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  • HeroesLeftInMan
    HeroesLeftInMan 5 minutes ago

    The problem with Baby Yoda? How about it being a shallow and transparent attempt at giving people the lowest hanging fruit in order to attempt to earn some good will from scorned fans so they go and see the newest Star Wars movie?

  • Gabby Fowler
    Gabby Fowler 8 minutes ago

    Welp, there goes my childhood. Merry Christmas, everyone.

  • Alvin Niel
    Alvin Niel 8 minutes ago

    Grandma Yoda doo doo doo doo doo doo

  • Asta Lavista
    Asta Lavista 8 minutes ago

    @The Film Theorists but kong has parents in that movie

  • Samantha
    Samantha 9 minutes ago

    Spoiler Alert I predicted Elsa was going to find her destiny 7 months ago the reason why I thought that is because if Tangled The Series and Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures. Rapunzel was finding her destiny and Elsa was following hers they both wanted to find answers on their powers .

  • Ren Vas Terul
    Ren Vas Terul 10 minutes ago

    "DP: *jerking off to a plushy unicorn* MatPat: Let's focus on this moment for a second."

  • Mr. Hipster
    Mr. Hipster 12 minutes ago

    the intro makes my skin crawl

  • Yorix
    Yorix 15 minutes ago

    Just buy the LEGO Death Star

  • g man
    g man 16 minutes ago

    I love the intro 💜

  • Ren Vas Terul
    Ren Vas Terul 17 minutes ago

    Man, you sound like DP yourself. It's freakin me out. Seriously tho, this articulation!

  • Alexander Kulig
    Alexander Kulig 19 minutes ago

    You sound like LukeTheNotable

  • Emerson Kim
    Emerson Kim 23 minutes ago

    The begging is very confusing

  • Laurie Mackenzie
    Laurie Mackenzie 25 minutes ago

    Actually he says he's only burning his half of the money. So he doesn't bankrupt the mafia...

  • Charlie Turner
    Charlie Turner 26 minutes ago

    Does this mean sora from kingdom hearts would be a good lion king

  • Liam O'Malley
    Liam O'Malley 26 minutes ago

    In the episodes he’s called swamp rat

  • louise foster WARTERMELON

    YEAH MAT its relatable tottaly sure

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland 27 minutes ago

    human babies do not have fused skull plates, so their little heads collapse when being evicted out of the womb. even a baby with a giant head can come out naturally, of course, momma will be screaming like mad.

  • GerudoKing
    GerudoKing 28 minutes ago

    Quiz Show 2: Game show Statistics

  • Team Avengers
    Team Avengers 29 minutes ago

    How is the cat able to talk .. crack the code mappack

  • Aethetikos
    Aethetikos 29 minutes ago

    WAIT- Baby Yoda is not actually baby Yoda? :/ Kinda ruins the whole thing for me.

  • Random Ultimate Gamer
    Random Ultimate Gamer 30 minutes ago

    MatPat, if the nanorobots have electric pulses how can they have 3700 years worth of battery?

  • x Little Emily x
    x Little Emily x 30 minutes ago

    "So we know he lives in the UK." *shi-*

  • Samuel Jorge
    Samuel Jorge 35 minutes ago

    The real lesson should be: "Talking about youtubes when you dislike them is dumb. The less we talk about them the less atention they get." or "every publicity is good publicity."

  • Jayden Harrold
    Jayden Harrold 36 minutes ago

    13:14 what's wrong with recruiting children? WAIT! That came out wrong.

  • fazeen Casen
    fazeen Casen 40 minutes ago

    well matpat i wanna say that yodas species Can get VEEEEERRRYYYYYYYY OLD like very old when master yoda died he was 900! And thats about 87-95 human years i guess and 50 years for yodas species is what like 11months-1year in human time i Think but Hey thats just a theory aaaaaaaaaaaa disney theory

  • gbplayer 345
    gbplayer 345 40 minutes ago

    Um dud anyone realize mr poopy tried to touch the parasite the butler one and tried taking the food but he slapped it becuase its apart of him

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 42 minutes ago

    Ah yes, excellent use of Ginnifer Goodwin! 11:00

  • Jayden Harrold
    Jayden Harrold 44 minutes ago

    7:15 mammals, birds are all bipedal. Technically dinosaurs were first.

  • Ryan Webb
    Ryan Webb 46 minutes ago

    i cant w8 for this channel to die

  • Karly The Hufflepuff
    Karly The Hufflepuff 48 minutes ago

    4:29 OMG His leg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aidan Dixon
    Aidan Dixon 50 minutes ago

    You forgot grandma yoda (master yaddle) though, maybe that's for the best... Thanks vader

  • XII
    XII 51 minute ago

    2:43 False, actually, though we do have a _very_ long adolescence period.

  • Midnight Kitty
    Midnight Kitty 51 minute ago

    There is a new video on local 58 And it can help your theory.

  • Neiladri Roy
    Neiladri Roy 55 minutes ago

    U forgot supiderman and his mech😂😂😂

  • Kringe Neko
    Kringe Neko 57 minutes ago

    Yoda is big brained

  • Scott McMan
    Scott McMan 57 minutes ago

    Ken Jennings is the prototypical Jeopardy champion. Follows the old tried and true process, is stoic and conventional. A Trebec person, if you will. On the other hand James is a professional gambler, who turned Jeopardy into a personal casino and made the historically most difficult game show seem like child's play. Sure, Ken was geat, but he didn't expose the game for the simplistic process it really was. He won a record amount, but did it over a very long haul, which reinforces the mythical difficulty factor, even if it was him winning all the time. What it really amounts to, is James employing those shady gamblers tactics to a game that is held up as a gentleman's contest, a dignified pasttime, where typically, only the most intelligent and educated are going to come out on top. James just crammed for a year, used his tactics, played heavily against the players state of mind and saw them as his obstacle other than the board. if he could disrupt their play, it would only help him more. He may as well been sitting at the World Series of Poker because that's how he was playing. So, he had to be stopped before the average Jeopardy watcher (who isn't all that bright) catches on and pretty soon, everyone is going on the show and using the same strategy and most would fail miserably because they are don't make their living gambling, playing the odds, taking major risk (which wasn't much risk for James). They might have the basics, but not the combination of factors that James employed. Best thing to do, was stop James before he broke Ken's record. Then Ken would always be at the top of the Jeopardy totem pole and the perfect representative for how to play and win. In other words, Jeopardy wants you to fully accept the old adage: "Slow and steady wins the race"...or slow, steady and low risk wins the race. All that said, I pray Alex beats the cancer.

  • Rocco Corletto
    Rocco Corletto 58 minutes ago


  • Alex morganstern
    Alex morganstern 59 minutes ago

    I have got a fun idea for the title how about Spiderman: homosexual Jkjkjk its a joke but ngl i would love that

  • Why so serious
    Why so serious Hour ago


  • Why so serious
    Why so serious Hour ago


  • Yeet Daplayer
    Yeet Daplayer Hour ago


  • RobloxShit
    RobloxShit Hour ago

    I also head green storm

  • loredana godorogea

    Baby Yoda is not a problem, everyone else is.

  • RobloxShit
    RobloxShit Hour ago

    Who the f heard laurel and the herd yanny

  • MEGA N00b
    MEGA N00b Hour ago

    Actually, the intros are genius, because he can always say: "Oh the dislikes are from people who couldn't take the intro" like that's the first thing that came to my mind when I've seen the intro

  • Elana Collazo
    Elana Collazo Hour ago

    I AM A LION! 🦁

  • Tijana Milenković

    All cool kids are now into Dragon Ball

  • TheBestVideo
    TheBestVideo Hour ago

    07:00 Beacuse humans are dumb 09:58 Adorable body, bruh, Baby Yoda is the only baby I like, normal babies doesn't give me any feeling

  • GHgaming 007
    GHgaming 007 Hour ago

    That intro was... well... you know

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper Hour ago

    We need a new theory on stranger things about hopper not being dead I mean if you want

    • Michael Cooper
      Michael Cooper Hour ago

      If I spoiled anything for the comments YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED STRANGER THINGS or watch film theory Duh

  • CacaoTheRainWing

    I'm not that far in the video yet but I wanna point out that all known and canon members of the "Yoda" species are VERY strong in the force, and they might take so long to mature because the force in them is getting stronger or something like that.

  • CacaoTheRainWing

    6:55 MatPat's kid kind of looks like he's fed up with his dad's theories or something.

  • Jacob Ponce
    Jacob Ponce Hour ago

    Dragons monsters and very sharp sewing equipment O NOE NOT THE SEWING EQUIPMENT

  • Haniliusz
    Haniliusz Hour ago

    roku said waterbending was hard for him cause his natural element was fire - the opposite to water

  • SnAil
    SnAil Hour ago

    So were not gonna mention the intro

  • вlαck効果
    вlαck効果 Hour ago

    I am a lion

  • Fritz Spencer
    Fritz Spencer Hour ago

    Is no one going to mention that the species would age extremely quickly into one stage of life compared to their adolescents? If Yoda died at 900 (assuming that that is the average life expectancy) and Baby Yoda is fifty and not even the equivalent to a one year old, then they spend more than 1/18 of their life as a toddler. So they would likely go from a healthy adult to an elderly person in what is equivalent to only a few years.

  • Aaron Bale
    Aaron Bale Hour ago

    Matpat reminds me of the person I am sure that I would have become had I not received a brain injury in college. Thank god I was medically forced to face my ACEs.

  • SnAil
    SnAil Hour ago

    I opened the video and the first 20 seconds made me think why

  • Totally a Human
    Totally a Human Hour ago

    0:25 the snap worked to late. Coppa is coming just about now

  • The Felis Order
    The Felis Order Hour ago

    Tridactyl? Sounds like the name of a dinosaur.

  • Joshua
    Joshua Hour ago

    A year on the planet they are on could be longer or shorter than our own years.

  • Xellan Chaos
    Xellan Chaos Hour ago

    I agree with Anakin at the beginning. #AnnoyingSong

  • ConMan21 Studios

    Oml I haven’t watched your videos in so long. This intro is exactly why I missed this channel 👏👏👏

  • Alex Easton
    Alex Easton Hour ago

    I think the main thing that makes me doubt that this would happen is that it might be weird to explain all that in the movie.

  • Alex Easton
    Alex Easton Hour ago

    He may have done it this time, who knows. I hope so. That’d be a cool movie.

  • Princess Leia Organa

    The fact that KOTOR isn't cannon anymore, makes me sadder than unknowingly kissing my brother.

  • Jake Sangria
    Jake Sangria Hour ago

    "50 years is a long time to he a helpless baby " We call them liberals

  • Dumbledora the Explorer

    Am I the only one who's not hyping this baby Yoda thing?

  • Joshua Dolsak
    Joshua Dolsak Hour ago

    God where have I been. You have a Kid?

  • Katya Ivanova
    Katya Ivanova Hour ago

    Who else is here to see specs of Benedict CUmberbatch's face?

  • keysi_letsplayyt

    I want real season 3 from. gravity falls

  • FurryRaver03 _
    FurryRaver03 _ Hour ago


  • Aqua
    Aqua Hour ago

    My dad did the special effects for "The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head"

  • deathspike 1225
    deathspike 1225 Hour ago

    In season 3 Morty says he is Morty c 137 and that is Rick's home dimension

  • samantha suiter
    samantha suiter Hour ago

    Aww your voice is fine wtf are they talking about?

  • PB
    PB Hour ago

    I would love if this is the way it turned out but we all know it won’t

  • some gay kid
    some gay kid Hour ago

    jesus you trying to make jokes reminds me of the scene when he bombs on stage... *cricket noises*


    RASENGAN!!!!! Wait Wrong Series

  • MediaCastleX
    MediaCastleX Hour ago

    Wouldn't it have been better as da da da? 👀

  • TJ Acree
    TJ Acree 2 hours ago

    "Ya five years doesn't sound long enough to talk crap. Say half a decade"

  • I talk legos
    I talk legos 2 hours ago

    That was a weird intro

  • Hank the Tank
    Hank the Tank 2 hours ago

    Marshmallow is alive watch Frozen2 watch the clip at the end of the credits

  • Yonatan Chapal
    Yonatan Chapal 2 hours ago


  • Arden Allen
    Arden Allen 2 hours ago

    Can we all say that the 2019 Joker is def the bronze/modern age, this movie really almost made me hate Batman because of how mad I felt for him

  • Justin Melvren Tezen

    I think the missing ingredient is the lamb sauce

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 2 hours ago

    I hate Yaddle. I dont know why, I just do.

  • Alex Tarren
    Alex Tarren 2 hours ago


  • Mission to be A Man
    Mission to be A Man 2 hours ago

    *I switched off immediately after his voice.. So annoying.*

  • Till blabla
    Till blabla 2 hours ago

    “science“... face palm at it's best

  • Darth Verduim
    Darth Verduim 2 hours ago

    like the video, disliked because of the intro

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie 2 hours ago

    To Disney has MatPat sold after having a Baby MatPat of his own...

  • Maukustus
    Maukustus 2 hours ago

    was that a bandicam reference?!

  • Payne Terry
    Payne Terry 2 hours ago

    Lion king

  • màrçôthëpīñåtæ the unicorn

    matpat: uses a graph to demonstrate a point in his video my sanders sides obsessed self: YERKES-DODSON!!

    SAVAGE SQUAD 695 2 hours ago

    Hey i live in Connecticut

  • Matt the Critic
    Matt the Critic 2 hours ago

    Well the FTC is gonna assassinate this vid.

  • Sir Alex
    Sir Alex 2 hours ago

    Deku doesn’t change because all might had a injury inside his shirt which is his weak spot he got that injury from a villain attack 5 years ago so all might is only able to use One For All for 3 hours only due to his injury

  • Brady Rogerss
    Brady Rogerss 2 hours ago

    Unless clearly stated, it might not be Rick and Morty (c-137). Just similar copies.

  • sagesse the hebrew
    sagesse the hebrew 2 hours ago

    Mat :I currently own a child The Government : FBI open up