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  • Lance`s Creepy Reading
    Lance`s Creepy Reading 52 seconds ago

    This was released at a time when VHS tapes were still being made. When this hit shelves... there was never any VHS versions. Just DvD! I think I can understand why.

  • Jonny Allan
    Jonny Allan Minute ago

    Funny how you never see him try a door to find it locked 🤔

  • Selarom Ogeid
    Selarom Ogeid Minute ago

    Marv: I don’t hurt girls. Also Marv: *punches Wendy after beating up Frodo*

  • MagmaReal-CJ 52
    MagmaReal-CJ 52 2 minutes ago

    The Punisher win's

  • tom holland is a babe
    tom holland is a babe 2 minutes ago

    1:05 I loveeee the music that is put with it!! Great movie

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 2 minutes ago

    It right there in front of you. It been brought to life. It all real.

  • tom holland is a babe
    tom holland is a babe 2 minutes ago

    gosh he was the most gorgeous guy ever for a few years

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 2 minutes ago

    It right therr in front of you. Reality becomes a dream.

  • suga likes papis
    suga likes papis 3 minutes ago

    moto motot is fine asf

  • Jaakko Määttä
    Jaakko Määttä 3 minutes ago

    Roar like a lion 😂

  • J. Verdikto
    J. Verdikto 5 minutes ago

    Legendary scene in a criminally underrated film

  • Epixgamer
    Epixgamer 5 minutes ago

    Team trees

  • Jeyar Chardy
    Jeyar Chardy 5 minutes ago

    Prince grittle was the same actor of mclovin

  • Sakellariou Dimitris
    Sakellariou Dimitris 6 minutes ago

    There's one point in which Kaulder almost stabs the witch queen's heart but Chloe prevents him by saying "I saw things in the dark that are worse than the witch queen". I bet that one of those things is The Devil!!

  • Devin Sorensen
    Devin Sorensen 7 minutes ago

    “I have a plan.” *Pours water on the cauldron of fire*

  • Lonely Animator
    Lonely Animator 8 minutes ago

    1:40 ...Of Mice and Men reference?

  • Lightman 2120
    Lightman 2120 8 minutes ago

    I cannot get of how he introduced himself.

  • Metarcee 24
    Metarcee 24 9 minutes ago

    Mega Man X vs. Vile.

  • noodleminhyung
    noodleminhyung 9 minutes ago

    atticus>>>>any other character

  • ZiNNers Music
    ZiNNers Music 10 minutes ago


  • Stephanie Jean
    Stephanie Jean 10 minutes ago


  • Eric Clement
    Eric Clement 10 minutes ago


  • Sahraoui Imen
    Sahraoui Imen 11 minutes ago

    Tooooooop film

  • Israelite Reign
    Israelite Reign 11 minutes ago

    The Street Fighted will usually win because they dont limit themselves in what they are gonna do in a fight

  • Because Im Batman
    Because Im Batman 11 minutes ago

    rightful genocide

  • Nikamind
    Nikamind 12 minutes ago

    can you do a scene where Megamind is wearing Black Mamba please ?

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C 12 minutes ago

    Love this song and movies , dreamworks

  • Bryce Hudson
    Bryce Hudson 13 minutes ago

    What even...?

  • Adam St.Martin
    Adam St.Martin 13 minutes ago

    November 15, 2019- Jason Isaacs is a badass guy in this movie👍👍👍👍 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Mr. Blond
    Mr. Blond 13 minutes ago

    Audio cut out? What gives

  • Spash _
    Spash _ 13 minutes ago

    I am european and I have no idea what this scene is about can someone translate?

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo 14 minutes ago

    What minecraft players think they are in pvp

  • Cosmin Drăghici
    Cosmin Drăghici 14 minutes ago

    Name that rock music listening?

  • Junaid Abbas
    Junaid Abbas 14 minutes ago


  • Daniels Paeglis
    Daniels Paeglis 14 minutes ago

    It's really fun funny and awesome.

  • Buisness Kitty
    Buisness Kitty 17 minutes ago

    The Emoji pop Music is the SAME music from The lego movie

  • Calum Green
    Calum Green 17 minutes ago

    Fair play to those guards tho

  • Miranda Rausch
    Miranda Rausch 17 minutes ago

    David is an angry yandere. If you dont know what is yandere mean They are sick lovers.

  • Abdullah Jaspal
    Abdullah Jaspal 18 minutes ago

    Who else is watching in 2019

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C 18 minutes ago

    💛🤔🙂🤯 dream works The best

  • Ani Adrian
    Ani Adrian 19 minutes ago


  • John Connor
    John Connor 19 minutes ago

    1:00 Lmao! @ that "triangle" 😂😂😂

  • Jason Guo
    Jason Guo 19 minutes ago

    thats my dad there talking about

  • Mazd Javid
    Mazd Javid 20 minutes ago

    Mega mind should of stayed as metro man so he could obliterate titan

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby 20 minutes ago

    This scene sums up the Congress.

  • rameshwar sinha
    rameshwar sinha 21 minute ago


  • rafipel reggent
    rafipel reggent 21 minute ago

    Mythical moment

  • Damaris Sanchez
    Damaris Sanchez 21 minute ago

    Her scream made me tear up...she is so deeply wounded

  • Neil Rafferty
    Neil Rafferty 21 minute ago

    Virgil just can’t win .

  • Saucey Boi
    Saucey Boi 22 minutes ago

    This is even better when you use The Stark Suit on Spiderman PS4

  • The Vocal Virtousa
    The Vocal Virtousa 22 minutes ago

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow, pray for me

  • matrixx
    matrixx 22 minutes ago

    Ohhh... Stiflers mom 🤩

  • Mazd Javid
    Mazd Javid 23 minutes ago

    He could of turned right and be safe instead of going forward as the destroyed building with the pole was going to kill them

  • Bryce Hudson
    Bryce Hudson 24 minutes ago

    Why this?

  • daveedpo
    daveedpo 24 minutes ago

    This guy looks like MusicMan

  • Damaris Sanchez
    Damaris Sanchez 24 minutes ago

    She's hurt...she is deeply deeply hurt and betrayed. Some men do this, without the wife having any inclination that anything is going on...she feels blindsided

  • ricardo sanchez
    ricardo sanchez 24 minutes ago

    0:38 Jajajaja

  • Awkwardi B
    Awkwardi B 25 minutes ago


  • Raquel Torres antezana
    Raquel Torres antezana 26 minutes ago

    Mdsisikxdwirfmedjdkwdjcmdi3kcmeki2ckdmeijfmdmekxmedjcmrdmwrjmednxkedjmek3ijdcmdmfnfckcekcdldkkefkemdkememe2efsmddmdejmdmmxejfkmxsjqrmxedodmwtefdldmcjmr ccjdncdnfjnfucckcjcccjm jdckxmemdmxrmcecjc

  • vicente castillo
    vicente castillo 26 minutes ago

    just realized that werewolf was his father

  • Muhammad Revano Chandika
    Muhammad Revano Chandika 26 minutes ago

    The sommelier is the guy from 'Kitchen Gun' parody ad. Superb

  • The Vocal Virtousa
    The Vocal Virtousa 26 minutes ago

    Sandra Bullock is really an expert in acting ... I mean I’m not surprised since she’s been doing it for 30 years but I’m just in awe

  • Willie Rivas
    Willie Rivas 27 minutes ago

    They just move side to side and switch fighting stances over and over while simultaneously watching their peers get manhandled... reminds me of my brothers when my dad comes home drunk at 2am and i didn't wash the dishes.

  • Hugues Roland
    Hugues Roland 27 minutes ago

    Film impossible to redo today, with all those talks about rights and majors company who want to keep the image of their stars under absolute control.

  • gibbs615
    gibbs615 28 minutes ago

    0:08 Crazy putz😒😂 and...I'M A DOG TOO!!!😃 Preach it people!😁👍

  • Guy Croxford
    Guy Croxford 29 minutes ago

    idk still liking jaws more, my choice

  • peng kaio
    peng kaio 30 minutes ago

    "ohhh yeahhh jellyfish"

  • Crystal Suttles
    Crystal Suttles 30 minutes ago

    I forgot that this movie is so bad and cheesy it's funny. Yes I own the DVD & I watched it in the theater when it came out.

  • carson11100
    carson11100 31 minute ago

    This guy puts Ron Burgundy to shame.....

  • Mr. Hemlock
    Mr. Hemlock 32 minutes ago

    The the Napoleonic wars through world war II is the reason why the European race is going extinct... It's sad, we are so good at war that killed ourselves and put us on a course of no return... We murdered all our Alpha males...

  • I'm thirsty But not for water

    Imagine Ron walking in on Cedric and Hermione..

    ELMINAL KUKI 32 minutes ago

    Not a bad way to fake death

  • Meme Boii
    Meme Boii 33 minutes ago

    Wait turbo was released in 2013? Crap I feel so old

  • Jazz  Espinosa
    Jazz Espinosa 33 minutes ago

    If I was one of those bystanders, I'd be making bets with everyone else around me

  • kapitan
    kapitan 33 minutes ago

    I would have DQ'ed him for that cheap shot to the face. That referee should've been fired.

  • Trudell Wbird
    Trudell Wbird 34 minutes ago

    what the best movie? taxi driver or joker two best actor

  • Riothegoat 111
    Riothegoat 111 34 minutes ago

    The zombies: waiting in line for popeyes chicken sandwich Survivors: the worker

  • Khai Thomas
    Khai Thomas 35 minutes ago

    I wonder if he ran outta breathe at 0:50

  • Jay Gordo
    Jay Gordo 35 minutes ago

    Should have called him, "Francine".

  • Nick Riviera
    Nick Riviera 36 minutes ago

    Dumb as a stump

  • Jordon Perreira
    Jordon Perreira 36 minutes ago

    Don't mind me just reminiscing on old childhood memories watching this movie when it came out absolutely one of my favourite movies ever.

  • rickj535
    rickj535 36 minutes ago

    Michael was a cold hearted sociopath and I love it

  • vicente castillo
    vicente castillo 37 minutes ago

    better than twiligth

  • Chris Sheedy
    Chris Sheedy 37 minutes ago

    That haircut tho...

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert 38 minutes ago

    Oh yes, this is megamind time

  • Blackbankai 03
    Blackbankai 03 38 minutes ago

    Keep in mind, this was a STEALTH mission.

  • Gabriela Vega
    Gabriela Vega 39 minutes ago

    “See I love The Lord! And if loving The Lord is wrooonnngg... I don’t wanna be right!”😂😂

  • Baeyens Raphaël
    Baeyens Raphaël 39 minutes ago

    Damn just realized this is Charles dance the guy playing tywin lannister after he took off his sunglasses

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 39 minutes ago

    His boots are so autistic looking

  • Frank. T
    Frank. T 39 minutes ago

    I can't believe he ripped this from Silvio from the sopranos

  • _ p o s i_ [ Septicscape ]

    ' Are You A Car? ' ' No. ' ' ARE YOU A CAR!? ' ' NO! ' ' THEN STOP DRIVING LIKE ONE! '

  • Drawing With Eva
    Drawing With Eva 40 minutes ago

    This film is the BEST!!!!

  • Sangeeta Kandhari
    Sangeeta Kandhari 40 minutes ago


  • Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

    2019 Anyone See This Masterpiece Movie 😎

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward 41 minute ago

    I can never decide whether to love or hate mike Tyson. I don’t think he takes himself seriously. Which I love. But he is also a convicted woman abuser and rapist.

  • reverse hood
    reverse hood 41 minute ago