 11 hours ago

    Everyone commenting is talking about how "violent" this is. Name some ways you get meat and milk and eggs and every other product that comes from animals from. Farmers work hard to put food on your tables.

  • Rabae Alshaharni
    Rabae Alshaharni 11 hours ago


  • Kitty vine
    Kitty vine 12 hours ago

    Disgusting, shameful, putrid, and false like so much in out fake world today. Stick with whole

  • J5 Doreen Büsch
    J5 Doreen Büsch 12 hours ago

    Geniale Ideen.

  • M V
    M V 12 hours ago



    Woow!!.en mi país a puro brazo y machete. Obvio con esta maquinaria aumenta mucho la productividad....

  • Chihung Chui
    Chihung Chui 12 hours ago

    let self big and small is 👌🏻

  • None Blank
    None Blank 12 hours ago

    That girl should be walking in the water treadmill!!!!!

  • Chihung Chui
    Chihung Chui 12 hours ago


  • Mr mc nugget 1.2M views

    Your in awe, and I'm over here wondering who the heck cleans all this mess these machines create.

  • Aramerc Ugalde
    Aramerc Ugalde 13 hours ago

    9:32 Oh, now i remember i have a hand

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare 13 hours ago

    literally got an bike ad

  • nikolay saltikov
    nikolay saltikov 13 hours ago

    Стол аквариум классный .

  • Mila Kupczak
    Mila Kupczak 13 hours ago

    Great technology but lm kind of happy that lm not buying food from stores 😅😅😅

  • Pirata Del Guadalkivir Videos

    Lo de los pollos es muy cruel

  • Pablo Góngora
    Pablo Góngora 13 hours ago

    Huy amigo apenas si tengo un par de zapatos.

  • Светлана Михайлова

    С такими технологиями люди также скоро начнут жить как эти животные, то ли ещё будет.

  • Святослав Бурняшов

    Вашими сосисками, да поебалу со всей силы. А потом в очко запихать. Твари , сколько людей травите.

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D B 14 hours ago

    Hotel: Trivago

  • Trichogaster 118
    Trichogaster 118 14 hours ago


  • Peace
    Peace 14 hours ago

    I feel sorry for these animals. Sad. They feel pain and agony and they can not speak.

    ŘÎØ ŞŤŰĐÎØ 14 hours ago

    rio studio.com//

  • Julito 305
    Julito 305 14 hours ago

    That is AWSOME!👍

    ALS SBK 14 hours ago

    Que horror, pobres animales.

  • Lars Eriksson
    Lars Eriksson 14 hours ago

    Did the makers of this video really believe we were going to be impressed by the ingenuity of these gadgets and efficient procedures? The music is awful. Like playing happy music to a movie of a concentration camp. I am ashamed of being a human.

    • The Algonquin
      The Algonquin 9 hours ago

      Better run off to your safe space there soy boi!

    • Jer Schmidt
      Jer Schmidt 12 hours ago

      Lars Eriksson cows are treated better than people show like the cow sprayer that is keeping biting flies off the cows

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Animals are friends not food. Don't buy the humane lie. NOTHING humane happens in a slaughter house.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Unsubscribed from this unethical unhealthy barbaric Animal abuse enablers . DISGUSTING inhumane unethical violent content. ANIMAL are not ours to eat wear or use. Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of environmental degradation and climate change and heart disease type 2 diabetes obesity acne errectile disfunction arthritis cancer and ANIMAL CRUELTY. Go VEGAN WORLD. Stop the Animal Holocaust.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Milk is for baby cows.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Their babies not ours.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Their lives not ours.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    Their bodies not ours.

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago


  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago


  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago

    There's no excuse for animal abuse.

    • Jer Schmidt
      Jer Schmidt 12 hours ago

      Wallaby Wrechords that is not animal abuse most animals are treated better than people. Think of people in Africa and other poor countries. Those people are starving and these animals are given food and have all of this technology to make them comfortable

  • Wallaby Wrechords
    Wallaby Wrechords 15 hours ago


    • Andreas S.
      Andreas S. 7 hours ago

      Wellcome in the Reality

    • Blarg Kliggle
      Blarg Kliggle 8 hours ago

      Did you click on this just to leave a caps-lock screech?

  • Erika Bernal
    Erika Bernal 15 hours ago


    POISK. TJ 15 hours ago


  • NoirVelours
    NoirVelours 15 hours ago

    The dinner table at the end was the only really useful thing.

  • jerardysantiago
    jerardysantiago 15 hours ago

    Anyone know the music for 6:00?

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 16 hours ago

    Just another reason to put the farmers deeper into debt with the banks, so they can bankruptcy lose their land

    • Joseph Moore
      Joseph Moore 7 hours ago

      @Jer Schmidt it sure didn't look like them chicken's was, look like they were pushed and they always make things look better in advertisement, something will go wrong eventually and then loss of food and gotta fix machine,, The way getting it now ,raise it

    • Jer Schmidt
      Jer Schmidt 11 hours ago

      Joseph Moore that is stupid how would you have food. Give me a way you would get food. You don’t know how hard farmers work to feed people. Animals are treated better than some people. Think of people in poor countries like Africa that don’t even have food. These cows get more food than those people.

  • Archiduke
    Archiduke 16 hours ago

    les gallines

  • jennifer b.awesome
    jennifer b.awesome 16 hours ago

    That guy with the red beard had horrible aim 🧐

  • King Eris
    King Eris 16 hours ago

    Still think robots won’t take over one day. Think again. If technology has brought us this video within 100 years imagine what it will bring in another 100. Especially since technology really only took off in the later 80’s. I’m so glad I won’t be around when that day comes.

  • Frau C
    Frau C 16 hours ago


  • Carlos Montero
    Carlos Montero 16 hours ago

    What is the name of last song 8:30 ?

  • Richard Harries
    Richard Harries 16 hours ago

    Designers have basically copied ideas that have been built in Wales for hundreds of years

  • Augustin kill
    Augustin kill 16 hours ago


  • Andrew Dobelin
    Andrew Dobelin 17 hours ago

    Será que aguenta subir uma ladeira aquele patins

  • Fortuitus Falcon8
    Fortuitus Falcon8 17 hours ago

    C’est deguelasse de monter de la maltraitance animal comme ça

  • citizenoftheearth6
    citizenoftheearth6 17 hours ago

    This is hypnotising.

  • Juan Jose Alvarez
    Juan Jose Alvarez 17 hours ago

    Gran empresa mata vida y oxígeno que orgullo les da que poca

  • pr va
    pr va 17 hours ago

    I've owned the Blum clingfilm storage and cutter unit for 5 years (and the matching foil storage & cutter). It works well. Only limits are your clingfilm roll can't be a thick (i.e. very long) roll, and it mustn't be wider than 30 cm.

  • Rosa Reyes
    Rosa Reyes 17 hours ago


  • Muhamad Alali
    Muhamad Alali 17 hours ago

    كله مقبول الا الخنازير آخر الفيديو نزعتها

  • Андрей Андрей

    Бычку там интересно в карусели, последнее катание.

  • Миха загрздин

    На 1-32 на убой под такую музыку

  • Cynthia Burrus
    Cynthia Burrus 18 hours ago


  • ɗعɭ •ᴗ•
    ɗعɭ •ᴗ• 18 hours ago

    you guys really out here bashing the people that put this vid together and the farms when y'all don't realize how there's much much worse things happening in other farms

  • Андрей Андрей

    Доярки больше не нужны.