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  • Charles Van Noland
    Charles Van Noland 6 hours ago

    I can't believe there isn't a show like Graham Norton over here on this side of the pond. It's such a great format, so much fun, just hanging out w/ celebs. Over here the formats are all derivative of Johnny Carson's for the most part. James Corden has some pretty fun stuff on his show, but Graham's show knocks it out of the park.

  • Saint Zachariah
    Saint Zachariah 6 hours ago

    Great guy, sad that hes only 5'5"

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life 6 hours ago

    I love this clip!!!

  • Marco Stampiggioni 2

    He have the high ground it's the end

  • hamany9
    hamany9 6 hours ago

    She looks like his mom now.

  • My name is dan
    My name is dan 6 hours ago

    Klide o donnel is in this

  • MiketehTV
    MiketehTV 6 hours ago

    Loss of the hearth maybe the reason why D&D and other Tabletop RPGs have become so popular, you gather around a single person for a story, except this time you get to shape and change the story.

  • Daragh Logan
    Daragh Logan 6 hours ago

    poor mr malcovich

  • Dalston Paul
    Dalston Paul 6 hours ago

    Who can after storyboard notification

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf 7 hours ago

    Rupaul is a more fabulous, flamboyant, Jeff Goldblum lol

  • Jong The Jazzer
    Jong The Jazzer 7 hours ago

    Damn, this video got uploaded on my birthday!

  • Katherine Gabrielle
    Katherine Gabrielle 7 hours ago

    *Miriam again?!* *I'm NEVER, EVER disappointed! Then Daniel brought it!* 😂😂😂

  • obv10usly
    obv10usly 7 hours ago

    I’m just gonna say it. This is just so Harry Potter of Daniel to be seen as a homeless man by muggles 😂

  • Évelyne
    Évelyne 7 hours ago

    That is so deranged

  • Chris White
    Chris White 7 hours ago

    Peter Griffin singing True Colors was EPIC!

  • Katherine
    Katherine 7 hours ago

    Rofl. Ryan's a freaki n hoot!

  • Cengiz Karagöz
    Cengiz Karagöz 7 hours ago


  • Tony Firenze
    Tony Firenze 7 hours ago

    Orange Zapp Brannigan can buggar right off!

  • Itzia Gondola
    Itzia Gondola 7 hours ago

    GOOD 👏👏🙋🇵🇦🌐🌏🌎🌍🌳👍

    PRINCESITICA 8 hours ago

    Benedict tenía que desahogarse 💥🐻🥊 después de que se aprovecharan de él, se pasaron un par de pueblos con el tema de las nutrias 🦦 Hasta Johnny estaba ya incómodo 😐

  • Sam T
    Sam T 8 hours ago

    this has got to be the least appealing talk show set in history.

  • TheButcher DS
    TheButcher DS 8 hours ago

    Great man , Great personality

  • OllieG Hamster
    OllieG Hamster 8 hours ago

    That look at that Ruth Wilson is giving Tom @2:32

  • Coolhand Jones
    Coolhand Jones 8 hours ago

    The Rock and Kevin Hart have been in 2 movies with Karen Gillan and they don’t know what Dr. Who is?

  • Lkm Rk
    Lkm Rk 8 hours ago

    Alright Alright Alright

  • John perez
    John perez 8 hours ago

    Weekend at Daniel’s

  • Holy Crusader
    Holy Crusader 8 hours ago

    2:46 it's over Anakin. I have the high ground.

  • King Delevingne
    King Delevingne 8 hours ago

    How is Elizabeth Banks famous? One of the mysteries of the world

  • 123 123
    123 123 9 hours ago

    I reserve my pubes for people I hate. I simply don't have enough for all the people I love.

  • i stoled Jimin’s jams

    I thought it was a real person.

  • Willow Brook
    Willow Brook 9 hours ago

    The woman is silly, it is a doll!!!

  • tatikto
    tatikto 9 hours ago

    The doctor who story is the best.

  • Joseph Bradshaw
    Joseph Bradshaw 9 hours ago

    Two guys who seem to hit it off well...

  • ThePr8head
    ThePr8head 9 hours ago


  • Francis Maglambayan
    Francis Maglambayan 9 hours ago

    Where is jimin

  • Shamyn Jaffri Amin
    Shamyn Jaffri Amin 9 hours ago

    Smoug and bilbo Dr.Strange and Agent Ross Sherlock and John just be together already!

  • Lyla
    Lyla 9 hours ago

    I wish Tim would give me the D

  • Anubis The Jackal
    Anubis The Jackal 9 hours ago

    4:42 *Family guy*

  • Citlalli Williams
    Citlalli Williams 9 hours ago

    This is actually " The Best Moments From 2019 On The Graham Norton Show part two "

  • Johnathan Trotter
    Johnathan Trotter 9 hours ago

    Seriously ewan shoulda started with hello there

  • Yungin Acee
    Yungin Acee 9 hours ago

    Who thought that was his stunt double or sum from the thumbnail 🤣

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 9 hours ago

    In his old age, Jim Carrey is starting to look alot like Willem Dafoe.

  • Lusty
    Lusty 9 hours ago

    Dead Daniel has such an uplifting personality.

  • Richard La Rose
    Richard La Rose 9 hours ago

    I'd like to dislike Tom Cruise, because I have a strong dislike for the whole Scientology cult thing, but he's so damn talented. He makes movies I enjoy seeing. He's also got a crazy work ethic and takes huge risks for our viewing pleasure. He's one of the greats for sure. Can't wait to see the new Top Gun.

  • Man has no name • 20 years ago

    Graham Norton floating in the air

  • Walter and Evy Forever

    Ppl do this better on agt all the time

  • Iman Kundu
    Iman Kundu 9 hours ago

    Ice cube is like "Nah, she is good." XD

  • Panic at the disco Urie

    Liam Neeson was hilarious

  • Sumit Oli
    Sumit Oli 9 hours ago

    Giggity oh ywah

  • Tony Grigory
    Tony Grigory 9 hours ago

    And for the gentleman 🤣🤣

  • YaBoi Toasty
    YaBoi Toasty 9 hours ago

    This is why it's a good thing Lightsabers aren't real. Everyone who holds one turns into a child with a toy.

  • cmkofan
    cmkofan 10 hours ago

    She’s kind of ugly.

  • Cote Arteaga
    Cote Arteaga 10 hours ago

    Benedict es tan agradable que parece irreal 😍

  • No Hero Alive
    No Hero Alive 10 hours ago

    A week ago? I feel like i watched like a month ago

  • Kit Wench
    Kit Wench 10 hours ago

    Oh hell no, it can NOT have been 20 years, I can not EVEN

  • casey
    casey 10 hours ago

    How does one become a sir or a Dame👀

  • Jared Powell
    Jared Powell 10 hours ago

    “I used to cream in my nickers” OH MY GOD 💀💀💀

  • Denice Grandchamp
    Denice Grandchamp 10 hours ago

    Excuse me, Zac Efron. Your first show credit was Young Simon on Firefly!

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan 10 hours ago

    Saoirse, my love ♥.♥

  • winged love
    winged love 10 hours ago

    This is sick.

  • Adham Mesy
    Adham Mesy 10 hours ago

    4:11 ??? Mcavoy's sentence ??? What does it mean ???

  • BadGamer
    BadGamer 10 hours ago

    Wahlberg does not like this.

  • Kamran Mogel
    Kamran Mogel 10 hours ago

    Bro that doll is terrifying

  • Brody’s TAKE 5
    Brody’s TAKE 5 10 hours ago

    New movie reviews on my channel! TAKE 5 mins out of your day

  • barbagiggia
    barbagiggia 10 hours ago

    Micheal is a living legend, one of the most passionate, genuine, humble best actor ever lived. I hope he will never change and i bet he will not.

  • WeavePap
    WeavePap 10 hours ago

    Well this video didn’t age well

  • William McNamara
    William McNamara 11 hours ago

    How did that more cowbell joke not land

  • Shark Racing
    Shark Racing 11 hours ago

    Oh my god... what a long leadup to a story. I quit watching after 2 minutes.

  • rongermanjr
    rongermanjr 11 hours ago

    kutcher is lame

  • Sofia Gutierrez
    Sofia Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    Esa manera que tienen los británicos.

  • duster71
    duster71 11 hours ago

    Francis Ford Coppala,another great Italian

  • Tohur
    Tohur 11 hours ago

    Honestly that dude in the audiance reminds me more of Howie Mandel back when he still had a head full of hair than Jeff Goldblum lol

  • ‘クマクマ
    ‘クマクマ 11 hours ago

    1:53 the most precious moment when Johny ask Ben if he’s comfortable for doing this or not ( you could read his lip as “ Are you ok with this?” or some stuff like that ) by being afraid Benedict might feel awkward acting like animals so he could help him. true gentleman right there.

  • Mythraen
    Mythraen 11 hours ago

    "we're not asking you to do them now." - "I'm so pleased."

  • Sybarite Sphynx
    Sybarite Sphynx 11 hours ago

    I wish Daniel shaved his unibrow, he’d be a heartthrob

  • JhongVlogs
    JhongVlogs 11 hours ago

    They kinda look alike

  • Florp Le Borp
    Florp Le Borp 11 hours ago

    Someone help, what movie did Dead Daniel star in?

  • Ethereal Somnus
    Ethereal Somnus 11 hours ago

    I love this guy lmfao

  • Butt Soup
    Butt Soup 11 hours ago

    Harvey Weinstein's presence puts a lot of these jokes into a very different context

  • Siva Chandranvj
    Siva Chandranvj 11 hours ago

    Story board paththutu vanthavuga like poduga

  • Trey
    Trey 11 hours ago

    Блин я сначала думал что он живой

  • Chickylinares
    Chickylinares 12 hours ago

    Zack Efron got so self conscious from his story he started to brush his teeth mid show😂

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet 12 hours ago

    4:31 background guy is loving life

  • Arby Cook
    Arby Cook 12 hours ago

    Does Nicole seen a little drunk or high in this?

  • princess patricio
    princess patricio 12 hours ago

    Jamie almost spitted out his drink! 🤣🤣🤣

    PHFATT KCOBRA 12 hours ago

    Damn! Tom is a beast!!!

  • Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent 12 hours ago

    So moving! We white Americans should be ashamed, even when we’re not involved in any way. It’s disgraceful that way African-Americans are treated here.

  • Akimaj
    Akimaj 12 hours ago

    OMG!!!! Chris Pratt has me in tears hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Grace Scott
    Grace Scott 12 hours ago

    “Am I the future or the history” “Am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease”

  • Ru
    Ru 12 hours ago

    The description says “long-term relationship with his french girlfriend”... he’s been married to her for 25 years.

  • David Benner
    David Benner 12 hours ago

    New York actress?

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 12 hours ago

    why does this look like it was filmed in 1999?

  • katie mclaughlin
    katie mclaughlin 12 hours ago

    that would be a sick prank lmao

  • Luke MacInnes
    Luke MacInnes 12 hours ago

    He looks like that friend who's had a bit too much to drink and just needs to sit down for a bit

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 12 hours ago

    It was so funny when she went in that room and the people were making a ooo sound to erupt like a volcano 🤣she was like 😲

  • A G
    A G 12 hours ago

    LOL! Alan Cummings reaction to the amount of coke...he got caught off guard!

  • jordan brookes
    jordan brookes 12 hours ago

    Aww man I miss robin Williams :(

  • VelvetSun2
    VelvetSun2 12 hours ago

    That pathetic little Hollywood wannabe tough guy Wahlberg can't handle when the attention isn't on him. Remember after 9/11 when he said if he'd have been on the plane he would have taken it down? What a clown.

  • Scott Brinson
    Scott Brinson 12 hours ago

    Octavia Spencer's reactions to Kevin Hart were just about better than his story itself LOL!

  • sventibaldo
    sventibaldo 13 hours ago

    He wasn't really hurt, they are exaggerating it for the sake of entertainment. They would never allow a former Cruiserweight Champion to hit him with even a medium force punch, it would be too dangerous. It was a very light punch.