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442oons: Live and Waffly!
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  • Trần Lĩnh Phong
    Trần Lĩnh Phong 3 hours ago

    I'm a united fan, but i actually found it funny 🤪 I still hate Liverpool 😡

  • Vedant Funde
    Vedant Funde 3 hours ago

    If liverpool bottle up it now,They don't deserve to win it

  • B2YAN 104
    B2YAN 104 4 hours ago

    Who Is Watching This In 2020!👍🥳

  • AakashLOLO
    AakashLOLO 4 hours ago

    1:03 firmino in the background

  • Nazri Bin ali
    Nazri Bin ali 4 hours ago

    The goal that was similar to maradona was against Levante 😂

  • Cyrus Darehshori
    Cyrus Darehshori 4 hours ago

    Lewandowski has been my favorite player for a few years and I’m pissed how he didn’t get the team of the year but at least he got a headliner card

  • Yll Hajzeri
    Yll Hajzeri 4 hours ago

    Reamber when shaq was here🇨🇭🇽🇰

  • Suresh Sangtiani
    Suresh Sangtiani 4 hours ago

    0:35 the champions league theme

  • MIND the GAP
    MIND the GAP 4 hours ago

    LIVERPOOL 2 munyet 0🔥😂

  • ornai ynwa
    ornai ynwa 4 hours ago

    why is Virgil walk back side😂😅

  • Foluke Akinbule
    Foluke Akinbule 4 hours ago


  • Elena Mazwin Abdul Aziz

    I don't like Alison hair like when he Vs Napoli last year

  • BalkanMontero
    BalkanMontero 4 hours ago

    Its been a while, ITS FUCKING BEEN A WHILE. Now it is still not decided that its over so imma come back when its mathematiclly decided

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz 4 hours ago

    That nutmeg on Big Harry was sick Left him for dead 😂 COYR

    S PAAH, MB BCh BAO 4 hours ago

    Absolutely hilarious 😂

  • carmen gloria bustos burgoa

    Ganó Messi

  • Onidiant
    Onidiant 4 hours ago

    Q: What does a Man United fan do when his team has won the Premier League next year? A: He turns off the PlayStation.

  • Deadrec vlogs
    Deadrec vlogs 4 hours ago

    Only I can make Manchester United good On OSM

  • EmSeeGurran
    EmSeeGurran 4 hours ago

    The Coman theory: He just got injured because he’s Coman

    TENIERS LAI 4 hours ago

    Omg it's so funny and entertaining. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Iranian lawmakers sing for 15 seconds

    30th time lucky lol. Buy seriously though funny to think if Liverpool go win it again next season they will become the biggest and most successful club in England again.

  • yuiichickrai
    yuiichickrai 4 hours ago

    You know what VAR really means? Virgil van dijk/Alexander Arnold / Robertson The best defending team in the world

  • yuiichickrai
    yuiichickrai 4 hours ago

    Omg, what have I watched? The best video of Yr 2020🤣🤣

  • fungishit 456
    fungishit 456 4 hours ago

    Allison celebration towrds Salah's goal is amazing 🏃🏿‍♂️🌀🌀🌀

  • Pes And Fifa Lovers
    Pes And Fifa Lovers 4 hours ago

    Fun fact alisson run faster than usain bolt + got more assist then other goalkeeper in the league this season of course i think.

  • Lesvi Paz
    Lesvi Paz 4 hours ago

    1:04 do you see Roberto Firmino with his celebratión

  • Pes And Fifa Lovers
    Pes And Fifa Lovers 4 hours ago

    So guys do you know why they dont want to say they won the league right? Its because last season they say they are going to win the league and ye dreadful, also back in 2013/14 they say they are going to win the league anddddd gerrard slip. So ye dont guess it now if you know its coming then keep it for yourself wait until the end of the season and we can celebrate. If you say so now then you will give them more pressure. Like the england golden generation squad which under pressure so they fail to win anything. Also a liverpool fan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anish Parajuli
    Anish Parajuli 4 hours ago

    Why would Madrid reject Origi? He would have been perfect against Barça.

  • Liverpool Fan
    Liverpool Fan 4 hours ago

    Yes Liverpool going to win the league

  • PedroCraftBoyBR
    PedroCraftBoyBR 4 hours ago

    Wasn't De Gea tall and thin?

  • safia medjek
    safia medjek 4 hours ago

    liVARpool losing streak begins now Man shity win streak begins now Leshitser city will win the league

  • Shi Kit Wong
    Shi Kit Wong 4 hours ago

    The chorus at the end is good

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 4 hours ago

    The guy doing the selfie, who's that? Jamie charragher?

    • harry anfieldgank
      harry anfieldgank 4 hours ago

      yes, jamie carragher in his instagram live streaming include gary neville showed middle finger

  • Kz Ballerz
    Kz Ballerz 5 hours ago

    Best video so far 👏

  • Jeancarlos Hernandez


  • Thet Oo
    Thet Oo 5 hours ago

    Fk..liverpool ..man.u.friend

  • Ayaya Clap
    Ayaya Clap 5 hours ago

    I almost forget thats not Valverde but Daniel James

  • Armaan Mirwani
    Armaan Mirwani 5 hours ago

    1:15 got me

  • Armaan Mirwani
    Armaan Mirwani 5 hours ago

    pfft! Liverfools! Btw this is comng from a man utd fan

  • Andrés Rodríguez
    Andrés Rodríguez 5 hours ago

    Oh jeez pliz win the league reds

  • Andrés Rodríguez
    Andrés Rodríguez 5 hours ago

    Gini's nutmeg killed me!

  • Parisien ou Rien
    Parisien ou Rien 5 hours ago

    Alisson >>>>>>>>> De Gea

    HEADSHOT LFC 5 hours ago

    Love this

  • Milo Adhami
    Milo Adhami 5 hours ago

    10 more wins until Liverpool win the league

  • ROZ hok
    ROZ hok 5 hours ago

    This is the most accurate cartoon ever

  • arvie ocampo
    arvie ocampo 5 hours ago

    first league in 30 years compare to 13th yeah yeah

  • Trump
    Trump 5 hours ago

    pause at 0:18

  • Sinokernowian
    Sinokernowian 5 hours ago

    Smiled ear to ear baby

  • SkitterUATC Gaming AND Spotting

    0:57 Origi Kisses klopp WHAT TA F+++

  • george derkacz
    george derkacz 5 hours ago

    Best 1 yet!!! lol

  • Tony Clarke Sr
    Tony Clarke Sr 5 hours ago

    The last scene killed me

  • MrAhmes2001
    MrAhmes2001 5 hours ago

    I don’t care if they winter league... I just don’t want them to do it unbeaten 🙏🏼

  • Marita Anderson
    Marita Anderson 5 hours ago

    Mo salah song

  • Bruh LOL LMAO
    Bruh LOL LMAO 5 hours ago

    FUCK you PooSG

  • Drink Bottle
    Drink Bottle 5 hours ago

    U twat

  • Drink Bottle
    Drink Bottle 5 hours ago

    442oons biggest liverpool fan out there

  • Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski 5 hours ago

    Ole out

  • Jake Smithurst
    Jake Smithurst 5 hours ago

    Milner’s character is quality

  • Indrie Mutia
    Indrie Mutia 5 hours ago

    the best video

  • Freddy Nzoga
    Freddy Nzoga 5 hours ago

    Who has seen the dropboxlade-Chamberlain behind Hendo during post match interview?

  • Luong Anh Doan
    Luong Anh Doan 6 hours ago

    When you realised Harry Maguire saved more things than De Gea after he brought him back to life

  • Familia Rodriguez
    Familia Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    I have 442oon's manager

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103 6 hours ago


  • omastar 5000
    omastar 5000 6 hours ago

    My faviorite zlatan moment is when he wins the champions league

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 6 hours ago

    "Ramos or Adolf Hitler" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Bacenty
    Jonathan Bacenty 6 hours ago

    Who's here after Zizou basically came back to fix his club?

  • Harry Sims
    Harry Sims 6 hours ago

    Like if here when Liverpool are 16 points with a game in hand ahead at the top of the league

  • Starßoi💫
    Starßoi💫 6 hours ago

    Virgil moon walking away from Martial LMAO

  • Chukwunwike Ifeabunike

    This is the best ever!!!

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Who won the league? Money! money! Who won the league? Money! money! Who won the league? Money again!

  • okie
    okie 6 hours ago

    Little pea is chicarito?

  • NotTiempo
    NotTiempo 6 hours ago

    When you realize that everyone in the top 4 -Liverpool has a 100% loss rate to United in the premier league

  • مرتضى العراقي

    Lir 2-0 MAN😔😔

  • Mohand Enizi
    Mohand Enizi 6 hours ago

    Halland 😭😂🔥

  • Daron Thomas
    Daron Thomas 6 hours ago


  • Giorgos Abso
    Giorgos Abso 6 hours ago

    Seriously one of your best. I laughed my ass off.

  • Laserhuhn
    Laserhuhn 6 hours ago

    This cant Slip right?

  • AndyAppers
    AndyAppers 6 hours ago

    We could break City's record of 100 points, Arsenal's record of an unbeaten season and match United's treble. That's gonna be A LOT of pissed of fans. 🔴⚽ COYR

  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 6 hours ago

    Ronaldo celebreitian mó salah

  • MarcoReus Xtreme
    MarcoReus Xtreme 6 hours ago

    I win my league on Osm

  • Koga2 Kuzengenki
    Koga2 Kuzengenki 6 hours ago

    Lol..even jamie and gary scene is here too😂😂

  • Junior Pereira
    Junior Pereira 6 hours ago

    Philippe sounds like a chipmunk

  • Samuel Watson
    Samuel Watson 6 hours ago

    1:45 Salah celebrates like CR7

  • Angela Coffey
    Angela Coffey 6 hours ago

    One week later: salah slips and so does the title

  • NobelGaming
    NobelGaming 6 hours ago

    THE "Van Dijk" WALK is hilarious please include it in every future lfc video <3

  • Pro Dimitri
    Pro Dimitri 6 hours ago

    Ganhamos o euro na mesma

    DUSTBRINE _GAMING 6 hours ago

    The last part😂😂😂😂

  • fsxtheplayer 2013
    fsxtheplayer 2013 6 hours ago

    A version of this should be made of leicester's 0-4 liverpool

  • براء محمح
    براء محمح 6 hours ago

    You don't prank zlatan *zlatan allows you to prank him*

  • Elliot Webber
    Elliot Webber 6 hours ago

    So... we’ve now beaten every “Top 6 team.” I mean... now we’re gonna win the fucking league.

  • Anderson Wang
    Anderson Wang 6 hours ago

    If Liverpool blows the 16 point lead I m gonna laugh my ass off

  • Christina Moynihan
    Christina Moynihan 6 hours ago

    Allison or fabianski , I’m West Ham so fabianski NO ONE BUY HIM

  • Giant JellyFish
    Giant JellyFish 6 hours ago

    Man, Maguire really showed his leadership qualities as captain today. I mean, bringing DDG back to life and everything, he's a real role model

  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones 6 hours ago

    Ya dirty Bastard 1:55

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 6 hours ago

    1:36 True dementia, mistaking Carra for Neville ;-)

  • john stena
    john stena 7 hours ago

    Nemanja Matić 🤣🤣🤣🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸👊👊👊

  • NightSamu BoT
    NightSamu BoT 7 hours ago

    Q is from Quique Setien , Welcome Barcelona

    KAMIKADZE 7 hours ago

    Me: Trying sleep My Brain: 2:15

    • Bin Halil
      Bin Halil 5 hours ago

      KAMIKADZE 😀😀😀me too

  • Am1r Hamzah
    Am1r Hamzah 7 hours ago

    I dont understand why maguire became a captain? 🤣