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  • Laura Beldin
    Laura Beldin 39 seconds ago

    Shout out from Seattle WA 💛💚💙💜

  • Trippy Duck
    Trippy Duck Minute ago

    Let's blame the poop water

  • robyn quinn
    robyn quinn 7 minutes ago

    i am leisban and gypsy my parents are loving and caring i came out to them

  • Indigo Andromeda
    Indigo Andromeda 11 minutes ago

    700 pounds and surprised he's gonna die.

  • EnemyAce88
    EnemyAce88 12 minutes ago

    How could a hotel manager think this was a good idea? It's bad enough to have all these bratty kids and their psycho parents, but now let's add a bunch of animals pissing and shitting everywhere!

  • AtlasMoon
    AtlasMoon 12 minutes ago

    Damn you can’t buy style...

  • Nathan milsom
    Nathan milsom 14 minutes ago

    Oh my hera, i swear this bitch was dancing with 20 yo men to lol and i just can't with this dads name, fucking pat baby oh my hera stop

  • DAN 4747
    DAN 4747 14 minutes ago

    I had that. Painful after the surgery

  • Ryan Carpenter
    Ryan Carpenter 15 minutes ago

    Poor ex-husband, he needs the red pill

  • Niamh O'Brien
    Niamh O'Brien 22 minutes ago

    I think she is the school weirdo 🤪



  • Anna Armstrong
    Anna Armstrong 29 minutes ago

    7:06 omg😂😂

  • Jennifer gentry
    Jennifer gentry 30 minutes ago

    Let me know if things dont work out with Maria!!!!

  • Squeak the Hamster
    Squeak the Hamster 30 minutes ago

    To Buddy, the process was a '*piece of cake*'

  • Jennifer gentry
    Jennifer gentry 31 minute ago

    HI! I would be less than 800 dollars a month!!! I am a hopeless romantic!!! I would not lead you on... I hope Maria is not scamming you, you seem like a nice guy. She should want to see you no matter the weather!!!!!!

  • iracema torres
    iracema torres 32 minutes ago

    Dammmm I feel so bad for this guy open ur eyes

  • Beautifully Broken
    Beautifully Broken 32 minutes ago

    Her dumb fat ass gonna take him back.

  • Jeeva Subramanian
    Jeeva Subramanian 32 minutes ago

    May be ayurvedic and siddha can help her......

  • Squeak the Hamster
    Squeak the Hamster 34 minutes ago

    The cake looks like a dead rat with blood

  • Alexander Lacaden
    Alexander Lacaden 40 minutes ago

    I feel bad for his penis, being squashed by his belly fat 24/7 probably looks like a squashed sausage

  • Joe
    Joe 40 minutes ago

    Fuck sake.....

  • Tomlosy
    Tomlosy 41 minute ago

    All people in america is addicted to burgers.

  • Bianca Tucker
    Bianca Tucker 42 minutes ago

    Okay maybe I need to watch the whole thing but from what ive seen I dont think she being disrespectful.. And I most definitely felt where she was coming from but good luck to her

  • Angelica Quinones
    Angelica Quinones 42 minutes ago

    I have so many questions, what does he do for living where he can afford two wives?

  • Michelle Grijalva
    Michelle Grijalva 48 minutes ago

    How can people live like this c'mon guys save the enviroment , planet , themselves 💯

  • Red Coin
    Red Coin 49 minutes ago

    How did she keep a marriage with that ugly blackhead? Hygiene issues aren’t exactly good prospects. Don’t let things get to this point.

  • RON
    RON 51 minute ago

    Bodybuilding is already a drug outcome. This is the opposite of sports.

  • pookie moy
    pookie moy 51 minute ago

    there's no way that would kill her

  • JCBjr15
    JCBjr15 54 minutes ago

    I feel like I've said "well at least it can't get any worse" too many times while watching this video.

  • Michelle Grijalva
    Michelle Grijalva 57 minutes ago

    C'mon now be more woman clean it will help you have less bacteria around you 💯

  • ruby najera
    ruby najera 58 minutes ago

    This is just so sad and gross dude

  • cole abney
    cole abney 59 minutes ago

    BIG oof

  • Angelica Quinones
    Angelica Quinones 59 minutes ago

    I love the way they communicate with each other. My Siblings and i can’t even say 2 word without yelling at each other

  • DarcyKnox21
    DarcyKnox21 Hour ago

    Mannnn she folded like a cheap suit, that entire family (minus the Mom) is gullible as fuck. And wtf she crying for??? Hunty get yourself together

  • xXTayXx lol
    xXTayXx lol Hour ago

    “HES DEAD IM WEAK!!” *pickaxing a wall*

  • Marks Channel
    Marks Channel Hour ago

    Uhh I wanna know what happens if you take Mrs ginger away

  • Minnah Badruddin

    Those ain't biceps they titties

  • FIND THE FOMOS MASTER!!!! Birreuta family

    2:23-2:26 *girl falls* Music: *puts disco music* Bruh! That's Savage

  • Adriana Ramirez
    Adriana Ramirez Hour ago

    Love it ❤️🌹👍🏻

  • Michelle Grijalva

    She needs too put up the hustle she has 3 kids that will be growing and will need more money for there needs 💯

  • englishturd
    englishturd Hour ago

    One day she will develop technology to talk to them and control them

  • Cyraha Hensley
    Cyraha Hensley Hour ago

    Isn’t it amazing how she didn’t know she was pregnant and women’s bodies still naturally push a human baby

  • Maya M
    Maya M Hour ago

    7:20 *"There's nothing wrong with being different"* *Yes true, Changbin said so too :))*

  • Cyraha Hensley
    Cyraha Hensley Hour ago

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I keep watching these hoping it happens 😭

  • Jekers Dela Cruz

    Satisfying shit😂

  • Victoria Brooke
    Victoria Brooke Hour ago

    blow job or sex + free flight lmfao

  • Magomedkamil Koichakaev, Söderbymalmsskolan 9a elev

    I once laughed at a cockroach that fell on it’s back. It got up, turned around to face me and then I saw the most traumatic thing that happened in my life. It flew at me

  • Mcshar
    Mcshar Hour ago

    I can't even imagine show and tell.

  • William Richard
    William Richard Hour ago

    they can do water fast like 1000 day

  • Joanna Alday
    Joanna Alday Hour ago

    Ok. What’s the American version of Anastasia Date? 🤣 (I’m just kidding. 🤣)

  • xanthony00
    xanthony00 Hour ago

    Darcy crazy but no wonder Holland is fucking shit lol.

  • Qatar Life #Orellano family

    Its a dumpsite...

  • Billy DaBossman
    Billy DaBossman Hour ago


  • Russell LeBlanc
    Russell LeBlanc Hour ago

    Disgusting woman

  • Andrew Welles
    Andrew Welles Hour ago

    Someone saying I wished for my sixth birthday is to have children with parents got really mad so I got grounded for my birthday for Homeland time next year and of course as Princess themed disgusting I hated princess but I had no choice but the word stupid down

  • Demolisherdan1 Demolisherdan1

    the noise tho

  • Informal Suggestion

    Riding the go-kart is fun.

  • Patrick Conroy
    Patrick Conroy Hour ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks Amy would be insanely fuckable if she wasn't fat

  • kakelinga
    kakelinga Hour ago

    Avi is obviously one big fat liar. Probably got a string of girls lined up doing the same thing to them.

  • Tammy
    Tammy Hour ago

    He has taken no responsibility for his own weight. None. Its his dad's fault because he offers the frozen pizza or the big bag of M&M's. Even if that is the case, you don't have to eat the entire bag. Dad offers you a frozen pizza. Eat one slice instead of the whole thing. He doesn't like going to his mothers because she wants him to not play video games. I agree, he probably will never work out 6 hours a day but he could move and do something throughout the day and would be more engaging in life.

  • Jessica Maccannell

    Why and how the fuck are her band mates STILL her band mates? What a fucking psychopath.

  • World
    World Hour ago

    I can see Avi’s taste they look alike 😂

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog Hour ago

    Wake up Corey. She thinks you're a fool and you're her bank account. Nothing more. I live here Dude, in Ecuador. She's not a nice girl. There are good girls here. She's a good time girl. And she found her target.

  • NuclearMan King
    NuclearMan King Hour ago

    she’s more mature than the parents

  • kevina Nord
    kevina Nord Hour ago

    Is he crazy

  • micaela ledezma
    micaela ledezma Hour ago

    The nativity scene killed me

    • micaela ledezma
      micaela ledezma Hour ago

      “Not what I expected. Buy not as bad as I thought”

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX

    I have a headache and my stomach is turning.

  • ntombizodwa mkize

    God bless him indeed.dnt judge pls .bt i knw where he can find a solution.hw can i gt their details?

  • DAN 4747
    DAN 4747 Hour ago

    I'm hungry now

  • DES
    DES Hour ago

    Was watching George Bush 9/11 speeches and it led me to this... Thanks TheXvid.

  • Marcia Moorer
    Marcia Moorer Hour ago


  • Megan Elsa
    Megan Elsa Hour ago

    Ruler my a** he ugly AF!!!! 😆😆😆

  • Tylnorton
    Tylnorton Hour ago

    If I wanted to be a cheapskate without being gross, I'd just live a Ford Transit and buy a gym membership to exercise and shower. It's a lot cheaper than living in an apartment and house.

  • Taylor 1
    Taylor 1 Hour ago

    If he married her she probably gonna leave him and find a younger dude.

  • gunjan singh
    gunjan singh 2 hours ago

    This woman is just dumb and needs to be sent back to Brazil. She doesn't have a job, she wants to send Debbie away. What rubbish man. That man is a bigger dumbfuck.

  • penguinZ85
    penguinZ85 2 hours ago

    Everything else aside, I can’t believe he told her to clean up dinner.

  • Cheemila Bhutia
    Cheemila Bhutia 2 hours ago

    I would wear the dress with sleeves.

  • renee p
    renee p 2 hours ago

    Lmao “he’s just there....he’s just there” Cant get the blob to go away...

  • Green Leaf
    Green Leaf 2 hours ago

    *karen trying to be Becky with a weight and hoarding problem*

  • Ju-Ju Bee
    Ju-Ju Bee 2 hours ago

    Funny how everyone immediately calls the girl a gold digger but he signed up for a website that charged $400 to send her flowers. Pay to play when you're hooked on the look.

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee 2 hours ago

    I always crack when they say I didn’t know I was pregnant that’s so stupid

  • NoMore InnerDemons
    NoMore InnerDemons 2 hours ago

    When he disrespected his enabler and provider (dad),i wanted to beat him up so badly.

  • Priscila Mena
    Priscila Mena 2 hours ago

    She looks older than 21 but she's still very pretty. WHY WOULD YOU WEAR THAT INFRONT OF THE DAD LIKE THAT?!?!

  • iamlekat
    iamlekat 2 hours ago

    Damnnn!! I though somebody decked his ass at first hahaha shiii well it least he looks all good without that thang on his head👌🏼🤣

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez 2 hours ago

    There is no excuse for being fifthy . These twins are dirty trashy women. The house is not that bad. But man these twins are lazy dirty trashy people.

  • ana
    ana 2 hours ago

    she doesn’t want her daughter to go to college and wants her to get married at 18 instead,,, whew chile no thank u I’m glad she she snapped to her mom

  • Jacqueline Alonso
    Jacqueline Alonso 2 hours ago

    Her insta is le_monie

  • Dec. gyrrl
    Dec. gyrrl 2 hours ago

    Good job, Dr. Lee. I'm sure he's happy👍

  • Serenity Wicked
    Serenity Wicked 2 hours ago

    Why do I keep doing this to myself.

  • omar 023
    omar 023 2 hours ago


  • Israel Hernandez
    Israel Hernandez 2 hours ago

    The girl who kept on saying her horses name, Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon, GURL WE CAN ALL HEAR WHAT YO SAYING WE DONT HAVE TO HEAR IT MULTIPLE TIMES


    Guys I just saved 30cence 😱

  • Areathamay1209 Neal
    Areathamay1209 Neal 2 hours ago

    Courtney is so strong and such a patient, and loving mother.

  • Short Stack Jr.
    Short Stack Jr. 2 hours ago

    Her at 14: Looks for husband Me at 16: Shouts MARCO waiting for my mom to scream POLO so i can find her in walmart

  • Coahomma !
    Coahomma ! 2 hours ago

    "Like I love you" 😭 Omg you're so cute

  • ana
    ana 2 hours ago

    hold up,, puff is actually so pretty most of the girls on this show look a hot mess 😭 she’s only 14 and she’s prettier and classier than a lot of people