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  • George David
    George David 4 hours ago

    Get this newcastle twat off the speaking duties ffs i cant watch with him. Speaks so fucking monotone my dead nan sounds livelier

  • syedkabirgooner
    syedkabirgooner 4 hours ago

    Man Utd should be the 1-6 defeat at Old Trafford against Man City. That game essentially decides the league title which came down to goal difference in the end

  • Mark Maclean
    Mark Maclean 4 hours ago

    When Paul McShane appeared 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Michael Cuellar
    Michael Cuellar 4 hours ago

    Irish guy hit puberty midway through the video.

  • Madden Clips for fun

    Wick ham was not palaces worst player, that was jordon mutch easily

  • Gamerul GT
    Gamerul GT 5 hours ago

    "Sorry liverpool fans,you probably won't even pull on a race untile may City are the best CLEAR WINNERS" Liverpool are first unbeating only one draw and 14 points over city

  • Dan Mount
    Dan Mount 5 hours ago

    Do this for each Championship side

  • Sophie Apps
    Sophie Apps 5 hours ago

    I’ll take a 5-0 loss to a mid table team when we are fighting to stay in the league then get smacked 8-2/8-0 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Aetami HD
    Aetami HD 5 hours ago

    bruhhhh joey barton

  • Luke Mcmenamin
    Luke Mcmenamin 5 hours ago

    As a villa fan how tf were we not on this😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Fabbiani
    Daniel Fabbiani 5 hours ago

    E ✅ F ✅ G ✅ H ❌ Really impressive so far

  • AimnzDzn
    AimnzDzn 5 hours ago

    gana gueye everton/psg??

  • AimnzDzn
    AimnzDzn 5 hours ago

    Tang Guy Ndemboleh

  • Joe Wheatley
    Joe Wheatley 6 hours ago

    Trust me pulisic will reach hazards standards and pass them

  • Matts Norfolk Steam Channel

    As a Norwich fan, I think it was losing to Non league Luton in the FA cup is our worst game.

  • Snakey 33
    Snakey 33 6 hours ago

    When the Irish guy gets born, " it's a boy! " Irish guy says screw Paul McShane!

  • Matthew Hurley
    Matthew Hurley 6 hours ago

    2:39 How to piss off Robbie Lyle

  • Seán O'Rourke
    Seán O'Rourke 6 hours ago

    Adam Johnson on yubo?

  • HK Football Ralph Ralph


  • Anthony Savizon
    Anthony Savizon 6 hours ago

    Roshford 😂😂you're joking rite the kid!!!22 yrs old is going to be worldclass 😂😂😂the $h;t that come out yur mouth 😂😂😂too funny bro good one...let's take a look at kevin de bruyne , salah sterling, Kane at 19 to 22 yrs old🤔rashford man u #10 worldclass😍😍

  • M.A. Restyawan
    M.A. Restyawan 6 hours ago

    Anyone here after group E and G ended exactly the way he predicted? Dude's free from having to make a 6-hour live stream lol

  • Tavian Wilson
    Tavian Wilson 6 hours ago

    Feel better bro get that throat checked

  • Narci
    Narci 6 hours ago

    If Mbappe isnt the 2019 most overrated player im gonna be pissed.

  • John Howes
    John Howes 6 hours ago

    do a reaction to your champions league predictions

  • Rj Wilkinson
    Rj Wilkinson 6 hours ago

    Already been done

  • freerunner75
    freerunner75 6 hours ago

    West ham - Roberto

  • Shaughn T. W
    Shaughn T. W 6 hours ago

    We won 3-1 at Liverpool the game before losing 8-0 to Chelsea

  • The Amazing Worm
    The Amazing Worm 6 hours ago

    And joelinton is a support kind of striker do too harsh aswell

  • The Amazing Worm
    The Amazing Worm 6 hours ago

    7.5 for st maximin is a joke he is atleast a 9 he is a beast

  • Kieran Blackler
    Kieran Blackler 6 hours ago

    Up the Crawley town!

  • IEagleEnergy HD
    IEagleEnergy HD 7 hours ago

    Shaun McDonald is now at Rotherham 😂😂

    DAFC OB 7 hours ago

    Why’d you sound like Sean Dyche?

  • rhys platt
    rhys platt 7 hours ago

    This page is shit

  • Timothy Bogush
    Timothy Bogush 7 hours ago

    U sound like Sean dyche for fucks sake

  • Leeds Struidy
    Leeds Struidy 7 hours ago

    Sheffield United we lost 4-0 to stevange and 5-2 to Swindon in this decade

  • Andrew Beecroft
    Andrew Beecroft 7 hours ago

    Late to the party on this one, but it seems the site don't know how to give an average score. Klavan/ox/Keita, even at the time were each a 5 or 6 out if 10 minimum for being just 'ok'. Manninger getting a 0 for being a backup? Also harsh, not like he did anything wrong.

  • Jay 6770
    Jay 6770 7 hours ago

    Group G all finished in that order

  • matt pollard
    matt pollard 7 hours ago

    Don’t dis the mighty Wycombe 💪

  • famalam network
    famalam network 7 hours ago

    Yes Bradford city v Chelsea good times from a city fan

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 7 hours ago


    KIPMUS 7 hours ago

    As a Chelsea fan I think 4-0 against Bournemouth was way more humiliating

  • Ibby FC
    Ibby FC 7 hours ago

    0:13 RIP Reyes

  • Brad Green
    Brad Green 7 hours ago

    As a Leicester fan, completely agree

  • Me Kola
    Me Kola 7 hours ago

    Fred isn't that bad.

  • Breifne Earley
    Breifne Earley 7 hours ago

    I think you’ll find disagreement from most norwich fans. The 7-1 defeat to Colchester in the championship was a hell of a lot worse than the Man City 7-0.

  • The Official F.T.S Channel

    Fantastic video even inspired me to start my own PL talk show!

  • Undergroundbooerang Monkeyeater

    Would Chelsea's not be 6 0 to man city

  • Thomas
    Thomas 8 hours ago

    palace is in south london not east...

  • Laurence Taylor
    Laurence Taylor 8 hours ago

    Have to say the 3-0s v Sunderland were definitely more embarrassing the the Liverpool 6-0

  • Royale Wolf
    Royale Wolf 8 hours ago

    I wished this had happened...

  • Craig Seddon
    Craig Seddon 8 hours ago

    Some players get lucky with that 'he will come good' shtick, I still catch myself out thinking Walcott is gonna turn a corner soon... guys in his 30s now.

  • Allan Murphy
    Allan Murphy 9 hours ago

    I left after 40 seconds, your voice was killing me!

  • Ali G On WA
    Ali G On WA 9 hours ago

    5:47 don't diss Leo Ulloa Irish Guy, man's a hero

  • Tante Jorun
    Tante Jorun 9 hours ago

    What happened to Connor Wickham

  • Wrighty03
    Wrighty03 9 hours ago

    Enjoying this ‘of the decade’ content :)

  • Firdaus Zainuri
    Firdaus Zainuri 9 hours ago

    Group E prediction is 100% true

  • Fionn Griffin
    Fionn Griffin 9 hours ago

    Worst football channel on TheXvid act like you know everything about football when your football knowledge is actually shocking

  • Connor hero
    Connor hero 9 hours ago

    How is liverpool's not vs Wimbledon

  • dimitri gharam
    dimitri gharam 9 hours ago

    You were right about group E. Lol, i wanted you to forgive Paul Mcshame

  • EzeyKi
    EzeyKi 9 hours ago

    4:05 irish guy finally went through puberty

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward 10 hours ago


  • gaby rules
    gaby rules 10 hours ago

    you are stupid and dome also idiotic

  • gaby rules
    gaby rules 10 hours ago


  • Jirvmaster 96
    Jirvmaster 96 10 hours ago

    Not martinelli for Arsenal?

  • Pauly Smith
    Pauly Smith 10 hours ago

    Can’t ever understand how Brighton vs Palace is a derby...One in Sussex other in Croydon/south London...

  • Tioluwa Oladimeji
    Tioluwa Oladimeji 10 hours ago

    This is the Irish guy we know ranting clubs and thier useless players NOT talking about players who didn't play for Ireland

  • James Newstead
    James Newstead 10 hours ago

    Ergh wolfswinkle

  • Henry Sensoy
    Henry Sensoy 10 hours ago

    Dele alli instead of Barkley

  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell George 10 hours ago

    I’m rooting for Sheffield Wednesday to get promoted because it’s been 20 years since they’ve been in the Premier League and since Sheffield United are staying up, it should be a fantastic derby.

  • David Elford
    David Elford 10 hours ago

    Did you get my permission to put my face on your TheXvid video my face is on at the two minute mark

  • Callum
    Callum 10 hours ago

    Wolves 5-1 loss to West Brom at home was the worst by a country mile. Still haunts me.

  • Yeet Random games
    Yeet Random games 10 hours ago

    Van Dijk is best in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Daniel Oladejo
    Daniel Oladejo 11 hours ago

    chelsea should be 6-0 against man city

  • patrick baitmen
    patrick baitmen 11 hours ago

    Christian Benteke is the one that hurts my heart, my head and my hands from punching the wall over and over trying to understand why we kept and just offered him a new contract. Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Royale Wolf
    Royale Wolf 11 hours ago

    As soon as Mike Arsewipe leaves Newcastle, we will be back in the golden age again trust me

  • David Dring
    David Dring 11 hours ago

    I think the word 'embarassing' in the title is misleading . You should have just put biggest spankings

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 11 hours ago

    Moyes should be Arsenal’s new manager

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn 11 hours ago

    4:17 is your voice ok?

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn 11 hours ago

    1:20 what was that?😂is that true?

  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 11 hours ago

    Irish Guy, you okay fam? You sound like you're slowly losing the will to live, Christ above

  • ME
    ME 11 hours ago

    Man city's one should be 8-0 loss to Middlesbrough

  • HYPER X Camby
    HYPER X Camby 11 hours ago

    6:56 count on it

  • Sanad Khreis
    Sanad Khreis 11 hours ago


  • are u shpongled
    are u shpongled 11 hours ago

    You are so wrong about Lamela

  • Bernadette Ahern
    Bernadette Ahern 11 hours ago

    I love you 😍

  • SJS19
    SJS19 11 hours ago

    For Man City why didn’t you do 2-0 in the fa cup against Middlesbrough

  • Harry Hewitt
    Harry Hewitt 11 hours ago

    Morata seriously underated

  • Muhammed Mustafa
    Muhammed Mustafa 11 hours ago

    Why did he check up the refs wiki page 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Matthew Whittaker
    Matthew Whittaker 12 hours ago

    Thought it was felipe Morais?

  • BTClasher !
    BTClasher ! 12 hours ago

    No Irish guy :( this guys boring

  • CG RW No.66
    CG RW No.66 12 hours ago

    burnley's should be the FA cup loss to lincoln 1-0

  • Joe Dewick
    Joe Dewick 12 hours ago

    Do your fucking research, arguably our most embarrassing defeat was against Shrewsbury Town in 2015 when we lost 2-4!

  • Makasi-Noble Pivot
    Makasi-Noble Pivot 12 hours ago

    4-0 to oxford was much worse- West Ham

  • johnny Lama
    johnny Lama 12 hours ago

    This has not aged well so far

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela 12 hours ago

    Our most frustrating players in the decade is the chuckle brothers. They couldn't defend a house from one small ant.

  • Joe White
    Joe White 12 hours ago

    Erik lamela is worth 30 mil in todays money. He's a hard worker, aggressive, and he has a good amount of goals and assists when he's fit. He probably wasn't worth £30 mil then however.

  • KF Vlogs
    KF Vlogs 12 hours ago

    How did Alrireza Jahanbaskh not get in there for Brighton

  • ZakAttack789
    ZakAttack789 12 hours ago

    Do each premier league clubs best Xl from the decade

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 12 hours ago

    Bournemouth has lost 5-0 what do you mean

  • Antony D'silva
    Antony D'silva 12 hours ago

    Bro, what about Ole claiming that "you wouldn't believe the quality of player want to come here" That is the most deluded thing a man could say with Glazers as your boss.