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  • mr randomkid
    mr randomkid 4 hours ago

    How can u not put endgame

  • Vilmos Halász
    Vilmos Halász 4 hours ago

    am i the only one who loved treasure planet?

  • Phillip Page
    Phillip Page 4 hours ago

    We made a cult and I am father shrek tier

  • Bowser Main
    Bowser Main 4 hours ago

    I feel like i remember playing Batman Arkham Knight and they made a mention of the Joker being named Arthur

  • TheLil ginger 07
    TheLil ginger 07 4 hours ago

    But this is just a theory A game theory

  • oliver obrien
    oliver obrien 4 hours ago

    the big spot in the gaunlet is for the mind stone

  • AbsolutePicks
    AbsolutePicks 4 hours ago

    Matt only thing I noticed wrong is near 6:30 When you say he got all the money and burns it therefore bankrupting everyone but in the movie he clearly say something close to "not to worry this is just my half" implying that he only kept and burnt the original half from the deal. Now he also did say now get out thus city is mine. But at time of posting this comment I only watched your vid till 6:41 so you may address this l8r and if so call me an idiot and disregard ty. The quote is "I'm only burning my half" it's at exactly 1:43:25 of the movie.

  • Bleach Martini
    Bleach Martini 4 hours ago

    I like the idea that the joker set things up so he'd win either way. Gotham descends into chaos and he wins: Gotham becomes reformed and he proves he can do what Batman can't

  • Andrew Ksmash
    Andrew Ksmash 4 hours ago

    14K comments I’m sure there’s enough about sand but I think you need to consider these people aren’t buying new trailers. It’s more likely that trailer parks are being used for new buildings or new stacks and those poor people are being forced to relocate, or people are being forced out of their homes because of debt etc and buying a trailer (likely used and fully furnished with appliances etc btw) for much cheaper than a new home. There’s a lot on the financial side of this that isn’t being considered there’s also the possibility that the govt has considered some of these things and has greatly over compensated on the foundation. You can’t forget the books and I don’t think that civil engineers would have suddenly forgotten these really common architectural issues when considering relocating these people. There are a lot of issues with the stacks don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of other factors here to consider

  • Butters 04
    Butters 04 4 hours ago

    how can someone who kicks an entire human across a building beweaker than someone who broke a brick

  • WinterSplinterM.II
    WinterSplinterM.II 4 hours ago

    The lady who sold him could also have been his slaver

  • Kyle Nguyen
    Kyle Nguyen 4 hours ago

    This idea that the Joker is trying to cure Gotham is overlooking a key factor that is never truly defined in Dark Knight Rises. We see the motivations of R'As, Bruce, Harvey, Commissioner Gordon. They all have clear reasons for doing what they do and to what ends they do those things. The Joker, however, has no motive provided to the viewer. To what end, then, does the Joker want to "save Gotham's soul"? He most certainly isn't doing it out of altruism. There's something else at play, but we don't really get to see that. The most prevalent motive I can think of, however, is revenge. As a foil to Bruce, who sought vengeance against criminals for taking hia parents' lives, I posit that the Joker seeks a campaign of vengeance against the society and institutions that Gotham has come to embody. For whatever ills they caused him, the Joker has chosen to initiate his own form of societal reset - even if that means bringing about a period of anarchy in order to do so.

  • gabriel bangert
    gabriel bangert 4 hours ago

    19:10 is my new wallpaper

  • Its Abby-Chan
    Its Abby-Chan 4 hours ago

    This probably means that I’m an idiot but I thought that Light Yagami was the good guy ;w;

  • oliver obrien
    oliver obrien 4 hours ago

    leage of legends is retarded smite

  • Mikey Lejan
    Mikey Lejan 4 hours ago

    Joaquin phoenix was the first joker

  • AireiSparks Fire
    AireiSparks Fire 4 hours ago

    0:29 *That moannn*

  • a z a r
    a z a r 4 hours ago

    Watch Charlie Chaplins Modern World, it’s on on banner of the theatre at the protest scene for a reason.

  • Macy Mecx
    Macy Mecx 4 hours ago

    Death note

  • Queen Jay
    Queen Jay 4 hours ago

    Why is deku always Cray my tho

  • Brandon K. Cobb
    Brandon K. Cobb 4 hours ago

    Loved your appearance on pitch meetings! You finally have a full proof theory

  • Brandon Gavin
    Brandon Gavin 4 hours ago

    Disney should hire you and Star Wars theory to create their movies, they suck at it.

  • xflynskywlkr27
    xflynskywlkr27 4 hours ago

    Yeah the guy that murders and terrorizes the people of gotham is the hero. Whats next? Telling us that Bruce is the villain? 😆

  • RT Maniac
    RT Maniac 4 hours ago

    How dare you spoil my movie

  • Vilfred Oerjansen
    Vilfred Oerjansen 4 hours ago

    *Batman wants to know your location*

  • Kenarles Lyles
    Kenarles Lyles 4 hours ago


  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman 4 hours ago


  • S Croley
    S Croley 4 hours ago

    MatPat's a lawyer for villians.

  • JackDoesYT
    JackDoesYT 4 hours ago

    How do you explain bane?

  • scrumbled tits
    scrumbled tits 4 hours ago

    i am leaving this video wiser than ever

  • Ewa Kowalska
    Ewa Kowalska 4 hours ago

    Why can't they be just something like people in this world? I mean, they're inteligent, has a lot of human reactions and eat human food, the only difference is that they have to drink oil. But they act like people, not like insects. You have equivalent for birds and insects there, at least those are the only ,,animals" we can see in the movie. Why wouldn't there were also something simillar to our mammals? And, if all animals in the movie are cars or planes, those inteligent cars could evolve from everything, not necessarily from insects. If mammals in this world really exist and are cars-like creatures, why couldn't inteligent cars evolve from them? Also, about the theory that people in wall-e eat each other (maybe I should go there to write this, but when we're at it) Why can't they eat their own processed spoilage? I'm sure they have technologies to turn human poo into something really tasty, taking all nutrients out of it (mmm, yummy!). It's for sure more humane and not as drastic as eating dead people. If they really have to keep every dead body inside their ship, they would have to have some kind of warehouse to storage them, because I assume that people die there every day, if not from an old age, then from endless diseases caused by their unhealthy lifestyle. It would be highly dangerous to keep dead bodies and living people on one ship, it would stinks a lot and could cause an epidemic, unless they had something to get rid of all these bacteries inside rotting human body. Wouldn't it be much easier to throw those bodies into space, where they explode or...well, nothing will be left of them? The droppings on the other hand can be much easier to gather (these people sit all the time, so there can be a pipe right under their seats...) and much easier to process, what means that the spoilage wouldn't even have to be stored, it would be processed directly. Let me know, if I'm missing something here.

  • GoneDeathMode
    GoneDeathMode 4 hours ago

    This film is kinda offensive to those people who suffer from mental health illnesses. "WHY"? While we are given an insight to a possible scenario involving a person with mental health issues, the film gives off the impression that people with mental health illnesses are prone to fantasising. That these people are prone to destructive thoughts and actions. That WE should be cautious of these people, rather than promoting acceptance and empathy.

    AMSTERDAM 4 hours ago

    He will receive a lot of best actor awards soon ... a grand slam best actor of all time ..

  • Checkerëd
    Checkerëd 4 hours ago

    spiderman and the hatful hexagon of home

  • Checkerëd
    Checkerëd 4 hours ago

    spiderman: to homeland which is an anagram for tom holand

    GHOST IN THE BLUR 4 hours ago

    I'm the REEL Joker of Planet Earth, but the question is WHY?

  • Travis Cadiente
    Travis Cadiente 4 hours ago

    Welp Bill just bought Immortality and full build thats how he lived - Mobile Legends gamer

  • dmitri544
    dmitri544 4 hours ago

    heath ledger > joaquin phoenix dont @ me

  • Sam Salim
    Sam Salim 4 hours ago

    This is all wrong because super an can lift Much MORE weight

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy 4 hours ago

    I've always wanted it but this Terry makes me want to even more, a super Carlin brother's crossover with Matt. As much as I would prefer the cross over being about Harry Potter as my opinion that's the super Carlin brother's speciality, matpat doesn't seem to be as into it as us potterheads seeing as he made a theory on something JK Rowling specifically said multiple times in the series mind you. But honestly I would totally what a supercarlinbrothers colab with the film theorists on anything like the mcu, the Pixar Theory or anything Disney related. Anyway that concludes is extremely long comment that not many people fully read as I only decided to post it after 4 months of the initial release of the video. Even if I already seen the video less than a week after it came out.

  • Yeet Memes Are Still Funny

    MatPat: Frozen 2 is the most hyped Disney Sequel Avengers Endgame: Am I a joke to you

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry 5 hours ago

    If Rey turn to the dark side, we have Grand Master Lissette Hanley as the very last Jedi. Lissette can redeem Rey back to the light side.

  • Hassan Jamous
    Hassan Jamous 5 hours ago

    by the way i watched breaking bad Movie and oh ya you were wrooong Mr.White is dead :)

  • 李军
    李军 5 hours ago


  • Scarlet Kirby
    Scarlet Kirby 5 hours ago

    nah i got this ... GAY VAMPIRES MATT

  • i don't exist
    i don't exist 5 hours ago

    Team Ryan is here!!! supercool video, anyway!!!

  • Neptune Official
    Neptune Official 5 hours ago

    I'm reading comments in a batman voice..

  • James Deegan
    James Deegan 5 hours ago

    The Joker.....yeah he's a funny guy........ok ill see my way out now

  • Aaron Gonsalves
    Aaron Gonsalves 5 hours ago

    Bit what about him trying to kill those people on the two ferries?

  • super egor chanel
    super egor chanel 5 hours ago

    Wait...I don't want to watch more 4fgmyju7hmn bnmj76u ujm uj7 ... now he WILL watch more

  • Skillzer360
    Skillzer360 5 hours ago

    I disagree with about most of this

  • bighomie jomar
    bighomie jomar 5 hours ago

    again, this is why christopher nolan is a fucking god

  • kungfujoe
    kungfujoe 5 hours ago

    You dont say? A millionar (billionair?) punching poor ppl is not the hero? I'M SHOKED

  • urahara64360
    urahara64360 5 hours ago

    Ummm wasn't this also in a cracked article?

  • Galactic Hobo
    Galactic Hobo 5 hours ago

    Nothing rapture about it. The suicides are the every day destructive habits and ignorance of cultures and people by trash, bad driving, depression, ect..ect. The Criminals have learned, the crazy have rehabilitated via the Cthulhu symbolism's.

  • modern house64
    modern house64 5 hours ago

    margot robbie joaquin phoenix (comment if you love dc) like if you love MARVEL

  • Craig Battles
    Craig Battles 5 hours ago

    He (Joker) only burned his half of the money. He specifically said he only burned his agreed upon share. He also fully intended to drive the city into total chaos. The ONLY reason Gotham's citizens feel hope is because of Batman's presence. Batman inspires Harvey, Harvey inspires the people. Joker believes it's his job to reveal that the people of Gotham are no better than the criminals and Batman is a hypocrite for trying to inspire anything else. He wants Batman to publicly reveal who he is in order to shatter the illusion that Gotham's hero is somehow something more than just a symbol. His final act was to ruin Dent and show Gotham that there are no real heroes. Batman's ultimate move is to take the blame and leave Harvey Dents legacy intact thus leaving its citizens with hope. Sometimes things are complicated and sometimes they aren't. Batman is definitely the hero of Gotham, not Joker.

  • Cooper Davis
    Cooper Davis 5 hours ago

    Regular Pooh: The Sinister Six Classy Pooh: Me and the Boys

  • Random Blonde Guy Wearing Shades

    "You CAN'T stop crime, that's what you never understood. I'm CONTROLLING it! You want to rule them by fear but what do you do to those who aren't afraid?! I'm doing what YOU won't! I'm taking them out!" - Red Hood

  • Ghost man
    Ghost man 5 hours ago

    you are wrong the joker in the end was not the hero because you compartmentalized and the philosophy of each group and with ignorance you made your point. the joker was the ultra corrupt and symbolized the unyielding manor of this corruption. he stood for burning the entire city down with ultra violence and manipulation. saying to batman you can never stop this and in the short term he did fail but i think since the good guys tried manipulating and lied in the end they build their city on sand and it crumbled. so the moral of the story if you are trying to build something that lasts never cut corners and always speak the truth because eventually it will all come crumbling down.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 5 hours ago

    Dr.Stone is just a minecraft veteran in a new world

  • Frank Yu
    Frank Yu 5 hours ago

    D&D: Thank you Mat Pat, You're a good man

  • sudxn
    sudxn 5 hours ago

    Tbh Joker is imo the best villain in all super hero movies

  • Penny Carvin
    Penny Carvin 5 hours ago

    MatPat I don't mean to be rude, but movies with mikey also made the same theory in his Dark Knight video.

  • Jeremy Chen
    Jeremy Chen 5 hours ago

    Mat: I did a show with Nickelodean Us: You did it you crazy son of a bitch

  • AntsInYourPants YT
    AntsInYourPants YT 5 hours ago

    I missed the old intro

  • Malibu2004 2004
    Malibu2004 2004 5 hours ago

    But we also see waterbender use the water as an extension of their arm or other limbs, therefore directly touching the water...

  • SmolClod
    SmolClod 5 hours ago

    So no society aight chief im about to headout

  • sudxn
    sudxn 5 hours ago

    Is the new Joker worth watching?

  • Frank Boiiz
    Frank Boiiz 5 hours ago


  • Daniele Frizzi
    Daniele Frizzi 5 hours ago

    In Sun/Moon (or Ultrasun/Ultramoon) there is a Ditto that transforms in known humans too. So either there is a real "assistant" the ditto cloned, or they were already a fused pokemon/human couple experiment (also already canon since the first pokemon games)

  • Viper CRASH
    Viper CRASH 5 hours ago


  • Pooch the Mooch
    Pooch the Mooch 5 hours ago

    I wasn’t paying attention and when I looked back at the screen I was surprised 6:56

    CMTXRATED 5 hours ago

    Director watches this film: “very interesting..”

  • Mark F. Pagente
    Mark F. Pagente 5 hours ago

    I think Thanos does not need Mjolnir as his weapon. First, it is not as powerful as his double-bladed sword. And secondly, if Hella has the power to destroy Mjolnir, I believe Thanos could also the same thing since Thanos, I suspect, is more powerful than Hella.

  • Darian Varano
    Darian Varano 5 hours ago

    The Lion King

  • Osama Tahir
    Osama Tahir 5 hours ago

    You ruined my childhood :D

  • RhWBMhn
    RhWBMhn 5 hours ago

    0:34 is the Start

  • chris worth
    chris worth 5 hours ago

    I found this movie slow AF. Boring.

  • Dani
    Dani 5 hours ago

    So batman is badman. Ow man.

  • James Cooke
    James Cooke 5 hours ago

    Another thing that I saw for another twist while he's putting on his Joker make up he is holding a photo of his mom. on the back of the photo it says "I always loved your smile -TW"

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 5 hours ago

    imagine ford is the one who took rick and the gang's picture

  • PP Man
    PP Man 5 hours ago

    anyone know the song playing at 9:07 ?

  • koushik Ahmed
    koushik Ahmed 5 hours ago

    You should create another channel " the TheXvid theorist"

    PRO_ GAMER 5 hours ago

    What if Joaquin phoenix is the real joker and he tortured robin and robin killed him

  • jeff dacus
    jeff dacus 6 hours ago

    Why do people keep saying Ra's al ghul it's racial ghul

    AGENT SMASH 6 hours ago

    its not wakin its joaquin with j

  • KidWithDoggo
    KidWithDoggo 6 hours ago

    Im not from America from asia

  • DynaMike TNT
    DynaMike TNT 6 hours ago

    thank you so much for the spoiler alert

  • monday man
    monday man 6 hours ago

    Maybe it takes place in westros universe. That's why summer is years long.....

  • Evil With In
    Evil With In 6 hours ago

    I think he was getting rid of the people that knew him without knowing he was doing so, no one really knows who the joker is now.

  • Darian Varano
    Darian Varano 6 hours ago

    The Lion King

  • Kryo Kryptic
    Kryo Kryptic 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one that hears someone else say the exact same theory but chooses to not believe them but when MatPat says the same thing, you believe it.

  • Amir Rafiq Rezad
    Amir Rafiq Rezad 6 hours ago

    Joker looks like a pretty good candidate to be a Chaos worshipper, specifically of Tzeentch. He EXPLICITLY states he's an agent of chaos! This video just got a whole lot more heretical...

  • cjp228
    cjp228 6 hours ago

    When the joker gets assaulted in the train he shoots 1 guy with 1 bullet, another one with 2 bullets and another one with a astounding number of 4 to 5 bullets and this is a revolver that holds 5 to 6 shots.

  • Kristanka
    Kristanka 6 hours ago

    I took your ending in consideration but I decided to ignore it, thank you very much. Sincerely, Joker supporter.

  • Atilla Karabulut
    Atilla Karabulut 6 hours ago

    Brachiosaurus, dilophosaurus,apatosaurus ,allosaurus

  • Mark Jayson Ferrancullo

    Umm I'm sorry but Batbale vs JokerLeto will happen cause Ben Afleck retired and Heath Ledger........ But JokerPhoenix Might come

  • Diablo
    Diablo 6 hours ago

    Wait didn't the joker go to that rich dinner party that was hosted by Wayne for Dent, and the joker showed up to kill Dent like he did with that judge and with commissioner Loeb and what was joker's goal for wanting to kill the mayor of Gotham Anthony Garcia when the joker was in the military crowed without his face being painted I think the joker did all this just so that he could just take down the batman either by killing him or by making him into this "fake villain" that the batman became at the end of the movie

  • Evil With In
    Evil With In 6 hours ago

    Joker was a masterpiece.