Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning
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We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)
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Link Gets A Hand Tattoo
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Kombucha Taste Test
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Vegan Cheese Taste Test
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REAL Pirate Food Taste Test
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Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)
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Testing The Dog Poop Vacuum
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What's In My Burrito? (GAME)
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Nasty Balloon Dart Challenge
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  • Robert Rice
    Robert Rice 15 seconds ago

    Ok Boomer

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 24 seconds ago

    They don't look cooked. Like a slight char from the George foreman and that's it.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Minute ago

    Link looks like he's having a good first birthday

  • Alyssa Astra
    Alyssa Astra Minute ago

    🎶 It's just a bag of pudding

  • frankie c
    frankie c Minute ago

    Wouldn't our dimension of "patient pudding" just be the pudding you have to cook on the stove top and cool before you can eat it?

  • Jennifer Bureau
    Jennifer Bureau Minute ago

    I am really curious what from his body Rhett has tasted.

  • Princess Consuela Bananahammock Bag

    13:26 for some reason this is a really disturbing image

  • Nikolai Rulovich
    Nikolai Rulovich 3 minutes ago

    this episode was disgusting

  • Adam Krieger
    Adam Krieger 4 minutes ago

    Are you guys ever coming to Seattle

  • Richard Atomsk
    Richard Atomsk 4 minutes ago

    The whole IV bag skit is totally going to be on a "Listen up, I'm only going to play this once" game... That was... Wow...

  • LittleRedHaired Girl
    LittleRedHaired Girl 4 minutes ago

    Henry Winkler doesn't exist in that other universe? I don't want to be in a universe that has no Fonz! 😧

  • Caleb Caparas
    Caleb Caparas 4 minutes ago


  • James Hayes
    James Hayes 5 minutes ago

    I like this

  • William Kirschner
    William Kirschner 5 minutes ago

    I know everyone's been thinking it; Rhett's beard makes him look like a jungle man

  • Jordan Ezell
    Jordan Ezell 5 minutes ago

    Will you please try Mad Gab on Speech Jammer?

  • Mattie Atwood
    Mattie Atwood 5 minutes ago

    Literally just want yall to know this is still one of my top favorite channels keep doing what you're doing❤

  • sumphatguy
    sumphatguy 6 minutes ago

    Missed opportunity to call them "Sunk-a-roos."

  • Calista
    Calista 6 minutes ago

    This episode is dedicated to the ladies 🤣

  • red wine
    red wine 6 minutes ago

    lmao the pudding thing got me

  • HotDommy
    HotDommy 6 minutes ago

    I love these guessing gross things! 💩👍💩👍💩👍💩👍

  • Nat Alie
    Nat Alie 7 minutes ago

    I love all the videos but I just don’t click that like button 💁🏻‍♀️ But I’ve liked the last 3 videos and part of this experiment lol I’m a mythical guinea pig 😂

  • Angellaye
    Angellaye 7 minutes ago

    I literally watched the first installation for this serious like 2 secs ago

  • Justin R
    Justin R 7 minutes ago

    “Your breath went down my throat, I don’t like that”

  • Chris Dwyer
    Chris Dwyer 8 minutes ago

    It is disingenuous to call your new way for asking for likes an "EXPERIMENT". Disrespectful to this fanbase.

  • Captain Grizzly
    Captain Grizzly 9 minutes ago

    Dunkaroos are available in Canada therefore they’re are in our dimension

  • Jason Hite
    Jason Hite 9 minutes ago

    Your Videos were so much better when you didn't beg for likes....

  • Jobin Robin
    Jobin Robin 9 minutes ago

    Rhett, the hair is looking damn good.

  • Frankie Alfano
    Frankie Alfano 9 minutes ago

    It felt nice

  • Matthew Despain
    Matthew Despain 11 minutes ago

    I’m binge watching from season 1 episode 1 and liking every episode

  • _Curly_ Fryes_
    _Curly_ Fryes_ 11 minutes ago

    700th :)

  • The One Man Show
    The One Man Show 11 minutes ago

    McDonald's Vs burger king

  • Declan Veitch
    Declan Veitch 11 minutes ago

    I honestly think they should make Drownaroo's in this dimension

  • Mighty Dubya
    Mighty Dubya 12 minutes ago

    Eat more nasty stuff

  • Annemieke van den Bos
    Annemieke van den Bos 12 minutes ago

    I'm a loyal liker👍😊 I like all your video's every day!😃 Who is with me?!😊

  • TomKab
    TomKab 12 minutes ago

    This series of Multiverse Munchies is just amazing

  • Destiny Haney
    Destiny Haney 12 minutes ago

    Man I got the best screen shot ever of Rhett getting a drip of puddin’! 😂

  • Amanda Bost
    Amanda Bost 12 minutes ago


    SOPHIE GOOLD 13 minutes ago

    Can you guys come up to Washington please?

  • Icarus
    Icarus 14 minutes ago

    Chocolate lovers tryna find the best candy? Smh

  • Christi Thornburg
    Christi Thornburg 14 minutes ago

    *_Fun Fact_* because I've seen a lot of these comments, if you want to support R&L by "liking" the videos, but use the "liking" system to save videos for later, you can just use the *"watch later"* feature. That way you can support creators by liking and still have videos saved

  • TheCommon Prince
    TheCommon Prince 15 minutes ago

    DEYMM IM EARLY AF...niceee

  • Fae Tigre
    Fae Tigre 15 minutes ago

    The chee zits crossed a line, no way 🤢🤢🤢

  • Morgan High
    Morgan High 15 minutes ago

    The pudding bit is gonna end up on someone's comp channel 🤣

  • ArtificiallyFlavord
    ArtificiallyFlavord 15 minutes ago

    I love how Alfonso has to literally look up at Rhett

  • nicoleinprogress
    nicoleinprogress 15 minutes ago

    them: "we found a dimension where kangaroos can’t swim." me: "oh, sunkaroos, ok" them: "drownaroos" me: "......."

  • Shiva The Empress
    Shiva The Empress 16 minutes ago

    Seeing your beautiful faces is the only good thing about being awake early

  • Hannah ☀️
    Hannah ☀️ 16 minutes ago

    Why do they really need the likes though?

  • 18randomjunk
    18randomjunk 16 minutes ago

    I'm not sure if it's been done or not, but what about copycat recipes vs original? Example, I found one where you can make Mountain Dew Baja Blast with a mix of regular Mountain Dew and Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, I couldn't tell the difference.

  • Lee EverettTWD
    Lee EverettTWD 17 minutes ago

    Ok I liked cause I don’t usually like but I will

  • Jacob Foreman
    Jacob Foreman 17 minutes ago

    Oof, Chee-zits are not cool

  • Zed B
    Zed B 17 minutes ago

    Rhett is looking more like Zeus every day!! :)

  • TheDankesTurtle 69
    TheDankesTurtle 69 18 minutes ago

    I was just in Roseville dang it

  • Joshua Crafts
    Joshua Crafts 19 minutes ago

    Oh... the gifs that will be made from this.

  • Emily Cowles
    Emily Cowles 19 minutes ago

    New gmm idea: Rhett and Link eat their own zits!

    • Christi Thornburg
      Christi Thornburg 10 minutes ago

      They already did that when Dr. Pimple popper was on the show

  • Mar Tov
    Mar Tov 19 minutes ago

    the slow jello was literally the least creative thing i've ever seen in my life

  • Blu Jay
    Blu Jay 20 minutes ago

    Someone mouthing them clues

  • Alexander Cheskis
    Alexander Cheskis 20 minutes ago

    Nobody: Link: "Thinking about sun bathers"

  • Erin Jolly
    Erin Jolly 21 minute ago

    im liking every video for this experiment so you'd better share your findings.

  • Nemanja Savic
    Nemanja Savic 22 minutes ago

    miso is fishy

  • Lurre _
    Lurre _ 22 minutes ago

    You had me till the Cheese-Zits... 👎🏻🤢

  • CalJorvik
    CalJorvik 22 minutes ago

    Algorithms impacted!

  • Stupid Muffinz
    Stupid Muffinz 22 minutes ago

    Rhett & Link must have the weirdest farts.

  • William Bennett
    William Bennett 22 minutes ago

    Ive been watching since 2014 and im still love it😂😂

  • Obnizico
    Obnizico 23 minutes ago

    Askes for likes and gets 355k

  • #SL1KB01# Gg
    #SL1KB01# Gg 23 minutes ago

    1 like equals feel bad for them

  • Delta
    Delta 24 minutes ago

    liked ✓ commented ✓ subscribed ✓

  • Joshua Elderton
    Joshua Elderton 24 minutes ago

    multiverse munchies is the best

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 25 minutes ago

    Cheese zits made me gag 🤢 lol

  • TheRightGuy1
    TheRightGuy1 25 minutes ago


  • Matthew smith
    Matthew smith 25 minutes ago


  • rudi daivdson
    rudi daivdson 26 minutes ago

    Do a part 3

  • fraggle me
    fraggle me 27 minutes ago

    9:14 the frog requests smoch

  • eocm 4752
    eocm 4752 28 minutes ago

    Could have put the Cheese zits on your chest and they would have been cheese nips.

    LAURA NUNEZ 28 minutes ago

    ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ

  • Robert Bagley
    Robert Bagley 30 minutes ago

    Is it me or is Rhett getting more grizzly every episode?....

  • Kiran Edwards
    Kiran Edwards 30 minutes ago

    Adam’s nails are fabulous

  • SillyTube
    SillyTube 30 minutes ago

    I came here to read jokes in the comments. But comments have moved

  • Jakeob Walket
    Jakeob Walket 33 minutes ago

    Me watch TheXvid Other me: watch zoo tube

  • kurshin burshin
    kurshin burshin 34 minutes ago

    That pudding bit prolly got this video demonetized

  • light of the dead
    light of the dead 34 minutes ago


  • Grey B.
    Grey B. 34 minutes ago

    We've been watching your show for years now, and are sincerely curious what would happen if you ACTUALLY READ our comments and suggestions, instead of not bothering. How about you try that first, then ask for a like.

  • Amiera Smith
    Amiera Smith 35 minutes ago


  • Saundra Wimberley
    Saundra Wimberley 36 minutes ago

    I really hope Henry Winkler watches this! Ha ha!

  • Kirklin Hillenbrand
    Kirklin Hillenbrand 37 minutes ago

    Love the intro. Love twilight zone

  • Bobby Markey
    Bobby Markey 37 minutes ago

    Did anyone else want to see Link try and spin the Wheel with the icing covered hands???

  • TheBeardedSun
    TheBeardedSun 37 minutes ago

    Rhett and Link dont you worry I've been making sure I like and comment always now! Cause I love all your videos

  • Khaliz Kanefa
    Khaliz Kanefa 38 minutes ago

    im re-watching this series

  • Sara Pinkowski
    Sara Pinkowski 38 minutes ago

    youresoloud is going to have a field day with patient pudding

  • Code Solanum
    Code Solanum 38 minutes ago

    I always like So to follow the experiment I won't like :)

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin 38 minutes ago

    guy fieri alternate universe version should be called gal fieri

  • Skyler Bulford
    Skyler Bulford 38 minutes ago

    Haven't they been saying they're done touring and doing shows for a while? And now announcing tour dates? Not complaining just curious

  • Austin Shellenberger
    Austin Shellenberger 40 minutes ago

    Will it burritooooooo

  • Spencer Allen
    Spencer Allen 40 minutes ago

    Rhett when he laughs at himself. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee 40 minutes ago

    But this is the dimension that they exist their for another verse they are gonna travle to this verse tobmake it real in in their vese their for it connects our verses and we live peacfully in conetcted dimensions and they solved globle warming and all our desaters on earth and trade fixing our earth for these snacks and y'all become our president for making theearth whole again.. Also they have tamed dinosaurs and ridebjet packed trexes ... Wise wisdome frome ...billy forten berry

  • Tactical_blasters 139
    Tactical_blasters 139 41 minute ago

    Also, kudos to the kid with the whiteout longstrike. Looking awesome

  • Big B05S
    Big B05S 41 minute ago

    370 dislikes????? must be PETA

  • Newby Scooby
    Newby Scooby 42 minutes ago

    Not calling them Sunkaroos

  • Linda Koskimaa
    Linda Koskimaa 42 minutes ago

    I don’t know why I do this to myself 8:19 - Always eating when watching these guys (also, the marks they got left on their faces : wouldn’t call those pleasant) 😑🥰

  • Katie Brassell
    Katie Brassell 42 minutes ago

    By the end Link looked like that Grandpa who ate paint thinking it was yogurt.

  • Tactical_blasters 139
    Tactical_blasters 139 42 minutes ago

    Its fun to modify, especially stryfes. They are an easy gateway into the modding community. They are easy to mod and look badass when painted.