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The Final HITC Face Reveal
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World XI Of The Decade
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  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 3 hours ago

    Get rid of the facecam

  • َ ّ
    َ ّ 3 hours ago

    Look at subtitles you wont regart it

  • paul clayton
    paul clayton 3 hours ago

    Predicts ashley young will still be there next season 3 months later....

  • Ollie Cheung
    Ollie Cheung 3 hours ago

    5:07 We'll remember that

  • Ollie Cheung
    Ollie Cheung 3 hours ago

    5:07 We'll remember that

  • Main Joe Joe
    Main Joe Joe 3 hours ago


  • Sam Marriage
    Sam Marriage 3 hours ago

    Olmo has just left

  • jono walker
    jono walker 4 hours ago

    Plz stop this guy lol that voice doesn't work

  • Frankie Rawclffe
    Frankie Rawclffe 4 hours ago

    No pearo no party

  • Sabab arian
    Sabab arian 4 hours ago

    Where is that irish guy? who is he? Can someone explain?😐😐

  • SlothBoi
    SlothBoi 4 hours ago

    Loving the both of them having face cam, better connection to the video and the fact James seems to be getting better every video with the face cam is huge, keeping going bud 👊

  • rhys burns
    rhys burns 4 hours ago

    James your voice is honestly so calming

    TLX FRAME 4 hours ago

    Your ginger

  • Cristobal Ordonez
    Cristobal Ordonez 4 hours ago

    Brahim Diaz is doing really well now

  • Amaçlı Kanal
    Amaçlı Kanal 4 hours ago

    Mbappe did all that stuff in 2017/18 But fifa 18 is acording to 2016/17

  • Amaçlı Kanal
    Amaçlı Kanal 4 hours ago

    Fifa 20 Most stupid ratings Lingard: 82 He deserves:74 Çağlar Söyüncü:74 he should be:82

  • Luka Modriy
    Luka Modriy 4 hours ago

    I want an Atletico skit

  • sam huggins
    sam huggins 4 hours ago

    Drinkwater was only on a 6month loan to Burnley in the first place

  • AmazingShr3y
    AmazingShr3y 5 hours ago

    Looking at Rashford now, he'll probably go on to be a United legend

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 5 hours ago


  • Clarke Empire
    Clarke Empire 5 hours ago

    If you think these are bad you should look at seth rollins'

  • Awesome or random staff

    James is already leaving

  • Yung Kab
    Yung Kab 5 hours ago

    I was expecting James to look like Alfie

  • Fred Schneider ate my baby


  • semiretired86
    semiretired86 5 hours ago

    no scarf this week?

  • Son Rob
    Son Rob 5 hours ago

    I Like the Band FC postcards

  • Style PlayzYT
    Style PlayzYT 5 hours ago

    Did my mans just disrespect Djenepo

  • Jon Howard
    Jon Howard 5 hours ago

    I blame Southamptons relegation entirely on chairman Rupert Lowe. Given where he is today, he’s still a human piece of shit

  • 404.exe.error
    404.exe.error 6 hours ago

    Wheeeey, he’s got a face now let’s be nice to him

  • Charlie Sammon
    Charlie Sammon 6 hours ago

    I love u other guy

  • Clarke Empire
    Clarke Empire 6 hours ago

    Marvellous Nakamba hasn't been marvellous?!!! How dare you disrespect the dat boi series mvp. How dare you disrespect the GOAT

  • Jordan Lampard
    Jordan Lampard 6 hours ago

    I hope your right about the royal rumble predictions

  • Daniyal Bulbulia
    Daniyal Bulbulia 6 hours ago

    Waiting for someone to start the "Christ" count on James

  • Pksfordays
    Pksfordays 6 hours ago

    James is actually great on camera very calming nice to listen too

  • Ngokeswang Mpom
    Ngokeswang Mpom 6 hours ago

    It makes my blood boil to see Owen representing Liverpool I mean that guy lifted the pl cup with Man United Yes I'm a bitter bloke but I'm sure you can see my point

  • william da-man
    william da-man 6 hours ago

    Every time you post your face I’m just going to like it immediately

  • Alex C
    Alex C 6 hours ago

    Cain Velazquez

  • Ian Howard
    Ian Howard 6 hours ago

    All as bad as this guy's haircut

  • Ali Asaria
    Ali Asaria 6 hours ago

    As an Arsenal fan, I say STAN KROENKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raphael Nasser
    Raphael Nasser 6 hours ago


  • RealVioletsAreViolet

    They just signed real madrid?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Connor Edward
    Connor Edward 6 hours ago

    Yasssssss his face is back 😍😍

  • Albert Magana
    Albert Magana 7 hours ago

    I love the hitc sign 😂😂😂 I vote that it stays

  • Ankit Mavinkurve
    Ankit Mavinkurve 7 hours ago

    Not Samir Nasri, Samir Naciri

  • Killian Bourke
    Killian Bourke 7 hours ago

    Why does it look like this dude has been kidnapped and forced to do videos by irish guy, I think I see Morse code with his blinking

  • Evolved Copper
    Evolved Copper 7 hours ago

    Good stuff, more those "bastards" moments in the future. The flow is getting there. Your transfer rating gets 7/10

  • Sunderland AFC
    Sunderland AFC 7 hours ago


  • Sophie Yeoell
    Sophie Yeoell 7 hours ago

    Eat raw cow meat for 100k by next Sunday

  • sm29
    sm29 7 hours ago

    Olmo has his move to a big club now tbf

  • Chad
    Chad 7 hours ago

    The Irish guy is the spirit animal The English guy is the lover...

  • blinard1
    blinard1 7 hours ago

    Why change from narrated pictures?

  • Habby Mushtaq
    Habby Mushtaq 7 hours ago

    It makes me laugh when he say pitchen shit eater young

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 7 hours ago

    Couldn't pronounce a name right to save his life.

  • Ahmed Sahed
    Ahmed Sahed 7 hours ago

    4:40 yep that's definitely Chelsea

  • I hate virtue signallers

    YAWNA fellow kobites Tumbs up if you’re happy that the red devels are rubbish now! YAWNA kobites and prayers from Kenya 🇰🇪 🙏🏿

  • Shaun Atts
    Shaun Atts 8 hours ago

    Face for radio, decent vid tho

  • Drew Castronovo
    Drew Castronovo 8 hours ago

    I want to see another collaboration between James and the Irish guy; it’s been so long

  • Isaac
    Isaac 8 hours ago

    Your face is brilliant, keep the beard mate

  • Daniel Morley
    Daniel Morley 8 hours ago

    just do voice overs

  • Ben Shakespeare
    Ben Shakespeare 8 hours ago

    I get excited when i see other guy

  • ryan harvey
    ryan harvey 8 hours ago

    Brighton 9/10. Not for me. Mooy absolutely. Webster has been crap

  • Daniel Suchorowiec
    Daniel Suchorowiec 8 hours ago

    I think you might work a bit on you gestures coz you have decent facial expressions but then they are not followed by your body..

  • Natal Kumar
    Natal Kumar 8 hours ago

    Manushi Chillar was actually treated to burger king. Not joking.

  • Matthias Floßmann
    Matthias Floßmann 8 hours ago

    That typically horrific 90s jersey of Hamburg tho....

  • ProStock 78
    ProStock 78 8 hours ago

    Fred.... lol

  • Thomas Neilly
    Thomas Neilly 8 hours ago

    Solid performance there from James. 8/10 keep it up lad

  • Chucky 89
    Chucky 89 8 hours ago

    Jones. LoL

  • Mez Hossain
    Mez Hossain 9 hours ago

    Don't give up the beard 🥺

  • Simon D Jones
    Simon D Jones 9 hours ago

    2020 grealish inform 84

  • Artam Ghotbi
    Artam Ghotbi 9 hours ago

    David moyes is crap

  • Eric Camolina
    Eric Camolina 9 hours ago

    Great video! Cheers from California thanks for the content

  • Carson Travieso
    Carson Travieso 9 hours ago

    Irish guy: Alexis Sánchez is a bang average player Me: yep and I have a girlfriend

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 9 hours ago

    This guy is boring we need the irish guy.

  • Notintheknow
    Notintheknow 9 hours ago

    Think Baszler is the most likely Drew I'm not sure if they'll give him this Rumble So Reigns I'd say is more likely

  • Luka Hansen
    Luka Hansen 9 hours ago

    Change background

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J 9 hours ago

    Who is Pedro Diang for West Ham cuz no one exists

  • Anish RB
    Anish RB 9 hours ago

    Is that a Steve McFreeze t shirt you wearing?

  • Box V5
    Box V5 10 hours ago


  • the_wexican
    the_wexican 10 hours ago

    What about the kid who had a shit on the seat

  • SuperAvatarkid
    SuperAvatarkid 10 hours ago

    well ødegaard proved you wrong

  • BruhBama YT
    BruhBama YT 10 hours ago

    You look like one of the Sedin twins

  • César Costa
    César Costa 10 hours ago

    2019 should have been Joao Felix the 127Million flop

  • LPS Chinaboi
    LPS Chinaboi 10 hours ago

    How dare you say your face ain't lovely! It's absoloutely gorgeous!

  • Yasin Sheble
    Yasin Sheble 10 hours ago

    The disrespect on kovacic that guy has the highest dribble success rate in the prem from midfield the guy has been our best player this season

  • MRV 22
    MRV 22 10 hours ago


  • Additive
    Additive 10 hours ago

    Maguire would be so much better if Ole didnt do zonal marking

  • Cameron Gelinas
    Cameron Gelinas 10 hours ago

    When did Sean dyche get a nice voice 😂

    • Nick Armitt
      Nick Armitt 10 hours ago

      Notice if you were to say thins about a top black manager... Oh sorry... They are no good black managers in football... But imagine that black people are good at things other than brap brap brappppppping and selling drugs. Now imagine a white person made jokes about black people looking alike...

  • Nick Armitt
    Nick Armitt 10 hours ago

    "Tyrone Mings has been excellent" ... Erm... Haven't Villa conceded 45 goals a high in the league??? He made it into the england squad cause he is black. If he were white like Conor Coady he wouldn't get called up. But because is black he gets called up. The same way that a white person does anything and these libtards are over them yet a motherfucking cunt like Raheem can have an AR15 tattooed on his leg just because his yardy fucking drug-dealing piece of shit cunt stained gangstaaaaaaaaaar brap brap brap rude boy big wida mandem GGGGGGGG UNIT deadbeat dad was shot like the fucking criminal he was.

    • Nick Armitt
      Nick Armitt 10 hours ago

      He died the way Raheem goes, with a bullet in him, alone, a loser in a gutter in some Jamasaaaaaican my bacon rastafaaaaaaaaaari babayyyyyyyyllllonnn. Brrrrap brap street. Sorry, I thought I would use Raheem's parlance.

  • Nick Armitt
    Nick Armitt 10 hours ago

    Did he really give Villa 8/10? So... Spending £200m nearly and being in relegation is good spending?

  • Sean Deacon
    Sean Deacon 10 hours ago

    Damn I want that shirt

  • Tom Veloso
    Tom Veloso 10 hours ago

    I prefer the other video format

  • Big Chungus lol
    Big Chungus lol 10 hours ago


  • PyroRemoN
    PyroRemoN 10 hours ago

    Adam Webster is the worst defender I've ever seen play football sunday league players show more passion

  • B. Nainggolan Channel
    B. Nainggolan Channel 10 hours ago

    Trim your hair and beard then eat worms to get robotic voice, James. 😂

    KID SWAG 10 hours ago

    That t shirt😂

  • benny_boi
    benny_boi 10 hours ago

    I mean even I forget he's at the club but Kevin Danso only moved to Saints on loan the summer just gone lol

  • Lego Star Wars Ja-Ja binks

    9:42 "ask any arsenal fan, would they rather have Cech or Aubameyang" Why not both.

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 11 hours ago

    Your so fit

  • william mcintosh
    william mcintosh 11 hours ago

    So HITC have The Irish guy The Brexit guy and Rabiot Good bit of diversity

  • John Terry
    John Terry 11 hours ago

    you are boring. Straight Boring. No personality. The irish guy has set a high standard and u aint near him

    • MrBark45
      MrBark45 11 hours ago

      The Irish guy wont bum you mate