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Top 10 Best Dog Movies
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Top 10 Funniest Musicals
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Pixar VS Disney
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Top 10 Last TV Kisses
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  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself 44 seconds ago

    I’m sorry Fun Home is WHERE?

  • iammontecristo
    iammontecristo Minute ago

    When I saw Beautiful, relatives kept elbowing me to shut up because I was singing along to the songs

  • T6k3n_S4x
    T6k3n_S4x Minute ago

    Werewolf vs Vampire Aang vs Korra Drums vs Flats

  • bardlover6
    bardlover6 Minute ago

    Me knowing Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton will be mentioned *clicks*

  • Sharon Sapkale
    Sharon Sapkale 2 minutes ago

    Arya forever....

  • Phelie315
    Phelie315 2 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who always really disliked Bates?

  • Amber Liebenow
    Amber Liebenow 3 minutes ago

    For those wanting a quick list from the video, here you go 😊 10. Mean Girls 9. Fun Home 8. Something Rotten! 7. Matilda the Musical 6. Kinky Boots 5. Newsies 4. Come from Away 3. Dear Evan Hansen 2. The Book of Mormon Honorable Mentions: Waitress, Hadestown, Beautiful: the Carol King Musical, Once, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder 1. Hamilton

  • Adrián ARG
    Adrián ARG 4 minutes ago

    SHINee, Boyzone, Super Junior, Westlife, Take That, 5ive and Union J ♡

  • Exo.Legion
    Exo.Legion 8 minutes ago

    Wait, why did she break his neck

  • Matt Laramie
    Matt Laramie 13 minutes ago

    Just came here to make sure Sabrina Bryan was on this list, and disappointed she's not #1. Honestly, BOTH of Sabrina Bryans eliminations should take the #1-#2 spot.

  • Deanna Penney
    Deanna Penney 15 minutes ago

    I cried my eyes out when Tyler told Clay what Monty did. When he hugged him and his cries were just so anguished, broke my heart. My favourite character from this series by far.

  • Marco Guerra
    Marco Guerra 15 minutes ago

    The videos I deeply love, with the narrator I sincerely adore! Great list Guys!

  • Malcolm Louis
    Malcolm Louis 15 minutes ago


  • Denmark Vaflor
    Denmark Vaflor 17 minutes ago

    A lot of hogwash

  • Nicole Murphy
    Nicole Murphy 18 minutes ago


  • Kris
    Kris 20 minutes ago

    "Gethsemane" should be number one. No arguments! LOL That song is so powerful, especially when performed by the right person.

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 21 minute ago

    I figured Hamilton was number one

  • Yesenia Contreras
    Yesenia Contreras 21 minute ago

    Kameron Michales is the new #1

  • Linda Dorkster
    Linda Dorkster 22 minutes ago

    Here is the list I think imo should’ve placed enjoy 1 judge Claude Frollo 2 coachmen 3 Shan yu 4 scar 5 hades 6 mother gothel 7 Ernesto 8 malficent 9 lady tremaine 10 Gaston

  • Cartoons Hindi - हिंदी

    Now I know why they were soooooo popular. Now I love them

  • Joshua Desautels
    Joshua Desautels 24 minutes ago

    Umm...Disney now OWNS Pixar??

  • senait h
    senait h 24 minutes ago

    Family afair hätte drin sein müssen

  • I'm dying On the inside
    I'm dying On the inside 26 minutes ago

    I kinda wish that Be More Chill and In the heights made honorable mentions

  • kcsupersonic1
    kcsupersonic1 26 minutes ago

    Not a bad list, but I definitely would have included Aladdin, School of Rock, and Spongebob Squarepants, as at least Honorable Mentions. I also forgot the Book of Mormon was this decade. I thought it came out in the 2000's so it completely slipped my mind.

  • Sierra Baca
    Sierra Baca 27 minutes ago

    Why would the earth be flat and nun of the other planets are round

  • Joshua Desautels
    Joshua Desautels 28 minutes ago

    4:26 They didn't even mention Harry and Ginny.

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young 28 minutes ago

    Why is Mean Girls higher than both Waitress and Hadestown... I’m actually so offended

  • RedLightning17
    RedLightning17 30 minutes ago

    I was about to post a comment saying "If Avenue Q ain't on this list..." But I quickly googled it so I would look like an idiot

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus 30 minutes ago

    Not even an honorable mention for Finding Neverland even though you showed several clips from it??? Also where is Be More Chill!?

  • surya pratap
    surya pratap 32 minutes ago

    One or two were better in the books but here is the best one u missed.. when Harry takes Felix and goes slughorn he tells a story about a small rose petal that turned into a koi fish.. this was one of the best additions to movies..

  • Brianna Edgar
    Brianna Edgar 32 minutes ago

    Lmao Heathers didn’t even make the Honorable Mentions?

    • Nicole Murphy
      Nicole Murphy 10 minutes ago

      I read the title wrong (I thought this was just for broadway musicals) I’m pissed too now.

    • Nicole Murphy
      Nicole Murphy 13 minutes ago

      It was never technically on broadway. Just off broadway

  • Sam's Studio
    Sam's Studio 32 minutes ago

    It was obvious Hamilton was #1

  • Sam's Studio
    Sam's Studio 32 minutes ago

    Where’s Beetlejuice??

  • Misael Grado
    Misael Grado 32 minutes ago

    Man this is my show!!!!

  • Kris
    Kris 34 minutes ago

    I have fourth row orchestra seats to see "Dear Evan Hansen" on Saturday! I've started crying already since I know I'm going to cry throughout the entire show.

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus 36 minutes ago

    Mean Girls should’ve been much higher on the list

  • NormalIs aIllusion
    NormalIs aIllusion 36 minutes ago

    Firstly, The Prom Secondly, Six The Musical Thirdly, Be More Chill Fourthly, Heathers The Musical Fifthly, Anastasia

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus 38 minutes ago

    Just because Hamilton is the most popular doesn’t make it the best. I would’ve put it at #3. Kept Book of Mormon at #2, and NUMBER 1 should’ve been Dear Evan Hansen

  • Jade Morganfield
    Jade Morganfield 39 minutes ago

    You can add Jamie and Nikki Perkins to that list lol

  • Angel Mofford
    Angel Mofford 40 minutes ago

    Spongebob musical. Based on the cartoon

  • Tedd Descardes
    Tedd Descardes 41 minute ago

    normani getting third place was a disgrace. she snatched everyones wigs off the whole competition, she slayed every week, she shook the competition. she was the real winner. no disrespect to rashad cause he was good too, but normani was unstoppable. everyone expected her to win. the whole audience was shocked, the judges were shocked, even the other finalists were shocked. despite what happened, normani is a winner. period.

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey Wilson 42 minutes ago

    hadestown: robbed

  • mariettula
    mariettula 42 minutes ago

    Heathers and Waitress deserved better

  • Tyesha Coleman
    Tyesha Coleman 43 minutes ago

    What about the time Peyton dominated Liv and Liv pushed Peyton to get her to put more force into a spanking. It was hilarious because of how reluctant Peyton was at first then live started goading her on and she got super competitive about it.

    ERIC NICOTERA 43 minutes ago

    Mr robot should've been an honorable mention

  • Erin Deegan
    Erin Deegan 45 minutes ago

    hell yeah finally something rotten getting some recognition

  • Kikyo-sama
    Kikyo-sama 48 minutes ago

    The ending of Game of Thrones.

  • Calley
    Calley 48 minutes ago

    Eugh excuse me? HEATHERS?!

  • kizzyneetyan
    kizzyneetyan 48 minutes ago

    Hadestown being an honorable mention and Anastasia not even getting a mention. What about The Great Comet? All three of those are better than Mean Girls.

  • Abbie Xxx
    Abbie Xxx 49 minutes ago

    0:04 mr shewster sksks

    • PrinceTrexus
      PrinceTrexus 27 minutes ago

      Abbie Xxx right!? And then they didn’t even put Finding Neverland on the list!

  • Ryan John Davies
    Ryan John Davies 50 minutes ago

    10. Gets briefly explained in dark side of the moon and when all the angels got kicked out of heaven they all needed vessels so they all got one, if they left their vessels no way would any rational human say yes again 9. They've always covered their tracks have legally died on multiple occasions and after that Levithan fiasco there is a bit an episode later where Sam says "We get that a lot" referencing how they look like the Winchester brothers. 8. Cass' body is no longer Jimmy or even Jimmys body it was created by God (we assume) so it's a perfect host for most angels and Sam literally explains it in this video. 7. As we found out in Season 14 God just likes the narrative and wants it to be a struggle for the boys so he probably knew he was alive and knew how to stop everything that was happening just chose not to. 6. Yeah fair enough. Michael is older then it's Lucifer but could just assume he meant Archangels as a whole. Or Michael is actually a woman. 5. God can probably just stop angels from going to the Empty before they fully crossover or just take them even when they are there. 4. Cas says in the video "If you kill a monster in monster heaven where do they go?" implying that soul is probably gone or they just "recharge" in purgatory but don't remember purgatory (Willing to give you this one though) 3. Because they have a deal with each other to not bring themselves back. Every time they have been resurrected since Dean sold his soul it's been some other thing or reason they've been brought back. They don't always get brought back because they want to be. 2. She didn't she just wanted the knife so they couldn't have it. Or she simply didn't know if it would work or not. Honorable Mentions: Scams and fake credit cards. It's a different plane of existence designed to be a permanent hunting grounds for dead monsters aging and the need to eat may not occur (Cass is an angel and therefore ignores the rules). Anti Christ should be number one there is no explanation and is really annoying . Dean legit has no idea what Sam is talking about. They forget a lot John just said hey I'm hunting a Rugaru but didn't explain what it was. 1. They haven't forgot Adam it's been mentioned and he's going to be in Season 15 so cool head.

  • gunasekaran m
    gunasekaran m 54 minutes ago

    1.aishwaiya rai 2.madhuri dixit 3.kojol

  • batgurrl
    batgurrl 54 minutes ago

    Carrie and Mr. Big are soulmates- they are both horrible and belong together lol

  • Megan R
    Megan R 54 minutes ago


  • Madison Wooten
    Madison Wooten 57 minutes ago

    ...seriously? No Be More Chill? The Prom? Spongebob?

  • TheNordicMoose
    TheNordicMoose 57 minutes ago

    Okay. I was going to make a freaking essay about several of these points, on how they could be explained but there are just too many of them and too many things to say that i decided against ranting about it. :D

  • Mohammed aljezany
    Mohammed aljezany 58 minutes ago

    How do you think our childhood is ruined

  • Jacqui Larson
    Jacqui Larson 59 minutes ago

    One of my favorite DC lines is, "A lack of compassion is just as Vulgar as an excess of tears."

  • Nathan Nate
    Nathan Nate Hour ago

    The homework or information digging on these "plot holes" are not very well done. It seem at some points she just jumps to assumptions instead of digging just a little further to find the real reasons. Some are just simply incorrect just like some things from her Venom movie video.

  • Ben Carroll
    Ben Carroll Hour ago

    I have fancy dress costumes of Carrie and Charlotte.

  • Edros Mujalla
    Edros Mujalla Hour ago


  • Anush Yaranushian


  • NAcHO1713
    NAcHO1713 Hour ago

    Dragon tales and out of the box fit the list.

  • carrie ward
    carrie ward Hour ago

    I love when stupid people become indignant 😂

  • roccav
    roccav Hour ago

    As im watching this, i can literally explain almost all of them.. Because ive actually watched the show

  • Brian Landers
    Brian Landers Hour ago

    Dark Willow: Oh Buffy. You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked. Buffy: Then show me what you got. And I'll show you what a slayer really is.

  • Ammarah Khalid
    Ammarah Khalid Hour ago

    so the more naked you are, the more you are remembered.

  • Penny Celine
    Penny Celine Hour ago

    I’m expecting to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie on the list but nah, msmojo And you don’t even know it.

    • Nicole Murphy
      Nicole Murphy 11 minutes ago

      Nope. I was wrong. Title says musicals

    • Nicole Murphy
      Nicole Murphy 15 minutes ago

      I’m pretty sure that’s not on broadway and they were only doing broadway musicals, not all musicals

  • endorphinz
    endorphinz Hour ago

    Ginger vs Mary Ann is wayyyyyy more deserving than that stupid Dawson's Creek entry.

  • Jack Duva
    Jack Duva Hour ago

    All Doctors are great but David was the best.

  • Laurette LaLiberte

    All the guys I encounter who pull a #1 end up being creepy stalkers.

  • Kelsea McKinzie
    Kelsea McKinzie Hour ago

    I saw Tommy in the first clip for Newsies!!!

  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole Hour ago

    Plus all the men were older !

  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole Hour ago

    Most average men are not great !

  • dani williams
    dani williams Hour ago

    i love the musicals :-)

  • Jacqui Larson
    Jacqui Larson Hour ago

    Yeah, Sybil wanted the plebeian life until the s#!t got really. Then she goes running back to her old life.

  • Robert D.
    Robert D. Hour ago

    beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

  • Shawnese Eberhart

    We all know got-damn well there was enough room for Jack...... I will die on this hill

  • Anna LCAL45
    Anna LCAL45 Hour ago


  • Ammarah Khalid
    Ammarah Khalid Hour ago

    omg i forgot how much i hated shoshanna's existence

  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole Hour ago

    In fact so far there all older men !

  • Jake Leeper
    Jake Leeper Hour ago

    Nothing beats the first 3 seasons

  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole Hour ago

    He's an elderly man for goodness sakes !

  • Rachel Cole
    Rachel Cole Hour ago

    Not all people are dancers !

  • pawan khathuria
    pawan khathuria Hour ago

    Pure masterpiece can't described in words ❤️

  • Sooky Suiam
    Sooky Suiam Hour ago

    Shit I got bitten by an insect and my lips got swollen the same way yikes it was fattt

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy Hour ago

    Number 7 might be toxic but them together are very very sexy and hot. The heat they used to generate almost used to melt my TV. Amen.

  • Nanina Studios
    Nanina Studios Hour ago


  • morenovictor123456

    Im going to guess steven universe the movie isnt on here.

    • james howe
      james howe Hour ago

      morenovictor123456 this is just for plays

  • aubsgirl7
    aubsgirl7 Hour ago

    Sorry but there are no where near as many Dawson/Joey supporters as there were/are Pacey+Joey shippers. We all know Pacey was always the far superior choice. That's the rubric for my future man.

  • David Moncholi
    David Moncholi Hour ago

    I like star trek more than then star wars sorry but that is just my opinion guys

  • mika vaknin
    mika vaknin Hour ago

    where tf is acid betty

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy Hour ago

    Rebecca with your excellent voice and Watch Mojo with your powerful research makes this list a must. Also I miss Ugly Betty and Kim Possible.

  • Euan McIntyre
    Euan McIntyre Hour ago

    Alexis death should be number one

  • Persephone Herman

    13:23 Nope I have not been able to snag tickets to Hamilton, only because of financial problems. Doesn’t mean I’m not a real fan. 💀

  • Frank Janosko
    Frank Janosko Hour ago

    I watched the finale last night. One of the best things about the show is how you can hate someone in one season, and then come to love them later on.

  • KDoeBeatz
    KDoeBeatz Hour ago

    What about the hockey episode?

  • Ilhan-Jasmin Abdi Hirsi 8B Abildgårdskolen

    That was another part in “the hate u give” that made me cry was when star lost her childhood friend by a man member in gang who shot her for no reason😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy Hour ago

    Because Ms. Mojo you want these couples together I do 2. Number 10 sound like couple that will last until the end of something or anything.

  • Grainne Mhaol
    Grainne Mhaol Hour ago

    OK, don't you dare bring Ten Things into this.