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My NEW House for FIFA 20!
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FIFA 2003 but in 2019...
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FIFA 2005 but in 2019...
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  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes 4 hours ago

    Andys lacazette is a CM

  • J Craig3855 5
    J Craig3855 5 9 hours ago

    I packed rues out of a 5k 😁

  • Oliver Pollak
    Oliver Pollak 22 hours ago

    Best packs ever what ever

  • MrSBM1999
    MrSBM1999 Day ago

    Reev can you tell us more about your partnership with AFC Ajax?

  • Drageen Gedoorthe1st

    Miniminter won

  • Ciaran O’Connor


  • A26 Lyon
    A26 Lyon Day ago

    Not watched but John Barnes 😬

  • Oliver McGeachan


  • I’m A Celebrity
    I’m A Celebrity 2 days ago

    2011 - 2020 only 9 years Reave a decade is 10 years 🤯🤯

  • I’m A Celebrity
    I’m A Celebrity 2 days ago

    What about Twosync TOTS Ronaldo

  • god god
    god god 3 days ago

    Who else is on the prank marathon

  • Ruben QBF
    Ruben QBF 4 days ago

    Ajax legend

  • jesse
    jesse 4 days ago

    Fun to see you on the ajax youtube channel... how did that collab come 🇱🇺❌❌❌

  • Imagine
    Imagine 4 days ago

    My auntie knows Callum very well 👍

  • Hamish MUNRO
    Hamish MUNRO 5 days ago

    3 UK players from different leagues to where they were born (for example John McGinn in the BPL (Scottish in English League) or an Englishmen in the SPFL)

  • Jamie McAdoo
    Jamie McAdoo 5 days ago

    No one: Reev: "In the Dortmund anniversary kit"

  • swifty Lewi
    swifty Lewi 5 days ago

    yo do the premier league sbc for more packs seeing you've got so many premier league players

  • Hybrid Rewind
    Hybrid Rewind 5 days ago

    I packed kante from 2 new year prem packs at 00:00 in the morning

  • Jamie Bruce
    Jamie Bruce 5 days ago

    Atleast it wasn't Allison😂😂

  • Dylan Ferreira
    Dylan Ferreira 5 days ago

    Best pack reaction ever is iniesta and casillas

  • Izabel Laczak
    Izabel Laczak 5 days ago


  • Aditi Fernandes
    Aditi Fernandes 5 days ago

    I do t understand why i]he didn’t go for a paid he had 99 pace and 99 physical

  • jodiediblevoy08
    jodiediblevoy08 6 days ago

    I opened 30 83+ best i got way Navas prem upgrade about 30 again 84 beat player

    MDM STREAMING 6 days ago

    For Andys last pics he could’ve used Manolas in the centre and put karnezis and another napoli cb

  • Brandon McCoy
    Brandon McCoy 6 days ago

    Legit was about to stop opening upgrade packs and on my very last one I packed toty VVD, this is it... This is how it feels to peak.

  • Fredrik Østhegen
    Fredrik Østhegen 6 days ago

    I opened 1 of Them and i GOT allisson

  • Young PackKing
    Young PackKing 6 days ago


  • Young PackKing
    Young PackKing 6 days ago


  • Aaron Sauceda
    Aaron Sauceda 6 days ago

    every fifa player is an avicii fan and greatly proud thanks to fifa 15

  • Alex Alves
    Alex Alves 6 days ago


  • JM
    JM 6 days ago

    Who else randomly had this pop up in suggested😂😂?

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes 6 days ago

    Usually when a TheXvid does a vid with a footballer they seem like they don’t want to be there but Maddison seems so nice

  • Killer kid 700
    Killer kid 700 6 days ago

    I pack de light team of the year when I was watching this video

  • TDC Hekka
    TDC Hekka 7 days ago

    5:42 When ur crush says yes

  • TDC Hekka
    TDC Hekka 7 days ago

    The Gamer can gets 89 Marcelo: OOOOOOOH MY GOOOOD I GOT ONE !!!!! Bateson gets Messi: yes let’s go

  • Sam Khan_079
    Sam Khan_079 7 days ago

    Buy TOTY Ronaldo

  • Aidan Flowers
    Aidan Flowers 7 days ago

    Voted rues

  • Adrian Goss
    Adrian Goss 7 days ago

    Thanks really helped me

  • Random Taylor
    Random Taylor 7 days ago

    Done Marco

  • xDMosDx
    xDMosDx 7 days ago

    I got Allison

  • Jacob Brushingham
    Jacob Brushingham 7 days ago

    I got toty trent out of a prime mixed pack lol

  • Digz Stirling
    Digz Stirling 7 days ago


  • A26 Lyon
    A26 Lyon 7 days ago

    Get toty mane and use Robertson at lb love the vids plz shoutout

  • Özgün Doğanay
    Özgün Doğanay 7 days ago

    9.02 Sorry?

  • YasaaPlays Forever
    YasaaPlays Forever 7 days ago

    You should of done a backline of David Alaba de lit koulabaily malcuit and shecsney

  • yelingcobra43
    yelingcobra43 7 days ago

    Where is deji fifa14 first pack😂

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 7 days ago

    Reus POTM would be amazing

  • Patricia Brealey
    Patricia Brealey 7 days ago

    who else voted for reus for REEV

  • Jamie Prentice
    Jamie Prentice 7 days ago

    Nice pull bro I’m from Scotland was hoping u wid get toty robbo been a big fan for years your vids are bangin and I’ve voted for reus hope u see this bro 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • TSM DADDY117
    TSM DADDY117 7 days ago

    Fish and chips is New Zealand not England

  • Shapes
    Shapes 7 days ago

    this is the most redlisted account i’ve ever seen

  • Erick Villegas
    Erick Villegas 7 days ago

    Squad builder showdown with Reev > Itani

  • Dermot Molloy
    Dermot Molloy 7 days ago

    Voted for Marco

  • Hugh Livingstone
    Hugh Livingstone 7 days ago

    I voted for REUS!!!

  • Panda Master
    Panda Master 7 days ago

    I'm sorry reev but I voted for kostic

  • King Rico
    King Rico 7 days ago

    How do you tell if it’s board?

  • Chrlie
    Chrlie 7 days ago

    Got mane in a pl premium

  • Nick Gerh
    Nick Gerh 7 days ago

    Everyone who liked this comment voted for reus for potm

  • Kurt Llewellyn
    Kurt Llewellyn 7 days ago

    Reev have you got the anniversary Dortmund kit yet

  • I rock EliteAgent
    I rock EliteAgent 7 days ago

    So I got a free untradeble pack blue flare English rb Liverpool!!! Ucl Arnold 😭😭😭

    • I rock EliteAgent
      I rock EliteAgent 7 days ago

      omg thanks for replying or it might of been Walker but love the content keep it up ❤️

    • REEV
      REEV 7 days ago

      You can’t get that when he’s in TOtY, it’s impossible

    • tsa_marc / tcs clan
      tsa_marc / tcs clan 7 days ago

      I rock EliteAgent wouldn’t complain

  • Jacqui McGarry
    Jacqui McGarry 7 days ago

    I got silver 2 fut champs and got red jesus

  • TFRM
    TFRM 7 days ago

    I’ve packed 2 untradeable toty Trents Am I happy or sad?

  • Yo Swish
    Yo Swish 7 days ago

    I reckon we could see reev hit 2 mil + subs by the end of 2020

  • Conor Noone
    Conor Noone 7 days ago

    I voted for Reus mate 💪

  • Reflecto JT
    Reflecto JT 7 days ago

    Voted Marco as I ❤️ him

  • Joshua Berry
    Joshua Berry 7 days ago

    I've done upgrade SBC bundesliga I got Brant thought it was reus

    • LARKS1302
      LARKS1302 7 days ago

      Do you not know how to tell if it's a walk out 🤣

  • deadbymeming __
    deadbymeming __ 7 days ago

    I got seedorf

  • Joey 11
    Joey 11 7 days ago

    I actually packed toty 99 van dijk!

    • Just_Finn
      Just_Finn 7 days ago

      Joey 11 don’t remember asking

  • Elliott Moore
    Elliott Moore 7 days ago

    I voted Sancho as I have a bundesliga team and I need a better RM

  • Tom J
    Tom J 7 days ago

    Is no one seriously not telling me what minute the toty is

    • Soc ???
      Soc ??? 5 days ago

      😂 good man reev

    • REEV
      REEV 7 days ago

      I’ve deleted them all, obviously

  • Cardthrower_18 1
    Cardthrower_18 1 7 days ago

    Fantastic Series Love it. He lInKs to Macginnn

  • Lachlan b082
    Lachlan b082 7 days ago

    I got blue walkout Dutch CB Liverpool wish it was wijnaldum

  • Oscar Deman
    Oscar Deman 7 days ago

    Did he use fifa points to pack him?

  • MeMEKiLler 69
    MeMEKiLler 69 7 days ago

    Love your content

  • liverpoolman 78
    liverpoolman 78 7 days ago

    Should have done the prem sbc

  • Willads Birch Johansson

    REEV i vores for reus

  • Tommy
    Tommy 7 days ago

    Voted for reus

  • J B
    J B 7 days ago

    I voted for kostic a couple days ago I'm sorry

  • William Nolan
    William Nolan 7 days ago

    sam kenny: why u wearing a hat indoors

  • Kelibex.d
    Kelibex.d 7 days ago

    This video could be half an hour . He says

  • Kadu Gaming
    Kadu Gaming 7 days ago

    I wish I could get a team of the year 😪

  • Charlie Mcfarlane
    Charlie Mcfarlane 7 days ago

    I voted reus to help out reev had to support him

  • User
    User 7 days ago

    Class vid reev, found it on trending!

  • vin2822
    vin2822 7 days ago

    Did reev use coins to open that promo pack for robbo?

  • OpGod69
    OpGod69 7 days ago

    Rah you packed son and neymar and u dont even use them in the bench

  • A GCH
    A GCH 7 days ago

    I voted for reus for potm

  • Theninja Mdm
    Theninja Mdm 8 days ago

    I've opened like 60 and my best player was ozil

  • Arron Sutcliffe
    Arron Sutcliffe 8 days ago

    Everyone watch my new and first insane jarvis bro 192 fit draft

  • Hazzmatt Plays
    Hazzmatt Plays 8 days ago

    I got blue flares Argentina rw PSG

  • Hazzmatt Plays
    Hazzmatt Plays 8 days ago

    I got Pepe red he’s so good

  • JamesWithFlames !!!

    How did you get so many did u do a method or just use players in the club or did you buy them

  • Beau-AND-Noah SweatFIFA

    I voted for reus mateee !!!

  • Ferney Hdez
    Ferney Hdez 8 days ago

    Noble is better than TOTY Kante 😂⚒️♥️

  • MrSmiles
    MrSmiles 8 days ago

    Your always so positive keep doing why your doing

  • Ryan Clarke
    Ryan Clarke 8 days ago

    I have nothing left apart from my team. I legit got nothing lul

  • Jake Mcelroy
    Jake Mcelroy 8 days ago

    What a coincidence he packs TOTY

  • Ethan GamerMC
    Ethan GamerMC 8 days ago

    robertson = lowest rated

  • Léo Kriel
    Léo Kriel 8 days ago

    Ur icon swaps are gonna be easy

  • Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh 8 days ago


  • Hokus Pokus
    Hokus Pokus 8 days ago

    When you’re this early (uploaded 2 hours ago which isn’t that early) And there are no time stamps 🤭🤭

    • Edwin Teh Glorious
      Edwin Teh Glorious 7 days ago

      @REEV doing us a favor so we can be suprised

    • REEV
      REEV 7 days ago

      @We like Fortnite how do I delete comments? I press the delete button

    • We like Fortnite
      We like Fortnite 7 days ago

      REEV how do you remove them

    • Hokus Pokus
      Hokus Pokus 8 days ago

      REEV clever man 🧐

    • REEV
      REEV 8 days ago

      because I've been removing them, obviously