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What's in the box 🤔
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  • Flexi Mothowakgosi
    Flexi Mothowakgosi 5 minutes ago

    when is this man going to cover the FXXK Evo

  • Kathrin
    Kathrin 16 minutes ago

    This video makes me feel like chels has 3 dogs, cause I mean if we're real trev is just a happy golden retriever in human form.

  • Kyle Pereira
    Kyle Pereira 19 minutes ago

    It’s the turbo making the flutter noise the blow off is we’re the extra boost goes so your motor doesn’t blow up learn your stuff js

  • Agent Endive
    Agent Endive 20 minutes ago

    Trev: "I hate all the traffic!" Me: them don't race at night. You're already the highest rep level ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Guakkkamoli
    Guakkkamoli 21 minute ago

    Halfway through u put the camera where ur face was so we coudnt see anything

  • Alexis McCabe
    Alexis McCabe 22 minutes ago


  • The Brick Kaiser
    The Brick Kaiser 24 minutes ago

    What happen to cpt price best friend captain MacMillan

  • Naylanie heras
    Naylanie heras 27 minutes ago

    The pen the Chelsea from david and Emma I have the Sam pen

  • panayiotis michael
    panayiotis michael 28 minutes ago

    Who's still watching this in 2019??!!!

  • lalaine dela cruz
    lalaine dela cruz 34 minutes ago

    Love your new puppy. Can you please send me the no or info where you got him. Appreciated!

  • James Darwin
    James Darwin 35 minutes ago

    The spoiler is too big but it looks amazin.

  • animal girl
    animal girl 39 minutes ago

    yes they are mating

  • Sid Vicious
    Sid Vicious 50 minutes ago

    Couple bitches but that’s it lol!

  • Braden B
    Braden B 50 minutes ago

    Wouldn't the plural of nitrous be nitroi 👀

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV 55 minutes ago

    Don't start with paint and wrap, you spoil yourself for the upcoming body mods available

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV 57 minutes ago

    I am still not over the fact that you didn't upgrade the Mustang's stock 1000+hp potential engine… and the fact that you turbocharged it? I still can't believe you did that

    SCG-T PANA 57 minutes ago

    the problem is becouse your steering wheel need to be more sensitive at turning... you dont need to turn 360 on a 45 corner wtf...

  • April Patino
    April Patino 58 minutes ago


  • marjuk rahman
    marjuk rahman 59 minutes ago

    Why did you make part 39 a private video ? I couldn't watch even after I signed in.

  • April Patino
    April Patino Hour ago

    She has ex

  • Ob_livion #5911
    Ob_livion #5911 Hour ago

    Hey Trevor i just visited Disney Springs and the star wars park, and i need to watch all the videos i missed! Bye

  • Stephland
    Stephland Hour ago

    dont put her in a box when your at!

  • Red Bandit
    Red Bandit Hour ago

    So we just not gonna talk about last video

  • Faith Baez
    Faith Baez Hour ago

    Their making curry look bad he would never wait that long to make a shot

  • Fredo The Clown
    Fredo The Clown Hour ago

    Good dog

  • Herr hettzz
    Herr hettzz Hour ago

    Build a volvo Amazon next 👍

  • Йукенжаьатулзвдуьеьпз Йгущкдпбуьцрыпышкзн

    I hate tmmrtn stop recommending me him iuuuggghhh

  • Glory My kids
    Glory My kids Hour ago

    I past all of the Mississippi one my Xbox

  • Dom P
    Dom P Hour ago

    Clean build, just only if it was real life😂. How did you get all that bread though??

  • Hunter the Best Youtuber

    I love call of duty World War II it’s the best game ever😃😃😃

  • Abin Saji
    Abin Saji Hour ago

    At 16:08 I couldn't stop re watching it and I couldn't stop laughing

  • Double Cross
    Double Cross Hour ago

    Hey trevor I'm coming from 2019 so can you play again if you see this

  • AbnormalGaming
    AbnormalGaming Hour ago

    Forza horizon 4 Ford mushtang mach1 logitech g29 gameplay

  • God squad jacob
    God squad jacob Hour ago

    The zoom really

  • Tododeku Bakushima

    U didn’t see the diese cause it was in the top

  • Toni Antikainen
    Toni Antikainen Hour ago

    There would have been Forged rx7 engine at the end with same sound of the stock but more power. Always remember to check all the engines!

  • John Ocampo
    John Ocampo Hour ago

    I mean for us who are competitive about need for speed, its good to max cars out and get the feel for it and make the fastest lap.

  • Justin Earl
    Justin Earl 2 hours ago

    Trippie Bluee

  • The Birds My Word
    The Birds My Word 2 hours ago

    It almost sounds exactly like the real truck. It sounds terrible. But what are you doing. This was built for off road you turned it into an pavement princess.

  • Astroboy
    Astroboy 2 hours ago

    more disklike haha

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher 2 hours ago

    well now you have peter's ferrari from "vehicle virgins"

  • Leilani Olafson
    Leilani Olafson 2 hours ago

    U preas reverse to turn it off

  • Squishy Taco
    Squishy Taco 2 hours ago

    Who watched the entire video because i did

  • Abin Saji
    Abin Saji 2 hours ago

    Koda got scared when he put his foot on top of him

  • Tsk jaydc08
    Tsk jaydc08 2 hours ago

    Best game of the year

    BEGON THOT 2 hours ago

    I wish he toke the mat (mind spelling) black

  • VIPER 108
    VIPER 108 2 hours ago

    why are you saying "yes sir"

    DΞҜЦ ҜЦИ 2 hours ago

    I enjoy this so much!

  • St
    St 2 hours ago

    How do i get it i got the ps4 bundle but it’s not showing

  • Zinedine Esteban
    Zinedine Esteban 2 hours ago

    You forgot to edit

  • Kristen Lane
    Kristen Lane 2 hours ago

    i love this game

  • Tofunmi Ayebusiwa
    Tofunmi Ayebusiwa 2 hours ago

    We gonna talk about trev hitting 4 million

  • Ligia Cavassana
    Ligia Cavassana 2 hours ago

    Go rams! Go koda!

  • Kurd-Viper15
    Kurd-Viper15 2 hours ago

    That’s the sound from the Classified jumpscare lol

  • Damian Del Rosario
    Damian Del Rosario 2 hours ago

    Remember he’s on vacation rn so if he reuploads it won’t be for a couple more days I believe

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming 2 hours ago

    something weird I wanted to make Stranger1: I don't want this cat stranger2:I don't want it ether *walks to there house* Strangers: its there cat know!(we hope we gave it a good home) TmarTn2:assholes don't Ever do that to a animal just something I wanted to make I'm sorry if this made anyone upset

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 2 hours ago

    Lestrange works nice...

  • Eligamz_mobile
    Eligamz_mobile 2 hours ago

    Not to be rude you both are kinda noob and if you think Dennis knows what he’s talking about he doesn’t he literally didn’t know to use tranqs for pteranodon

  • Adz Mack
    Adz Mack 2 hours ago

    if you have coloured tires and nitro, you dont love cars

  • fostersquash 73
    fostersquash 73 3 hours ago

    I wish this was for Xbox

  • Ella Mcghee
    Ella Mcghee 3 hours ago

    You make him crazy when you stare the v cues you yell

  • Adriaan Janse van Rensburg

    Does shaun have a driving license

  • Christian Klein
    Christian Klein 3 hours ago

    47:27 y he got a hatchet

  • M&K YouTube
    M&K YouTube 3 hours ago

    OMG 50° is nice, right now in Minnesota where I live it is 16° and that’s even nice for winter.

  • mitchell's freaky channel 2019

    Fix ur cam

  • Ruthless Phantom
    Ruthless Phantom 3 hours ago

    That was the car X was shot in

  • Crystal Vanhavermaet

    Resident evil 7 in VR would be wonderful to see you play. Keep up the good work Trevor 😀

  • Largochip 39
    Largochip 39 3 hours ago

    5:09 am I the only one who's questioning if Trevor really is a car guy because THAT'S A FREAKING HELLCAT BUMPER!!!!

  • KickBack
    KickBack 3 hours ago

    Hey trev are you going to be doing videos on the new gta casino heist?

  • Luuk Kamerbeek
    Luuk Kamerbeek 4 hours ago

    you can shoot those jurgernouts trough their visor the they ar 1 shot dead

  • marcos carrera
    marcos carrera 4 hours ago

    Trav can you do plant zoo plz

  • Hunter Moody
    Hunter Moody 4 hours ago


  • Dope Killerpro
    Dope Killerpro 4 hours ago

    Can anyone plz get me this game

  • Jordan Hargrove
    Jordan Hargrove 4 hours ago

    If only they hogtied uncle

  • Tyree Wright
    Tyree Wright 4 hours ago

    Your girlfriend if dumb, she can’t drive

  • isy boy
    isy boy 4 hours ago

    Make your next car 400 plus

  • marevico
    marevico 4 hours ago

    Jak and dexter 3

  • JR New
    JR New 4 hours ago

    Can you play multiplayer offline?

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 4 hours ago

    You are a moron! you still have not listened or read your subs comments. Start looking after the health and wellbeing of the animals!! hire more vets and get them to check on the animals once a month instead of letting them get sick all the time.

  • Angry Panda
    Angry Panda 4 hours ago

    Ehmm . Thats not the right engine. It should be electric

  • mr Talukder
    mr Talukder 5 hours ago

    How did you download that...?

  • Legends Shadow
    Legends Shadow 5 hours ago

    VTOL you will be remembered uav is up

  • CombatTriangleGaming

    What's up Trev, thanks for continuing to put out more NFS Heat vids. I love the Huge cash stack by the way!

  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone 5 hours ago

    This is my favourite series so far. Keep up the good work

  • Benjamin Millar
    Benjamin Millar 5 hours ago

    does anyone else noticed the naked girl in the picture be hide

  • Trailers Update
    Trailers Update 5 hours ago

    just like an android game shooting the diff is the 11GiB

  • Jennifer Walker
    Jennifer Walker 5 hours ago

    11th was my birthday

  • JMB_ Assassin
    JMB_ Assassin 5 hours ago

    For the air suspension all you need to do is press L2 and square

  • Funny Funny
    Funny Funny 5 hours ago

    Oh no .. dont feel bad ♥

  • Jay Savla
    Jay Savla 5 hours ago


  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 5 hours ago

    You still have not listened too or read the suggestions of all the subs about the one way viewing on the glass fences and other ideas. You still have not put up lights around the pathway for the visitors for night time.

  • kristina l
    kristina l 5 hours ago

    this is a great segment

  • Akshat Gupta
    Akshat Gupta 6 hours ago

    Make the Countach next its way too beautiful once you change up the tail lights

  • mini ladd2
    mini ladd2 6 hours ago

    Respect the wing

  • Geo Alima
    Geo Alima 6 hours ago

    I love dogs why would they let the dog die in the game????!!!! ;_;

  • Console only Faze clan

    Do evo9 build leave the stock spoiler on the car please!!!!!

  • enchilada 163
    enchilada 163 6 hours ago

    You should go back to your first car for a video

  • james mccullock
    james mccullock 6 hours ago

    Can you customize the VW GTI?

  • gurjit kang
    gurjit kang 6 hours ago

    Damn...that cat was on a whole new level of'super villain plan's thingy.

  • Akshat Gupta
    Akshat Gupta 6 hours ago

    Bruh at least get the i8 to 400+!