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  • алексей егоров

    /Лучшая группа

  • Augmented Four
    Augmented Four Year ago

    Please make more music videos!

  • Kris Faust
    Kris Faust Year ago

    Congrats on 1 million subs, what a milestone! (Well it's over 1,000,200 as I type!) Btw, word has it the mark was hit at 4:44 Japan time!

  • ShaukiMS
    ShaukiMS Year ago

    Congratulations on 1 million subs!

  • Mehdy
    Mehdy Year ago

    1 Million Subs ! Nice :)

  • LightSoundGate
    LightSoundGate Year ago

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!

  • Beatriz dos Reis

    S2 S2 S2

  • StarCannibal
    StarCannibal Year ago

    Had to share this, it's so cute.

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo Year ago


  • Zuriñe Vigara y de Otazu

    Please, tour worldtour around (EUROPE!) again!

  • Dolly
    Dolly Year ago

    Hello AMUSE company. Why are world tour videos only in Japan and in UK? Please release a digest video of world tours!

  • troy thomas
    troy thomas Year ago

    2016 Loudwire Awads won by Babymetal- Best Metal Album, Best Metal Song (Karate), Rock Goddess of the Year Su-Metal (beat out Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale), Best Live Act, and Most Devoted Fans! And that my friends is all that needs to be said!

  • Hilman Raiden
    Hilman Raiden Year ago

    opss i forget play gimme chocolate and road of resistante today, BABYMETAL music play everyday at my office....greeting from Indonesia

  • R J Gordon
    R J Gordon Year ago

    As official channels suck...this is the last place I would go for utd BM.

  • Butz Keule
    Butz Keule Year ago

    Greetings from germany Su, Moa and Yui! You 3 are god damn awesome and the cutest Metal Group I've ever seen. I really hope you come back to germany one day <3

  • xYem
    xYem Year ago

    Gime no chocoreto~

  • Anthony wopaness

    Crap, I missed the San Fran show when the show sold out so quickly and now I see Baby Metal played at Shoreline, is there an e-mail or some way that fans can be aware of a coming concert. I really wanted to see them live.

  • Bluesky31211
    Bluesky31211 Year ago

    Please consider releasing the live album of Tokyo Dome <3

  • rbarbaro
    rbarbaro Year ago

    Please visit Dallas, Texas, we would love to see you live!!!

  • Napoi
    Napoi Year ago

    Break through walls that stand in your way with your karate kicks! Sweep over the world and be a global phenomen! Love your music and especially your live performances!!!

  • patch860
    patch860 Year ago

    IF possible please tour New Zealand. Thanks.

  • Antoine Lapierre

    bon chanson bon son et vous trois vous etez bone

  • INT 19H
    INT 19H Year ago

    Saw Baby Metal last night opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers - The show was awesome and Baby Metal just ROCKS!! I don't understand the negative comments about them here at all. *shrug*

  • kaka hun
    kaka hun Year ago

    Please come to Viet Nam ! Our Metal need your salvation !

  • Gamers Choice
    Gamers Choice Year ago

    Love your music, keep doing what you love

  • Erick Wijaya
    Erick Wijaya Year ago

    i wanna see clips from the latest tour please.. :D and when is baby metal gonna release the new single? XD

  • KawaiiX13
    KawaiiX13 Year ago

    The Best !!! With love from Azerbaijan!

  • Pelger
    Pelger Year ago

    please upload a music video or a live video of "syncopation", it's a fan favorite, we all love it!

  • Venious
    Venious Year ago

    Hello, I have some questions for you: 1)Where can I find your kitsune mask or those of the group in Megitsune? 2)Will you go to the Hellfest(In France) for a concert? 3)What does it make you to be so know? (All apologies if I'm indiscreet) Good continuation and thank you for these wonderful albums.

  • ShellyD
    ShellyD Year ago

    Please make a musicvideo from Akatsuki

  • Reza Arifandie
    Reza Arifandie Year ago

    please visit indonesia! =D

  • ahnenthor
    ahnenthor Year ago

    Please die. Soon. With a label named toyfactory... I mean seriously... And all the eye of providence symbology. You guys really falling for that shit? WTF is wrong with you. This is the worst thing that ever happened to Metal since Euronymous death. Sickens me

  • Waldemir Souza Lopes

    Agora faltar BABYMETAL Fazer Live In Brasil Também é um sonho ver babymetal em Brasil

  • Victor Mestrallet

    love you from France

  • Awesomeo41
    Awesomeo41 Year ago

    One day I walked into spencers gifts at the mall and they were playing doki doki morning. I traced the song through my shazam app on my phone which is a good tracking tool for music BTW and that's how I first found BABYMETAL! And I must say I'm proud to be a BM fan! I love you baby metal!

  • KW asimodo
    KW asimodo Year ago

    I discover BabyMetal one week a go, for seven days I litterally cant stop to listen at this awesome music, is the most amazing thing i ever heard, I always was a big fan of the Doors, the Beatles, Motorhead (R.I.P. Lemmy) and Marilyn Manson but all I can think now is to listen to this girls worderfull voices and the fantastic music bases from Kami Band. The contrast between this two sounds is just awesome! THANK FOX GOD!!! This music give me the energy to fight in a very hard time of my life.

  • Skorri St.
    Skorri St. Year ago

    A concert w/Morgan James is a dream.... in Iceland!

  • Rober Stam
    Rober Stam Year ago

    I..... wow. :)

  • 山本陸
    山本陸 Year ago


  • 山本陸
    山本陸 Year ago


  • Thang Tran
    Thang Tran Year ago

    How come there aren't any updates? =(

  • evan strain
    evan strain Year ago

    Hello, my name is Evan, and i recently tried to put a babymetal song in my Rc Drifting youtube video, and it was blocked. Im not trying to monetize it, I just thought people might like the gimme chocolate song. i can take the song out, but i would rather get permission to leave it in. who do i need to ask permission? the official amuse website does not give any email contact information, and the babymetal facebook page does not have a message option. please let me know. thanks.

    • evan strain
      evan strain Year ago

      And i would like to add, Is it ironic that a Japanese record label (AMUSE) using the statue of liberty as a logo, is blocking my video ONLY IN AMERICA, because of copy right dispute? Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Bluesky31211
    Bluesky31211 Year ago

    Please, come to Spain this year. PLEASE.

  • StarCannibal
    StarCannibal Year ago

    Come to Australia please!!!!!! We have koalas waiting for you :P:P:P

  • Tahleah Sawyer
    Tahleah Sawyer Year ago


  • Sem Moda Só Estilosa


  • Poison ivy21
    Poison ivy21 Year ago

    Hey BabyMetal! \m/ You should collaborate with kanade sato or senri kawaguchi! It will be LEGENDARY! Btw, you're all great! One of the best metal bands i've heard! Praise the fox god! \m/

  • Andrès Felipe
    Andrès Felipe Year ago


  • Maximiliano Maciel


  • CyberscapE
    CyberscapE Year ago

    Happy belated Birthday, Suzuka!! And Happy New Year to you, Moa, Yui and the Kami band! May 2017 bring you all the best (and hopefully to a venue near me in America).

    GERA METAL DESU Year ago

    Happy meets our sumetal queen, I love you, you are incredible, I love your voice, your stature, but finally happy 19 .

  • Metal Darke
    Metal Darke 2 years ago

    Nah, when 2 years pass and no one will remember these 3 girls, they will be a broken toy

  • Ampa Dampa
    Ampa Dampa 2 years ago

    They will be a manufactured product, but it must be recognized that they make a new and evolved metal. They are changing the course of the generic metal

  • MXM metalhead
    MXM metalhead 2 years ago

    \> FOX GOOD </ Love you Babymetal, un fan de ESPAÑA

  • xRager69
    xRager69 2 years ago

    How old were they again?

    • LadyHscy
      LadyHscy Year ago

      They were 4 and 2 at some point in their life as well.

    • World Famous Secret
      World Famous Secret 2 years ago

      Suzuka is almost 19. The other 2 are both 17.

  • shihiro bernabe mendez

    a mi amigo le gusta su musica

  • BCA 01
    BCA 01 2 years ago

    You let so many people speechless, be proud of that. I just recently heard of you and I'm seriously impressed. Babymetal rocks!

  • wild lizard
    wild lizard 2 years ago

    Удалите нахер группу, все равно не тащите новости по ним, только поиск засираете((

  • Cazadores de games
    Cazadores de games 2 years ago

    Amo #BABYMETAL y haber cuando vienen a mexico de nuevo lml:D

  • Atmore Brimus
    Atmore Brimus 2 years ago

    Hey BabyMetal ! Love you ! New in studio Videos , New Studio Album or Albums Would be nice ! Girls it's time ! Love you Babymetal !

  • Azmican Çakmak
    Azmican Çakmak 2 years ago


  • マダラPedro686
    マダラPedro686 2 years ago


  • hunterrpl
    hunterrpl 2 years ago


  • Paige Troman
    Paige Troman 2 years ago

    Daz Games anybody? Just me?.. Ok..

  • suikerblok
    suikerblok 2 years ago

    Anything known of a new album?? Im Dutch n sadly dont understand Japanese at all, but can sing along almost everything by now...

  • hafiz udin
    hafiz udin 2 years ago

    Hi...babymetal...its me Hafizudin im your fan and i want to ask you guys about your new album...can you guys explain about the new album...

  • Cristian Muñoz
    Cristian Muñoz 2 years ago

    Deberían de venir a chile :c lml

  • Peter Cooper
    Peter Cooper 2 years ago

    Finally got hold of their albums here in New Zealand..FUCKIN LOVE IT...As an old school metal listener from decades ago, I am really enjoying this and am looking forward to seen more from these young ladies.

  • hh nn
    hh nn 2 years ago


  • ken
    ken 2 years ago

    what about your Oceanic Fans?, Come and do a concert in Australia and New Zealand :)

  • Edith Glück
    Edith Glück 2 years ago

    georg Gamertag of Video game is WAisefisch60

  • Edith Glück
    Edith Glück 2 years ago

    Hi this Music is cool the new Album is best

  • Wych177
    Wych177 2 years ago

    Japanese Girls, Black Leather and Heavy Metal... now I know what Google does with my search data.

  • kitsune6001
    kitsune6001 2 years ago

    \m/ ( _ _ ) \m/ BABYMETAL永遠に

  • ken
    ken 2 years ago

    please make more Narrative/creative Music Videos :)

    JOELLE TV 2 years ago

    they are so cool and unique!

  • SkuggiVonDasky
    SkuggiVonDasky 2 years ago

    Bim Bom

  • SkuggiVonDasky
    SkuggiVonDasky 2 years ago

    Tiger White few day iceterra sing RVK

  • WithTimeComesStories

    Kinda wish there was a bit more focus on the musicians actually playing their instruments rather than the singers getting next to all the camera time singing and dancing. I don't know if thats a J-Pop thing or what but I like to see musicians perform. I'm really interested in this band but I don't think I'll ever get a chance to see them live so I can get a good look at the actual musicians playing the music.

  • Števo
    Števo 2 years ago

    Super music

  • darkink
    darkink 2 years ago

    I didn't get enough money go L.A to see them. :(

  • kevin jesus miguel lopez

    hello Babymetal my name is kevin I have 14 years, but when you hear with karate and gimme chocolate I traume with you just want to be his friend fan because the little known but you accept me as your friend indeed not English be spoken 100% that I write I write thanks to the translator but as commits failures do not know if this well-written all of this , if you see this message only want you to look at facebook kevin miguel lopez I have a picture of an American progam called Steven Universe please enserio are my great saviors for all the music there as corridos band etc .. please be the ask and thank you for putting this message attention

  • That one pansexual punk

    Where can I find albums I've looked all over

  • future game
    future game 2 years ago

    I love all of you

  • Adam Francuzik
    Adam Francuzik 2 years ago

    Aw man I just found out about these girls and I missed out on the tour... better be another one in the US near Arizona... I'm SO down for that!!!

    • shizuka ichimaru
      shizuka ichimaru 2 years ago

      Its okay I was listening to it every time a m&m advertisement can on I just left my family sitting there embrrassed

  • Father Tasty
    Father Tasty 2 years ago

    Hey! I'm a new fan of yours, I discovered you through fine brothers entertainment and really like your music. I don't know Japanese so i can't understand the words but i am intrigued by your culture and wish to learn more.

  • Francisco tovar
    Francisco tovar 2 years ago

    me encanta baby metal!!!!!!

  • tounaka
    tounaka 2 years ago

    come HELLFEST french metal festival in Clisson 150 000 poeple 3 days and 150 group of metal

  • Jon Sans Soucie
    Jon Sans Soucie 2 years ago

    looking forward to the show in LA Friday !!!!!

  • NL santosh
    NL santosh 2 years ago

    fuck all the lame haters who just keeps their nonsense brain up in hating them....this is a not to all the haters of babymetal from all across the globe "i kindly and heart fully request you haters to use you small narrow brain and limited time in something good instead you write something in oppose to babymetal, if you hate them what do you actually hate them for just because they have got more success than you in short time...? or because they are good than you in music? " hating them only means to me like you haters don't have good taste at music ....and remember if you tell them weird once more then i will make you real weird by punching you and creating your body a new weird on ....get a life loosers....

  • Gabriel Dias
    Gabriel Dias 2 years ago

    I Am Very Happy And Do Not Regret Like Even Babymetal With The People Around Me Do Not Like It. Not Long Ago I Met Babymetal Already And Is My Favorite Band. I Am A Brazilian Fan And Unfortunately Brazil Does Not Have Many Fans. My Life Purpose Now And Know Babymetal Mainly Yui, I Think She's Very Very Cute And Lovely, Not That The Others Are No Longer The One I Really Want To Know And Yuimetal Death...So... NOTE ME SENPAII

  • Lunjei Teohmacl
    Lunjei Teohmacl 2 years ago

    Your music become more and more better each year! Stay on course and have fun!

  • TayGarcia
    TayGarcia 2 years ago

    彼らは素晴らしいです 日本の皆さんを見てほしいです BABYMETAL

  • Kitsune Tsuki
    Kitsune Tsuki 2 years ago

    Happy 17th Birthday to Yui, the Angel of Dance! We are all so proud of you!

  • FF2Guy
    FF2Guy 2 years ago

    Happy birthday Yui!! :)

  • TheRealKingOrochi
    TheRealKingOrochi 2 years ago


  • A15
    A15 2 years ago

    I hope they will make a metalcore song

  • Laura
    Laura 2 years ago

    amazing work :))

  • Bia Gomes Medeiros
    Bia Gomes Medeiros 2 years ago

    lindas sqn

  • IamTheWarriorGirl
    IamTheWarriorGirl 2 years ago

    Babymetal Rules!

  • Jan Chalupník
    Jan Chalupník 2 years ago

    Holky skvělá hudba sem natšení vždy se mi od něké skupiny líbili jen 2 nebo 3 skladby vaše písničky sou všechny skvělé vi děláte hudbu skvělou pozdrav s české republiky a snaštese dál (Jan Chalupník )

  • bam bam
    bam bam 2 years ago

    You guys should collaborate with dragonforce!! <3

  • rondrigo alex
    rondrigo alex 2 years ago

    I hope you stay for a long time and continue to make many more songs speedpower as "road of resistance" and " ijime dame zettai " are true anthems ... I thinks that helloween and trivium are good band references for an evolution. too much I like numetal work in " karate" and " onedari Daisakusen " . but what more I was pleased , it was the vocal work of moa and yui in "sis anger" anyway I hope both girls continue that line of interpretation as priority, looks badass

  • Trisave C
    Trisave C 2 years ago

    A new fan from Italy! Yesterday I was in search of something new to boost my days...found it!!! Great sound, big energy, great moves, I like the show, the wonderful voice of Sumetal (you're really a blast!), the happy smiles, tha dancing and the energetic (also ironic) coreography...I like all of you! I come from Limp Bizkit, Metallica...good to know you worked with them and I think you're going to be a great big bright star in the Metal Sky...Keep on rocking!!!

  • Jep
    Jep 2 years ago

    Concert in Philippines pls

  • tycorp
    tycorp 2 years ago

    PLEASE come back to Toronto Canada!! My daughter, wife and myself all LOVE you! Not just the girls but the whole band is awesome!

  • Dplayer Cplayer
    Dplayer Cplayer 2 years ago

    I find this band einfch hammer I've heard all the songs, and I am now a fan made, I am pleased if I do live see the ribbon that is my dream live while sein.Schöne Pentecost I wish you Babymetal Greeting: Link

  • human cus cell
    human cus cell 2 years ago

    babymetal let me first just say kon'ichiwa i speack little japanese but i am interested in japan i love anime and ur music like i never imaged seeing kawaii~ girls tht r like 14 be like pop and metal mash up i love it and ur voices r awesome

  • BlackBeltPat
    BlackBeltPat 2 years ago

    have they been to Michigan yet?

  • Sytchov
    Sytchov 2 years ago

    You know in Russia! Please do not ignore Russia, come to us! :)

  • Dickiediscos
    Dickiediscos 2 years ago

    Can I get the album/videos without going through itunes?

  • Onalee McGuire
    Onalee McGuire 2 years ago

    This is so cool!!!

  • azteca9233
    azteca9233 2 years ago

    シンコペーションってライブで歌ってないのかな? あればUPしてください! 出来ればPV作って!

  • Tawnku Imi-Uru
    Tawnku Imi-Uru 2 years ago

    Babymetal was totally disrespected at the Carolina Rebellion Music Festival. Not by their fans but by the festival promoters themselves. That was a totally inappropriate venue for such a completely professional act. Shame on the Carolina Rebellion promoters and the absolute lack of ability to recognize talent. Boycott the Carolina Rebellion Music Festival from here on out!

    • kitsune6001
      kitsune6001 Year ago

      +Tawnku Imi-Uru What happened? I didn't hear about this...

    • Spiritual Lighthouse
      Spiritual Lighthouse 2 years ago

      I actually really agree with you, I was disapointed!

  • Temmie The tem
    Temmie The tem 2 years ago

    Hello! I'm a new fan and your music is one of the handful of people to EVER make me smile SOO MUCH!!! Please continue your careers! This music is a huge hybrid of genres and its BEAUTIFAL! THANK YOU FOR STARTING THIS AND WHY DIDNT I HEAR OF THIS SOONER?!

  • Munđo
    Munđo 2 years ago

    do they have the guitarist from dragonforce haha :D

  • Nyanko Izumi
    Nyanko Izumi 2 years ago

    please, if you upload "Akatsuki" I'll be so happy, because I love this song!


    Who came here from TheFineBros?

  • ali khashashneh
    ali khashashneh 2 years ago

    YUIMETAL, marry me >.> it is okay ill wait...

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews 2 years ago

    Please come to Australia

  • sergio palala
    sergio palala 2 years ago

    Son excelentes, me gusta mucho su musica, ademas que son muy hermosas, les mando un saludo desde guatemala centro america. (彼らは偉大だ、私はあなたの音楽を愛し、彼らは非常に美しいです、私はグアテマラ中央アメリカからの挨拶を送ります彼らはアニメを持っている場合? ) His music is excellent, plus they are very beautiful, send a greeting from Guatemala Central America have when they make a Anime.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 2 years ago

    Love you guys. I wonder if their music will be good in the anime I am working on. Don't know when it will be finished however. It will take awhile.

  • SlayMetal243
    SlayMetal243 2 years ago

    you play very good music and every time I find a new music of your band this song on my phone and try to play this music on my drum. LOVE BABYMETAL !!! \m/ (o_o) \m/

  • NinGott
    NinGott 2 years ago

    Danke +Domntendo für diese erfahrung

  • Luxaly
    Luxaly 2 years ago

    this channels has not all songs :/ i also want the yui and mao solos here cause there singing is also good and i want to see yui and mao sing in regular songs too could be a sons yui and mao begins (no moshpit) then su comes in with open the moshpit gesture and they hell is going on^^

  • JohnnyDL37
    JohnnyDL37 2 years ago

    All I can say, is I didn't understand a word, but your music still brought tears to my eyes. I Love it, and could see myself going to see you LIVE! Wonderful stage performance with music I can't seem to get tired of.

  • Obsidian Artifact
    Obsidian Artifact 2 years ago

    really wishing that BABYMETAL can come to Newfoundland. I would love to see them in concert. Love their music!!!

  • That Classy Demon
    That Classy Demon 2 years ago

    Ive just stumbled along this channel from react,and I already love it almost all of them seem like an anime opening,and I love it +1 sub

  • HomieRobotGURL
    HomieRobotGURL 2 years ago

    who subscribed because of the Fine Bros? ;)

  • musicgarryj
    musicgarryj 2 years ago

    Here's an idea: how about releasing the currently Japan-only song "Syncopation" as a single? I really think it deserves a wider audience in the west!

  • Bluesky31211
    Bluesky31211 2 years ago

    Hope one day you can come to Spain and have a lot of memories with you girls and the Kami band. See u!

  • Tiny Tatsu
    Tiny Tatsu 2 years ago

    Waiting they coming to Mexico :D:D:D

  • Tawnku Imi-Uru
    Tawnku Imi-Uru 2 years ago

    Please add "Awadama Fever" to your official viewing list. Great song...great video.

  • Jamie Orlich
    Jamie Orlich 2 years ago

    :( Sorry to say that I'll be missing your show in the U.S. at the "Regency Ballroom" in San Francisco, CA. on July 28th 2016 the ticket prices are way out of my price range at $386.00ea.,only two left on the main floor and four tickets left for $423.00ea. last time I checked and probably SOLD OUT now. I really hope that you you'll return for another performance in the ( San Francisco, Bay Area) future perhaps at a BIGGER venue for the FULL EFFECT of your KICKASS AMAZING SHOW/performance. I'll be 53years old in October 2016 so please don't wait to long before planning on another U.S. tour, I would LOVE to see your live show. LOVE your SOUND, and BEST WISHES to all who make BABYMETAL possible, Jamie

  • 戴峥嵘
    戴峥嵘 2 years ago


  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham 2 years ago

    How about a DVD full of music videos for all their songs? Not like live performance videos, but actual music videos? And maybe some candid interviews with the girls?

  • met azz
    met azz 2 years ago

    SNSの類をやっていないので想いを発散する場所が無く此処にて。 すべてに絶望して消えてしまいとの思いをBABYMETALが救ってくれました。彼女たちの顔笑りがあったから生きていく希望が持てました 生きていて良かったと心から思います 本当にありがとう 心から応援しています(ノД`)・゜・。

    • kitsune6001
      kitsune6001 Year ago

      多くの人がこの効果を感じています。 キツネは永遠に。 ... BABYMETAL 永遠に。\m/ ( _ _ ) \m/

    • カタルフィーシスofficial channel
      カタルフィーシスofficial channel 2 years ago

      わかります・・・そういったメディアをあまりしていないのでストレス発散できませんでした。まぁsnsやっててもメディア炎上と化しちゃったら行けませんけどね(笑)辛い時今でもbabymetalさんを聴いて発散しています!辛い時もdeathボイスとsu-様、yuimoaの可愛い声を聴いて元気もらってます! これからも一緒に応援していきましょう!

    • zangyou bokumetsu
      zangyou bokumetsu 2 years ago

      +met azz 俺もだ。空虚な一日が楽しくなったよ。ハワイとプログレとbabymetalで毎日チェックして楽しんでる。東京ドームでthe oneになろうぜ。

  • ShaukiMS
    ShaukiMS 2 years ago

    that new album is super good

  • Unholy Animosity
    Unholy Animosity 2 years ago

    what i think of the cd...their fighting back. telling the haters. we might be idols but we are not going anywhere. all hail kitsune sama! addicted to sis. anger and im a moa fan

  • Unholy Animosity
    Unholy Animosity 2 years ago

    the fox god has decended! got my copy at best buy yesterday...3 left in the store, didnt even think my city in ohio would have it. i guess 20,000 ppl at rock on the range makes a difference

  • Reala728
    Reala728 2 years ago

    happy fox day! i've listened to the new album 3 times today already :D

  • Western Spy
    Western Spy 2 years ago

    Kitsune UP! It's April 1st and Fox Day! I'm listening to the new album via Amazon MP3, who else is listening?!?!?!?!

  • Mick Psyphon
    Mick Psyphon 2 years ago

    *_I love BABYMETAL!_* There's no other way to put it. This band rocks something fierce! >^.^<

  • Adriano Medina
    Adriano Medina 2 years ago

    Come to BRAZIL!!!

  • Papalaya
    Papalaya 2 years ago

    Come to Spain PLEASE

  • Nein Nein
    Nein Nein 2 years ago

    are they going to make a livestream from the consert?

    • Nein Nein
      Nein Nein 2 years ago

      +TruBigimod :-( why are they not makeing one with twitch?

    • TruBigimod
      TruBigimod 2 years ago

      +lukas schwarz yes, but the live stream will be only shown in 5 cities in japan

  • Tawnku Imi-Uru
    Tawnku Imi-Uru 2 years ago

    Going to see Babymetal May 8th...I already have goosebumps!!! KITSUNE!!!!

  • Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya

    Good music. Good singer. Good dance. Good looks.

    • Yetiman82
      Yetiman82 Year ago

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    • Nohamoz
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      +Dracon Igneel That similarities are homage or the result of them playing metal seriously. Ijime Dame Zettai and Road of the Resistance are obviously influenced by Dragon Force and actually Sam and Herman played guitar for CD recording. On the other hand, Babymetal Death is nothing but death metal unlike songs of Dragon Force, and Akatsuki is really resembles Kurenai of X Japan.

    • Andrés Manuel Ramírez Peñuela
      Andrés Manuel Ramírez Peñuela 3 years ago

      +Nohamoz although I must also admit that is a very good band

    • Andrés Manuel Ramírez Peñuela
      Andrés Manuel Ramírez Peñuela 3 years ago

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    • Stagger Lee
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    • ZenoDLC
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