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    OLUWATOSIN ALIU 4 hours ago

    Here watching

  • Adela odunayo
    Adela odunayo 4 hours ago

    Mabel don't worth to die she suppose to marry moses friend

  • David Blessing
    David Blessing 5 hours ago

    This movie is talking about ..............oh I think I have problem with my keypad

  • Fabode Opeyemi
    Fabode Opeyemi 5 hours ago


  • Iziegbe Peace
    Iziegbe Peace 5 hours ago

    Nice movie

  • aggi olowo
    aggi olowo 5 hours ago

    Some men live this kind of life

  • Badmus Mary
    Badmus Mary 5 hours ago

    Wow lovely movie

  • temi gold
    temi gold 5 hours ago

    Watching let me watch first comment later

  • titilayo ononuga
    titilayo ononuga 5 hours ago


  • boss lady
    boss lady 5 hours ago

    I hardly comment when watching movie But this movie eh Pastor moses hahahahaha Eti ba aye je o In fact e o le ri orun wo.

  • H B
    H B 5 hours ago

    I know a bro like bro Moses when it comes to womanising. He was also a choir leader. Now he is a pastor. The guy just prey on sisters in church and outside church.

  • bassira lawani
    bassira lawani 5 hours ago

    Watching AbdulWasiu God bless you good job 👊👊

  • azizat adeola
    azizat adeola 5 hours ago

    Here watching thanks for uploading

  • Ilerioluwa Omomomi
    Ilerioluwa Omomomi 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday to you Bukola ,my role model God bless your new age

  • Ojuolape Aminat
    Ojuolape Aminat 5 hours ago

    Hmm is a must for Parents to watch...This fake moses spoil many things...

  • Adebisi Crown
    Adebisi Crown 5 hours ago

    Hmmmmmm...........Mabel is so stupid with what she did at the end but I don't get how her brother was affected🤔🤷,hmmmmmm.......always ask people their reasons for acting a certain way,Moses had a reason and yet he made a mistake,he would have told his mum everything when she ask him why and parent pls never leave your children with just anybody,Say No to all kinds of abuses.......God will give all parent wisdoms not to be blamed but appreciated IJN AMEN,I never joke with my child.........folakemi went to the extreme

  • Adejoke Abiodun
    Adejoke Abiodun 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday @jumoke odetola live long ma'am💃🥰 this movie is so educating👌 thanks for uploading

  • boss lady
    boss lady 6 hours ago

    Oni shina oni ni isimi

  • Daud Suliyat damilola

    Nice anyway

  • temi gold
    temi gold 6 hours ago

    Watching.. Let me watch first comment later.....

  • Zainab Yusuf
    Zainab Yusuf 6 hours ago

    Nice concluding👌

  • Agoola Jolaade
    Agoola Jolaade 6 hours ago

    Jumoke Odetola is bearing my name as her stage name can't love u less but I don't see any bad thing in the role the guy played some people just like to badmouth others

    • Agoola Jolaade
      Agoola Jolaade 6 hours ago

      Yorubahood why did u delete Ere nw pls upload it back

  • Mojisola Kemisola
    Mojisola Kemisola 6 hours ago

    Anyways Rotimi Salami you allways surprise me with ur action u let this movie to let those that carries this same virus not to think is the end of the word by taking some steps the we be the Ex carrier of the virus .good of u guy more from u 2020

  • Fatima abosede glamourlady

    Hunmmm o ga o wonders shall never end may god guide us from deceving pastors kudos 2 u all thks 4 uploaded

  • boss lady
    boss lady 6 hours ago

    Amm watching o..... afise o gbo ogun Best film ever Really make my day Some years ago i was in a relationship similar to brother moses Haaaaa aye le ooo It takes a very long time before my eye clear

  • Taofik Omolara
    Taofik Omolara 6 hours ago

    Watching tanx for uploading yorubahood

  • boss lady
    boss lady 6 hours ago

    Laugh has tear my pant oooo sis Rebecca and brother moses Haaaa okurin Its well

    ADENIYI AYONI 7 hours ago

    Hmmmmmm this is wawuuuu😎

  • خالد حكمي
    خالد حكمي 7 hours ago

    Nice movie

  • Sara jessica
    Sara jessica 7 hours ago

    I can't stop laughing,,,,interesting movie, as for Mabel she kill her self because of man ,,,when a lot of good lover his outside there ,,,,, kudos to u Guy's

  • Omolade Ayeni
    Omolade Ayeni 7 hours ago

    Thanks for uploading, please part 2

  • Osere Atinuke
    Osere Atinuke 7 hours ago

    Boom... This movie is superb, that serve Moses well because he is an animal living in the midst of human being.

  • ADENIRAN Reginah
    ADENIRAN Reginah 7 hours ago


  • Adetiloye Tope
    Adetiloye Tope 7 hours ago

    Very interesting movie, waiting for the concluding part

  • Gabriel Solaja
    Gabriel Solaja 7 hours ago

    I love this guy Rotimi Salami

  • blessing idornigie
    blessing idornigie 7 hours ago

    Na wa ooo these Moses guy......

  • Love Johnson
    Love Johnson 7 hours ago


  • Omomayowa Morufat
    Omomayowa Morufat 7 hours ago

    We don't know who to trust again, even best friend betray talk less of people working around with us

  • slimbeauty babe
    slimbeauty babe 8 hours ago

    Am waiting

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      4pm this Friday. Stay glued.

  • Afunky Dammy
    Afunky Dammy 8 hours ago

    This movie is not different from ABANI WORANN , AJEGBODO LOMO ARAYE TIN WENI KUNRAAA

  • Afunky Dammy
    Afunky Dammy 8 hours ago

    Respect your wife and your family,so funny Mr odunlade

  • Afunky Dammy
    Afunky Dammy 8 hours ago

    Inside life odi five and life

  • Zainab Yusuf
    Zainab Yusuf 8 hours ago

    Interesting movie

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      Do enjoy the Part 2 too. Cheers.

  • Adeosun Oluwatoyin
    Adeosun Oluwatoyin 8 hours ago


  • خالد حكمي
    خالد حكمي 8 hours ago

    Big lesson,yorubahood tanx

    ADELEKE ABOSEDE 8 hours ago


  • Gods own Son
    Gods own Son 8 hours ago

    If you are going to do a film about a “ Player” at least try and use someone that looks the part because the dude looks like a Yoruba primary school teacher🤣🤣 and he has ZERO swag.Who is the blind director that chose this guy to play the part of a player?🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️,his looks is very below average,he has no fashion sense,his personality is annoying and he is not charming at all,so what exactly is making the ladies love him?🤷🏻‍♂️.And he is not a super rich guy so I still don’t get why ladies will flock to this dude,this film is so far from reality.

    • Gods own Son
      Gods own Son 4 hours ago

      H B Nigerian girls are not that desperate because you will still get a naija babe if you are a good looking dude with great personality with no money or rich with Zero personality and not good looking.Its either one of the two because a naija girl will not even look at you twice if you are broke and not good looking at the same time and this is a FACT.

    • H B
      H B 5 hours ago

      The desperation to marry is a reality in naija babes o. They are ready to even pay their bride prices if he says he doesn't have money.

    • Gods own Son
      Gods own Son 5 hours ago

      Agoola Jolaade So there are no dark skin good looking actors in the Yoruba film industry?🤷🏻‍♂️ you people should stop smoking crack because your comment makes no sense.Did I say anything about his skin tone?🤷🏻‍♂️where did you get that nonsense from?🤷🏻‍♂️ What is there to be jealous about? You have a typical Nigerian mentality that thinks everything is always about being a hater,grow the fuck up and learn that criticism is not always about hate but about the truth.

    • Gods own Son
      Gods own Son 5 hours ago

      Oluwasegun Joseph You need to open your retarded mind and eyes because you don’t have to be a motivational speaker to have Swag and I never said anything about wanting a bleaching guy to play his role so you need to shut the fuck up.He played the role of a player in this film and I don’t see how women can like a guy with no fashion sense,his looks is below average and I just don’t see this dude playing that role.Why are you people not honest with yourselves? I was not being disrespectful to him,but the truth hurts and I am not the type to watch a film and pretend the film is ok when it is not.He played the role of a player in this film and players have certain qualities that make them attractive to women and this dude had none,plain and simple.To be a player you must either be good looking with great Charm and you can be broke as hell and women will still date you or you can be rich and not too good looking and you will still get play.I am going by the role he played in this film and I stand by comment 100 percent.

    • Ahmaab ALRshdy
      Ahmaab ALRshdy 6 hours ago

      Let me sit down & watching diz movies happy birthday to u sis jumoke odetola age with grace ma

  • Samson Tosin
    Samson Tosin 8 hours ago

    So interesting movie thanks for uploading good job

  • Adebayo Simbiat
    Adebayo Simbiat 8 hours ago

    Lemme join you to watch,, comment letter 💃

  • Pemisire Sindara
    Pemisire Sindara 9 hours ago

    Bro Moses.....can't see or near the kingdom of God. ....a won brothers in the Lord

  • Oyindamola Pretty Gold

    Here watching tnx for uploading

  • Bukola Oladimeji
    Bukola Oladimeji 9 hours ago


    OFFICIAL YOUNGSKID 9 hours ago

    The concluding part is finally out. God Bless you for giving us this interesting & reasonable movie. We love you OWO IYA.

  • Oluwagbotemi Ajodun
    Oluwagbotemi Ajodun 9 hours ago

    Can't wait to watching

  • Oluwagbotemi Ajodun
    Oluwagbotemi Ajodun 9 hours ago

    I really love this movie

  • Ajayi bolanle Temilade

    Here watching.. Thanks for uploading

  • Ife Tomisin
    Ife Tomisin 9 hours ago

    Men! Men!! Men!!! Some men can be so mean 😏 sha, how can a man turn out to be an unfortunate and living a miserable life like bro Moses?? . Mable why are you killing over a man that underrate You??? Bullshit

  • Kolawole Kafayat
    Kolawole Kafayat 9 hours ago

    So interesting and good lesson 👌👌 👌, kudos to you guys

  • ademola eunice
    ademola eunice 9 hours ago


  • Ojularimodinat Mhizsmartunz14

    Interesting movies.... Kudos too u pappy at jayzee

  • Alice Adenike Oogunleke

    Wow interesting movie and great lesson , thanks for the concluding part

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      We are glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching.

  • Okpeke Muazu Friday
    Okpeke Muazu Friday 9 hours ago

    lovely movie, so educating with good beginning and good ending. i really love this movie. Thank you ma

  • solomon Akinsulie
    solomon Akinsulie 9 hours ago

    Nollywood don come again ooo, how come the man is still having hair cut after 5 months of madness...lol

  • Adeleye Oriade
    Adeleye Oriade 9 hours ago

    Interesting movie... Kudos to the crew and cast... Good lesson to learn from this movie

  • Feb square Enehizena

    Thanks so much for sharing this. More grace to the cast and crew here @#yorubahood . Hit like for #febsquareenehizena.

  • Eniola Esther
    Eniola Esther 10 hours ago

    Omg.... Dont tell me sis rebecca actually colect d drug😭😭 All guys must watch dis movie i swear....... So so educating ... This is the judgement that should be given to guys that cheat i swear.... Nice act saint moses... Wanna see you in more movies😘 SUPERB

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      We are glad you enjoyed this Eniola Esther. Thanks for watching.

  • Akinniyi moromoke Funmilayo


  • Govissy Obafemi
    Govissy Obafemi 10 hours ago

    Will watch it

  • oladele folashade
    oladele folashade 10 hours ago

    Here watching where are you my lovely partners WcW to everyone here

  • Taiwo Temmy
    Taiwo Temmy 10 hours ago

    Finally awaiting is over💃💃💃💃💃 @Jumoke odetola happy birthday momma age wit benefit continue to wax stronger my Queen

  • Wummy Mohd
    Wummy Mohd 10 hours ago

    Saint Moses deserves what he got, amazing movie

  • Olawale Olaitan
    Olawale Olaitan 10 hours ago

    Watching now comment later thanks for uploading

  • Global 1 Federal express

    which kind mumu busy this woman dey busy so.

    • Juwon Olutoki
      Juwon Olutoki 7 hours ago

      Global 1 Federal express very useless busy! Who tempts gets husband like this??? Pshewww

  • Mariam Adisa
    Mariam Adisa 10 hours ago

    Thank you for uploading yorubahood

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      Do watch out for the concluding Part next week. Thanks for watching.

  • Ganiyu rukayat Ayomide

    Nice movie

  • Official Larry
    Official Larry 10 hours ago

    Here watching..... Awaiting is over... Let farabale and enjoy....happy birthday @jumoke odetola live long ma'am

  • mhiz Ashabi
    mhiz Ashabi 10 hours ago

    Tank you for uploading

  • Oyindamola Gold
    Oyindamola Gold 10 hours ago


  • Pius Akhidenor
    Pius Akhidenor 10 hours ago

    Hmmmmmm....now i knws the meaning of oja, , , bukunmi u are the best...olorun gbor ( fact story line)

  • Folasayo Martha
    Folasayo Martha 10 hours ago

    Where i watch this movie reach I need to share it to most men and ladies on my status.. comment later

  • olly babe
    olly babe 10 hours ago


  • Oyindamola Gold
    Oyindamola Gold 10 hours ago


  • Unique bae
    Unique bae 10 hours ago

    Here watching where are you my darling partners WcW to everyone here

  • Olaniyi Afolashade
    Olaniyi Afolashade 10 hours ago

    Wow I love dis movie seriously dis is d kinda movie we should be watching.d guy called Moses is a bomb.well I never regretted watching dis movie pls we need more from u guy. Love u guys

    • Demiladeore Ajoke
      Demiladeore Ajoke 9 hours ago

      I really love ur comment.. Very good, we have to praise the upcoming so they can use them in other movies.. not that they will be shouting favourite always..This comment really sound gud.. it will surely open more scene for the guy...

  • Synonymous A TV
    Synonymous A TV 10 hours ago

    I love this movie

  • Adekunle Adenike
    Adekunle Adenike 10 hours ago

    Waoh so interesting love the story line

  • Adekunle Adenike
    Adekunle Adenike 10 hours ago

    Waoh so interesting love the story line

  • Demiladeore Ajoke
    Demiladeore Ajoke 10 hours ago

    Wait oo, sebi naa ladies libido dey high😂 What are we going to call men nw.. community dick abi... Oh! This brother Moses is a criminal😂😂😂philander Aye.. gosh! Honestly This is interesting.. This guy really did a great job👏👏.. Wow! First time seeing him tho..

  • Aram Stee
    Aram Stee 10 hours ago

    Very nice movie, thanks

  • Taofik Omolara
    Taofik Omolara 11 hours ago

    Tanx for uploading yorubahood

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      Thanks for watching Taofik Omolara. Hope you have seen Lothario?

  • Adex Joel
    Adex Joel 11 hours ago

    See soundtrack lyrics Well done Bami Indo Good movie 👍👍👍👍

  • Debby Canty
    Debby Canty 11 hours ago

    Kudos to all d casts and crews 💪💪💪

  • wayhaught Dom and Kat channel

    Finally!!!!! The awaiting movie is here... let me farabale and watch😎 tanks for uploading

  • Olamide Islamiat
    Olamide Islamiat 11 hours ago


  • Alayoke Kherimat
    Alayoke Kherimat 11 hours ago


  • Ayomide Olajumoke
    Ayomide Olajumoke 11 hours ago

    Oya selfie together 🤳🤳 comments lerrra

  • Ubah Chetachukwu
    Ubah Chetachukwu 11 hours ago


  • eniola felicia
    eniola felicia 11 hours ago

    Wow , i can see this movie over and over again and will not get tired, It touching, educating and entertaining. Awesome work done

    • Yorubahood
      Yorubahood 7 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing Eniola Felicia. We are glad you enjoyed this. Cheers.

  • Bukola Oladimeji
    Bukola Oladimeji 11 hours ago

    Watching where are you my darling partners

  • Dauda Imoleayo
    Dauda Imoleayo 11 hours ago